Chapter 175 – Reunion with Yui

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The instant we reached the ship’s remains, it creaked under our feet.

“Be careful. These planks might be rotten.” (Shuuya)

“Oki.” (Rebecca)

“Yes. But, what a mysterious scent.” (Viine)

“This is salt. The ocean’s scent.” (Shuuya)

I retrieve the mirror while explaining to Viine.
Eva says,

“Nn, the sea. Weathered stairs over here.” (Eva)

On the left side of the deck, the scenery we had sneaked a look at through the mirror some time ago: A rugged rock face and the shallow sea that peek through a broken, wooden floor.
On the right side, stairs composed of rotten planks.

“The deck seems dangerous. Let’s leave towards the shallow sea on the left, even if we get wet.” (Shuuya)

“Nn, understood――” (Eva)

Eva clad her body in violet mana and moved her wheelchair, leaving towards the left as the very first.
I also leave the ship’s wreck while carefully stepping on the rotten planks.
My feet sink into the shallow sea, but I can clearly feel the rockbed at the bottom.
Collapsing wave crests cause foam to bubble up and vanish.
Meanwhile, Eva, who floats in mid air,

“On the left seems to be a ship graveyard. I also saw strange monsters with four eyes. There’s a sandy beach on the inner right if looking from the shipwreck here.” (Eva)

provides a reconnaissance report.

“Monsters and a ship graveyard on the left, huh? Let’s head to the beach.” (Shuuya)

“Nn.” (Eva)

Eva floats ahead.


Seemingly curious about the floating Eva, Rollo jumps off my shoulder.
She lands in the sea. Her paws submerge in the water and she gets wet, but she instantly transforms into a form close to a black horse with a poof.
It resulted in only the tips of her limbs being slightly submerged in the ocean.
My partner extends a tentacle, coils it around me, and places me on her back. Next she did the same for Viine, Rebecca and Helme.

“Thanks, Rollo-chan.” (Rebecca)

Sitting behind me, Rebecca honestly expresses her gratitude.

“Going too fast will be…” (Viine)

Viine-san whispers while straddling in front of me.
She’s looking diagonally below while embracing me.
How cute.

“Rollo-sama, your fur has a really nice touch.” (Helme)

Those are the words of Helme, who sits behind Rebecca.
She seems to be stroking Rollodeen’sBlack Horse velvet-like fur.
In the meantime Eva floats ahead through the air.
My partner dashes straight forward as if chasing Eva’s back while kicking up sheets of water spray.
They aim for the beach while making a detour around the wreck――
After passing it, the beach came in sight.
―Oooh! A pretty sandy beach continues along the coastline.

“Yahooo! It’s a beach.” (Shuuya)

Full of excitement I leap off Rollodeen and land on the sand.
Without resting I run while kicking it up.
When I turned around, my footsteps in the sand had been washed away by the ocean waves.
It’s a wonderful location.

“Ahahaha, Shuuya, you’re just like a chil―― Kyaaa!” (Rebecca)

Rebecca laughs and jumps off Rollodeen, too.
Probably because she laughed at me, she stumbled in the sand and fell over.

“What’s wrong, Rebecca-kun? You just performed a splendid panty flashing on an empty sand beach, didn’t you?” (Shuuya)

Without looking at me even after hearing my words, Rebecca placed the straw bag in her hands down as if nothing had happened with a scarlet face.
And then she stiffly lifts her face.

“―So you looked at my panties, eh? Lecher!” (Rebecca)

With such yell she ran along the coast in order to chase after me while laughing.
Eva gets down on the beach and transforms her wheelchair.
She swiftly moves while leaving tire marks in the sand with her Segway.

“Master, wait for me!” (Viine)

Viine jumps off as well.
Once she landed on the beach, she undauntedly ran together with Rebecca.
For a change Helme pulls back here, and obediently stays at the border where the area turns from sandy beach to normal ground while looking this way.

“Nnn, nyaon, nyanya――”

Rollodeen also seems to be quite high-strung.
She shifts from her Horse form to her Black Panther form as the waves seem to have caught her fancy. She delivers panther punches against the waves moving towards the beach, and once they draw back, she chases them and unleashes another series of panther punches.

“Rollo, you can touch the waves just fine, you know~?” (Shuuya)


She responds, but the waves’ movements bother her either way.
How cute.

“Alright, I guess we’re going to camp here for a bit. Let’s set it up.” (Shuuya)

“Okay! I shall help.”

Viine takes a canvas cover out of her item box.

“Ah, Viine, there’s no need. I will take out something better――” (Shuuya)

I retrieved the Magically-built House, which the girls still haven’t seen yet, out of my item box.
We’re are slightly many, but if we lay out blankets inside, it should do the trick.
I carry the house over to a flat place in a slightly elevated location from the beach.
As I touch the crystal, I chant “Expand.”
A luxurious, curtained tent appeared with a poof.


“Nn, a tent suddenly appeared.” (Eva)

“Whaaa! What’s this?” (Rebecca)

“Your Excellency, it’s been a while since you last took it out.” (Helme)

I nod.

“This is a Magically-built House. It’s something I received from a certain princess. As you can see, it’s a tent similar to a small house. Let’s play around and relax on the beach while taking rests in here.” (Shuuya)

“Nn, agree!” (Eva)

“So you had something like that with you, Shuuya!?” (Rebecca)

Rebecca touches the surface of the tent with her white hand.

“Okay. I will gather firewood then.” (Viine)

“I will help out.” (Helme)

Viine and Helme begin to pick up dried driftwood that had been washed up on the beach.
Rebecca and Eva examined the tent’s interior.
I turn towards those two.

“Well then, I will go gather dry wood, too.” (Shuuya)

“Ah, wait. We brought some with us, but Shuuya, give me some of your food ingredients as well. I will make something simple. Today we will spend the night here, right?” (Rebecca)

Rebecca’s cheeks blushed.

“Yeah, we will. I will take them out right away.” (Shuuya)

“Nn, I will assist. I’m going to set up a table and some chairs at the beach.” (Eva)

It looks like Eva got various preparations done in advance.
While nodding, I operate the item box and put down a bag with plenty of ingredients.

“Okay, I’m off then.” (Shuuya)

“Nn.” (Eva)

“Take care.” (Rebecca)

Leaving Eva and Rebecca behind at the campsite, I head inland with its copse of trees, in the opposite direction of Viine and Helme.

“―Nn, nya.”

Rollo ran after me.

“Rollo, we’re going to gather dry wood.” (Shuuya)


Rollo meows something like a 『Understood nya』 and vanishes within the grove of trees.
Pushing my way through the forest, I pick up dead wood and withered dry grass, believing that it would be best for it to be as dry as possible.
At that moment I sensed the magic sources of several people.
People in such a place?
I activate <Magic Hand guided by Thought> while holding the wood in my hands.
I release <Chain> from the <Chain Factors> at both wrists.
Stabbing the chains into thick trunks on the left and right, I run through the sky towards the place where I got the responses while contracting the chains in one go.
Corpses litter the forest, and the sounds of swords clashing reaches my ears.
It seems to be a fight of a group against a few. Time to charge into the opened forest clearing as if tearing through the air!
While making <Chain> disappear, I landed and there, eeeeeehhh!?
Those white, shining, beautiful eyes. <Eyes of Baycala>.

“No way, Yui?” (Shuuya)

Those words naturally escaped my lips.
I casually tossed away the dry wood in my hands while looking at Yui’s face.
There are black-clothed guys turning their swords at Yui and another man.
―These guys are terrorizing Yui, right?
In an instant <Chain> shoots out of both <Chain Factors>.

“Shu-Shuuyaaaaa! Help!” (Yui)

Even before Yui’s yell, the chains are creeping along the ground, thoroughly stabbing the legs of the black-clothed people surrounding her while pushing their way through.
Among the men’s voices as they were floating in midair after having been entwined by the chains, I could hear the pained voice of a woman, but I ignore it.
Summoning the Magic Halberd, I rush at them in a forward-bent posture.
After mowing down the torsos of the nuisances that are about to fall to the ground after having their feet pierced by the chains with the halberd’s red ax like a flash, I run up to the middle-aged man who’s with Yui.

“Are you, are you really Shuuya…for real?” (Yui)

Yui’s <Eyes of Baycala> naturally return to their original state.
She looked like a pigeon who’s been shot by a peashooter, a cute expression she had once shown me a good while ago.

“Yeah, it’s me.” (Shuuya)

“Aaaahhh, Shuuya, Shuuya, Shuuyaaaa, Shuuyaaaaaaaaaa.” (Yui)

Obviously confused, Yui hugs me tightly.
I return the hug while recalling her nostalgic touch.

“…You stayed healthy?” (Shuuya)

“Yui, just who’s this person…?” (Kaldo)

The refined middle-aged man, who fought together with Yui, is shedding blood from his leg and abdomen.

“…This person is my beloved…” (Yui)

“W-Whaaaat!?” (Kaldo)

Yui speaks while ecstatically looking up at my face.


“I heard that you had no master in love, but I haven’t heard anything about this, Yui. For you to have had a man…” (Kaldo)

“What are you acting all carefree over there! Ouch! Shit, these chains won’t come off!” (Elisha)

A masked woman shouts while hanging upside down in midair due to <Chain>.
The other masked bastards all stay silent, apparently having decided to stay out of this.

“…Hey, these guys are wearing the same mask as you did in the past, Yui. They are from the same organization, aren’t they?” (Shuuya)

“Yes. They are pursuers of 【Anbu’s Right Hand】, underlings of Hyatos. These guys chased after Dad and me.” (Yui)

“I see..” (Shuuya)

The gentleman next to Yui was her father?
It’s no wonder that he’s a good-looking middle-aged man with a refined look.
So I guess the healing of his illness succeeded.
However, what has he been told concerning my relationship with Yui…?
Damn, what should I do? I’m nervous.

“The chains extending from you are…” (Kaldo)

Yui’s dad put his attention on my <Chain>.

“This is a kind of secret technique…haha!” (Shuuya)

While laughing, I manipulate the extended <Chains> and stab it into the bodies of the fellows of 【Anbu’s Right Hand】 who are suspended in midair.
There’s no way that I’m going to forgive the guys who injured Yui’s dad.
I will slaughter them all except for the woman.

“…Hiiiiii, abuaaaa.” (Elisha)

The woman seems terrified as she watches how all her comrades turn into skewers. Her nether region becomes wet, and pee flows down across her upper body to her mouth, drowning it out as if blocked by water.
Because she intensely shakes her head, her mask comes off.

“T-This is a mysterious, secret spell, huh…? How dreadful…I wonder whether it’s a hereditary skill…?” (Kaldo)

Yui’s dad swallows his spit while surprised…
I’m sure he must be rejoicing in his mind since I killed all the guys that hurt him.

“Ah, you are injured, aren’t you? Please wait a moment. I have healing potions with me.” (Shuuya)

I take out several healing potions from my item box and share them with Dad.

“Ooh, thank you. How thoughtful of you…” (Kaldo)

As Dad gulps a potion down, his wounds heal.

“Shuuya, amazing…you showed that chain to me once before, but you can really make it move as you want…” (Yui)

Yui hugs me once again.

“Yeah, I suppose.” (Shuuya)

“This armor…the violet is beautiful. The overcloak is gray but violet grains are shining on it…how dreamy. Shuuya, did you become a violet Knight-sama?” (Yui)

“No, rather than a knight, I became an adventurer. Later I became the top of a dark guild and various other stuff…” (Shuuya)

“Eeh? T-The top of a dark guild?” (Yui)

Once again Yui looks like a pigeon that had been shot by a peashooter.

“The boss of a dark guild!? Yui…I would appreciate it if you could to formally introduce this gentleman to me…” (Kaldo)

Yui’s dad suddenly straightened himself and looked tense.

“Ah, yeah. Dad, this man is Shuuya Kagari. I was expected to kill him in a mission, but I failed. He’s an excellent lancer who employs a black cat, and he’s my first love.” (Yui)

“You fell in love with someone you failed to kill during a mission?” (Kaldo)

“Yes, that’s, umm, you’re right…” (Yui)

At that point Yui distances herself a bit from me.
Because of the strange break in the conversation,

“…So, what are we going to do with the woman hanging in midair over there?” (Shuuya)

“…P.Pweash…hul…p.” (Elisha)

The woman begs for her life with a mumbling.
Ignoring all that, I manipulate <Chain> ― immobilizing her even further by coiling the chains all over her body, and then carry her in front of Yui.

“Elisha, Hyatos ordered our erasure, didn’t he?” (Yui)

Since the interrogation has started, I lowered her to the ground and loosened <Chain> around her mouth.

“T-That’s right.” (Elisha)

The woman called Elisha stirred with her lips trembling while donning an expression full of despair as if she has given up on everything.

“Just how many leader candidates did you bring along?” (Yui)

“Including Saizo, nine…” (Elisha)

“I see. That’s quite the combat force. This will surely be a heavy blow for Hyatos.” (Yui)

“I wonder…I think there are plenty subordinates working for Hyatos-sama.” (Elisha)

“Even though we defeated this many? You must have increased the numbers significantly in comparison to the time when I had been there.” (Yui)

“Yes. Since the matter with Nereis’Kary…the number and quality of martial arts soldiers increased.” (Elisha)

“I’m sure. Well then, I’ve got no further business with you.” (Yui)

“Eh――” (Elisha)

Yui declares coldly, and displays her iai sword-drawing technique.
Elisha’s head fell to the ground after being cut off by a flash of her special katana.
Hyatos’s subordinates, huh?

“Yui, that just now was one of the Seven Dark Heavenly Katana Arts, <Dark Sword-Drawing Blade>, wasn’t it? Splendidly done.” (Kaldo)

Yui’s father, Dad praised Yui.

“I’m still nothing compared to you, when you were at your peak, Dad.” (Yui)

“Don’t humble yourself, Yui. You’ve become magnificent…” (Kaldo)

“Dad…” (Yui)

“――Nnn, nyao nya.”

At that point RollodeenHorse Lion appears while carrying a large quantity of dry wood with her tentacles.
She dropped the wood she held in her mouth next to me, as if sneezing.

“Eek!” (Yui)

“W-What…a magic beast as new enemy? A black lion, no, a horse beast!” (Kaldo)

Yui and Dad are surprised with the edges of their mouth cramping upon seeing Rollodeen.

“Rollo, good work. You gathered plenty, didn’t you? You should shrink down a bit since you’re frightening Yui and Dad.” (Shuuya)


After meowing once, she drops all the wood, and transforms into her usual black cat form.

“―Whaa, Rollo-chan! You transformed. Your tentacles have increased, too. Shuuya, did you by chance find one of the artifacts you mentioned before bidding farewell from me?” (Yui)

“Yeah. It’s become possible for Rollo to become even bigger. And, she can turn into a horse lion form like just now. She regained her true form.” (Shuuya)

“Wow, wow, amazing! You have to tell me the story of that great adventure, okay?” (Yui)

She’s in a good mood, but I got to tell her the truth.

“Yeah, of course. And I will also introduce you to my friends, my women.” (Shuuya)

In that instant Yui’s face froze to the extent that it felt as if I could hear the sound of glass breaking.

“Eh? Friends I understand…but, the words my women are inexcusable…” (Yui)

Yui furrowed her eyebrows and glared at me.
Reflexively I turn my eyes in the direction of Yui’s dad, looking for help, but…
Dad stared at the shrunken Rollo.
He’s all smiles.

“What, it’s a small cat…” (Kaldo)


Rollo rubs her head against Yui’s leg in order to greet her, and does the same with Yui’s father.

“Cute…it’s a cat. She’s too adorable! Uoooo!” (Kaldo)


Rollo dodges the hands of Yui’s father as he tries to hug her.

“It’s the first time for me to see such an expression on Dad’s face.” (Yui)

“…Rollo’s charm is impressive after all.” (Shuuya)

“That might be so… So, Shuuya, what kind of relationship do you have with those women?” (Yui)

Befitting of her, Yui’s words are pointed like a sword thrust.
I have no choice but to be honest with her.

“…They are my lovers and precious women.” (Shuuya)

“Lovers, precious, women…that’s sly, sly, sly, sly, sly!! Even though I always thought about you, Shuuya!” (Yui)

Yui starts running while shedding tears. In no time she reached a place deep in the forest.
I chase after her with Magic Combat Step while making use of my physical abilities.
I immediately drew close to Yui and grasped her hand.

“Wait! Where are you going?” (Shuuya)

“―Somewhere! Leave me alone! You idiot!” (Yui)

“I don’t want to――” (Shuuya)

I pull Yui’s hand towards me and forcibly hug her.

“Let, me…go…I…like an idiot…became happy all by myself…once I prayed for you to save me in my heart, you really appeared…I was happy…happy…overjoyed…” (Yui)

“Sorry.” (Shuuya)

She donned a pained expression, revealing a feeling of helplessness.

“―Do you, hate me? Did you forget about me? ―Do you want to pretend that that night never happened?” (Yui)

She hits my chest once, then once more.

“There’s no way that I would ever hate you. Time and tide stays for no man, but you think that I could forget that night so easily? It always stayed in my heart…it was me who got dumped by you. My question back then whether you want to travel together with Rollo and me was owed to me wanting to be together with you, Yui. …Wasn’t it you who rejected me at that time?” (Shuuya)

“…Yeah, I mean…but, you’re right… Sorry, I was conceited.” (Yui)

“No, it’s fine. I’m just happy to know that you thought about me.” (Shuuya)

“Yeah…” (Yui)

She replies with a trembling, quiet voice, and turns her inflamed, teary eyes at me.

“Yui, come to my place.” (Shuuya)

“Is it okay? You have women that you love, don’t you?” (Yui)

“Yeah, I do.” (Shuuya)

Once she hears my words, she looks sad once more and tears roll down her cheeks.
I don’t want her to pull such a face ― I naturally steal Yui’s lips.
Due to the sensation of her lips, the memories of our intense sex cross my mind.
I was full of gratitude towards her for thinking about me while we couldn’t meet each other, the wish of not wanting her to cry any longer, and love.

“…nnh” (Yui)

Once we finish the long kiss, a hot lewd sigh escaped Yui’s lips while strings of saliva hang between our mouths.

“Shuuya…I love you.” (Yui)

“I love you, too.” (Shuuya)

After that we greedily devoured each other’s lips, indulging in a tempest of passionate kisses.
While stretching her back, Yui eagerly licked my lips and gums with her tongue.
In return I also gently tended to Yui’s lips.
Be it teeth or gums, as if loving everything of Yui, I licked all of it with my tongue――
Once the kissing finished, she looks into my eyes and smiles.
At that moment I sensed the scent of the same woman with whom I had spent a night.
Once I shift my look towards Yui’s buttocks, she speaks up in order to dodge it.

“…But, you love the other women as well?” (Yui)

“Yeah, all of them, to the extent of sharing my blood with them.” (Shuuya)

“Sharing your blood…? But, is there any place for me in there?” (Yui)

“It depends on you, Yui…” (Shuuya)

I unconsciously left the choice to Yui.
She blinks after hearing my words.

“Fufu, the same words as back then…at that time I was hopelessly confused, but now I have no doubts. Even if I might be losing my reason due to love, I want to live together with you. I will storm your place, Shuuya. Hence, can you properly introduce me to the other women you love?” (Yui)

The words came out naturally, but it looks like she said the same before as well.

“Yeah, of course. But even if I say that, you don’t hate that there are other women I love?” (Shuuya)

“I do, but I don’t want to be separated from you anymore, Shuuya. Besides, polygamy is a cultural practice you can find in any country. Since there are especially many people descending from demons in Zalmaria, there’s a trend for powerful men to gather many women. It looks like Dad was different, though…” (Yui)

“I see. For starters we should return to that Dad of yours. Though, he was playing with Rollo.” (Shuuya)

“Yep.” (Yui)

We hold each other’s hands like lovers and walk back to Dad’s location.

“Hahahahaha! Finally got you!” (Kaldo)

“Nn, nyaaon.”

We arrived at just the moment when Dad caught Rollo.

“Jeez, Dad! Why are you so excited!?” (Yui)

“Oh, Yui. Have a proper look. This wonderful fur…if you caress it, she will respond with a soothing purring. What a lovely cat.” (Kaldo)

“…” (Yui)

Yui looks as if she’s about to sob while looking my way.

“Dad, you’re saddening Yui. Rollo’s whiskers are dejectedly hanging down, too. Please release her.” (Shuuya)

“Dad? I don’t recall having become your father, but―― okay, I will let her go. By the way, what’s with that expression? Is it wrong for me to play with a cat?” (Kaldo)

Immediately after being released, Rollo rushes over to my feet.

“No, that’s not it, but I only know your stern face, possessing a glorious authority and force, and your face when you suffered from illness…” (Yui)

“Really? I thought you remembered how I bought you a cat when you were small, but…I guess you forgot.” (Kaldo)

“You bought me a cat? I didn’t know. I don’t remember.” (Yui)

“Besides, the doll, didn’t you often carry a cat doll with you?” (Kaldo)

“…Come to think of it, there was a doll with such a shape…” (Yui)

“Did you recall? You liked cats in the past.” (Kaldo)

“Yep.” (Yui)

The parent-child conversation continues afterwards.
I shift my eyes to Rollo who’s rubbing her head against my leg.

“Rollo, pick up the dry wood you put down over there.” (Shuuya)


Rollo transforms into her Horse Lion form, gathers plenty of wood with her six tentacles, and even puts a great amount into her mouth.

“Well then, we are going to my friends. Yui, Dad, let’s go.” (Shuuya)

“Okay, wait. Dad, are you going to go together with this man?” (Yui)

“I think it will be fine since he’s the man you love, but we’re on the run, you know?” (Kaldo)

“…Dad, let’s talk about the rest while taking a rest at our camp.” (Shuuya)

Hearing my words, Dad looks at Yui and me, hesitating a bit.

“…You’re calling me Dad again. It’s not like I approved of your marriage with Yui, though?” (Kaldo)

“Dad! Don’t say anything weird. You saw the halberd and chains before, right? We were saved by this person and it was also his money that paid for the medicine to cure your illness, so you should be grateful. Besides, he’s the boss of a dark guild. You haven’t forgotten, have you?” (Yui)

Dad widens his eyes upon Yui’s rebuke.

“―True…you’re right. Please allow me to apologize for my rude words, Shuuya-dono. No, I guess I should use -sama here. Shuuya-sama. My name is Kaldo Frogman. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for saving me not only once, but even twice. And, from the start we are in position of having no refuge, thus we shall accompany you, Shuuya-sama.” (Kaldo)

“Kaldo-san, I’m sorry for arbitrarily calling you Dad. Since I have a camp at the sand beach, let’s go there.” (Shuuya)

I politely bow towards Kaldo-san.

“As you wish.” (Kaldo)

Afterwards Kaldo-san acts nervous for some reason, and walks towards the beach while speaking little.
Once we returned, several fires had already been set up.
Sliced meat is being grilled after having been placed on small nets.
Eva and Rebecca were in the middle of preparing the food on a small table.

“Master, welcome back.” (Viine)

“Yeah, I’m back.” (Shuuya)

“Ah, Shuuya. We started the fires since we got enough firewood.” (Rebecca)

“Nn, meat and vegetable are already getting grilled.” (Eva)

Certainly, a nice smell hangs in the air. It’s stirring my appetite.

“Master, those two are…” (Viine)

Viine points at the nervous Kaldo-san and Yui who’s staying next to me.

“Ah, she’s my lover, Yui. The other person is Yui’s father, Kaldo-san.” (Shuuya)

“Master? There was another woman?” (Viine)

Viine coldly looks at Yui’s face.

“She a woman I got to know in the past. We met again moments ago by coincidence.” (Shuuya)

“A woman from the past…understood. Yui-san, I’m Master’s chosen bloodkin, one of the <Head Servant Leaders>. My name is Viine. Pleased to make your acquaintance.” (Viine)

“Okay. I’m Yui. Please treat me well.” (Yui)

I guided them to the camp, but it looks like we will need another curtained area.

“Viine, can you prepare another curtained sleeping place?” (Shuuya)

“Okay, got it.” (Viine)

Viine quickly heads off to get her luggage with her silver hair swaying.

“Wait a moment, who’s that girl?” (Rebecca)

“Nn, I’m curious too.” (Eva)

Rebecca and Eva ask while cutting vegetables.

“Later, during the meal.” (Shuuya)

“Humph, got it.” (Rebecca)

“…Yes. The food is soon done. The mushrooms have to finish grilling.” (Eva)

“Your Excellency, those people are…” (Helme)

Helme approached while making her leafy skin wave.

“Ah, she’s an old acquaintance. I will introduce her properly later.” (Shuuya)

“Is that so? I will go meditate inside the ocean then.” (Helme)

The ocean? I considered it strange, but don’t say anything in particular.

“…Got it.” (Shuuya)

Yui and Kaldo-san paid attention to Helme’s mysterious body rather than her words about meditating in the sea.

“Yui, Kaldo-san, take a rest inside this tent which is at the same time a magic tool. I will properly introduce you while we eat.” (Shuuya)

“Okay, what about you, Shuuya?” (Yui)

“I will go have a look at the cooking.” (Shuuya)

That’s what I told her, but it’s also in order to give Eva and Rebecca an explanation.
After all it’s very likely that Rebecca will get naggy again once she hears about Yui.

“…I see. We will wait here.” (Yui)

“Sure. Kaldo-san, it’s fine with you as well?” (Shuuya)

“Yes. Thank you for allowing us to take a rest. Yui, come on in.” (Kaldo)

“Okay.” (Yui)

Yui enters the tent after smiling at me.
Once I turned around in the direction where Eva and Rebecca were cutting the vegetables, both had stopped moving while staring at the situation over here.
The mushrooms are getting burned while releasing smoke.
I approach the two.

“The mushrooms are getting burned.” (Shuuya)

“Nn ― sorry.” (Eva)

Eva hurriedly takes the mushrooms off the fire, but they don’t look edible.
At that point I saw Rebecca’s expression as she was cutting the vegetables with such a force that she even cut the chopping board…her face has become stiff…
Given that she’s holding the kitchen knife with her hand being clad by blue flames, it’s definitely dangerous.
She’s completely mad.

“Haha, what’s wrong…? You don’t have to cut the vegetables any longer, do you?” (Shuuya)

There’s an amazing amount of cut vegetables.

“Humph, humph, humph, humph, humph, Later, during our meal, hah? Humph, humph, humph, humph…” (Rebecca)

The knife was moving at a frightening speed…
One vegetable after the other is finely chopped into pieces.

“Rebecca, don’t be so angry. You don’t need to cut any more vegetables.” (Shuuya)

“Eva, did you say something?” (Rebecca)

Rebecca haughtily looks at Eva’s face in a huff.

“No, thanks to someone, the mushrooms got burned.” (Eva)

“I see…is that certain someone the lecher who brought a new woman along while smiling all over his face?” (Rebecca)

“Nn, Rebecca, perceptive. A certain somebody was drooling all over that new woman.” (Eva)

Ugh…those two are messing with me.

“I’m sorry for being a lecher. But she’s no new woman. She’s an old acquaintance and a woman who I slept with. Back then we parted from each other for certain reasons, but today I coincidentally saved her as she was chased inside the forest, and brought her here.” (Shuuya)

“What! Why does the number of rivals increase even though it should have been an enjoyable holiday!?” (Rebecca)

“A woman you slept with…shock.” (Eva)

Rebecca reacts as expected. Eva’s eyes trembled as she was overcome by surprise.
It had completely turned into a mood…where having them wear shell swimsuits has become a no go.
I start to slowly explain to the two who were shocked.
As result, it became inevitable for the finishing of the cooking to become delayed quite a bit.



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