Chapter 100 – Oath of the One Horn and Sightseeing Flight

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The clucking of chickens resounds in the morning.
Accompanied by Melissa in the form of a date and with Rollo riding on my shoulder, we arrive at the headquarters of 【Belgart】.
A single special carriage was parked there.
I have seen this kind of rectangle, coffin-like special carriage once before.
It’s the carriage that had been parked at the slave market in 【Hekatrail】.
Just like before a unicorn symbol is drawn on the carriage’s side.
Maybe the leader of the large company is the slave trader who came to do business at that place?
There’s no way for that to be true, is there…?
While harbouring that doubt, I enter the building of Belgart with a sidelong glance at the peculiar carriage.
Melissa came along until in front of the door of that luxurious room she had guided me to the other day.

“Shuuya-san, that’s how far I go. Please do your best with the negotiations, okay?” (Melissa)

After giving me a formal work greeting, she winks at me by closing one eye, turns around and leaves.
She had a lovely expression when she closed one eye, but it was her work mode face.
As expected, she won’t take a conspicuously over-familiar attitude with me at her work place.
Well then, the interview will happen on the other side of this door.

“Rollo, get into the hood.” (Shuuya)

“Nya.” (Rollo) (T/N: Do I really need to say every time that it’s Rollo nya’ing? No, I guess not, let’s abolish that practice, less typing for me!)

Rollo gives me a light answer.
She dives from the shoulder into the back hood attached to my overcoat.
Are they already waiting inside?
Now then, let’s confront them.
Opening the door by turning the door knob with a feeling similar to sitting in on a job interview, I entered the room.
Huh? They are still not here?
Only Dino Hildecore, the boss of 【Belgart】, was in the room.
The leader-san of the large company hasn’t shown up yet.

“Shuuya-sama, since I will introduce you, please sit in the seat over there and wait a moment.” (Dino)

I was greeted with polite speech by Dino-san.
After doing a courteous and formal bow, she opens the light brown door located in the back of the room and goes outside.
After some time passed since she left, the light brown door was opened again.
A trader wearing gaudy clothes enters the room together with Dino-san.
And there was a female dark elf, who had one side of her face covered by a silver mask, behind him.
Ah, I saw him once already after all.
The slave trader possessing a piercing gaze and wearing a refined outfit.
Besides, that dark elf is here as well.
Does that mean that he is a slave dealer and also the leader of a large company?
The slave trader, who had the appearance of a noble, starts a cheerful conversation with Dino-san at the entrance of the room.
When I looked towards them, the dark elf next to the slave trader returned the look.
Mutually exchanging looks, we begin to observe each other.
She has silver hair and silver pupils. There’s a slight tinge of red around the silver colour.
She has beautiful eyes. Her ears are also elf-like, long ears growing to the side.
Her skin is pale, though it’s a hue that gives an image of delicateness.
Besides the large black collar hanging from her neck, she’s wearing risqué defensive garments that exposed her skin to a degree causing one to worry about its actual defence capability.
A bra-type, high-class leather armour with gold stripes protects her big breasts with their nice shape.
The so-called Bikini Armour. It’s an item emphasizing my beloved boobies.
The part protecting her flanks is a tightly constricted vest with a thin leather belt that seems to make her waist stand out.
It’s a vest that tightened her body strongly. Her butt has an average size.
The panties, or rather the swimsuit item she’s wearing is plainly visible.
Although she’s also wearing something like tassets that extend diagonally sideways at the lower part of the leather armour, one could appreciate her white high-leg pants because of her short buttocks…
I end up staring at them unintentionally.
No good, no good.
Pulling myself together, I examine her equipment. To the last it’s her equipment…
A garter belt-like black leather obi sexily wrapped up her thighs from her waist. Two longswords are dangling from her hips along her thighs.
She possesses long legs that are lean like the legs of track-and-field athletes allowing her to stand smoothly and continuously.
From her feet up until close to the thighs she wore red, long leather boots as if boasting about her stimulating great stride.
Her style is great. The high-leg leotard-like equipment suits her extremely well.
The beautiful dark elf-san seems to be capable of using Magic Observation after all.



『She’s keeping mana in her eyes. I feel a special mana presence from that silver mask as well.』 (Helme)

Helme pointed out.
Certainly, there’s a subtle amount of mana gathered at the silver mask.
The silver mask has beautiful ornaments, too.

『There is a butterfly ornament coloured in gold and black applied on the mask?』

『Yes. It suits her.』

Surely it does.
While the female dark elf and me stare at each other, the conversation between the leader of the large company and Dino-san finishes and they come over to the place where I’m sitting.
In this case, I suppose it’s better if I stand up and force a smile?
Oh well, let’s get up.

“— Shuuya-sama, this here is Keragan Chianelas-sama of 【Oath of the One Horn】, the management organization of the 【Large Company Dual Bell】. Then, please sit down in your respective seats.” (Sino)

He has been introduced like that by Dino-san.
I also name myself before sitting down.

“I’m glad to meet you, Keragan Chianelas-sama. I’m a C-rank adventurer. I’m called Shuuya Kagari.”

“How very polite. Since I’m no more than a mere merchant, it’s fine without attaching a -sama. This time I have been asked about this by Dino-san. I’m called Keragan. I’m told that you want to participate in the Underground Auction as a guest by all means.” (Keragan)

After speaking in a polite manner, Keragan-shi lightly bows his head and sits down in his seat.
The female dark elf next to him kept standing.
At the same time I also sit down in the opposite seat of him.
It’s greatly different from his arrogant attitude of showing a piercing gaze the other day.
Hasn’t he also talked to a fellow slave trader at that time?

“… Yes. It is as you say.” (Shuuya)

I stated concisely.

“I understand. Then, Shuuya-sama, excuse me, but can you please show me the aforementioned gold coin for the sake of confirming your participation? I believe you have been told by Dino-san, but after all, I have to see it with these eyes since I’m a merchant…” (Keragan)

The large platinum coin? Is it no good unless I show it no matter what?
When I moved my sight towards Dino-san with a questioning look, she nodded silently.
Can’t be helped then, let’s show him, huh?
I touch the bracelet then and there and mutter 「Open」. I took out a large platinum coin from the item box after operating it with a peep-pop-pah.
I take the gold coin between my index finger and middle finger as if holding a shogi piece and place it on the table.

“With this it’s fine, isn’t it?” (Shuuya)

Keragan checks the large platinum coin on the table by touching it.
He deeply nodded obviously agreeing, and placed the large platinum coin back on the table after glancing at me.
I immediately put back the large platinum coin into the item box.

“Certainly… it’s a genuine large platinum coin. This settles it. I will gladly guide you to the Underground Auction, Shuuya-sama. I also plan to exhibit this female dark elf next to me at the Underground Auction. Currently I have her learn various things by taking her around. Shuuya-sama, by all means I’d like you to bid with a high price for this special and unique female dark elf during the time of your participation.” (Keragan)

Yes! It looks like I will be able to attend it.
Just as you wish, I will buy this beauty of a female dark elf.

“That’s right. She’s lovely…” (Shuuya)

As if seeing through my perverted mind, the female dark elf throws a glaring and stabbing glance at me with her silver-coloured eyes.

“Hahaha, I see, I see. … I’m looking forward to it, I guess. From now on I’d like to get along with a first-class adventurer like Shuuya-sama. If you are a possessor of such a rare item box, your budget has likely still much more leeway…” (Keragan)

Even though I’m still C rank, his flattery is skilful, ain’t it?
Well, I will humour him a bit.

“Though it’s only a bit. Ah, there’s no need for sama in my case either.” (Shuuya)

The instant I said it with a nuisance of “if it’s money, I do have it?”, the eyes of Keragan that had been gentle grasped my entire body after shifting into a piercing look.
His smile immediately changed into that suiting a merchant.
How nice. He’s a merchant that dives into a scene of carnage after sniffing the smell of money.
I feel a unique aura.

“… Got it. … There are the first department of slave auctions and the second department of high-class items auctions at the Underground Auction, but is there something you are aiming for?” (Keragan)

Something I’m aiming for, huh? You might say that my goal is a high-class combat slave.
I want to look at unknown items as well.

“No, something particular is… if I must say, I’ve been only considering to buy a special combat slave. I don’t know what kind of high-class items will appear on the auctions. I plan to decide whether to buy them on the spot.” (Shuuya)

“I see, I see. Then I’d like to tell you a bit about the second department. Going by the usual years, it starts with things like refrigerators and magic communication shells and then continues with magic tools possessing an interesting story like the Upper Score 21 of the Demon King, cursed spirit clothing, gold rings of the gods, unknown items of the ancient Arsen Dynasty, armours, arms connected to the world of spirits and special steel sheets that you have never seen before and which only react to space-time magic.” (Keragan)

Refrigerators come up just like that…
Magic communication shell, what’s that? Going by what I imagine from it’s name, it looks like something similar to a wireless radio or telephone.
If it’s something that handily usable, I might end up buying it depending on the price.
Since it seems that the Upper Score 21 of the Demon King is cursed, it’s a no-go.

“… Hee, such kind of items will be exhibited, eh?” (Shuuya)

“Yes, various really mysterious items appear in the labyrinth cities. Rare materials from monsters and treasure chests, items produced by the labyrinths themselves, etc.” (Keragan)

“I see. I was able to hear a bit about it, but I will look forward to it.” (Shuuya)

While nodding to my words, Keragan took out a cloth from his pocket.

“Yes, indeed… well then, there’s something I have to give to you, Shuuya-san, for participating in the Underground Auction. Please accept this Viewing Badge.” (Keragan)

What I was given is a round cloth with a unicorn design embroidered onto it.

“If you have this viewing badge, you will be able to enter the plot of the Chianelas Family which is also my family. The Underground Auction takes place on the last day of winter. Please make sure to not forget. Since I’m often at my residence or in the trading company in Pelneet after summer, please make sure to visit my mansion in 【Labyrinth City Pelneet】 before the appointed day.” (Keragan)

He’s telling me to find his mansion in 【Pelneet】 by myself?
I wonder where’s the place where the actual auction will be held.

“… Will I find your mansion right away? And, where’s the location of the underground auction?” (Shuuya)

“My house is located in the west of the noble block that’s on the northern side along the labyrinth city’s third ring road. The front of my house is decorated with a large crest that has the same mark as that viewing badge. I think you will be immediately able to tell since it stands out quite a lot with the big unicorn bronze statue in the garden. And, given that the yearly auction venue where the underground auction is held, changes, even I don’t know of it at the moment.” (Keragan)

The location changes every time?

“I see, got it.” (Shuuya)

“Well then, allow me to return since I have to proceed the trade.” (Keragan)

After Keragan, the large company leader, stood up hurriedly and discussed something minor with Dino-san, he leaves the room while talking the dark elf along.
I chuckle.
With this I will be able to take part in the Underground Auction.
This cloth is a sign?
Let’s put it into the item box so that I don’t lose it.
After putting away the cloth and having a light chat with Dino-san who’s still in the same room, I left the room.
Shall I talk to Melissa before leaving this place?
While searching for her, I peek into the other rooms and passages that were nearby.
Oh, there she is. There are also coworker-like people around her.
She’s in a room filled with the scent of ink and a pile of parchment documents and books.
It’s pretty obviously a workroom.
Melissa and the others are deeply focused on complicated talks across the table while showing serious expressions. I wonder whether it’s all right to call her…?
No, I will call out to her.

“Melissa?” (Shuuya)

“Ah, Shuuya-san!” (Melissa)

After talking a word or two with a co-worker while having a red face, she came running to me.
Some of her co-workers ask “Her boyfriend?” They stare this way while saying stuff like “Hee, he’s a tall man.”

“— Did it finish safely? Ah, let’s go this way?” (Melissa)

“Yea. Ah, got it.” (Shuuya)

While being led away by Melissa in order to avoid her colleagues’ looks, we leave the room’s entrance and go into the hallway.

“The discussion with the leader was successful. Therefore it seems that I will leave this city in a while.” (Shuuya)

“T-That’s right, isn’t it…? You won’t be here anymore…” (Melissa)

Melissa ended up spilling tears while revealing a distressed expression.

“I’m sorry, okay?” (Shuuya)

“No, something like that… you are an adventurer after all, Shuuya-san. I’m not your wife or girlfriend either… That’s because I won’t become such an annoying woman, right? Besides, although there’s a bit of a distance to 【Labyrinth City Pelneet】, it’s an adjoining city. It’s almost inactive, but we should have a branch over there as well.” (Melissa)

Not my wife or girlfriend, huh?
Is she using being a convenient woman as sales point?
We have a physical relationship, but won’t it cause troubles to her to chase me that far?
That’s the feeling here? If that’s not so, I might simply dance on her palm though.
However, that doesn’t matter either.
I had my fun, too. And she’s an adult.
You might say it’s a behavior befitting a member of a thief guild doing it for the sake of obtaining information.
However, she has a pained and sad expression due to being divided from me.
I feel her affection. She’s honestly adorable.

“… In that case, it doesn’t seem like this will be the last time.” (Shuuya)

“Yes!” (Melissa)

The lovable Melissa who pretends to be tough.
She has a cute look. I lightly hug her as if being lured by that look.
And then, close to her ear.

“Melissa, from now on you will be able to do your best at work. And, thank you for the information, okay?” (Shuuya)

“Yes! Shuuya-san as well, please take care of your body.” (Melissa)

After hugging each other tightly, we separated while floating refreshing smiles.
Bidding farewell from Melissa at that point, I go outside the headquarters of 【Belgart】.
The contract with Dino-san will continue until I actually attend the Underground Auction.
The date of the crucial Underground Auction is winter.
Currently the season has just become summer. It’s still quite a bit into the future.
What should I do until then?
First… as I will be leaving Holkerbaum before long, let’s head to the Labyrinth City Pelneet after doing one or two final requests in this place?
I will go look at the requests in the adventurer’s guild.
While thinking about that, I continue walking through an alley.
Once I did, Rollo, who slept inside my hood, woke up and got down on the ground from my shoulder.
While Rollo trembled on the ground, she changes into her Horse Lion Mode size from her usual Kitten Mode size.


RollodeenHorse Lion Mode released a throaty voice.
She makes her tentacle that was stretching out from around her neck coil around my waist.
Once again she put me on her back.
Get on here, huh? Just as she wishes, I spread my legs and saddled on top of the black-haired RollodeenHorse Lion Mode.
I feel her strong muscles through my long legs.
She wants to run with me riding her.

“It’s fine. Run as you like.” (Shuuya)


RollodeenHorse Lion Mode purrs with a feeling of 『Hold onto me nya』.
When I wondered whether she would head to the main street, it was somewhere else.
Four tentacles in pairs of two extend to the left and right from both sides of her neck.
— Huh? What’s she doing?
Two tentacles overlapped and turned into one thick tentacle. She stabbed the resulting two tentacles into the ground on the left and right side.
Moreover, making the two tentacles rotate time and time again in a spiral form, RollodeenHorse Lion Mode moves her torso to the back while stretching the tentacles like rubber. (T/N: Gomu gomu no roketto!)
The tentacles caused a warping sound similar to twisted elastic bands.
… N-No way.
And then, in the instant she released the tentacles— Uhyaaaaa, it was just thaaaat. Wind blows suddenly against her body.
RollodeenHorse Lion Mode with me mounting her vigorously flew up into the sky.
— We are flying in the air. Oy.
The tentacles that extended from the bottom of her neck to the left and right are contracted into her torso.
From among the four tentacles that had acted as two elastic bands two tentacles are reduced by being reeled in and vanished as if being absorbed into the bottom of her neck.
Huh? No sooner than that, she produces tentacles at the left and right of her torso next.
She began to deploy them to the side and accomplished a transformation similar to gliding wings.
The black wings seize the wind, produce lifting power and glide through the sky—
We soar while diagonally breaking through a cloud.
The wings growing on her left and right are large, black wings with a feeling that matches the feathers of hawks and bats.
She might be flying by gaining lifting power, but I could also sense that she was releasing miniscule amounts of mana through her wings. Is she naturally manipulating magic?

“You were able to do such stuff as well…” (Shuuya)

“Nn, nyanyaa.”

She is purring in a great mood while flying.
Helme appears while jumping up and down in a section of my visionary field.

『— Rollo-sama, how amazing. You are flying through the air. It feels faster than the time when we moved with Your Excellency. It’s a great view. The wind spirits are always enjoying this scenery, I guess?』 (Helme)

Who knows.
Though I don’t think that there are any spirits that have retained their consciousness like Helme either.

『I’d like to actually experience it once by going outside.』 (Helme)

『Got it. Hold onto my waist. Be careful.』 (Shuuya)

『— Yes!』 (Helme)

Helme flies out from my left eye while in her liquid state.
Without getting scattered by the wind, a human-shaped Helme appeared right behind me in an instant.
She circles both her bluish black arms around my waist and presses her soft tits against my back.
She showed up while being earnestly glued to me.
She seems to be capable of solidifying her body swiftly without succumbing to the wind force.

“Helme, are you all right?” (Shuuya)

“Y-Yes. The wind feels nice.” (Helme)



Like that, all of us enjoy the sightseeing flight.
We circled around above 【Demonic Steel-City Holkerbaum】.
My beloved piece of music resounds within my mind while we are enjoying the sky.
I wish I had my iPhone.
I want to fly through the air while listening to various songs and recording the scenery.
I wonder whether there isn’t any recording-device type magic item?
Seemingly getting bored of the sightseeing flight before long, RollodeenHorse Lion Mode descends towards the port of 【Holkerbaum】 right below us.
She gently lands with her limbs while using her tentacle wings and tentacles like cushions.
The ship workers, who were labouring in the port, are surprised by us who suddenly intruded upon them from the sky.
Them being surprised is understandable, too.
I’m bothered by their gazes, but I jumped off RollodeenHorse Lion Mode.

The adventurer’s guild should be in this neighbourhood.
At this opportunity I will look for a request there.

“We will go to the adventurer’s guild.” (Shuuya)

“Yes!” (Helme)

Helme, who is walking next to me, made her leafy skin flutter in a wavy motion and changed her teint into something similar to western clothes worn by humans.


RolloBlack Cat, who gives a reply with a quiet voice, returned to her small cat mode from her horse mode size, and settled down on her usual spot.
We step into the adventurer’s guild and advance to in front of the board with the posted requests.
Let’s do a harpy hunt as a last request here?
Is what I pondered, but I found a request that caught my eyes.

Client: Shopping Street Association Director Phila Elizard
Request Content: Request for C Rank and above. Bodyguarding.
Subjugation Target: Thieves, Assassins
Application Period: 30 days after accepting the request
Search Area: none
Reward: 2 Silver Coins per day. 6 Gold Coins if you defeat the assassins
Subjugation Proof: none
Key Points: I will be targeted by assassins. Please protect me.
Note: I will wait for you at 【Smithy and Miscellaneous Goods Elizard】 in the shopping street along the main street. If you manage to defeat the assassin, this request will finish at once. The reward of six Gold Coins is limited to the fact that you defeated the assassin.

“I wonder, how about this one?” (Shuuya)

“Nn, nya.”

“You will act as a bodyguard?” (Helme)

Helme asked as she was looking at the request board next to me.

“That’s right. It has written ‘Please protect me.’ Let’s protect her, okay? Helme, please cooperate by becoming my eyes.” (Shuuya)

“Yes! I will turn into water and become your eyes, Your Excellency.” (Helme)

Mmh, well, then I will accept this request.
Below the board with the posted requests, there’s a edge with plenty of wood tags.
Borrowing one wood tag from there, I take it to the receptionist.
I presented my adventurer’s card and the wood tag to the receptionist.
After placing a hand on the crystal ball, the request is immediately accepted.

“Here’s your card.”

Given that I was handed back my adventurer’s card by the dark-skinned receptionist, I went outside the guild while looking at it.

Name: Shuuya Kagari
Age: 22
Title: Dragon Slayer
Race: Human
Occupation: C Rank Adventurer
Affiliation: none
Combat Occupation: Spear Warrior – Chain User
Completed Requests: 17

Let’s go to the target location, the shopping street?
It’s the main street with the hotel where I’m staying.

“Rollo, let’s go.” (Shuuya)


Rollo changed into the Horse Lion Mode size.
I jump and get on top of RollodeenHorse Lion Mode.

“Helme, return into my eye.” (Shuuya)

“Yes.” (Helme)

She liquefied in an instant and leaps into my left eye just as usual.
And, without time to give instructions to RollodeenHorse Lion Mode, she starts running.
She runs and runs. She runs while her limbs move flexibly.
She dashed swiftly through the main street after cutting across the port in an instant.
Passing in front of the revived Large Tree of Holker, we arrive at the shopping street in the blink of an eye.
Although she’s fast in the sky, she’s also fast on the ground.
Once we arrive at the shopping street, Rollodeen seems to know where we are heading and progresses on the shopping street at a calm pace.
Oh, found it.
【Smithy and Miscellaneous Goods Elizard】.
Something like a steel cudgel serves as signboard.
Rollodeen stopped moving in front of the store.
After immediately dismounting easily, I enter the shop.
The interior gives an impression that befits its name.
Many finished smithing products such as longswords, spears, shields, armours, etc., and metal utensils such as frying pans, pots, ladles, etc. are lined up.
I headed deeper inside while looking at the shelves displaying such items.
Since there was a clerk at the reception located inside, I address them.

“I accepted the bodyguard request.” (Shuuya)

“Welcome. Then, please this way.”

The clerk greeted me with a bob of their head and guided me through a door located next to the reception desk.

“Everyone that accepted this request has assembled in this room. Here you go.”

The place I was guided to is a room similar to an ooblong parlour.
Just as the clerk said, several adventurers waited there.
Magic lamps set up at the ceiling and the left and right walls are brightly illuminating the room. There was a clean desk inside the room and a door at the left inner part.
The adventurers have nice expressions and look strong.
When I enter the room, the adventurers turn stern gazes at me.
I gaze at the adventurers with Magic Observation.
I check one, two, several.
They are ordinary, I guess… uh-oh… I found a quite strong-looking adventurer.
The strongest is this guy? An Asian eyepatched man with long black hair.
The eyepatched man stared at the place with the desk and door located inside the room.
He is gathering mana in his legs and hands like a Chinese martial arts user. I was able to guess his developed muscles because of his large shoulder width.
As a longsword is visible at his waist, it seems that it’s his main weapon.
I shift my gaze to another adventurer.
There were two more excellent people who are clad in Magic Combat Style.
One of them has an acorn head with unkempt hair.
A thin silken bandana is wrapped around his head in order to restrain his naturally curly hair.
The nose of his perfectly round face has a big width, a scar and nose hair growing out from it.
A steel mace with a square ruggedness is visible at his waist.
He really looks like a low bred, savage man.
The other one wears a cloth hat and he possesses a distinct face albeit uneven.
He is lightly dressed exposing their upper body half.
I get that he has the physique of a black man’s torso.
Two cutlass-typed weapons that had long cloths coiled around them hung at his waist.
There were also other adventurers who clad themselves with Magic Combat Style, but you might say that they didn’t reach the level of the three people I was looking at currently.
Since C Rank adventurers and above were mentioned on the request paper, I have the impression that quite the experienced ones have gathered here.
When I’m thinking about that, the door on the left inner side is opened.
The one who appeared from the door was a beautiful human woman.
Strong-looking, armed men appear together with her in order to protect that beautiful woman.
The armed men line up behind the woman.
The beautiful woman has walnut-coloured hair.
Her skin is darkish as if it had been sunburnt slightly.
Above her blue eyes there are template-like slender eyebrows. The shape of her nose is nice, too.
She wore superior silk clothes similar to a stretch blouse with a slit at her collar.
That beauty moves her small mouth.

“… Everybody, I deeply thank you for having accepted the request of being my bodyguards on this occasion. My name is Phila Elizard, your client. I’m the owner of this store. Before all of you will truly start on this time’s task, I will explain the details regarding this request.” (Phila)

Her name’s Phila Elizard, huh?
She bowed while placing her hands on her chest.

“To start off, I will begin from the matter of me having persuaded the feudal lord in order to press forward the bridge construction in the south of 【Holkerbaum】…” (Phila)

At that point she makes a little break by coughing once.

“The persuasion of the feudal lord was successful and the dwarven stone union and the merchant guild, who obtained the official permission, formed an alliance and started with the construction of the bridge. At first the construction proceeded favourably, but… in the middle of it, mysterious accidents kept occuring, and in the end a worker got involved in a murder case after being killed by someone. Because of this incident, the construction had to be halted.” (Phila)

Phila-san shook her head left and right while revealing a mortified expression.

“Furthermore, my colleagues of the merchant guild received threats from shady organizations and my store was harrassed by an increasing number of violent ruffians as well. However, I didn’t want to yield to such harassments. Therefore I got in contact with the city guards and the feudal lord to increase the number of patrols. However the answer to that was negative. Since they were unreliable… I asked an organization called 【Scales of Gaia】, a dark guild that controlled this area, to protect me, but there has been absolutely no message from that dark guild. … Thus I desperately protected this store together with my younger brother, but…” (Phila)

At that point Phila talks as if enduring the anger that has accumulated at the temples next to her thin eyebrows.

“My younger brother was killed. He went out in a carriage for the sake of a business deal, but after getting attacked by someone on his way back home, my younger brother died… it was a carriage I should have originally boarded… If there’s a next time, they will likely target me. That’s why I hurriedly put up this kind of guard request for you adventurers.” (Phila)

So that’s the reason.
That means she got dragged into a conspiracy regarding the bridge’s construction.
Then one adventurer spoke up.

“Do you know to what organization these assassins belong?”

“No, absolutely not… until a bit ago I paid protection money to the dark guild called 【Scales of Gaia】, but there had been no news from them. Since it’s such an estranged relationship, I don’t know anything.” (Phila)

Due to those words, the adventurers got noisy.

“Is it related to the case of the 【Owl’s Fangs】 branch’s destruction?”

“No, I wonder about that. I don’t believe that they would come to this town now of all times.”

“Because it’s the merchant guild, aren’t they involved with a famous company around Lalarbin with its iron productions?”

“If it’s Lalarbin, they can also get iron from the Lake City Luluzark, right?”

“On top of the land route to Luluzark being long, it seems that the traces of the war are terrible, doesn’t it?”

Was the turf of 【Scales of Gaia】 in this area?
Then it’s only natural that there are no news.
After all that dark guild doesn’t exist anymore.
That means…
The assassins or whatever are remnants of 【Owl’s Fangs】 or a fresh supply of troops from a different city?
Or, is it a completely different dark guild, working for another company, as the adventurers say?

“Well then, I have office work to do, thus I will return to the mansion located in the back. You’re free to always stay with me or protect the shop. I will leave it to each adventurer how you want to act as escort and bodyguards.” (Phila)

Phila-san turned on her heels and went back through the door she came through while taking her bodyguards along.

The majority of the adventurers, who heard her words, followed Phila-san, thus I also joined that group, returning to the mansion in the back.


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