Chapter 93 – The White Castle

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There are many humans among the people travelling to and fro the main road.
As expected, there wasn’t a single long-eared elf.
The white castle far in the distance, comes into sight as we get closer.
Spires uniformly stand in a row on the left and right. The white walls have an elegant facade.

“Shuuya-sama, what do you think about the Holy City?” (Aurora)

“Yea, it’s beautiful and in good order. It’s a townscape with a magnificent castle.” (Shuuya)

“I’m happy to be able to receive such praise from you. It’s my pride as well, this beautiful city and its castle.” (Aurora)

The princess replies with pride.
And then the carriage arrives in front of the castle’s gate.
Thereupon a strange sensation ran through my body.
The instant the carriage went through the castle’s gate— I had a chilling feeling that I went through something similar to a slimy membrane.
What was that?
When I was having such strange thoughts, the carriage stopped inside the castle.

“We have arrived. Princess-sama, we will get off first.” (Elmes)

Elmes and Chloe disembark first.
Then I got off and lastly the princess did.

“Shuuya-sama, since there will be a reception ceremony, please accompany me for a short while. It would be great if you would do me the favour of walking next to me.” (Aurora)

The princess said so to me in a whisper.

“Understood.” (Shuuya)

Once I replied to the princess, the soldiers who came to greet us and had formed a long line, blow the trumpets.

“It’s the return of the Third Princess Aurora-sama~.”

“I have returned home from official business.” (Aurora)

A gong is sounded alongside the loud announcement and I am made to walk on top of a red carpet.
Somehow I feel out-of-place here.
I walk diagonally behind the princess.
In front of the carpet, nobles adorned in elegant attires, have come to greet us.

“Princess-sama, good work on your esteemed official business.”

“Thank you very much for your hard work.”

“Yes, Prime Minister Rengryph, Rogran Margrave Fuan, Beauty Official Sadia, everyone. I safely concluded the discussions with Pope-sama and the dispatch of a Holy Crusade was decided. Moreover, I was given a handwritten letter.” (Aurora)


The nobles show a delighted reaction.

“My goodness, then, please report to His Majesty as well. He is waiting on the Holy Throne.”


The princess bows lightly to the higher-ups and starts to advance forward.
I pass through the arch gate right behind the princess and enter the castle.
When we come out in the castle’s reception hall, after following a passage that had a green carpet spread out, harp-like music and the sounds of flutes could be heard.
There’s an idol on the ceiling which was designed as if walking on the heavens, it’s unknown how they built it.
Moreover, mana was emitted from the idol. The idol’s surroundings are decorated with special crystalline lenses, similar to chandeliers, in a circle around it.
When I look with Magic Observation, a great number of magic lines are radiating away from the pointed ends of the crystalline lenses. It might be a special magic barrier tool since it seems to be shooting through the reception hall’s ceiling.
Red and white flags were drawn on shields and coloured mosaic frescos with a dignified feeling were beautifully lined up along the left and right walls.
While I admire the special ceiling magic tool and the beautiful walls, we walk through the reception hall and head towards a stairway located in its centre.
As if making use of the place below that stairway, a band performed musical pieces and small men, who had the appearances of clowns, danced.
The sounds of the harps and flutes are coming from here, huh?
When the princess passes them in a straight line together with me, everyone stops their musical performance and bows.
We head towards the second floor by climbing the wide stairway.
On the second floor, there’s a corridor continuing right ahead and two circular pathways to the left and right.
On the rims of the circular pathways beautiful red and white designed banners are hanging down towards the reception hall on the first floor and are moving as if fluttering in the wind. It was an atmosphere causing one to feel the religious solemnity.
The princess and the others proceed into the corridor with its stone arch, that had been carved into a curved shape on the ceiling, and not the circular pathways.
The brick-coloured two-sided door, which is at the end of the corridor, opened.
Heavy knights holding silver halberds were lined up while rigidly standing on both sides of the ocher border of the red carpet.
Is the audience hall over there? It’s the centre of the royal palace, I guess.
Noble people are visible, gathering behind the solid figures of the knights.
While being noisy, the nobles turned inquisitive gazes at us.
The princess enters the room with the red carpet which is the audience hall.
At the time I made a step forward with my foot, I once again felt like I passed through something like a membrane.
At that moment— an alarm-like bell sounds and gong sounds reverberate.
The surroundings got noisy wondering what’s going on.

“— It’s the sound of the third level barrier reacting! Protect the king! A demon has infiltrated the royal palace!”

Eh? What?
While yelling loudly, a knight-styled ikemen with blond hair turns the point of his longsword at me.
This man wore a conspicuous priest robe with an ocher cross crest on top of his chain mail.
It seems he is a soldier of a country different from the other red and white attired soldiers.
The royal palaces falls into a noisy uproar.
However, rather than such uproar…
Currently I was glad about the picture I caught sight of in this place.
Ahead of the red carpet there’s a small podium.
The throne is on top of there and a gray-haired, king-like person wearing a golden crown, is sitting there.
It’s a king, a king, a monarch in a different world. Amazing.
Him sitting on the throne is great. Him wearing an extravagant, silken attire is great. It truly feels like I time travelled to the Middle Ages.
However, I don’t have time to continue observing him with such easygoing attitude.
Elmes-san and Chloe-san who entered together, and the princess, who was next to me, seem to be confused by the reactions of the surroundings. They moved their heads while looking around restlessly.
The armoured knights holding halberds surround the area outside the red carpet as if protecting a great number of the clamouring nobles.
And then, knights with conspicuous ocher cross crests closed in.
The blond-haired ikemen, who turned his sword’s point at me, is at the front.
Next to that man, there were not only knights but also two priests.
One of the priests wore a plain robe with a green underlying colour.
The other one was clad in a gorgeous priest robe that had a sparkling crest attached to it and which used red as the primary colour.

“Tell me, Claude-sama, what’s happening for you to bring along church knights in addition to a priest and the archbishop?” (Aurora)

The princess seem to know the name of that knight with the yellow cross.
His name is Claude?

“That’s my line, Princess Aurora. For you to be accompanied by a demon and to allow him to trespass until your king, Thalium… did you lose your mind? Or is it by chance a rebellion, revolt, are you trying to turn His Majesty into a dead man?” (Claude)

Rebellion? There’s no way that’s true. What is he saying?

“Turn father into a dead man?I won’t let such thing happen even if heaven and earth get reversed! Whom are you calling a demon?” (Aurora)

The princess was unusually angry.
As if to further elevate the anger of the princess, the priest-styled man with the gorgeous, red robe, takes one step forward with his expression warped in a disgusting smirk.
The big-shot of the church wore a hanging cloth with sparkling yellow cross embroidery seemingly covering it. A stole?

“Princess-sama, I’m Archbishop Golgan. Thank you very much for your mission on this occasion. However, to enter accompanied by a demon… that’s going a bit too far, you know?” (Golgan)

Elmes-san reacted faster to those words than the princess.

“Excuse me! Where’s that demon?” (Elmes)

Suitable to a escort knight leader, her tone is rough.
The elderly man, who introduced himself as archbishop, pointed at me while glaring with his small eyes that were surrounded by wrinkles.

“… It’s that black-haired man. The man wearing a gray overcoat while being behind the princess. The instant that man entered this place, the demon detection barrier reacted. Since it’s a high level barrier, it’s capable of detecting high-ranking demons. It’s very likely a subspecies of the Kushanarn race which disguises as humans or…” (Golgan)

Oops, it’s me after all, huh?
It will react even if I don’t use <Inhalation of Odour TechniquePheremone’s Touch>?
However, there’s no way for me to be a Kushanarn. I ain’t Kuna.
At that moment Rollo, who has been sleeping in the hood on my back, squirmed around.
Uh, now’s bad. Please stay asleep.
Rollo didn’t wake up.
… Great. Even a cute black cat would become a target for slander right now.

“That’s absolutely not true. This gentleman is a person who did me and the escorting knight order the favour of rescuing us. He’s a gentleman who saved us from a demon attack. And, he is a great man who was able to defeat the commander of the demons who attacked the west gate. Isn’t it also this gentleman who drove away the demons who attacked the 【Holy City】. Archbishop Golgan-sama and Church Knight Claude-sama, you are wrong.” (Aurora)

The princess objected vigorously.
The surroundings raise voices of admiration due to her words.

“… Oh my, for you to cover for a demon… no way, have you been placed under influence by evil?” (Claude)

The ikemen knight Claude speaks with obvious scorn denying the princess’ words.

“Please wait. I’m the escort knight order’s Head Sorcerer Chloe, but since there’s something I have to say, I’d like you to let me speak. Something like Influence by Evil doesn’t exist. Since me and Elmes, including Princess-sama, are wearing defensive equipment against mind attacks, an influence is impossible. Besides, this gentleman is a common person who shows no reaction to the effects of the evil repellent incense. It’s also true that he defeated a great number of demons. It’s impossible for him to be a demon.” (Chloe)

An evil repellent incense?
Such thing, just when… Aah, inside that tent, eh?
It means that the shrewd Chloe monitored me.
I wonder whether she also monitored me at the time when my nether region stood tall… no way, how embarrassing.
Even after hearing her words as magician, the ikemen knight Claude doesn’t seem to care.

“Humph, it’s the foolish prattling of a magician. Let’s not get carried away even if you try to pull a fast one, okay? Anyway, that man reacted to our barrier. If you stand up to cover for him, you will have to face the suspicion of heresy carried out by the church’ crusader knights even if you might be the princess’ retainer, won’t you?” (Claude)

The blonde-haired knight Claude swings his swords and turns the tip of the longsword at Chloe.
In response to his movement, Elmes-san tried to draw the longsword at her waist.

『I can’t forgive those humans who are insulting His supreme Excellency. I will annihilate them with my water. No, that’s lukewarm, I will stick 1.000, 10.000 ice spears into those conceited butts. Let’s appreciate the art of that.』 (Helme)

Helme, who is in my left eye, reacted by releasing her wrath,

『No, wait, wait, even if something happens, Helme mustn’t come outside. I will be unnecessarily suspected if water comes flying out of my eyeball right now in this place. Keep watching until I give you the order, okay?』 (Shuuya)

『Yes…』 (Helme)

Helme thought while seeming disappointed.
When we had such back and forth conversation, the princess took a step forward.

“— The talks won’t go anywhere with you. Father-sama? You believe us, right?” (Aurora)

The princess calls out to the king who is watching attentively while sitting on the throne in the back.

“Y-Yea. Aurora, you did well to come back here.”

“King Thalius— currently it’s bad to get close. It’s a fact that the barrier reacted.” (Golgan)

When the red robed archbishop said so, the king stopped.
In the current state, the princess’ position will get only worse.
Damn it! This is my miss.
I’m at fault as I underestimated it thinking that it will probably be alright unless I use <Inhalation of Odour Technique>.
I guess it would be the best to directly defend myself here.
Let’s go in front?
I don’t particularly need the reward either. And if I’m caught, all will be fine with me breaking out by myself.

“Umm, excuse me. I’m sorry for the suspicious parts, but… I’m no demon. As you were told by Princess-sama, I rescued Princess-sama and the others who were under attack by demons. Since I showily fought the demons and the one commanding those demons at the west gate, there would be a great number of soldiers who have seen me doing that from atop the wall.” (Shuuya)

Saying that, I took a detached attitude.

“What was that? For a demon to play around like this.”

The church knight Claude looks at me with a steel-like, sharp gaze.
This church knight seems to have the ability allowing him take a high-handed attitude.
He clad his hands and feet in mana.
Well, he’s probably stronger than the small fry soldiers.

“… In that case, please use something that is effective against demons on me. And, if nothing happens after doing so, can I somehow get you to believe me?” (Shuuya)

“Humph, Archbishop Golgan, you probably have holy water with you. Try sprinkling it on that demon.” (Claude)

“Yes. Then—” (Golgan)

The red-robed Archbishop Golgan took out a vial from his pocket and threw it at me.
I’m hit with a *splash*. It’s water. Water is streaming down from my head.
It’s simple water.
It’s the same result as with the vampire hunter before.

“Wh-, there’s no reaction… Archbishop, is that really holy water?” (Claude)

The temple knight speaks to the archbishop with a confused look.

“Y-Yes. This is high-grade holy water I created directly with my skill. If it’s an ordinary demon, you can expect it to scream in agony while its skin melts in an instant. Even in case of a high-ranking demon, their skin should become red from being burned. T-This man is a… human.” (Golgan)

The archbishop looked down awkwardly.

“What did you say!? Is that true holy water?” (Claude)

“It’s the real thing.” (Golgan)

“It’s unusable holy water, I guess.” (Claude)

The temple knight talked while glaring at the archbishop who is holding a vial with holy water in it.

“Even if it’s you, Sir Claude, I can’t overlook that. A priest at Bishop class mixes the feather of the Holy Bird Kunkuld with a liquid that was extracted over many years from the leaves of Ahdo, which is considered to be loved by the Light God Lulodis, by using a special skill. Only then, at great pains, holy water of value gets completed…” (Golgan)

The archbishop’s face reddens in anger and white spots appear around the edges of his mouth.

“Claude-sama? That’s what I told you, didn’t I? He is my benefactor and despite the fact that you are temple knight, any further insults won’t be forgiven.” (Aurora)

The princess sides with the archbishop and reproaches the ikemen bastard.

“Ah geez, shut up! Who’s the one insulting who here. I’m the leader of the church’ heavy knights chosen by His Eminence the Pope!! It’s I who leads the advance unit of the Holy Crusaders dispatched from my country. Chosen heavy knights of the church who belong to Holy Church’s Pope’s knight order. Um, I designate this man as demon! Listen up! Arrest that man—” (Claude)

Upon Claude’s order, the men, who wore the yellow-crossed armour of temple knights, started to surround me.
Mmh~, do I have to get violent here?
If I slaughter these guys now, it will be completely demonic.
In addition it will likely cause troubles for the princess and the others. I guess I have to hold back and endure for a little while.

“I won’t allow such a thing! Elmes, Chloe!” (Aurora)


After the princess’ outburst, Elmes draws her longsword and prepares to strike.
Chloe holds up her large wand while manipulating her mana. A flame lights up on the tip of the wand.

“Oh, if the princess resists… it will spell the end of the crusade-cross-alliance which is the country’s core project, moreover, this country 【Holy Kingdom】 will fight against our 【Religious State Hesliphat】 where the Holy Church resides. Do you want that?” (Claude)

This impertinent ikemen yellow-crossed knight said that he was dispatched.
As nothing but an ikemen he’s a heavy knight who at the same time serves as the foreign ambassador of 【Religious State Hesliphat】?
If that’s the case, he’s quite the influential person in Hesliphat with the backing of the pope or he might be a big gun of an organization that rivals the pope.
However, I give up. I even considered obediently letting them arrest me.
Does the princess intend to start a war with a fellow human country in order to protect me?
I’m happy, but it’s probably unwise to do so.
A way to get the princess to withdraw here would be convenient for me.
Going by the attitude of the king who is silently furrowing his eyebrows behind the archbishop…
I do understand 【Holy Kingdom Arkamneris】 doesn’t want to fight against 【Religious State Hesliphat】.
Therefore I approach the princess and secretly whisper in her ear.

“… Princess, please withdraw here. I will let them arrest me.” (Shuuya)

“Why do you want to do such thing?” (Aurora)

“Are you fine with the diplomatic relations breaking down as is? If things go badly, not only you, Princess-sama, but also Elmes-san and Chloe-san will be held responsible.” (Shuuya)

“But… it’s not your fault, Shuuya-sama.” (Aurora)

“It’s fine. I’m an outsider after all. I don’t mind if you discard me.” (Shuuya)

“There’s no way I can do something like that to my benefactor, is there?” (Aurora)

The princess is angry. Lowering her eyebrows, she glares at me.
Well, she’s a kind hearted princess. I can agree with her reacting like this.
However, she doesn’t see the state of affairs.

“… Is it better if I get violent here? It seems that that temple knight is quite powerful as well, but he’s no enemy for me after all. Naturally, if I do that, your country’s soldiers will attack me as well, right? I will kill everyone unless they plead for their lives… The time I spent together with you, Princess, is short, but you should know that what I have said about killing everyone is no lie. If I fight, it will turn into a horrible tragedy… Also, please consider your subordinates, the escort knight order, as well, Princess.” (Shuuya)

I spoke to the princess using words with a half threatening tone.
The princes shows an expression as if she’s about to cry.
Uh, such expression is… pitiful, but it can’t be helped.

“… T-That is… understood.” (Aurora)

Hoo, you were able to understand?

“Elmes, Chloe, step back.” (Aurora)

“Eh, y-yes.” (Elmes)

“Are you fine with that?” (Chloe)

“I’ve told you to withdraw.” (Aurora)


Upon receiving the princess strong statement, Elmes and Chloe lowered their weapons and moved back behind the princess.

“— Alright. The foolish farce stops at this point. Grab the demon.” (Claude)

I allow the yellow-crossed knights to arrest me there and then.
My chest belt, which was swollen with the things in it, was confiscated, but somehow or other it looks like they want to hurry. My overcoat and armour was left untouched.
They haven’t noticed Rollo, who is sleeping in my hood, either.
Of course the bracelet that functions as item box is safe as well.
Since I haven’t resisted, we leave the castle and I’m guided to a place with a jail.
Well, I guess I will stay here until tomorrow morning.
I will break out in the morning.
Several hours pass after I entered the jail.
Strangely there’s nothing like interrogation or torture.
It’s because the knights, who are wearing yellow-crossed clothes, couldn’t enter the prison I’m in.
Soldiers of the 【Holy Kingdom】, who are wearing red and white coloured uniforms, stopped the temple knights of the 【Religious State】 and as if stealing me, they moved me to a prison cabin.
They are cursing at each other.

“From here on you guys aren’t allowed to move freely.”

“Are you defying us temple knights?”

“Yes, that’s right. This isn’t your country. Please stop loitering out here any further.”

The quarrel of verbal abusing with each other is repeated between the soldiers of the Holy Kingdom and the temple knights for a while.

“Who’s a hero! I will officially report this matter to my country. That will definitely hurt the crusade-cross-alliance. Make sure to not regret it!”

Leaving with such parting threat, the quarrel, which was even audible in my prison, can’t be heard anymore.
It seems the the quarrel came to an end.
I’m sure that the last voice was that of the temple knight called Claude.
Haha, soldier of the Holy Kingdom, you rock.
Although I say that, it doesn’t change the fact that I’m spending my time in a prison cell…

“Nya.” (Rollo)

Rollo returns to my shoulder from the hood on my back and looks at my face.

“Rollo, it’s fine for you to keep sleeping. I think we will stay in this prison for a little longer. Once it becomes morning I intend to leave even if it has to be forcefully.” (Shuuya)

“Nnn, nya, nya.” (Rollo)

Rollo answers with a throaty voice, leaves my shoulder and walks up to the bars.
— Ah, that Rollo.
She went outside through the gap in the bars.

“It’s fine for you to act as you like, but only until early morning, okay?” (Shuuya)

“Nyaa.” (Rollo)

I think that she understood me properly, but without looking back, Rollo ran outside and her figure vanished right away.
And then, a few hours after Rollo left.
The sun went down and it became night.
I am aware of the fact of the outside becoming dark through a small lattice located at the upper part of the back wall.
Speaking of jails, there are dungeons, but this place is a jail house located on the grounds of the castle.
I was seen by all soldiers before coming to this jailhouse.
There was a building similar to a lodging house or quarters where the soldiers might stay at.
Since it also serves as measure against escape, it’s a layout that kills two birds with one stone, I guess.
When I was pondering about such stuff while lying on top of the hard bed, I could hear footsteps that were different from those of the soldiers.
Who might it be? I place my hands on the bars and wait.

“… Elmes-san and Chloe-san together with the princess?” (Shuuya)

“Yes, Shuuya-sama. I’m very sorry for things to turn out like this…” (Aurora)

“Shuuya-dono, we retrieved your luggage. The cell’s lock has been opened as well. You can freely leave outside.”

Saying that, Elmes-san and Chloe-san pass me the chest belt through the lattice.
All daggers are there as well. I ask while equipping the chest belt,

“— Thank you, but I think that the temple knights won’t stay silent if you do something like this… is that okay?” (Shuuya)

“That’s true, isn’t it? Although they are foreign knights, the Holy Church wields a definite amount of influence in this country. And, if you are found by those temple knight, it will become a serious matter… therefore, it will be bad if we don’t release you from here right away.” (Aurora)

Once they realize that I escaped, one can assume that they will place responsibility for that on the Holy Kingdom, but…
Well, since I believe that the complicated political situation will become chaotic, I will pretend to agree with the princess without listening to the details and depend on her kindness.

“… I see.” (Shuuya)

“Shuuya-dono, to dismiss my and Princess-sama’s benefactor in such a manner is inexcusable, I think. It’s a bitter decision…” (Elmes)

Elmes-san bowed her head in a dignified manner befitting a knight.
As if following her lead, the princess and Chloe-san bow their heads as well.
I can’t believe that these are the words of a person who invited me that desperately into the faction of the princess’ side.
Well, I don’t know how the power struggle will play out…
Isn’t it better if I know that it finished without me being used?

“… No, not at all. I don’t mind. I was the one who decided to accompany you. Besides, I can now leave outside after all.” (Shuuya)

Hearing my words, the princess raises her head. She moves her lips with her eyes quivering while putting her hands on her chest.

“… It’s said that the sea doesn’t reject any river, but such generosity makes you a great person, Shuuya-sama. Thank you very much.” (Aurora)

The princess compared me with the sea. I feel somewhat embarrassed.
And then she holds out the bag she held in her small hands.

“This is your reward. Please accept it.” (Aurora)

I confirm the contents of the pouch I received.
Large gold coins and a small crystal were inside.
Oh, isn’t this a magically-built house?

“This is… that magic item?” (Shuuya)

“Yes. I quickly searched for an unused Magically-built houseMagic Miniature Home. It’s a small one of the same type I used the other day.” (Aurora)

“Ooh, amazing. It’s a very welcome item for an adventurer. Thank you.” (Shuuya)

This is great.
I don’t know whether I will actually use it though.

“Great. I’m happy that you are pleased with it. In reality I wanted to talk a lot more with you… and I wanted to watch your spear practise from nearby. And, I wanted to give you a proper reward, but… I’m sorry.” (Aurora)

No, it’s plenty with that already, right? It’s a high-grade magic item.
I have received it gratefully.
There is a proverb saying “If there’s too many flowers, there will be few seeds,” but it doesn’t apply for this princess. (T/N: The meaning is roughly: people with a beautifully arranged outward appearance tend to be insincere)
She’s a sincere woman.

“… Please don’t worry about it. The reward is plenty with this. Since it will become bothersome if you are discovered by the temple knights, it might be better for you to go back at this point. I will make my move a few hours after you leave.” (Shuuya)

“Got it, Shuuya-sama. Please stay healthy.” (Aurora)

Saying that, the princess and the other two leave while wearing apologetic expressions.
After I waited until early morning, I went outside the prison.
— Rollo, where did you go?

“Nya?” (Rollo)

It looks like she was on the top of the roof.
Rollo looked down at me as if saying 『You finally came nya』, came down and returned to her usual place on my shoulder.

“Mmh, well then let’s leave this place.” (Shuuya)

I activate <Night Vision> and <Hide>
I search the surroundings with Grasping Perception.
— Magic sources, check.
— Clear.
I rise into the air on the spot while using <Magic Hand guided by Thought> and leap highly in order to fly in the air.
I went beyond the white walls by flying in the air.
At that moment the sensation that I passed through something like a membrane afflicts my entire body.
Is it fine to call it a chill running down my spine…?
I wonder whether this is maybe the barrier?
Probably that’s it.
At a high enough altitude above the walls, I changed <Magic Hand guided by Thought> into a foothold and looked behind while standing in the wind.
The magic lights and torch lights from the white castle are beautiful and bewitching.
It looks as if they are illuminating the castle at night.
To create such scenery naturally… it’s a dazzling castle.
Speaking of white walls, this one is whiter than the Himeji Castle with its other name, Shirasagi Castle.* (T/N: White Heron Castle if translated literally)
I wanted to look at the interior of this castle in a little more relaxed manner.
I can see guards walking in the watchtowers.
Well then, I better leave before I’m found.
I survey my surroundings restlessly.
In that direction is the point from which I entered this city…
This way is the eastern gate.
Once I determine my bearing, I move by flying through the air above the city.
I might as well look at the city and inspect it a bit while heading towards the eastern gate.
Using <Magic Hand guided by Thought>, I lower my altitude.
While creating footholds in midair, I descended in rapid strides and landed on top of a red roof.
Ah— the footing is bad.
However, it looks like Rollo is alright.
Jumping off my shoulder, she walks atop the roof.
I walked along the unstable rooftop in a hurry and jumped down on the ground.
It doesn’t flow into the Five-Steps-Landing-Methods*, but I land and roll on the ground.

Using her tentacles in a skilful manner, Rollo gets down following along the wall while performing a triangle jump.
What’s that? How cool.
It looks I can do that as well if I use my chain and <Magic Hand guided by Thought>.
Rollo comes back below my feet and nuzzles her head against my foot.
I start walking down the back alley while taking such a cute Rollo with me.
Since it’s still dim, the back alley has an eerie atmosphere.
It feels like some monster might pop out.
At this point I cancel <Hide>.
I don’t have to worry since there are no magic source reactions.
Oh, just when I thought about it, I get a magic source reaction.
… Or rather, a bar, huh?
Balmunt’s get-together is written on a wooden signboard.
Several drunkards were staggering around in front of the store.
The magic source reactions come from these drunkards and from inside the store.
It’s an opportunity. I guess I will gather some intelligence while getting a drink inside.
I open the push door and enter inside the bar.
Even though it was early in the morning, the bar’s interior was overflowing with people.
At once I’m chatted up by a prostitute whose face was dyed vermillion, but I proceed forward while ignoring her.
The bar has a wide structure in the inner part. The table seats continue lengthwise and counter seats were visible on the left inner side.
Mmh? It’s a sound.
On a table on this side, a rhythmic sound of hitting a desk with a *ta-ta-tap* reverberates.
I tried to take a peek since I got interested.
The sound’s true identity is a knife.
It was in the middle of a hand knife trick.
— Uwah, as soon as I look, they make a blunder and the knife suddenly stabs the hand.
However, the injury was closed by immediately using a potion with well-accustomed movements.
The person, who failed the trick, looks disappointed and pay money to the man sitting on the opposite seat.
A bet whether he fails or succeeds, huh?
Rather than the dangerous bet, my interest is drawn over there.
They played something appearing to be a card game on a table in the middle.
The tokens have designs on wooden tags. Pictures similar to the tarot cards in the Middle Ages are drawn on them.
The game seems to resemble poker.
Is it that?
Is it time for the debut of the man among men who was called God Gambler in his mind…?
Oh, the table is moved back to the inside where those card games are played, and a prizefighting bout started.
There are also many onlookers who are merry-making with booze in one hand.
This also happened in Hekatrail, didn’t it? It seems to be a standard procedure in bars.
I think I will enter the fight club as well after all?
Swinging my head in the Peek-a-boo style, I will make them lose conscious with a Gazelle Punch after a Dempsey Roll? But I might end up going down after receiving Heart Break Shot since it’s a crow imitating a cormorant.* (T/N: Err yea, the first three techniques belong to Ippo from Hajime no Ippo… The Heart Break Shot was from one of Ippo’s opponents, Date Eiji… and as for a crow imitating a cormorant, read here:
Well then, it’s fun to happily indulge in this place, but let’s put priority on the things I have to do?
I head to the counter where I see a master-like person.


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