Chapter 204 – Ice Cream

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Second Ring Road. One of the three main streets of Labyrinth City Pelneet.
Various shops lined up on both sides of this big street. Butchers specialized in the meat of magic beasts, greengrocers, florists, smiths, magic tool shops, undertakers, tailors, and so on.
The people coming and going also consisted of various races. Noble carriages; big merchant caravans led by large magic beasts which were mounted by dwarves; a horse-drawn carriage steered by a catbeastman driver; a short, middle-aged, human adventurer looking like a policeman with his eyebrows connected; a tiger beastman merchant; an actress with golden hair and a matching white silken dress; an adventurer that seemed to be a cow beastman as he actually had a cow face; a horse-faced merchant; people possessing characteristic faces such as a frog-faced delinquent.
A group of peerless beauties, which gathered the looks of everyone, regardless of gender, and a human man were likewise on that street. He, who was in the middle of those beauties, owned deep black hair and captivating eyes that made one feel the deepest darkness of the night. As a man who wore a leather jouge and had a cute black cat sit on his shoulder, he felt somewhat aloof from the world, but he was emitting a unique aura, different from Magic Combat Style or guidance sorcery.
The men traveling the street wondered whether that man was the boyfriend of the beauties accompanying him. As those thoughts occurred at the same time, the clicking of tongues was audible from all over. Among them there was even a high-pitched, hoarse voice.
Looks of inquisitiveness and jealousy focused on the man with the pitch-black hair from various directions, but he didn’t pay any attention to the men’s gazes. He enjoyed strolling around while taking those beauties along.
Looks gathering on the beauties was inevitable because of their loveliness. And, there was one more reason. He had the special <Power of the True Ancestor>.
At first glance he was a normal man with a well-shaped face, but…once you looked into his eyes which made you feel the shades of night, you would mysteriously keep a close watch on him as a whole and not just his eyes.
The name of the man owning such special power was Shuuya Kagari, and the name of the cat resting on his shoulder was Rollodeen. They were the fearsome beings called 【The Spearmaster and the Black Cat】 at some places and certain business circles.
The group of peerless beauties was happily walking and laughing while scrambling for the spots next to Shuuya, and touching Rollodeen. Shuuya gazed at his pretty, conspicuous chosen bloodkin…smiling in satisfaction.
That smile stirring the hearts of the women frequenting the street was obvious from the number of looks.

“Fufu~n.” One of his bloodkin, the small Rebecca with golden hair walked cheerfully.

Eva, who was advancing by manipulating her magic wheelchair, moved her small lips while enviously staring at Rebecca’s golden hair, “Nn, Rebecca joyful.”

“Yeah, I mean it’s a shopping trip with Shuuya…” While looking at the face of Eva, her family and best friend, Rebecca asked her, “Having said that, even you are revealing a happy, angelic expression, aren’t you Eva?”, while thinking, I’m always healed by those violet eyes and that angelic smile of yours…

Of course it was a pleasure for her to go shopping with Eva. However, today was different from usual. It was a rare shopping trip together with her whimsical suzerain and beloved partner. It was inevitable for her to be thrilled.

“Nn, naturally. I enjoy shopping with everyone.” Eva wore a high-classed one-piece dress that seemed to be made out of tweeds on a first glance.

A dress with the front of her neck, where she wore the necklace which she had received as present from Shuuya just the other day, being cut out, and a visibly tightening low waist.
Given that it didn’t crumple even as she was sitting in her wheelchair, one could guess that it was made out of a special fabric.

“Right~? The street here is fun as there are various stores. Ah, Eva, those boots, are they possibly…” Rebecca cried out.

“Nn, yes, new boots. I requested them from Mysty and we made them together.” Eva showed the boots she was wearing.

Traditional short boots that seemed to be used for horse riding.

“Yeah indeed, we made them while using the firebird’s horn powder I received from master. New boots that interact with Eva’s magic wheelchair. Armor-wise they are normal leather, and since it’s outside my expertise, you can’t expect much, but I did my best for them to look stylish.” Mysty explained.

As pointed out by her, there were metallic parts with back zippers attached to the backside of Eva’s boots. Because there were silver rivets and fine metal stripes weaved into something like a quilting fabric at the sides, they had been probably given a function fitting with the transformation of Mk-1.

“Stylish equipment, eh? But, is it alright to use your precious powder for that?” Those were the words of Yui, a beautiful woman possessing jet-black hair and a white skin similar to white porcelain.

“It’s fine. The amount brought back by master was abnormal. In reality I almost dropped the bag out of surprise at the time when I saw its contents for the first time…” Mysty answered.

“I see~ Then it seems to be fine.” Yui said while licking a candy stick with her small tongue.

“I’m a bit jealous~ I don’t know about metals, but I think you have talent in making stylish shoes, Mysty. I’d really like you to make me some sandals as well.” Rebecca pleaded.

“It’s in vain even if you praise me. You already got plenty, don’t you Rebecca?” For some reason Mysty spoke in a way as if dealing with a student, seemingly having grown accustomed to be a teacher.

“That’s true, but still~” Rebecca objected.

“Everyone, leaving that aside, our target shop is around here, isn’t it~? Oh shopping master Rebecca, please guide us.” Yui said jokingly.

Leaning the scabbard with her special katana against her right shoulder, she licked the candy stick she had Shuuya buy for her with the other hand. Yui had put on an irregular, black cardigan over her chainmail armor. And while walking along the street, she occasionally threw a sharp look at the sides. Of course while gripping the hilt of her magic katana.
Not easing up on her vigilance could be called a habit from her work at the dark guild.

“Okay~” Rebecca affirmed with a high-pitched voice similar to that of an elven songstress.

It had been pointed out to her that she could become a songstress by everyone, but Rebecca herself answered, 『I’m aiming to become the ultimate magic painter! While using blue flames though…』
Rebecca smiled at all of them, and walked in front while skipping merrily. Her pretty, bare legs were visible below her tweed skirt with a panier.
Of course Shuuya’s eyes concentrated on Rebecca’s bare legs in an instant.
As understandable from Rebecca’s attitude, all his beautiful, chosen bloodkin were in a good mood.

“Master, if you possess an item box, shopping is really comfortable.”

Shuuya had been charmed by Rebecca’s bare legs, but hearing Viine’s voice, he looked at Viine’s silver hair while smiling. It couldn’t be helped that Shuuya was mesmerized by it. Even among the chosen bloodkin, Viine had remarkably beautiful, silver hair. Though the effect of changing her hair color so that it was even glossier than before also played a role here.
That Viine wore a shoulder necklace she got Shuuya to buy for her, and a one-piece dress, a product of the labyrinth, made out of a thin, silver fabric which was densely filled with mana. On her back she had a jade snake bow, which was connected to her chest belt by a string. A tools bag and a sword belt hung at her waist belt. A snake sword dangled on her armored waist and thigh tasset.
Each time her pretty, long legs with the bluish white skin took a step, the surrounding men gazed at Viine. Her red long boots hiding her knees seemed to unnecessarily emphasize her beautiful, blue thighs.
Shuuya was a man who couldn’t stomach the looks of the men, but he didn’t show it on his face.

“…Yeah, makes sense. Though carrying shopping bags makes you actually experience having gone shopping.” While saying so, Shuuya turned his eyes towards Viine’s face.

Thereupon, Mysty, who was next to him, extended her slender arm towards a storefront, “――Ah, over there! The shop with the slender form and the pink roof. It might be the shop, which sells new sweets using the milk of lehme raised in Oseberia’s east, that my students gossiped about.”

Mysty wore radical, light, turtle-necked, silk clothes capitalizing on the luster of silk. The gesture of her extending her arm looked as if an artist had expressed the beauty of a woman’s soft body line.

“Hee~ Mysty, you’re totally a lecturer. To check the fads of your students, it’s different from our target egg dishes store, but want to have a look at that store over there for today?” Rebecca asked while looking at the shop Mysty pointed at.

“Nn, yeah, milk sweets? I’d like to try eating them.” Eva commented.

“I wonder whether they are different from runga dairy products.”

“A pink roof, eh? I’m slightly curious…let’s try it out?” Shuuya’s black eyes sparkled.

He donned a face that showed him thinking, Pink? Won’t it be a pretty shopkeeper with pink hair then?

“Let’s go then. Though I’m bothered by the students’ stares.” Mysty said.

“Does it matter? Come to think of it, the other day you mentioned that a female student confessed to you or something like that. What happened afterwards?” Shuuya asked.

Mysty’s cheeks twitched a bit as she replied, “…On the surface we are interacting normally, but it’s somewhat, awkward.”

“Is that girl a beauty?” Shuuya inquired.

“Yes, quite so.” Mysty answered truthfully.

Once he heard her words, Shuuya’s black eyebrows twitched. He looked as if he was imagining something with his black eyes sparkling.

“Shuuya, you’re not imagining something weird, are you?” Yui probed while narrowing her likewise black eyes.

“I haven’t thought anything weird. I was just relieved that Mysty was doing fine.” Shuuya answered.

“Jeez, it’s no laughing matter. I’m quite worried over here…” Mysty believed that she had expressed understanding towards lesbian love, but she certainly didn’t expect for her herself to get involved with it.

She had her position as a lecturer and as teacher. She seriously considered her students’ feelings.

“Sorry. But, you’re doing well in your position as teacher.” Shuuya apologized.

“Really? Being told that by you, master, makes me happy and deeply pierces my heart, but…” Mysty was looking for the right words.

“It’s just as Shuuya says. I’m respecting you, okay? Be confident.” Rebecca pressed her hands against her waist, and stated that like some martial arts master.

Hearing that, Mysty blinked her eyes, “Respect…I’m glad. I will make you shoes next time as well, Rebecca.”

“Yahooo! That said, off we go to that shop.” Rebecca announced enthusiastically.

“Nn, looking forward.” Eva replied.

Shuuya and his chosen bloodkin headed to the store with the pink roof at a quick pace. Swift movements that made use of their physical abilities as bloodkin.
In the eyes of ordinary people, who had walked along the Second Ring Road and watched the beauties, it must have looked as if they had vanished in an instant. Since the beauties disappeared all of a sudden, everyone looked befuddled, asking “Huh?”
And then, a mysterious group of beauties and a black-haired man suddenly manifested in front of a store.

“This place, huuuh? Going by the signboard, it’s Cafe Tanaka?” Rebecca asked.

“Nn, everyone is eating while looking really pleased.” Eva pointed out.

The normal customers around them were happily eating a white mass in an earthenware bowl with a wooden spoon. The men sent envious looks towards the group of beauties that had suddenly appeared, but they didn’t look particularly surprised.
The white dairy product, something that seemed to be ice, looked very tasty.

“…Tanaka, eh? Don’t tell me…” Shuuya muttered with a face as if knowing something

The discerning dark elf, Viine, observed her beloved suzerain in a pose similar to a secretary, but once he indicated with his expression that he suspected something, “Master, an acquaintance of yours?”

“No, I never met him, but…well, let’s go inside.” Shuuya said with a smile to everyone, guiding them inside Cafe Tanaka.

“Welcome, dear customer~”


The employees, who wore maid clothes, greeted them with smiles.
There were quite a few normal customers, but just as Mysty had said, there were also many students of the Magic Academy. It was crowded as it appeared to be a popular cafe.

“Whoaaa…” Rebecca looked around the cafe while making her blond hair sway, adding, “What a stylish cafe.”

Certainly, this cafe was slightly different from others. Modernistic, dark brown furniture despite using an Ancient Greece motif. White and faint black colors had been unified inside the store. To Shuuya this place was just like a modern Cafe & Ice Cream store. While thinking that, he honestly nodded at Rebecca’s remark.
On the left there was a sales counter with glass containers full of ice. Amber, adult ice and normal, milky white ice were sold inside containers with installed cooling devices.
Shuuya wondered whether the amber ice used brandy as base. His night black eyes sparkled as his thoughts raced.
Naturally wine existed in this world. It was made out of aromatic distilled liquor brewed out of  grapes. He remembered how Raglen mentioned that he had used a jar, which he had obtained from elves, to make the sake he drank together with Raglen, his master, and Rabi-san in the past.
Even in this Southern Mahaheim area there should be dwarves, humans and elves who made sake by using special distillation methods besides magic jars. They might be hiding those distillation methods as they were making a profit with the sale of the sake. Assuming that, it meant the shopkeeper here might have made the brandy himself or procured it elsewhere.
Shuuya thought that the shop owner might be a reincarnator or transferee after all.
On the other hand, Mysty with her trait of a curious researcher focused on the magic tools set up inside the glass.
Blue gems as they existed at the tips of wands had been inserted into a separate metal frame, releasing mana.

“…Nn, amber, adult ice?” Seeing a pastry she had never encountered before, Eva muttered while feeling curious.

“I think it’s probably ice using alcohol, or caramel based ice.” While Shuuya explained to Eva, he guessed that the shop owner of this place might be a reincarnator or a transferee, going by the store’s interior and name.

“It’s a pastry I’ve never heard of. All of you are going to eat it, right?” Rebecca asked.

“Yeah, the normal one.” Yui said

“Nn, will eat!” Eva exclaimed.

“Yes, I’d like to try eating the normal ice.” Viine expressed her wish.

Yui, Eva, and Viine ordered the normal ice.

“Since I’m of course going to make a sketch of the cafe’s interior and this magic tool, buy my share as well. The one I want is the pretty, adult ice.” Mysty said.

“Oki. Me too. I’m an a-du-lt, so it’s the adult ice for me~ So, what about you, Shuuya?” Reacting to Mysty’s elder sister-like statement, Rebecca asked in a joking manner, but her addressee, Shuuya, had been looking for the shop owner.

Given that all the employees here were beautiful maids, someone looking like a shopkeeper was nowhere to be found.

“Shuuya?” Rebecca implored.

“Y-Yeah, Rollo and I will have normal ice.” Shuuya replied.


The black cat on his shoulder lifted one paw as if to show its pad, requesting 『Buy it nya』 from the small Rebecca.

“Rollo-chan! I wanna touch and squeeze that paw~ But I will endure. I have to line up. For now it’s the ice. I’m going to order it.” Rebecca whirled around and joined the queue at the end.

As they were waiting for their turn, “Ah, Mysty-sensei…”

“Juno, so you had been coming to this cafe.” Mysty replied.

There was a slight, delicate pause. At that point Shuuya looked as if he had somewhat realized that this girl might be the female student they had talked about before.

“Ah~, it’s sensei~!” Mia yelled.

“Hello~” Ell greeted.

The students Mia and Ell struck up a conversation with Mysty as well. They were excellent students who had temporarily formed a party with Mysty, although they had dissolved it by now.

“For you to come to this cafe, did you listen to our chat, sensei?” Ell asked

“Eh? Y-Yes.” Mysty averted her eyes from Ell, seemingly slightly embarrassed, ending up looking into Shuuya’s face.

“Ah, possibly~” Mia said while smiling.

“Eh? Y-Your boyfriend?” Juno asked Mysty with a pained expression, apparently having received a shock.

“Yes. He’s my important person――” Mysty didn’t lose her composure as it was pointed out, and frankly introduced Shuuya to the students after extending her slender hand to him.

“Eeeeeh? Ah, huh? Somewhere…” Mia said

“Lie, it’s a lie~ Ah, right. If I remember correctly…” Ell chipped in.

Once the two saw Shuuya’s face, they tilted their heads, placed a finger on their chin, and pondered. They seemed to be about to recall meeting Shuuya in the Bar of Newcomers.

“N-No way…” On the other hand, the slender girl Juno slumped her shoulders.

She was a girl with a beautiful face that didn’t lose out to those of Mia and Ell.
Shuuya suspected that she might be the girl who had confessed to Mysty after all.

Green hair, and such a cuteness despite not being an elf… While thinking something like that, Shuuya spoke up, “…Hello. I’m called Shuuya Kagari. I suppose Mysty has been taking care of you.”

“Ah, I remembered. You’re that remarkable adventurer person.”

“Yeah, yeah. We once met in a bar before. The person using a spear. Back then Mysty-sensei looked really disappointed, but you cheekily grasped her heart, didn’t you?” Ell, who seemed to be a bright girl, said briskly in a well-reasoned manner.

“Jeez, Ell, I’m a teacher, so teasing me is not allowed, okay?” Mysty scratched her cheek shyly, but she didn’t look as dissatisfied as she would have others believe.

“――Boyfriend Shuuya-san, I happened to hear that sensei wants to invite a martial arts instructor or something along those lines. Are you possibly going to come to teach at the academy?” Mia drew close to Shuuya, apparently excited after hearing that he’s Mysty’s boyfriend.

“Teach, huh…? I don’t know. I will decide after consulting with Mysty.” Shuuya safely passed the baton of the conversation to the teacher Mysty.

Afterwards Mysty skillfully put the students in order as if performing an extracurricular lesson, and then she wrapped up the conversation by telling them to line up and buy ice, words truly befitting a teacher.
Shuuya looked at Juno’s state, but since Mia and Ell gently placed their hands on Juno’s shoulders and spoke to her, he judged that it would likely be alright.
At that moment it was Rebecca’s turn to buy ice. She ordered ice for everyone.

The pretty employee in maid costume nodded with a natural smile after hearing the order, Yes, please wait a moment. That will be six silver coins.”

Quick at her job, the employee swiftly scooped up the ice with experienced movements, and distributed it on plates for everyone.
Shuuya paid attention to the good looks of the employee, but in the end he expressed his admiration to her way of handling the work, saying, “Going by the price of the ice, the wages at this place must be high,” and “The level of customer service exceeds that of high-class cafes.”
The employer…must harbor the same thoughts.

“Here you go~”

“Thanks, here’s the money.” Rebecca answered.

“Yes, thank you very much.”

Rebecca returned a happy, nice smile towards the employee’s thanking, and carried the ice, which had been placed on a tray, to everyone.

“Come on, take it, take it.” Rebecca cheerfully urged everyone.


“Looking forward.” Eva answered.

At that moment the black cat on Shuuya’s shoulder extended her front paw towards the ice.

“Ah, Rollo. Not yet. Don’t extend your paw.” Shuuya cautioned her.

“Nn, nya.”

Understanding the warning, the black cat dented in her ears, pulling back her paw.

“We will just be nuisances here. Let’s go somewhere else?” Viine pointed out when everyone had picked up their plates.


“Yeah, let’s go outside~”

After leaving the cafe with its crowded interior, everyone ate the ice cream.

“――Delicious!” Rebecca was the very first to speak up in a high-pitched tone.

Lowering her thin, golden eyebrows, happiness was written all over her face.

“Nn, cold! But, this is ice!” Eva rejoiced.

“Nya, nyaon~”

The black cat was also eating the ice by licking it, but she naturally transformed into her black panther form, and then stuffed her cheeks with ice.

“Nyaoooo~,” she pointed her cute face that had become white around her mouth to the sky, and roared.

“It’s obvious that Rollo-chan is yelling “Delicious!” as well. It has a faint taste of alcohol, and is very tasty… I might want to have this at hand when doing research.” Mysty stated.

“…Yeah, it’s cold and feels a bit rough at the beginning, but that stops soon. It’s sweet and delicious. It might be nice to eat that while sitting on the terrace after practising with the katana.” Yui commented.


The beautiful bloodkin all expressed their impressions. However, only Viine silently ate her ice. She had a cool expression precisely because it was ice, but in her mind she was excited, thinking, …I don’t understand this cold taste. What wonderful flavor. Even the Demonoid Empire might stop the war once they learn of this taste. The magul world is terrifying…

Shuuya also carried one spoon of ice after the other to his mouth, “…Ooh, how nostalgic. It’s really ice.”

He recalled the taste of the milk-laden vanilla ice he had often eaten in his hometown. And, for some reason, a picture of a splashing wave breaking onto the shore, and an image of Mount Fuji, the highest mountain in Japan, popped up in his mind. A taste similar to the white-colored Fuji Mountain. A taste that made one deeply moved about the female divers doing their best at Shizuoka.
After sympathizing and partly forcibly shaking off the image of an old diver granny, Shuuya remembered Helme who had stayed home while watering the big trees in the courtyard and the Millennium Plant.

“…I think there’s also the high-class Lehme milk. It’s delicious after all. Next time I’d like Helme to have some of it as well.” Shuuya said as if he had known the taste of ice for a long time.

“…Master, did you already eat this in the past?” Viine had felt shaken after tasting the unknown ice, but after hearing the words of her beloved suzerain, she pulled herself together, and asked Shuuya about the ice.

“Well, of course. One with alcohol is impossible, but even I can make the normal one.” He nonchalantly answered.

Everyone widened their eyes in response.

“Eeeh!? You can make something this delicious!?” Rebecca yelled excitedly. Blue flames dwelt in her blue eyes, and her white skin dyed slightly red.

It might not just be excitement but also her having become drunk through the adult ice.

“Nn, I’d like you to teach me how to make it as new menu for Lignadee next time.” Eva requested.

“Sure, I’m sure Dee-san will be able to make a great ice. I will teach you next time if I don’t forget.” Shuuya readily confirmed.

“Nn, thanks.” Eva looked at Shuuya with an angelic smile.

“It’s all gone already~” Not only her cheeks, but her entire face had become as bright red as an apple. Rebecca was looking at the empty plate.

“Mine, too. Now I know why they never run out of customers. Ice. It was a very delicious sweet.”

“Ice, eh? I have to write down my current impressions. …Ah, shit. I should have looked at its initial state for a bit longer…” Contrary to the bright red Rebecca, Mysty’s face just blushed with a faint red.

From that fact Shuuya understood that Mysty was strong with alcohol.
Mysty herself unleashed her sole habit, a continuous mentioning of “Shit.” She retrieved a pen from around the area of her waist, and while mumbling to herself, she swiftly scribbled on a parchment as if possessing a unique skill.

“Shuuya! Make the same sweet as this at home next time!” Rebecca pressed Shuuya, apparently flaring up at him.

“…That’s fine and all, but did you possibly get drunk from this ice?” Shuuya asked while squinting his eyes somewhat.

“N-No! I’m not drunk!” Rebecca shouted.

“Nn, Rebecca, it’s easy to see since you have the same fair complexion as Yui.” Eva supplemented.

“You’re totally wasted. Contrary to me, your face is already crimson, no?” Yui said while pointing at her own face.

In response, “Eeeh…? Y-You might be right,” said Rebecca and checked by touching her own face with her hands, which weren’t pure white but had a faint tinge of red.

“Well, I wanted to talk a bit with the owner of Cafe Tanaka, but…he seems busy, and Rebecca is drunk. I think we will go home.” Shuuya said.


The black panther Rollodeen behaved like a spoiled child by bumping her head several times against Shuuya’s shin, but, seemingly agreeing with going home, she stopped in the middle, pointed her face upwards towards Shuuya, and meowed.

“Understood. Just in case I will pay attention to anyone suspicious around us.” Yui announced.

“True~ Tomorrow is a school day, too.” Mysty said.

“Yes, Rollo-sama is cute.” Viine was aloof.

“It’s unrelated to me getting drunk, right~~?” Rebecca protested.

“Nn, can you walk properly?” Eva was worried.

Shuuya ignored the drunken beauty, and started to walk after smiling at Rollodeen who had been facing him with her red, round eyes.



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