Chapter 187 – God-slaying Darkness Bullet

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Evil god Steertop shakes off the bluish-white chains.
He made his body grow by absorbing the surrounding blue mist.
His grown, ocher fur stands on end. With the skin and muscles apparently tightening, his ocher fur is really moving in wave motions.
Claws that exceeded those of beasts like lions or tigers extend from Steertop’s forepaws.
He digs out the ground with his claws causing scratching sounds ― and turns around while bending his torso, obviously capitalizing on his traits as feline animal.
It’s a movement that closely resembles a traditional lion dance. And then he turned his head in our direction.
His eyes inspire fear as he glares at us.
His body seems soft, but…the eyes are sharp like an arrowhead.
His whiskers shine as if oiled.
A huge tiger overflowing with an aura of wilderness; that’s the evil tiger god Steertop.
The impressive appearance of his ten, long tails that are standing tightly on end…
They seem similar to those of the mythological fox spirit, who was famous even in ancient China.
Steertop opened his mouth while making his glossy whiskers sway.
He exposes fangs that shine for a moment.

“Nuhahahahahaha!” (Steertop)

He bursts into laughter, but still remains coercive.
I sensed a freezing, wave-like pressure.

“Oh apostle, request and you shall be given! Buuuut, I won’t grant you my power easily after all all…ngyaha!” (Steertop)

The evil god throws those words that seem to bear meaning and charges at me.
Long, ocher claws extend from his huge forepaws.
So it was a lie after all, huh?
Even though I wanted to acquire a new skill.
I release <Chain> from both hands――
The chains’ aim are the huge forepaws that are trying to stab me with their claws.
Just as planned, the chains’ pointed ends stab into the evil god’s forepaws.
I manipulate those chains in an instant.
Let’s have him drop his guard at the chest!
After making the chains twine around his paws ― I make them move so as to pull his paws to the left and right.

“――Geeh, what the fuuuck!” (Steertop)

The evil god roars.
Steertop’s paws are pinned in the air like the crucified Jesus Christ.
He swings his paws which were bent back.

“Guhahaha, to pierce this skin of mine!” (Steertop)

The evil god has both his paws pierced by <Chain>, but it doesn’t seem to show any effect.
As he laughs loudly,

“――You possess quite the sharp spears! Buuuut!” (Steertop)

He forcibly removed the chains by tearing off his own paws.
Yellow fur scatters at the tear.
At the same time darkish blood gushed out of the open wounds.
――In that moment the darkish blood transforms into countless black spears.
The spears came flying towards us.
――I drive off the black spears with my Magic Halberd.
I kept my distance, but――
The black spears rain down on everyone like a heavy downpour.
Yui cuts down the spears with her magic katana.
Helme avoids damage in her liquefied state.
Viine dodges the spears magnificently.
Eva breaks the spears apart with her black tonfa which are clad in violet mana.

“Nn, these black spears are made out of steel. But they have yellow leaves attached.” (Eva)

The sensation of striking the black spears apparently felt like hitting steel.
Eva, who dons a reassuring expression, rotates her magic wheelchair and splendidly avoids the black spears.
Even Rebecca, who clad her body in blue flames,

“Jeez, what’s with those black spears!” (Rebecca)

Even while saying so, she dodges the black spears with a speed that’s unbelievable for a magician type.

“Nn, nyaa, nya, nya――”

RollodeenBlack Panther repels the spears approaching in front of her with the tentacle bone swords she released from her nape.
Moreover, she jumps towards the black spears while rotating.
Jumping from one spear to another, she runs atop the black spears.
And, while kicking one spear, she leaps onto another.
She keeps playing around with something similar to gymnastics.
Rollo is fun since she will turn everything into a game.
Kaldo bisected a black spear praise-worthily.
However another spear hits his toes and he ends up falling down.

“――Dad, you alright? It’s because you’re trying to cut down everything.” (Yui)

While cutting a great number of spears approaching her, Yui calmly addressed her father.
Her way of handling this makes me realize her experience in battle.

“I’m fine. I recovered already. It’s still difficult for me to adjust my power as needed.” (Kaldo)

It looks like Kaldo can’t make use of his powers as a Lucival yet.
On the other hand, the Burning Knights are ― blocking the black spears with their square shields.
But, after receiving an overwhelming amount of continuous black spear attacks ― their shields were flicked away
Their chest alongside the armor that’s clad in smoke and their arms are stabbed by black spears, causing them to collapse to the ground.

“Your Excellencyyyy.”


Watching the sight of the Burning Knights, Mysty became pale, and avoided the black spears by running away.
Moreover the golem, which she used as substitute for a shield, was pierced by black spears and broke into pieces.
Everyone besides the Burning Knights appears to be alright.
As I’m relieved about everyone’s situation while dodging and repelling the spears approach in front of me,

“…What’s this? Coping with it by adapting on the spot, these people are…” (Steertop)

The evil god talked with a growl.
The wounds on both his paws are regenerating.
He glares at me alone.
At the same time the muscles of his limbs bulge.
He filled them with strength. So he’s going to attack, huh?

“In that case I will directly crush their heads, damn――” (Steertop)

He charges with a force that has enough power to scorch the floor.
――Fast. The evil tiger god swung down his paw.
Claws with the width of a two-handed sword are extending after changing color from yellow to black.
Reflexively I received the thick, black claws with my Magic Halberd――
Guh! Heavy, very heavy.
――I can’t stop them completely.


I received a claw slash to my head.
A part of of Illias’s Overcoat is cut off.
It huuuurts. My violet armor was widely and diagonally torn open.
――Guuaah, even my right arm ― was amputated.
――I received a tremendous impact and was blown away to the rear.
I crash onto the hard, bedrock-like ground.
Bumping off the ground several times, I keep toppling sideways.
I shoot <Chain> with my uninjured left hand ― killing the momentum by having the chain stab into the ground.
After I turned <Magic Hand guided by Thought> into a cushion by wrapping it around my back, my movements finally came to a halt.

“…That hurts a lot…more than Pax. As expected of a god’s part…” (Shuuya)

For just an instant my left field of vision became pitch black, but my sight returned right away.
I’m bloodstained, but even my right arm regrew as before.
Even as I clench and open my hand, there’s no feeling of discomfort.
My favorite Magic Halberd was still grasped by my old right arm.
Of course it’s laying on the ground in front.
The item box is put around the cut-off right arm’s wrist.
I definitely have to recover that.
But, that means I have two right arms, doesn’t it…?
How mysterious. I wonder what will happen to my head if it were to be cut off.
Maybe the head would regrow in an instant, and I would become able to see through four eyes…
I will go ahead with an AMD-like multicore CPU, no, blah, it seems I’m confused.

“Master!” (Viine)

“Shuuya! Are you okay?”

All of them looked flustered after watching me being done in while avoiding the attacks by the swarm of black spears.
They raised panicked voices I don’t hear from them often.
In order to show them that I’m fine,

“I’m okay――” (Shuuya)

I yell loudly.
I might not be completely fine, but ― at the same time ― I activate the Blood Mana <Blood Path – Open Third Gate> and then <Blood Acceleration>.
Next I activated <Blood Chains Banquet>.
I manipulate my blood to flow out of the skin at my legs.
The surface of the Evil Dragon King’s greaves are dyed by darkish red blood.
While kicking the hard ground as if trampling on it――
I make a part of the released blood chains head towards the severed right arm.
As a test I connected the tips of the blood chains to the cross section at the right arm’s elbow by stabbing into it.
――Oh my god…once I made the blood chains and the severed arm combine, my senses were linked with that arm.
――It felt like I had another arm.
Involuntarily laughter wells up from within my chest.

“Fuhahaha! It’s the birth of a three-armed lancer――” (Shuuya)

“It regenerated!? …So you’re no human, huh?” (Steertop)

The evil god apparently became vigilant after watching me suddenly declaring something weird while laughing.
He retreated while stooping his tiger head down.
I shoot <Chains> from both wrists towards him.

“Humph, those won’t hit me anymore――” (Steertop)

Steertop dodges the two chains with perfect movements as if dancing.
Probably because of that, the meteor shower-like black spear attacks against everyone stopped.
Now that he’s taking evasive maneuvers, I manipulate the right arm which is connected to me by blood chains and call it back to me.
A Magic Halberd grasped by my old right arm that’s connected to me through blood chains; how surreal.
Once I hold the severed right arm, I feel something mysterious I have never felt so far.
Grasping my own arm with a new arm…that’s something fresh.
In an instant――
The Jail of Darkness Bone Knights ring stuck to the finger of the severed arm wriggles.
While transforming, the ring automatically settled onto the finger of my new arm.
The Burning Knights have vanished after being pierced by black spears.
They should have returned to the spirit world by now.
Their consciousness might have been transferred into this ring.
While pondering about such things, I quickly remove the item box from the old arm and put it on the new one.
I operate the item box――
I take the Magic Spear Gudorul that Pax owned out of the item box and grasp it with the new, regrown arm.
I manipulated the old arm that’s grasping the Magic Halberd, moving it high above my head.
It’s strange after all.
My hand increased by a real hand, not <Magic Hand guided by Thought>.
On the other hand Steertop continues to avoid the tips of the <Chains> which are coiling themselves around like snakes as they move.
It looks like he really hated having his body stabbed by the chains before.
Eva’s earth magic, Rebecca’s fire magic, and Viine’s wind magic chase after the swiftly dodging evil god and clash into him, but they didn’t get through his skin and only burn the skin’s surface a bit.
Next Rebecca creates blue fireballs on both her palms and tosses them towards Steertop.
The blue fireballs clash into the evil god’s left flank, a spot with dense, yellow fur.
They didn’t penetrate the skin, but they cause it to be largely dented.

“Nuguuoh! Direct damage to this me!?” (Steertop)

Even as he dodges the <Chains>, Steertop glares at Rebecca who had fired the blue fireballs.

“Kyaaa, scary!” (Rebecca)

Rebecca quickly ran away in panic.
Viine also stops using magic.
She readies her Jade Snake Bow that transformed from a short bow into a long bow.
――The beautiful Jade Snake Bow.
――The wing ornaments with snake patterns on the upper and lower wooden parts stand out.
And yet a green smoke-like aura wafts out from Viine’s both wrists.
Her bluish-white fingers that are wrapped by a green aura drew the laser-like, shining string and released an emerald beam arrow.
That arrow chased the swift evil god and splendidly pierced his chest.
The yellow fur dissolved in a circular shape with the stuck arrow in the middle.
Once the bare skin becomes exposed, green snakes penetrate into the evil god’s skin from the arrow.
The snakes vanish from sight in no time and then a green flash in the shape of a rose and snakes appears at the bald patch.
The circular skin patch, which released a flash that seemed to throb due to the power of the spirit world’s goddess, explodes at a small scale alongside the the stuck arrow.
The surrounding skin, flesh and blood was blown off, creating a black, speck-like wound in its vicinity.
Black blood gushes out.

“Guaaaah!” (Steertop)

Steertop raised his voice in pain.
I’m sure it’s owed to the beam arrow of the Jade Snake Bow being intense.
However, the evil tiger god Steertop is still an evil god.
Even while screaming in pain, he continues avoiding my chains.
Rollodeen ran towards the back of Steertop.
Mysty takes a bit of a distance while creating a new golem.
I guess Yui and Kaldo plan to cooperate with Rollodeen?
They ran towards the left and right side of the evil god.
Now then, I think I will try that out.
I kept the severed right arm floating high above my head.
It’s time for the new weapon from the other day…
I focus my mana towards my upper arms which are releasing the chains ― and send it towards the bracelets stored inside my upper arms.
――I activated my new weapons, the light rings.
At that moment rings of light extending from my upper arms to my wrists manifest.
Chakram type of light ring weapons appear on my palms.
Just as before, shining magic characters are wandering across the light rings at high speed.

“――Light rings? D-Don’t…tell me…” (Steertop)

Steertop was surprised even while skillfully avoiding the chains.
He appears to know about the light ring weapon.
I unleash the two light rings while looking at Steertop’s face with its widened eyes.
The target are the evil god’s limbs.
――The thick legs on the left and right with dense, ocher fur.

“Hiiii! You lying lanceeeeer! You damn apostle of the divine domaaaain!!” (Steertop)

We have deceived each other, haven’t we?
Having said that, I’m not an apostle of the divine domain.
The evil god moves his legs in order to dodge the rings.
However, as there are apparently limits since he’s continuing to avoid the two chains ― the two light rings sank inside Steertop’s legs as if being absorbed into them.
The light rings create thin, disk-like wounds on the evil god’s legs.

“Gyaaaaaa!” (Steertop)

I manipulate the light rings that entered Steertop’s legs.
The light rings freely tear his legs to pieces from within, causing his legs to be scattered in all directions.

“Hyaaah…my legs…” (Steertop)

The evil god screams while looking at a part of his own bone that had been cut apart.
While the flesh dropped off his legs, large quantities of black blood surged out.
There’s still more to come――
I manipulate <Chain>.
I aim the two chains at the shoulders of Steertop who had stopped moving.
The chains bite into his shoulders as if finally having found their prey.
Gotcha. The chains penetrated both of Steertop’s shoulders.
They even partially stab into the chest.
I’m going to trap him just like that!
While turning the chains into anchors, I will send them around towards Steertop’s arms.
While keeping a certain image in mind, I manipulate <Chain>――
I entwine the chains around the surface of Steertop’s arms in order to bind his hands and feet.
You won’t get away any longer――
Right, a natto roll is the image used here.
I want to eat natto rolls in this different world. Based on a weird fighting spirit, I wound the chains around Steertop’s upper arms, turning him into a natto roll.
For caution’s sake I fire two <Chain Spear of the Ray System> one after the other――
The light spears fly through the air as if tearing it apart, and head towards the god’s upper arms.
Then they pierced both arms.
Once the butt ends of the stuck light spears split apart while wriggling like sea anemone, they transform into light nets. Those light nets swallow a part of the evil god’s body that’s covered by chains, concealing the area where he wears tekkou.
Just like that the light nets pin the evil god’s body to the floor.
Now he looked like Gulliver who got caught by the small people.
While manipulating not only <Chain>, but also the two light rings ― I will destroy his entire body.

“――Guuh, no way…for him to make me use these…anti-god domain ring armsCircle of Grodo!” (Steertop)

The evil god shouts with a peculiar voice――
He creates ring-shaped black blades from the wounds at his lower body half.
Those black blades offset the light rings.

“――Ga Death!” (Steertop)

Moreover, once he shouts some chant-like words, black shock waves are released.
At that moment all the rings extending from the light rings buried in the left and right upper arm to the hands lost their light.
The rings automatically settle down into my upper arms.
Did they receive some curse? As a test I sent some mana into my upper arms.
The rings don’t deploy to the wrist.
No light rings appeared on my palms.
Moreover, the color of the golden rings has changed. Specks of black were now mixed in.
I guess these are broken now.
Well, the opponent is an evil god. It’s only natural for him to possess a trump card against the divine domain, huh?
They still seem to work as armor, though…can’t be helped.
At that point,

“The responsibility for having injured His Excellency is grave. I will educate your cheeky butt.” (Helme)

It’s the voice of Helme who was behind Steertop.
She’s shooting ice spears while looking enraged.
I could see how many spears stab into the the ten tails of the evil god, err, his big butt while he focused on sealing the light rings.
A raw sound is audible…
Now the evil god not only lost his legs, but might also have lost his ass.
From here it’s not visible whether the spears are stuck normally after the evil god’s magic resistance value dropped, or whether the spears are concentrating on the open wounds at his thighs.

“Hyaaaaaa!” (Steertop)

Rollodeen, who had changed into her huge lion form from her black panther mode, jumped upon Steertop who bent his back backwards.
Choosing the evil god’s back as surfboard, she keeps surfing――
My huge partner glides across the floor on the evil god’s body.
An amazing way to bring him down, or rather, she’s playing around.
It’s one-sided, but the sight of a huge divine beast against a huge evil god sure makes a picture.
The evil god is sliding across the ground, obviously scraping his head and chest.
I operate the chains that were entwined around his arms.
――With an image of pulling the evil god’s arms.
Rollodeen thrust her sharp fangs into the nape of the evil god.
Next my huge partner successively stabs the evil god’s body with several tentacle bone swords, which she released from her entire body, with a series of blunt impact sounds.

“Gefuuuh!” (Steertop)

The evil god vomits great amounts of black blood from his mouth and throat.
He grimaces while looking pained.
It’s a reversal of the previous scene.
No, he’s in a worse situation.
Next a formation of metallic blades clad in Eva’s violet mana flew towards Steertop.
The formation flies on a perfect course so as to not stab Rollodeen, who’s riding on top of the evil god’s back.
The blades, which seem to be Rollodeen’s satellites, pierced the evil god’s body.
Seemingly judging that she’s a hindrance to Eva’s attacks, Rollodeen jumps off to the side ― while still keeping several tentacle bone swords stabbed in the god’s body.
She withdrew from the evil god’s back.

“Rollo-chan, nice――”

Rebecca yells while throwing blue fireballs.
The fireballs consecutively hit the torso of the evil god who’s groveling on the ground.
When he previously received a blue fireball, his skin only dented in――
This time the skin alongside the ocher fur was blown away.
Furthermore, a big hole with blue flames at its borders is created in his torso.
The evil god’s black flesh and blood was scattered all over.
What terrifying power.

“Next is my turn――”

Yui, who had moved to the left side, yells while running, jumps and rotates herself.
Swinging the special magic katana she’s clasping in both hands, she slashed at the arm of the evil god while increasing the slashing power with the rotational force.
In an instant the blades of the two magic katana sink into the thick upper arm of the evil god as if being swallowed up.
――Yui’s rotational katana slash doesn’t stop at that.
While chopping up the evil god’s arm and flank, she magnificently lands at his side as if to bewitch him with her white thighs.
Blood spurts out of the evil god as proof of her magic katana having reached even a part of the evil god’s flank.
It looks like she delivered a deep sword cut.

“…I cannot afford to lose to my daughter!” (Kaldo)

Kaldo shouts.
As if to follow up on Yui, he delivers a diagonal sword slash from his shoulder against the flank of the evil god who can’t move.
That swordsmanship is woodpecker? 1 The entire body of the evil god was dyed with black blood.
The skin of his is face is hideously burned, a big hole has opened up on his chest, ice spears have been stabbed into his anus, and his legs are smashed. Even going by its gruesomeness, it’s a tragic sight.

“Gugeeeeh…what’s thiiis, this much power…but, you guys are fundamentally wrong. I’m just a part of the evil god, you know?” (Steertop)

With his entire body riddled with wounds, Steertop grins broadly.
At that moment he releases a tremendous amount of mana from his body.
Is he shedding his body? As if flinging off the skin caught by the chains, a great part of his skin with pieces of flesh clinging to them is blown into the vicinity.
That skin transformed into deep black tree spears.
Those spears were shot out in a 360° shape without any gaps alongside an intense shock wave.
The tree spears pierce all of us with a speed that doesn’t allow any evasion and we’re blown away by the shock wave.





I force my upper body half to get up at the spot where I landed, and check everyone.
Rollodeen’s body is riddled with black spears.
For a change blood was streaming down from her black fur.

“Rollo!” (Shuuya)


My huge partner shrinks to her black panther size while meowing as if saying 『I’m alright nya』.
And at the same time she easily frees herself from the black spears.
I also forcibly pull out countless black spears from my body, and stand up.
I was blown away, but the Magic Halberd, which is linked to me through the blood chains, was still floating above my head.

“Humph, as expected of you, lancer and black cat. You seem different from the others.” (Steertop)

The evil god has shrunk to a size of two meters.
According to the words of that small evil god…everyone besides Helme was hit by the black spears.
Black spears are also stuck in Rebecca’s torso.

“Kuuh, if we hadn’t been Lucival, all of us would have died…” (Rebecca)

Eva, who seemingly protected her wheelchair, got stabbed by several spears at her torso and arms.

“Nn, hurts.” (Eva)

The legs for Viine, legs and arms for Yui, and the entire torso for Kaldo…

“Master…” (Viine)

“Dad! You alive?” (Yui)

“…Yeah.” (Kaldo)

“Shit, shit, shit, it hurts too much.” (Mysty)

Mysty is completely crucified to the ground.
Seeing everyone’s state, rage welled up within me.

“Rollo, Helme, move behind me for now.” (Shuuya)



The liquefied Helme forms a 〇 in her liquid state, and slided behind me.
Actively using her limbs, RollodeenBlack Panther came running.
And then I glare towards the evil god.

“…To not only wound Rollo but even the bodies of my bloodkin, that’s unforgivable…” (Shuuya)

I let my anger, blood and soul surface.
While making the beast within my heart, the bloodstained Lucival, rise, I transformed all of it into blood thirst.
And, while focusing on my former right arm floating high above my head, I walk towards the evil god.

“As if I would care about something like tha――nungh!” (Steertop)

The evil god opens his mouth and shoots a mass of black trees out of it.
I extend my right arm forward while twisting it after adopting a forward-bent posture, and stab the mass of black trees with a <Thrust> of the Magic Spear Gudorul, possessing an orange blade.
On the spot I simultaneously shoot out several blood chains and make them head towards the evil god.

“You think I’ll be hit by those!?” (Steertop)

The evil god moves nimbly.
Probably because he’s a god, he dodges and evades the blood chains with a divine stunt.
However, little-by-little the number of blood chains increase, visibly cutting off his retreat to the back, and limiting his movements.
At once I unleash 《Ice Bullet》 and 《Frozen Snake Arrow》 in succession.
I also activated 《Frozen Dragoness》
The teardrop-shaped 《Ice Bullet》 hits the evil god, but is repelled.
But, several of the arm-sized 《Frozen Snake Arrows》 stabbed into the evil god’s body.
Following, a dragon of ice columns shaped like a “dragon head.”
It plunges forwards while moving its ice tail and fins, which have been created from the the ice dragon’s head that widely opened its upper and lower jaw.
The instant the ice dragon bit into the evil god, an ice blizzard spread to the vicinity.

“Guaaaah.” (Steertop)

The god screams in pain, but even as his body gets frozen, he keeps moving by just shaking his body in order to get rid of the frost.
On the contrary, he extended black claws from his forepaws and came attacking while evading the blood chains.
I cut down the approaching black claws with Gudorul.

“Rollo, buy me a bit of time.” (Shuuya)


“Helme, pull out the black spears stuck in our friends.” (Shuuya)

“Yes!” (Helme)

Rollodeen, who had transformed into a divine beast exceeding the black lion in size, unleashes a restraining swarm of tentacles at the evil god.
The evil god extends black claws from his body and feet.
He continues to move around while resisting by knocking the tentacle bone swords aside with a force that causes a fierce competition between my partner’s tentacle bone swords and the black claws.


An unusual voice from Rollodeen who seemed irritated by the fact of her prided tentacle bone sword storm being blocked.
She’s a divine beast, but while showing her sharp fangs, she pointed her head with its square, black panther-like, female face upwards.


She roared while opening her mouth.
She emits flames that vividly remind me of the pitch black dragon’s breath from her mouth.
The evil god, who had avoided the blood chains, was swallowed up by the huge, crimson blaze.
I think it was slightly effective.
Just in case I make the blood chains targeting the evil god vanish.
Even while feeling the hot wind, Helme goes around to help her comrades.
Meanwhile I send mana from my arm to my fingertip.
I draw a magic crest with my mana-charged finger――
Playing it by the book, I make it tough instead of suppressing the firepower and mana consumption.
An armor-piercing type specialized in the center. The scale is small. I write in Japanese.
I construct the magic crest while charging it with plenty of mana.
The small-scaled, black magic crest that seems to have been drawn with a brush floated in midair.
Is it because I was still operating one blood chain?
I felt like it demanded emotional strength due to my mana being unnecessarily whittled down…
Just when I completed my original ancient magic crest, the flame breath unleashed by Rollodeen settled down.
As expected, I guess it didn’t work with a flame breath.
The evil god apparently blocked my partner’s flames by creating a black aura from his entire body.
It seems to have a plain firepower, but I will have him eat my new ancient magic.
I decided on a trigger.
God-slaying Darkness BulletGod Slayer Bullet》.
――I activate <Ancient Magic>.
Nuo, I felt shivers along my spine.
At the same time I lose mana――
There’s also the feeling of my stomach being twisted as if a weight had been put in there…
Bile, gastric acid, or something unknown spreads inside my mouth.
Simultaneously a single bullet of darkness appeared from the small-scaled magic crest.
It has a rugged surface, but a glossy finish. It releases a mist as if a black liquid was clinging to it.
The darkness bullet flies while leaving behind drops of darkness in the space.
I guess the evil god was careless due to it being a small object.

“What’s that? Something like this!” (Steertop)

He tries to intercept 《God-slaying Darkness Bullet》 while laughing. He extended his black claws and made them clash with the bullet.
The 《God-slaying Darkness Bullet》 very easily tears apart those black claws.
Then the 《God-slaying Darkness Bullet》 destroys the forearm with a loud bang at the root of the evil god’s claws while flying out of the elbow’s rear, and finally penetrates the evil god’s flank――
Steertop’s arm hangs loosely down.
The yellow-furred skin warps.

“Gyaaaaaa.” (Steertop)

It’s a cry that seems to burst one’s ears.
The 《God-slaying Darkness Bullet》 created a small bullet hole on the floor’s surface behind Steertop and stopped there.
Black blood smoke floats into the air from the floor.



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Translation Notes:

  1. I think it refers to the Woodpecker Strategy enacted during a battle in 1561 which was thought up by Yamamoto Kansuke

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