Chapter 168 – Evil God & Truth of the Labyrinth City

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Viine is sleeping.
In contrast to me, she seems to become sleepy just as before.
She obtained <Lineage of the True Ancestor>, but I guess it’s different from me, the originator.
No, I think she simply hasn’t gotten used to it? Her mind must be exhausted.
She might gradually become like me, though.
Well then, let’s have a look at my abilities.

Name: Shuuya Kagari
Age: 22
Title: Super-Warrior of the Water Goddess
Race: Light Demon Lucival
Combat Occupation: Magic Spear Blood Chain Master

Strength: 22.9
Agility: 23.5
Stamina: 21.2
Mana: 26.9 → 25.9
Dexterity: 21.0
Spirit: 29.2 → 28.2
Luck: 11.3

Current Status: Calm

The Mana and Spirit values have gone down.
I guess this is the proof that a part of me was transferred to Viine.
Skill Status.

Obtained Skills: <Throwing>, <Demonic Brain Speed>, <Hide>, <Night Vision>, <Inhalation of Odour Technique>, <Blood Chains Banquet>, <Thrust>, <Meditation>, <Life Magic>, <Guidance Sorcery>, <Magic Combat Style>, <Magic Hand guided by Thought>, <Sage Art>, <Summoning>, <Ancient Magic>, <Crest Magic>, <Darkness Drill>, <Darkness Drill – Magic Spear Break>, <Language Magic>, <Chain Spear of the Ray System>, <Powerful Slash>, <Blood Acceleration>, <Beginning of Dusk>, <Dusk’s Stake>, <Blood Chain Search>, <Dimension of Darkness Blood Chain>

Permanent Skills: <Power of True Ancestor>, <Natural Gift of Magic>, <Torrent of Light Darkness>, <Drain Soul>, <Immortality>, <Darkness Adaptation>, <Blood Magic>, <Suzerain of Bloodkin>, <Super Demonic Brain Nimble Sensation>, <Magic Combat Style Knowledge>, <Guidance Magic Knowledge>, <Spear Sparring>, <Chain Sense Guidance>, <Magic Crest Construction>, <Instant Staff of Water>, <Spirit Employment>, <Divine Beast Serene Mind ・ Soaring>, <Blood Path – First Gate>, <Blood Path – Second Gate>, <Blood Path – Third Gate>, <Factor Engraving Increase>, <Servant Development> (NEW), <Central Pillar of a Greater True Ancestor’s Lineage> (NEW)

Extra Skills: <Language Comprehension>, <Granted Seal of Light>, <Chain Factor>, <Demonic Cerebral Spine Revolution>, <Crest Tree of the Lucival> (NEW)

First I touch <Crest Tree of the Lucival>.

Crest Tree of the Lucival

Torrent of Light and Darkness which is the foundation of the Ancient Tree of Life, the Sacred Mystery of the Lucival
It stimulates the growth of those connected to the Light Demon. Those, who were promised prospering, receive the master’s influence

Even as I touch all over, there’s no explanation.
I don’t really understand as its only symbolic words, but whatever.
Next up, <Servant Development>

Servant Development

Allows you to change a servant’s body color
And it’s possible to carve an exclusive mark on the bodies of each <Head Servant Leader> and <Servant Leader>
Bright colors are available for <Head Servant Leaders>. However, only plain colors are available for <Servant Leaders>

I did test it once on Viine.
Next I touch <Central Pillar of a Greater True Ancestor’s Lineage>, a fusion of various skills.

Central Pillar of a Greater True Ancestor’s Lineage

Forefather possessing the blood of Light Demon Lucival who transcended the Vampire God Lugunado’s lineage’s <Bloodkin’s Suzerain> after having the Principle of Causality twisted by the powers of Crest Tree of the Lucival and Power of True Ancestor
It requires a very strong force of will, but it’s possible to increase the number of newly chosen bloodkin by 7 <Head Servant Leaders> and a further 25 <Servant Leaders>
It’s possible to select <Head Servant Leader> and <Servant Leader> if conscious when using the skill
It becomes possible to contact <Head Servant Leader> and <Servant Leader> through blood letters from a distance

This one is easy to understand.
I wonder what’s the difference between <Head Servant Leader> and <Servant Leader>?
I touch <Servant Leader>.

Servant Leader

The initial strength of the attribute values is one rank lower compared to <Head Servant Leader>, but the growth liberty is unaffected
As long as the skill holder puts great effort into it, it’s possible to obtain abilities exceeding those of a <Head Servant Leader>

I see, the abilities are inferior, but they can surpass a <Head Servant Leader> through hard work.
At that point I erase the status.
<Head Servant Leader> can go up to 10 in total by adding 7 more, 1 and 25 <Servant Leaders>…that’s the number of bloodkin I can get.
And I’ve become able to use remote messaging.
But I wonder whether there will be any other others willing to become my bloodkin. What’s going to happen if I talk about it with Eva and Rebecca…?
Especially Rebecca…a vampire?
I think she would draw back while saying something like “I refuse becoming something like a pervert monster!”
Well, I might be overthinking things, but this is something for the future…
Now then, it will be soon morning.
I guess I will cool off on the second floor’s veranda―
I move quietly in order to not wake Viine…
Heading up the spiral stairs after going through the corridor, I pass the fireplace space with the wooden floor, and step out on the veranda.
Outside it’s dim. It looks like the sky is a bit cloudy.
A small rocking chair and a table have been prepared.
Probably the maids.
Those girls are sure thoughtful.
A vase with flowers resembling akanthuses and cattleyas had been placed atop the table.
In order to not obstruct the view on those beautiful flowers, I positioned the Black Sweet Water pitcher, which I took out of my item box, at the edge of the table, and then sank into the chair.
I spend some time in leisure while watching the landscape.
With a gentle, early-morning breeze tickling my cheeks, it feels really nice.
Hmm, what should I do today?
Go to sell the small refrigerator to the Second Prince?
Go to Zaga’s place to hand over the presents?
The B Rank examination? Or appraising the newly obtained map?
It would also be fine to dive into the labyrinth if Eva and Rebecca show up.
It might also be a good idea to reveal the gates to them earlier than planned, and go take a dip in the ocean at that place with the shoal.
I would tell everyone to wear the shell swim suits…hehe.
As if retorting me, who indulged in weird delusions, Helme appears while floating above the veranda.

“―Your Excellency, what are you doing?” (Helme)

“Helme, huh? Don’t startle me.” (Shuuya)

“Sorry. When I was watering the big trees in the courtyard, I saw Your Excellency coming out.” (Helme)

“I see. Did you have a change of heart now that you are always outside most recently?” (Shuuya)

“Yes. I had fun developing new poses and talking with various people. Besides, there are two big trees here. I like watering them.” (Helme)

“I see.” (Shuuya)

At that moment I remembered the Millennium Plant which I obtained the other day.
Helme said that she wants its blue fruit, so let’s give her one.
I take out the plant from my item box.

“Ah, that is…” (Helme)

“Right. You said that you’d like to have one of its fruits.” (Shuuya)

“Your Excellency…how very kind of you.” (Helme)

Like a ripple, waves spread across the bluish-black, leafy skin on Helme’s entire body.
I pluck a fruit off the plant while smiling at Helme who’s full of expectations, and give it to her as present.

“Then.” (Helme)

Helme hold its in her mouth like a cherry and then bites into it.

“Oooooh.” (Helme)

Whoa, that surprised me. Helme adopts the pose of Munch’s The Scream.
Was it maybe disgusting?

“What’s wrong?” (Shuuya)

“There a wonderful amount of mana contained within. Its flavor is very rich, and the mana is dense. It’s somewhat different from Your Excellency’s mana. What a strange fruit! Amazing, I’m deeply moved. How to say it; its sweetness is pleasant. It feels like my heart melts into the ground…” (Helme)

It was too delicious? Helme…your eyes are friggin’ scary.
Blue and red lines around her eyeballs are…
Seemingly excited, the bluish-black and blue leafy skin swirls around in a vortex, repeatedly causing small waves.
Just like that she adopted a unique poseHelme-styled by twisting her waist to an extent that it seemed as if it’s breaking.

“Is it so delicious? Ah―” (Shuuya)

A new fruit grew at the branch where I had plucked off the fruit just now.
Millennium Plant, huh? What a mysterious plant.
It looks like it will grow if I give it some mana, but…

“A new one grew back, didn’t it…?” (Helme)

“Helme, don’t eat it on your own accord, okay? I will give one at the proper time.” (Shuuya)

“…I know.” (Helme)

Helme’s eyes were still excited, but she calmed down once I looked at her suspiciously.

“…Alright, I will try pouring some mana into this.” (Shuuya)

“Okay.” (Helme)

I held the Millennium Plant between my hands and tried to directly supply it with mana.
At that moment its leaves, trunk and fruits begin to shine.

“Wai-!” (Shuuya)

Eh? The shining, small trunk swelled a bit to the side, and lips appeared.
No sooner than that, white breath-like spider threads (?) were spit out, and the trunk started to dance and shake to the sides.
What’s up with this far too weird dancing?
It’s just like that famous dance where zombies perform splendid dance steps at the graveyard.
The ends of its leaves and branches extend diagonally and then stop after a whizzing sound.

“Just what’s going on here?” (Shuuya)

The white spider threads surround the Millennium Plant’s surface, as if covered by spiderwebs.
The trunk began to dance anew as if the music has started again.

“…Those are sure mysterious movements.” (Helme)

“Yeah, it’s a dodgy dance. It seems to suck up my MP.” (Shuuya)

“MP? I don’t understand, but it is strange.” (Helme)

It’s a DraQu〇 term, so I suppose there’s no way for her to know.

“It’s similar in meaning to having your soul sucked out.” (Shuuya)

“What did you say! Your Excellency’s soul…this tree has delicious fruits, but shall I submerge it in water?” (Helme)

Helme…her face is serious.

“No, don’t.” (Shuuya)

“Okay…” (Helme)

“…Saying that you will submerge me…what a cheeky little spirit!”

“Wha-!? It talked!” (Shuuya)

“Waaaaah! A scary monster!” (Helme)

I abstained from retorting, “Helme, you yourself are plenty scary, too.”

“Viine said that it can talk, but for it to really do that, and moreover, it can see?” (Shuuya)

“Oh, yes! I can see, baby!”

What’s up with its weird tension?

“Did you possibly grow up due to my mana?” (Shuuya)

“Yeah, yeah, you are, daddy, yay! I, child, babyyy, ya!”

The potted plant, which was entwined by spiderwebs, moves its branches strangely, and repeats a motion, similar to a thumbs-up with its branches.



I don’t know what happened here.
Once I poured mana in a casual manner, I ended up giving birth to a…tree child.
Moreover, it’s a tree that acts like a weird rapper plant.
I shift my eyes in Helme’s direction looking for some help, but she avoids meeting my gaze and stays silent.
As there’s nothing to be done about this, I look at the talking plant.

“…Do you have a name or something like that?” (Shuuya)

“I am, I, yay! Gimme, a name, yo!”

“I feel like you were called Millennium Plant…is that wrong?” (Shuuya)

“I am, I!”

He answers while dancing.
Since we’re making no progress here, I suppose I will be a bit more pushy.

“No old name or such…? What are you?” (Shuuya)

Cladding my body with the Magic Combat Style, I release a bit of my mana.
While glaring at the plant with sanpaku eyes, I started to pressure the potted plant in my hands with a crushing force.
The rapping plant suddenly stops dancing and speaks with a sound similar to grinding bark while its trunk and lips tremble.

“…Oooh, daddyyy, don’t get, all hyped up! I have, connections, to an evil god, yo.”

What was that? A connection to an evil god…?
Is it related because it was inside a treasure chest of the labyrinth?

“Are you my enemy?” (Shuuya)

“NO, I, am daddy’s child, yay!”


“…What’s the name of that evil god?” (Shuuya)


The instant its pronunciation changed, the spiderweb that covered the plant’s surface started to float up.

“What’s going on?” (Shuuya)

“Your Excellency, I wonder what’s it about. I can’t sense any hostile intention, but…” (Helme)

The spiderweb creates a circle, and was wrapped up by a thin membrane.
Something like a black-white TV image is shown on the thin membrane.
Little-by-little it became colored.
What was reflected inside the circle is a huge tiger with ten tails.

“Yoo, human. Looks like you’re the one that activated the Millennium Plant.”

The tiger started to talk in a casual manner on the other side of the screen.
It has a big muzzle with conspicuous fangs, but its lips are synced when it talks.

“Are you the evil god Steertop?” (Shuuya)

“Indeed. I’m Steertop, one of the ten heavenly evil gods. Rather than that, are you really a human?” (Steertop)

“Well, I guess so.” (Shuuya)

Even though he’s an evil god, he can’t identify my race, huh?
I wonder whether the Ten Heavenly Evil Figure has any relation to Steertop.

“Hoh. When the Millennium Plant mentions my name by itself, it should be on the verge of dying. It’s still moving around lively…or, did it change loyalties after directly receiving your mana? Heck, even that weird fellow is one of my precious underlings that I sent to the surface, ya know?” (Steertop)

Steertop turns his eyes below, glaring at the potted plant.
An evil god’s underling, eh? Is he also related to the bug that I defeated the other day?

“Are you related to Hyurio-something?” (Shuuya)

“If you know that guy’s name, I guess you’re a first-class adventurer who’s diving deeply into the labyrinth…” (Steertop)

“No, I don’t dive deeply. I went to the fifth floor for a magic treasure map though.” (Shuuya)

Hearing those words, Steertop moves his ten tails and adopts a pose of thinking while propping up his head.

“…I see. So you obtained the Millennium Plant from the treasure? So that’s the reason.” (Steertop)

“Even if you make selfish conclusions, it’s still cryptic to me.” (Shuuya)

“…Humph, cheeky brat! However, you possess enough mana to win over the Millennium Plant. …You’re no underling who got brainwashed by Hyuriox, right?” (Steertop)

The evil god yells, but I don’t feel much anger from it.

“Yeah, I’m not. I happened to talk to a parasitic bug that has occupied the brain of a human-shaped being.” (Shuuya)

“You talked with it, you say? So if you haven’t been brainwashed, are you…a kin connected to the gods of the spirit world? Or a servant of the divine domain?”

“What the heck? Are those guys coming to the surface from the spirit world and divine domain?” (Shuuya)

“…Fuhahaha, you a funny one. You’re hanging around in the labyrinth that’s connected to infinite worlds without knowing anythin’? Moreover, you sure got guts to talk to me, who’s a part of the world, as equal. That’s exactly why the surface’s soooo amusing!” (Steertop)

What awfully high tension.
This evil god is…

“I would be grateful if you could teach me the details, evil god-sama.” (Shuuya)

I say with a touch of cynicism.

“Very well. This labyrinth city is connected to the vast evil god domain where we live. I suppose it’s better to call it connected and integrated with the surface world. That’s why the apostles of the divine domain and spirit world, which are dimensional spaces relatively close to Sera, are endlessly fighting against the evil god domain since distant times, for thousands, tens of thousands years…” (Steertop)

…So they are related, huh?
Maybe the evil buried in the ground around Pelneet is…
A part of the Black Rings? Perhaps the labyrinth city that was mentioned when I was in the spiritual world of Roses, the predecessor of Rollodeen, was this place here.

“Are there any other dimensional spaces besides the divine domain and the spirit world?” (Shuuya)

“There are several dimensional spaces. I only fought against people connected to other dimensional spaces a few times. That’s why the guys, who are loved by the spirits and gods tied to the spirit world and divine domain,…come to this labyrinth and challenge our labyrinth since ancient times without being aware of the reasons themselves. Well, thanks to that we obtain a large quantity of magic sources, our food, but the ones snatching that and trying to crush us evil gods are the folks from the divine domain and the spirit world. We ain’t getting crushed by them though…” (Steertop)

He says it’s easy for those, who received some kind of divine protection from spirits and gods, to gather in this city.
It seems I am one of them, too.
…A three-way battle since ancient times.
Since other dimensional spaces exist as well, it’s a complicated strife between four or five different kins?
It’s an absurdly grand story.

“…I see. So what if I was an underling of these gods?” (Shuuya)

“…Are you?” (Steertop)

“I’m no underling, but I have to do with them in various ways.” (Shuuya)

At that moment the tiger’s attitude changed.
His tails swell up and his eyes’ color borders to red.
His looks changed into a fiendish appearance befitting an evil god.

“What did you say? You’re no underling!? Why was someone like you able to access this place? You bastard…from what dimensional space are you?” (Steertop)

“If it’s the gods of the spirit world Sebdola and the divine domain Seuros, I talked to them.” (Shuuya)

“Whaaat…conversations with opposing gods? Just what the hell are you!? You not lying, are you? There are also stupid braggarts among the humans and dark elves, you know?” (Steertop)

The evil god seemed agitated even while being surprised.
He talked while opening his muzzle, showing his uneven fangs.
His ten tails move around restlessly, unfolding and closing in alternation.
Rather than that, I guess I will ask about the Ten Heavenly Evil Figure.
I activate my item box――
And take out the figure.
No matter how often I see it, it’s a gross figure.

“―Hey, show that thing to me properly!” (Steertop)

The evil god makes a complete change.
He brings his tiger face close to the spider membrane, giving me a close-up of his face.
I showed the figure to him.

“…No way, for mows to come to earnest…you, won’t you become my underling?” (Steertop)

“Underling? That’s sudden. Going by the name of this, you and the figure are related, aren’t you?” (Shuuya)

The huge tiger gathers his tails and quickly straightens himself.

“What a conceited attitude. But, you’re right, it’s related to me. Possessing the Ten Heavenly Evil Figure means that you have the aptitude to become my underling. Is that the reason why you were able to access this place? Are you really a human?” (Steertop)

It’s a cursed item that naturally ends up in the hands of someone with the aptitude?

“…I’m human. And, I really don’t want to be an underling.” (Shuuya)

I lie about my race.

“Kuu…for the guy, whom I finally found after thousands of years passed, to be such a rebellious fellow…” (Steertop)

Gloom lingers on the face of Steertop as he grumbles.

“I don’t know anything about that. As for me, I will follow my own path, no matter whether it might be evil gods, gods, or gods of the spirit world. Even if I have to fight all of them.” (Shuuya)

Putting strength in my eyes, I said while glaring at the evil god as if I’m going to shoot him to death.

“…You, how nice. You said you have connections to gods, but you’re not dyed by any of them? I never heard about the likes of a human opposing the will of gods, but…” (Steertop)

It seems like he can’t use demon eyes such as looking at my magic source or detection skills from the other side.
Going by his way of talking…
It looks like he might have judged from just my human-like appearance.
I can assume that he hasn’t realized that I’m a Light Demon Lucival.

“…I am me. That’s why I won’t become anyone’s underling.” (Shuuya)

“G-Got it. Then, how about cooperating with me instead of being my underling?” (Steertop)

Oh, he suddenly became timid.
It appears that this evil figure is an important item to this guy.

“Cooperation, eh? In that case, can I have you teach me a little bit more about that labyrinth?” (Shuuya)

“Sure, sure, what do you want to know?” (Steertop)

“Then, why was this Millennium Plant inside a treasure chest?” (Shuuya)

The tiger moves his muzzle while turning his ten tails around.

“…A part of my powers that leaked out has permeated the labyrinth, coming into existence within the treasure boxes and sprouting in the labyrinth. This doesn’t apply to only me either. The influence of the gods living in the evil god domain is spreading, too. Since far distant times the Millennium Plants naturally go to people, who have power and the proper aptitude like humans, dwarves, elves, dark elves, high elves, ancient dwarves, half dwarves and others.” (Steertop)

The tiger explains fluently.

“That’s because they carry special fruits. Those fruits increase one’s mana and quicken the recovery. They also become raw materials for potions. For humans the effect is weak, but the fruits still have a rejuvenating effect. Of course it doesn’t come close to a professional rejuvenation medicine, but due to these items, these Millennium Plants are scattered into far reaches of the surface world.” (Steertop)

I guess that’s the reason why the dark elves living in the underground got their hands on them, too.

“Do you also possess authority over plants?” (Shuuya)

“Hah, you might call it authority over trees. It’s not the power of Gaia or Sadeyula of the divine domain or the King Tree of Wisdom Storage, Kyulha, of the spirit world. It’s mine very own power, that of Evil God Steertop-sama.”

I also talked with with Gaia and Sadeyula…but let’s keep quiet about that.

“You can give birth to such a plant with the authority over trees?” (Shuuya)

“That’s how it works. If you cooperate with me, I can grant you the power to manipulate trees and plants.” (Steertop)

What was that!? I want!

“What does this cooperation imply?” (Shuuya)

“Oh, a very human-like reaction. First I’d like you to defeat the kin of the evil god Hyuriox. The evil beast Segilogun, which violates my sanctuary inside the labyrinth, Pax Raghredoah, a human like you, and there are kin of other evil gods besides Hyuriox, but…if you get rid of these two eyesores first, I will grant you my abilities.” (Steertop)

For real? I feel like I’m being led around by the nose here.

“Why does an evil god attack another evil god?” (Shuuya)

“It’s plain and simple because we are enemies. Whether it might be the 【Evil God Domain Hellrhone】, the 【Spirit World Sebdola】 or the divine domain Seuros; all of them are my enemies for the same reason as yours.” (Steertop)

The name of the evil god domain is Hellrhone? Doesn’t it resemble Pelneet somewhat? 2

“I see. If the labyrinth is the evil god domain, are the monsters spawning in there created by you guys as well?” (Shuuya)

“Yes and no. I told you before, but this huge world is connected to an infinite number of worlds. There are various factors for the monsters to spawn.” (Steertop)

That’s a vague way to phrase it.

“So, the human living in this city…Pax Raghredoah is an adventurer like me?” (Shuuya)

“Correct.” (Steertop)

“He was brainwashed?” (Shuuya)

“…I think he has exceeded the stage of brainwashing for a long time now since he has been promoted to a kin’s apostle. He has probably evolved into a different kind after the bug fused with the brain. He’s using a part of Hyuriox’ powers for his own desires. I’m sure he’s secretly increasing the number of his own kin…” (Steertop)

If it comes to a new species after a fusion, I suppose the singing voice of Shana won’t help either.

“You’re saying he’s increasing his subordinates by having bugs infest people?” (Shuuya)

“Indeed. Innocent people and those, who don’t know anything, are likely infected before they realize anything.” (Steertop)

No kidding?

“Such a fellow is working as adventurer? He hasn’t penetrated the country’s center of power already, has he?” (Shuuya)

“…It might be possible if he’s publicly active, but the probability is low. My kin have caught sight of him inside the labyrinth while taking along a great number of adventurers. Besides, the labyrinth is the most ideal place for brainwashing. It’s easy to attack them and it’s also easy to contact Hyuriox.” (Steertop)

A great number…a major clan, huh?
A group that became possessed by bugs.
Since I own the Kaleidoscope, I will be able to find them out, I think.

“…But, will the power to manipulate trees really dwell within me after I killed that guy? I don’t have the attribute for it.” (Shuuya)

“That also includes the evil beast, okay? Attribute doesn’t matter in this regard. You will inherit my power. If it’s the heterogeneous you, if fits perfectly, doesn’t it? If it’s seen by Gaia and Sadeyula, they might go into a fit of anger though, okay?” (Steertop)

Steertop reveals a nasty grin, showing his fangs, as one would expect of an evil god.
Since Gaia and Sadeyula are indebted to me, I’d like to believe that they won’t get angry, but I’m not sure on this.
Now then, I guess I will have this evil god properly explain what kind of benefit I will get from defeating his nuisances as he says.

“…Assuming I kill all of them and obtain your abilities, what kind of benefit would I have from cooperating with you afterwards?” (Shuuya)

“One of the conditions I mentioned to you is related to defeating the the evil beast. There’s a historic ruin in a part of the fifth floor which is a sanctuary for us evil gods, but the evil beast, which had been released by Hyuriox, has settled down there. It’s defiling my Evil Statue…if you defeat that annoying beast, the sanctuary will be liberated. I can grant you my abilities at that place.” (Steertop)

The fifth floor…I guess it’s the place that looks like a temple which we passed the other day.

“…What about the liberation?” (Shuuya)

“If you insert the Ten Heavenly Evil Figure into the keyhole located at the feet of my Evil Statue, a special room will become unlocked. There is a secret, direct route inside the sanctuary’s room. And, each time you manage to open a sealed, underground door using the special Ten Heavenly Evil Figures as keys, which can be put to use by the chosen ones, a part of my power will circulate into the labyrinth. It will strengthen my authority in the evil god domain.” (Steertop)

“Hoh? What’s that secret, direct route?” (Shuuya)

“It’s a room that has a special crystal directly connected deep into the labyrinth. Even though it has been never used, it will probably allow you to leap to rooms that have special crystals on the tenth, twentieth, thirtieth, fortieth and fiftieth floor.” (Steertop)

So I can easily dive deep into the labyrinth if I use that special crystal?

“If you’re an adventurer, it should have some merit to you. After all you will be able to directly head into an unknown world, into depths where unknown magic items await you.” (Steertop)

…He’s stimulating my greed and curiosity to the tee.
An unknown world and unknown magic items trigger my interest exceedingly.
I don’t give a damn about the fame of having dived deep into the labyrinth, but I am interested in magic items.
It looks like it will yield a monetary profit, too.

“Certainly…where are you going to grant me your powers if I clear those conditions?” (Shuuya)

“Inside the labyrinth. I will grant them to you in the ruin on the fifth floor, the place where my statue is being defiled.” (Steertop)

“Roger. I can’t give you definite promise, though.” (Shuuya)

“…Are you making fun of me? If you’re going to come on the fifth floor inside the labyrinth, come by yourself.” (Steertop)

“That’s impossible.” (Shuuya)

“W-What did you say…?” (Steertop)

“I have friends with me. In that case, let’s treat it as if this conversation never took place.” (Shuuya)

“W-Wait. Don’t be hasty. Understood. I will permit a few companions…” (Steertop)

The huge tiger dents its ears and shows an adorable expression on his face.
It’s suspicious, but if I’m betrayed by this guy, I just have to beat him up.

“…A few, eh? I’m not be able to promise you that.” (Shuuya)

“Humph, whatever, I will wait for―” (Steertop)

At that moment the circular membrane made out of small spider threads withers and shrinks.
The spider threads return into coiling around the potted plant below.

“The end, baby.”

The plant started to talk again.

“Your Excellency, are you going to join hands with the evil god?” (Helme)

Helme ignores the plant.
She asks while donning a worried expression.
I also ignore the plant and look at Helme.

“Yes. I think it’s fine to cooperate if it’s that tiger. Well, if he goes against me, I will crush him though. But, leaving that aside, the matter with the bugs is troublesome. If he’s increasing his colleagues on this surface world, it’s very possible that he will become a threat to other adventurers, no, my friends next. Besides, I cannot stomach other beautiful adventurers being brainwashed.” (Shuuya)

“I can’t really agree with your last words, but several of those ugly bugs that infested the slaves head before as parasite…? Moreover, if only you, Your Excellency, can distinguish them, it appears to be a little bit difficult.” (Helme)

Helme talks while all the bluish-black and blue skin on her body stands on end.
It appears that she can skillfully move the leaves’ ends, too.
Though she might simply moving those leaves unconsciously as spirit.

“…It’s not like we have to kill all those possessed by bugs. We just have to assassinate the famous adventurer called Pax Raghredoah.” (Shuuya)

“I see. If I remember correctly, the promise with the evil god included only that human and the beast.” (Helme)

“Right. For the guys of 【Remains of the Moon】 it will probably easy to gather information about someone that leads a major clan, or a party and adventurers that have taken a great number of people into the labyrinth.” (Shuuya)

“…Nothing less of you, Your Excellency. You have accounted for everything.” (Helme)

“It’s just by chance. Don’t flatter me.” (Shuuya)

“Yes!” (Helme)

It’s already morning. The clouds have cleared up and it’s bright.
Ah, there are two rainbows.
While imitating a semicircular shape between the two big trees, the rainbows completely wrap up the mansion.
I guess it’s owed to Helme watering them.

“Double rainbows.”

“Yes, it’s beautiful.” (Helme)

Helme says while looking at the rainbows.
It looked as if the gradation of her bluish-black and blue leaves went up by one level.

“Yeah, it’s beautiful. Helme, you’re also beautiful.” (Shuuya)

“Your Excellency…” (Helme)

Helme smiles in satisfaction upon the words that escaped my lips naturally.
She snuggled up to my body.
I put an arm around her back and we appreciate the rainbows together.
Just like that it naturally led to a passionate kiss.



Now then, the relaxed time for unwinding ends here.
I will slowly return to the first floor.


Oh, Rollo woke up.

“Yo! Good morning.” (Shuuya)

Once Rollo spreads her mouth and yawns, she extends a tentacle towards me from her nape.
『Play』『Hungry』『Flying in the sky』『Hungry』

“So you want to play, still your hunger and fly in the sky, eh? Let’s start with a meal then. The maids probably haven’t woken up yet since it’s early in the morning. I suppose we will eat something suitable?” (Shuuya)


Once Rollo meows like a spoiled child, she brings her head close and rubs it against my leg as I’m sitting on the chair.
While smiling at the cute behavior of hers, I take out meat and vegetables from my item box, and place them down on the floor.
Rollo wolfs down the provided food with verve.
She’s eating and eating. It makes me want to caress her head, but let’s hold back on that.
I guess I will head to the store of 【Remains of the Moon】 next. I have to catch Mel or Benett around there.
It would be sure convenient if there was a communication device magic item like a cell phone, something like the Millennium Plant that allowed me to communicate with the evil god, but I guess that impossible.
Well, seeing as it hasn’t appeared on the market, I can’t expect anything in this direction.
I feel sorry for the maids, but I suppose I will have a soup for breakfast, too.
Once Rollo finishes eating, we will depart as soon as Viine gets up.



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Translation Notes:

  1. I don’t get how the author reached this number.
  2. Hellrhone is ヘルローネ (Herurone) where as Pelneet is ペルネーテ (Perunete). Both have similar-sounding beginnings (Heru and Peru) signified by only the small difference between ヘル and ペル, followed by a long vocal ロー and ネー.

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