Chapter 184 – Golden Rings and Mysty

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As I’m playing around with Rollo atop the front gate――
My partner transmitted her feeling, 『I want to fly through the air』 to me.
As if being pulled towards her, I climb on the back of the huge, divine beast Rollodeen.
Then we took off into the sky.
We might be discovered by Great Knights riding dragons if we stay at a half-assed altitude.
That’s why we fly higher and higher into the air.
The labyrinth city below me has an elliptical shape.
We flew up to such a height that Pelneet looks small from up here.
I lift my eyes as we ride upon the winds.
We continue ascending and finally pierce through a gigantic column of clouds.
Immediately after, we came out above a beautiful sea of clouds.
The tips of the two, thin control tentacles are tightly stuck below my neck.
That’s the reason why I understand Rollodeen’s feelings to some extent.
Just now she transmitted feelings such as 『Fun』 and 『Play』 to me.
However, there’s a huge amount of monsters in the sky.
Large swarms of huge whales and jellyfish.
Dragons and griffons of various sizes.
Monsters that seem to be a combination of bats and people.
Uwaah, what the fuck is that?
I found some kind of huge being, albeit human-shaped!
Moreover, there’s a golden loop on top of its head.
Several things similar to warped magic crests are extending from the loop.
There’s a round hole in the middle of its face…what a very odd face.
A pair of black, big wings are spreading at its back.
A magic source, that contains a huge mass, expands in a radial shape.
We got curious about the huge, winged humanoid.
――Once we closed in, a ray of light came flying.
――Rollodeen evades in a hurry――
She rotated.
A gigantic column of cloud behind us was split in two.
The light was a shock blade?


The huge humanoid, which had an aloof attitude, casually stretched its arms to the left and right while floating silently.
Many small coronas are created on both its arms.
They join into bracelets covering the arms from their upper parts to the hands.
While alternately blinking, those rings simultaneously move towards the hands.
On both its palm shining circles, which seem to be another kind of spell, took shape.
Thin disks, huh?
Something like runes are moving at high speed at the edges of the light rings and disks.
Somehow it looks really awesome.

“Me――approach――evil god, spirit world, person――death――only awaits.”

I don’t know where to find its mouth. The huge humanoid with its holey face spoke in a language I understand and released two light rings.

“Rollo, I will intercept. Fly while maintaining the visibility.” (Shuuya)


I release two <Chain Spear of the Ray System> for the sake of interception.
The instant the two light spears and the two light rings violently clashed in the air, a loud sounds, similar to glass breaking, resounded, obviously blowing the sea of clouds away and making my earlobes tremble. The spears and rings offset each other.

“Light――!? You are not one of the crow people, or those entranced by the evil gods or spirit world?”

The voice of the humanoid is unique and vibrating.
It’s floating in the air at a place slightly away from my location, but I could hear it properly.

“Rollo, try getting a bit closer.” (Shuuya)

Rollodeen approaches the humanoid while circling.
We received an attack, but it looks like it’s possible to talk with it.
I show a friendly attitude on my face.

“――I am me, but what are you? What are you doing in this sky?” (Shuuya)

“I am, one following the divine domain Seuros, one of the divine domain’s soldiers, one standing guard against the evil god domain Hellrhone, one destroying the spirit world Sebdola, Arbagudrobe Buu.”

The last part is its name?
In short, a monster that came from the divine domain Seuros, huh?
Since I can’t actually ask something like that,

“Buu-san, are you my enemy?” (Shuuya)

“No, wrong. Lightholder, I made a mistake. Sorry. I will give you Arbar as apology.” (Buu)

Buu-san with his conspicuous golden loop.
He removes a bracelet from both arms, and those two light bracelet-like things come my way while floating in the air.
Once I grab those light rings, they transform into golden bracelets.

“Are you giving these to me?” (Shuuya)

“Yes. Arbar is an offense and defense bracelet. Someone holding light will likely be able to master it. Farewell, lightholder.” (Buu)

He turns around, and then makes the golden loop on top of his head shine and flaps his black wings.
He’s visible in the distant skies in an instant. I guess he left.
But, I wonder whether I can put on these two bracelets.

“Right, it fits as I don’t wear the ancient dragon armor. I suppose I will try to put them on.” (Shuuya)

The instant I stuck my arms through bracelets, the two bracelets automatically move to the upper part of my arms.
Just when I thought that they had stopped around there…eh!? The bracelets automatically sink into my arms and assimilated with my skin.
Now there’s a little bulge on my upper arms.
How can I use these?
I guess I will try gathering mana at my upper arms for starters.
The instant mana accumulated there――
A corona extending from my upper arms to my wrists manifests, just like it happened for the humanoid.
After a few milliseconds, light rings were created on the palms of both my hands.
Oooh, wow.
It’s the same as the rings created on the palms of Buu-san.
The characters wandering across the light rings’ surfaces are cool.
The moment I imagined the two light rings flying in the air, they rushed out into the sky.
The light rings possess directionality.
It seems I can control them.
I guess I will try having them barge into a place, where a huge whale and a flock of dragons are struggling for survival, as a test.

“Rollo, please circle next to the whale and dragons fighting over there. Do it skillfully so that we don’t get hit by any attacks.” (Shuuya)


Rollodeen adjusts the angle of her wings, and moves at high speed.
We get close to the battle between the whale and the dragons.
A medium-sized dragon with a muzzle that resembles a dinosaur collides against the whale from the front.
They bite each other with their big, fanged mouths.
My target are those two.
I charge mana into a rings around my upper arms――
Light rings form on my palms.
Runes appear on the rings’ surface.
The light rings head towards the whale and dragon.
One clashes into the whale.
The ring pierced through the whale’s back.
A disk-sized hole is created in the torso of the medium-sized dragon by the other ring.
The light rings move around at a dizzying speed each time I manipulate them.
They cut up the huge flesh of the whale and sever the bones of the dragon.
The targets were turned into small pieces of meat――
A great amount of big meat chunks fell down onto Pelneet’s big prairie, giving birth to a feeding ground for the monsters down there.
The two bloodstained rings float in the air.
Aren’t those amazing weapons?
Buu-san, thank you. You gave me something good.
Once I order the light rings to vanish in my mind, they disappear.
However, the corona at my bulging, upper arms remains as is.
What should I do to remove these…
As test, I charge mana into the corona’s bracelets, and focus on “Bracelets, disconnect.”
At that moment the golden rings buried in my upper arms rose to the surface of my arms like bracelets and separated.
Both automatically return on my palms.
Convenient. Weapons, armor?
But, I can’t equip my right, violet arm protectorRearbreath.
It’s my favorite armor made by my friends Zaga and Bon, but I guess I have to switch towards not using arm protection.
It would be great if I could transform the equipment as I fancy.
Let’s equip these light rings for now.
If I continuously deploy the two light rings as bracelets, they will likely serves as armor, too.
At that point I put back the two golden rings on my arms again.
They were automatically equipped on my upper arms.

“Rollo, let’s go back soon now.” (Shuuya)


RollodeenHuge Lion cries cheerfully while nose diving.
And, no sooner than seeing a bird eye’s perspective of Labyrinth City Pelneet, we returned right above the mansion.
Rollodeen slowly circles above the ground, and finally lands gently atop the front gate.
At that moment the sound of the gate’s door being opened reverberated.
It looks like my slaves came back from the labyrinth.
They returned at just the right moment.
I jump off the huge Rollodeen, landing on top of the gate’s roof.
Rollodeen transforms back to her usual cat size.
We leap towards the courtyard at the same time, and land with a stomp.
I say towards Mamani who’s walking across the courtyard,

“It seems you came back.” (Shuuya)

“Yes, Master. These are the spoils.” (Mamani)

Mamani handed over a bag filled with magic stones.
A few dozens medium-sized magic stones and one large magic stone are inside the bag.

“You did well. So, how did it go? What’s your impression of challenging the labyrinth by yourselves?” (Shuuya)

“Yes, we didn’t do anything unreasonable, just as you ordered, Master. We hunted after scouting the power levels so that we would have some margin left.” (Mamani)

“I see, you’re probably tired. Get some rest.” (Shuuya)

“I’m happy for your kind concern, but we aren’t tired at all.” (Mamani)

“You’re not?” (Shuuya)

“Yes. Since we just woke up inside the labyrinth a while ago, we can challenge the labyrinth again right away if it’s your order, Master.” (Mamani)

Mamani explains while smiling.

“As expected of you guys. But, please spend some time comfortably for now. I will call upon you again when we are going to head to the labyrinth.” (Shuuya)

“Yes! As you wish.” (Mamani)

Mamani turns on her heels after bowing her head.
They head to the boarding house on the right side of the courtyard.
Souther, Bia and Fuu follow behind their leader Mamani while chatting about each other’s accomplishments.
If she’s capable of leading, there’s also the option of moving her under Kaldo’s control as his subordinate, I suppose.
I operate the item box.
A touch window and ◆ were displayed.


◆ Please enter the Elenium Stones here.


I put in all magic stones.

◆: Total stored quantity of Elenium: 528


Necessary Big Elenium stones: 99 – incomplete
Reward: Storage +60: Release of Gatrance Form

Necessary Big Elenium stones: 300 – incomplete
Reward: Storage +70: Release of Murasame

Necessary Big Elenium stones: 1000 – incomplete
Reward: Storage +100: Release of Tiny Orbital





The size of the magic stones is unrelated to the stored quantity.
I just have to collect medium-sized magic stones as bullets for the beam gun and beam rifle.
As I was tampering with the item box, Mysty arrived.
Everyone from Innocent Arms including Helme is chatting with Mysty while sitting at the big table located in the main building’s living room.
And then, once the conversation died down, I confessed the sequence of events that happened to Sol.

“Eh…?” (Mysty)

Mysty widens her eyes and trembles upon the sudden confession.
It looked as if a black stagnation appeared and disappeared for an instant. I recall the time I met her for the first time.

“So that crazy, mass-murdering brother of mine died?” (Mysty)

“Yeah, he’s dead.” (Shuuya)

“I see…he was killed by you, my benefactor…I can’t say anything to you…giving me back my strength, and killing the guy I wanted to kill…so you didn’t pay attention to me back then…you’re much too kind! Shit, shit, shiiiiiittt.” (Mysty)

Mysty unleashed a rapid succession of her habitual shit’s and then broke down crying on the spot.
I look at Viine after having become slightly anxious.
Viine stared at me with her silver eyes, smiled, and nodded.
We don’t have any telepathic connection, but I felt as though I heard her saying 『Master, it’s fine』.

“Mysty…are you alright?” (Shuuya)

Getting close to her, I place a hand on her shoulder.

“…Yeah, sorry. Something so shameful in front of everyone…” (Mysty)

“No, they don’t mind it, I’m sure.” (Shuuya)

“He’s right, Mysty.” (Rebecca)

Rebecca nods, agreeing with me.
While also nodding, Viine moves her pretty lips which are covered with lipstick,

“…Indeed. It’s nothing to be ashamed of. Just as it’s written in a famous fairy-tale, my great Master is a kind tiger with a strength equal to a fierce god. He’s the embodiment of love. It’s especially limited to beautiful women, but he will kindly accept anyone without fail.” (Viine)

It’s the title of a fairy-tale Mysty liked.
Although it’s coincidence…Viine is fairly perceptive.

“Viine, you’ve grown. To be able to guess His Excellency’s feeling to such a degree, it’s no wonder that you were the first with whom His Excellency shared his blood.” (Helme)

“Spirit-sama…such a…it’s only natural for me to always think about Master…but, thank you very much. Spirit-sama.” (Viine)

As if Helme and Viine had understood each other’s intentions, both blush while smiling at each other.
I guess it’s mostly me who thinks in the perverted direction of them possibly having become good friends after the water play.

“Milord…I’m sad…” (Kaldo)

After Viine’s passionate talk and Helme’s remark, Kaldo muttered without any liveliness…
I think he reacted to the women-only embodiment of love part, though.
There ain’t no love towards men in me…
I deliberately devoted myself to being Hoichi the Earless. No, that’s meaningless. It’s in one ear and out the other.
No, that’s also wrong…ah, now I got confused because of the grim Kaldo looking as though he’s about to cry.

“…Dad, don’t be so sad.” (Yui)

Seemingly feeling pity for him, Yui, who sits next to Kaldo, looks at him.

“Y-Yeah…” (Kaldo)

After seeing the gentle expression of his daughter, Kaldo’s sunken-in face broke into a smile.
As long as Yui is with him, Kaldo will be fine, I think.
Now then, let’s get healed by looking at Eva’s and Rebecca’s faces…
Today’s Eva has her long, black hair gathered into one by a violet ribbon that’s covered with a polished gem as it streams down towards her shoulders.
Her clothes use white as basic underlying tone with violet stripes. Her shirt exposes her shoulders.
She wore a black, thin undergarment with long sleeves.
It matches her violet eyes.
Since her bare skin is allowed to faintly peek out from her undergarment, she makes one feel the charm of an adult woman.
Rebecca has her platinum blond hair tied into braids with beautiful, blue strings.
Shit, that’s friggin’ cute…
Or rather, not only Eva and Rebecca, but even Yui and Viine have dressed up?
I guess they are bringing out the big guns since a new woman is visiting!
What adorable, gorgeous, charming <Head Servant Leaders>.

“Nn, Shuuya, what’s the matter?” (Eva)

“Shuuya, you’re looking at my face. You’re imagining something perverted again, aren’t you!?” (Rebecca)

Eva speaks while smiling angelically.
On the other hand, flames dwell in Rebecca’s blue eyes.
She was harshly glaring at me as if saying “How filthy!”
However, a little mischief sprouted within that glare.

“I wonder, what are you saying? Yesterday you said, “if it’s you, you can do to me whatever you like”…or such, while donning a horny expression and being disheveled…” (Shuuya)

“Wai-! …Don’t talk about that here!” (Rebecca)

Rebecca’s face becomes as bright red as a boiled octopus.
She fell prostrate on the table while looking embarrassed, and covered her head with her hands.
She mumbling some kinds of complaints, but…
Well, that’s how far I’m going to mess around with Rebecca…
I turn my face towards Mysty who had stopped crying and was looking at Rebecca while amused.

“Mysty, it’s such a party, but I hope you will look favorably on it.” (Shuuya)

“Yes. Everyone. My combat occupation is called Heavy Steel Doll Maker. Please leave a part of the vanguard to my simple golems. Also, since I possess a special skill enabling me to create sorcery dolls called Star Ore Casting, I have the confidence that I can instantly repair most metal-based items. My compatibility with metals is good. Given that I also have confidence in my knowledge related to refined gold, feel free to ask me, okay?” (Mysty)

As might be expected of a temporary lecturer, Mysty gave a polite explanation about herself.

“Wow!” (Eva)

The one reacting first to her words was the metal lover Eva.

“Eva-san, thank you. As a matter of fact…it’s like this.” (Mysty)

Mysty removes the green cloth bandana coiled around her forehead, showing the magic symbol to everyone.

“Whooaaa, I heard about it, but you’re a former noble, after all. So you’re one chosen by the gods, eh?” (Rebecca)

Seemingly having overcome her embarrassment, Rebecca is acting as if nothing has happened.

“Nn, Mysty, look at me too…” (Eva)

Eva releases her mana.
While twisting her face, she engulfed her whole body, including the magic wheelchair, with mana, and floated on the spot.
And then she exposes her bare bone legs by melting the greenish-gray steel covering her lower leg.
The melted metal turned into many round orbs, floating around Eva.

“…The crest of those feet, I have never seen it, but it’s similar to my magic symbol? So you can manipulate metal as well, Eva-san. Amazing. It’s floating…” (Mysty)

“Nn, Mysty, just call me Eva. And, I can’t repair metallic items like you. I can’t create sorcery dolls either. The other day I evolved, but what I’m only capable of is refining metals, and processing metal so that it sticks to these legs. Making them float is part of another ability.” (Eva)

Mysty nods many times at Eva’s words.
She stared at the surface of Eva’s bone legs while breathing somewhat roughly through her nose.
It looks like she got interested.

“I see. That’s wonderful, Eva. It seems my hobby of manipulating metals matches with you. I’m looking forward to working with you from now on.” (Mysty)

“Nn, best regards.” (Eva)

Eva and Mysty nod at each other while smiling. They appear to get along just as I expected.
Ah, at that point I remember the labyrinth’s ingots I have with me.
I operated the item box and took out the Magic Black Soft Steel.

“Mysty, these are ingots we obtained in the labyrinth the other day, but I will give it to you as commemoration for having entered the party.” (Shuuya)

“Eh? Thanks. Can you please place those on the table over there for the time being?” (Mysty)

“Sure.” (Shuuya)

I put down the cluster of Magic Black Soft Steel with a thud.
Mysty immediately stretched out a hand towards the glossy, black metal with her fingers trembling.
Just as I had seen before, something like a spiderweb is generated on the surface of her hand, and the hand changes its color.
Only her nails shine in white.
And then lines run across the surface of the Magic Black Soft Steel. Metallic threads of bubbling slime mold wriggle around, and the threads repeatedly combine with each other.
The Magic Black Soft Steel that used to be one mass has been transformed into a long and thin shape.

“…Whoa, this is the Magic Black Soft Steel I’ve heard about in rumors. If there’s this and a furnace that can be used for simple smithing, I can right now and instantly create a stronger version of golem than the ones I have normally been using after coming to this city. However I won’t be able to carve too many command symbols as it will be a simple sorcery doll with a new iron crystal core which I bought by amassing money.” (Mysty)

Mysty’s voice becomes excited and she looks happy.

“Oh, but the creation of a sorcery doll is impossible, huh?”

“Yeah, an excellent sorcery doll with commands carved into it is impossible. Even I, who own a special skill, need an exclusive furnace. It won’t do unless I tackle a painstakingly laborious work.” (Mysty)

“I see. I don’t know what kind of exclusive furnace you need, but there’s a smithing room at the courtyard. I don’t understand what has been placed in there on a glance, but Mysty, how about using it if you like?” (Shuuya)

“Eh? You sure?” (Mysty)

“Yeah. Ah, right, I thought that it’s after you joined the party, but you might as well live here. How about it?” (Shuuya)

“Okay! I want to be next to you, Shuuya!” (Mysty)

Mysty smiled brightly.

“Nn, Mysty, very welcome. I want to talk about various things…” (Eva)

Eva’s violet eyes sparkle.
She alternately looked at me and Mysty with eyes full of expectation.

“…I’m not against it either.” (Rebecca)

“Oh? How unusual.” (Shuuya)

“Yeah, it’s not because I was chided by spirit-sama, but you’re making me always happy at night…that’s why I will accept everything as long as you wish for it, Shuuya. My best friend Eva is very delighted as well. If Mysty can come here, I will be happy, too.” (Rebecca)

Rebecca, who always objected first, has become an adult.
What a cutie. Once it’s night, I will “once again” do my best to pleasure her.

“Your Excellency, it’s an outcome of you carefully persisting in your mental care of the <Head Servant Leaders>. Just what you’d expected from a Bloodkin’s Suzerain. You are a supreme man.” (Helme)

She extols me as usual.
Oh well, after all she’s my oldest acquaintance and my first subordinate.

“Helme, don’t flatter me so much.” (Shuuya)

“Okay, excuse me. However, I’m Your Excellency’s water.” (Helme)

Helme smiled gently.
I naturally returned a smile filled with feelings of gratitude.
While switching my look towards Rebecca at that point, and at the same time as I plan to apologize for the previous teasing,

“Well, I guess you’re saying: a beautiful flower will naturally bloom beautifully no matter the place.” (Shuuya)

“Shuuya, flower? What’s that about?” (Rebecca)

“A flower’s beautiful blooming isn’t decided by whether it’s seen by people’s eyes or not, right? Thus, there are splendid, pretty women like Rebecca anywhere without any relation to place or status. I just said that as example.” (Shuuya)

“…Splendid woman…jeez, don’t say something so embarrassing with a serious look, okay? Shuuya, you idiot! But, thanks.” (Rebecca)

Seemingly embarrassed, Rebecca laid her her head on top of the table again.
She hides her face behind her white fingers.
Everyone smiled due to this conversation.
Then, after turning my look towards Mysty, I explain the matters concerning the magic treasure map and the evil god.
“We are not going to hunt normally?” came from her in surprise, but…
While receiving an explanation, Mysty nodded with an obedient look.
In the middle of talking…my conviction whether I should tell her about the blood of the <Head Servant Leader> and <Servant Leader> vampire species wavers.
I had planned to tell her about this after she joined our party and got close to us, but…she’s going to live here anyway, hence I guess I will just tell her.

“…Huh? You suddenly became silent. What’s wrong?” (Mysty)

“Yeah, there’s something I still haven’t mentioned about me…” (Shuuya)

“Master, you’re going to tell her about the blood just as we had talked about yesterday, aren’t you? I approve of it. I’m sure Mysty will accept it.” (Viine)

“Your Excellency, she’s one of the few excellent beings that can create sorcery dolls. Just as we had talked about before, let’s secure any excellent pieces.” (Helme)

Helme and Viine were in favor.
Especially Helme is smiling all over her face.
It’s her expression of extreme bliss she reveals when the number of bloodkin increases.

“Nn, I approve as well.” (Eva)

“I don’t mind either way.” (Rebecca)

“If she will be of help for you, I support it, Shuuya. We will live together anyway.” (Yui)

“Milord, which will she become, <Head Servant Leader> or <Servant Leader>?” (Kaldo)

Including Kaldo, everyone is in favor.

“Don’t be so hasty. I still haven’t told her anything.” (Shuuya)

“Jeez, all of you, what’s going on? Blood? Since a while ago you mentioned bloodkin and <Head Servant Leader> and such things, but that’s no title for a subordinate, is it? Is it some kind of contract? Shit, shit, shit, I don’t understand.” (Mysty)

Mysty turns her reddish brown eyes downwards from diagonally above, and hesitates.
She dons a confused expression.

“…It’s about my blood. I’m no human. I’m a different race called Light Demon Lucival. You can call it a demonic human, a special dhampir liking light.” (Shuuya)

“Hee, so that’s why you’re so strong. Your father or your mother, were either of them demons?” (Mysty)

…Mysty reacts like everyone else.
I guess my human heart is 90%.

“…Both were humans, but died in an accident in my childhood. But, that doesn’t matter at all. What I’m talking about now is my proposal of you changing into my subordinate, a <Head Servant Leader> or a <Servant Leader> by drinking my blood.” (Shuuya)

“Shuuya’s blood. I will stop being a human…” (Mysty)

Mysty touches the magic symbol on her forehead.

“An eternal life. You will become my eternal subordinate, lover, family, and the bloodkin of a Lucival.” (Shuuya)

“I will. Please give me your blood. Please let me drink it. Please. ――Shuuya-sama.” (Mysty)

The instant she heard about an eternal life, she completely changed in a flash.
She sits down on the bare ground and does a dogeza.

“Mysty, even without acting this menial, it’s a proposal from me after all…” (Shuuya)

She lifted her face quickly and stared at me with a sharp look.

“…Shuuya, you don’t understand. It’s eternal life, right? You don’t understand just how attractive that is. You don’t know how much nobles pay for the precious rejuvenation medicines, which are occasionally found in the labyrinth, do you? Eternal life. If it comes to this…not only does it have a priceless value, but it’s the aim of every single being on this world. Anyway, it’s something unthinkable…only an utter fool would miss their chance to get hold of this.” (Mysty)

“Something unthinkable, huh? Certainly, you could say that. So, as you will become my bloodkin, Mysty, you will stop being a human, and at the same time you will become my woman. Are you still fine with that?” (Shuuya)

I look at Mysty with a glare.
Undaunted by my gaze, Mysty strengthened her look that conveyed a strong sense of purpose, obviously glaring back.

“Of course! I’m not a religionist loving the Holy Church, neither do I fuss about being a human. Besides, since I have been rescued by you…I always lived sincerely while thinking of you. I became a temporary lecturer for the sake of proving that I’m doing my best after the reformation, and I became an adventurer as I wanted to find the slightest common ground with you…once I spent my time with the faint hope that I might possibly be able to meet you, I was really able to reunite with you. That’s why, I don’t meet anyone beside you anymore…I like you, Shuuya. If you tell me to stop being a temporary lecturer, I will do so right away. If you tell me to become a thief again, I will do so.” (Mysty)

Mysty looks directly into my eyes and talks rapidly with an excited voice.

“Understood. You don’t have to stop being a temporary lecturer. I won’t tell you to return being a thief or anything like that either. Well then, please come to my room since we will hold the necessary ritual.” (Shuuya)

“Okay.” (Mysty)

I grab her slender hand.

“Since it has been decided that Mysty will become a bloodkin, all of you, please do as you see fit as we will go to the labyrinth afterwards, okay?” (Shuuya)

“Sure.” (Rebecca)

“Okay.” (Yui)

“Nn, understood.” (Eva)

Rebecca, Yui, and Eva nod.

“Yes, Your Excellency.” (Helme)


Rollo unleashes cat punches towards the sheets of water spray Helme is creating.

“Understood, Master.” (Viine)

“Milord, I shall wait for you.” (Kaldo)

The calm Viine and the grim-looking Kaldo answered next.
I nod as well.
Now then, <Head Servant Leader> or <Servant Leader>, which should I choose…
I think <Head Servant Leader> since Mysty is excellent.
While having such worries, I led Mysty to my room.

“Well then, I think I will make you a <Head Servant Leader>. Let’s go.” (Shuuya)

“Okay, I’m really excited.” (Mysty)

I activate <Central Pillar of a Greater True Ancestor’s Lineage>.
The world of the dark time begins, wrapping up Mysty and me in darkness.
A new rebirth in true darkness.
My heart throbs and the blood flowing in my veins boils.
My blood grows restive as if simmering ― it’s released while squirming.
A pool of blood…the blood sea, which is the genealogy of my soul, dyes the darkness crimson.
My blood encroaches upon Mysty’s body.
A process towards head servant leader. The distribution of power has started.
Mysty’s reddish brown eyes stare into mine.
I confirm the will of her soul with my eyes. Her face is covered by my blood.
The special blood envelops Mysty, and makes her float in the air.
Same as those who became my chosen bloodkin as <Head Servant Leaders> in the past.
It changes its shape from a blood womb to the Crest Tree of the Lucival. One-by-one the big circles are created within the crest tree. Before long all ten, connected big circles and the 25 small, round branches are completed.
The names of Viine, Eva, Rebecca and Yui are carved in ancient letters into four big circles. Kaldo’s name was carved in ancient letters on one of the small branches.
The blood-dripping Crest Tree of the Lucival overlaps with her, and a dazzling light is generated from the area around her heart. A maelstrom of blood and light is released into the sky while overlapping with each other- Something similar to the yin and yang mark is drawn in the sky, obviously drifting around.
The yin and yang mark of blood and light turns into a spiraling whirlpool and is absorbed into Mysty’s body in one go.
Mysty seems to suffer. It must be painful.
It’s an act twisting the principle of causality.
She becomes my chosen bloodkin, a <Head Servant Leader>.
Once all my blood was absorbed by her body, Mysty’s name was carved into one of the crest tree’s big circles in ancient letters, and then she collapsed within the space of darkness.
It seems as though quite a bit of my mana and spirit was reduced once again.
I draw near to the fallen Mysty.

“Mysty, wake up.” (Shuuya)

“Mmh, this place is…I, Shuuya? Ah, I became a chosen bloodkin, a <Head Servant Leader>, right? … How mysterious.” (Mysty)

“How is it? I think your senses have changed quite a lot, though.” (Shuuya)

“Yeah, the way I perceive sounds and the amplitude of emotions…fufu, a bit…” (Mysty)

Mysty’s eyes become bloodshot, and veins pop up on both sides of her vampire-like eyes.
And then even the crest on her forehead changed into a hue blended with red.



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