Chapter 190 – Magic Treasure Map Escort and Blood Chain Armor

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At the same time as the third rank of the Eight Divine Sword King ranking and the suzerain of the Lucival were confronting each other in a martial arts duel…
Flustered, peevish men met in the conference room of a certain old mansion in the Pleasure Quarter.

“Hey, the mansion has been surrounded…”

【Remains of the Moon】, eh? Why here!?”

“The sounds from the entrance ceased…”

“Tsk, our members were already done in? Even though we have amassed so many troops…”

At that moment the huge painted partitioning screen covering the room’s entrance was torn apart by something black.

“――You’re the chief members of the survivors, aren’t you?”

The one who tore apart the screen is woman possessing honey-colored hair.
A red hair pin keeps her honey-colored hair at bay.
That hair wakes a carnal desire in men.
As the hair, which gives one the impression of being honey and gold colored, sways, it grazes her nose with its high nose bridge.
Once she brushes it back with her long and thing fingers, she tilts her faintly slender chin, and smiles with a chuckle.
The unusual movements of her lower eyelid muscles as she smiled had a much more mysterious charm than her light brown eyes.
That woman is wearing clothes and armor, which bound several black-dyed leather pieces together through special golden and silver threads.
While swaying her hair as if shaking the scraps of a skirt――
She moves her leg right overhead with a Developpe movement as it’s called in ballet.
Slender ankles that stretched out smoothly.
A black flash of her beautiful, glossy heels――
The woman with the honey-colored hair executes an ax kick as if making use of that black flash.
She split the big partitioning screen apart with the mana blades looking like black wings that appeared out of her heels.
The woman who demonstrates her connection with evil ― reveals a cold smile.
Using her long, slender, extended leg, she kicks the remains of the bisected screen to the side.
At that point the shrill voice of a little girl resounds.

“――Mel~. I defeated all the small fries outside by sucking their blood~” (Veronica)

“Good work, Veronica.” (Mel)

The lips of the girl called Veronica were dyed crimson.
She’s wearing a black leather armor with the same hue as Mel.

“It was an easy job since I had to only shoot arrows.”

The owner of the voice is a woman with long ears and a square face.
An elf who’s behind Veronica.
With her characteristic chin that looks as if she developed gills, she’s no beauty, but she was surprisingly popular among men.
The elven girl is also wearing a black leather armor just like Veronica and Mel.
Her slender hands grasp a new bow.
While listening to the reports of her comrades, Mel continued to glare at the men gazing her way while looking dumbfounded.

“…Now then, we have taken total control of this place. The rest depends on you guys…if you resist, you will be slaughtered. If you surrender, I promise that you will at least keep your life on the condition of telling us everything you know. Ufufu♪” (Mel)

The men, who listened to the characteristically womanly tone that combines gentleness and coldness, look at each other.
It seemed as if they were withering away under the blood thirst filling the conference room now that they lost a place to go.
And then they started to throw their weapons on the ground.
The vice guild master of 【Remains of the Moon】, Mel, smiles in satisfaction.
And then she approached the men who had surrendered.




I use <Demonic Brain Speed>.
In my accelerated state I feint with Magic Sword Beet.
The Magic Halberd in my right hand performs the real attack.
Without any pause after <Thrust> ― I unleash <Darkness Drill>.

“Wha――!” (Rave)

Nothing less of Rave.
Even while surprised, he hectically moved his three eyes around, managing to block the skill-based, high-speed two-spear-thrust-combo.
Rave coped with <Demonic Brain Speed> just as Master did.
He skillfully blocks my attacks with the swords in his three arms and on his two feet.
Furthermore, he lashed out his saw blade as counterattack――
However, he’s slower than Master――
I dodged the saw blade by twisting my neck.
It grazed my cheek, causing a cut, but ― without minding that, I make a feint with my eyes.
And then I target Rave’s arm, the one he stretched out in order to block my spear thrust.
I unleashed a <Thrust> from my waist with the idea of stealing his forearm.

“Geeh, what speed――” (Rave)

I succeed in drilling through Rave’s upper right arm――
I pull back my right arm while holding him in check with a blow of my left fist which had let go of Beet.
Once again I aim at Rave’s leg with the retracted halberd while distracting him.

“――Guaah.” (Rave)

I pierced through Rave’s left leg alongside his black coat.
I could skewer him by targeting his chest and abdomen, but ― I stop while pressing the red spear’s tip against his neck.
Once 20 seconds had passed, my skill terminated.

“――Guaaah, I give up. It’s my loss.” (Rave)

Rave surrenders while looking anguished.
He drops his weapons to the floor.
And then he goes down on his knees.
I take out a potion from my chest strap with my arms trembling.
Holding the potion bin in my mouth, I open it with my teeth.
I sprinkle the potion on my injuries.

“…Are the second and first ranks stronger?” (Shuuya)

I ask while watching the wounds healing as effect of the potion.

“…I don’t know about the spear ones, but…if it’s the second rank of the Sword King ranking, Fugrichart, I’m confident to be an equal match. But, the first rank Zen Psigoh is strong. He doesn’t use something like a trumpcard of deliberately incorporating irregular fighting styles like me. He’s a strong man wielding a red, large war sword while using the Peerless Sword Style. In my case he would never allow me to use my trumpcard…” (Rave)

There’s always someone above.

“I see. What’s the state of your injuries? I possess healing magic.” (Shuuya)

“No big deal. I have a high-class potion, besides…” (Rave)

Rave used the technique he demonstrated during the battle.
Red mana branches squirm from the hilts of his magic swords, covering his furry arms.
His wounds were completely healed.
Indeed, it has an amazing healing power…

“Those magic swords that heal your body seem convenient.” (Shuuya)

“Yes, Shuuya-san, it seems to be the same for you too, but exactly because I have these…I became strong.” (Rave)

“Are they magic swords with a background? Do they originate from the labyrinth?” (Shuuya)

I stare at the magic swords possessing bluish white blades.

“No, these don’t originate from the labyrinth. It’s handed down in Zamalia’s folklore that it’s a pair of magic swords carrying the names of demon king-class demons called Oswald & Himika.” (Rave)

“Hee, I feel like I heard those names somewhere before.” (Shuuya)

“The Zamalia folklore series is quite famous. You might have heard about it from somewhere. It’s always a set of weapons with those two names. If I remember correctly, around eight or such have been confirmed.” (Rave)

“Even eight of them…” (Shuuya)

Once I mutter so, Rave suddenly stands up and returns the four weapons, including the two magic swords, into the scabbards at his waist and back while causing a nice, rhythmic, metallic sound.
And then he shows a refreshed expression and turns his three eyes at me.

“…Shuuya-dono, thank you very much for having been my opponent――” (Rave)

“It is I who should say so ― thank you very much.” (Shuuya)

Since he politely bowed his head all of a sudden, I reflexively fell back into talking in honorific language.
Once I lift my head, Rave speaks up,

“…I sensed a great history behind your spearmanship, Shuuya-dono…I guess you turned it into something unique with the Wind Spear Style as foundation, but, who was the master who shaped your basics?” (Rave)

He noticed the history of master through my spear, huh?
No doubt, he’s a strong man, this cat beastmanAnmul.
And now I recall Master’s great face with the winded horn.
It’s a memory that causes my heart to tighten…let’s keep going with honorific language.

“…It’s Master Achilles. He’s a great Spear Master.” (Shuuya)

“Is that so? I never heard of him, but I’m sure that he must be a splendid person.” (Rave)

Well, it’s several hundred years ago since Master worked as adventurer.
There’s no chance for Rave to know him.

“Yes. I respect my Master very much….he taught me the basics of the spear and various other things… He’s a great benefactor who instructed me how to survive in this world.” (Shuuya)

Unintentionally I spilled my real thoughts…
Rave nods with all three eyes being teary.

“Magnificent…what touching words. I felt a bond of mutual trust through your thoughts.” (Rave)

“Haha, it’s slightly embarrassing.” (Shuuya)

“No, not at all. I also…recalled my Master who has already met his maker… Now then, I think I will go home anytime soon now, but although there’s also the neighborhood association, I want to form a special friendship with you, a strong lancer, Shuuya-dono. Hence, please talk to me casually just as you did during our battle.” (Rave)

“Understood. I’d like you to call me Shuuya then.” (Shuuya)

“Roger. Goodbye, Shuuya.” (Rave)

With that Rave turns on his heels after revealing a smile characteristic to his race.
He walked towards the front gate while showing the two magic swords on his back, and left through it.

“…Master, there’s smell of blood!” (Viine)

“…Master, let us treat your injuries!”

Viine and the maids come running up to me with pale faces.
Yui and Kaldo have been continuing their fight with real swords without coming to watch my battle.

“I’m alright. He was quite strong. Although I couldn’t steal his sword style as it was too eccentric…” (Shuuya)

“I can see that. After all it went as far as him wounding you, Master.” (Viine)

“Do you wish to drink this?” (Anna)

Anna holds a goblet out to me.

“Oh, thanks.” (Shuuya)

I drink the black tea after thanking Anna for her thoughtfulness.
Then I returned to the living room and spent the rest of the day getting healed by Viine and Helme.




The next day everyone was acting independently.
I mounted Rollodeen in her Huge Lion mode wearing a light dress without putting the overcoat on, and we went out for a sky trip.
Our destination is east of the Labyrinth City Pelneet.
Rollodeen got down in a forest on the other side of the Heim River.
After she landed on the ground,
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“Rollo, you can watch my experiments or have some fun by freely hunting around here.” (Shuuya)

“Nn, nyaon.”

Rollodeen releases a throaty meow, and vanishes inside the forest while transforming into a black panther.
Typical of her, she chose hunting, eh?
First I check my vicinity with Grasping Perception.
I sense a few, widespread presences of people and presences that seem to be monsters, but none of them is getting closer to me.
Okay, this place should do then.
I take off the top and bottom part of my leather clothes, becoming stark naked.
I will return to the wilderness and live as naked aborigine…not…it’s the start of my experiments.
I release blood from my whole body with <Blood Path – Open Third Gate>.
Then I invoke <Banquet of the Blood Chains>.
I shape them into a costume and undergarment with the same idea as the other day.
Imagining it as evil warrior armor, I managed to finish the blood chain armor.
Once I focus on having the blood chains extend a bit, countless of them stretch out towards the place I had targeted, and stab into the ground.
This has definitely evolved from before.
However…I think the bottleneck is the slightly bad visibility towards the front.
Well, whatever. Let’s dig. I turn countless blood chains towards the ground and start scooping out the soil.
I managed to dig out a big hole in no time.
At that point I blocked my sight, covering it with blood chains as if lowering the visor of a helmet, and thrust myself into the ground headfirst while imagining a full body drill.
What amazing noise. I grasp that I’m burrowing through the ground like a mole.
I dive downwards – deep, deep downwards.
With this I could prove that it’s possible for me to withstand the pressure.
At that point I switch to ascension by imagining my direction to point upwards.
I was able to get to the surface in the blink of an eye while scattering the dug-up soil into the vicinity like a volcano.
Then I erase the blood chains.
There’s a huge hole in the underground created by me. I distanced myself quite a bit from the place where I had started burrowing.
I think it’s fine to call the experiment a success.
However, the sense of direction is tricky and quite difficult to handle.
Oh, right! I just have to use the Dimension Scan.
Touching the attachment at my right eye, I boot up the Kaleidoscope.
Blue, high-resolution frames are added to my visual field.
Furthermore, I touch the crystal on the item box’ surface, activating the Dimension Scan.
Something like a mini map pops up in the right upper area of my visual field.
Once I focus on the mini map to match it with the cursor, it expands.
My sight will be covered by blood chains, but I will be able to secure a visual orientation through the mini map and the frame pictures.
Very well, I guess it’s time for a second journey of Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Seas.
Ooooh~. I can grasp my direction within the world of soil, I really do! How fun ― I plunged through that underground world with a feeling of having become a special submarine which Captain Nemo steers to head up and down, left and right.
As I’m having fun, the sound of my digging through the soil suddenly changes.
It looks like I came out inside the Heim River.
There are responses of normal fish and fish-like monsters on the map of my surroundings.
I release the visor by manipulating the blood chains, returning my sight to normal.
The water stings in my eyes, but I don’t mind.
As thought, I’m inside the Heim River at its riverbed.
I manipulate the blood chains, creating two swim fins at my feet as if going for a scuba dive. I quicken my ascension by kicking the water.
I energetically jumped out through the water’s surface like a flying fish.
I make the blood chain armor across my whole body disappear. I think I will just swim naked like this!
I freely swim through the Heim River while crawling, breaststroking, butterflying, and diving with a feeling of having become friends with the streaming water.
Ahahaha! Awesome――! It feels super nice!
I expressly didn’t go to the ocean so that I would be able to enjoy swimming in here.
I rotate my body and stop swimming…I float on the river’s surface while entrusting my body to the water, and gaze at the azure sky.
You can say with this I should be able achieve the goal of collecting the mirrors that are supposedly buried underground.
Once I finish the level 5 magic treasure map escort request, and promote my adventurer rank to B rank…
It might be a nice idea to go on a journey while collecting one or two mirrors in the process.
Well, there’s no need to hurry.
Guess it’s high time to return to Rollo who’s enjoying her hunting.




Several days later.
On behalf of the escort request of the magic treasure map on the fourth floor, which had been recommended to me by Hannibal, I took a part of Innocent Arms’ members (minus the slaves) along and we arrived in front of the 【Magic Treasure Map Discovery Association】.
Many adventurers have already gathered there.
I asked the combat slaves led by <Servant Leader> Kaldo to collect magic stones.
Mysty is not with us because of her work as lecturer and her moving into my place.

“Master, all of the six top clans are present.” (Viine)

I realize that it’s a lineup of all-stars.

“Beginning from Savannah’s Eagle PartyPrairie Eagle, it’s Firefly and MalletElgas’ Rage, Blue-armed Treasure Party, and Light of the Yellow BirdsÉlcio Bird; an array of famous people. Although there are only few members.”

Rebecca knew her stuff.

“Yes. It appears there are also many brawny adventurer present whom I haven’t seen often.” Viine points out.

Going by the clan and party names, it’s certainly nothing but powerful-sounding members.

“Nn, the man over there, staring at Shuuya.” (Eva)

“True. Ah, he looked at me as well. Because I also have black hair?” (Yui)

The man pointed out by Eva and Yui had black hair and stood in the center of the party called Firefly and Mallet.
Indeed, he’s looking at me with a glare, and stares at the beauties I brought along.
He’s gathering mana in his eyes. Mmh? His eyes are shining in autumn red. They transformed into a shape similar to three triangles, and rotated.
Some kind of demonic eyes?
His black hair, the same height as me, and a Japanese-like flat face…
His whole body is covered by a black leather armor that’s standing out due to it having monster fangs attached all over. On his back he seems to be carrying an item that appears to be a violet, heavy, large, two-handed hammer.
He has concentrated his mana in his eyes. His mana manipulation across the whole body is smooth.
It’s obvious that his Magic Combat Style is at a reasonably high level.
His party members are likewise excellent.
And he came here while accompanied by nothing but beautiful slaves.
But, it’s what you call ‘being no match if compared to someone excellent.’
My chosen bloodkin, the <Head Servant Leaders>, are all superb beauties. At that moment,

“――Everyone who has gathered here after accepting the A rank Magic Treasure Map escort request, I’m the client, Collector. Since I have already given the map to Blue-armed Treasure Party’s Kasem, I ask you to handle the job swiftly. Well then, Kasem-san, please take over.” (Collector)

A calm tone, but the voice of the female client resounded clearly.
Her sweet smile was great, too.

“…Okay. Well then, I’m Kasem Leerald, the leader of Blue-armed Treasure Party. This time six of our few elites will participate in the request. Best regards. The location is the fourth floor, the Steel Mantis Area in the Sea of Trees…we’re going to depart then. All of you are ready, yes?” (Kasem)

Kasem announces loudly.



“The Light of the Yellow Birds won’t lose to Blue Arms!”

“Let’s go.”

“Whenever you’re ready, Blue Arms.”

The top-notch adventurers, who exceed 50 in total, yell full of fighting spirit.
But, I’m in a state of being heads over heels in love with the beautiful client.
She has obsidian-like, semi-long hair and is wearing a large, black quartz circlet containing mana on her forehead.
A red mark in the shape of a hexagram peeked out in the center of her forehead, below the circlet.
Going by her atmosphere when she spoke, she has looks that are refreshing for the eyes even though it’s summer, but I can sense a profound intelligence from her black eyes. She possesses a skin glowing in a pale pink, and a high nose bridge. Her small, rouge lips are sexy.
Just as Hannibal said, she’s a pretty, adult woman.
Even the female servant waiting upon her at her side is a woman possessing a beautiful horn.
It seems she’s of the same race as Master.
Oh, is it the first time for someone of the nonchalant Goldiba race to descend from the mountain range?
There weren’t any in Hekatrail and Holkerbaum.

“…Let’s go ahead then. Us Blue-armed Treasure Party will take the lead.” (Kasem)

Once Kasem gives his order, a party wearing blue-colored equipment follows after him.
They number six in total.
It being a lot less than the number of people I saw at the entrance area of the labyrinth a long time ago is probably because this time’s request will be easy.
The other adventurers also follow them.
We go after them as well, heading towards the labyrinth’s entrance.

“If there are this many of us, it should be a comfortable ride.”

I addressed Helme and the others while walking.

“Your Excellency, I think this might be a good chance to spread your influence. Let’s make them surrender forcibly by making them feel frightened through their butts.” (Helme)

Helme says with a very serious look.

“Master, I agree with spirit-sama.” (Viine)

“Spirit-sama, you sure like butts…”

“Nn, spirit-sama says incomprehensible things at times.” (Eva)

“I mean, the other day even our butts…” (Yui)


In response to Yui’s words, everyone blushes and turns silent.

“…What’s wrong? You might be <Head Servant Leaders> supporting His Excellency, but such apathetic attitude is wrong.” (Helme)

Helme has a beaming smile on her face and talks while looking at everyone with her long-slit eyes possessing conspicuously long eyelashes.

“Helme, they are alright. Let’s go.” (Shuuya)

“Yes.” (Helme)

Using the crystal together with a great number of adventurers, we warp to the fourth floor.
The warp was repeated several times so as to not leave anyone behind, and everyone arrived at the fourth floor’s crystal.
There are no corridors on the left and right nor in the back.
Only at the front there’s a spacious corridor with an abnormal width which was surrounded by a forest overgrowing with all kinds of trees that looked thick.
It was bright because the area was illuminated by the trees of the surrounding forest.
There was a pathway resembling a part of the third floor, but it’s wide and the shape of the wood as well as its color are subtlety different…
The adventurer group advances through the corridor.
Seemingly because the leading group was fighting against monsters, it became noisy.
The opponents are Steel MantisesMantis Golgan.
The leader of the Blue-armed Treasure Party, who possesses two katana, jumped at a mantis while releasing a shout full of his sword soul, and cut its neck alongside its armored sickle arm right in half.
That leader is moving his katana as if dancing.
No doubt about it being a special magic sword, a magic katana.
The members of the Blue-armed Treasure Party are advancing while mowing down the mantises as if sweeping dirt.

“We accepted the request, but at this rate it’s very unlikely for us to be able to collect the proof.”


Eva answered with a nod while struggling due to the shaking ground.

“Eva, how about moving on top of Rollo until the ground stops shaking.” (Shuuya)


Rollo, who was resting on my shoulder, jumps in front after hearing my words, and lands on the uneven, wooden floor.
She transformed into her Horse Lion mode.
Using her tentacles, she placed Eva atop her back alongside Eva’s magic wheelchair.

“Rollo-chan, Shuuya, thanks.” (Eva)


After smiling like an angel, Eva leaned over and caressed the black fur on Rollodeen’s back.
When Rollodeen appeared, a commotion occurred among the adventurers walking nearby.

“Whaaa, Eva, it’s a special seat!” (Yui)

“Nn, Rollo-chan, great.” (Eva)

While brushing Rollodeen’s big throat in a daze, Yui talks with Eva.

“…Hello, thank you very much for the help the other day.”

A woman came greeting us from within the noisy adventurers.
A tall woman holding a bow.
In the back she’s accompanied by several adventurers I have seen before.
If I remember correctly, she’s Dolly-san, the leader of the top clan Savannah’s Eagle Party.

“…Yes, long time no see. What about the man who got injured back then?” (Shuuya)

“He’s back there.” (Dolly)

Once Dolly-san pointed at him, the warrior turned this way with a smile and bowed.

“Great, he looks healthy.” (Shuuya)

“Indeed, it’s really great. …By the way, the black beast that became big moment’s ago is amazing.” (Dolly)

“Yes. She’s my prided partner.” (Shuuya)

“…I see. Do you possess a beast user, a super magic beast user, a special magic animal trainer, or an animal trainer skill?” (Dolly)

“No, no! It’s not a skill. In a word, it’s love――” (Shuuya)

A dull sound reverberates from my butt.
Just when I was about to get carried away and started to talk about something weird, I received a retort.
Ouuuch, that hurt! How cruel. I was kicked by Rebecca.
A kick with her legs being clad in blue flames, moreover, I wear leather clothes without any armoring.
My butt suffered quite the impact.

“――Excuse me, Dolly-san. I will take over the conversation for our leader from here on out.” (Rebecca)

Rebecca pushes her way through in front, and waves her hand as if telling me to get lost.

“O-Okay.” (Dolly)

Dolly-san looked irritated for just a moment.
Good grief, even my father didn’t kick me…
Well, whatever. I walk ahead while Dolly-san and Rebecca chat happily.
Helme didn’t get angry even when I got kicked.

“His Excellency’s butt…” (Helme)

She, who’s supposed to be a spirit, mumbles absentmindedly. Pulling a strange face, she’s imagining dangerous things…
Once I looked in Viine’s direction, she was squinting as if saying that I deserve it.
I guess she thought I got seduced by a beauty.
Et tu, Viine? What a shock!
As we’re marching onwards while messing around like this, I sense a swarm of magic sources from the front.
Several monsters such as steel mantises, poisoned arrow hoodsViezorm, and acid bone warriorsClash Swordsman surged forward with a bustling as if filling the wide corridor.
It develops into a fierce battle at the front.
Of course several dozen mantises and bone warriors attacked us as well.
Yui reacts first.
While sprinting like a black gale as appropriate of a assassination expert, she accelerates and draws her special katana with what seems to be an iai, performing a single sweep with her drawn blades giving of a single flash of light. She bisects a big steel mantis very easily.
Her white thighs peek out from beneath her brand new black leather attire.
As usual they are voluptuous looking like nice, white peaches.

“Yui, I won’t be defeated!”

Next Viine kicks up the wrist of a bone warrior, who was close to Yui while holding a sword, as she draws her emerald-shining snake sword, and swings it down.
While rotating herself as if leaving bluish white afterimages behind, she performs a diagonal upwards-slash against a bone warrior in the opposite direction, and mows down the chest of a bone warrior after breaking its wrist with the hilt of the pulled-back snake sword, cutting through its bone armor with such a strong stroke that it left a thick sword line behind.
At the point when Yui had slain her third bone warrior, Viine circles around to support Yui, and delivers a sharp roundhouse kick against a staggering bone warrior, blowing it away.
As expected of Viine. She can also handle close combat flawlessly.

“You trash, prostrate yourself before me――” (Helme)

Helme yells while floating in the air.
Like a chilly rain, she unleashes countless ice pebbles while emitting water sprays from her entire body.
The hail of ice pebbles struck the bodies of the bone warriors.
The bone warriors, who got hit by the ice pebbles, have their bodies whittled down, gouged out, and sewn to the ground.
The bone warriors are really falling prostrate?
Going straight ahead like an advance guard, Rebecca dealt with the remaining bone warriors.
It’s a straight of her right fist that’s clad in blue flames.
She delivers a clean hit against a bone warrior’s skull.
The bone warrior, who had its skull pulverized, falls apart.
Rebecca is a martial arts beginner, but she packs quite the punch.
She might become quite strong if she genuinely studied martial arts.
Dolly-san, with whom she had been chatting, was nearby by chance.
She shoots one bone warrior after the other with her skilled archery techniques, following up on Rebecca.
Eva casts magic while riding on Rollodeen who’s slightly bigger than a black horse.
She releases several earth lances at the steel mantises all at once.
I guess she’s holding back the mantises.
My partner deploys her tentacles, making sure to not hinder Eva’s magic attacks while retreating a bit in order to protect Eva.
I advance, passing Yui, the assault vanguard.
I ignore the snared steel mantises.
I think I will start with a steel mantis that’s attacking an adventurer on the right side.
I extend <Chain> while running.
After stabbing the head of the mantis, who had been attacking the adventurer with its thick sickle arms, I wind <Chain> around its neck, and kill it by tearing off the triangle head of the mantis in an instant.
Alright, next, the left side.
Narrowing down my aim at a mantis that has stopped moving, I charge in a forward-bent posture.
As soon as I entered my spear’s range, I unleashed a <Thrust> towards its flank with my Magic Halberd that had the running power added to it.
The sensation of breaking through an object as tough as steel is transmitted to the palm of my right hand.
I opened a huge hole in its guts.
Moreover, using Magic Combat Step ― I jump after kicking with a force that burns the surface of the wooden floor.
While twisting my body into a rotation that causes the muscles across my whole body to creak, I released my body in one go as if flipping a gum, and activated <Powerful Slash>.
I instantly bisect the mantis into upper and lower body with my halberd.
As soon as the red ax blade touched the floor’s surface, the floor got burned.
Festering chunks of meat that burn in bright red like dissolved steel spill out of the cut sections of its two, big body parts.
Even as I bring down the mantis, there’s still a flood of spawned monsters surging forth.
Maybe…at the moment when that word crossed my mind,

“Shuuya, this might be a rampage spawn. For my lack of luck to trigger in this place…”

Rebecca, who’s often cheerful, says while donning a pale expression which she doesn’t show much.

“――Haha, it’s not your fault. This is just a coincidence. Besides, isn’t it fine? Let’s have fun. Look, isn’t the black-haired guy, who’s leading Firefly and Mallet looking happy while eagerly swinging his violet hammer?” (Shuuya)

I carefreely tell Rebecca while stabbing a monster, apparently a poisoned arrow hood which holds a bow and wears a hat, to death with a pseudo chain spear.

“But…” (Rebecca)

“Don’t make me say it again. It’s not your fault――” (Shuuya)

While smiling, I lunge out the <Hidden Blade> of the Magic Dragon Jewel at a swarm of bone warriors, cutting them apart.

“Oki.” (Rebecca)

“It’s just as Shuuya says, Rebecca――” (Yui)

“――That’s right. It doesn’t matter anyway since Master is at your side.” (Viine)

Viine and Yui entrust their backs to each other while fighting against steel mantises.
They cut the heads, stab the torsos and slice off the legs of mantises while making sure to cover each other’s gaps. They defeat steel mantises while displaying a combined sword dance through their senses as fellow close combat fighters.
Rebecca chooses a middle guard position and creates blue fireballs from both hands. She follows up on Yui and Viine who work as advance guards.
Earth lances fired by Eva and ice lances fired by Helme come flying from the rear, directly hitting the bone warriors and poisoned arrow hoods.
Rollodeen uses several tentacles to kill the small, ranged-fighting, poison arrow hoods that escaped our attacks by stabbing them with precise aim.
I also follow up while rapidly firing <Ice Spheres>, and use <Throwing> on my Magic Halberd just to recover the halberd with <Chain> after it pierced the head of a mantis. I act so as to show Rebecca that my words were no lie while continuously slaying the approaching mantises with joy.
And then, after killing and killing many monsters; at the point when the walls couldn’t be seen any longer due to the hallway being buried with corpses, the spawn settled down.
The blood of the many, many monsters forms small pools, obviously covering the uneven, wooden planks.
The area teems all over with the stench of rust and ammonia…the odor of flesh burning.
I guess that only natural since it has been a continuous battle for several hours.
Phew…it’s over, eh? So this was a rampage spawn.
The terrific way of spawning might be related to the special structure of the corridor here.
There are plenty of gaps and holes in the wall of trees where the monsters had appeared.
Oh well, it resulted in a replenishment of blood.
Helme stocked up plenty of blood, too. It was a nice experience.
And all the adventurers are unhurt.
Not a single adventurer around me suffered an injury.
Nothing less of first class experts…
Everyone looks relaxed.
While holding magic cigarettes in their mouths…

“That was just the right warm up.”

…there are also groups chatting while saying such things.
There’s nil weariness to be found.
Going by their mettle, there’s no doubt about them being top notch.
At that point an adventurer holding two katana, who had been very active at the front line, enters my sight.
It’s the leader of the Blue-armed Treasure Party who demonstrated a splendid sword dance.

“――Let’s each take a little break here. While at it, it’s no problem if the parties and clans, who have accepted monster subjugation requests, freely collect what they need. I think you understand without me telling you since you’re well-versed, but let me give you a warning as I’m your leader for the time being. Keep it moderate, and make sure to not fight while scrambling for magic stones.” (Kasem)

Suddenly laughter bursts forth from the surrounding adventurers.
Kasem apparently said so with the intention of making a joke.

“Those fellows of Blue Arms, how hilarious.”

“What generosity.”


“Gahaha, such things are obvious. Don’t babble about such rookie stuff!”

“Ahahaha, keep it moderate, eh? How sarcastic.”

The adventurers started moving while laughing and smiling.
We also collect the subjugation proofs, materials and magic stones of the monsters we defeated.

“Shuuya-san, I watched your and Innocent Arms’ battle. Your movements are splendid.” (Dolly)

As we were chatting lightly with everyone after finishing the looting, Dolly-san came over and called out to me.
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“Thanks. Everyone is excellent, after all.” (Shuuya)

“Yes, looks like it. Your killing speed is higher than ours. What surprised me especially are your calm movements that even back up the others as befitting of a leader.” (Dolly)

“Haha, if you praise me so much, I will get embarrassed. So, please keep it at that.” (Shuuya)

“――Yeah, Dolly-san. It’s better to not get too close since Shuuya will immediately try to make advances on you.” (Rebecca)

The small Rebecca wedges herself in-between Dolly-san and me.

“Shuuya, did you watch the new sword technique I used before?” (Yui)

Yui asks while hugging my arm.

“I did, I did. It was that, the iai-like move, right? I think it’s a wonderful technique that makes use of your high power and quickness.” (Shuuya)

“Fufu, thanks. So you were watching me properly.” (Yui)

“Of course. Your white thighs were beautiful, too.” (Shuuya)

“Master! My movements were…” (Viine)

“I saw all of them. You performed a diagonal slash after using a kick.” (Shuuya)

“Fufu! I’m happy.” (Viine)

Viine embraced the other arm.

“…Shuuya-san, they are loving you quite dearly, aren’t they? Well then, sorry for my intrusion.” (Dolly)

Having been interrupted, Dolly-san looks sad.
…She retreats after being defeated in the battle between women.

“Your Excellency, my ice…” (Helme)

“Nn, my magic from behind…” (Eva)

“Nya, nyan, nyanyaaao…”

“It were my blue fireballs that blew away the enemies!” (Rebecca)

As I’m listening to the stories of the girls who were joined by a female black cat, the break comes to an end.
And then the adventurers arrived at the location of the Magic Treasure Maps’ treasure.



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