Chapter 169 – Interlude Eva

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Father and mother hate me.
It’s because I’m not normal, because I have strange legs1
They hate these bone legs…




I was born as daughter of a Baron family in the Knightray district located west of Holkerbaum and northwest of Pelneet.
I was an abnormal baby that possessed deformed bone legs and violet eyes, a pronounced treat of my demon blood which stems from an atavism, by birth.
I don’t know whether it’s in exchange for those deformed legs, but…
Since my birth I owned the Extra skills <Purple Demonic Mind AchievementPurple Mind Phase> and <Thought Guidance Force>.
<Purple Mind Phase> is a special skill allowing me to read someone’s mind by touching them with my hand.
<Thought Guidance Force> is a special power allowing me to move nearby objects by using my mana.
Father, seemingly pitying me after seeing my abnormal legs consisting of only calves and bones, commissioned the production of a magic wheelchair and tonfa for my exclusive use, paying a big sum of money to the Masetino family, a dwarf family famous for its smiths and refined gold magicians, in my childhood.
At first I was happy.
But, as the work advanced, I became disgusted with it.
Being told that my hair, blood, nails and a part of my skin are necessary as raw materials for creating the special chair, a part of my body was cut off with a hatchet.
Being told that it’s necessary for a core so that it can only be moved by me…
The young me didn’t know anything.
Thus I was only scared.
One of the dwarves told me that they have to combine Gudora wood, adamantine tree, white life steel, refined demon steel, and magic spirit ore, but it was too much for my childish mind.
At the time when I led such traumatic life…
It was decided for Lily to be employed as my exclusive maid and live together with me.

“Ojou-chama, I will protesh you!” (Lily)

“Nn, small.” (Eva)

Back then I didn’t understand the meaning of those words, but believing that I made a friend, seeing as I couldn’t go to school, I was overjoyed.
I felt like heading to the dwarves’ workshop located in the mansion became a bit easier thanks to Lily.
After that I played around with Lily.
And I openly told her about something I hadn’t told anyone before.

“Lily~, I understand thoughts.” (Eva)

“Thoughts?” (Lily)

“Yeah, just a part of the mind.” (Eva)

“That’s amazing, ojou-sama!” (Lily)

“But, it’s a secret from everyone, only for Lily.” (Eva)

“Yes~” (Lily)

Thanks to Lily I could go to the dwarves’ work everyday.
Time passed by, and at last the special tonfa and the magic wheelchair were completed.
Once the dwarf family finished its work, they moved on to the western imperial territory for their next job.
Father strictly ordered me to make sure that I can operate the magic wheelchair.
Furthermore he hired a beautiful elven teacher called Clayne Fenron, who possessed a combat occupation similar to mine and could use high-ranking magic, to teach me various spells and martial arts.
In those days I noticed an abnormality of my bone legs.
Once I accumulated mana in my legs, eerie crests that were carved onto the bones’ surface lit up.
If I placed my bone feet on the ground, the metals located inside the soil were drawn to my bones, and my deformed, bare feet transformed into metallic feet.
At the same time I obtained the combat occupation Magic Artisan.
I was startled as it consumed quite a bit of my mana, but my feet turning into bulky, metallic objects…scared me really badly at first.
But, it wasn’t as if I just hated those bone legs. My new legs…weren’t normal, but it also stimulated my growth.
That’s why I’m grateful to the gods of Gaia.
Once I repeated a dozen and then hundreds of times to make metal cling to my legs in the passing days and months, I acquired the skill <Metal Fusion>.
Reaching the point of being able to tell apart the metal type to some extent, I studied how to be able to equip various refined metals to these legs.
It became possible for me to transform metals into ingots by using these legs, without the need for a furnace.
It might also be owed to my attribute being related to earth.
I tried reporting that to my teacher.

“Eva, this ability is magnificent.” (Clayne)

“Nn, really?” (Eva)

“Yeah, for sure! It’s proof of your certification as noble. On top of being able to refine earth and metal without any need for specialized demonic gold artisans, those legs also serve as weapon. What wonderful weapons they have become.” (Clayne)

I was really glad about being praised by my teacher.
I’m no match for people specialized in this, but as long as it’s only the refinement of earth and metal, even I can do as much!
I was happy to be told that by teacher who was a former member of the six big top clans.
I knew it was what teacher really felt since I checked by touching her with my hand.
Afterwards I trained martial arts focused around the two special metal tonfa, which are precious canes that can also be used as legs in addition to my actual metallic legs.
Teacher being someone also using two tonfa as main weapons was convenient for me.
It was only later I learned that father had searched for teacher while aiming for that from the start.
Therefore I naturally continued studying how to handle metallic staffs and acquired Leg User, Quick Dancer, Footwork User, and Light Staff Mastery.
I also studied magic and learned how to manipulate my mana, acquiring the combat occupations Magician, Wizard, Magic Combat Style User and Sorcerer.
Although it was tough on my mana consumption, I enjoyed martial arts that made use of steel legs.
I also researched and created an exclusive crossbow that uses artificial steel legs together with my bone legs.
Meanwhile I became a Magic Steel Fighter after my combat occupations fused, and once I got accustomed to the violet mana of <Thought Guidance Force>, I finally succeeded at making the magic core inside the magic wheelchair react.
Becoming able to freely manipulate the magic wheelchair, it also became possible for me to stand up after transforming the wheelchair.
I realized that I could use the permanent skill <Metal Fusion> for the maintenance of the magic wheelchair.
I learned that I could create and add various metals to the wheel parts, and I also studied how it’s possible to make range attacks by manipulating and making metal float with the violet mana.
Once I showed this to Clayne-sensei, she stared at me with eyes clad in mana and said,

“It’s a technique that resembles Guidance Magic, but I have never seen it before. Even among adventurers it must be a fairly rare ability. I was active in the labyrinth city for a long time, but I think it’s as valuable as ability as Iron Ball User, Beheading Light Thread User or Beheading Darkness Thread User.” (Clayne)

“Nn, can I play an active role like you, teacher?” (Eva)

“That’s something we won’t know unless you actually experience it.” (Clayne)

Teacher told me with a smile.
And then the training resumed again.
However, those days of training abruptly came to an end.
It’s because father got dragged into a political disturbance.
Following father’s order, I took refuge in the Labyrinth City Pelneet together with my servant Lily and the cook Dee at a restaurant that was financed by the Knightray family at that time.
But, father was removed by other nobles in the form of having our land being integrated into their own territories.
And then he lost his life after being targeted by night burglars.
The same happened to my mother and our butler.
Teacher was outnumbered, but somehow managed to flee and inform me of this incident.
…Hearing that, I cried.
My father Shawn, my mother Marina, and the butler Hagi…all of them died.
The only ones left alive were the cook Dee and my servant Lily.
Lily and Dee gently watched over me as I mourned for their deaths.
Seemingly feeling responsible for it or because the relationship came to an end now that there was no pay any longer, teacher said that she would leave us behind and go on a journey, and thus departed from Pelneet.
However, I didn’t consider holding a grudge against teacher or avenging father.
It’s because I knew the inner thoughts of father and mother through my Extra skill <Purple Mind Phase>.
The reason why father brought me up so strictly was not out of love, but only for his reputation as a noble.
But, even so I was grateful for him having provided equipment to me by using a large amount of money.
But, mother detested me.
On the surface she always treated me kindly, but she constantly griped about my legs being disgusting.
During my childhood I grieved…”Why don’t my parents love me?”
Hearing those words, Lily, who grew up together with me, grasped my hands and said,

“I lovesh ojou-chama.” (Lily)

She told me, and once I knew that those were her true feelings, I remember that I was very happy and my heart got very warm.
Dee always provided me with tasty dishes after my training.
A gentle old cook. And I know that he comes from a hidden martial arts family.
It’s because I saw how he trained together with Lily.
I confessed to Dee that I can read minds, too.

Ojou-sama, thank you very much. I will absolutely keep it secret.” (Dee)

Dee said with a serious look.
And like that I led my second life together with Lily and Dee in the Labyrinth City Pelneet.
I became an adventurer, and had the Dee open the restaurant as “Labyrinth’s Specialties Restaurant Ligna Dee” as head cook.
Lily followed my path and also became an adventurer, but so far we have only partied up a few times.
I didn’t want to party with other people as much as possible.

Ojou-sama, let’s form a party today!” (Lily)

“Nn, no good.” (Eva)

“Eehh~, why?” (Lily)

“I formed one together with you the other day.” (Eva)

“Yes, I have to take care of you, ojou-sama.” (Lily)

Lily grasped my hands.

『I want to protect ojou-sama. I haven’t forgotten my old vow!』 (Lily)

Lily’s feelings were transmitted to me.

“Nn, just for today then.” (Eva)

Because I was happy with Lily who was the same as in the past, I unintentionally gave my permission.




Beginning such life, several years went past in no time, and I became hated and was called Wheelchair of Death or Death God Eva by the other adventurers.
Even though I just put out some sparks that were about to reach me.

Ojou-sama, you don’t have to worry about it. They are jealous because you’re strong!” (Lily)

“Nn, thanks, Lily.” (Eva)

Lily is always a nice child that supports me.

“Nn, I’m off to the labyrinth for the restaurant and maintenance.” (Eva)

Today as well I will service my magic wheelchair.
This is a routine that I do everyday without fail.

“Okay, accompanying you is…not allowed, right?” (Lily)

“Not allowed.” (Eva)

I don’t want Lily to experience anything dangerous.

“Understood. I will wait for you.” (Lily)

“Nn.” (Eva)

I nodded with a smile and operated my wheelchair.
I left the restaurant, accepted the ingredient and magic stone requests at the guild as usual, and headed to the labyrinth.
There was also a request about a Silver Volck spawning deep inside the mine, but if I mine my target ores, process them and leave at once without heading deeper inside, it should finish without me running into the Silver Volck.
I went to the second floor and hunted at a good pace.
However, in the middle of that I ended up encountering the Silver Volck.
I had no choice but to fight. This guy is a beginner killer who’s said to be a guardian or of similar rank.
Using my trump card, the bone legs, I somehow managed to damage it, but…
I received a counterattack.
Lily, Dee, s-sorr-rr-yy…



Huh? I didn’t die.
I was rescued by a tall, flat-faced but cool adventurer with black hair and eyes.
A person that possesses beautiful eyes that seem to mysteriously suck me in…
Nn, I feel like they shone crimson.
I was carried in the arms of this man.

“…Nn… W-What?” (Eva)

His thoughts were immediately transmitted to me.
『Her black hair is pretty. I wonder what shampoo she’s using.』
『Her body is soft and her skin is really beautiful. Even her violet eyes, they match very well with her black hair. She’s a real looker.』
『I so wanna kiss those small lips, smooch smooch…』
After that he only thought about perverted stuff.
Just as Lily said, men only think about such things…

“So you woke up. Are you alright?” (Shuuya)

“…” (Eva)

Huh, suddenly all the perverted stuff was gone.
『Is she still injured somewhere?』
『I used healing magic before, but I’m worried. She has a soft body. Such young, beautiful child has…』
He was honestly, without any deception, worried about me.
The perverted stuff from before were his true, unfiltered thoughts, too. He praised my looks…
It felt strangely pleasant.

“You are conscious, right?” (Shuuya)

“… Yes…” (Eva)

『What, her face is bright red, she’s casting her eyes down and her voice is frail…』

“Excuse me…” (Eva)

That was the answer I gave.

“For starters, I think it will be best to put you back on that wheelchair, right?” (Shuuya)

“…” (Eva)

I only nodded in shame and operated the wheelchair.
This man lowered me carefully and gently into my wheelchair.
At that point I caught sight of the Silver Volck’s corpse.

“You killed… that… the Silver Volck.” (Eva)

It seems he defeated it.
He appears to be a strong person. On the way back through the labyrinth I learned that he’s really strong.
Lancer, magic lancer? Amazing spearmanship techniques and forms that go shoo-shoo-shoo.
Rollo-chan was also amazing, but Shuuya caught my eyes as I watched him from the side while we escaped from the labyrinth.




I wanted to properly thank him since he saved me.
After finishing the request handling right away, I waited for him outside the guild.
Ah, there he is.

“Yo! Did you wait for me?” (Shuuya)

It’s embarrassing, but let’s invite him.

“Nn, yeah… come.” (Eva)

A little later,

“Eva, where do you intend to take me?” (Shuuya)

“Nn, over there.” (Eva)

He showed an uneasy expression, but without minding that, I guided him to the restaurant which I call home.
Once we ordered the food from Lily,

“It seems that you were previously called ojou-sama, right?” (Shuuya)

“Nn… now is different.” (Eva)

I didn’t really want to talk about the Knightray family.

“I see…” (Shuuya)

“… Nn.” (Eva)

Shuuya began to look around restlessly.
I have to thank him properly…

“―Shuuya, thanks for coming. I wanted to, thank you for having saved me.” (Eva)

“Aye, I’m also happy about the food. Thank you!” (Shuuya)

Looking at his smile makes me very happy. It couldn’t be helped that I wanted to continuously be together with Shuuya from now on, too.
I offered Shuuya to form a party while getting Lily to help out as well.
At first he refused.
It was a big shock, making me feel as if my visual field was covered by a gray veil.
Nn, but, at that moment I understood my own heart.
It told me that I like, that I love the gentle Shuuya who saved me.
The wish of not wanting to be separated from him reverberated in my chest and became painful.
He tried to refuse because he got entangled with a dark guild, but even so I honestly abode to the feelings of my heart.
Once I managed to persuade him somehow, Shuuya promised me that he would party with me from now on while smiling, causing my heart to race.
I was happy and naturally hugged Shuuya.
Tomorrow we would form a party, too.
I was looking forward to it. I also wanted to meet with the cute cat-chan once more.
But, I wanted to meet with Shuuya even more so.
I felt really blessed as if a goddess of love had descended and mysteriously enveloped the room with warm colors.
Can’t tomorrow come as quickly as possible?




We formed a party and I got to know Rebecca and Viine.
Viine is a slave. Because she gave me the impression of defying Shuuya at first, I warned Shuuya and told him at the same time about my precious mind-reading ability.
Even after learning about it, he wasn’t scared and showed me respect. He transmitted to me his feelings that I’m a beauty or that I’m cute.
Fufu, I’m glad.
I love you too, Shuuya.
But, my warning was meaningless.
It looks like I made a mistake in reading her mind.
Because I love Shuuya, I might look at women, beautiful women, with detestable and cunning feelings.
Besides, she’s a dark elf…
Her normal emotions differ greatly.
She was released from slavery.
Given that Shuuya trusts Viine, I will try to do so, too.
Even when I touched Viine several times after that while pretending for it to be a coincidence, she didn’t show any hostility, but instead even respected Rebecca and me.
I also got to know that she has feelings tinged with passion, almost like some sort of faith, which went beyond respect, towards Shuuya…
It was at that time that I understood that Viine loves Shuuya.
I must not lose.
I will wait for my chance.
Time passed while I thought about such things, and nowadays it’s even appearing in my dreams, weird dreams where Shuuya whispers lewd stuff into my ears…
But, that made me happy.
And then it was decided that we would challenge a magic treasure map.
The location on the treasure map is the labyrinth’s fifth floor.
Shuuya bought combat slaves for caution’s sake.
I think he did so because he wanted to protect us.
He also bought a big house.
Nn, I’m sorry for Dee and Lily, but I want to live here with Shuuya…
As we would challenge the labyrinth, the magic treasure map, on the next day, I went back with Rebecca.
On the way back home, I made a short visit to a magic tool shop, and bought a monster book.
Nn, let’s read the book today and study the monsters spawning on the fifth floor. It will be useful for everyone.



After talking with Dee and Lily, I headed to Shuuya’s place.
There we talked very elaborately about the strategy once more.

“It might be a surprise to you, but please listen. The spirit Helme dwells in my left eye. And I can call Burning Knights with the ring-shaped magic tool Darkness Prison Bone KnightsDark Hell Bone Knights.” (Shuuya)

I was startled.

“Nn, spirit-sama?” (Eva)

“Eeehh!?” (Rebecca)

Rebecca also kicked up in fuss in excitement.
The slaves were really surprised.
Nn, since it’s Shuuya we’re talking about here, I thought that it’s quite possible and thus agreed with it right away.
Shuuya talked about things I didn’t really understand such as who’s going to be in the vanguard as forward in a one-top formation, the control tower as defensive midfielder, how to go roundabout, the importance of passing, or to keep the mind sharp so that the goalkeeper won’t be blown away, but somehow I got what he wanted to say.
Like this we had a detailed talk about the strategies.
We leapt to the fifth floor after accepting the requests at the guild as Innocent Arms.
We were able to proceed smoothly while defeating the various monsters spawning on that floor.
On the way we encountered another party.
They were members of a top clan.
But one of their members had been done in by a big group of Poisonous Flame Wolves. There were in the middle of nursing that warrior who was suffering as his chest had been showered with flame poison.

“As it’s clear from the surrounding corpses, they encountered a mad spawn. Besides, those injuries are due to poison? They look quite severe…” (Rebecca)

Nn, Rebecca is scared.
Certainly, that poison is frightening…

“Nn, the flame poison of Poisonous Flame Wolves. (Eva)

I said while believing that we have to be careful as well.
Shuuya, who saw that suffering man, ran up and started to talk to them.
It looks like he plans to save him.
And, he really saved him.
Nn, being able to use such a water magic, Shuuya is truly amazing!
We headed to right below the two towers depicted on the map.
Even below those two towers, Shuuya saved a single warrior who was about to be done in by a guardian monster and rescued the warrior’s party.
The guardian, Death Emperor, was powerful.
Nn, even with everyone damaging it, it recovered right away.
But then Shuuya showed his true power!
He released a red chain I had never seen before!
Wow! The Death Emperor was crushed by being compressed into a sphere!
That’s what you call power!
Amazing, the red chain went shoo-shoo shoo-shoo. I want to use it, too.
I naturally rushed up to Shuuya, who was releasing blood, together with Rebecca.

“Are you really alright?” (Rebecca)

Rebecca looks anxious.

“Yeah, I am.” (Shuuya)

Shuuya smiles as usual.
I tell him about my excited emotions.

“Shuuya, that just now was incredible! Red chains with a shoo-shoo and then shoo-shoo. A new technique?” (Eva)

Nn, I will imitate it with the tonfa!
I want to become more skillful.

“Yeah. With it, I was able to defeat the guardian.” (Shuuya)

“Nn, we have to collect the magic stones.” (Eva)

Shuuya smiled at me.
I naturally end up smiling back.
Shuuya is…truly gentle, strong and reliable.
After a rest.
We set down the magic treasure map.
A golden chest spawned and everyone banded together to fight the huge number of monsters that spawned alongside it.
Since Shuuya was dealing with the guardian by himself, we were swamped by the other monsters with the force of surging waves.
The high-class combat slaves bought by Shuuya were all excellent.
The golden chest was opened with Viine’s skill of a superior lock-picker, and we checked the items.
Without monopolizing those items, Shuuya again said that all his comrades will get their share as well.
I was allowed to pick what I want.
We also received hair ornaments.
And then there was the contest over the prized pearl necklace.
It was decided that Rebecca, Viine and I would play rock-scissor-paper.
I didn’t want to lose.
That’s why I cheated a bit.
We played a few times while I stretched out my hands towards the other two, touching their bodies and reading their minds. In the end it was my victory!
Fufu, it was sly, but even the goddess of love should forgive me.
And then, far from the goddess of love forgiving me, she even gave me a chance.
Shuuya put the pearl neck around my neck.
I didn’t pass up on that opportunity.
Nn, I expressed all my highly-strung emotions.
Eyy, with my unshakable feelings I lifted my face and kissed his cheek.
Shuuya’s cheek was soft and there was also a slight sensation of his shaved beard.
I want to experience that sensation much more. No sooner than thinking that, we separated.
Rebecca and Viine shouted, but I didn’t care.
I’m doing my best to express my feelings of love to Shuuya in my very own way.
Like this the magic treasure event came to an end. We moved to the crystal while defeating monsters and testing our new weapons, and returned to the surface.
Since Shuuya said that he wants us to put on the shell swimsuits when we had the items appraised, I acknowledged it.
Shuuya is really lewd.
But, only Shuuya I will allow to be lewd.
Rebecca was surprised as well, but after she said that she won’t lose,

“―I will wear it as well!” (Rebecca)

she declared.
Even I’m not going to lose.
However, Viine had a triumphant attitude…
Certainly she’s a beauty, and her proportions are great, too.
…I don’t want to lose, but I’m losing confidence here.



Once I consulted with Dee and Lily about Shuuya’s offer that I can visit his mansion everyday, Lily began to cry.
“At last you’re going to leave me behind and run to a man. I’m shocked.”
She put me on the spot by repeatedly saying such things.
But, I managed to avoid further troubles since Lily calmed down once Dee chided her.
And once I headed over to Shuuya’s home…he was out.
Viine was with Shuuya.
It seems they went out together.
This time it was me who suffered a shock and almost cried.
A tinge of anxiety crossed my heart.
Delusive thoughts are despicable, but black emotions surged up within me.
I’m well aware that I usually don’t show my feelings on my face, but unsightly emotions, which made my body shiver like during the winter’s cold, ended up appearing openly.
Rebecca arrived at Shuuya’s place a bit later too.
She talked to the combat slaves in the mansion with her usual, confident attitude.
She got angry with her face looking as if she’s about to cry, and from her worried blue eyes I clearly knew that she’s nervous deep in her heart.
Nn, but I wonder, what’s with that blue flame occasionally appearing in her eyes.
It’s possible that the fire of jealousy is burning in her as well.
Just like in me…
She seems mortified about Shuuya having gone out together with just Viine.
Nn, comrade.
Once I looked at her face, my liveliness returned a bit.
Since Rebecca was talking to the slaves as if blaming them, I join in as well.

“Not being able to meet with Shuuya is lonely, disappointing.” (Eva)

I made sure that they would tell him that.

“Eva, let’s go out together for today! There’s that store we talked about the other day and such.” (Rebecca)

“Nn, agreed.” (Eva)

Once I left Shuuya’s home together with her, I observed an unfamiliar woman enter.
A pretty woman with loosely hanging hair and a bandana coiled around her head.
I felt slightly curious, but still went around various stores together with Rebecca.
We entered an old-fashioned magic store showcasing magic scrolls. I bought a dubious book that had detailed records of monsters spawning in the labyrinth and the Great Savannah. I was guided to a delicious bakery, and to a store that makes egg confections. We strolled around while eating cotton candy with dried grapes added inside which were sold at a stall. Far from a temporary distraction from the loneliness, I was able to spend a really enjoyable time.

“Eva, how about doing something like this from time to time? I have a lot of fun.” (Rebecca)

“Nn, I have fun as well.” (Eva)

“I’m glad. In the past I had friends, but once those bad rumors about me started to crop up, they distanced themselves…Eva, joining a party with you, going shopping together like this a few times; I know it’s a bit late, but is it fine for me to see you as my friend?” (Rebecca)

The first friend besides Lily, I’m happy.

“…Nn, gladly. I didn’t have any friends since coming to this city, so please take care of me.” (Eva)

“Yaaay, love ya, Eva. I also like the gentle smile on your face.” (Rebecca)

“…Thanks. Rebecca, you’re cute as well, and your blue eyes are pretty.” (Eva)

“Ahaha, thanks.” (Rebecca)

Today I couldn’t meet with Shuuya, but I managed to properly become friends with Rebecca.

“Eva, it’s a little topic change, but Shuuya and Viine are together, right?” (Rebecca)

“…Yeah.” (Eva)

Nn, as expected, she thought about the same things.
Even without touching her, I understand her feelings.

“Somehow, Viine’s recent, elated expression bothers me…” (Rebecca)

“Nn, certainly…” (Eva)

I have a bad premonition. She said she’s his servant, though.
If I ask Shuuya while touching him, I will understand the outer layer of his mind, but in Shuuya’s case it’s difficult to judge since he’s basically a cluster of good will towards those he likes.

“…I, even if I lose, I will certainly recover…ah, Eva, we’re friends, but I will grab Shuuya’s heart first!” (Rebecca)

I widened my eyes due to the clear proclamation of war.
Rebecca is also serious about Shuuya…

“…Nn, of course. But I will win again.” (Eva)

“Ah, the rock-scissor-paper from the other day, eh? But, there’s no rock-scissor-paper in love, fufun.” (Rebecca)

“Fufu, since Shuuya and I share a secret, I will win without fail.” (Eva)

“Eeehh…s-secret, you say? What is it!?” (Rebecca)

Rebecca acts suspiciously while being flustered.

“Nn, I won’t tell. Even if we’re friends, love is a different matter――” (Eva)

I advance in a cheerful mood while making my wheelchair rotate.

“Aah~, don’t run away~!” (Rebecca)




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