Chapter 200 – Return

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“Farewell, you saaay?” Loirr yelled

“I see…” Amu said while lowering her face.

“Hey, Shuuya. You’re making Amu sad, you know!?” The red-faced Loirr flared up.

“Loirr, it’s fine. Shuuya has his exploration work to take care of.” Amu said.

“Sorry.” I apologized.

“Humph, how foolish. Amu, you okay with this? Shuuya intends to leave this place.” Loirr tried to probe further into Amu’s heart.

“…Yes.” She answered.

“You’re always holding back like that. If you found a guy you like, you got to leap at his chest. Good grief――” Loirr talked about love with an arrogant attitude, and gulped down his wine.

“You’re right…I will be honest. Shuuya, while we traveled together, I always watched you. I know that you have an attendant who’s also your lover in Helme-san. However, I don’t want to be separated from you!” Amu confessed.

“Oooooh, well said! There you go!” Loirr poured wine into Amu’s goblet.

“Yes――” Amu downed the wine in one go, seemingly having gained momentum now that she said something that sounded like a love confession.

“Gahaha, that’s a great way to drink your booze! Well then, I’m going back now. Enjoy the remaining time together! Amu, do your best――” Loirr hit Amu’s back two, three times while laughing heartily.

“Kyaaa!” Amu yelped.

Loirr left the dining hall…I thought he was drunk, but since his stride looked steady, he might have been able to drink a lot more, just like he had said himself. Apparently he wanted to be tactful here.

“Bah, Loirr…ended up going back…” Amu said something like that, but her tone was bouncy.

“Yeah.” I answered.

She put her fingers, which were as small as my pinky, around the round edge of the small goblet, and brought it to her mouth. While drinking the wine in little sips, she stared at me with upturned eyes. Once our eyes met, her blue eyes trembled, and she averted them.
She seemed to be inexperienced. At least it was clear that she was nervous.
I’m happy about her feelings, but…I have a place where I belong to.

“Amu, where are you!?” Suddenly a throaty voice could be heard from behind.

Once I turned around, I saw a dwarven warrior with a refined face guard. He had a plate armor equipped, and wore a black mantle which was affixed to his shoulders with special metal fixtures. As magic characters had been embroidered into the mantle, it was probably special.
Two gray, iron clubs, which were clad in mana, hung at his sword belt which was connected with his waist belt. They were mace-like weapons with slightly long handles and bulky upper parts. If you were to give an example from among weapons of ancient China, I guess they would be Shaolin double hammers. Well, let’s just call them maces.

“…Orik, you came to the upper city?” Amu asked.

“That’s where you are! Muuh! This guy is…” Orik opened his visor and glared at me while checking me out.

A splendid beard was growing at his chin.

“Hello.” I greeted him with a safe approach.

“Humph! Amu! For you to drink alone with a magul! Also, I heard from your troops! You gave away a belbaque’s core as a reward!?” Orik yelled in anger.

“Yes. I already handed it over.” Amu answered coolly.

“What was thaaaat!? And of all things, to a filthy magul!? What about the one I wanted!?” Orik shouted while scattering saliva. He moved his short but muscled arms, grasping the handles of his weapons.

“I don’t know anything about that. Anyway, who’s filthy?” Amu asked.

“Of course the magul!” Orik roared.

“That’s rude towards Shuuya. He’s the strongest warrior and the one who saved my life.” Amu glared at Orik with a freezing look.

“…Can you please leave us alone for now?” Amu’s eyes became soft, and she talked to him while bringing about a gentle atmosphere.

However, that kind look of her…apparently added fuel to the fire of Orik’s jealousy…

His expression immediately became grim, and he yelled, “…As if I’d agree to that! The magul over there, have a match against me.” A tinge of madness dwelt in Orik’s eyes as he was apparently getting agitated.

“Orik! What are you saying!?” Amu yelled in shock.

“Amu, stay out of this! I will have a match against this magul!” Orik rebuked Amu.

“What kind of match?” I asked him since it didn’t seem as though he would withdraw here.

“Even a magul must have some kind of specialized weapon or skill. Fight me with that.” Orik stated.

“Shuuya, even if you don’t take Orik’s words seriously…” Amu tried to calm the situation.

“Amu, you just have to watch. You will see which man is suitable for you.” Orik announced confidently.

Specialized weapon or skills, eh?

“Orik-san, you say match, but is it fine even if you are heavily injured or die in the process?” I asked to confirm.

“Of course.” He easily assented.

“…Shuuya, Orik is just a little bit confused. Please don’t kill him, okay…?” Amu pleaded.

Probably because Amu had personally seen my way of fighting, she could already predict the outcome.

While approving her request, I said, “Yeah, I will hold back as far as possible.”

“The likes of a bratty magul! Don’t get ahead of yourself!” Orik shouted in anger.

Bratty, huh? I guess I will do my best in my very own bratty way then.

“…So, where are we going to do it?” I asked.

“On the plaza in front! Come!” Orik energetically raised an arm, and turned on his heels.

“I’m sorry, Shuuya.” Amu apologized.

“Don’t worry about it.” After I answered her calmly, I followed Orik, going outside through the front gate.

“Come on, I’m ready. Bring out your special weapon or whatever!” Orik demanded.

Orik held the short, iron maces in his hands. Just as I was told, I summoned the Magic Halberd into my right hand.

“…Humph, a magic weapon, eh?” Orik sneered.

I ignored the dwarf’s words. I whirled the halberd around, and readied it by holding it against my right flank.
In that posture, I extended my left arm to the front, and beckoned him over with my hand.

“…Enough of the tedious talking, let me finish this quickly.” I provoked Orik.

“You sure got the aura. There are also signs that you’re using the same special martial arts as the religious organization…but, even I got backbone as a man! I will make you regret this!” Seemingly having mastered Magic Combat Style, Orik powerfully kicked the ground with his foot, where he had accumulated his mana, and charged at me.

While closing the combat distance, he activated some mace technique that seemed to be a skill.
――The iron maces split apart.
I guess the iron separated? The metal of the mysterious maces extended as if growing a bit――
He raised the maces overhead while leaving afterimages of two or three maces behind in the air.
I also focused on my Magic Combat Style. While making mana converge in my legs, I dealt with Orik’s attack by withdrawing my body, and thus avoiding the first mace attack by hair’s breadth.
Next, before the mace attack with the afterimages of split iron hit, I struck the abdomen of Orik’s plate mail with the end of my Magic Halberd which I swung as if drawing a semicircle.

“Gyaa――” Orik screamed.

A thick sound could be heard. The power of the Magic Dragon Gem was superior.
――Orik was blown backwards with his body forming the shape of く. The metal of his plate was dented by the Magic Dragon Gem. Orik tumbled while hitting his head against the ground several times, and then stopped.
Orik didn’t get up anymore as it should have resulted in him having fainted. Dwarves that appeared to be his comrades looked after him.

“Shuuya, thanks for going easy on him. Even Orik should have learned his lesson with this.” Amu ran up to me.

“However, I feel bad for having beaten up one of your acquaintances.” I said.

“Don’t worry about it. Shuuya, you’re a magnificent warrior…you’re cool…” Amu said shyly.

Being told that by a beautiful woman with a serious look, I felt somewhat bashful…
In Amu’s case, it wasn’t just her cheeks, but her whole skin that was red. It might be my imagination since she had drunken wine, though.

“…Haha, that’s slightly embarrassing.” I replied.

“Fufu, you’re really fantastic, Shuuya.” She praised me.

Uuh, I’m not very good with straightforward, outspoken compliments. Let’s change the topic.
I guess I will have a short date with her while having a nice, slow chat before bidding farewell.

“…Now then, continuing with the alcohol won’t work, but you want to take a little walk before we bid farewell from each other, Amu? If you like, I would be happy if you could take me around.” I proposed with a smile.

“Ah, yes!” Amu answered with a smile as well. “There’s a nice place. Come this way.”

I was guided by her to a facility located in the headquarter of the religious organization.

After exiting from a corridor that had a musk aroma, and climbing several stairways decorated with mirrors, she excitedly yelled, “Shuuya, over here! Come over here! The outlook from here is the best.”

Amu waved her small arm in a cute manner. Once I got close, the scenery behind her entered my field of vision.
It was a beautiful, bay window-like wooden frame. But it had been built with the height of gnomes and dwarves in mind. I had to crouch down a bit, but…

“…You’re right. The view is great.” I admitted.

What spread out below my eyes was a circular square. Children were running around. Adult gnomes were pulling ropes. Big luggage was carried out of the underground.
Does the city continue even down into the underground here?
I raised my eyes. Gnome parents and children were walking after descending the stairs of a stone house standing on a slope. Through an open window, I could see a man and woman, who appeared to be a married dwarf couple, doing their utmost at something weird while releasing hustle-like moans inside a stone house.
It’s still daytime! What perverted dwarves. Or is it some kind of wrong, melodramatic development like in a soap opera?

“…Fufu, this is my favorite place.” Amu held down her curly blond hair that fluttered gently in the wind.

Of course she hadn’t noticed the perverted dwarves’ hustling.

“I can understand…this place has a shape similar to a blind alley, but a pleasant wind is blowing through.” I said.

“Yes. It’s a residential area on a slanting surface, but there are holes serving as ventilation holes all over the place. A cooling mechanism using the volcano’s heat has been set up.” Amu explained.

“Hee…” Suddenly I bent myself forward to have a look at the entrance area.

“Ah, it’s dangerous.” Amu hugged me in order to seize my feet.

This obviously had a hidden meaning. It likely bore the meaning of a hug in a different meaning, too.

“Amu, it’s fine.”

“No, it’s dangerous! Shuuya is dangerous!” She said while frantically clinging to my feet.

Well, it’s certainly true that I’m dangerous. I’m sure there’s not a single man, who can cause a spear tempest with his whole body covered by blood chains, in this world. That’s how my thoughts derailed since she was hugging me…

I put my hand on her small back, and stroked it lightly, “Amu…”

“I’m sorry. I know your feelings, Shuuya. But, please allow me to hug you for now before we part!” Amu shed tears.

For a beautiful woman to go this far…I think I will answer her feeling a bit.

“Yeah――” While replying to Amu, I forcibly embraced her. I lifted up her small body just like that. Her body, which was as light as a twig.


And then, after giving her a long, gentle kiss on her lips as she cried, I carefully lowered her to the ground.
Amu placed a finger on her lips due to the sudden kiss, touching it to ascertain the sensation.

Immediately after she looked up to me, and with her wet eyes trembling, “…Shuuya,” she whispered passionately.

“Amu…don’t cry.”

“Yes, thanks for considering my feelings. You gave me a gentle kiss…” She said truly delightfully.

She’s cute…but, this is where we part.

“…Aye. Well then, before I leave, I will leave a mirror behind in the room where I had stayed as present. If possible, I would be thankful if you could leave it there.” I requested.

“A mirror? There’s some secret behind it, isn’t there? Understood. I will turn that room into your room, Shuuya. I will cherish that mirror!” She had a pained expression, but desperately put strength into her voice.

“Please do. It’s time for our farewell then. Please give my regards to Loirr as well. If there’s an opportunity, I’m sure we will be able to meet again.” I told her.

“…Yes.” Her face became gloomy.

I turned around and descended the stairway, returning to the room where Helme was meditating.
As for leaving a mirror behind…a corner should do…
I took the fifth Paredes mirror out of my item box and set it up.

“Helme, we will return home after leaving the city normally.” I instructed Helme who was meditating while floating and emitting sheets of water spray.

“Okay.” Helme stopped the sheets of spray, and landed with her feet on the ground.

Taking Helme along, I proceeded through the hallways of the religious organization’s headquarter, and then left through the entrance gate.
The oblong epitaph with the green chalcedonies entered my line of sight. It seemed to carry the names of those who died in the war against the Demonoid Empire.
I was slightly interested in the epitaph, but without looking at it overly long, I walked across the plaza, and passed through the front gate with its carvings. While being attentively watched by the religious organization’s gnome warriors, I got out of the upper city, departing towards the hot, lower city. We came out at the vintage point allowing one to overlook the lower city.
Once we descended the hill road on the left side with its gentle inclination, which we had climbed before, and entered the market, the residents kicked up a fuss again while yelling “Magul, magul!”, but each time Helme emitted sheets of water spray, making the onlookers disperse.
In the meantime I looked at the merchandise thinking that I might as well buy some souvenirs, but…nothing caught my eyes. I thought it can’t be helped even if I buy something similar to lizard meat. It might be unexpectedly delicious.
I also took a look at various ores, but there were none containing mana.
In the end I decided to buy white coral necklaces and hair ornaments for my <Head Servant Leaders>. I think it will be fine if I don’t get anything in particular for Kaldo.
When I placed down the coins, the gnome merchant examined them while looking curious, but eventually he nodded in satisfaction, accepting them.
Having finished shopping, I headed towards the huge gate. It was a short period, but my experiences in this underground city came to an end for the time being. Since I left a mirror behind, I could always come back here.
This time’s objective was to retrieve a mirror, but it might be okay to leave one here as an underground relay point. It was possible that the other mirrors were deeply buried in the underground as well.
At that moment, Amu’s sad face crossed my mind. I hadn’t told her the details about the mirror, but…well, it might become a nice surprise when we meet again.
While pondering about such things, we left the city through the huge gate with the huge sphinx-like sculptures at either side.
Farewell, 【Underground Volcano City Devil’s Mountain】.

“I will use a gate at a suitable place with no one around, and then we will go back home.” I said.

“Yes.” Helme confirmed.

We advanced while avoiding the underground streets which were brightly illuminated by magic light sources. I found a side road with no travelers, peddlers, and soldiers.
I guess deeper in over there will work.
After walking deeper inside with the two of us…we made sure that no one was in the vicinity.

“Your Excellency…there’s no one nearby.” Helme reported.

“Yeah.” While nodding, I immediately took out the 24-faceted orbTetrahedron. Tracing the number of the Paredes mirror set up at home, I activated the gate.

A close-up of Viine’s and Rollo’s faces was reflected on the other side of the mirror.
――Whooaa! Are you trying to startle me!?
But, I can really…understand their feelings. Rollo!

“Let’s go back to everyone.” Helme urged.


We passed through the gate.


“Maaaaaaaaaaaaaaasteeeer.” Viine yelled.

Rollo and Viine jumped at me.

“Nyaaaan, nyaaaanyaaaaaaaoooo.”

Seemingly excited, Rollo naturally transformed into her black panther form. She sent Viine flying and pushed me down. She licked me intensely and fervently with her tongue as if eating my face and hands, causing watery licking sounds.
Moreover, Rollodeen had red, bleary and hazy eyes as she was apparently too excited. She was unable to stand up with her whole body, and even her tail, trembling.

“Hahaha, Rollo, that tickles. But…I also missed you dearly.” I soothed her.


I tightly hug the big black panther with both arms. The nostalgic scent of a beast passed through my nostrils. I buried my face in her inner belly, enjoying her soft, black-furred futon1.
Oh my god, it’s really warming my heart…
Seemingly satisfied once I hugged her tightly, Rollodeen licked my chin and cheek, and then returned to her black cat form. I stood up while embracing the cute cat, and lowered her to the ground. Apparently wanting to still be spoiled, she rubbed her face many times against my shin.
Since the 24-faceted orb began to revolve above my head as usual after disconnecting from the mirror, I grabbed it and tossed it into my item box.

“Master…” Viine, who had been thrown to the side, spoke to me with a sad voice and an anxious posture. She was on the verge of tears.

“Viine, come here.” I said.

“Yes――!” She leaped into my embrace. Her characteristic, nice, vanilla scent tickled my nose. Once I inhaled this scent deeply, filling my lungs with it, it turned into a feeling that soothed my heart.

I felt how Viine’s big boobs were pressing against my chest.

“Master, lonely…I was lonely…” Her eyes and voice were filled with sorrow.

It was through her silver mask, but her emotions were clearly transmitted to me. They spurred her on to even utter slightly childish words. Her overflowing emotions warmed my heart and wrapped it up with pleasant, beautiful feelings. Tears traced down along the graceful cheeks of Viine.

“Sorry. I made you wait, didn’t I?” I apologized while wiping her tears with my fingers.

“Yes…” She replied.

At that moment Viine’s clothes caught my eyes.
Huh? Aren’t these my clothes? It’s the coat-like attire with the stylish black luster made out of special fibers which I received as reward from the item box. They look really awesome on Viine, though.

“Viine, those clothes, they are mine, aren’t they?”

“Aaaah…I’m sorry. I was really lonely and it was so painful…I used your…clothes…as comfort…master…” Viine’s face became bright red.

It was easy to see because of her bluish white skin.

However, comfort, she says… Did she have fun with herself~~~? Inexcusable! That’s inexcusable! Using my clothes! What a cute girl! “…I see, Viine, you did well――” I kissed her forehead.

“Ah, thank you.” Viine replied shyly.

“Your Excellency, I will go over there.” Helme read the mood, and tactfully left the room.

Even though she’s an S spirit, she does have her gentle parts.

“Spirit-sama…” Tears accumulated in Viine’s silver eyes.

“Nyaon.” Rollo meowed something to Viine.


I didn’t know whether it was in response to Rollo’s voice, but Balmint’s voice reverberated through the corridor. What showed up from the corridor after causing trotting sounds was Balmint who had grown to the size of a human child.
He became this big after being a little chick a few days ago? He already looks like a small dragon.

“Kyuu kyuu kyuoooon.”

As soon as Balmint saw me, he spread his small wings as if about to fly and ran up to me, hugging my shin.
Haha, what an adorable fellow.
Once I lifted him up, he slightly opened his muzzle with its grown teeth, extended his long tongue while squeaking, and licked my face.

“Ahaha, that tickles. But, Balmint, you sure became big, didn’t you~?” I said joyfully.

“Kyu kyuaaaan.”

I petted Balmint by repeatedly caressing him.
Now then I wonder what Rebecca-san, the empress of complaints, will do? Eva should probably understand without getting angry.
I placed down Balmint on the floor.

“So, where did the other Head Servant Leaders go?” I would immediately know if I sent blood messages, but I deliberately asked Viine.

“Yui and Kaldo are helping with the work of 【Remains of the Moon】. Eva said she would come back while shopping on the way at the shops in east Pelneet. Rebecca should be helping Betty-san at the free market. Mysty has her job as lecturer,” recounted Viine.

“I see.”

While holding such a conversation with Viine, I headed to the living room while still wearing my summer clothes version of the blood chain armor. After chatting with the maids for the first time in a while, I had them prepare some light food and drinks. Accordingly we chatted pleasantly while eating and drinking.
Helme had been sitting on a chair, but in the middle of our talks, she moved to a corner of the room.
On this occasion I unintentionally glanced at the corner.
A new spot for Helme had been set up there. It had transformed into a special meditation area which had been set up so that a sculpture, which used a water spirit as motif, fit into a wooden pillar, allowing for Helme to sit in there. Helme sat down on her new seat while smiling and emitting sheets of water spray, and began to meditate.

“Isabell, that place over there…” I asked carefully.

“Yes, we had it built for spirit-sama. Since I made use of my connections, it didn’t cost any of master’s money.” Isabell explained.

I don’t particularly mind you using it freely since I have a lot of it, but it looks like they will sooner or later found a Helme faith.

“…I see.” I replied weakly.

“If you don’t like it, I will have it removed right away, master.” Isabell said.

“Nah, it’s fine like that. Helme seems to like it as well.” I answered.

“Understood,” confirmed Isabell.

Afterwards I talked with Viine about Balmint. While speaking about things such as where he was currently sleeping and what he was eating, I gently brushed the back of Rollo who sat in my lap, enjoying a comfortable relaxation time together with them.
At that point,

“I’m back~” Rebecca cheerfully announced.

“Nn. Ah, Shuuya――” Eva exclaimed.

Both of them were carrying shopping bags. Did they meet up on the way back and went shopping?

“Ah~~~~~! Shuuya! When did you come back~~~~!?” Rebecca yelled.

“A little while ago.” I answered truthfully.

“Oh, I’m home, no, wrong! Welcome back is what we should say~ jeez――” Rebecca threw the bags in her hands on the floor and jumped at me who had turned around together with my chair.

A faint citrus aroma entered my nose. It was Rebecca’s scent.

“――I was lonely! Thanks for coming back safely…” Rebecca said while shedding tears.

Where’s the empress of complaints?
She was hugging me very, very tightly. I could feel the faint, soft sensation of her two hills at my chest.
However…since her physical ability had doubled, it was slightly painful…without voicing that out, I put both my arms around her back, and gently returned her hug. Her slender body was as firm as usual, but it felt as though her muscles had increased.

“Nn, Rebecca move back,” demanded Eva, who had endured right behind Rebecca, in a loud voice with her violet eyes trembling.

“Ah, yeah.” Hearing Eva’s voice, Rebecca’s back jumped up, and she immediately stepped aside.

“Shuuya!” Once her wheelchair had transformed from its Segway mode into its Mk-1 mode, she leaped at me. She literally flew.

Eva embraced me vigorously.
Uuoohh, soft! I could experience the sensation of her big boobs with their wonderful springiness and flabbiness.
Eva was an ESPer who could understand the emotions of others, but she probably knew about my sinfulness, called boob research society. For an instant I imagined her soft boobies in my head.
Given that the blood chain armor was in its thin summer version, me imagining the flattened contours of her boobs was inevitable.

“…Eva, I’m home.” I gently whispered.

“Nn.” For an instant she looked at me with an anguished expression, then she buried her face in my chest.

“Lonely. Shuuya’s scent.” Eva said.

“Sorry.” I apologized, and since my heart felt soft and fluffy, I returned a light hug.

“But, it’s great that you’re safe.” Eva said in relief.

Seemingly satisfied with the hug, Eva separated her body a bit and made her wheelchair switch back from its Mk-1 mode to its Segway mode.

She stared at me with wet eyes and her small mouth moved, “Nn…Shuuya, tell me about Devil’s Mountain.”

“Ah, I wanna hear the full story as well!” Rebecca chipped in.

“Master, me too.” Viine joined the conversation.


Being urged by three beauties and one beautiful cat, I had no choice but to talk. I told them about my adventure while keeping the matter with Amu vague.

“Hee~, so an upper city, lower city, lava and a place that seemed to penetrate through a rock wall.” Rebecca said while looking curious.

“Nn, I can’t imagine a city full of only gnomes.” Eva commented.

“The Demonoid Empire, huh…?” Viine appeared to ponder about my words and their implications as she apparently knew about them, as could be expected.


Rollo played around by placing her tail on Rebecca’s hand. Rebecca grasped and released Rollo’s tail. In response, Rollo moved her tail, separating it from Rebecca’s hand, but she placed her tail once more on Rebecca’s palm, deliberately allowing Rebecca to grasp it.
It was a funny communication game.
While watching that game, I turned my face in Viine’s direction.

“…Viine, what would have happened, had you, a dark elf, been in that independent city?” I asked out of curiosity.

“It’s possible that it would have turned into a battle. Because the dark elves are operating differently depending on the sorcery nobles, there are many occasions where they go into war with other communities. Though there are also sorcery nobles who have formed alliances and made trade agreements depending on the cities where gnomes and dwarves live…” Viine explained.

So they are too disconnected to make a general statement, huh?

“Viine, you mumbled something about the Demonoid Empire…” I probed further.

“Yes, that name was known even in the 【Underground City Da’Umezalan】. I heard there are sorcery nobles who have been continuing a long war against the Demonoid Empire, and likewise there are some who have tied agreements with parts of the Demonoid Empire, borrowing the power of the quezunarl.” Viine answered.

Since quezunarl are capable of brainwashing, they might be good soldiers.

“I see. It looks like the Demonoid Empire will definitely become my enemy.” I stated.

“Yes, if you’re going to fight, then next time keep me…” Viine looked at me as if probing my inner thoughts.

“Sure. I placed a mirror in the underground city of the dwarves and gnomes. The next time I go, you come with me, Viine, since I can simply change the color of your skin with <Servant Development>.” I promised her.

“Me too.” Rebecca jumped in.

“Nn, of course me as well.” Eva added.

Eva and Rebecca nodded at each other and then looked at each other with confident faces.

“Yeah, I got it, I got it.” I answered suitably, and drank some black tea.

Next I asked them about a detailed account on the battle with the dark guild.
Viine had joined that battle. After finishing her investigation, she had apparently always waited for me here…what a praiseworthy, adorable woman.
Nothing less of my very first <Head Servant Leader>. Let’s give her some special love next time.

At that moment, “I’m back~,” Mysty announced, and then yelled, “Ah, master!”

She ran up to me while waving her feminine arms. Seemingly still being reserved, she didn’t hug me.
I still haven’t had proper sex with her alone either.

“…Yo, Mysty. Welcome back.” I answered.

“Yeah, welcome home to you as well. Being able to hear your voice, gives me a peace of mind. I terribly wanted to see you…” Mysty lowered the ends of her eyebrows, apparently feeling relieved.

Her olive brown irises with their black spots became blurry due to the tears accumulating in her eyes. She was apparently worried about me in her very own way.
At that moment I recalled the items I got my hands on.

“…Mysty, there’s something I wanted to show you.” I said.

“Eh? What is it?” She asked back in wonder.

I took the bag I had received from Amu out of my item box and handed it over to Mysty. She opened it and checked its inside.

“Amu said those are firebird’s horn’s powder and a belbaque’s core.” I explained.

“…Whooaa! These are amazing! Firebird’s horn’s powder can be used for metalworking and the processing of armors, cloaks and many parts. It’s also a material for enchanting. There are many cases where a belbaque’s core will be used as core of a sorcery doll. It’s a super, high-class item. It doesn’t appear often on the market, so you did well to get your hands on one!” Mysty’s hands were trembling.

“Oh, so you can use them? Please use them to create tools for everyone or to build a sorcery doll.” I said.

Mysty firmly grasped the bag and pressed it then tightly against her chest as if holding something precious.

“…Thank you.” And then tears of happiness streamed down from her olive brown eyes.

“How nice. Only Mysty? Souvenirs…” Rebecca commented enviously.

“Nn, Mysty is excellent. Can’t be helped.” Eva analyzed calmly.

I got souvenirs, but I suppose I will distribute them later.

“Let’s plentifully shower master with love.” Viine said.

“As expected of Viine. I agree.” Eva faced Viine and Rebecca, holding out her hands.

“Indeed, plentifully.” Rebecca revealed a vampire-like, impish smile, and grabbed Eva’s hand.

“Yes!” Viine did so as well.

The three nodded at each other while holding hands.
Isn’t this the Black Tea Oath I had seen some time ago!?
Though it has now turned into a lewd oath…
The prodigy Mysty was astonished with her mouth slightly open.
I really want glasses for her, after all. I think I will look for them genuinely next time.

At that moment…

“I’m home~” Yui loudly announced.

“I have returned.” Kaldo followed.

…Yui and Kaldo came back.

“Aah! Shuuya!” Yui shouted.

“Oooh, milord, you have returned home. Yui was sad, looking close to dying in the middle of the work for the dark guild. She murmured that she wants to meet you, and vented her stress by cutting rude fellows――” Kaldo spilled.

“Jeeez――” Yui acted bashful.


After driving an elbow strike into Kaldo’s solar plexus, Yui moved her flexible limbs like catwoman, and sprung upon me while crossing in front of Mysty.

“――Shuuya, Shuuya, Shuuyaaa!” Yui embraced me with her whole body like a puppy, no, kitten.

Kaldo pitifully hung his head at a place close to the entranceway. He was comforted by the maids…

“Yui, I wanted to see you as well.” I hugged Yui’s body tightly in return.

We ended up in a lotus position. Since her butt perfectly fit into my palms, I massaged it.

“Ahn! Jeez, Shuuya, you pervert!” Yui said with a laugh.

“Sorry, the position was――” I tried to explain.

At that instant I heard a dry, crispy sound. It definitely wasn’t the crunchy sound of a delicious sweet.

“――What’s with the position! Even though you didn’t do that to me!” Once I looked at Rebecca, “I-It’s not like I’m particularly jealous or anything! Humph!”

Rebecca-san, who possessed a magnificent retort sense, puffed up her cheeks. She clad her whole body and not just her eyes in blue flames.

“It can’t be helped, can it? Right, Yui?” I said.

“Yeah.” Yui answered truthfully.

“Ah~~~~~! What are you staring at each other for~~~!” Rebecca screamed.

I passed this day peacefully in such a manner.



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