Chapter 186 – Evil Beast Segilogun

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At the time when Shuuya’s party was about to fight against the evil beast inside the labyrinth…
The vampires connected to the founders of darkness were carrying out secret maneuvers on the surface in Labyrinth City Pelneet.
Even now vampires are sucking the blood of humans in an alley located close to the southern gate.
One is a blond-haired vampire.
She sucks the blood of a woman.
The blood veins at the outer corners of her eyes have swollen and pulsate.
The pulsating blood veins continued up to her ears.
She strengthened the bloodsucking while excitedly activating the magic eyes that utilized <Blood Mana>.
The human woman, who had her blood sucked, convulsed once and then stopped moving.
Once the female vampire extracted her two sharp fangs dripping with blood out of the woman’s neck――
She licked the blood clinging to her lips with her tongue while having an ecstatic expression.
After the female vampire threw the woman that had been turned into a puppet away while licking her upper lip――
She faced a man with a characteristic face who leaned against a wall, and said…

“Phigoran~. It looks like that annoying Mad Knight really died.”

As she had just used <Bloodsucking>, her skin’s gloss had increased.
The male vampire looks at that.

“Yeah…no doubt about it. Even the guys who were formerly church knights besides Mad Knight had their numbers decreased considerably. According to our previous reconnaissance, 【Remains of the Moon】 obtained victory in the dark guild dispute.” (Phigoran)

The man called Phigoran calmly explained.
There are traces of sucked blood left at Phigoran’s mouth.
Even as he sees the female vampire’s smile, his expression that shows his character doesn’t fall apart.

“Well then, we’re going back and report to father not only about Veronica, but also about that lancer and his black cat?”

Phigoran listened to the female vampire.
While pasting a cold expression with a thin smile on his face,

“That’s right. But, Elise…I understand your feelings as it’s a hunt and a reconnaissance at the same time after a long time, but to suck the blood of this many people…it will definitely stand out.” (Phigoran)

…Pale corpses that had been abandoned in a corner of the alley are carelessly scattered on the ground.

“It’s fine. This place is the darkness. It’s slightly off the turf of any dark guild.” (Elise)

“Humph, how typical of you…but, right now reporting to Alnerd-sama takes priority.” (Phigoran)

“Yeah. Ah, but the <Servant Leader> under the direct control of Lunz-sama should be here as well, no? He should have transformed while scouting, but without even <Inhalation of Odor TechniquePheremone’s Touch>? That’s weird. Did he go back?” (Elise)

“Who knows…we have our own work to do. The only faction actively chasing after the taboo Veronica are only those around Lunz-sama. We’re going to return to the 【Great Tomb’s Blood Court】, just as planned.” (Phigoran)

“Understood~♪” (Elise)

The two vampires use their <Blood Mana> in an instant.
While leaving behind traces of blood particles in the air, they transform into a small bat and a crow.
The bat and crow fly out of the dark alley towards the southern sky.


I climbed into the air using <Magic Hand guided by Thought> and looked at my target.
The Evil Beast Segilogun extends countless tentacles in the shape of black fists from its flank, arms at its back, and the torn chest.
It continued to pummel the tiger statue while swaying its body left and right.
The head at the feet of the evil beast is a carapace?
Octopus monsters are floating at its lower body half.
No change to before.
I guess I will first aim at that Evil Beast SegilogunBig one.
While spreading the overcloak to the left and right…I hold out my right hand to the front.
As if taking a pose, I turned my overlapping index and middle fingers towards the big one.
I still won’t use the new light ringsArba.
I will damage it with ice magic.
――I activated the Extreme Class spell of the water attribute, 《Frozen Dragoness》.
An ice dragon head with ice fangs growing at its upper and lower jaw springs forth from my fingertips――
The ice head of 《Frozen Dragoness》 plunges forward through the air while creating ice tail and fins behind it. Its appearance is that of an Asia-styled serpent’s head.
That 《Frozen Dragoness》 runs into the chest of the evil beast.
――At that instant a cold wave is created from the impacted surface.
Half of the the evil beast’s chest had been swallowed by the ice dragon head.
The beast’s upper body solidifies into a white mass while freezing in the twinkling of an eye.
The frozen beast made cracking sounds while it transformed into an ice sculpture alongside several tentacles that were still moving.
Then ― as if saying 『What?』, the beast slowly turns its head in our direction.
I activate <Chain Spear of the Ray System> and aim it at the beast.
One light spear flies towards the evil beast as if tearing the air apart.
Immediately following, green, round disks clad in Eva’s mana dance in the sky.
It’s a flock of disks.
The flock of disks simultaneously headed towards the part of the beast’s body that hadn’t been frozen yet.
At that moment my <Chain Spear of the Ray System> hit one eye of Evil Beast Segilogun.


It’s a yell full of pain.
It didn’t scream even when half of its body had been frozen, but it seems <Chain Spear of the Ray System> worked.
Next Eva’s flock of disks ― pierces half of the beast’s body.
The beast bent its body back in order to tear away from that frozen body half.
In the next moment its frozen body half broke apart and vanished.
I shoot four <Chain Spear of the Ray System> in series.

“――Master, I will shoot as well.” (Viine)

It’s Viine’s voice.
She has readied the gift from the Goddess of Magic Poison, Misea, her Jade Snake Bow.
Shooting one beam arrow after nocking it, she runs and raises a leg for an instant while shooting a second beam arrow.
Her archery skill is reliable. I wonder whether she has a skill to shoot arrows while running.
The beam arrows fly straight through the air.
Before confirming the aim of that arrow――
I check two of my <Chain Spears of the Ray System>.
One spear hit the angular shoulders of the evil beast.
The remaining light spear pierced the inside the hollow chest that had been split in two.
The light spear’s rear squirms and transforms into a light net, expanding inside the beast’s chest.
The light net changes into a light spider web.
It twines itself around the chest’s inner part with force, burning the insides.


The evil beast screams once again.
At that moment the beam arrow fired by Viine that’s close to a green or golden color stabs into the beast’s body half.
A swarm of green, baby snakes rushes out of the beam arrow in a spherical form. That swarm penetrates the insides of the beast’s tentacles, and right after they vanished ― an emerald flash gushes out from the area where the arrow was stuck.
The evil beast exploded.


It’s a loud scream.
Evil Beast Segilogun had become no more than a half body.
Even the black tentacles forming its body festered and lost their shape, obviously shedding blood.
Yet, the beast is still alive.

“I will attack those small fries!”

Rebecca declares and stretches her white hands to the left and right.
She opens her small, slender palms, creates blue flames on top of both palms, and releases those into the air.
While flickering, the blue flames branched in midair, and turned into several burning, blue clusters.
Rebecca sure lives up to the expectations of one belonging to the lineage of the Blue Flame God.
And, she wasn’t a half elf, but a high elf.
Though she’s now a Light Demon Lucival.
That former high elf uses <Throwing> to hurl the blue fireballs.
She performs a three-quarter throw with her right hand.
With her left hand she adopts a motion of throwing with a sidethrow.
The throw seemed to be as fast as a throw by Hankyu’s pitcher Hisashi1, but the blue fireballs are no baseball balls. Still it reminded me of a former professional baseball player.
Rebecca swings both her arms in alternation, using <Throwing> on the blue fireballs.
The blue fireballs head for the evil beast’s feet, and then clash into the distorted octopus monsters floating at Segilogun’s feet.
Holes opened up in the soft bodies, and chunks of the soft bodies’ feet scattered into the vicinity.
The shells were blown away, and the blue flames devoured the octopuses’ bodies, killing them in the process.
It’s a chain bombardment of such fierce fireballs, but――
As might be expected of octopuses, there were also quick ones among them.
A part of the octopus monsters that evaded the bombardment headed towards us.
The octopuses’ kicking the ground with their many feet was unexpectedly forceful.
While having turned their shelled heads into our direction, they approached as if flying through the air.

“――Your Excellency, I will handle the remaining small fries.” (Helme)

Helme leaped while scattering sheets of water spray.
She targeted the approaching octopuses and ― released ice pebbles from her right hand.
She continuously fires one after the other to diagonally below ― causing the pebbles to pour down like rain.
The octopus monsters’ speed weakened after having their entire bodies showered with ice pebbles.
There were some who got crucified to the floor.
A weird juice seeped out of their shelled heads, but it’s frozen by the ice pebbles.

“Your Excellency, our dark bone’s――”

“Your Excellency, our shield’s and sword’s――”


Just as the Burning Knights were in the middle of claiming that it might be their turn――
Rollodeen released a cat voice full of fighting spirit.
My partner leaves the Burning Knights in the lurch, and departs to the front.
She opens her muzzle while turning her square horse lion face forward, and then she released a terrifying, huge, crimson fire breath from her muzzle.
The fire breath doesn’t hit the evil god statues.
It turned into a sea of flames with a directionality straight to the front.
The octopus monsters and the half evil beast that’s covered with wounds all over are swallowed by the large fire sea.
The seething wind reaches even us who are in the back.
The Burning Knights were fully hit by the wind.
Their black and red aura-like smoke, which should be called their trademark, vanished.


“I suppose Rollo-sama beat us to the punch!”

The Burning Knights said while laying at my feet.
It’s the same for Helme who was behind RollodeenHorse Lion.

While looking frightened with her bluish black and blue, leafy skin shriveled, she screamed, “Kyaa.”

After being hit by the hot wind, she spurted sheets of water spray from her whole body.
Just like that she liquefies her body, and escapes into my left eye in a spiral.

『Your Excellency, that was scary…』 (Helme)

『You alright?』 (Shuuya)

『Yes. I hadn’t been directly showered by the flames, but I experienced a sensation close to getting scalded.』 (Helme)

『Sorry, I will give you a bit of mana.』 (Shuuya)

She hasn’t appeared in my visual field, but I pour mana into Helme who was unusually timid after having returned into my left eye.

『T-Tshank…y-you…very muuush…』 (Helme)

Rollodeen’s flames settle down and vanish in that short time.
Everything except for a black, circular clump had disappeared due to the flames.
The floor’s surface had melted and is now curving like waves. The red, heated ground is still sizzling.
The octopus monsters were completely gone.
With this force all of them were likely swallowed up in one breath.
I guess I will cool it down a bit…
I carefully focus on making water flow in trickles…so as to not cause an explosion.
While scattering the <Life Magic’s> water on the smoldering floor,

“…Rollo, it was a truly dreadful fire. Did the power go up in comparison to before?” (Shuuya)

I asked RollodeenBlack Panther who had shrunken down next to me.


It’s Rollodeen’s sweet voice.
Without looking triumphant for a change…she rubs her head against my shin and entwines my foot with her long tail.

“Master, that, black, shelled clump…I wonder what it is.” (Viine)

Viine points with her finger.

“Who knows…the remaining scum of the evil beast?” (Shuuya)

“――Rollo-chan’s breath, terrifying…I want to research it, but I won’t be able to write while trembling! Besides, all of you possess amazing magic and techniques…with my current power, it’s very unlikely for me to be of much help…shit, shit, shit.” (Mysty)

She took the simple golem along from behind, but…she wears an apologetic expression, seemingly having lost confidence after watching the extraordinary fire breath.
She muttered her usual catchwords while biting her fingers.

“…Mysty, there’s no need to be discouraged. Even I was overwhelmed and in a daze at the time when I saw Shuuya and Rollo-chan fighting for the first time. Since I know really well that it’s easy to lose confidence here, you mustn’t pay undue attention to it.”

“Nn, Shuuya and Rollo-chan are special.” (Eva)

I think Rebecca and Eva are plenty special themselves as well, but I also turn towards following up on Mysty.

“…Mysty, it’s just as Rebecca and Eva say. Don’t mind it too much. You are a chosen bloodkin as <Head Servant Leader> as well. You’re an undead family member. Besides, you have your sorcery doll creation, don’t you?” (Shuuya)

“Yeah! You’re right. I will do my best to contribute in my very own way.” (Mysty)

At that moment the black clump in front of us squirms――
It made a part of its carapace transform, changing into one fist-shaped, black tentacle.
Black claws grow out of that fist and it comes flying at us.
The tentacle clashes against the golem made by Mysty.
The golem was pierced and pulverized in an instant, and more claws grow out of the black fist in order to attack Mysty as well.
――Not on my watch.

“Kyaa.” (Mysty)

I shoot <Chain> from both wrists as if firing a gun.
The tentacle approaching Mysty was penetrated by <Chain> and got entangled.
In the instant the tentacle was pierced by <Chain>, it withered and vanished.
A pained scream was released by the black clump that had attacked.
Mysty screamed a bit as well, but she instantaneously reconstructed the simple golem.
…Not bad.
Well, she’s a <Head Servant Leader> after all.
I think she wouldn’t have died even if she were stabbed by the black tentacle as she’s immortal, though.
While thinking something like this, I glare at the remaining scum of the evil beast’s main body that had counterattacked.
I implement plan B while activating <Magic Hand guided by Thought>――
I summon the Magic Halberd into my right hand and clad my whole body with Magic Combat Style.
Kicking the still hot ground,

“Nuooooo.” (Shuuya)

I yell while charging in a forward-bent posture.
I guess it plans to receive me with an attack――
A huge fist-shaped tentacle extending from the black clump approaches me while wriggling like a snake.
An automatic counterattack, huh?
I will meet that counter with a <Magic Hand guided by Thought> counter!
While running, I unleashed a <Magic Hand guided by Thought> mana fist formed out of magic lines towards the black tentacle.
Fist meets fist in midair with a violent clash, creating a peculiar explosion sound.
In an instant――
The tentacle was out-hit by the <Magic Hand guided by Thought> fist all too quickly.
<Magic Hand guided by Thought> splendidly pulverizes the fist-shaped tentacle connected to the spherical clump.
The black tentacle wilts, and scatters in all directions while raising black smoke as if thawing.
The shadow-like tentacle vanishes while polluting the air.
I’m going to strike that black clump!
I shifted into an attack motion after it entered the range of my halberd.
Twisting my waist, I stretch out the arm holding the halberd.
I activate <Thrust>――
The spiraling red spear penetrated the black carapace of the black mass.
But, there’s more to come! I’m still not finished.
――It’s an experiment to quicken my physical abilities to the utmost limit.
I focus on <Blood Path – Open Third Gate> and activate <Blood Acceleration>.
Then I activate <Demonic Brain Speed>.

“Nuuuooooooooooooooo――” (Shuuya)

Blood spray not only from my feet, but my whole body.
I release a <Darkness Drill> while loudly firing myself up.
A combination of <Thrust> and <Darkness Drill>――
Next I unleash a chain of high speed thrusts with the red spear of my Magic Halberd――
The clump that used to be a black carapace receives furious onslaught by the red spear and the red ax, burns in an instant, and is reduced into trash.
――The gourd-shaped, core-like, central part was exposed.
A forceful <Powerful Slash> of the red ax blade into the central part settles it――
The central part was blown into smithereens.
Furthermore I release 《Ice Bullet》 and 《Ice Blade》 from a very close distance in succession, chasing even after the black chunks of meat that had turned into small pieces.
I determinedly wield my halberd until <Demonic Brain Speed> runs out――
While performing a counterclockwise kick, I even use <Hidden Blade>――
Kicking, piercing, slashing ― in order to not leave even the slightest fragment behind, I freeze, destroy, and thoroughly burn everything with the red ax blade as main tool――
At that point I also cancel <Blood Acceleration>.
I swung down the Magic Halberd towards last piece of meat that had fallen to the ground.
The red ax blade smashed the piece of meat while surging with mana.
While breathing out, I stopped moving in a state of having swung down Magic Halberd Baldok.
I don’t hear any rumbling from the ground, but my feet shook slightly.
The violet grip in my hands vibrates.
The tip of the red ax blade, which releases swaying mana, cleaved the ground open.

“――Phew, that felt good.” (Shuuya)

Saying that, I shoulder my Magic Halberd.

『Your Excellency, I was mesmerized by the amazing speed and rotation. I’m sure that even the evil beast’s soul was burned to cinders.』 (Helme)

『Haha, you’re exaggerating.』 (Shuuya)

At that point I rotated the Magic Halberd while stopping the conversation with Helme in my mind.
After I leaned the halberd against my shoulder once more――
I turned around.

“Too awesome…but, what’s with that bright smile!? Isn’t it startling how much of a gap there is!?”

Rebecca reacts in a way that makes it difficult to differentiate whether she’s angry or happy.
Thereupon Eva reveals a mystified expression next to her.

“Nn, High speed movement of blood? It moved with shupa papa pa.” (Eva)

She adorably extended her arm and imitated <Thrust> while sitting on her wheelchair.

“Master…” (Viine)

Viine had removed her silver mask and placed it on top of her hair.
She stares at me with her two beautiful eyes sparkling.
Probably she got ready to use the silver butterfly on her cheek in case it’s needed.

“…Although I could make out that your footsteps were blood red, I didn’t discover any traces and couldn’t follow your movements which looked as if your body had divided into several. Even though I thought that I had grown after becoming a <Head Servant Leader>…nothing less of you, Shuuya. Our suzerain-sama and the leader of us bloodkin.”

Yui mutters in admiration and sheathes her katana.

“…It’s disappointing that there was no chance for me to get a turn even though we had discussed a strategy, but I shall remember the awe of milord’s wonderful performance…” (Kaldo)

Kaldo looks pale.
He genuflects on the ground that was still burning intensely at some places.
That’s probably the reason why his kneecap has been scorched.
I’m sure it hurts, but…I didn’t point it out in particular.

“Nnn, nya, nya.”

Rollodeen is in the process of using the evil tiger statue as scratching post.
She’s scraping the statue with her sharp claws, but I won’t warn her.
I guess it’s a Rollodeen-like way of saying 『I protected the tiger statue nya』?
Or maybe 『I’m going to defeat this guy nya~』, or 『So many tails nya. How cheeky nyao』?
I don’t know…
But with this I kept my promise with the evil god.
I take out the Ten Heavenly Evil Statue from my item box.

“Shuuya, you going to insert that?”

Rebecca seems to be curious about the shady key.
She approaches while making her abundant blond hair sway, and stares with her blue eyes.
A nice, citrus-based scent wafted over.

“Yeah. I will open the door to the sanctuary’s special room with this. It seems I will be granted power there.” (Shuuya)

I explain while showing the jar-like, shady keyTen Heavenly Evil Statue to everyone.

“…How suspicious.” (Eva)

Eva murmurs while intently gazing at the key’s tip.

『Your Excellency, I agree with Eva.』 (Helme)

The tiny Helme states while thrusting her syringe at the key.

“Indeed. For an evil god to obediently hand over its power…”

Viine is doubtful, too.

“I know how you feel. I don’t believe all of it either. But, I feel like it had been decided that I would open this place here since the moment I got my hands on the Ten Heavenly Evil Statue.” (Shuuya)

I’m not Fate God Asura, however…

“…Supposing they are enemies of my beloved Shuuya – might they be good gods, evil gods or devils – all of them will be cut down with these katana.” (Yui)

Yui declared while lifting the scabbards with her special katana.
She sure said something pleasant there, hasn’t she?

“Nn, do my best. I will turn the tables on them with my new metal blade.” (Eva)

In order to demonstrate her drive, Eva transforms her wheelchair into its Segway mode and approaches the tiger statue.

“Yep, that’s only natural. Shuuya, let’s open the lock quickly.” (Rebecca)

“Milord, there are no enemies in the rear. All is ready.” (Kaldo)

“That key…I might be able to use it as research material…” (Mysty)

Only Mysty enthusiastically drew the key into her sketchbook.

“Sure, I’m going to try putting in the statue.” (Shuuya)

I inserted the Ten Heavenly Evil Statue into the keyhole located at the feet of the tiger statue after nodding.
……Nothing is happening. Oh! I suppose I have to turn the key around.
Once I turned the statue in the right direction, a somewhat loud sound reverberated. In an instant the entire body of the tiger statue shone in ocher, and the area around its feet became soft like clay and transformed.
Only the immediate vicinity around the keyhole doesn’t change its shape. Although it’s just the area surrounding the keyhole, a lengthy space with a peculiar shape is created with a speed that caused an optical illusion that made it look as if a three-dimensional trick picture was produced inside the space with an interior that revealed an arched depth.
There was a double door shining golden inside that hole.

“Whoaaaa…how mysterious.”

“Nn, golden color.” (Eva)

“Master! Steertop is ahead?” (Viine)

“Probably.” (Shuuya)

Once I pull out the key, blood was dripping from its tip, and it wriggled on and on.
It immediately returned to its original state, but it’s definitely a creepy key…
I put the key into a pocket of my bandolier.

『Your Excellency, a magic source is gushing out ahead of that door. It’s overflowing like a geyser.』 (Helme)

Certainly, when I check with Magic Observation, I immediately grasp that a dazzling light is leaking out of the door.

“I will go ahead and open it.” (Shuuya)




I extend a hand towards the golden door.
Its touch is metallic, possibly gold…once I push it open, a thin, blue mist streamed out.
I know that a space is unfolding ahead, but since it’s filled with the blue mist-like something, it stinks somewhat…I decide that it’s no poison gas, and step into the room while enduring the smell.
As I’m advancing as if pushing my way through the damp mist…

“You did well to have released the door, my apostle…”

A voice I had heard before echoes.
And then…then the blue mist cleared up, the owner of the voice became visible ahead.
A huge tiger possessing fur that shines in ocher.
But, it’s different from the lively evil tiger god I had seen and talked with while using that rapper-like Millennium Plant.
His entire body was tied to the bare ground by thick chains clad in bluish-white light.
Every single of his ten big tails was pinned to the ground while entangled by chains as if having been thoroughly packaged.

“…I don’t remember having become your apostle, but isn’t your appearance drastically different from before?” (Shuuya)

“…Yeah, you’re correct. Can’t you remove those annoying, cursed chains so that I can grant you my power?” (Steertop)

The tiger lifts his head, turning his red-bordered eyes at the root of the chains binding his body.
At the end of his line of sight there is a big rock that’s emitting bluish-white light.
It appears to be covered by magic crests all over.
The chains pinning down the evil tiger god were tightly affixed to the rock.

“Are you really going to grant me your power if I remove these?” (Shuuya)

I turned the halberd’s spear part towards him, and asked with a threatening look.

“Yeah, lancer. I will keep my promise.” (Steertop)

“Master, it’s fishy. In the first place, why has he been sealed here…?” (Viine)

Viine asks while looking at the evil god.

“Tsk, caring about unnecessary things…that’s why I told you to come alone.” (Steertop)

The evil tiger god bared his fangs and talked while spitting out an ocher breath.

“Steertop, those are the words of my precious woman, you know? I really don’t like this. If you like, I can go back just like that? This is not what we’ve talked about. There was no mention of destroying some rock.” (Shuuya)

“W-Wait. I’m sorry…for mercy’s sake, I beg you. Please remove…those chains.” (Steertop)

The evil god apologized while pressing his forehead against the ground.
The spot where his head touched the ground dyes ocher.
Moreover, yellow fur started to sprout there.
Next it changes into a ground with with arbor.
It’s mysterious, but it’s also a sight hinting at the connection between Steertop and the floor of this labyrinth.

“…I’m going to have you answer some questions then. Why have you been sealed here?” (Shuuya)

“I was defeated in battle…”

The tiger rumbles through his fangs while looking mortified.

“A battle against who or what?” (Shuuya)

“It was a battle against the evil god Otherviews.” (Steertop)

“Hee, there’s such an evil god in the evil domain Hellrhone that’s connected with this labyrinth.” (Shuuya)

“An evil god using light…in the abyss…uniting Sera with other dimensions. Possibly he’s scheming to rule all of them.” (Steertop)

“Steertop, are you weak?” (Shuuya)

“Impertinent brat…no, I’m not weak! As I’m currently sealed, only a part of me…” (Steertop)

The evil god’s complexion worsen, and he lies face-down on the bare ground.

“Hmm, I will consult with everyone for a bit.” (Shuuya)

“…Hurry.” (Steertop)

I took some distance from the evil god, and turned around towards all my friends who were watching in the back.

“It looks that’s the situation, but what do you think?” (Shuuya)


RollodeenHorse Lion had become big without me noticing.
While extending many tentacles from around her neck, she pointed her square face upwards a bit, and meowed with a cute voice not suiting that face.
Since she hasn’t transmitted her feelings to me, I don’t understand, but I’m sure she wants to hunt and play.

“I’m against it. No matter how you look at it, that tiger isn’t normal.” (Rebecca)

“Rebecca, your opinion is reasonable, but I think I want to see Master use the evil god’s power.” (Viine)

“Nn, Shuuya, that look…you have already made up your mind, haven’t you?” (Eva)

Eva really knows me even without reading my mind, huh?

“As you say…I will free him.” (Shuuya)

“Let’s do it quickly then. We just have to kill him if it turns into a fight anyway.”

“I approve of a battle! Who cares about god slaying!? Even though it’s unbecoming for my age to be so excited…I shall participate in the battle with this cursed sword Hewzoy.” (Kaldo)

Kaldo’s eyes become bloodshot, and blood veins surface at the outer corners of his eyes.
It’s a perfect vampire face. He’s a good-looking middle-aged man after all. Well, I think he’s cool.

“Dad, you’re really pumped.” (Yui)

“…I don’t know whether I will be of help, but if something happens, I will have the golem rush in.” (Mysty)

Mysty looks at Kaldo’s face, and says so after being slightly dumbfounded.

“Your Excellency, the Black Burning Knight Zemetas will fight as well. I will show my dark bone techniques to all of you.” (Zemetas)

“This Red Burning Knight Adomos shall not lose out to Zemetas!” (Adomos)

Seemingly interested in the fuming armor and body of Zemetas, Rebecca speaks up while tapping the armor with her hand.

“――No helping it. I will get my blue fireballs ready in advance.” (Rebecca)

“Nn, as one of the chosen bloodkin, I will win against the evil god.” (Eva)

Eva clads her whole body with violet mana.
I face my trustworthy comrades, nod, and then walk over to the big rock holding the chains that restrain Steertop.

“Magnificent!! As expected of my chosen apostle. What splendid lancer.” (Steertop)

The evil god loudly praised my decision.

『Your Excellency, I will come outside in preparation for the battle.』 (Helme)

『Sure.』 (Shuuya)

『Okay!』 (Helme)

Helme is released from my left eye.
She slides behind the place where the evil god is captured in her liquid form that can also be called her stealth mode.
Steertop doesn’t notice.
To begin with, that guy is blinded by greed. He probably plans to manipulate me as he’s under the impression that I’m a human. I really wonder about his face once he learns that everyone, who came here is a Light Demon Lucival…
I’m looking forward to it.
I consciously reveal a vampiric, wicked smile.
Meanwhile I look at the big rock.
Crest formations I had never seen before had been carved on the surface of the rock.
A bluish-white extends from its center.
I lift my left hand towards the rock and shoot <Chain>.
<Chain> penetrates the rock without any resistance.
※Checking Connection of Multiple Extra Skills※
※Conditions for skill derivation of Extra Skill <Granted Seal of Light> met.※
※Conditions for skill derivation of Extra Skill <Chain Factor> met.※
※Piiing※<Spirit Curse Net Chain>※Skill acquired.※
Whaaa-, I acquired a skill.
It looks like the big rock that sent out the light chains sealing the evil god was special.
I wonder whether I will acquire more if I break some more.
Getting caught up in the moment, I shoot <Chain>, destroying all the rocks in the surrounding.
However, I didn’t manage to obtain another skill.

“――Nuhahahaha! I’m free. Finally free! Albeit a part, this me, who was sealed, has reeeevived!” (Steertop)

It’s the evil god’s characteristic, bouncy and delighted voice.
Suddenly I recall the talk with the Millennium Plant because of the evil god’s high spirits.
Well, originally the plant was this guy’s kin…so it’s possible, I suppose?



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Translation Notes:

  1. Hankyu is actually called Orix Buffaloes. It was founded 1936 under the ownership of a Japanese railway company Hanshin Kyuko Railway Company and nicknamed Hankyu Braves back then. Hisashi Yamada played with the Hankyu Braves in Nippon Professional Baseball from 1969 to 1988, winning the Pacific League MVP for three years in a row (1976 to 1978)

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