Chapter 92 – See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil

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The next day—
It happened just as usual.
A pleasant floral scent from early in the morning.
It was the scent of incense that was left in the tent.
However, this bed, its soft snugness was great.
Honestly, if I were drowsy I would have slept more.
I am a light sleeper after all, aren’t I?
I looked at the tent’s interior after sitting up.
Princess Aurora is carelessly sleeping on another bed.
I could also see Elmes’ and Chloe’s sleeping figures.
Both of them are still breathing a sleeper’s breath.
It’s none of my business, but… this princess, I wonder whether she will be alright from now on?
I wondered about that before going to sleep as well, but no matter how much I was her lifesaver, I’m still someone she just met.
I feel like it’s too trusting to share her sleeping place with me.
In order to not wake up the princess and the others, I quietly get up from the bed.
Rollo was awake, too.
I wonder whether I ended waking her up?
Did she sleep at my feet? She lifts her small face slowly.
When I headed outside the tent after getting off the bed, Rollo followed me as well.
The outside is still dim. I guess the sun will rise very soon.
Once I leave, the soldiers who stood on both sides in order to protect the tent, and the adjutant Sahia bow their heads.

“Ah, hello.” (Shuuya)

Giving a natural greeting, I bowed politely.
It’s not Pavlov’s dog, but still a conditioned reflex. (T/N:
The adjutant Sahia’s narrow eyes became even narrower and he bowed.
The other soldier shows a startled expression while standing around.
Is it that surprising?
Am I a guest of royalty?
I might be in a position close to it, but for the time being I’m a nameless adventurer…
Since it’s awkward, I walk down the road while scouting and at the same time distancing myself from the tent.
The road’s width is a little more than 20 meters, I think?
There are no monster presences.
Shall I wash my face here?
I clean my face by creating water with life magic.
Oh, the water gushes out more vigorously than before.
It came out immediately and rapidly.
Is it because I obtained the divine protection of Water Goddess Akreshys?
Well, since it’s not with a force that can be used for attacking, it’s a bit questionable, but…
I wash my face and brush my teeth with a wooden brush.
They became spotless.
Well then, there’s still quite some time left until dawn.
Let’s practise as usual?
I will do that while keeping up Grasping Perception in case of an attack by demons for the time being.

“Rollo, since I’m going to train, feel free to play around as you like.” (Shuuya)

“Nya.” (Rollo)

Rollo jumped onto a carriage and laid down leisurely after rotating her body once.
Haha, as ever she likes high places.
Because her head is facing this way, it looks like she’s going to observe my spearmanship training.
While watching such Rollo, I happily began my practise.
The Magic Halberd in my right hand, the cursed sword in my left and then switching between them in alternation, I repeat the movements of thrusting, crushing, elbow striking, slashing diagonally from the shoulder, reversing that, cutting vertically and cutting downwards.
While I was continuing my practice in such manner, the vicinity became noisy.
It seems the soldiers were infatuated by Rollo’s appearance of chasing the spear’s motions by frolicing around on top of the carriage.
The soldiers gave dried meat to Rollo and they ate portable food while watching the state of my training.
I’m bothered by their stares, but decided to continue without minding it.
And, when I finished my training at the time of sunrise, the soldiers who observed applauded.
They didn’t drink any alcohol, but some soldiers are still putting bread and meat into their mouths.
While at it, I took out bread from my item box as well and tossed one, two mouthful into my stomach.
The Knight Unit Leader Elmes and her adjutant Sahia are among the soldiers as well.
Once Elmes and Sahia noticed my look, they approached while clapping.

“— As expected. Those were splendid movements. A refined spear handling without any hesitation dwelling in it. I can also accept you slaughtering this many demons…” (Elmes)

“That’s true. It’s just as leader says. For us, the Escort Knight Unit Hundred Flowers to not devote ourselves like this.” (Sahia)

If you praise me with such serious face, frankly, I will feel embarrassed.

“… Haha, I have confidence in my spearmanship after all.” (Shuuya)

“It’s to a reliable degree. There are still three days until the Holy City. I look forward to your assistance from now on.”

It will take three days with a carriage to reach the 【Holy City Southermund】.
It seems we still have quite a way to go.

“Three days, huh? Ah, are we going to depart soon?” (Shuuya)

“Yes, it’s possible to depart right away since the soldiers finished a light meal and Princess-sama as well as Chloe have already boarded the carriage.”

Did I make them wait?
Which reminds me, it’s possible that the holy city has been surrounded, but…
I ended up doing my training carefreely.

“… Sorry. I stole your time.” (Shuuya)

I apologized lightly.

“It’s alright. The Princess-sama boarded the carriage just now after all.” (ELmes)

“Really? I will go right away—” (Shuuya)

Taking along Rollo, who is dozing on top of the carriage, I enter the carriage with a jog.
Once I sat down in my seat, the princess spoke up to me.
There are faint remains of bread and blueberry jam remaining at the edges of the princess’ mouth.
According to what was reported a little while ago, the princess finished a light breakfast since she’s holding the food in her item box, I guess.

“Shuuya-sama, did you train or something like that?” (Aurora)

“Yes.” (Shuuya)

“Several soldiers talked about it. The movements of the axe spear making purple and red dragons appear in the air. The motions of the spear, which eyes can’t follow, were too amazing and in addition to that you also handled a sword… A skill to slaughter that many demons. I wanted to watch it as well.” (Aurora)

“It’s not something to flaunt.” (Shuuya)

“Fufu, I want to see more of your spear handling, Shuuya-sama. Please let me see it someday.” (Aurora)

Does she want to watch my training that much?

“Understood. If you tell me to, Princess-sama, I will gladly oblige in my spare time.” (Shuuya)

“Yes! I look forward to it.” (Aurora)

The carriage had already started moving as we were continuing such conversation.

“Princess-sama, it’s very likely that demons will appear more frequently the closer we get to the 【Holy City】. If their numbers are low, we will force our way through with the carriages. If there are many of them, I plan to leave the Hundred Flowers Unit with my adjutant behind and advance with the three of us, Shuuya-dono, Chloe and me, while eliminating the demons.” (Elmes)

“I understand. Elmes, Chloe and Shuuya-sama, I leave it to you.” (Aurora)


“Of course, princess.”

“Leave it to us.”

Elmes and Chloe lower their heads in a polite manner.
I replied while imitating their behaviour.
The carriage proceeds in a straight line towards the Holy City.
Since there are also road sections, which zigzagged, our speed dropped, but…
Oh, the presence of magic sources.
Their numbers aren’t many.
At that moment the coachman’s shouting voice resounded.

“I confirmed Lesser Demons and Grizbells in the forest on the right by sight. Their numbers are low.”

“Ignore them. The demons are probably observing the situation as well. Advance.” (Elmes)

Just as Elmes guessed, the demons didn’t attack.
Our contact with the demons on this day ended with only that much.
On the next day a different kind of demon appeared.

“Macquire demons spotted. Their numbers are low.”

“Tsk, a strong enemy with a rank of B+… ignore them, if their numbers are low. Keep the carriage going forward.” (Elmes)

On the way we could only see the figures of scattered demons inside the forest and thus we were able to follow the road without having to face them.
However, on the third day demons begin to show up as if crowding the road.
Each time Rollo and me went out to deal with them.
We are disposing the demons similarly to cleaning the road.
In the middle of it Elmes and Chloe started to participate in the demon extermination as if competing over the accomplishment of defeating them.
These two are considerably strong. They are reliably slaughtering them while cooperating with each other.
Thanks to them, the monster extermination is wrapped up swiftly.
Just past noon on the fourth day, the walls of the 【Holy City Southermund】 became visible.
However, the carriage stops completely at that point.
The coachman’s voice trembled in fright.

“E-Elmes-sama! Demons, that many demons are… they are attacking the walls.”

“… It looks like the 【Holy City】 has been besieged after all.” (Elmes)

It’s once again our turn, isn’t it?

“Well then, we will once again clean up the demons around this area.” (Shuuya)

“But… this time their numbers are indeed large.” (Elmes)

Even if she’s the unit’s leader, Elmes-san is likely feeling shaken.
Oh well, that’s only natural.
The 【Holy City】 is getting attacked by a great number of demons.

“Elmes-san, in these four days you should have seen mine and Rollo’s fighting.” (Shuuya)

“Yes, surely… however, these numbers are…” (Elmes)

Oh, it seems that she is worrying about me.
Her cheeks have a tinge of a slight blush.
With her knightly expression vanishing, I was charmed by her feminine expression.
Let’s give her a peace of mind.

“… It’s alright. Certainly, the number of demons is high. But compared to the Magic Dragon King and a large crowd of dragon types, those are simple enemies.” (Shuuya)

“A large flock of dragons, that kind of experience… got it. Then I sincerely promise as Escort Knight Unit Leader to protect Princess-sama together with my adjutant Sahia.” (Elmes)

Did Elmes-san imagine the dragons’ appearances? After she showed a smile for an instant, she spoke while looking at the state of Chloe and the princess.
Chloe-san also holds her wand in one hand and nods after hearing Elmes-san’s words.

“As head of the sorcerers I will also protect the princess here. Shuuya-dono, please rampage around at the front to your heart’s content. Lastly, though it might not be necessary, but let me inform you just about the important points just in case. The demons called Macquire have a B+ rank. They also possess intelligence enabling them to order monsters around. Please think of them as formidable enemies that can’t be measured by rank and who skilfully use swords and magic.” (Chloe)

Swords and magic, it is? I will remember that.

“Thank you. The information is welcome. Chloe-san, please take care as well. I entrust Princess-sama to you.” (Shuuya)

“Yes, of course.” (Chloe)

After Chloe-san answers curtly, the princess looks at me while leaning forward.
Since it’s inside the carriage, her face is close.
Her emerald eyes have tears in them. She moved her small lips.

“— Shuuya-sama, as well, okay? It would be great if I could fight like my elder sister, but I don’t have anything but healing magic. Therefore, I will pray for your safety here… may the fortunes of war be with you!” (Aurora)

The princess was serious.
I respond to her feelings.
I lower myself by shifting my position away from the princess and her close face and then, after placing my knee on the carriage’s bottom planks, I bowed my head while putting my earnest feelings into it.
From the beginning to the end I perform the bow of a retainer.

“Yes, leave it to me. I will thoroughly carry out the request without fail. Then—” (Shuuya)

After standing up and flashing a smile, I leave the carriage.
I examined the demons, who are attacking the Holy City’s walls, while walking.
I wonder just how many of them there are. The numbers easily surpass a hundred or two hundred, don’t they?
An archer unit of grizbells occupies the road, forming a line.
The platoon of grizbells in front was extended by a crowd of adjoining units of grizbells and lesser demons.
The grizbell archer unit faces the soldiers on the wall while yelling encouragements and continuously fires arrows.

『Helme, come out.』 (Shuuya)

『Yes!』 (Helme)

The fluid Helme ejects from my left eye in a spiral.
She materialized in a state of having a knee on the ground.

“You know the circumstances, right?” (Shuuya)

“Ha!” (Helme)

Once Helme stands up on the spot, she refines an ice spear in her right hand and lets loose a dark mist in her left hand.
She runs to the left side of the road in her human shape while her surface waves as if the bluish-black, leafy skin all over her body is fluttering.
The Crystal Spirit of Everlasting Darkness swung her left hand while running. The sight of countless grizbells was stolen by a dark fog making them confused. Furthermore she stabs ice spears into the anuses of the grizbells who got their aiming in disorder.

“Hahahahahahaha, those are impertinent asses! Prostrate yourself in front of His Excellency’s power!” (Helme)

She laughed… Helme. She’s slightly scary.
However, she can’t contain her laughter. I’m struggling as well.
Sweeping away my overcoat while glaring at the herd of grizbells, I summoned the Magic Halberd in my right hand and stretched it out towards right beside me.
And then I look at Rollo who descended from my shoulder to the ground.
It seems that even Rollo was surprised about Helme’s state. She watched Helme’s movements while her black hair was standing on end.

“Rollo, we shall go as well. We will hunt the demons haphazardly.” (Shuuya)

“Nya—” (Rollo)

My partner changes into a black panther.
Kicking off the ground with her hindlegs, she leaves behind scratches on the ground which shows her panther-like powerful limb movements. She heads towards the right side while raising a cloud of dust.
Different from Helme, it seems that Rollo is going to finish off the demons in the forest on the right.
Shall I aim for the demons who are crowding on the road and against whom Helme is fighting?
I rush over to the demons’ location after holding the red axe of the magic spear horizontally.
The archer unit of the grizbells continues to shoot arrows.
While running, I mow them down by swinging the magic spear in an arc.
The grizbells’ bodies are sliced up by the mowing down of a red dragon flash.
Being split into the lower half of a horse and an upper half holding the bow, they scattered their blue entrails and blood into the surroundings.
Facing the group of demons in no time— I shoot <Chain>.
The initial velocity of the chain, which is released at its maximum speed, is fast to the degree that it can’t be perceived by an ordinary person anymore.
The chain pierces the back of a grizbell, who was in front of my hand, as if being a pile bunker, pushes its way through while destroying the grizbell’s internal organs, flesh and bones, and penetrates other lesser demons and grizbells in the same manner.
The blood-stained chain was pulled straight in a state of having pierced several tens of bodies.
The bodies of the penetrated demons look just like dango.
Dango-like siblings made out of demon bodies.
Let’s use them as meatballs.
As if making a giant swing— I brandish the meatballs drawing a large circle with the chain.
While blowing away the demons of the archer unit and those adjoining them, I forcibly wrenched open the space which was tightly crowded by demons.
From here on it becomes my field of expertise.
I erase the chain which was swung around in a 360° circle to the extent of making one dizzy, and send the dozens pierced bodies flying into the surroundings all at once.
Then I swirled around my Magic Halberd and took a seigan stance.

“You shitty demons! Come and get me!!!” (Shuuya)

They probably won’t comprehend the words, but I provoke them in a loud voice.
I waited until the enemy entered the spear’s range.
I don’t know if they were lured by the provocationshout, but the platoon of grizbells nearby gathers around me in a circle successively while growling.
— The grizbells entered the magic spear’s range.
No matter what kind of thing enters its sphere of influence, justice won’t prevail unless wrongdoers are beat and beheaded.* (T/N: 悪・即・斬 … literally “evil instantly behead”, it’s said that those words shaped the mind of the shinsengumi)
The red spear— pierces the chest of a grizbell.
The red axe blade— mows down the body of a grizbell.
The dragon magic gem— crushes the balls of a grizbell.
I even perform dance steps in mid air with the magic spear.
In an instant three grizbells were slaughtered.
However, the number of enemies is still quite high.
Performing an upward cut with the magic spear while drawing an arc as if doing a golf swing from a low position, I separate the legs from an enemy’s torso.
Even a diagonal slash of a bastard sword which approached me from behind; while dodging with a half-rotational evasive maneuver by nimbly using my toes as focal point like the fluttering of a willow’s leaf, I released a counter thrust and skewered the body of the grizbell with the red spear.


“What’s that, that spear! It’s burning!”

“I don’t wanna return to the world of spirits.”

“Me neither. Run away! Uwaah, this way a leafy woman is rampaging around! Be careful!”

Their voices of anguish, which were mingled with fear that was unusual for demons, are spreading to the surroundings like a disease.
In the direction of the escaping grizbells, the violent movements of the Crystal Spirit of Everlasting Darkness Helme were visible.
The instant she’s surrounded, Helme changes her body into a liquid and avoids physical attacks in such manner.
While creeping on the ground in a slime state, she released countless ice pebbles and by hitting the grizbells’ feet with the ice pebbles, she caused them to go down to the ground.
Furthermore, being in a liquid shape, Helme invades the mouth of a grizbell who collapsed on the ground.
The grizbells reveals an expression of anguish… did she make it suffocate? Did she invade its brain? I don’t know, but it was fatal either way.
Exiting out of the dead grizbell’s mouth, Helme instantly transforms into a human shape.
With her long eyelashes and dilated pupils, Helme wraps a hand around her head and places the other on her lips. While seductively twisting her body, she takes a ‘unique pose’ (almost standing) and moves her small lips,

“Ahahahahaha! Inferior demons, though your blood is unpalatable, you shall offer it for the sake of His Excellency!” (Helme)

Showing an ecstatic expression, she shouted that.
It’s a battlefield, but one person, no, a female spirit is standing out.
The grizbells were running about trying to escape, but there were still some who opposed me as well.
Accordingly I release a chain from my <Chain FactorLeft Wrist>.
Transforming it into a fake spear, I held that fake spear in my left hand while holding the Magic Halberd in my right.
It’s the creation of a self-taught dual-spear style.
At once I unleash <Thrust> with the pseudo spear at the chest of a nearby grizbell.
At the beginning it was a response like smoothly cutting a cake, but it gets stopped midway.
Nothing can be done about this.
The chain’s tipPure Drop is sharper than the red spear, but in the end it’s a fake spear which was constructed with an ad-lib image. Except its tip, the rest of it is rough. It has a feeling similar to a thick iron bar.
Well, I say with this— while jumping I swing down the fake spear towards the head of a grizbell that attacked from the left. It’s relatively usable against the watermelon skulls.
There’s power if it hits. It’s also useful for feinting.
Brandishing the magic spear in my right hand and the fake spear in alternation, I turn the grizbells into lumps of meat one after the other.

“Don’t falter! This guy is just a leafy woman!”


Given that I can understand the demons’ words, such things are being said.
I found a Platoon Leader Class demon.
Shall I finish these guys normally? Erasing the fake spear, I pick the usual wind spear style and get ready.
This time it’s lesser demons.
The lesser demons are all around me who made easy prey of a herd of grizbells. They start to surround me so that I can’t run away.
That’s also a theorem of war.
They apparently want to crush me with the logic of numbersLanchester’s Law.
However, since their movements are all over the place, the demons might not possess such a thingwar knowledge.
In order to kill me, four tridents approach me from the front in a fan shape.
But I don’t move as I keep the Magic Halberd prepared in a seigan stance.
Not yet, I will wait until the last second— now!
Launching a blow of the Magic Halberd’s red axe at the spearheads of the four tridents at a timing when the tridents were stretched out, I flipped up the tridents.
The lesser demons have their stances broken grandly and expose their bodies.
— There’s no way that I will let that opportunity pass by.
While rotating the Magic Halberd in order to fully focus it on the left side, I release the hidden bladeIce Claw from the Dragon Magic Gem at the spear’s end by charging it with mana.
I pierce a lesser demon who was behind me by extending the two-handed ice sword backwards. Then I swung the Magic Halberd, which had grown the two-handed ice sword from the left to the right forcibly drawing a large half-circle of 180°.


The bodies of the lesser demons are sliced in two.
From the lesser demons’ bodies, which turned into lower half only, blood overflows as if a volcano is erupting.
I’m also hit by several spurts of blood, but I don’t mind that.
Swinging my Magic Halberd, I gain total control of this location with the force of a maelstrom.
I guess I finished off 30 – 50?
It’s more, huh? Once I noticed, a large amount of corpses is scattered on the ground and a large number of blood puddles had formed.
Therefore I make the hidden bladeIce Claw, which had grown from the magic spear’s end, vanish.
Did Helme move to the left side of the forest? She vanished.
I defeated quite a few and the moment when I took…. a short break, an approaching fireball is reflected in my sight.
— It’s fast.
— I won’t avoid but crush it.
I bisected the approaching fire ball with the spearhead of the Magic Halberd— the red axe blade.

“— Hoo, to cut my flame, you seem to be quite capable for a human.”

A demon approaches while saying that.
Its eyes have a dark brass colour. Red hair is growing rampantly over its whole body.
Holding a longsword in its right hand which was swirling like a snake with a vortex of flames reaching up to the top of the shoulder.
Rather than human shaped, its a type of monkey, like Sun Wukong*, I guess. (T/N: Fictional character in Journey to the West)
This guy seems to be the boss leading the group here.

“Are you the one called macquire demon?”

“That’s right. It’s the name of my race.”

“Monkey macquire, huh? Come. You seem somewhat tough.” (Shuuya)

I rotate the Magic Halberd and place it on my right shoulder.
Holding out my left hand, I invite it by beckoning with a finger.

“For the likes of a human to be rude towards me!”

I’m not underestimating you in particular though.
The macquire’s red hair stood on end as it attacked with a battle cry.
Though I feel sorry, I will finish it with a swift attack— I shoot <Chain>.
The target are the macquire’s feet.
The chain assaults it by slithering along the ground and pierces the macquire’s foot.
Twining around its feet, it’s made to fall down.
The macquire kisses the ground with a splendid momentum.

“Guaaah, w-wh—”

The macquire tries to use both its hands to stand up.
However I advance with Magic Steps towards the fallen macquire.
Closing the distance, I have no intention to let the monkey or whatever open its mouth anymore.
See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil.
While recalling the Nikko Tosho-gu Shrine, I once again release the hidden bladeIce Claw with a size of a two-handed ice sword by charging mana towards the spear butt part at the lower part of the Magic Halberd. Lowering down the Magic Halberd like that, I stabbed the monkey’s middle forehead with the hidden bladeIce Claw.
The red monkey, which was pierced in-between its eyes, creates crossed eyes like a kabuki actor and loosely hangs out its long red tongue from its mouth, it stops moving.
The red monkey turned into a non-talking monkey and died.
At that moment all demons in the vicinity single-mindedly retreat.
It’s just like a rout.
The archers on the wall of the holy city cheer loudly.

“… A too quick end of the act. Oh well, I guess it’s fine since we won?” (Shuuya)

“Nn, nyanya!” (Rollo)

Mmh, it’s Rollo.
Once again she returned to boast about the prey she caught.
Or rather, just how many of them did she kill?
Dozens of grizbells and lesser demons were hanging down from the tips of her tentacle bone swords.
Amazing, she defeated far more than me…
As ever her handling of the tentacles is skilful.
The corpses have become jam packed. They are crammed together to be grilled as grilled skewer.

“Rollo, aren’t you amazing… you did really well. It’s fine to put down that heavy-looking prey.” (Shuuya)

“Nnn, nyanyaa.” (Rollo)

Rollo throws off the prey by retracting her tentacles.
She shook her body as is and the blood stains were blown away.
It happens every time. You* make me want to retort with a “Are you a dog?” (T/N: in Kansai dialect)
Or rather, I ended up bathed in blood spurts as well.
Shall I clean it off with water from life magic?
At that point Helme came back.

“Your Excellency! All enemies on the left side were annihilated.” (Helme)

“Yea, I watched a bit, but you were amazing.” (Shuuya)

“Haha! It’s an honour for me to be of service to you, Your Excellency.” (Helme)

“Well then, shall I clean off the filth…?” (Shuuya)

“Your Excellency, please wait. If I wrap around your whole body after turning into liquid, Your Excellency, I will be able to clean the dirt off. I can also directly absorb the blood then and there. Once I return your left eye, Your Excellency, it will be possible for me to let the blood circulate inside your body. Moreover it’s possible to have me stock the blood inside my body.” (Helme)

Ooh, such a thing is possible?

“That’s great. Quite handy.” (Shuuya)

“Yes.” (Helme)

“Well then, absorb the blood clinging all over my body at once. Clean off the dirt.” (Shuuya)

“At your command.” (Helme)

Helme liquified in an instant.
With it happening suddenly, the liquid hangs in mid air. She makes her shape change into a liquid sphere.
Once that sphere burst, it rained down on my entire body just like a shower.
The liquid, which clung to the surfaces of my hair, face and armour, turns into a wriggling, transparent membrane. From the overcoat to the Ancient Dragon’s Scale Mail’s surface, all of my body is covered by it.
The instant I was wrapped up by it, the dirt vanished.
I have already become clean. Though the water membrane is thin, it’s strange.
Though this might be because of Helme, I guess.
Once the cleaning was finished, the liquid raised to the surface all over my body.
The liquid gathers in front of my eyes and forms a sphere. Feet grow out of the sphere, a blue leafy torso appears and Helme takes shape. She appears in a pose of having one knee on the ground.
It’s a period of less than a second, but going by her odd movements, I was reminded of the liquid metal cyborgT1000 who was Shuwa-chan’s enemy.

“You are fast, aren’t you?” (Shuuya)

“Yes, Your Excellency. Do you want to absorb the blood?” (Helme)

“Yea, I will take it.” (Shuuya)

“Yes, then—” (Helme)

*hug* While making her small body float, Helme embraced me and gave me a kiss.
Absorb it from here? Oh? Blood pours into my mouth.
While hugging Helme’s soft body and having my fill of her small lips, I gulp down the blood.
Ye~a. This might be erotic.
But, for some strange reason my nether region didn’t act up.
We are on a battlefield now. I’m not a pervert who gets an erection out of excitement.
While pondering about such things, I savour the deep kiss.
Once the blood’s transferred, I separate from Hele with an indecent slurping sound.

“Your Excellency… was it delicious?” (Helme)

“I’m satisfied. I might request it again from you sometime.” (Shuuya)

“Yes. With pleasure. Please leave it to me.” (Helme)

Helme flutters her bluish-black coloured beautiful hair and enchants with a bewitching smile.

“Well then, come back into my eye.” (Shuuya)

“Yes!—” (Helme)

“Shuuya-sama~, Shuuya-sama~.” (Aurora)

Once Helme returns into my eye, the voice of princess Aurora reaches me.
The princess waved her hands while showing her face from the carriage.
I, who fully devoted myself to killing, wanted to say something, but the carriage with the princess on it cruelly drives over the corpses of the demons.

“Princess-sama, were you alright?” (Shuuya)

“That’s my line. Rather than that, what happened?” (Aurora)

“Yes, once I defeated a red monkey demon of the race called macquire, the other demons withdrew all at once…” (Shuuya)

“Wow, amazing. That’s great. You defeated the demons’ commander.” (Aurora)

“Princess, the demons retreated, but we don’t know whether there might still be something else. Let’s hurry and enter the holy city.” (Elmes)

I could hear Elmes-san’s voice from within the carriage.

“T-That’s right, isn’t it? Shuuya-sama, please get on as well.” (Aurora)

“Is that fine?” (Shuuya)

“Of course. You are a “hero” after all. Please board the carriage quickly. Let’s immediately go to holy city’s castle where my father resides.” (Aurora)

Hero, eh? That doesn’t fit me. It’s flattery, I suppose…
I’ve learned the hard way that beautiful things got thorns, the Kuna shock crosses my mind.

“Then I shall accept your offer…” (Shuuya)

Though I pondered how to stay on my guard, I’m a person who fawns over beauties after all.
The carriage with the princess on it arrives at the wall’s gate while running the demons’ corpses over.
The coachman loudly announces that it’s the Third Princess Aurora.

“We have returned from official business. Open the gate immediately!”

Once we were kept waiting for several dozens minutes… the gate opened.
The carriage passes through the gate and enters the town of the Holy City.
Soldiers were awaiting us.
Once the coachman yells in the same manner as before, the soldiers clear the path while cheering.
The carriages advances on the main street where a large number of soldiers had gathered.
Gradually the soldiers’ figures become distant.
Because the townscape came into view, I stick out my face through the wooden frame at the carriage’s side while bending myself forward.
Hee, it’s a beautiful city.
So this is the Holy City’s townscape.
It’s a complete change in comparison to the road where the forest grew thickly.
The road with its white stone paving proceeded in a straight line, and on both sides of the road rows of trees had been planted.
On both sides of the stone paving there are many houses which have been built out of yellow ochre bricks and stones.
This townscape makes me unintentionally remember the scenery of Florence.
And, what was visible on the other side of the townscape, ahead of the road, was a large, white royal castle.


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