Chapter 176 – Yui Becomes a Bloodkin

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When I got them to understand after seriously explaining the circumstances surrounding Yui – without joking around at all – it had become evening.
We get dinner ready in a hurry.
After a short time, the preparations were done.
While watching the evening sun sink below the coastline…I will introduce Yui and Kaldo-san at the campfire.
It’s a party of drinking and eating. While making strange faces towards Rebecca, we have an enjoyable chat with the girls saying, “Shuuya, you know, your weird faces are ridiculous!” and “Nn!”, and me answering “Really?” Rebecca spit out the sake in her mouth after seeing my weird snoot. We spend a nice time while speaking about this and that.
Rollo also ate grilled meat and vegetables.
Watching her chew the hard vegetables with her molars triggered the wish in me to help her.
And then, after purring once, she sits down sideways with her belly swelling like a balloon. It’s a relaxed posture close to the campfire. How cute. I move over next to my partner and laid down.
Rollo hits my face with her tail. Once I touch the tail, she meows “Nn, nya~”, pulls it back and places her tail on top of my palm. I guess it’s something along the line of 『You’re not the one to touch my tail, I will touch you ~nya.』. The party was now at full swing.
I stand up and say while everyone focuses on me,

“Let me officially introduce you to everyone. This is Yui and Kaldo-san.” (Shuuya)

“Hello, I’m Yui.”

“I’m Yui’s father, Kaldo.”

Towards Yui and Kaldo-san who give their greetings while bowing…I explain why we came here, the details of the labyrinth related to the evil gods, and the course of events so far.
Both were surprised about the mirrors and the story about the evil gods.
Once I finished, it was Yui’s and Kaldo-san’s turn.
With the crackling of the campfire as background…Yui and Kaldo-san speak up.

“I will first start from my war stories…” (Kaldo)

They give an explanation about their current circumstances.
Kaldo-san starts with his past and ends at an explanation about Hyatos’s 【Anbu’s Right Hand】.
Yui fervently talks about her meeting and parting with me in great detail.
Seeing Yui cry stabbed my heart. I naturally started to cry as well.
Probably because they are parent and child, they nod and confirm each other in a strangely timely manner while complementing each other.
Yui speaks without hiding her feelings.
Learning about her involvement with Hyatos, Eva and Rebecca nod with tears in their eyes.
Everyone listens closely to their story with serious expressions.

“And then…I escaped with Dad from our hiding place, but we got surrounded in the forest. Just when I thought that this would be the end, Shuuya showed up and defeated the black-clothed 【Anbu’s Right Hand】 members with his chains. That’s why…everything is thanks to Shuuya.” (Yui)

“…So that’s how it was.” (Rebecca)

“Nn, Shuuya, sorry about earlier.” (Eva)

“As expected of Master. He’s a truly supreme being.” (Viine)

“Your Excellency, I recommend to turn her into a bloodkin. If she can become a <Head Servant Leader>, a chosen bloodkin, it will boost Your Excellency’s combat forces greatly since she’s an excellent assassin.” (Helme)

Helme suggests me turning Yui into a bloodkin.
That Helme-san deployed a water barrier in front of herself to ward off the heat of the campfire.

“Turn bloodkin? Shuuya, is that related to the sharing of blood you mentioned before?” (Yui)

Yui touches on the topic that makes me nervous the most.
I look at the girls with whom I shared my blood, and they all nod.
It seems they believe that I should tell her.

“It is…” (Shuuya)

“…Can you tell me?” (Yui)

“I wonder, is it fine for me to listen as well?” (Kaldo)

Kaldo-san asks diffidently.
I guess I will have Kaldo-san, Yui’s father, listen as well on this occasion.

“I don’t mind…I’m no human. I’m a Light Demon Lucival. It’s a new race belonging to the demonic vampire line. And my friends, my women have inherited my blood as chosen bloodkin, <Head Servant Leaders>, after agreeing to it. Only Helme is a special water spirit of everlasting darkness who formed a contract with me rather than inheriting my blood, but…” (Shuuya)

“…Ah, I get it. You’re the same as me, if you subtract the small amount of demon blood. Are you possibility originating from the Zamalia Kingdom?” (Yui)

Upon Yui asking about my birthplace, everyone nods simultaneously.

“I’m also curious about it. Shuuya, you have never told us about your own origin. I only heard that it’s in the countryside.” (Rebecca)

“Nn, come to think of it.” (Eva)

“I concur with everybody. What’s your origin, Master?” (Viine)

“Your Excellency, I haven’t heard about that either.” (Helme)

Everyone’s eyes focus on me.
…What should I do? Even if I talk about my personal history…I spent more than 30 years in Japan, albeit only my soul. If I speak about being abducted into a white room with something mysterious that seemed to be a god in it, using a character maker there, and being reincarnated into this world…will they be able to understand those events? Are they going to agree?
I’m sure that’s actually impossible.
Although the part about the god might work out somehow, it’s very unlikely for them to comprehend a story on the scale of a different, unknown universe.
Well, I guess I will give them an explanation while staying as vague as necessary.

“…As a matter of fact my soul had been brought up in a world completely different from this one. And, a few years ago I was reincarnated into this world as Light Demon Lucival. I don’t know whether it was a prank by the gods, but this is the reason why I originate from a different world.” (Shuuya)

Silence descends in an instant.

“――Ooooooh! Wonderful. You were a divine being crossing dimensions, a being loved by the gods!!” (Viine)

Viine says with unadorned excitement while genuflecting in the sand and bowing her head.
I feel she’s increasingly becoming like Helme.

“――So you were sent here by the gods across dimensions, Your Excellency. It’s a blessing that you kindly guide us who are lost. It’s the height of honor.” (Helme)

Helme says while bowing.
She’s completely prostrating herself.
Helme has dissolved the water barrier, causing a slight change in her bluish black skin due to the campfire, but she maintained her current posture without paying any attention to it.

“Eh? Spirit-sama is prostrating herself…ah, even you, Eva, are crouching with your green steel legs in plain sight after getting off the wheelchair…Shuuya, you’re really a god? Certainly, you’re my blood’s suzerain-sama, I respect you, I love you, I always want to smell your scent, I like you very much, but…what should I do…I…” (Rebecca)

Rebecca is completely shaken. She’s flustered all by herself.
While pressing her index fingers together in front of her chest, she restlessly rubs her inner thighs against each other.
In the end everyone besides Rebecca, even Yui and Kaldo-san, genuflected with their heads lowered.
Aah…shoot, this is crazy.
Even though I didn’t talk about this with such development in mind…
…It would have been better to not mention it.

“…Wait. Everyone, don’t misunderstand. I’m no god, really. Certainly, I’m no ordinary person either. I’m similar to a vampire possessing <Immortality>.” (Shuuya)

“I thought that you might say so, Your Excellency, I have agreed with you on the surface, but for us, your existence is similar to a god. Besides, you personally shared your blood with Viine, Rebecca and Eva. I’m sure you have already become a being above gods in their hearts.” (Helme)

Helme-san, even if you tell me that…
After she lifts her face to speak to me, she immediately lowers it into its previous position…
Haaah…there’s no way that someone like me who always thinks about lewd stuff is a god…
I only tried to cleverly explain my birthplace…
Just why has it turned out like this!?

“Helme, Viine, Rebecca, Eva, I’m no god. Definitely not. I don’t even want to become one. I’m a man, a perverted guy who loves women. Or rather, can one actually become a god? Honestly, I don’t know how.” (Shuuya)

Seemingly because I explained my feelings and frantically appealed to them, I got everyone to stop prostrating.

“That’s also true…if I had to name it…you might be a pervert god.” (Rebecca)

“Nn, god of well-featured, flat faces.” (Eva)

Ugu, bufuu.
I end up laughing due to to Eva’s and Rebecca’s casual remarks.

“Ahahaha, Eva, that makes no sense, you know? But, it’s funny…”

“Pfft, hahahaha, Eva…saying that with a confident expression is a foul play! He’s a handsome man, but his strange snoots are ridiculous!” (Rebecca)

Rebecca loudly laughs herself into convulsions.
Everyone else giggles, too.
The question whether I’m a god or whatever completely vanished.

“Haha, you’ve really got me there.”

“His Excellency is a supreme man.” (Helme)

Only Helme dons a serious expression without laughing.

“Master, sorry for laughing. But, it doesn’t change the fact that you are a great, strong male who’s loved by the gods.” (Viine)

Following Helme’s example, Viine also shifts to a serious expression.

“Helme, Viine, thanks.” (Shuuya)

“Your Excellency…” (Helme)

“Master.” (Viine)

“Yeah, Shuuya is Shuuya, right?” (Rebecca)

“Nn, it doesn’t affect my love towards you.” (Eva)

Rebecca and Eva told me that after nodding to one another while smiling.
Thereupon Yui stands up.
While walking up next to me…

“…Shuuya, it’s great that everyone agreed, but it’s only natural that I can join you as bloodkin as well, right?” (Yui)

…and says this.
In response Kaldo-san raises his head at once.

“Yui! You mean it!? You will stop being human!” (Kaldo)

Kaldo-san cautions her.
I think it’s justified.
She’s trying to depart the principle of humanity.
He should be completely against it.

“Dad, I’m serious…being forever together with the person I like, the person I love is like a dream. Besides, even someone like me who possesses <Eyes of Baycala> has demon blood in her. I’m most certainly no ordinary human.” (Yui)

I’m happy that the cute Yui wants to be together with me.


Kaldo-san reveals a stern expression.
However, he’s hesitating after looking at me and Yui in turns…
And then he nodded slightly.
He nodded?

“Dad, sorry.” (Yui)

“No, I understand. I was also rescued by this person. If that’s your wish, I will give my consent as your father.” (Kaldo)

He’s approving it!?

“Yay, thanks, Dad.” (Yui)

“Hmpf, Shuuya-san ― I leave my daughter in your care.” (Kaldo)

Kaldo-san smiled handsomely, and bowed his head, obviously entrusting Yui to me.
Now that it has come to this, if the person herself wishes for it…but I wonder, is Kaldo-san going to become a bloodkin, too?
Since he’s a former martial artist and assassin who trained Yui, I think he’s quite excellent…I’m sure it’s fully acceptable for him to become a <Servant Leader>.
I nod while thinking so.

“…Alright.” (Shuuya)

Rather than that, right now it’s about Yui.
I got Kaldo-san’s permission, so I will share my blood with her at once.

“Well, are you ready then, Yui?” (Shuuya)

“Yeah.” (Yui)

Yui nodded.

“All of you, back off a bit.” (Shuuya)


“Understood ― and Yui, do your best. At first it’s a bit painful, but we are going to watch over you. If you love Shuuya, then believe in him.” (Rebecca)

The senpai Rebecca tried to pass on her zeal while grasping Yui’s hands.

“Rebecca…okay, I got it. But, it will be fine since I love him so much that it won’t lose out to you.” (Yui)

“Humph, I won’t yield either!” (Rebecca)

“Okay, I will leave. I’m terribly curious to watch from the side how she’s going to transform into a chosen bloodkin and blood-related family.” (Viine)

The ocean’s wind makes her silver hair flutter as it’s illuminated by the campfire.
Every single detail of her is beautiful.

“Nn, I agree with Viine. I can’t forget that painful sensation, but I never watched it as bystander.” (Eva)

“Yui, Dad is going to firmly watch over you. If you get sick of it, you can stop at once, okay?” (Kaldo)

Kaldo-san’s refined mannerism falls apart, and he looks as if being about to cry.

“…Dad, it’ll be alright. Look at me.” (Yui)

Everyone happens to have their own thoughts on this matter.
I waited until all of them calmed down.
And then Yui and I take a fixed distance from each other.
I stare at Yui after making sure of it, and activate <Central Pillar of a Greater True Ancestor’s Lineage>.
――My field of vision is dyed by darkness.
The campfire’s illumination was completely cut off.
The dimensional field of darkness wraps up only Yui and me ― it’s a true darkness surpassing that of <Beginning of Dusk>.
At the same time mana and blood begins to act violently as if boiling in my body.
――It’s very unlikely that I will grow accustomed to that squirming movement of my blood…
My mana is consumed as well.
Just like the other day, the throbbing in my chest becomes intense.
My heart beats like an alarm bell.
A wave of hot blood overflows from my entire body.
My blood, the sea of blood, which is the genealogy of my soul, encroaches upon Yui’s feet.
In a flash her lovely body got dyed crimson.
Make Yui a <Head Servant Leader> of the chosen bloodkin――
The ritual to share my powers begins.
Yui stared directly into my eyes without any fear or hesitation.
――It’s proof of her strong trust.
Her face got fully covered by my blood, startling her for an instant.
Once the special blood wraps up Yui into a blood cell as she kept smiling forcibly, she floats up.
Her appearance is just like that of Viine, Rebecca and Eva used to be.
She’s drifting in a blood cell that might as well be called a womb of blood…
The blood womb transforms into the Crest Tree of the Lucival.
10 big circles and 25 small, round branches have already formed inside the Crest Tree.
Viine’s, Rebecca’s and Eva’s ancient letters are carved into three big circles.
Once the Crest Tree overlaps with Yui…
Glittering light is emitted from the area around her heart――
As the light, mixed with blood, swirled around, it rushed out into the sky.
The particles of blood and light that look like a galaxy’s vortex in mid-air rain down on Yui’s entire body as if possessing some kind of will.
Her body absorbed the blood.
Yui suffered in agony with wrinkles appearing on her forehead.
I don’t want to watch that, but it’s my duty.
This moment might be called her last instance as human.
It might contradict the providence of the gods and twist the principle of causality, but I don’t care.
I will continue to live eternally with Yui and the other girls.
Those who will stand in our way might be gods, but――
『We’ll brave ― this different world』.
As if having perceived my strong spirit, there was a thumping sound, and Yui sucked up all the Light Demon Lucival blood while bending her body.
In the twinkling of an eye, Yui’s name was carved into one of the big circles on the Crest Tree in ancient letters.
At that moment Yui collapsed in the space of darkness.
And then the darkness gradually receded.
A great amount of mana has been consumed, and I felt an aching pain, but…it’s much better than during the time with Eva and Rebecca.
Even while tasting something like stomach acid or bile in my mouth, I rushed over to Yui right away.

“――Yui!” (Shuuya)

I embrace her in my arms.
Yui woke up.

“…Mmh, did I transform?” (Yui)

“Probably――” (Shuuya)

I manipulate my blood and let it flow out of my right wrist.
In that instant ― vermilion and white jumbles together in the irises of Yui’s eyes.
The <Eyes of Baycala> have changed, too.
Her irises bordered by vermilion and white have transformed into something like a magic crest hexagram.
At the same time, the blood vessels around her eyes rose to the surface.
Moreover, countless small, white patterns have suddenly appeared at the outer corners of her eyes.
As if overlapping with those patterns, the blood vessels wriggle around like small snakes.
Is it Yui’s new power?

“You can suck it up.” (Shuuya)

“Okay.” (Yui)

Proving that she had become a vampire, canines grow out of her mouth.
As if burying her face in it, she bit into the gap between my item box and my palm.
She sucks my blood without stopping.

“Hey, don’t drink up all my blood.” (Shuuya)

“Aaahh――” (Yui)

I forcibly grab her head and pull it away.
Many lines run from her outer canthus through the white patterns on Yui’s skin.
She’s revealing an entranced expression…
She lewdly licked up the blood on her small lips with her tongue.
I think the white patterns are now even reaching her cheeks.
The white patterns might be related to her <Eyes of Baycala>.

“Delicious! Shuuya, I really became a vampire!” (Yui)

“Yeah, but you seem unable to restrain your desire for blood, don’t you…?” (Shuuya)

Viine could endure.
I don’t know about Eva and Rebecca since I didn’t test it out, but it seems there are individual differences.

“Gimme more. Your blood, that deep male flavor is irresistible. I feel happiness and your love by just drinking it. It makes my entire body shiver…how heartrending…” (Yui)

“…Did Yui become crazy somehow?” (Kaldo)

Kaldo-san muttered after watching Yui.

“Hey, Yui! Drinking Shuuya’s blood is unfair! I want some as well!” (Rebecca)

“Nn, Shuuya, can you let me drink some, too?” (Eva)

“Master, please give me a reward…” (Viine)

My <Head Servant Leaders> swarmed me.
The marks of Yui’s fangs have already healed, but all of them fight over licking up the small drop of blood remaining.
Kaldo-san, who observed that, donned an indescribable expression.
Helme shows her agreement by repeatedly nodding from slightly away.
She seems delighted that the number of <Head Servant Leaders> has grown.
However, I feel uneasy about Yui’s behavior towards blood.

“You girls, wait ― Yui, tell me honestly, can you really suppress your desire for blood?” (Shuuya)

I shake off everyone besides Yui and stare into her eyes with a serious expression.
Her pupils have already reverted to their usual black color.

“Yeah. If it’s right now, I’m fine.” (Yui)

“I see――”

I make bleed gush out once again.

“…Fufu. There’s an urge, but I can restrain it. It’s alright. Did you worry that I might have become a monster?” (Yui)

“Don’t make me worry…” (Shuuya)

“Sorry. But you know, your blood makes me feel emotions that excel respect, sublimity, and dignity.” (Yui)

Her expression is full of seriousness.

“I see. I will allow you to suck some more next time then.” (Shuuya)

“Okay.” (Yui)

“Also, there’s something you have to do in regards to the vampire species’ <Blood Mana>, but that can wait for another time. Right now I think it would be better if you talked with Kaldo-san…” (Shuuya)

Kaldo-san anxiously looks at Yui.

“Ah, Dad, I’m fine, okay?” (Yui)

“…Really? Your expression when you wanted blood was scary…” (Kaldo)

“I mean, my first blood, Shuuya’s blood, was really good, so…I’m sorry if I startled you.” (Yui)

“No, as long as you’re healthy, all’s fine.” (Kaldo)

Kaldo-san smiles as befits a father.
I guess I will try to invite him as well.

“Kaldo-san, do you want to become my bloodkin, too?” (Shuuya)

“What was that!?” (Kaldo)

He’s a man, so I don’t really mind if he refuses.
Besides, because he’s a man, it would be <Servant Leader> and not <Head Servant Leader> for him.

“…You don’t need to answer right away. If it’s <Servant Leader> and not <Head Servant Leader> like Yui, it’s possible for me to turn you into my bloodkin.” (Shuuya)

“…Allow me to think it over.” (Kaldo)

Not giving an immediate reply, as expected of a former martial artist.

“Dad, isn’t that wonderful? The same as me won’t work, but you can achieve eternal life, can’t you?” (Yui)

“Yeah, that’s certainly true, but…” (Kaldo)

Kaldo-san places a hand on his forehead and ponders.

“Your Excellency, it’s a magnificent judgment. As far as I heard, he’s a martial artist who played an active role on battlefields. The Magic Combat Style cladding his body is also at a mastery level. And he raised Yui to become an excellent assassin. As <Servant Leader> he can organize Your Excellency’s elite guards as direct guard leader, work as dark guild leader, or you could have him command a detached force while allowing him to keep several subordinates. In any case, he should become a great piece in the future for you, Your Excellency.” (Helme)

Helme says coolly like a chief of staff.
Piece, eh? That makes me just like the boss of an evil organization.
Well, I am the boss of a dark guild, though.

“Helme, that’s an accurate insight.” (Shuuya)

“Yes, Your Excellency!” (Helme)

Well then, I guess it’s time for secret maneuvers befitting an evil organization…

“…Yui, Kaldo-san, do you think there will be further pursuers from Hyatos?” (Shuuya)

“Yes.” (Yui)

Yui answers instantly.

“It’s just as Yui says. I also believe the probability for further pursuers to show up to be high. Even though he possesses plenty of subordinates…Hyatos-sama lost many of them on this matter.” (Kaldo)

“Dad, stop adding -sama to that guy’s name.” (Yui)

“It’s a habit. I will call him without honorifics from now on.” (Kaldo)

If there are any pursuers, I will crush them, I suppose.

“…I think I will enter the royal capital Halphonia, kill Marquis Hyatos of the Zamalia Kingdom and annihilate 【Anbu’s Right Hand】 or whatever, but how about it? Are you with me?” (Shuuya)

Hearing my words, everyone gathers closely around me.

“I-Is something like that possible?”

“Shuuya, for real?”

“It’s a serious suggestion. Yui is already my woman with whom I shared my blood. One of my <Head Servant Leaders>. Yui’s enemies are my enemies.” (Shuuya)

“――Shuuya!” (Yui)

Yui jumps at me and hugs me.
It’s her nostalgic, small body.
I tightly squeezed her butt with my palms.

“You’re clinging too much to Master――!” (Viine)

Viine forcibly tore Yui’s body off me.

“Next is my turn ―― Shuuya!” (Rebecca)

Rebecca jumps at me.
――But, out of habit, I make a half rotation on my toes, dodging Rebecca splendidly.
She grandly fell down with her golden hair swaying roughly.

“Aaahh! You hug Yui over and over again, but I’m no good? That pisses me off――” (Rebecca)

In an instant blue flames lit up across Rebecca’s whole body as she screams that ― and then she charges at me with an explosive acceleration――
I suddenly received a shoulder tackle-like hug with my abdomen.
I tumble over into the sand.

“…Rebecca, that’s too strong.”

“S-Sorry. It’s difficult to adjust my emotional and physical powers…” (Rebecca)

“No, well, I’m happy about your feelings. I also like that small, soft sensation of yours. Your golden hair smells nicely, too…” (Shuuya)

“Fufu, Shuuya…” (Rebecca)

Rebecca actively stole my lips with blue flames dwelling in her eyes.

“Aah! Master and Rebecca are kissing!” (Viine)

“Nn, sly!” (Eva)


Eva and Viine drew close with frantic expressions.
Seemingly considering everyone gathering around me to be fun, Rollo approaches me together with Eva.
Everyone holds a rally over hugging my body.
A light brawl begins to unfold between them as they scramble over taking my front.
In the end they calmed down after I gave each of them a deep kiss.

“…I don’t need one.” (Kaldo)

Kaldo-san adds.
For some reason he’s talking while retreating backwards with his face bright red.
He’s refined and stylish, but he’s a guy after all.
Besides, there’s probably no way to kiss Dad.

“Fufu, Dad, you’re so silly. Don’t pull such a face. Shuuya has no interest in men, so you don’t need to worry.” (Yui)

“…That’s slightly disappointing, but I know as much. However, I ended up confused by that sudden tempest of kissing.” (Kaldo)

Him being disappointed is concerning, but whatever.
Forming a matchless pair of Kiss Research Association and Boob Research Association is an honorable duty for me.

“Rather than that, Dad, no, Kaldo-san, and Yui, I ask you to guide us to the capital after taking a break.” (Shuuya)

“Yeah, leave it to us.” (Yui)

“Understood.” (Kaldo)

After giving light instructions to everyone and telling them to not follow me as I want to be by myself, I walk along the nightly beach.
Let’s check my abilities.

Name: Shuuya Kagari
Age: 22
Title: Super-Warrior of the Water Goddess
Race: Light Demon Lucival
Combat Occupation: Magic Spear Blood Chain Master

Strength: 22.9
Agility: 23.5
Stamina: 21.2
Mana: 25.9 → 22.9
Dexterity: 21.0
Spirit: 28.2 → 25.2
Luck: 11.3

Current Status: Calm

The mana and spirit values have gone down quite a bit.
Well, it makes sense since I created four <Head Servant Leaders> in total.


Oh, Rollo.
She climbs on my shoulder and rubs her head against my cheek.

“Rollo, tomorrow morning we are going to enter the capital. Your power when big will be needed.” (Shuuya)


Rollo taps my shoulder.

“Alright. Get off for a bit, Rollo.” (Shuuya)


I pick up a flat stone lying on the beach that caught my attention.
And then I threw it towards the waving sea while activating <Night Vision>.
I guess it’s the effect of <Throw>.
The sea waves are split open and scatter.
The stones pierced the sea while causing holes in the waves.
The waves were gone at once.
It’s slightly different from my expectations, but this will serve as a playing around――
I steadily continue throwing stones without any apparent meaning.

“Master, the noise has been terrible since a while ago…” (Viine)

“Shuuya, what’s this sound?” (Rebecca)

“Nn, you’re throwing stones?” (Eva)

“His Excellency is defeating monsters in the distance. Nothing less of him.” (Helme)

It’s just as Helme pointed out――
Something floated in the sea and blood rose to the surface.

“…It’s true. Look, over there. Several dozen corpses are floating in a pool of blood. Strange, big fish are gathering, too.”

Rebecca says with blue flames burning in her eyes.
I suppose her eyes have a night vision effect similar to <Night Vision>.
Huh? Yui isn’t here!
Isn’t everyone wearing shell swimsuits!?
Whoa, I must create a light sphere and look at them under its bright light.

“Rebecca, you can see at distance? Ah, I saw them. Is this a Light Demon Lucival’s power as well?”

“It might be. Oh, Eva, your eyes are shining in violet.” (Rebecca)

“Nn, looks like they became like this when I tried to look in the darkness.” (Eva)

“It’s only natural that I can see them since I’m a former dark elf.” (Viine)

I’m deeply moved and excited.
While breathing roughly through my nose, I say towards the girls gazing at the coastline,

“Say…all of you are really wearing the swimsuits…” (Shuuya)

“Yeah! I thought that it might make you happy, Shuuya! I suggested it to everyone, you know?” (Rebecca)

Rebecca acts as if saying “Praise me!” while pressing her white hands against her hips and throwing out her chest.
There are no hill-like curves, but her slightly swelling boobs are adorable.
Her golden hair is pretty as well. She looks beautiful.
Besides, her kind heart of trying to please me is just too lovely…

“Nn…” (Eva)

Eva twists her waist seductively while revealing a smile full of charm and coy.
As she did, her enormous boobs shook…
The shells look small in comparison…
She has transformed her wheelchair into its Segway mode and is moving across the sandy beach with no vibration, but her drooping boobs swayed faintly.
I tasted them before, but I want to make them sway in person.

“Master…” (Viine)

Viine also has big, well-shaped breasts.
As if natural, the shells here are small as well.
Her long, glossy, silver hair flutters in the sea breeze.
Due to the reflections of the light sphere, her hair shone beautifully.

“I also put it on for your sake, Your Excellency.” (Helme)

Helme’s proportions are extraordinary.
They are being suppressed by the bluish black and blue, leafy skin.
But, her soft-looking, dynamite melons can’t be hidden, making the shell swimsuit stand out.
I can see her round nails that are glossy like dragon scales at her fingertips which she moved in order to hide her mouth.
My mouth moved by itself.

“Everyone, let’s run together.” (Shuuya)

“Eh?” (Rebecca)

“Run, you say?”

I say while bleeding from my nose.

“Yes. Let’s run together.” (Shuuya)

“Nn, weird Shuuya. Blood is running out of your nose.” (Eva)

“Listen, let’s run together.” (Shuuya)

“J-Jeez, is something wrong? Your eyes are bloodshot. You alright?” (Rebecca)

While Rebecca squints her eyes and glares at me sweetly, I don’t mind and look up.

“Let’s run together.” (Shuuya)

“Nn, it’s odd, but it’s running, isn’t it? I use a wheelchair, however.” (Eva)

“I don’t mind. I’m off――” (Shuuya)

At some point as I run, I look back in excitement while laughing as if deluded.
The beauties run with their boobs shaking behind me.
As for Rebecca’s boobs, they don’t shake in particular.
It’s a moment of happiness…like a dream.

“Ah, Shuuya, look in front.”

“Nn, you will crash. Shuuya, you’re completely aroused.” (Eva)

“――Guaaah!” (Shuuya)

I heard their warning, but still ran into a big tree.
A huge coconut falling down from above makes me experience even more pain.

“Pfft, Shuuya, you’re a pervert god after all.” (Rebecca)

“Nn, lewd god.” (Eva)

“Your Excellency, are you alright?” (Helme)

“Master, you made me worry for a change…” (Viine)

Viine and Helme held my shoulder and hand, helping me up.

“Thanks. Sorry, I went slightly haywire…it was a dream. Beauties; running across a sandy beach with beauties that wear shell swimsuits…” (Shuuya)

“I see. I understand the reason why you became strange, Master. You were able to fulfill your dream. I’m glad that I could satisfy your heart…” (Viine)

“Nn, I’m also happy that you could fulfill your dream, Shuuya.” (Eva)

“It’s a weird dream, but Shuuya…are you pleased with my swimsuit?” (Rebecca)

Rebecca, who possesses wonderful armpits, asks while implicitly pointing out that she has no chest.

“Isn’t that only natural? You are also one of my beloved women. I will make plenty of love to you later on.” (Shuuya)

“Au…” (Rebecca)

“Nn, me too, please.” (Eva)

“Sure, I will embrace you together with your wheelchair, Eva.” (Shuuya)

“Fufu, if you did something like that, you would wreck my magic wheelchair, so it’s not allowed.” (Eva)

I draw next to Eva with Magic Combat Step as she says something so cute.
After I pull Eva’s body that’s riding the Segway towards me and hug her…I gently whisper…

“――In that case I think I will wreck you, too Eva.” (Shuuya)

…into her ear. Eva’s face becomes bright red.

“Master! Who are you going to wreck?” (Viine)

“Nn, fufu. He prefers me over you, Viine.” (Eva)

“――Really?” (Viine)

Viine’s facial color changed and she drew close to me.

“Eva, don’t tease her. I said that I will wreck Eva.” (Shuuya)

“Well…Your Excellency, I request it vehemently, too.” (Helme)

“Is that so? Master, I request a special spanking that I won’t be able to forget.” (Viine)

Spanking, eh?
At first we went swimming in the sea and played around without doing anything weird, but afterwards…
It became such an intense night with the girls that Rollodeen became shocked…
In the middle, Yui intruded upon us and asked whether there’s no swimsuit for her.
Even while having that little interruption where I subsequently gave a pouch item box and a shell swimsuit to Yui as present, things ended peacefully…
Yui also joined the intense liaison, and we spent an eventful night.
The girls’ physical abilities went up after becoming my bloodkin, but there’s no way for them to match me, the suzerain…
Including Helme, all of them went down quickly, resulting in me greeting morning by myself.



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