Chapter 195 – Friends and Remains of the Moon

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“You left behind several decoy carriages?” A woman asked a small man possessing abnormally monochrome eyes.

That woman had short, blond hair and a beautiful face, but one eye was covered by an eye patch.

“Yeah, everything’s ready. And Mashu, let me confirm once more―― This number of people is okay, right?” The black-eyed man, who called her Mashu, said, turning over the plane in the back of the carriage and looking at several dozen women that have been locked up inside while bound and gagged.

“Right. Except for these women, the preparations have already been put in order, haven’t they?” Mashu checked back.

“Aye, there are several decoys including the Western Frong Company.”

“Exactly because the scale is what it is, the incubation period will become prolonged, but…”

“Mashu, you’re my subordinate, okay? Don’t make any mistakes about that part. Oseberia, no, those guys doing the business transaction should believe that it’s a normal trade company. After all it’s actually doing business, no?”

“In that case we will withdraw. Since <Hiding in the Leaves> has already been used, even the Great Knights of Oseberia will probably be unable to follow our traces. Let’s return to the newly gained western imperial territory.”





Since a blood message arrived in the middle of my training in the courtyard, I stopped and answered.

『Master, the pickpocket group and the missing people seem to be unrelated. While investigating the oil price, going from the fur market through the whale oil market, I ran several times into the name of a weird company as I was gathering information about the missing people. Once I headed to the place where that company ran a shop…I encountered a White Nine platoon led by Great Knight Remrona, and was instead surrounded. Apparently I was suspected by them. They interrogated me.』

『Remrona, you say? What did she ask?』

『She questioned me with a forceful tone why I have been investigating the missing people case as one of your adventurer comrades…I kept answering her while keeping things unclear, though』

『…Is it related to the country? Then it’s fine for you to stop now. Come back.』


I put the blood messaging to end at this point.
However, the Great Knights are on the move, eh…? Maybe there are actually noble daughters among those that were kidnapped.
I stored the lightning-type short spear La Doola that I had been using during the practice into my item box. Then I turned my eyes towards the clamoring voices coming from a corner of the courtyard.

“I FeEl~ tHe thRooObBiNg~ LOve~, BuT~, mY~ loVE~, IS~ jUsT fOr~ fATheeer~, iT Is NO~ cHeaTIng~, it iS~ lOooVe oFFeReD TO~ faThEr~, luLulU~ LuLaLAaa~”

“Are you alright? Should we consult the plant artisan again?” Helme worriedly addressed the broken Millennium Plant.

Several red, Rhododendron-like flowers had bloomed at the Millennium Plant’s branches.
Rhododendron flowers because it rejoices over love? Does that Millennium Plant intend to make a pun here?

“LuLaAa~” It started to sing once again.

Over there Balmint…

“AaAAh~ mY cHIld~ YoU eAt tOo muCH~, lULaLAaa, buLUlUu.”

“Kyuyu, kyu~”

Balmint ate a fruit of the Millennium Plant whose music intervals became odd.

“Aah~, Balmint! You eat too many of the blue fruits. The Millennium Plant had just seen the plant artisan!” Helme scolded Balmint.

“Kyu? Kyu kyu,” cried Balmint and obediently distanced himself from the Millennium Plant. Then he rubbed his head against Helme’s leg like Rollo.

It was cute, but maybe his body was growing into something like a high ancient dragon. Although he was still a young dragon, he had become slightly bigger.

“Nn, nya.” Rollo meowed while resting on my shoulder but only watched the whole situation.

Until yesterday she had played with Balmint while often sticking together with him, but I think she moved on from her mother role. While thinking something like that, I returned to the living room with Rollo on my shoulder, and sat down on a chair.
Rollo got down on the table in front of her, and started to doze in a cat loaf posture.
However, I must say, it’s sure quiet with Rebecca not around.
She wasn’t here as she had left to work at Betty-san’s place. Eva went back to help out at the Lignadee Restaurant. Mysty was working as a lecturer. Yui and Kaldo attended the regular meeting of the dark guild. And Viine hasn’t returned yet.

While watching the fox ears of Krychiwa who had casually put out tea on the table, I chatted her up, “Krychiwa, what about your family or your home?”

“Apparently I was born during a journey. I have heard that the native place of my clan is located in the northeastern region of the 【Fujique Confederation】, far past the distant eastern relic. My father said that we arrived in Pelneet while traveling deeper and deeper west after being dragged into wars.” She explained while making her fox ears twitch again.

Relic, huh…? Azorla and the white bear, who fell in the Evil Dragon King battle, originated from around there, if I remember correctly.
Since I was reminded of an unpleasant sight, I switched to an idle chat, asking her about her hobbies and whether she knew any good restaurants, while watching Krychiwa’s pretty face.

As I was continuing the conversation, which proceeded to whether I liked boobs for some unknown reason, Viine returned and said, “Master, I have returned home.”

“Welcome back. What did Remrona say?” I asked.

“Learning of this case while pursuing another murder case, they apparently started to investigate. As one would expect of a Great Knight. She knew the name of the Western Frong Company which I had heard about during my investigation.” Viine gave a short rundown.

“What’s that Western Frong Company?”

“It seems to be a peddling association that’s mostly active in the western empire, but according to Remrona, it’s actually an organization specialized on slave trade. She said that it might be a diversion with the aim to cause a disturbance within Oseberia by imperial spies,” explained Viine further.

Is it really a disturbance?

“Are those spies already outside the country?”

“Yes, it seems so. Their traces have vanished. Afterwards, unnatural magic beast carriages had been parked in front of the Frong Company.”

“I see, so the missing people are already outside the country as well…? The other party is capable of shaking off Remrona with her tracking ability. It’s probably impossible to catch them now.”

“Remrona gave me the impression that she pins some hope…on you, Master.”

Is it time for <Blood Chain Search>?

“I’m happy about the expectations… I think a pursuit is possible if there are clothes with blood traces left. However, if there’s nothing it won’t really work.”

“Blood traces…I’m sorry that I haven’t thought of that.”

“No, it’s my bad since I didn’t tell you about my ability.”

After telling Viine to spend her time as she likes, I trained to progress my spear techniques, and practiced sage art. Then I headed to the store of 【Remains of the Moon】 to meet with Mel and the others.




Several days later…after I ordered them to investigate Ans and Doryzen. Innocent Arms and all leaders of the dark guild gathered in the living room of my house.

“Let me use this opportunity to introduce everyone. Those around me are Helme, my <Head Servant Leaders> and my <Servant Leader>.” I started off.

Viine and Helme stood right behind me like close aides. Eva, Rebecca, Yui, Mysty, and Kaldo sat close to me. Rollo rested as a cat loaf on top of the table in front of me while gazing at everyone of the dark guild.
I tenderly caressed Rollo from her cute head, across her curving back with its glossy black fur, to her tail.

And then I put up a stern expression as if putting myself on guard and spoke towards the members of the dark guild whose looks were gathered on me, “…I think you already know Yui and Kaldo, but these girls are my cherished women, my adventurer comrades, and my bloodkin with whom I directly shared my blood. And among them, there’s a strong being ranking next to me.”

“Shared blood with the guild master…” Veronica reacted without delay…

She had been sniffing the air since a while ago now…

“Does that mean it’s the birth of a new vampire house with you, guild master, as suzerain?” Mel asked.

“That’s how it is.” I replied.

“…Amazing…this number of people…” Mel was astonished. All leaders looked like ducks in a thunderstorm.

After widening his eyes and staring at Helme, Paulsen looked at my supreme, beautiful <Head Servant Leaders>. Angie repeatedly blinked her eyes, donning a shocked expression with her mouth slightly open.

“To turn this many people into servants…exceeding…the direct descendants of the founders of the 12 houses, not to mention the founders…hah――” Paulsen suddenly got off his chair, got close to me, and then prostrated in front of me. Angie followed Paulsen’s example.

At that point Helme stepped forward while making her body float and releasing sheets of water spray from her whole body, and displayed a generous attitude right next to me, saying with her beautiful mouth, “――Manservants of His Excellency, I think you already understand that His Excellency is a supreme, unique, great being, but allow me to deliberately spell it out on this occasion. Your Excellency, may I?”


A stronger intensity than usual dwelt in Helme’s long-slit, blue and bluish black eyes.

“Now that His Excellency increased his bloodkin, he can be called an absolute existence. Therefore, manservants, listen. Consider yourself blessed. Just how much of a blessed and fortunate position being His Excellency’s servants, might be for you is…”

“It’s a Spirit-sama~! First time I see one~! But, His Excellency? Who’s that~?” Lala asked innocently.

“Lala, it’s Guild Master!” Lulu replied to her.

Lulu understands, but Lala is still very young, so maybe she can’t understand…
For the time being both of them were also leaders of 【Remains of the Moon】, hence they were here as well.

“Helme, it’s enough.” I strictly looked at Helme.

“Yeees!” Grasping the meaning behind my words, Helme returned to her place behind me while releasing sheets of water spray once more.

After Helme had stepped back, Paulsen lifted his head.

“…I’m grateful and understand the meaning of what Spirit-sama said…Guild Master is a great being that exceeded the empress of the blood court.” Paulsen acted deeply thankful as if he was at an audience with a king.

“I heard about that empress before, but in fact I don’t really know about them.” I admitted.

“Paulsen, just as Spirit-sama said, Shuuya is a great and unique being, but he has no relation to the Valmask main house. He’s similar to us, but in reality he’s a different species. Therefore there should be many things he doesn’t know about the empress and the 【Blood Court of the Great Tomb】.” Veronica, his senior vampire, explained to Paulsen who was bowing his head.

“W-What…” Paulsen was surprised.

“She’s saying the truth. Paulsen, please raise your head.” I urged him.

I guess I will later ask Paulsen about Angie and Nora.

“Yes, Guild Master.” Paulsen stood up and returned to his seat.

Seemingly scared, Angie, who had prostrated next to him, glanced at me with a pale face, and then followed Paulsen.
Accordingly I shifted my look to Veronica.

“Veronica, you are fighting against that 【Blood Court of the Great Tomb】, right? Are there any developments?” I tried to probe.

“Umm, I don’t know of anything besides the fact that a crow had been monitoring 【Lodging Moon of the Labyrinth】 recently.” She answered.

Crow, huh? I remember having seen something similar to one several times. It’s unclear whether it was a familiar or a transformation ability, but it looks like the Valmask house has been continuing its surveillance. But rather than that, I’m curious about the name of the empress.

“…What’s the name of that empress?”

“Familia Ravahl Valmask Lugnado.”

The name is long, and Lugnado is the same name as that of the Vampire God.

“Veronica, is she the boss of Lunz Ravahl Valmask which you had mentioned before?” I checked.

“Yeah, Lunz is one of the three <Servant Leaders> of the empress.” Veronica confirmed.

I guess direct descendants can have three <Servants>.

“…Lunz is also one of the ringleaders in the murder of my father, Slot Ravahl Valmask, so…he might hate me with a verve,” said Veronica with a face that was close to crying. She lowered her eyes with an expression as if she was harboring a deep sadness in her chest.

“Hate? Because you stole Magit?”

“No, not because of that. Father committed a taboo by breaking a law of the blood court, the Valmask house. Back then he saved my life by turning me into his <Servant> when I was just a very young child who was on the verge of dying to illness.” Veronica explained.

There is a rule that doesn’t allow turning children into vampires, huh?

“You said that the scent of my blood is similar to your master.”

“Yeah… I spent a long time together with father in the capital without being found out by the Valmask house. But, in the end our hiding place was leaked to them…” Veronica’s eyes became bloodshot as she talked. “…Father was caught by a great number of servants, including the vampires of other founders, and received a trial. The empress objected to killing him, but the equal vampire lord Lunz pushed for it strongly. The great eldest council, where many servants and the remaining two vampire lords Alnerd and Hoffmann participated, sentenced father to death. After using the Execution Sword of the Light Cross, which is strong enough to even injure the empress, father’s body was burned and turned into ash…”

For her this seemed to be a very bitter memory…while deeply furrowing her brows, she looked furious and tears of blood streamed down her cheeks.

“Because I was father’s servant, I immediately knew that I had lost my blood connection. I moved to get my revenge full of emotions that exceeded mere rage. Sneaking into the great tomb of the Valmask house, I slaughtered many lower servants by crushing their hearts, breaking their heads, and sucking all their blood.”

…Sucking out all blood, eh? You could call that a very vampire-like way of killing someone.

“And then I stole Magit who had been locked up in their treasure vault. For hundreds of years after that, I continued to escape with Magit while crushing the pursuers of the Valmask house together with Magit…while doing that I ran into Paulsen of the Valmask house in Zamalia’s Oppe―Highman, and saved him as he was attacked by a vampire hunter in that place. The child that had attacked him was Angie, though.”

“That’s the part where I had something to ask Paulsen about.” I turned my eyes in Angie’s direction.

“Indeed. In the past I fought and chased after Papa in order to kill him many times, but being on the verge of being killed by Veronica, she had me turned into a servant by Papa instead to save my life. I apologized right away. Papa forgave…my foolish acting. Me, who had tried to kill Papa many and many times over…that’s why I’m always together with Papa since then, right Papa?” After tilting her head to the side towards the end of her explanation, Angie smiled gently.

So she can make such a face as well…

“…Yes, as a matter of fact…it’s just as she says.” Paulsen shyly agreed after slightly extending his curly mustache in pride.

“Afterwards we wandered for many years again, and finally arrived in Pelneet. After spending time with vampires of other houses, I met Mel and Bene-ane, received various favors from them, and have been together with them ever since.” Veronica finished her story.

“…I remember it very well. At the time when I met Vero-cchi for the first time, she had gouged out the heart of an enemy with her small arm.” Benett said something scary while laughing.

“That’s right, we were saved by Veronica. Afterwards we supported each other. When facing the church dropouts, we took them on. At other times, we left it to her. Because of that relationship, she became a senior leader of 【Remains of the Moon】 over the course of time.” Mel added.


Mel and Veronica smiled at each other, mutually understanding the other’s intent.

“So that’s how it went down, huh?” I brought this topic to an end.

Afterwards we talked about other topics, and I was given bags full of gold coins by Mel.

“Guild Master, this is your payment. Please take it since we have already split it.” Mel said.

“This much…?”

“Yes. Because we expanded our turf, we deducted the sundry expenses for the stores.” Mel explained.

There were several bags full of gold coins, and also some with platinum coins.

“The gold coins are actually thrumming…” Rebecca, who had watched silently, said absent-mindedly.

“Nn, you will get Shuuya to buy you magic scrolls next time?” Eva asked.

“Yeah, but the blue flames are much easier to use, you know? Language magic has chants, and crests take time and effort…besides, I also have a long wand called Goophon’s Magic Wand which possesses wonderful abilities. I think I have to buy them sooner or later, but right now I’d like to give Betty-san a new set of black tea containers. Afterwards, protective clothes for me, a fist-type weapon, normal, cute clothes, and accessories might be really nice~” Rebecca said cheerfully.

You already got a large amount of clothes, don’t you…? But, a fist-type weapon, huh?
A fist weapon clad in blue flames might be quite awesome.

“Nn, I want metals and new ingredients for the restaurant of Dee.” Eva said without wavering.

“I might look for new training clothes, a loincloth, and a cute sword belt. The new leather armor, which Rebecca gave me, broke after one training session. Later I want to go look around various stores since magic katana aren’t sold often.” Yui chipped in.

“Yui, do you want to go shopping with us next time?” Rebecca asked in response.

“Yeah, gladly.”

“Wait, everyone, Master hasn’t even given his permission yet, okay?” Viine interjected.

“I might like to have some money as research funds…” Mysty said timidly.

All my <Head Servant Leader> started to plan what to do with the money. I didn’t put away these gold coin bags into my item box.

“…Isabell, manage these. If my women say that they want some money, you can freely hand it out to them. And, take those gold coin bags to the box located in my room.” I ordered the maids, and Isabell replied, “Yes, as you wish.”

Isabell, Anna, and Krychiwa carried the gold coin bags.
Then I heard various information from Mel.

“The other day 【Remains of the Moon】 moved independently. We attacked the mansion where the remnants of 【Eyes of Twilight】 and 【Owl’s Fang】 had gathered, and completely crushed them. A few church dropouts scattered into the wilderness. The ship company that had been left behind from Macbayn’s conglomerate became independent alongside all its captains. There are some captains who ran away to the Sea Light City, but further details are unknown. And there are rumors about a great number of people missing in the free market district. Moreover, we have a small-scaled dispute with 【Black Glove】, but you might as well ignore it. Rather than that, Rainbow-colored Longsword Master Guy and Shadow User Yomi, who lead the new 【Feathers of Large Bird】, have started to claim territory that extends into the slums, the pleasure quarter and the Warehouse District. It’s necessary to deal with them.” Mel recounted.

I already know about the missing people, but I hadn’t heard anything about a new dark guild.

“…Who are those people?”

“They are fellows connected to Pax. They’ve been annoying lately.” Benett supplemented.

Don’t tell me they are guys who had their heads changed into bugs…

“I fought several times against them, but pulled away since we got interrupted,” said Paulsen.

Come to think of it, I still haven’t seen how Paulsen fights.

“If that shadow user doesn’t show up, Papa could win with his axe and sword.” Angie defended Paulsen while passionately looking at him.

“Then they must be quite strong.”

“Yes. And, Assashin of Crimson, Goday the Blizzard, Zabusa of the Demonic Blood Creation, and Zef the Darkness Beheading Thread User, all leaders of 【Skull Ogre】 which is a chief power in 【Iron Square City Lalabuin】, were sighted on the southern streets in the outskirts of 【Labyrinth City Pelneet】. The appearance of leader candidates of dark guilds can be called proof for the creation of a new turf. As 【Owl’s Fang】 and 【Eyes of Twilight】 disappeared, they are likely acting while thinking that it’s easy to crush us.” Mel added to her previous information.

Again new enemies?
Since it seems bothersome, I switched to the next leader so as to not hear any more of that.
I received reports from Zeeta about the proceeds of 【Moon’s Refined Gold Company】 and his creation of several horned bone puppet soldiers together with Veronica.

“I did my best. This guy is a puppet soldier. Right now I have them serve as gatekeepers of each turf.” Veronica pointed at the largely built guy standing behind her since the meeting started.

“…” It calmly moved its bone hand, and tucked back the robe’s hood, exposing its plain face.

A skeleton warrior with a horn? It looks like it can’t talk.

It’s hollow as it has less bones than the burning knights, but I think it can fight, so far as it goes.

“Well done, Vero-cchi.” Benett praised

“That’s quite the feat, Veronica. You used the bones we obtained from Holkerbaum’s port, didn’t you?” Mel added.

“Yeah, that’s correct. The bone mountain located in the corrupted underground city over there was unexpectedly useful.”

Probably because she had produced some results, Benett and Mel praised Veronica.
Viine was looking at the puppet soldier with a keen interest. She’s the only one of my <Head Servant Leaders> who can use these as well, isn’t she?
Well, in contrast to the burning knights, this one appears to be weak. It’s questionable whether it’s worth it to make them since it also takes time and effort.
Next the matter I had them investigate in advance became the topic.

“Guild master, I will report about the matter that I investigated after being told to do so by Mel. Within the range I investigated, they hadn’t such a significant scale. Ans Carolina, the head of Spirit Light, and Doryzen seem to be conspirators of the fishmen pirates of the Sea Light City.” Being in charge of reconnaissance, Benett gave a report.

She’s excellent after all.

“So they were connected to the fishmen as expected, huh? Do these guys possess a turf in Pelneet?”

“According to Benett, they don’t have an official territory. There might be a large fishmen organization behind them, but in the end they are probably the likes of hoodlums. For caution’s sake I have stationed several subordinates on the First Ring Road to have them stand watch.” Mel said.

“Look out together with Lala?”

“We don’t have anything to do recently. Lulu, let’s do our best.”

The girls of the former Massacre Sisters stated.
At that moment, Rollo, who had been on standby in her cat loaf position, briskly walked across the table until in front of the seats where Lala and Lulu were sitting. She stopped there, and after tapping the table with one paw, meowed “Nyaon,” although I didn’t understand whether she meant to say 『Knock it off nya』.

“Yaaay…a kitty.”

“Rollo-sama, what are you telling us to do?”


Rollo behaved like a spoiled child on top of the table, and extended one paw as if showing off her pad.

“Lulu, Lala, don’t mind her too much. You guys practice under your Mamas and next to Robalt.”

“Guild master, I don’t wanna. I want a job.”

“The same as Lulu would be nice.”

The two said something like that, but…

“Guild master, what should I do?”

I have never seen Robalt’s true ability, but…I guess I will give them some orders for the time being.

“If the pleasure quarter is doing fine, take Lulu and Lala along, and support Paulsen in dealing with 【Feathers of Large Bird】.” I instructed them.


“I will go for it.”


Lulu, Lala, and Robalt looked at Paulsen, their senior member of 【Remains of the Moon】.

“…I got it.” Paulsen immediately acknowledged, despite sighing while looking displeased, probably because he felt as if having been entrusted with babysitting.

At that moment Angie stared at me. It wasn’t the frightened look from before anymore, but one that I didn’t understand.

“…It’s a good plan. Paulsen, Angie, Lulu, Lala, and Robalt, please cooperate with each other and deal with 【Feathers of Large Bird】.” Mel agreed with my opinion.

“We have to check the coordination. Robalt, Lulu, and Lala, I’m looking forward to working with you.” Paulsen lowered his head at the three like a true gentleman.

“If Papa obey, I will also do my best. Robalt, Lulu, Lala, best regards. But, don’t get too close to Papa, okay?”

Angie really acts like that to anyone, doesn’t she?

“I’m Lulu. Kind, bearded uncle and blue-haired, scary lady, please take care of me.”

“Best regards, Lala here.”

“I’m Robalt, a dual blade user who mastered Extreme Class of the Ruler’s Spear Style and the basic King Class of the Peerless Sword Style. If it’s close combat, you can leave it to me.”

All three greeted Angie.

“Well then, Guild Master, what countermeasures should we adopt against the other dark guild, 【Skull Ogre】?” Just like a vice guild master, Mel switched to the next topic.

While staring at my face, she brought up the topic I had ignored before.

“Guild master, may I give my opinion?” The grave voice of Kazun-san.

“Go ahead, Kazun-san.”

“I have a bit of a fateful connection with Zabusa of the Demonic Blood Creation and Zef the Darkness Beheading Thread User. If these guys come to Pelneet, I want to fight against them.”

“For you to have this much motivation, that’s rare…” The insect user Zeeta, who hid his eyes deeply below his hood, turned his face towards Kazun, and moved his lips synchronously to his voice.

“I also feel like I heard your voice for the first time in a while.” Benett added.

“Kazun, what are you going to do about your job as a cook and the inn?” Mel asked.

“…If it’s about cooking for 【Lodging Moon of the Labyrinth】, my subordinates have grown up, so I can leave it to them. I will also have a subordinate act as landlord of the inn.”

“I agree with it, but Guild Master, what do you think?” Mel asked with a sidelong glance at me.

“I don’t mind. But, no matter what situation it might be, Mel, Benett, Veronica, make sure to support Kazun-san properly. If you feel like it’s going to be a close fight, definitely inform me, those of my friends who are present here at that time – especially Kaldo who became the 【Head Advisor】 of 【Remains of the Moon】 – or otherwise the maids and the combat slaves. However, sorry if I’m not in.”

“Understood…is what I want to say, but 【Head Advisor】…? I already heard from Kaldo himself that he was an excellent assassin, so I had asked him to go on patrols, but…” Mel looked around between Kaldo and me while showing a bewildered expression.

“It’s suitable as the name of his position. You have heard that Kaldo was an assassin, but he’s also a battle-tried soldier. In short, I value his experience. Therefore consider him as my representative if I’m not present. However, to the last he’s a representative. It’s fine for him to be low in the ranking order. Kaldo, move in the shape of assisting vice guild master Mel.”

Kaldo placed his hand on his chest, and said, “――Yes! I shall abide to milord’s order,” while bowing his head.

“Haah…I got it.” Mel accepted reluctantly, but she immediately switched over, revealing a stabbing look.

It’s a reaction that makes me each time think that she’s definitely a quick-witted woman.

“Well then, I guess I will work hard, befitting a vice guild master. I can’t lose to Kazun. I wonder whether I will have a chance to use my flash technique Shadow Wax after a long time…” She mentioned with a fearless smile.

“So you will stay on the front line after the crushing of the remnants the other day, huh? I’m happy. I will reliably back you up from the shadows with this new bow, Mel.” Benett said.

“Yeah, I will also help Mel and Kazun with my blood mana, turning the enemies into a bloody mess.” Veronica added.

“Thanks everyone, Guild Master.” Kazun-san thanked while politely bowing his leopard head.

While considering that gesture to also be stylish, I gazed at everyone.

“We will break up for now then. All of you, strive in your respective jobs.”


All of the dark guild members left quickly. Only Veronica, my chosen bloodkin and Kaldo stayed back.

While sniffing the scent by moving her nostrils, Veronica spoke up in an ill mood, “…How nice. The servants have the same smell as guild master, Shuuya.”

“That’s only natural, right?”

“Aah, I wanted to also become Shuuya’s <Servant>…” Veronica returned.

“But, Veronica, you are my senior vampire, right? Besides, you’re a pure vampire. You will evaporate the instant my blood enters you.”

“…Yeah, that’s why I’m saying that I want to at least stay next to guild master, my junior, you know?” Veronica stood on the table while lightly dancing as she said so.

She came in front of me while performing a tap dance.

“Veronica, since it’s best for master to have us at his side, it’s rejected.” Viine, who staged a passionate opposition, awaited Veronica while swiftly sitting down on my knee.

The nice smell of a vampire species and her beautiful, glossy silver hair hung in the air. And I couldn’t resist the plumpness of her butt.

“Jeez, how mean…” Veronica complained.

“Yes, Shuuya is our suzerain. But, the Shuuya just now had a different expression than normal. The one as a guild master, I’d say? It was dreamy.” Rebecca mentioned something like that while standing up, coming next to me, and grasping my hand. Her blue eyes were slightly teary.

“Nn, certainly he looked crisp with that leader face.” Eva praised me as well, but she said it while not looking overly happy.

Well, the state of me showing a carefree, relaxed expression is my regular expression after all.

“――It’s not good to scramble for His Excellency.” While saying so, Helme made Viine draw back against her will and forced herself on my knee. Viine undauntedly tried to pull Helme’s arm, and it developed into a cat fight.

“Bah, act properly, you two! ――Shuuya can’t get up, now can he!?” Yui retorted and lightly hit the heads of Helme and Viine with the scabbard of her katana.

How unusual, or rather, isn’t this the first time for Helme being hit?

“Yui, you’re certainly correct.” Viine agreed.

“I don’t welcome acting like this towards a spirit, but since it’s just as you say, I shall forgive you.” Helme generously said.

Both separated from me.

“Shit, shit, shit…” Mysty muttered at that point, falling back to her bad habit.

“What’s wrong, Mysty?”

“Since everyone is on good terms, I can’t join the circle…shit!” Mysty complained.

“Oh my, it looks like I will get along with her. I feel the same.” Veronica said.

“Veronica-san, nice to meet you. I’m Mysty and became a <Head Servant Leader> recently.”

“Yes, nice to meet you. It feels like there’s some kind of wall there, doesn’t it?” Veronica returned the greeting with a faint smile.

“Yea, you’re absolutely right.” Mysty smiled back.

“Milord, I have always sensed that.”

Don’t say that with a grim face! Dude, you’re a guy…

“…Kaldo, you’re a man. I thought you have been able to understand my feelings in that regard.”

“Yes! ――It was a verbal slip. I intend to understand you as a man.” Kaldo said with wet eyes.

Yui scolded her father, and it turned into a pleasant parent-children quarrel.
Afterwards I talked with everyone while paying attention to not make them feel any walls. That relaxed time continued for a while.
And then Mysty grabbed a porcelain cup with black tea from the table. Once she finished sipping from it, she chatted me up and not Eva while revealing a triumphant expression.

“…Master, I did some research and experiments after consulting with Eva the other day, and I’m going to present here what I finally completed.”

“What is it? I hear about this for the first time.” I answered.

“Fufu, I mean, you didn’t come to my workshop, did you? It’s only natural for you to not know. Now, Eva, you have it already equipped, right? Show it to him. I name it Eva’s exclusive Sorcery Wheelchair Mark 1.” Mysty donned the expression of a clever genius, and extended her slender arm towards Eva.

The atmosphere as she made her white coat flutter somehow gave the impression of her being a mad scientist. It might suit her if I make her wear glasses. I think next time I will look whether I can’t buy a pair somewhere.

“Nn.” Eva nodded deeply with her violet eyes sparkling.

She moved towards me with her wheelchair while cladding her whole body with violet mana. And then, the instant she rolled up the hem of her dress and showed her usual metal legs, a metallic mechanism at her bones moved.
Eh? What the hell is this…? That’s damn amazing. Her legs and the wheelchair combined?
The wheel parts automatically transformed into an improved Segway mode, attaching themselves at the sides of the ankles of Eva’s metallic feet.
Next to her knees several thin black lines of fibers clad in mana could be seen. Black and emerald metals smoothly composed the area from her calves to her ankles, connecting the ankles with the wheels’ metallic parts.
It completely had taken the appearance of a plug suit with robot feet, just like a power suit.
This is certainly catered towards Eva. It’s truly a Wheelchair Mark 1 that has an impact as if destroying mankind. 1 I thought it would make a heavy sound once she landed next to the table, but she walked across the floor silently by sliding with her wheels and feet.
It’s the exterior of the wheels, but it makes me think of roller blades.

“…Wow, you’re walking by sliding.” I admired it.

“It’s surprising, isn’t it?” Mysty said with a proud look.

Well yeah, it sure is a surprise.

“Nn, Shuuya, your eyes widened in surprise. Fufu.” Eva happily frolicked around.

“…Amazing stuff is possible if metal lovers combine their forces…” Veronica muttered while looking at Eva’s new sorcery legs.

“Certainly, it’s exactly because Eva can manipulate metal…” Yui chipped in.

But they are right, Eva and Mysty have a good chemistry going.

“Your Excellency, after all it was correct to turn her into a subordinate. It’s a magnificent accomplishment.” Helme commented.

“Yeah, it’s amazing.” I answered

“Eva, how’s the mana consumption?” Viine crouched down and investigated the parts from Eva’s knees to her metallic feet by touching them.

“Nn, it doesn’t use much. However, if I continue using it, it consumes a reasonable amount.” Eva replied.

“That area is a problem. I haven’t grasped the complete structure of the magic wheelchair yet. Once I will be able to prepare a substitute mana core, Eva’s mana won’t be consumed as much, but the work to include that will require many thousands trials and errors on top of constraining Eva herself for a long time. It’s extremely difficult to do that in my spare time.” Mysty explained after Eva.

But, you did improve Eva’s wheelchair in your spare time, did you?

“…Well, even this is already plenty amazing. It’s great, isn’t it Eva? You’ve become able to walk.”

“Nn, thanks to Mysty. I’m happy――” She had been whirling around at an amazing rate with her physical ability that made use of her bloodline as Lucival.

Ah, at that moment a wheel made out of metal and wood came off, and Eva fell over.


“Hey Eva, didn’t I tell you that it’s no good if you move around with unreasonably strange motions?” In a hurry Mysty extended her hand towards the broken, metallic part.

She created a black fissure, similar to a spider web, on the surface of her hand as she had shown some time ago, and made that fissure slowly encroach her arm.

“Nn, sorry.” Eva dropped her shoulders while on the ground.

In the meanwhile Mysty stretched out her hand, which had become pitch black except for the shining nails, towards the metal and touched the broken part with her fingertips. In that instant, a small magic crest sunk into the broken place, and glued together the metals like slime mold. The wheel immediately returned to its previous state.

“Nn, thanks. ――I won’t do too weird things from now on.” Eva said while casting her eyes down with a slightly embarrassed face, and returned her wheelchair to its usual wheelchair mode.

“Yeah, be careful, okay?”

“However, it looks like Eva’s Wheelchair Mk-1 still has a lot of room to evolve.”

Mysty, who heard my words, scratched her head awkwardly, and replied, “…Sorry if I had raised your expectations. In reality any further changes will be difficult. The dwarves, who made this wheelchair, are quite the family. Sorcery Doll techniques have been used as well, and even Eva’s blood and flesh. It’s stuffed with magic and work techniques completely unknown to me…”

“I see. Well, decide after talking it properly over with Eva.”

“Nn, I’m fine with this. Mysty, you have your sorcery doll creation, too. You’re also researching various other things.” Eva looked into Mysty’s face and said while smiling like an angel.

“Ah, yeah, haha, you did see my room the other day, didn’t you?” Mysty smiled bitterly while looking embarrassed.

If I don’t forget, I think I will take a look at her new workshop next time.

“Nn, of course.” Eva said.

“When I looked at it together with Eva the other day, it had been really messy. I’m sure it has become even more amazing now.” Rebecca added while nodding at Eva.

…Now then.
Today I have to speak about the prospects of recovering the mirrors instead of doing a training session.
And I guess I will actually retrieve a mirror that might be buried.



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