Chapter 91 – An escort request while I’m at it

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While continuing a friendly conversation with the princess and the leader of the escort knights in the carriage, we advanced on the road through the forest.

“I see. Shuuya-sama, you want to go to that place called Forest of Sadeyula, don’t you?” (Elmes)

“Yes. Do you know the place?” (Shuuya)

“I have only heard rumours, but it exists in the distant southeast of the 【Great Forest of Demonic Haunts】 or so. It doesn’t continue until the base of the Mahaheim Mountain Range, however it was given such a name due to its vast, wide woodlands alongside the mountains, is what I heard.” (Elmes)

This is decent information.
There’s value in her being called an escort leader.

“Even if it’s just rumours, thanks, Elmes-san. Do you know of any other such information?” (Shuuya)

“No, I marched with the crusaders in the past, but I wasn’t even able to see 【Imperial Capital Kishiria】 which should exist after becoming a ruin… Chloe, if it’s the escort unit’s sorcerer leader Chloe, she might know something about it, but whether that’s true…” (Elmes)

The crusaders, huh?

“Chloe-san? Is it the person who is currently injured?” (Shuuya)


“It might be fine to ask Chloe as long as her wounds allow for it.” (Elmes)

“Yes, we shall find out.”

At that moment, the unit leader Elmes turns her sight towards the wooden window of the carriage.
While watching the light darkness of evening,

“— The day has gradually gotten dark.” (Elmes)

she said while speaking to the princess.

“That’s right, isn’t it? I feel slightly uneasy…” (Aurora)

While the princess agreed to the words she heard from the escort unit’s leader, her complexion turned poor.
She’s probably recalling the incident of the previous attack.
Though she’s a princess, it’s her escort request. Relieving the anxiety of a beautiful female client, it’s a man’s vanity and also a job he has to do.

“Princess Aurora, Elmes-san, who is the escort knight unit’s leader, is here as well. Even if monsters come attacking us, “I” will do something about it.” (Shuuya)

“Nn, nyanya.” (Rollo)

Matching my speech of showing off my vanity, Rollo, who should have been sleeping inside the hood, purred in concert.

“Fufu, I heard the voice of cat-chan.” (Aurora)

The princess-san turns her face slightly to the side and talks while looking at my back.

“She probably intended to say I’m here as well nya.” (Shuuya)

“How cute. Though it’s disappointing that I can’t see her…” (Aurora)

“Ah, shall I take her out of the hood?” (Shuuya)

“No, no, please let her sleep.” (Aurora)

Waving her hand, the princess shows a sweet smile.
Each of her actions are… cute. I’m sure she’s popular.

“… That’s alright with you? Got it.” (Shuuya)

Though I tried to move the hood on my back, I stopped.
Before long the sun sank down completely and it became night. The coachman lowered the speed of the carriage.
The carriages following at the back and the mounted soldiers likewise slow down.
Is it impossible for the horses to gallop throughout the night?
For the time being, I’m cautious and repeatedly use Grasping Perception.

“Princess-sama, we have to prepare the campground soon—” (Elmes)

Elmes-san addressed the princess while grasping the handle of a wooden board.

“Understood. Please stop at a spot where we can have an unobstructed view if at all possible.” (Aurora)

“Carlos, you heard her, right?” (Elmes)

“Aye.” (Carlos)

Nodding at the words of the princess, Elmes-san gave the necessary instruction to the soldier serving as coachman.
According to his orders, the coachman pulls the carriage over to the road’s edge.
Before they become busy with the preparations of the camp, I try asking something I was slightly curious about.

“… By the way, why did you take this road?” (Shuuya)

“That’s because this is the way back from the neighbouring country 【Religious State Hesliphat】.” (Elmes)

“I see.” (Shuuya)

“Yes. It’s our return trip after I finished my official duty as messenger. Handing over a handwritten letter to His Eminence the Pope, Nostarius the Third-sama, we were in the middle of returning to the 【Holy City】 after concluding the discussions successfully. Although I’m the third princess, I also serve as the goodwill ambassador of the 【Holy Kingdom】.” (Aurora)

Pope… he’s the top of the 【Religious State Hesliphat】, isn’t he?
The princess’ group is a diplomatic delegation, huh?

“The discussion being important, y…” (Shuuya)

At that moment there are reactions of magic sources moving about outside.
It’s not the soldiers. It’s from further out.

“What’s wrong?”

The princess looks at me, who stopped talking in the middle, while puzzled.

“I don’t know whether it’s monsters or bandits, but presences are approaching us.” (Shuuya)

“— What was that!?” (Elmes)

“— Oh, dear.” (Aurora)

The knight unit’s leader Elmes and the princess were surprised.

“Elmes-san, stay here with the princess. I will go to intercept them outside. Rollo, wake up, it’s time for work. We are leaving.” (Shuuya)

“Nyao.” (Rollo)

“… Let me go outside for a bit, too.” (Elmes)

I left the carriage while taking Rollo along after nodding at Elmes-san’s words.
The surrounding soldiers are preparing the camping site.
It seems that none of them has noticed yet.
I tried to give them the necessary instructions, but Elmes held up her hand from the side.
It looks like Elmes-san will give the soldiers their orders.
That’s only natural, isn’t it?

“Oyy, Sahiaaa, monsters are approaching in the vicinity. Get ready for them.” (Elmes)

“Haa—, you lot heard the leader’s words, didn’t you? Form a defensive perimeter!” (Sahiar)


“Leave it to us!”

In accordance with the adjutant’s, Sahia’s, orders, the soldiers start surrounding the carriage in a circle.
The magic source responses, which are likely monsters, are approaching from the left forest and the woodlands’ side which is facing the road.
They seem to be moving in order to surround us.

“Rollo, I will leave the left side of the forest to you. Have fun hunting them freely. I will go to the right side.” (Shuuya)

“N, nya.” (Rollo)

Once Rollo jumps down from my shoulder, she vanished into the forest without turning around.
Helme, lend me your eyes.
The deformed Helme appears in my field of vision.
Catching Helme, she vanished once I grasped her with a mental image.

『Yes.』 (Helme)

I made her invoke Spirit Sight.

『Ahn.』 (Helme)

It appears that your heavy breathing calmed down considerably, doesn’t it?

『Y-Yesh.』 (Helme)

… I ignore Helme’s weird voice.
I check the vicinity with the heat sensor called Spirit Sight.
I look at the right side of the road.
What appeared on the road is…
Going by this silhouette, it’s monsters, I guess.
I properly saw them with Grasping Perception, <Night Vision> and Spirit Sight.
The responses are increasing bit by bit.
Spirit Sight is amazing, isn’t it? I completely grasp the enemies’ shapes due to its luminance.
The monsters have two horns and long limbs.
It appears that they are holding weapons in their hands.
Those were still only silhouettes, but it made me imagine the typical figures of devils.
Alright, shall I get going? I materialize the Magic Wand in my hand.
Before that, let’s tentatively talk to Elmes-san and the soldiers in the vicinity.

“It looks like monsters appeared. As I will head out to defeat those on the right side, please prioritize the princess-sama’s protection, everyone.” (Shuuya)

“Affirmative. — Did you guys understand as well?” (Elmes)

Making a stern expression, the leader of the escorting knight order, Elmes addresses the soldiers in the surroundings.


Including the adjutant Sahia, the surrounding soldiers gave their reply all at once after straightening themselves.
The soldiers are brimming with fighting spirit.
Once I nodded at the soldier’s behaviour showing their determination, I went into action right away.
Kicking against the ground, I head towards the road’s right side.
I confirm them with <Night Vision> and Spirit Sight.
Even at night I can clearly see the monsters’ figures.
Just by their silhouettes, they have a height of 3 meters, I suppose?
The two long, deep black horns growing along from the top of their ears stand out.
Their hair looks like black wool. Their eyeballs are large and they have inverted triangle sheep-like faces.
With them growing sheep beards on their chins and having sunken-in wrinkles on their cheeks, they are ghastly.
Their limbs are long beyond my imagination.
They are holding two-handed long spears.
I stopped in front of those devils.
Shall I try to talk with them a bit before killing them?

“Oyy, if you come this way, I will attack you.” (Shuuya)

“Gaago? (A human?) Gaagogolbe? (Is he an idiot?) Gyhahaha. Dzugojide, dzugojide, bar, odzugojidelun (Kill, kill, everyone, kill all of them).”

They talked in a different language than the pseudo-centaurs.
From now on I want to omit the gross languages.
Ending up understanding them incompletely is too unpleasant.
The laughing, devil-like monster prepared its spear and charged at me.
His three-pronged spearhead (E/N: trident) draws near.
It’s a fork-styled weapon similar to the pitchforks used by farmers.
It’s a nasty spear with a wide range, but the thrust is slow.
I won’t be hit by such thing—
I unleash the Magic Wand from above.
I used the red axe blade to intercept the blades of the trident.
With a sound of metal scratching against metal, I pin down the trident, held by the devil, to the ground.

“Gukikikii, fugah.”

The sheep-faced devil frantically tries to move his trident, but the red axe blade, which is at the Magic Wand’s spearhead, doesn’t bulge even a bit.
This monster is releasing a stinky breath.
Let’s finish it right away.
While holding down the trident, I swiftly rotate my body in front.
At the same time, I rotate the Magic Wand, which suppressed the trident, vertically through a small angle.
The part of the Magic Wand’s spearhead, the red axe blade, sinks into the middle of the devil’s forehead. There wasn’t much resistance against the blade and thus I drove it down until halfway through the chest in an instant.
Dark red blood gushes forth from the cleaved chest alongside a sound of the blood evaporating with a sizzle.
There’s no way that the devil, who had its head split right in half, has the power to hold its trident, so it falls on the ground.

“Shiit! Surround him, suuuurround hiim!”

The other devils shout.
They seem to have a sense of companionship. They were apparently indignant because their comrade was killed easily.
Devils on the left and right approached while thrusting their tridents.
The ones coming from the left side will be first, huh?
Kicking the corpse of the devil which has the red axe blade buried into it, I hold the metal staff at my right side while swiftly pulling out the magic spear.
After properly adjusting the purple metal staff of the Magic Wand with my right arm, I dodge the trident, which attacked me from the left, with a sudden horizontal rotation. While slipping into the chest of the devil, I directly struck its flank with the red axe blade.
The devil, who had its belly pierced by the blade of the red axe, falls to the ground while saying something in pain.
Next, two tridents from the right, and one from the front approach.
I fire <Chain> at the enemy in front— and it easily collapses after the chain directly hits its chest.
I circle around to the side with light side steps, while evading the trident thrust out by a devil at my side, and blow away the devil’s body by delivering a roundhouse kick from the left.
Using the Magic Wand, which I switched to my left hand, for the trident lowered by the remaining devil, I locked the trident’s blade with the spearhead of the red spear.
It takes the form of me holding down the opponent’s trident with the Magic Wand I held in my left hand.
Deducing the time it will take for the devil’s trident to travel upwards, I draw an arc with the magic spear by moving my left arm in a circle as if forcibly drawing a moon.
At a good point, I deliberately lower the strength of my grip on the Magic Wand and unlocked it from the opponent’s trident.
The devil releases a questioning sound of 「Giaa?」 and its trident becomes loose for an instant.
However, did the devil think that it’s an opportunity instead? It changed the direction of the trident’s spearhead towards my chest and thrust it out.
The trident approaches my chest.
— He fell for the bait.
Treating my entire body like a spring by using Magic Steps, I jump up and turn around in mid air. I land while avoiding the the approaching trident. After that I stabbed the spearhead of the Magic Wand into the belly of the devil while slamming my body into it. The red axe blade and the red spear sink in with a dull sound. Thereafter I pull it out while twisting it in there. Once I defeat the devil by tearing up the devil’s belly with rotations similar to a mixer with the red axe blade, I shake off the blood, which clung to the Magic Wand, at the spot and fix my stance into that of seigan.
Were they overwhelmed by my movements just now? The devils didn’t plunge in thoughtlessly anymore.
If they keep a distance, I will simply deal with them using a different method.
I dematerialize the Magic Wand in an instant and holding up my left hand, I unleash <Chain>.
But, without allowing the chain to travel straight forward, I changed it into a hammer.
I don’t hold the hammer created by the chain.
I use <Throwing> on it.
The sheep devils in front of me aren’t able to react to the abruptly manifested huge hammer missile.
The devils after having their heads crushed, their necks twisted and their heads inverted from being directly hit by the hammer fall to the ground.
Gotcha. It’s a success.
Though it’s a chain changed into the form of a huge hammer, it still remains a chain.
Suspending the chain extending from my left hand, I turn my left hand in circles and brandish the hammer.
It feels like it had evolved into a morning star, doesn’t it?
With the devils in front of me getting defeated, I became excited and got caught up in the moment.
Extending my left hand while holding the chain with my right hand, I move my body and the hammer as if dancing while striking the devils with it.
Although it’s not like anyone’s watching, I rotated pointlessly and decided a pose to show off while handling the chain hammer.
The chain-made huge hammer, which transformed into a hunter chasing its prey, has become bright red with blood trickling down from it.
Crushing their heads, caving their torsos in and smashing their feet and arms, I massacre the devils.
Did the devils feel the threat of the chain hammer? They tried to get away by opening up the distance further.
However, the chain has a long range.
Since I’m also advancing while dancing, the distance doesn’t widen.
However, as I had never used a weapon like a morning star until now… which is only natural, I’m unable to do anything but unskillful, simple movements.
Gradually the devils adopted a countermeasure against the hammer.
The devils start to defend against the hammer with the spearheads of their tridents.
Finally the hammer got caught by several tridents and was sealed away.
But, I expected that to happen. I reveal a broad smile.
I immediately made the chain, which had changed into the hammer, disappear.
Since the devils invested their power in pinning down the chain hammer with their tridents, their posture pitches forward together with their tridents due to the chain hammer suddenly vanishing and they fall over.
I swiftly released <Chain> once again at that opportunity.
This time I don’t play around with something like a hammer. I pierced the torsos of the devils, who had their stance broken, with the pointed end of the chain.


“What is that felllllooooooww?”

The devils’ expressions were completely different from the ones they showed at the beginning.


“Make way, out of the way, we have to retreat!”

“Run awaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!”

The devils rapidly talked in their sloppy, disgusting language.
Contrary to their eerie faces coming from their appearance, several of them spoke with frightened voices and it completely turned into a cauldron of chaos.
Even the devils who had reached the vicinity of the carriages stop fighting against the soldiers and run away. With the soldiers suffering only lesser injuries, there were no signs of losses among them.

“The demons are retreating!!!! We won!!!” (Sahia)

The adjutant Sahia yells.


The soldiers raised their voices in delight.
At that moment Rollo came back as well.

“N, nyanya~n.” (Rollo)

Two devils were hanging down from her tentacle bone swords.
Once again her round and cute eyes are beaming with a “Praise me, praise me.”

“You did great, Rollo. Please drop those over there.” (Shuuya)

“Nn, nya.” (Rollo)

Once Rollo lowered her prey to the ground, she stretched out a tentacle.
When it touches my cheek, her feelings are transmitted.

“I see, I see. It seems you enjoyed the hunting.” (Shuuya)

At that point Princess Aurora, holding a magic light, approached together with Elmes-san and her adjutant Sahia.
Since it’s dazzling, I cancel <Night Vision> and Spirit Sight.

『If I have <Night Vision> and your eyes, Helme, even late in the night is no problem.』 (Shuuya)

『It’s a great honour for me to be of service to Your Excellency.』 (Helme)

『Yea, I will rely on you next time again.』 (Shuuya)

『Yes.』 (Helme)

“— Shuuya-sama, you aren’t injured, are you? Are you alright?” (Aurora)

The princess-sama looks at me with a worried expression.
At the same time the Crystal Spirit of Everlasting Darkness, Helme, vanishes from my field of view.

“Yes, I’m fine.” (Shuuya)

Elmes-san addressed me as well.

“As expected of you. Shuuya-dono, not only have you defeated the Grizbells, but you also easily brought down the Lesser Demons.” (Elmes)

The knight unit’s leader Elmes looks at me in admiration.

“These guys were demons, weren’t they?” (Shuuya)

“That’s correct. Those characteristic two horns identify them as Lesser Demons. Now that it has come to this, the previous attack of the Grizbells is understandable, too. It’s appropriate to think that the front line has been broken through. Princess-sama, it’s possible that the 【Holy City】 is under siege.” (Elmes)

Elmes-san turned around to the princess, faced her with a serious expression and spoke up to her.

“Oh my goodness… for such a thing to happen while we had left the country… ah, no way, are you saying that Swaney-ane-sama lost?” (Aurora)

The princess-sama’s voice shakes and she is obviously trembling.
She has an elder sister called Swaney?
I wonder whether she resembles Princess Aurora?

“I wonder about that? I can’t imagine Swaney-sama, who is called the Dual-wielding War Princess, getting defeated, but… she might be confined to the front line fortress, have sortied into the Great Forest or have withdrawn to the 【Holy City】? (Elmes)

“You might be right there.” (Aurora)

“Yes. Let’s also return to the 【Holy City】 in a hurry to learn of the current state. But, although I say that, nighttime is dangerous without Chloe. Therefore, as soon as it is morning, I plan to depart… and I’d like to ask you, Shuuya-dono, to act continuously as Princess Aurora-sama’s guard.” (Elmes)

Hasn’t it somehow become something quite serious?

“… I understand.” (Shuuya)

“Shuuya-sama, thank you.” (Aurora)

My hand was grasped by the slender hand of the princess.
I will fall in love if I’m stared at by your emerald eyes.
Her lips are small and adorable, too. Far too cute.
No, that’s no good, let’s deal with her as gentleman here.

“… Please leave it to me. I will protect the charming princess.” (Shuuya)

“Oh my, to call me charming…” (Aurora)

“*cough* Shuuya-dono, Let’s not get too close to the princess, okay?” (Elmes)

I ended up getting scolded by Elmes-san.
Mmh~ but Elmes-san’s face is pretty as well, isn’t it?
She has an atmosphere of a knight with abundant experience as warrior, but her crisp blue eyes are emphasizing her dignity.

“… Ah, yea, I know. I don’t have any intention to cause trouble to you, Elmes-san. Sorry.” (Shuuya)

“There’s no need for you to apologize, Shuuya-sama. Elmes, you are worrying too much.” (Aurora)

The princess being a princess puffs up her cheeks while expressing her anger with a *pun pun*.

“Nyanya?” (Rollo)

It’s Rollo.
She calls out while looking up with a feeling of asking “What’s wrong nya?”

“Ah, Rollo-chan! It’s terrible. You are smeared with blood!” (Aurora)

“Princess-sama, it’s alright. This is the blood of her enemies.” (Shuuya)

The princess began to wipe Rollo’s body with her own pretty cloth handkerchief.

“That’s how it seems. But let’s get her clean and lovely.” (Aurora)

“Princess, please order a servant or me to do such an errand.” (Elmes)



“No, Elmes. That’s no good. This is about me wanting to touch cat-chan.” (Aurora)

Rollo seems to be happy about being brushed gently.
She releases a low purring sound.

“That’s not allowed. Princess, your clothes will get dirty—” (Elmes)

Elmes picked up the black cat obviously hugging her.

“Aah, geez, Elmes, you meanie.” (Aurora)

Or rather, what are the princess and the knight doing, I wonder?
Even Rollo lowered her whiskers as if saying “It can’t be helped nya”, revealed a cute expression and was held at her stomach by Elmes.

“Sorry. I will do it, thus…” (Shuuya)

“Ah, that right, isn’t it? Then…” (Elmes)

Once I receive Rollo from Elmes, I hold her as if carrying a baby in my arms.
While releasing water in trickles with life magic, I wiped her belly and back with a leather cloth.

“… Princess, please return temporarily to your carriage until the preparations for camping are in order. Sahia, start the preparations—” (Elmes)

“Haa—” (Sahia)

The adjutant Sahia made his white beard sway and received the order in a brisk manner.

“I-I see.” (Aurora)

The princess-sama returns to her carriage while watching Rollo being wiped clean by me with an envious look.
After I cleaned up Rollo’s body, I returned to the carriage as well.
Wow! A tent all of a sudden?
Once I went back, the camping place, where the princess will likely sleep, had been already set up.
A tent with a imposing curtain was set up next to the carriage.

“Shuuya-sama, please come in as well.” (Aurora)

The princess-sama invited me while showing a smile with a hidden meaning.

“Yes.” (Shuuya)

Uwah, what does this…
Inside the tent there are four beds with a canopy and there are even water jugs in a cabinet.
Is incense burning? Smoke is continuously rising.
Alongside the smoke, the fragrance of flowers drifted over.

“Nyaa.” (Rollo)

Ah, Rollo ended up leaping on one of the beds.

“Sorry, Rollo is…” (Shuuya)

“No, not at all. Please let Rollo-chan do as she likes. Ah, jumping this much, she’s amusing, to jump up and down like this.” (Aurora)

“Haa, sorry. However, this tent…” (Shuuya)

“Did it surprise you?” (Aurora)

The princess-sama laughs.

“Eh? This is?” (Shuuya)

“This is one of the high-grade magic items. It’s called Magically-built HomeMagic Tent or also Magic Miniature House. Originally it’s dwelling within this crystal.” (Aurora)

What the princess-sama showed me from within her waist bag was an assembly of dazzling, sparkling crystals.
How beautiful. Such magic items exist as well.
Inside the crystals something like houses can be seen.
Their shapes are completely different, but they look like the small houses in snow globes which can be found at souvenir shops. It seems to be also fun to set it up inside your home like a collection and gaze at them without using them.
Besides, it reminds me of Dragon Bal○.

“… That’s amazing. It’s the first time for me to see such item.” (Shuuya)

“Fufu, everyone who saw that the first time was astonished.” (Aurora)

“Yes. For such a large tent to enter into a small crystal is…” (Shuuya)

“That’s right, isn’t it? I was also surprised when I saw it for the first time. I’m told that it is an item that can’t be created unless you are a space-time attribute possessor while also possessing an inherent special skill to handpick the best among them. It’s truly a gem made by a craftsman chosen by a god.” (Aurora)

On top of possessing the space-time attribute, they are produced with a special innate skill, huh?
I guess they are being made by compressing air, but…
I have the space-time attribute, but it seems impossible for me to create it since I don’t have any talent in crafting.

“… What do you have to do to return it to its original state?” (Shuuya)

“That’s simple. If the owner touches the crystal, located next to the bed, and says “Storage,” it will turn back into a crystal. In reverse, if you say “Deploy” while touching it, the crystal will transform into this Magically-built HomeMagic Tent.” (Aurora)

At that moment Elmes appeared at the entrance of the tent.

“Princess-sama, Chloe opened her eyes. According to your order, I had her carried over.” (Elmes)

“Got it. Lay her down on one of the beds.” (Aurora)

“Yes.” (Elmes)

The female sorceress is carried in while lying on something like a stretcher.
She lifted her head and spoke up to the princess.

“Princess, in such a high-grade tent…” (Chloe)

“Chloe, what are you talking about? Currently it’s the most important for you to rest. You are my cherished vassal after all. Sleep in the bed over there.” (Aurora)

The female sorceress is Chloe-san, eh…? This woman is beautiful as well.
She had blonde hair with a tinge of red and oblong, brocade eyes.
There’s a birthmark at the bottom of her left eye, her nose bridge is broad and her nose is high.

“Princess, thank you very much…” (Chloe)

Chloe laid down on one of the beds.
And, our eyes meet.

“You… kindly saved princess-sama and the others?” (Chloe)

“I’m a C-Rank adventurer with the name Shuuya.”

“Is that so? An adventurer… I’m Chloe Leaf Tigri. You have my thanks.”

Chloe tried to get up.
Going by her name, she’s a noble?

“Yes. Ah, don’t force yourself.” (Shuuya)

“No, given that the poison has already vanished and my wounds closed up, I’m fine. Besides, as a noble, I do have backbone.” (Chloe)

Chloe mentions that and sits up. She fixes her brocade-coloured pupils on me.
Mana dwelled in her brocade pupils.
Hoo, it seems like she’s checking my whole body.
I examined Chloe with my Magic Inspection Sight, too.
Ooh, she possesses mana manipulation without any stagnation. She is focussing her mana in her eyes.
Gathering rich mana in her eyes, something like a tiny magic square was created.
As expected of one being called a sorceress.

『Your Excellency, this human saw me existing in your left eye. It seems she noticed the mark placed at Your Excellency’s left eye.』 (Helme)

Helme was noticed?
It’s not like I personally confirmed the mark in my left eye in a mirror.

『Has my eye changed so much that it’s obvious?』 (Shuuya)

『For an ordinary person there shouldn’t be any difference. However, if one can see mana, they might realize to a certain extent.』 (Helme)

So that’s the reason.

“… This is… Shuuya-dono, it looks like there’s a reason why you can kill that many demons easily.” (Chloe)

It just like Helme said after all, I guess?
It appears that she can see a part of my mana manipulation.

“Chloe? I requested Shuuya-sama to guard us until the 【Holy City】.” (Aurora)

“… Yes, princess-sama. This person is reliable.” (Chloe)

It’s an opportunity. Shall I try asking her about the Forest of Sadeyula?

“Chloe-san, there’s something I’d like to ask you, but…” (Shuuya)

“What is it?” (Chloe)

“It seems that the Forest of Sadeyula is located in east of the 【Great Forest of Demonic Haunts】, but is there anything you know about the Forest of Sadeyula?” (Shuuya)

“Forest of Sadeyula? I don’t know the place, but I remember that there was such a word in the books, left behind by the elves, in my house. It’s said that there’s a forest blessed by the God of Plants, Sadeyula, somewhere in the Great Forest. Located at a small spring, there’s a large tree carrying beautiful leaves on a hill that was blessed by Goddess of Earth, Gaia. It seems that the elves loved the large tree, located on Gaia’s hill, throughout many years. Apparently there was also a legend that elven lovers will be blessed with a child if they spend a night there.” (Chloe)

Hee, Gaia’s hill at a small spring, eh?
And in addition, a large tree that carries beautiful leaves.
It looks like I will find the Leaf of Sadeyula if I search for the hill located at the spring by heading east as I had intended from the start.

“I see. That was good information. Chloe-san, thank you.” (Shuuya)

“No, but, why do you need such information?” (Chloe)

“It seems that Shuuya-dono is heading for 【Great Forest of Demonic Haunts】 spreading in the east. He is looking for the Forest of Sadeyula or such.” (Elmes)

Before I could say it, Elmes-san explained the circumstances to Chloe-san.

“Wh-! No way. Do you intend to leap into a nest of demons?” (Chloe)

Chloe-san is surprised.

“Yes, that’s the plan.” (Shuuya)

Once the princess-sama heard my words, she came briskly walking in front of me.

“— Shuuya-sama, is the 【Great Forest of Demonic Haunts】 really dangerous? I’m against you going there after all. Besides, I don’t want to let my benefactor head into a perilous place.” (Aurora)

The princess-sama cannot understand, is how she’s talking.
However, even if I’m told that…

“Princess-sama, sorry, I will go even if you are against it. However, I have no intention to die there. It will be alright since I have confidence in my abilities.” (Shuuya)

“I do know that you are strong, Shuuya-sama, but…” (Aurora)

The princess-sama turns her look towards Elmes as if looking for help.

“Shuuya-dono, princess-sama is worried. Besides, I as someone who received this wound in the demonic haunts of the Great Forest… can’t you consider giving up on that?” (Elmes)

Elmes-san spoke while touching the long scar at her cheek in the middle of her speech.

“You have told me that you participated in the crusade that marched into the 【Great Forest of Demonic Haunts】 a little while ago, but…” (Shuuya)

“Yea, I did. I joined the subjugation unit of the crusaders. The unit withdrew after a partial annihilation. The scar on this face… was caused by the Rank-A++ demon Gubechalat which I confronted at that time.” (Elmes)

Such a monster exists?

“I see. I understood properly that it’s dangerous. However I have to go.” (Shuuya)

The princess-sama looks into my eyes and sighs as if saying that it can’t be helped.

“… I understand. It looks like it’s impossible to persuade you otherwise. However, Shuuya-sama? Can you please wait a while before going to the 【Great Forest of Demonic Haunts】 as I wish to reward you once we reach the Holy City?” (Aurora)

To spend time with a beautiful princess-sama for a little while might also be nice.

“Yes, if it’s for a short time.” (Shuuya)

“That’s great…” (Aurora)

“— Princess-sama, it’s a good occasion. Shuuya-dono is a precious, talented person. Shouldn’t we try to add him to our faction by all means…?” (Chloe)

Chloe-san says something like that.

“Chloeee, don’t be so aggressive. Certainly, Shuuya-dono is powerful, I share your opinion on that. But we still haven’t explained Princess-sama’s standing.” (Elmes)

“Elmes? What are you dragging your feet around for? Shuuya-dono will come to the Holy City, right? What will you do if Archbishop Yaiel’s faction beats us to the punch? It’s obvious that it will turn into a contest if the other nobles and upper nobles see Shuuya-dono’s strength. Besides, going by what I can see, I can judge that it’s no exaggeration to classify Shuuya-dono’s strength as King Maker.” (Chloe)

Why does her thinking accelerate this much after having taken only a fleeting glance?
Moreover King Maker or such. Is the Third Princess Aurora actually aiming for the crown?
Is Chloe… a person similar to a strategic commander?

“Wh-, you are saying that he’s a person of such extent?” (Elmes)

It seems the conversation between Elmes-san and Chloe-san will continue for a while.

“Yeah, even after seeing my eyes, he continued his observation without being perturbed. Let alone that his mana manipulation is first-class, it has an unreachable extent of knowledge which exceeds that of a sorceress like me. Besides, due to his words brimming with confidence that he will go by himself into the 【Great Forest of Demonic Haunts】… I was convinced… if it’s this person, it might be possible to increase the influence of Princess Aurora-sama and at the same time reduce the influence of the War Princess.” (Chloe)

I looked into your eyes without being perturbed, you say?
Certainly, a tiny magic square surfaced in her eyes.

『Helme, do you understand? Is there something in Chloe-san’s eyes?』 (Shuuya)

『She might be an owner of skill like Magic Eyes or have the favour and divine blessing of a god. That human saw through Your Excellency’s greatness as supremely blessed person in an instant. I recommend her as new subordinate of Your Excellency.』 (Helme)

Helme gave me such an advice.

“I-I see, if you are going to say this much, Chloe…” (Elmes)

Elmes-san stares intently at me.

“It’s impertinent in front of my master, but Shuuya-dono— I have a request. Without telling you that it’ll be temporary, please, can’t you possibly work under the 【Holy Kingdom】, no, under Princess-sama?” (Elmes)

Pardon me from being involved in politics and being used in a political situation.
Elmes-san began to lower her head in front of me many times.
At that moment, the sharp voice of princess-sama reverberates.

“Elmes and Chloe, what are you saying? Just a moment ago Shuuya-sama said that it will only be for a short period. Besides, that talk is far too sudden.” (Aurora)

“However…” (Elmes)

“This is also for your sake, Princess-sama.” (Chloe)

… Elmes and Chloe apparently want me to become a subordinate of the princess’ camp no matter what.
Let’s properly refuse and add an explanation as well.

“Is it fine for me to speak for a bit? Honestly, I have no interest in whatsoever faction. Even if I accompany you, I have no intention to stay for long, no matter what reward you might offer. I’m an adventurer. I do have a proper request. Besides, I should have told you in the beginning, Elmes-san. An escort request…. I only accepted it as request because I’m incidentally heading east as well.” (Shuuya)

“T-That is certainly…” (Elmes)

Since it’s bad for the mood to get worse, I speak while mixing in a little joke into my true opinion.

“However, if I speak honestly, there’s also the fact that I’m accompanying you because Princess-sama is beautiful and cute without having a condescending attitude.” (Shuuya)

“— Shuuya-sama! Is that really true?” (Aurora)

Hearing my jesting words of exposing my ulterior motive, the princess reacts by looking happy and jumping as if she’s dancing in joy.

“Yeah, it is.” (Shuuya)

I agreed even while being taken aback by the princess’ lively face.

“Thank you. Just these words make me happy. Elmes and Chloe, with this you understood, right? Please make sure to not speak of troublesome matters to Shuuya-sama from now on.” (Aurora)

“Yes, if it’s the princess’ order.” (Chloe)

“… Understood.” (Elmes)

Elmes-san and Chloe-san reluctantly agreed.

“Then, please take a light rest until dinner time, Chloe. We will take a break, too. Shuuya-sama, please also take a rest using that bed, okay?” (Aurora)

I have my own meal. While talking, it resulted in me showing my item box and everyone ended up being surprised.
However, since I was told by the princess “I have a pouch of item boxes as well”, I once again end up thinking that royalty is different.
And then I rested inside the tent in the same room as three women.
While changing clothes I go outside the tent.
Though I have the desire of wanting to peek a bit.
I endured. Well, as far as sleeping was concerned… of course I couldn’t fall asleep.
A Princess is a princess after all. Just because I saved her several times, I’m not a saint.
I’m a man who revives Mokkos* between my legs. I don’t care even if it explodes. (T/N: Err it might refer to two things… the figure of an evil god appearing in Xenosaga 2… the fictive character Igo Mokkos from the anime Galactic Gale Baxingar)
Well, I don’t have such guts though.
Even while stretching out a different antenna into the vicinity, I try to close my eyes until I become sleepy.


T/N: A short description of the weapon Shuuya uses. With a little sketch. And before you tell me, I know, I suck at drawing, otherwise I would work for a scanlation group after all, wouldn’t I? :p

The whole thing is referred to as “magic wand spear” by the author. I haven’t seen so far any special naming for it, so I changed it to Magic Wand to signify that the whole weapon is meant. Its other parts are mentioned during the fights as you can see.

Check the volume 5 cover in the ToC to see a part of the real colouring etc. This sketch is just to help understand a bit what parts of the weapon are used when. 🙂

I’m open to any naming ideas for the entire thing. Someone suggested to simply call it magic halberd. Well the shape comes close, but what do you think?


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    Calling it a Halberd is easier for continuity and recognizability, so just stick with that from now on.

    Purely for FYI/fun fact, Shuya’s weapon is actually closest to a Voulge(a super fancy one), since a Halberd is defined as having a hook or spike on the opposite side of the blade. A voulge (occasionally called a pole cleaver) is a type of polearm that existed alongside the similar glaive in medieval Europe. Superficially, a voulge might strongly resemble a glaive, but there are some notable differences in construction. First, the attachment of the voulge blade to the shaft was usually done by binding the lower two thirds of the blade to the side of the pole; the glaive would often have a socket built into the blade itself and was mounted on top of the pole. In addition, while both had curved blades, that of the voulge was broad and meant for hacking, while that of the glaive was narrow and meant more for cutting. In early designs it consisted solely of a cutting edge, but in time voulges often had a ‘pointed-top’ blade for stabbing.

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      Why does he do that? I don’t know.
      Is there a reason to it or does he just use copy&paste? No idea.
      Should I localize it more even while risking to lose the author’s intentions? Not sure.
      I’m not rejecting your wish per se as it would mean me writing less words which is nice! But you should understand the reasoning now.
      So, if you want me to localize further, your only choice would be to apply as editor. I trust a native English speaker at least that much that they know what can be cut off without the readers getting lost while keeping the meaning and flow alive. 😉

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