Chapter 188 – The Evil God-slaying Lancer

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The evil tiger god, who had his arm and flank penetrated by the God-slaying Darkness BulletGod Slayer Bullet, staggers.
However, he fixed his posture by using several of his tails as cushioning.
The evil god glared at me with his beast eyes.
Once he spit out the black blood that had accumulated in his mouth,

“…Wasn’t that a strong magic? It made my heart stir――” (Steertop)

Using his limbs, he charges at me.

“I will make it stir even more.” (Shuuya)

I throw those words at the hateful face of the approaching tiger.
At the same time I begin to twist my waist and unleash a thrust with Magic Spear Gudorul.
The evil god easily repels the thrust with one of his tails.
He transformed one tail’s tip into something like a spear by tapering it into a cone-shaped point, and then released a series of thrusts with that tail spear.
――It’s fast, but I still won’t use Magic Combat Style here――
Moreover, <Blood Path – Open Third Gate>.
I activate <Beginning of Dusk>.
Darkness comes into existence in an instant.
The space where a mist is faintly hanging in the air is encroached by that darkness.
However, even after it changed into a space of darkness, the evil god’s movements don’t wane.
…I suppose there’s no way for mind pollution to be effective against a god’s fragment.
The evil god dashes nimbly, causing squeaking footsteps.
Swinging the loose tails that still haven’t been transformed into spears with a buzzing sound, he changed them into cone-shaped spears.
And then he extends his elbows which are as long as those of monkeys, and sends forth an attack with his claws on a trajectory as if he’s going to claw me, unleashing a combined attack of tails and arms.
――Is it some kind of skill?
It’s a continuous onslaught of his tails’ thrusting techniques and his claws’ intense sweeps as if pressing for a conclusion.
I capitalize on the wide surface of Gudorul’s orange blade ― and endure while copying the Riko school’s spearmanship techniques which rely on moving the blade’s edge delicately.
The evil good appeared to enjoy the close combat with a relaxed expression.

“――Fuhahaha!” (Steertop)

He extends his tail spears while laughing.
Since I got slightly irritated, I shifted the trajectory of Gudorul which I had swung while evading to the right side with a rotation that used my toes as an axis.
I set up a feint by drawing an arc of slashing upwards from diagonally below in midair, no ― I jump ― and unleash a right-sided roundhouse kick while imagining how I’m going to crush his odious face.
The evil god fell for my feint.
However, he immediately copes with it by making the claws of both his forepaws transform.
His forepaws grabbed my right leg above the greaves.

“Gyahaa! Ca-ugh-t ya~~” (Steertop)

What a weird voice.
However, I ignore it.
I forcibly rotate my body, obviously sacrificing my right leg on my own volition.

“Guaaaah――” (Shuuya)

I rotate the right leg, tightening the flesh with splatting sounds as it’s twisted and broken.
While raising a pained scream, I delivered a roundhouse kick against the evil god’s head with my left leg.
The Evil Dragon King’s greaves, which covered my right leg, slip out.


The evil god receives a blow by the left leg’s greaves’ instep.
His crooked face dents in.
While creating a kick print on his face, he was blown off to the side of the extending darkness space.
However, the evil god skillfully got up after using his tails as cushioning.
He shakes his head several times while saying 『That hurt…』.
At that moment the spot, where he received my kick, puffed up and his face returned to its former state.
I guess it wasn’t overly effective…as I think that, I safely landed on my left leg.
While swiftly rotating my right leg that had turned into a sloppy mess, it returned to its former state.
I hurriedly put on the Evil Dragon King’s greaves that had come off.
During all that time I’m waiting for a chance to deliver an attack with the Magic Halberd, which was held by my old right arm while standing by above my head, but ― there’s no opening.
Then I just have to create one.
While glaring, I invoked <Dimension of Darkness Blood Chain>.
Infinite blood chains, which become red meteors, are generated by the darkness world that’s linked to my consciousness.
The swarm of blood chains, which manifested out of thin air, chases the evil god while cutting through the world of darkness.
However, the evil god distances himself even further in order to escape.
He laughs as if showing off the fangs in his mouth while glaring at me with a stabbing look.

“…Do gul gadeth phi――”

I don’t know whether it’s an evil god-characteristic skill or chant.
But, as his words end, the evil god gains such a speed that it looks as if there are clones of him.
He devoted himself to dodging the swarm of blood chains with superb movements.
Before long the darkness space came to an end while causing a sound of glass shattering.
I’m shocked that my killer technique <Dimension of Darkness Blood Chain> didn’t work, but now that the evil god has been forced into defense, it’s my biggest chance.
I went at full throttle as well. I clad my whole body with Magic Combat Style and activated <Demonic Brain Speed>.
In combination with <Blood Acceleration>, it’s my highest acceleration.
Blood sprays are released from my entire body.

“Nuoooooooooooo――” (Shuuya)

I rush at the evil god while roaring full of spirit.
I seized the evil god’s movements with my abnormal speed.

“Wh-!? You have caught up with <Culmination of Evil SpeedDo Gul Gadeth Phi>?” (Steertop)

I unleash a <Darkness Drill> at maximum speed towards the torso of the surprised evil god.
However, his movements are fast as well.
While turning one of his tails into a shield, he protects his torso.
Still, the orange blade, which was clad by a black mist, destroyed that defense-type tail.

“Guh! My <Weir’s Tail>!?” (Steertop)

The evil god shouts, but I don’t care.
Next I release a <Thrust>, destroying a second tail which had defended as if piling up on the previous one.
Moreover, I unleash yet another <Darkness Drill>, destroying the third tail in the process.
Attacking with a normal thrust results in it being repelled by the tails.
Thus I continue attacking with a high speed series of skill techniques with the orange blade at a tact of several seconds, destroying all of the annoying tails.
The thrust of the orange blade into the flank of the evil god, who lost all means of defense, finally connects. I quickly pull out Gudorul while being able to sense how his flesh is gouged out, and swing the spear down towards diagonally below.
The evil god was cut open from the collar to his chest in one breath.
Afterwards I release <Thrust> towards his torso, and sweep the spear sideways, using the butt end of the spear after a <Powerful Slash>.
Due to the chain attacks of slashes and thrusts exceeding the evil god’s recovery rate, his flesh is torn off, and the torso changes its shape.
What seems to be his heart was exposed as an emerald-shining part, which was located inside the flesh surrounded by something like ribs, in his chest.
――That place is his vital spot?


I felt like I heard the evil god swallowing.
I firmly step down with power in my feet, causing footprints to be imprinted into the floor’s surface, aim at that inner part of the chest, and deliver a single <Thrust>, which used all my power and leveraged the spiraling spin motion, towards the evil god’s heart.


The evil god raises a muffled voice.
The orange blade’s tip, which intruded towards his heart with tearing sounds, penetrated the heart and broke through the back while destroying the spinal cord.

“…You should just have kept your promise, Evil God Steertop.” (Shuuya)

I form an evil smile that doesn’t lose out to any evil god on my lips, and manipulate my blood chains.
Adjusting the direction of the Magic Halberd that waited above my head, I made the red spear shine and had it vertically head towards the evil god’s head like a meteor.

“Eat this! It’s a crimson, meteor <Thrust>.” (Shuuya)

“Hibuuh!” (Steertop)

Steertop raised a weird scream in death agony.
The <Thrust> of the red spear, which had transformed into a red meteor, pierced deeply, very deeply into the evil god’s crown of the head.
Once his skull was completely crushed, he stopped moving, but I’m still not sure whether he’s dead.
Just for caution’s sake, I pull Gudorul out of the evil god’s chest.
Interpreting the wounded body of the evil god, who doesn’t move and stands there limply with his head crushed, as baseball ball, I bend myself backwards while rotating the extracted Gudorul towards the back, and amass power.
Placing the entire, accumulated power into Gudorul with the muscles all over my body creaking, I make a full swing with a <Powerful Slash> batting.
The dead center of Gudorul’s blade, which shines in an ominous orange color, slams into the evil god’s torso.
The evil god is blown away, but since the halberd is still stuck in the evil god’s head, he doesn’t tumble much even after being blown away.
At that time, I watched how the old right arm, which was connected to me with blood chains, vanished while accompanied by a bloody smoke as if being absorbed by the blood chains.
Even when the right arm that had grasped it disappeared, the Magic Halberd remained deeply stuck in the evil god’s head.
Somehow it looks like a brand new grave-marker.
…Still, my arm did vanish, eh?
Even though I had planned to put it into my item box, and use it as a sleight of hand for showing how the number of arms increased by one, or playing around with it as a rocket punch…
That’s regrettable. I don’t want to experience something painful like the amputation of an arm again.

“――Master, you did it! As expected, even an evil god…eh?” (Viine)


The instant I reacted to Viine’s voice ― an ocher magic source expanded from Steertop’s corpse, fluttering like a curtain.
That ocher magic source, err, rather curtain of mana sways repeatedly in a large, slow motion.
It exceeds the size of Divine Beast Rollodeen.
That mana gathered at a place in the air while forming a vortex, and took the shape of a huge tiger.
That big mana tiger says,

“…Fuhahaha, apostle who isn’t a human, aren’t you quite capable!? But, this me is a fragment of the evil god. There’s no way that you can annihilate me this easily. After all a part of my power has already poured into the labyrinth!” (Steertop)

“Something like a spirit body, huh?”

It’s very unlikely that physical attacks will work against that…
It looks dangerous.

“Right, as thanks for having let me taste pain, I will let you plentifully experience something special that’s going to awake the wish in you to depart from the transient world. Fufufu, allow me to fulfill my promise in a different way, on a mental level! Hahahahaha――” (Steertop)

The big, ocher tiger turns into a shower of yellow particles, raining down on me alone.
The inescapable speed of the rain ― basked my whole body in an ocher aura.
In an instant, several, yellow-shining, magic-like characters that had taken on the shape of arrowheads rose up in my field of vision and sank in.
Once it becomes dark in front of my eyes due to my sight being encroached by the arrowheads of light, the scenery starts to distort flabbily.
I was assailed by a sensation similar to a light spell of dizziness.
One after the other I experience a feeling of my brain being shaken intensely.
T-This is a car? Dad, mum…
My memories from my previous life…
The trauma of the accident with my parents dying in front of me in my childhood――
Flashbacks of that nauseating scene are played back in my mind.
At that moment, the toll of a bell resounds loudly, and the traumatic scenes disperse at once.
The scenery returns to its previous state, and light leaking out through the gaps of my armor that had been cut apart floods my field of vision.
The mark of <Granted Seal of Light>, the cross on my chest seems to be shining.

“Master!” (Viine)



“Milord!” (Kaldo)

“Shit! Master!” (Mysty)

Everyone runs up to me, but I hold up my hand, showing them that I’m alright.
And, many magic crests written in blood letters, which I had never seen before, had appeared on my skin.
Once mysterious clashing and crackling sounds reverberate from those magic crests, the ocher aura, which seems to be the evil god, is ejected from within me, shrinks into a sphere, and takes on a tiger shape.
The evil god’s spirit body was caught inside a blood red magic crest, which had changed its shape into a circle connected with my entire body, floating in the air in front of my eyes.

“…The toll of a bell? What’s going on…this is!? Why…even though I thought I was able to penetrate your mind…” (Steertop)

The huge tiger showed an expression full of uneasiness.
I guess it’s my power as a true ancestor and an effect of the Extra Skill <Granted Seal of Light>.

“…It might be a part of my powers as a true ancestor. I feel like it’s an automatic counter.” (Shuuya)

The evil god turns his head around in order to have a view from within the magic crest, and while looking around restlessly,

“…True ancestor? You’re similar to a true ancestor? You people are related to vampires and the spirit world’s Lugnado? But, a counter spell that surpasses a god, even if it’s a fragment…I never heard of something like that…” (Steertop)

The evil god looks flustered as he’s trapped inside the mysterious magic crest of blood.
Everyone else also stared while remaining silent as if being dumbstruck.
Even Rollo, who had returned to her cat form, has obediently put her front paws together without playing around and turned her face in my direction while slightly dilating the dots located inside her red, round eyes.
…However, this evil god has invaded my mind?
I feel like I have been violated…a kind of anger that’s different from usual ragingly wells up within me.

“Hey, you asshole!” (Shuuya)

The instant I released my wrath like this ― half of the captured tiger was blown away, and vanished, leaving behind fleeting dust and dregs.
The lines bordering the crest that’s connected to me wriggle like blood vessels.

“W-What the fuuuck! Although I might be a fragment, to encroach me, this me…” (Steertop)

“Like I care. But, certainly, I feel like devouring your rich magic source. Hahaha…once I imagine it, it sounds delicious. However, you were sure foolish to enter me as a spirit body. There’s no place for you to escape anymore. You’re a completely trapped rat――” (Shuuya)

I let my thoughts soar while strongly imagining me absorbing the evil god. Although the evil god screams “Hyaaaa,” it’s meaningless.
Countless blood threads head towards the evil god from the circular magic crest.
Once the entire body of the evil god was wrapped up by blood threads, his original shape disappeared in an instant, and he became small and faint.
I realize that the blood threads are eating into the evil god’s body like singular nematodes.

“P-Pweash w-wait…don’t eat all of it…” (Steertop)

“You penetrated my mind in order to devour it, didn’t you? What’s with the bullshit you’re spouting now of all times…?” (Shuuya)

I understood that the evil god’s pupils, which peeked out through gaps between the blood threads, were dilating while dyed in fear.

“Uuuh, I’m being absorbed. A-As if I could b-bear something like this. M-My power haaaa…as” (Steertop)

※Piiing※Title: One who absorbed an Evil God’s fragment※ acquired※
※Title: Super-Warrior of the Water Goddess※ and ※One who absorbed an Evil God’s fragment※ change after being unified※
※Title: Evil King of Chaos※ acquired※
※Piiing※<Tree of the Evil King>※Extra Skill acquired※
※Conditions for Treeman fulfilled※
※Conditions for Evil Tree User fulfilled※
※Combat Occupation class up※
※<Treeman> and <Evil Tree User> are fused. Class up into <Evil Ruling Tree Master>※
※Combat Occupation class up※
※<Magic Spear Blood Chain Master> and <Evil Ruling Tree Master> are fused. Class up into <Evil Spear Tree Blood Chain Master>※
※Confirmed multiple connections of Extra Skills※
※Derivation Skill Conditions for Extra Skill Granted Seal of Light fulfilled※
※Derivation Skill Conditions for Extra Skill Tree of the Evil King fulfilled※
※Piiing※<Tail of the Crushing Evil Tree>※Permanent Skill acquired※

Ooooh, new titles, combat occupations, and skills…
And, once again I acquired an Extra Skill.
The skill allows me to create trees and trees possessing the light attribute.
Albeit a fragment, I devoured the spirit body of an evil god.

“…Shuuya! You alright? Your eyes are bloodshot and the blood vessels at the outer corners of your eyes have popped up. It’s scary…” (Rebecca)

Rebecca looks at me with blue flames dwelling in her eyes.

“Nn, Shuuya, absorbed the evil god?” (Eva)

Eva asks bluntly.

“Yeah, I did.” (Shuuya)

Once I focus on <Tail of the Crushing Evil Tree>, a tree clad in light appears from the tip of my hand. It consumed a lot of mana.

“Whaa, a tree suddenly grew out. This is the evil god’s power?”

“Correct. It consumes mana, but it apparently allows me to create expandable trees.” (Shuuya)

“So you didn’t receive it from him as reward, but instead absorbed the power from the evil god. You’re truly incredible.” (Yui)

“Master…magnificent! You are a great, male god!” (Viine)

Viine genuflects and addresses me with an excited tone. Hearing her words, I could hear how everyone gasped.

“His Excellency has been a being surpassing the gods from the very start.” (Helme)

Only Helme reacts as if it’s only natural.

You guys know best that I don’t wish for something like that, don’t you?” (Shuuya)

“Your Excellency…yes.” (Helme)

Helme agrees reluctantly.

“Nn, Shuuya is amazing. That’s all.” (Eva)

“True. Nothing has changed to begin with. Fufu.”

Eva showed an angelic smile.
Rebecca faces Eva while moving next to her, and they nod at each other.

“Rather than this obvious matter, that’s a crystal over there?”

At the place Yui’s special katana pointed at was a crystal enshrined.

“Yeah, I think so. Its shape is crooked, twisted and warped, but it’s a crystal. If we use that crystal, we can apparently go to the 10th, 20th, 30th, 40th, and 50th floor.” (Shuuya)

“If it’s really a crystal, it means the map we had deciphered isn’t a dead map any longer, right? Fufu, I wonder what kind of treasure chest is going to appear…I’m looking forward to it.” (Rebecca)

Rebecca’s voice becomes bouncy.

“Nn, we’re going to the 20th floor?” (Eva)

“Not today. At the moment I’m thinking of planting a mirror here and going back normally while gathering magic stones.” (Shuuya)

“…The entrance here can only be opened with your key, so it’s the most optimal place for placing a mirror, I suppose? You can call this mysterious space, which was even capable of sealing the fragment of an evil god, a safety zone, right?” (Rebecca)

For the first time in a while Rebecca dons a meek expression, and says something normal.

“Conversely it’s possible that evil god-type monsters, which dwell deep in the dungeon, are going to appear from the crystal, isn’t it?” (Yui)

At once Yui provided a sound opinion.

“Certainly, seeing as it’s possible to warp with this crystal, something might also come up from below. I guess we can also expect for unknown, intelligent monsters to arrive here.”

“Nn, if I’m not mistaken, adventurers have also reached the 10th floor.” (Eva)

Eva’s words are probably pointing at the Blue-armed Treasure Party.

“If it’s milord, he will be able to scatter all of them. I agree with placing a mirror here.” (Kaldo)

“I agree with Kaldo. No matter what evil god it might be, His Excellency will eat them all.” (Helme)

“I also agree with Dad and spirit-sama. If we place a mirror here, we can directly come to this place.” (Yui)

Yui added to Kaldo’s and Helme’s words.

“True. If it’s from this temple-like place, the graveyard area and the place with the two towers will be nearby, too. It might be convenient for gathering large magic stones.”

I feel like setting it up here…

“…Just as Eva pointed out, there is a clan among the adventurers that broke through the 10th floor. That’s why I should once use the crystal and leap to the 10th floor to check whether there’s a place that has been sealed in the same way as this place.”

“…Though I think it’s very likely that we will run into an evil god fragment there.” (Rebecca)

Rebecca looks anxious.

“Even if that’s the case, I will just turn the tables on them if they were to attack once again.” (Shuuya)

“I will go together with you, Your Excellency.” (Helme)

“Come into my eye.” (Shuuya)

“Okay.” (Helme)

The liquefied Helme draws a parabola and returns into my left eye.
And then I took out the 16th Paredes Mirror out of my bracelet and set it up here so that I could return.
Alright, done. I walk over to the crooked crystal.


Rollo climbs on my shoulder.

“Master, I’m going with you.” (Viine)

“Viine, wait here with everyone. I will be back right away.” (Shuuya)


She sounds unhappy, but I ignore it.
I touch the crystal with Rollo on my shoulder, and the instant I said “10th Floor,” I warped.
The destination, where we arrived in an instant, is a unique space that’s enveloped by a bluish white mist, similar to the 5th floor.

“…To come here without retracing your steps…”

A voice reverberates from within the mist. It’s the same voice type as before.
Once a wind blows, seemingly clearing away the mist, a big evil tiger god shows up.
He’s not apprehended by bluish white chains.
His eyes are bloodshot, and his entire body is shining ocher.
However, the number of his tails has decreased by one to nine.

『There’s one tail missing, but he’s the unhurt…Evil God Steertop. Your Excellency, he’s emitting and containing an amount of mana that cannot be compared to the evil god you defeated a while ago.』 (Helme)

『It sure looks like it. I guess that means the previous one was a very small fragment.』 (Shuuya)

『Yes, be careful.』 (Helme)

I watched the evil god while talking telepathically with Helme.

“Nn, nya, nyaon.”

Rollo simply extended her greetings towards the evil god without getting ready for combat.

“Aye, short time no see.” (Shuuya)

Just like Rollo, I spread my arms in a friendly manner and approach the evil god while greeting him.

“――Hii…humph, what’s your business with me…? Do you intend to absorb this me again?” (Steertop)

The big tiger reveals a frightened and a somewhat cute expression on his tiger face, and stepped back a bit.

“…If it’s a battle, it might come to pass.” (Shuuya)

“What was that…? There’s no way that I’m going to fight, is there!? I don’t want to have anything to do with an unknown being like you any longer! I’m off!” (Steertop)

At that instant Steertop showed a frustrated expression and dispersed as if melting into the bluish white mist spreading in the room.
He completely disappeared.

“That guy was also capable of something like that, huh?” (Shuuya)

『He’s gone. Even his huge magic source has diffused into the vicinity and thinned out.』 (Helme)

『Lend me your sight.』 (Shuuya)

『Yes, ah…』 (Helme)

A thermal view is added.
I walk ahead a bit while cautiously checking my vicinity with Spirit Sight, Grasping Perception, and Magic Observation.
Nothing happens. The surrounding space in front narrows down, and there’s a golden, ring-shaped exit protruding out in the center of my walking direction.
I guess it’s a place similar to the 5th floor.
There’s a door that shines in a golden color, and also a keyhole.
At once I take out the key from one of my bandolier’s pockets that barely stayed safe after the evil god’s claw attack, insert it into the keyhole, and turn the key around.
――Uwah, I got surprised by the noise.
Unlike on the 5th floor, a very low bass sound reverberated here.
The fur of Rollo stands on end across her whole body.
But, it’s just a sound. In front, the door has been opened.
Just like on the 5th floor, the bluish white mist was released to the outside.
Once I pull out the key, the tip of the Ten Evil Divine Statue’s key turns into a blood-smeared needle…and squirms like a caterpillar.
After a bit of time passed, it returned to being a deflated human-faced jar-like Ten Evil Divine Statue’s key.
It’s disgusting, but while holding that key, I step outside.
The outside is mostly similar to the 5th floor.
Tall statues of evil gods are lining up in a temple-like atmosphere.
There’s no evil beast. It’s peaceful here.
There’s a keyhole at each of the evil god statues’ feet.
I’m sure there are special rooms exclusively corresponding to the respective Ten Evil Divine Statue’s keys. There might also be crystals in there.
At that point the S rank children of 【Frozen Shrine of Blue Waters】 cross my mind.
They might be able to defeat the big things lying beyond the Ten Evil Divine Statues.
Is what they said…
But, the Evil Beast Segilogun hadn’t been defeated by them. Zaga talked about the slightly mysterious children, but it looked as if they hadn’t advanced to the 10th floor.
It’s also possible that they haven’t directly fought against evil gods yet as they are proceeding through the labyrinth normally.
Or they might possess a Ten Evil Divine Statue like me and fight against an evil god that’s not Steertop.
Or they are apostles of an evil god?
Or apostles of the spirit world, or apostles of the divine domain… well, there are countless possibilities.
Even at the time of the Evil Dragon King battle, they deliberately came to Hekatrail with raw materials as objective…they might actually have a special skill possessing a bird eye-like outlook, allowing them to sense some information.
Now then, time to go back, huh?
I turn around towards the evil tiger god’s statue behind me, insert the jar key into the keyhole, and turn it around.
Once again, gogogogogogoooooo――
The heavy bass sound, that seems to cause cracks in the ground, makes my earlobes tremble.
While the area at the statue’s feet transformed, the golden circle-like, arched gate disappeared and the door vanished, turning into tiger paws.
…The statue is bigger than the one on the 5th floor, huh?
I extract the key from the keyhole, put it into my chest pocket, and instead retrieve the 24-faceted orb.
After playing around with the orb a bit by turning it over on my palm, I trace the mysterious symbol’s surface on the 16th facet with my thumb as if swiping the screen on a smartphone, activating the facet.
Through the gate I could see the cute faces of everyone waiting on the 5th floor. (T/N: Just a short addition: It looks like you can watch what’s on the other side of the mirror from the orb’s side. It doesn’t work the other way around, though)
They seem to be peeking through the mirror, looking this way.
I immediately entered the activated gate and left through the mirror.
I properly returned to the space on the 5th floor where the evil god had been sealed.

“Welcome back. You were fast. There was no evil god there?”

Rebecca asks while touching the surface of the faintly shining mirror.

“He was, but he ran away, saying he hates “unknown beings.” He vanished while being frightened. And, on the 10th floor there was a space similar to this one here. The door that apparently can only be opened with my key is the same. The evil god statues lining up outside were bigger than the ones on the 5th floor, but going by its temple-shape and the scenery of the lined-up statues, it might be fine to consider it to be almost the same historic ruin, as expected.” (Shuuya)

“Hee, so that means, this is a safe area, right?”

The 24-faceted orb that came off the mirror approached me while floating in the air, and started to revolve around my head.
While grabbing that orb and storing it in my strap’s pocket, I speak up.

“――The interior’s state might not be perfect since the evil god vanished by blending into the bluish white mist, but well, I think it’s fine to consider it as safe.” (Shuuya)

“…This place is also infested by mist. He’s maybe watching us…”

Viine dons a repugnant expression and glares sharply at the surrounding mist.
It might be so, but right now there’s no point in worrying about it.

“Okay, it’s about time to go back normally without using the mirror, I guess. I want to pour mana into the dragon egg which I left behind at home. It might start to hatch.” (Shuuya)

“Oki. It’s the egg you received from the wild god Cazdolo, right?”

“Nn, understood. Let’s return to everyone who’s waiting above.” (Eva)

Eva operates her wheelchair and turns around.
She heads to the exit of this mist-laden space.

“I support this. I haven’t killed enough. Let’s retreat while collecting magic stones by defeating small fry monsters.” (Kaldo)

“So it’s a hunt while going home.”

Everyone nods in response to Kaldo’s opinion, and chases after Eva.
After everyone goes outside, I put the Ten Evil Divine Statue’s key into the keyhole at the feet of the statue, and turn it around.
The statue’s feet transform once again. The golden circle-shaped entrance and the door change slowly.
Eventually the evil tiger god’s statue returned to its original state.
After I store the Ten Evil Divine Statue’s key in my item box, I leave the area where I fought the evil beast, and ascend the stairs, reuniting with the high-class combat slaves who protected the temple’s entrance.
We headed to the crystal while mowing down the monsters spawning on the 5th floor, and safely returned to the surface.

“We were able to return like this after defeating an evil god’s fragment, but fragment means that other fragments like the one on the 10th floor are still waiting in the labyrinth’s depths. They are surely resenting us, aren’t they…?” (Rebecca)

Rebecca asks while walking along the street towards the guild.

“Most likely. But, let’s leave it as him having given me the power to manipulate plants as promised, although it’s just trees, for now.” (Shuuya)

“Shuuya, you’re quite positive, aren’t you? Fufu.”

Yui mutters while laughing.

“Nn, Rebecca, I will protect you from the evil god.”

Eva moves next to Rebecca on her wheelchair, and says so while smiling sweetly.

“Thanks. Eva, you’re kind~. I will protect you as well, Eva!” (Rebecca)

Rebecca hugs Eva, burying her face in Eva’s hidden huge boobs.

“Nn, there, there.” (Eva)

Eva caresses Rebecca’s head with a smile as if soothing a child.
I end up having slightly weird delusions, but I won’t voice them out.

“…Well, there’s still the Millennium Plant. Some kind of contact might come in from Steertop’s main body.” (Shuuya)

We enter the guild while continuing with that conversation, and hand in the requests.
After I received the reward, I distributed it to my comrades.
43 completed requests are noted down on my card.
While sitting down on a high chair located in the waiting room on the right end of the guild, I supplied the great number of medium magic stones and the few large magic stones to the item box’ ◆ mark.

◆: Total stored quantity of Elenium: 610


Necessary Big Elenium stones: 91 – incomplete
Reward: Storage +60: Release of Gatrance Form

Necessary Big Elenium stones: 300 – incomplete
Reward: Storage +70: Release of Murasame

Necessary Big Elenium stones: 1000 – incomplete
Reward: Storage +100: Release of Tiny Orbital





“Now, shall we go outside?” (Shuuya)

“Nn.” (Eva)


While taking everyone along and leaving the guild, I ponder how to enjoy myself by using the beam gun’s and beam rifle’s bullets, the magic stones.
I think I will have some fun by using them against monsters next time.
It looks like I can use the weapons to scout and snipe unknown monsters from a distance when flying on Rollodeen’s back.
The beam gun…yeah…I think I can use that for playing around while focusing on gun fu.
But, I have projectile weapons like the chains and <Chain Spear of the Ray System>, not to mention magic.
Hence it’s very unlikely that I will be really using the beam weapons unless I feel like playing around.
Even if I allow my friends to keep them, they won’t be usable since they are apparently weapons for my exclusive use.
I don’t know since I haven’t tried it, but…
The light rings are in a sealed state.
Since their design is cool with all those irregular patterns combining light and darkness, It’s likely that I will use them for defense.
I suppose there’s also the option of taking them off and having Mysty research them.
However, she has her sorcery doll creation and her normal job as lecturer, too.
While brooding over such things, I turn around towards everyone as I advance along the ring road.

“…You’re going back home?”

“Ah, Shuuya, I’m going to go shopping.” (Rebecca)

“Nn, I will go together with Rebecca.” (Eva)

“Sure, have fun. We’re going back home first then.” (Shuuya)

Rebecca and Eva walk eastwards while chatting about clothes.
We mounted RollodeenHorse Lion.
Only Viine, Yui, and Mysty get on the Rollodeen’s back with its bushy, black fur cushioning. Kaldo and the slaves walk. We head south towards my home at a comfortable pace.

“Master, the bread that’s sold at the stand over there is delicious. Can I buy some?” (Mysty)

Mysty points a finger at one of the stores covered by flat curtains.

“Bread, eh?” (Shuuya)

“Yes. It’s a bread that contains plenty of nut grains that seem to resemble Pesoto nuts, but it’s great. It’s indispensable during research.” (Mysty)

It seems to be her favorite bread.

“Sure. Let’s have a look.” (Shuuya)

“Okay.” (Mysty)

I get off Rollodeen, and next the girls dismount as well.
While taking along the slaves, we surround the stand selling the bread.
The appearance of the sold bread is that of a normal, hard-looking, rye bread made with white flour, but there were plenty of almond-type nuts contained in the cut cross-sections.
Certainly, it looks delicious.
I think I will treat the slaves as little reward.

“Shopkeeper, I’d like to buy 15 pieces of this bread.” (Shuuya)

“Thanks for your purchase! That’s four silver coins. Thanks.”

I pay the money and receive the bread in a leather bag.

“Well then, I will give some bread to you guys.” (Shuuya)

While saying so, I distribute the bread to Rollo, Viine, Yui, Kaldo, Souther, Mamani, and Bia.
The slaves show off their delight in an exaggerated manner, but I ignore them.

“You are giving some to me as well? What a kind and honorable lord…” (Bia)

Bia murmured happily while extending her snake tongue.
I haven’t given any to Mysty.
She had bought plenty of bread and was already chewing one in her mouth while putting the bread into her bag.

“…It’s just as Mysty says. It’s quite delicious.”

Viine tore the bread into small pieces, threw those into her mouth, and ate them while smiling.

“Those grains are aromatic. It’s going to become a habit, which might be owed to me not having eaten much of such bread back home.” (Yui)

“Certainly, in Zamalia…there’s not much bread. …However, the grains seem to get stuck between the teeth.” (Kaldo)

“Jeez, Dad! It’s just the gaps between your teeth. Just eat it with a smile!” (Yui)

It’s the typical banter between parent and child.

“Master, this is delicious!” (Mamani)

Even while eating, Mamani adopted a pose as if making a soldier’s salute.

“Hmm, the grains are hard, but the dough is great. It has a fairly damp texture. I’m pleased with this.” (Bia)

Bia also spoke like a food critic and munched on the bread while skilfully entangling it with her snake tongue.

“…Tasty.” (Fuu)

Fuu mutters curtly.

“Uh huh. It’s great~. These grains; I ate something similar back at my home town!” (Souther)

“Hee, home town?” (Fuu)

Once Fuu asks Souther, the boyish girl with dog ears,


Seemingly having her mischievous nature stimulated by Souther’s cute way of talking, Rollo-san creeps up behind Souther.
And then she extended her tentacles and tampered with Souther’s small body.

“Kyan――” (Souther)

Souther ends up dropping the small leftover of the bread she had eaten.

“Rollo-sama, nooooo.” (Souther)


Souther runs away.
Rollo meows cheerfully and chases after her.
However, since everyone’s eating bread, their mouths seem to be dry.
While letting all of them drink some water by controlling life magic, we returned home.



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