Chapter 193 – B Rank Examination and the Blind Girl

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In the middle of a weather that made the leaves rustle in the wind, with Helme dwelling my left eye and Rollo sitting on my shoulder, I went to the adventurer guild together with Yui, Viine, and Kaldo, and applied for the B rank promotion exam at the reception.
By the way, Rebecca and Eva were acting independently, and had gone window shopping at a new store.
Mysty was busy at her school event. She told me that she’d like me to visit the Magic Academy Ronberge next time…
While I was thinking that it might be fine to go have a look at some point, the receptionist returned.

“Thank you for waiting. Your application is complete. We will keep your adventurer card here for the time being. Please follow me then.” The receptionist said.

We descended a gently-sloping path through the guild’s inner area, and arrived at an imposing octagonal arena in the basement. The floor was made out of paved stones, albeit without a wire mesh pattern.
Adventurers were fighting with wooden swords and spears in the arena while wearing light attires. It reminded me of mixed martial arts’ matches, and at the same time I recalled martial arts tournaments carried out in the basement of Tokyo Dome.
Even in this world they are considered to be scarier than nuclear weapons… I wonder whether I will also find here the strongest person with a demon face on their back.1

“…Such a place in the basement…” I was surprised.

“Yes. You didn’t know, Master?” Viine revealed that she already knew about it.

“No, I didn’t.” I confirmed.

“It’s my first time, too.” Yui joined in.

“Of course it’s the same for me as well, milord.” Kaldo added.

Yui and Kaldo had just registered as adventurers.
The receptionist led us to one of the octagon’s sides where several adventurers were gathering.

“The exam will take place here very soon. Please follow the instructions of the examiners and do your best,” the beautiful receptionist explained. After I told her, “Okay, thanks for bringing us here,” she left us.

Right afterwards, a rough voice could be heard, “We will carry out the B rank promotion exam from now on! You C rank brats will fight five times against the examiners over here. Those managing to win all five matches will definitely get promoted.”

It was the deep voice of a muscled man with a bald head.

『His muscles are moving.』

Helme analyzed the muscled baldie. Without mentioning anything about his mana, she only pointed out the matter with his muscles.

“Aye.” “I’m ready to go.” “I’m going to win!” “So I just gotta win five times, eh?”

All the adventurers were full of motivation.

Then another examiner spoke up, “There might be all kinds of people who are good at close combat, ranged combat, or magic, but the weapons allowed in the exam are wooden swords, spears, wands, and bows using headless arrows. You may only wear light armor. In order to avoid deaths and injuries from magic, you have to state beforehand that you will use magic. Those specialized on ranged attacks will have another exam at the neighboring grounds, so please move over there. We’re going to start the exam then.”

I wonder whether close combat is okay.
The adventurers taking the exam headed to different areas in the arena while holding wooden spears and swords. Same applied for the archers and magicians.
I also followed them with a wooden spear in hand.

“Who’s going to challenge me?” The bald, muscular examiner hurled that question at the challengers while shouldering a wooden sword.

“I will go first,” a tall, handsome adventurer, who appeared to be a knight type, stepped up towards the examiner.

The handsome adventurer and the examiner faced each other in the middle of the octagon. A dangerous atmosphere hung in the air.

“Come at me whenever you want, brat.” The examiner said in a high-handed manner.

“Humph!” The instant the adventurer furrowed his eyebrows, he nimbly stepped in and swung his wooden sword diagonally from the shoulder, but the bald examiner twisted his body, dodging the sword’s blade at hair’s breadth. Performing a sharp upward slash as counter from that position, he hit the torso of the adventurer with his wooden sword, blowing him away to the side.

“Guhaa.” The handsome adventurer laid on top of the stone paving. The clothes he wore were cut into six parts while being turned up. Traces of red sword lines were clearly visible on his muscled upper body. Since he suffered a full blow, albeit with a wooden sword, it looked painful, even if it might have been nothing but a body hit.

“Only small fries this week?”

“It doesn’t look as if we will have a turn with Mezu here.”

“Certainly, there’s no one releasing strong mana…”

It seemed there were also examiners who can use Magic Observation. They ridiculed the challenging adventurers.

『Their mana manipulation is quite good, but in the end they are only humans…they don’t appear to be excellent people that see through Your Excellency’s greatness like Collector the other day.』

The tiny Helme said while adopting a strange pose with the blue-colored leaves across her entire body swaying oddly.

“I’m next!” A female adventurer yelled.

“Come!” Mezu replied.

She challenged the examiner, but lost consciousness after being easily slapped on the ground.

For a while one adventurer after the other challenged the examiner, but not a single one of them could defeat him. And then it was my turn.

“Shuuya, do your best,” Yui cheered me on.

“If it’s Master, it will take an instant,” Viine stated confidently.

“I shall certainly make sure of milord’s spearmanship with these eyes.” Kaldo also joined in.

Yui, Viine, and Kaldo rooted for me. While hearing those cheers behind me, I faced the bald examiner with my wooden spear at hand.

“An adventurer possessing subordinates? Or one of those noble little shits I hate? Seein’ your lackin’ foundation, a small fry noble, huh? Humph.” Mezu said in displeasure.


“…I don’t know what you’re misunderstanding here, examiner or whatever you are. Has the match already begun?” I asked to make sure.

“Yeah, I’m ready whenever.” Mezu announced.

I guess I will shut up his arrogant trap.

“I see――” With those words I lightly kicked the floor, shortened the distance to the examiner with his shiny, smooth head, and after powerfully stepping forward with my left foot, I rotated my waist.

Just like that I twisted my right arm and unleashed a <Thrust>, which I pushed out with such a force that the wooden spear in my hand was about to break, towards the abdomen of the examiner who had readied his sword in a seigan stance.
The spiraling wood spear easily flicked the examiner’s sword away, and cleanly stabbed into his solar plexus. The examiner’s body took the shape of a く, and was blown away to the back.

“Guaaaah――” The examiner screamed.

Just in case I went easy on him, but…the head of my wooden spear ended up breaking.

“What was that?”

“For Mezu to be stabbed while unable to react…”

“Who’s that adventurer…?”

The examiners all talked with their faces steeped in surprise.
I threw away the broken spear, and picked up a new one from the stack placed at the edge of the stone paving.

And then, while throwing a sidelong glance at the examiner who didn’t move while crouching at the side, I said to another examiner, “――That examiner can’t get up, so what are we going to do next?”

“I will take you on…” An examiner with long hair and a tattoo on his forehead appeared, holding a spear in his hands.

He probably trained spearmanship, seeing how his seigan stance was reasonably good.

“Please.” The instant I hurled that word at him, he released a beast-like roar and came charging at me.

However, only his roar had been first-class. His thrust was half-hearted and ordinary.
I really don’t know about the greatness of the Divine King ranker’s martial arts families…
Since there was no need to block his spear, I ran towards him in a forward-bent posture, and avoided the approaching spear thrust so narrowly that my left cheek got grazed by shifting half my body slightly to the side. Then I scooped up my spear diagonally with the image of returning my shifted body to its original position, slashing the examiner as if tearing his chest open in the process.
At the time my spear hit him, the wooden spearhead was pulverized once again.

“Geeeh――” Probably because he got struck by my spear as a counter, the examiner was blown to the edge of the venue while tumbling across the ground, even though I had held back on him.



The grounds fell completely silent, and the remaining examiners had apparently realized their own fate.

In this way I finished off all the examiners that took me on, securing a complete victory.

One of the other examiners came close, and said, “Magnificent. A splendid feat. If you’re this powerful, no one will dispute you becoming B rank. Please take this to the receptionist.”

He gave me a silver badge, and I thanked him shortly.
At that point Yui and Viine ran up to me from behind.

“I sensed that your spear’s speed was slower than usual.” Yui observed.

“Indeed. I had the impression that your speed was a lot slower than the yellow spear’s new thrusting technique that you used during today’s training while happily saying that you’d test this.” Viine stated.

I guess I can’t deceive the eyes of my chosen bloodkin.

“You’re right. I focused a bit on it.” I readily affirmed.

“Yeah, but, the examiners are normal humans, so…” Yui worried.

“I think it will be fine since I went easy on them. Look, they have just fainted.” I calmed her.

One of the defeated examiners was getting up while being looked after.

“Yeah.” Yui noticed in relief.

“On top of going easy on them, you easily broke the hard wooden spears. It’s truly the same as being peerless. I want to personally watch your spear work on the battlefield. You allowed me to see splendid spear handling,” praised Kaldo who had experienced battlefields. His loyal look possessed the dignity of a warring states commander.

I felt motivated and humbled.

“The battlefield, huh…? Well, I’m confident in my spearmanship. Come, let’s go to the reception.” I started to walk while indicating to them to follow me.

“Yes.” Viine answered.

“Okay.” Yui confirmed.

“Yes, milord.” Kaldo said.

Going back up, we returned to the guild’s ground level. Given that the beautiful receptionist from a while ago was present, the adventurers swarmed her reception desk and waited for their turn in a line.

And then, “The exam is finished. I was told by the examiner to give you this.” I handed the silver badge to the receptionist.

“Congratulations. This settles your promotion to B rank. Please wait a moment,” asked the receptionist and went to make some detailed written notes at a place in the back with many documents piled up, talked with several staff members, and vanished from sight after going up a set of stairs.

『Your Excellency, you have finally risen to B rank. Congratulations.』

『Thanks. I’m happy because it’s a promotion through finishing requests normally.』

As I was telepathically talking with Helme, the receptionist returned in a jog. Since she was lightly dressed, her boobs were shaking slightly.

“――Thank you for waiting. This will be your new adventurer card.” Saying so, she handed me a card that shone in silver.

Name: Shuuya Kagari
Age: 22
Title: Dragon Slayer
Race: Human
Occupation: Adventurer B Rank
Affiliation: none
Combat Occupation: Spear Warrior – Chain User
Completed Requests: 50

“Thanks. Bye then.” I turned my back on the reception desk and walked through the guild. And while fiddling around with the brand new card, I chatted up Viine and the others who walked next to me. “I guess I have joined the group of competent adventurers with this?”

“Master, you were a splendid male from the very start.” Viine said something slightly unrelated while tucking her silver hair behind her long ear.

“Even though you hadn’t been an adventurer when we met for the first, you’re already at B rank. That’s awesome. But, I heard that adventurers gain trust by steadily piling up accomplishments. However, in your case S is much more fitting than B rank, Shuuya.” Yui commented.

“Yes, he’s a great male who’s stronger than the rank gives away.” Viine threw her chest out and announced it with an attitude as if talking about herself while walking.

“Either way, it’s wonderful. Together with Yui, I also want to get closer to milord by raising my adventurer rank,” chipped in Kaldo while exchanging looks with Yui.

“Yeah, if we’re going to do it anyway, I want to have the same rank as Shuuya.” Yui added.

“If it’s you guys, it should be possible to achieve it quickly, if you accept several subjugation requests, and hunt in the prairie or dive into the labyrinth, shouldn’t it?” I asked.

“Yes. We will do our best, Yui, right?” Kaldo answered.

“No way. I want to have the same rank, but right now spending time with Shuuya is important. Dad, go yourself, okay?” Yui denied Kaldo.

Due to the unexpected cold words of his daughter, Kaldo seemed about to cry and looked at me…ugh, even if you want me to help you, I’m not sure what I should say here. Oh well, I guess I will speak while coming up with something.

“…Kaldo, you’re presently my only <Servant Leader>…I think you can work together with Mel and the others at 【Remains of the Moon】. I’m actually considering whether I should assign you to be the 【Head Advisor】. Moreover, it might be a good idea to polish your abilities as commander of a platoon, seeing as you had dived the other day into the labyrinth as adventurer while leading the combat slaves.” I fumbled my way through.

I haven’t told Mel anything about this, but well, I guess it’ll be alright if I explain to her later.

“…What kind words…I shall accept the position as 【Head Advisor】 in 【Remains of the Moon】 as <Servant Leader>. I will show you how we’re going to take control of Pelneet’s underworld.” Kaldo announced full of motivation.

“Dad, you’re all fired up, aren’t you? You have been naturally releasing mana from your body exceeding the range of Magic Combat Style. …But certainly, for me and Dad it might be easier to work in the dark than as adventurers.” Yui said.

While strictly staring at Yui with the expression of an assassin and soldier, Kaldo answered, “But, the job as adventurer and the experience against monsters is valuable, you understand? After all you have to also assume that your opponents will use inhumane means in interpersonal combat.”

“Okay, you got a point there.” Yui conceded.

We walked along the bustling ring road in such a manner.

“Please stop――”

Suddenly something like the scream of a woman could be heard.
Once I shifted my eyes in that direction wondering what was going on, tall men, who seemed to be adventurers, had started a quarrel with the blind girl.
Using Magic Combat Step, I dashed forward with such a force that the ground got burned, and got close on the spot.

“Stop it!” I grabbed the arm of a tall man who was about to hit the herb-selling girl.

“Hah? The hell are ya!?”

“Broth, your arm…”

Right, I had put a little strength into my grip. His thick arm broke, and a mark of my hand was left on his wrist.


“Hiii, what the hell is that guy!?”

While glaring at the hoodlums, I warned them lightly, “Stop pestering that girl.”

“No deal. Day after day she’s annoyin’ ’bout sellin’ those crappy plants that dun’ sell anyway. She not sellin’ anythin’ and yet she seems to have some dough, ya know…?”

“Yeeeah! This is the turf of Ans Carolina-sama, the head of Spirit Light, and Dryzen-sama, okay? A little cheeky herb seller is not needed here.” A man with protruding eyes and the shrill voice of a merchant yelled in the middle of the hoodlums.

Turf, they say?
If they are from the underworld, they should obediently fall back if I confront them with an underworld name, right?

“…You’re sure noisy. Such things don’t matter. Starting with today, this place belongs to the turf of 【Remains of the Moon】.” I irresponsibly announced while knowing jack about turf disputes.

“Eh? R-Remains of the Moon? N-No way!? You related to the strongest dark guild in this city?” The hoodlums, who had been surrounding the blind girl, all looked surprised. Gradually losing all color in their faces, they became pale.

The blind girl turned her white eyes left and right.
She’s bewildered? I guess I ended up surprising her.
And then she apparently inferred who I am from the sound of my voice.

『Your Excellency, shall I bury stakes into their butts, freeze them, and leave them out in the open?』

『No, it’s okay.』

I finished the usual telepathic conversation in an instant.

“Master, shall I get rid of this dirt right here and now?” Viine asked.

“Milord, please leave it to me if it comes to creating a sea of blood.” Kaldo joined in as well.

Even after I cut the telepathic conversation short, it turned out like this as I have many hotblooded subordinates besides Helme.

“Hey, both of you, for now it’s alright.” Yui stopped Viine and Kaldo who were about to draw their weapons.

How lucky, Yui is a calm girl. However…I think I will threaten them a bit.

“…As if it’s at the level of just being related to them, this is――” I said and summoned my Magic Halberd in my right hand.

“Hieeee, do-donch’ chell meee…”

“S-Spearmaster…Remains of the Moon…”

“Nyagooah.” Rollo jumped while changing into a black panther. She got angry while meowing something along the lines of 『I’m here as well nya』.

“Black cat…No doubt, it’s the spearmaster and the black cat.”

“R-Run away. Zenji, count me out――”

“M-Me too~~. E-Excuse me.”

Other than the shady merchant, everyone, including the injured man, ran away.

“I’m selling the black lily of illusions. If it’s right now, I will give you a discount…” The pop-eyes goldfish merchant, who seemed to have some gills, apparently escaped reality.

I guess he plans to get through this by playing dumb. As if to gloss over, he was selling medicinal plants while turning his face left and right.

“Hey, you, the dumb black lily seller, don’t sell your goods here.” I ordered him.

“Hiii, don’t come any closer! I’m going to inform Ans Carolina-sama, the head of Spirit Light, and Dryzen-sama of this!” With those parting words, he escaped…the merchant with the abnormally big eyes.

Maybe he’s a half with his parents being fishman and human.

“U-Umm, thank you very much.” The blind girl said.

“Don’t worry about it. I just came here to buy medicinal plants.” I answered.

“Ah, really…? Thanks, kind and strong adventurer-sama. This time it ended with my goods being safe and nothing being stolen.” The girl bowed modestly.

“Nyaon.” At that moment Rollo rubbed her head against the girl’s leg.

“Hauu, the sensation of fur. A kitty-san?”


She shook her head left and right, searching for the Rollo’s location. Her hands grabbed empty space several times.
Does Rollo comprehend that she can’t see her? She brought her small head close to the palm of the blind girl on her own accord. Rollo…you’re too kind…

“…Oh my, fufu, she’s licking my hand, isn’t she…? Cute.” The blind girl joyfully said.

“…By the way, this time means your goods were damaged before?” I asked.

While caressing Rollo’s head, the girl pointed her pure white face upwards and responded to my voice, “…Yes. All my medicinal plants were taken away, and my money was stolen as well. But, once I gathered new medicinal plants in the Benrack Village and was about to sell them here again, I was obstructed by the same people…”

Ah, that’s why she hasn’t been here since the other day, huh?

“So that’s what happened.” I comprehended the circumstances.

“Oh, I didn’t thank you yet. Umm, kind adventurers, it’s just a small display of my gratitude, but this…” She stopped playing around with Rollo and stood up. Then she held out the few copper coins she earned through her sales.

…Uuh, she’s too lovable. It makes me cry.

“Keep that to yourself.” I strongly refused.

“But…” She tried to talk back.

“It’s the thought that counts.” I interrupted her.

“Understood…” The blind girl yielded while tears welled up in her white eyes.

Oh damn, I didn’t intend to make her cry…
Once I looked at Yui and Viine, the two smiled gently in joy.

“Master, you’re a supreme being, but at the same time you’re a kind person. Herb-selling girl, we don’t need that money.” Viine said.

“Indeed, Shuuya is kind. Especially to women.” Yui unnaturally talked like Rebecca. Her words were a bit thorny, but not that I mind.

“So your name is Shuuya-sama. My name is Amelie.” The blind girl introduced herself.

“Amelie-san, huh? Please treat me well from now on.” I responded.

“Yes, Shuuya-sama.”

I think I will use this opportunity to ask her for the reason why she’s selling medicinal plants.

“I know it’s abrupt, but you have a bad eyesight, don’t you Amelie-san? Why are you going this far to sell your medicinal plants?”

“That’s because I want to heal Dad’s sickness which can’t be cured with medicinal plants or potions. After I had gathered the necessary amount of money, I had a healer cast healing magic on Dad once at the church, but after he got better for a little while, Dad’s health deteriorated again, and the sickness got worse. He coughs up blood. But I don’t have enough money to get him healed at the church a second time.” Amelie explained her circumstances.

A blind girl doing her best for her sick father, huh?

“That’s the reason why you’re selling medicinal plants?” I confirmed.

“Yes. I need one silver coin per healing. It’s expensive, but if I can get him healed several times in succession, I’m sure Dad’s sickness will get better. And, gathering medicinal plants and selling those is the only thing I can do. That’s why I’m saving money. I will get Dad cured. I definitely won’t give up. Definitely, absolutely not…” Her eyes were white, but she had a determined look.

『Your Excellency, how about having this girl’s father drink my blessed water?』

『Ah, good idea. It might work. You can come out of my eye.』


Helme was released from my left eye in a spiral.

“Kyaa, cold.” Amelie was surprised by Helme’s appearance, seemingly having felt the sheets of spray.

“Good morning, spirit-sama.” Viine greeted.

“Hello, spirit-sama.” Yui followed Viine’s lead.

“Enviable spirit-sama, who dwells in milord, this Kaldo is at your service.” Kaldo went down on one knee and bowed his head.

Helme nodded with a generous and calm attitude, and then said, “Good morning. I’m His Excellency’s water, Helme. Since I listened to your conversation, greetings are unnecessary, Kaldo and everyone else.”

“Yes, spirit-sama. You’re as beautiful as ever…” Kaldo praised Helme.

“Thank you. Kaldo, you also got a bit younger since becoming a <Servant Leader>, haven’t you? Devote yourself to His Excellency from now on. Ah, His Excellency’s butt is off-limit, though.” Helme jokingly mentioned my butt.

“Yes, ma’am! Understood!” Kaldo bowed and answered while smiling.

“…Eh? Spirit-sama? What…?” Amelie asked while looking around restlessly.

“Amelie-san, it’s sudden, but can you let us meet your father?” I requested.

“Eh? Yes, that’s fine, but why?” Amelie inquired.

“We won’t do anything bad to him. Please lead us to your house.” I asked her.

“Y-Yes. However, it’s small and in the slums…” She said timidly.

“No problem. Take us there.” I insisted.

“Yes…” She looked confused, but still started to walk towards Pelneet’s east.


Amelie’s house was a small, cosy house located in a corner of the slums on the southeastern side.

“There’s not much space, but please sit down over here.” Amelie guided us to a table with some chairs around it.

“Thanks, excuse us for disturbing.” I replied.

Since there weren’t enough chairs, Yui and Kaldo remained standing. Rollo climbed on the table and stayed there quietly.
Looks like she intends to observe the whole situation.
Amelie’s sick father was sleeping on a bed in the same room. Hearing us entering, he got up from his sickbed, and spoke up with trembling hands, “A-A-Amelie, these people are…”

“Ah, Dad, lie down. These people are Shuuya-san and his adventurer friends. They saved me when I was about to have my income and medicinal plants stolen. Besides, he’s the adventurer who always bought my herbs for a lot of money, you remember?” Amelie explained.

“Ooh, what surprise…you’re that kind adventurer she mentioned the other day…Shuuya-san? I’m truly thankful. Not just the medicinal plants, but even my daughter…” He broke out into a coughing fit.

“Jeez, Dad, it’s okay already. Get some rest. I’m going to boil some of the medicinal plants now, so lie down!” Amalie instructed her father.

Amalie’s dad crouched down while coughing violently, and then lied down on the bed.

“Excuse me. I’m going to make a medicinal tea.” Amalie apologized, and started to work in the kitchen.

Once she caused some sparks by hitting the flints against each other, the wood chips in the stove caught fire. She tried to grab the handle of an earthenware pot filled with water, but letting her hand wander aimlessly, she seized empty space several times before finally tightly grasping the pot’s handle.

“Should I help you?” I asked after watching this.

“Master, me too.” Viine offered her help, too.

“No, it’s alright.” Amelie answered while talking rapidly as if being slightly angry.

“Shuuya, it’s not good if you get in her way, okay?” Yui cautioned me.

Thereupon Amelie’s father got up again.

“I’m sorry. That child certainly has a bad eyesight…but, because of her wholehearted wish to help me, she has become a child who isn’t satisfied unless she does everything by herself. Even though she’s still small, she keeps becoming more stubborn the harder she works.” Her father defended Amalie.

“Hey Dad, lie down!” Amalie turned her unfocused eyes towards her father and admonished him.

“It’s okay now. The fits don’t occur in succession.” Her father soothed her.

“You have to drink the tea I’m making now, okay?”

“Yeah, I know.” Amalie’s dad agreed.

A very young daughter who worries about her father, huh?

“…Isn’t she a wonderful daughter? Even while still young and having a bad eyesight, she runs about to gather and sell medicinal plants to save her father. That gentle nature of hers is worth to be respected.” I praised her.

“Yes, she’s such a truly nice child that she’s wasted on me. However, I really worry and worry about her gathering medicinal plants…” Tears became visible in the eyes of Amelie’s father as he answered me while nodding in agreement with my words.

“Jeez, Dad it’s embarrassing, so stop it.” Amalie said bashfully.

“No, you’re my pride. …If only not for the Magic Resonance of Emptiness…” Her father said.

“Magic Resonance of Emptiness, you say? Did she personally experience the moment of a spirit’s birth? Don’t tell me…that’s the cause for her eyes…” Viine reacted.

Magic Resonance of Emptiness? Somehow I remember having heard about it before. 2

“Yes…” The blind Amalie nodded at Viine’s conclusion, and continued, “…In the past we lived in the Benrack Village. Back then I went to play on the Light Cross Hill, saw a dazzling light, and my eyes became like this…” Amalie touched her face around the area of her eyes.

“What’s that Magic Resonance of Emptiness?” I asked Viine.

“The 【Light Cross Hill】 is famous for having a Glittering Light Phenomenon since the past. If young children see that dazzling light, it will cause an impairment to their minds or a loss of eyesight called Divine Punishment. That’s what I’ve heard.” Viine said.

“Such a place exists?” I asked back.

Viine nodded once and explained what she seemed to know about the phenomenon on the hill, “Yes. It’s known as a place where magic sources easily gather. But that’s unrelated to light spirits. It appears to simply be a phenomenon caused by the accumulation of magic sources. I heard that it’s the birthplace of all kinds of spirits such as lightning, wind, earth, fire, and water spirits and as such causes a resonance. It has turned into a very nutritious land, and the number of sacred springs and rivers has grown. At the same time goblins, ethereal bodies and other kinds of monsters are drawn to it.”

“…Spots where spirits are born should be omnipresent. It’s just a guess, but it might originally be a place where the threshold is thin.” Helme supplemented Viine’s explanation.

At that point, Yui and Kaldo spoke up to supplement Viine’s information while nodding.

“…Milord, I also heard about a place said to cause Divine Punishment in the Zamalia territory. The place’s name is different, but it’s a similar spot.” Kaldo said.

“Yeah, as Dad says. I happened to talk with a researcher-like person about this. It overlaps with what spirit-sama said, but I was told it’s something resembling scarred places related to the gods of the spirit world, a dimensional focal point, where the threshold is thin and magic sources naturally accumulate, or something like that. I don’t really understand the meaning, though.” Yui added.

While listening to them, I recalled that Master had mentioned something slightly similar, too.
But, a divine punishment, eh…? Maybe my Permeated Drops of the Sacred Flower would work on her, but Priestess Marin Peladas mentioned that it won’t affect “sicknesses you possess since birth” and “divine punishments.” I guess the Permeated Drops of the Sacred Flower won’t work here.
But, for something that has the possibility to blind a child for just being close-by, huh?

“…Is it that close to the Benrack Village?” I inquired.

This time Amalie spoke up, “Yes. It’s southeast from Pelneet. Since medicinal plants I can easily tell apart by smell are growing in the forest over there, I go to gather them there.”

“Although I’m telling her to not go since it’s dangerous…” Amalie’s father commented while looking gently at his daughter.

“However, it’s relatively safe since there are very many adventurers there. There are also many goblins, but…the monsters above the ground are being constantly hunted…” Amalie defended herself.

I joined in while smiling, “I see. But, you’re making your Dad worry. Going to places with monsters despite your missing eyesight is a bad idea, isn’t it?”

“Money is necessary to live, to survive. Even Dad said that it’s inevitable the other day…” Amalie countered.

Amelie’s father muttered while casting his face down, “If I didn’t have such an illness…”

“I see…?” I said.

If I can’t help Amalie, at least her father should…

Accordingly I looked at Helme, and asked, “Helme, can you pour your water in the cup on the table over there?”

“Yes.” Just as she did when watering the trees in our courtyard, Helme made the blue and bluish black leaves on her skin flutter, extended her arm, and poured water into the cup from her fingertips. The cup filled up in no time.

“Amelie and Amelie’s father, she’s a water spirit. Her water is special. It might help with the cure of the sickness. Please drink it.” I grabbed the cup and handed it to Amelie’s father.

“S-Spirit-sama…what to say…” Amelie’s father said in surprise.

“Is she really a spirit?” Amelie tried to trace Helme with her white eyes.

“Yes, I’m the Water Spirit of Everlasting Darkness, Helme. …I’m His Excellency’s water.” Helme turned into a liquid on the spot, and then reverted back to a human body in an instant.

“Ooooh, it’s true. Thanks, thanks, thanks, I will drink it at once…” Amelie’s father joined his hands together as if praying to a god, and after offering a silent prayer, he grabbed the wooden cup, brought it to his mouth, and drank Helme’s clear water.

At that moment his state changed. As he started to have a violent coughing fit while suffering, an eerie, black fog oozed out his mouth. A particle-like aura of the black fog covered his light outfit, transformed into a face with an expression twisted in rage, then to one of a distorted monster that seemed to be screaming, just to finally leaping into the air as if escaping from his body while coiling around itself.
Landing on the floor with a splash, it disappeared like a sludge that permeated into the ground.

“Nyago!” Rollo jumped at the black mist, but it had only left a stain on the floor.

“Helme, do you know what that was just now?” I asked her.

“I’m sure it was something small connected to a god of the spirit world.” Helme answered.

“The darkness attribute worked on it as well?” I wondered.

“Yes. If it had been the normal darkness attribute, I think nothing would have happened, but a faint amount of Water Goddess Akreshys’ virtuous pedigree is contained in my water. Although it’s only a little, it was apparently effective. In case the opponent were to be an atypical, greater evil spirit, it might have failed to show any effect.” Helme explained.

If the light attribute had been its Achilles heel, my blood might have worked as well.
No wait, is it different if the target belongs to a god’s genealogy? I’d like to test it out, but it has already disappeared.

“…That evil spirit-like being was an enemy, right?” I checked back.

“Yes.” Helme confirmed.

“I wanted to cut it…” Yui said while looking at the black stain on the floor in disappointment.

Cutting that…ah, can it be cut if it’s a katana clad in mana?
However, I suppose that means something like that had possessed Amelie’s father.
But where did something like that come from…? Was it an evil spirit from the Benrack Village that attached itself to him during the Magic Resonance of Emptiness? Or did the negative emotions in these slums summon a kin of a spirit world’s god…?
As I’m pondering about such things, I heard Amelie’s voice.

“Dad, how’s your body? What happened?”

“I’m alright. My body feels unbelievably light…this is amazing.” Amelie’s dad rejoiced.

“Great…Dad, are you cured?” Amelie tried to ascertain.

“Not completely, but…I think something at the level of the church’s healing will work now.” He put her mind at ease.

“No way…amazing…it’s a miracle… Spirit-sama, Shuuya-sama, thank you very, very much. Uuh…I wonder how I should ever thank you…” Overcome with emotions, Amelie cried.

“No need. We will add Helme’s water to the water jug over there, too. As long as you continue drinking it, you will become completely cured sooner or later. Helme, pour your water into it.” I instructed Helme, and she confirmed with a “Yes.”

Helme swiftly moved to the water jug, and poured her water into it from her fingertips.

“T-Thank you very much. But, there’s nothing we can pay you back with in our home…”

“Please don’t misunderstand. It’s free.”

Tears streamed down from Amelie’s father’s eyes, as he asked in surprise, “Why are you, someone who’s unrelated to all of it. doing this…?”

“Why? Even if you ask me that, it’s simply what I want to do. After all, I got acquainted with Amelie-san in front of the labyrinth.” Hearing my words that were tinged with a smile, Amelie and her father became dumbfounded.

Silence dominated the place for a short time…

Amalie’s father wiped away the tears on his cheeks with his hand, and started to speak very awkwardly, “…Thanks. Shuuya-san, you’re the messenger of Aria, the goddess of love.”

Goddess of Love Aria…those vagrants, huh?
At present I’m not wandering, rather, as for that, I’m an Evil King.

“…It’s true. Shuuya-san, on top of saving me, even father’s illness…I have never felt such a strong feeling of gratitude in my chest since being alive…really, really, thank you very much! It’s great that I didn’t give up.” Tears endlessly streamed down from Amelie’s white eyes.

“Amalie, you said that you wouldn’t give up and that you would definitely save your father. Your steadfast heart led us here. That heart itself might be the power of Aria, the Goddess of Love.” I said.

Her father wailed in response to my words, and tightly hugged his daughter.
Helme had replaced the water of two, big water jugs. Since it’s somewhat embarrassing, I think it’s about time for us to leave.

“Well then, we are going back home. So see you again and stay healthy.” I bid farewell.

“Nya, nya, nya~o.” Rollo waved her forepaw, and after tapping Amelie’s leg with her paw as if saying 『Take care of yourself nya, okay nya?』, she returned on my shoulder.

Taking Viine, Helme, Yui, and Kaldo along, I left Amelie’s home. Immediately after going outside, I heard Amelie’s footsteps.

“Shuuya-sama, please wait!” She yelled.

“Mmh?” I turned around.

“I wonder whether you can call this a thanks…we have nothing but this, but please take all the remaining medicinal plants.” She held a box that contained many bundles of medicinal plants.

I guess it’s her very own way of showing her gratitude.
Previously I had refused, but since it’s not like I’m fussy about it anyway, I think I will accept at least a few.

“Just a few then――”

“Ah, that’s too little!”

“It’s enough. See ya then.” After waving my arm with a smile, I turned on my heels.

Everyone else also turned around and started to walk after me.
A bird does not foul the nest it is about to leave.
I could hear Amelie’s voice resounding with a “Thank you very much” from behind.



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