Chapter 164 – 【Remains of the Moon】 Leader Meeting

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We arrive at the storefront of 【Remains of the Moon】.
The ones fighting nearby are the women called Massacre Sisters and the Maji user Zeeta.

“Kyaaaaa! Don’t make those Maji jump me!”

“W-What’s with this! No! Noooo! Scaryyy! Lalaaa, save meee.”

“Hihihihihi, it’s great that you hate Maji. I won’t let you touch my comrades any longer!” (Zeeta)

Those two women seem to be bad with Maji.
The scaley-faced Zeeta releases a burst of a strange laughter while manipulating a big army of Maji with both arms.
Uh, even I might be bad with those.

“Zeeta, well done! I’ll take over from here!” (Benett)

“Benett-san, your injuries are healed, it seems. I’m not good at standing at the front line, so I’ll just back you up!” (Zeeta)

Benett holds a pair of daggers in both hands while handling them nimbly and dashes forward by kicking the ground with Magic Combat Step.
While quickly closing the distance to a woman with a red hat, who’s running away from the Maji, she stabs at her.

“―Eh? Again!?”

“Even though I crushed your bow before and cut you with a technique taught by Papa!”

One of the Massacre Sisters skillfully manipulates her longsword as if drawing a circle with its tip, splendidly parries Benett’s dagger while keeping the circular trajectory of the sword, and then makes some distance.
The Massacre Sisters look at each other, nod, and escape towards Mad Knight’s vicinity.

“Oh my, fresh reinforcements…”

“It seems so.”

Mad knight, who’s fighting against the leopardman Kazun inside the store, and a black-haired human male holding two swords look our way, seemingly having noticed us, even while engaged in combat.
At the same time, Paulsen is lying on the ground behind Kazun, and Angie has a pained expression as she crouches next to him.
Lastly, Mel climbs over the barrel wall.

“Kazun, drink this for now.” (Mel)

With those words, she hands a potion to Kazun, who is covered in wounds all over.

“Guild Master, thank you. Not just Mad Knight. That human is fairly skilled as well.” (Kazun)

The clothes worn by Kazun are bloodstained and tattered, a testament to the fierce struggle he endured.
His leopardman-like, light brown furred skin is exposed, but…
As he’s covered with cuts, it’s pretty obvious that he’s been exhausting his stamina.

“It’s fine.” (Mel)

“Guh, allies, eh…?”

Mel notices Paulsen behind Kazun.

“Guild Master, Papa… Papa was done in by that Mad Knight!” (Angie)

Paulsen’s bloodkin Angie shakes her blue hair and appeals to Mel with a crying expression.

“You guys, I’m very sorry. Your compatibility to face Mad Knight as an opponent was quite bad… but, now it’s alright. I brought Shuuya-sama with me.” (Mel)

“Shuuya-san!?” (Paulsen)

Paulsen abruptly shouts. Getting up, he looks in my direction.
A cross-shaped burn scar is visible on his chest, and his skin is festering…
For the time being, I raise an arm and greet him casually while pitying the state of his wounds.

“…The fresh reinforcements are that demon…? Ahahaha, that fits nicely! You’re my target as well. I wanted to kill the Shinigami of Fresh Blood, and the Bearded Vampire, but… let’s get rid of you first.” (Mad Knight)

“Demon, you say? Is he a villain?”

The mysterious, dual-wielding man looks at me while asking that.

“That guy’s a bad person that might hurt our Mamas…?”

“Lala, he’s a bad man even though his face is as flat as Robald’s?”

The Massacre Sisters say things like that while looking at me.
That Mad Knight blurts out whatever he likes, though. Since it looks like it has caused some misunderstandings, I will explain properly.

“Hey, wait a minute! Don’t just make me a demon on your own accord. For such a wholesome young man like me to be something like a demon…it seems as if you have some screws loose, Mad Knight-san, or whatever you’re called.” (Shuuya)

The dusk-based skills are bona fide demonic, though.

“Yes. It’s probably you with that weird getup who’s the demon here.” (Viine)

Viine says while straddling Rollodeen, who is close in size to a horse and readies her snake bow.
She’s waiting in an offensive stance, ready to shoot an enemy to death at any time.
Even Rollo spreads her mouth with its conspicuous fangs widely, growling menacingly.


She releases such an odd yell.

“…Good gracious!? My comrades are…” (Mad Knight)

At that point, Mad Knight realizes that his church dropout friends are not present anymore.

“Ah, you’re right. The people we hired with money aren’t here either.” (Lulu)

“It’s true, Lulu. What are we going to do…?” (Lala)

“The guys I hired are gone as well.”

The Mad Knight, the Massacre Sisters, and the mysterious man check their surroundings in surprise.

“That’s how it is. The vicinity is already surrounded by the soldiers of 【Remains of the Moon】. That means you guys are trapped rats, waiting to be roasted.” (Shuuya)

I advance while telling them that, as if casually stating their demise.
I close the combat distance while putting pressure on the other party with my overwhelming aura.

“Viine, Rollo, stay out of it.” (Shuuya)

“Eh? Okay.” (Viine)


I instruct Rollo and Viine, who are a step behind, in advance.

“Hah! What about it, demon!?” (Mad Knight)

Mad Knight holds his blood-stained longsword above his head and loudly shouts.
Next, he makes the sword that’s clad in mana split in two.

“Category A Class, High-ranking Demon! Let me personally guide you to the land of light!” (Mad Knight)

Mad Knight holds the two longswords in his hands in a cross-shaped position.
The other day, he had mentioned the same set phrase. Doesn’t he have anything new? Creativity, where are you?
The surroundings become still as death, like the calm before the storm.
As if breaking that silence, Mad Knight…

“Perish, perish, perish, perish, perish, peeeeeeeeriiiiiiishh――” (Mad Knight)

He rushes at me while raising a strange battle cry.
I meet him as I hold my Magic Halberd in a seigan stance.
I wondered whether Mad Knight would slash at me with his two special swords, but on the way, he changed his stance into crossing his arms, a posture of creating a cross with the swords.
What’s this about? Is he going to say some weird catchphrase again?

“Demon, you shall be purified by the saint’s radiance as a minion of darkness. Have a taste of Fortona’s light swords’ terrifying cross lightFearcross!” (Mad Knight)

He shouts at the top of his lungs.
Cross-shaped light rays are released from his swords, traveling through space.
As if it’s a divine light―
The instant I thought so, a cross dazzlingly shines, as if bringing about light to the world for the first time.
The cross’s light hits me directly with a speed that doesn’t allow me to dodge at all.
My face, my violet armor, and my overcloak are bathed in the light.
However, it only brings about a warm sensation. That’s all I can feel from it.
It seems to have no effect on me whatsoever.

“Wai-, ahh! Hyaaa?” (Mad Knight)

Mad Knight saw my completely unperturbed appearance and was struck dumb.
Raising weird, hysterical screams, his expression completely changes into that of an idiot.
He’s full of openings at the moment. And of course, I wouldn’t miss such a chance.
I kick the ground with Magic Combat Step and instantly shorten the distance in a straight line, as if I had become a blade myself.
Immediately after, once I enter the range of my spear; I will next crush the ground with my left foot―
After breaking with such an image, I twist my waist, place my power into the halberd, and thrust it out as if my spear and right hand have become one.
I make the <Thrust> of the red spear head straight for Mad Knight’s chest.
Mad Knight hurriedly tries to create a cross-block with his swords, but it’s too late.
The <Thrust> of the spiraling spear seems to tear even space apart as it heads for its target.
Repelling the special swords by apparently bending them, it pierces through Mad Knight’s chest armor.
While the red ax blade gouges out the surrounding breast flesh, the blood-smeared spear reaches his back.

“Gaa―” (Mad Knight)

While looking at the Magic Halberd penetrating his own chest, Mad Knight,

“W-Whyyy?” (Mad Knight)

mutters, with his body trembling and face revealing an expression full of despair.
He extends his hand towards the sky as if trying to grasp the night sky, but the quivering arm stops midway and falls down powerlessly.
Mad Knight’s pupils dilate and contract for one last time. He falls prostrate, leaning his body on the magic spear that pierced him.
He’s dead, huh?
I pull out the Magic Halberd while kicking Mad Knight’s corpse away.
I make mana flow through the Magic Halberd, mow the halberd through the sky in a circle in order to shake off the gore, and then erase it.
His two swords, which produced the light cross, are lying on the ground while completely bent.

“Those are the swords that hurt Verocchi!” (Benett)

“Benett, I will collect those swords as usual.” (Mel)

“Ah, yeah.” (Benett)

Mel picks up the swords.
I don’t think they will be of any use seeing how warped they are, but… as usual?
Well, whatever.

“…Mad Knight… died… Lulu, what should we do?” (Lala)

“Lala… our Papas said: if you run into someone strong, surrender at once.” (Lulu)

“Seeing as the guys that I hired vanished, I will surrender, too.”

The last remaining enemies, the Massacre Sisters and the mysterious man, throw away their weapons.

“What you talkin’ bout!? You fuckin’ broke my bow, you bitches―” (Benett)

Benett hits and sends the sisters, the women who call each other Lulu and Lala, flying with two kicks.



The Massacre Sisters, who were sent flying, glare at Benett while lying on the ground.

“Benett, stop it now. Killing opponents that have no will to fight is pointless.” (Mel)

Mel says while restraining Benett.

“But, my… favorite bow…” (Benett)

“I will buy you a new one.” (Mel)

“Eh, really? You promise?” (Benett)

“Yeah.” (Mel)

Benett’s mood brightened up in no time.
She relaxes her tense body and separates from Mel after being promised a new toy.
Mel turns her face in the direction of the two women, who are still sprawled on the ground.

“I think you guys have made up your mind, right?” (Mel)

“…Yeah. We lost.” (Lulu)

“Lulu… I’m scared.” (Lala)

“Lala, be firm. Remember the words of our Papas.” (Lulu)

“…Oki.” (Lala)

The Massacre Sisters smile at each other with gloomy expressions, and then, they cast their eyes down.

“What will happen to me?”

The brusque man surrendered as well, didn’t he?

“Of course, we will have you tell us everything.” (Mel)

“I-I see.”

Seemingly getting cold feet due to Mel’s words that were oozing with deep meaningfulness, the man trembled a bit.
Now then, let’s remind Mel while the iron is hot.
If she keeps her promise, all will be fine, but if not…

“Mel, can I hear your reply now?” (Shuuya)

Mel nods and swiftly closes the distance to me with Magic Combat Step.
Seeing her abrupt advance, Viine reacts in an instant and tries to draw the snake sword at her waist, but I shake my head, conveying “No need” to her.
Mel genuflects on the ground at my feet and bows her head.

“―After tonight, 【Remains of the Moon】 will dissolve. I shall pledge my allegiance to you, Shuuya Kagari-sama.” (Mel)




“W-What’s going on?”

“What was that!?”

Everyone present here carefully observed Mel and me, shock and wonderment written on their faces.
That damn Mel, don’t speak about dissolving and such in front of everyone… this was definitely on purpose.
Even though I had the wild delusion of being something like a shadow leader acting from behind the scenes.
She lifts her face and dons a broadly grinning, wicked expression, like a sly old fox.
Kuu~, that hateful smile.
I was outwitted. Damn it! I guess it’s her final harassment that’s dripping with sarcasm.
But, she’s an interesting and clever woman.
Pulling the strings of such a fellow will be fun as well and will lighten my mood.
As I’m scanning Mel’s body while being amused, Viine stares at me with an uneasy expression.
Viine… you’re cute.
It’ll be alright even without you pulling such a face.

“Albeit we won after such a great effort, Mel, you suddenly bow your head and swear loyalty? Are you discarding us? What’s this all about!?” (Benett)

Benett shouts angrily.
Seeing the actions of Mel, who is the guild master of 【Remains of the Moon】, Benett was taken aback, but she frantically appealed to Mel while donning a complicated expression, showing emotions such as anger and sadness all jumbled together.
Due to the sudden turn of events, the soldiers of 【Remains of the Moon】 slowly gather as well.

“…Benett, if you’re a leader, don’t speak in such a slovenly tone! Right here and now, we will form the 【New Remains of the Moon】. The guild master will be Shuuya-sama, and I’ll be the vice guild master. Did all of you get that?” (Mel)

Mel makes a speech to the soldiers of 【Remains of the Moon】.


“Understood! Hooray for the New Remains of the Moon!”

“Guild master! Vice guild master!”

“Guild master!”

“Ooooh, New Remains of the Moon, banzai!”

“Hurray to the new guild master, Shuuya-sama! Hurray to vice guild master Mel!”

The young soldiers in the vicinity all over shout the names of Mel and the new guild master.
That damn Mel, I will work you to the bone as the public leader!

“Mel, we talked about something slightly different…” (Shuuya)

“Oh my? Guild master, what are you saying? I obediently approved of your authority as guild master and just moved into action.” (Mel)

That Mel, she has now completely turned into a subordinate who’s willing to go to great lengths to carry out my orders.
Now that it has come to this, I guess I will try to go along with being put on the pedestal called 【Remains of the Moon】.
I will squeeze them dry, hehe.

“Well then, it’s abrupt, but I will have you take care of the lives of the sisters and the man over there. Moreover, urgently send a reasonable number of men to my adventurer friends, attaching them as their bodyguards.” (Shuuya)

“Yes, as you wish. Benett, you heard him, didn’t you? Gather those that can be used at once and dispatch them to Guild Master’s adventurer friends.” (Mel)

“Wha-, eh?” (Benett)

Seemingly unable to follow the sudden development, Benett looks confused, her thoughts a jumble.

“Benett, get a grip. I wonder, should I forget about the matter with the bow?” (Mel)

“Aaaah, jeez, I got it already. Leave it to me! I-It’s not like I actually agree to the matter with the guild master, though, okay? Humph―” (Benett)

Benett says and disappears, running twice as fast.
Or rather, did they already investigate my party members’ whereabouts a while ago?
Well, they are a dark guild. I guess it’s only natural.
However, not quite comprehending what this dark guild is doing in the first place, I wonder whether it’s fine with me being their guild master?
Let’s ask Mel properly later on.



Half a day later, all the leaders of 【Remains of the Moon】 assembled inside the shop 【Twin Moon】, the base of 【Remains of the Moon】 in the Flavor Street.
The facade and interior of the Twin Moon restaurant are decorated with pictures of large birds, crocodiles, bears, hippopotamuses, and huge boars. Price lists are hanging on the walls here and there.
This place’s main dish, roasted meat of a large bird that spawns in Pelneet’s Prairie, is delicious.

“Guild Master, are you listening?” (Mel)

“Ah, sorry. What is it?” (Shuuya)

“…As I said, the women over there, who are also the bosses of 【Supreme Dance of Crimson】, surrendered to us. That also means their turf became ours. I’m asking, who are you going to place as the person in charge of that area?” (Mel)

I shift my eyes to Viine, who is sitting next to me, looking for help.

“Previously, you said that the Pleasure Quarter and the Market District are the turf of 【Supreme Dance of Crimson】, but what will be the main task of the ones in charge of those areas?” (Viine)

As expected of Viine, she asks precise questions, going for the heart of the matter.

“A portion of the monthly sales of each shop is given as protection money to maintain security. Collecting that money, fighting against soldiers of other dark guilds, eliminating dealers of magic drugs with high purity, controlling the illegal slave trade, brokerage for companies, contacting the Guild Master in case of contact by major companies, and checking transactions. I guess that’s about it?” (Mel)

That sounds like a hassle.

“…What’s the Guild Master’s task, then?” (Shuuya)

“Preparing the wages for our comrades, dealing with the personnel for shadow requests coming from major and other companies, requests to the adventurer guild, negotiating with the country’s officials, carefully examining the intelligence provided by the people in charge of each area, and lastly, it also contains matters related to wars against other dark guilds.” (Mel)

It seems to be a busy job with lots of responsibilities.
But, right now, I’m an adventurer. There are things I have to do.
Selling the magic items to the prince; giving souvenirs to Bon, Zaga, and Rubia; and decoding the Magic Treasure Map. I also want to raise my adventurer rank. Next time, I have to ask about the B rank promotion test. Besides, there are adventures awaiting me on the other sides of the yet unknown mirrors.
I want to take a dip in the ocean, too.
Even as I indulge in such imaginations, I stare at everyone while cladding myself with mana and donning a stern expression befitting my status.
At anything, the first impression is important.

“…Understood. Everyone, listen to me carefully! It’s the first order of the reborn 【Remains of the Moon】!” (Shuuya)


Probably because of the peculiar pressure and my mana, a tingling air of tension filled the space around us.

『Your Excellency, how superb…』 (Helme)

A small Helme appears at the right edge of my visual field, but I ignore her.
Everyone’s expressions are stiff, and their nerves are taut.
Only Viine looks at me, as if expecting something.
I’m sorry, Viine… while apologizing in my mind like this,

“…Leaving everything to our vice guild master over here is my first order!” (Shuuya)

everyone looked stumped as if they had fallen over like in those new comedy shows.

“Guild Master…”

“Shuu-, Guild Master! What’s with that all of a sudden? That’s why I said Mel would be better.” (Benett)

Even if you tell me something like that… there’s no way that an adventurer like me can perfectly act as a guild master after being told to do so, right? It’s just too out of the blue.

“Benett! Be careful with your words. It’s the Guild Master’s order. Guild Master, I understand. I will be responsible for all the minor matters. However, since I’m going to report to you, please make sure to open up some time for me, okay?” (Mel)

What a cunning woman. I’m sure she’s predicted all of it.
Well, whatever. It will be gradual, but I will dye this guild in my own color.

“I understand. So, about the people in charge of the new areas, are there any particular talents that you have in mind?” (Shuuya)

“Honestly speaking, no, there aren’t. All the leaders here are busy with work, so… if it takes the shape of doing two or more tasks at the same time…” (Mel)

Mel looks at Benett and Zeeta, then lets her eyes wander across Paulsen and Angie.

“It’s impossible for me. I’m at my limit with the Flavor Street and Lodging Moon of the Labyrinth. It’s not like we completely crushed 【Gloves of Darkness】 either. Besides, I’m also busy with countermeasures against other dark guilds and thief guilds.” (Benett)

Benett seems to be swamped.
Next, Zeeta speaks up.

“I make the potions used by everyone and work in the management of the 【Moon’s Refined Gold Company】, one of the front companies of 【Remains of the Moon】. Above all, I have the important job of improving the Horned Bone Puppets together with Veronika-san.” (Zeeta)

Mel nods.

“…Kazun is the head chef.” (Mel)

“For Angie and me, it’s impossible since we’re in charge of protecting this place here.” (Paulsen)

“If Papa says it’s impossible, then it is.” (Angie)

Come to think of it, that Angie always had a cheeky, rude tone, but strangely, she didn’t utter a single complaint when I became the guild master.
Well, I guess it’s more correct to say that she hasn’t said a single thing during the whole time, though.
And naturally, all eyes gathered on me, the guild master.
I think, if it’s capable personnel, they’re already present.
I don’t know whether the leaders will really approve of it, but…
I summon my courage.

“…Aren’t just the right people here?” (Shuuya)


“The two women and the man who are kneeling on the ground over there, with their limbs bound and their mouths blocked.” (Shuuya)

I induce everyone with a harsh look and grim words.



The two Massacre Sisters leading 【Supreme Dance of Crimson】 are surprised by my suggestion. They try to forcibly talk through the cloth, but since their mouths are blocked, I can’t understand them.
The man only looks at me silently.

“Won’t the man be useful as well, if you hire him? Just leave the new turf to these three.” (Shuuya)

“Gimme a break! We just fought against them as enemies. I’m against it.” (Benett)


Mel listens to Benett’s opinion, and then places a finger on her slender chin, obviously pondering about something.

“I agree with the Guild Master’s opinion.” (Kazun)

For a change, Kazun’s rough voice resounds on the table.
The air in the meeting room instantly became tense.

“Wai-!” (Benett)

Benett, apparently being even more square-jawed than him, is shocked and looks at Kazun.

“What’s wrong, Benett? Do you hate it so much that you can’t even understand me? Honestly, I’m pleased with this new guild master. The spear technique to stab that Mad Knight with one thrust was magnificent. Moreover, according to what I heard, he apparently came running to expressly save us, didn’t he? This debt of gratitude is something we can’t possibly cover.

Furthermore, that darkness ability which massacred several dozen enemies in an instant. Even you watched it from nearby, right? These might be the feelings of an old beastman, but I admire pure strength and combat prowess above all. It’s the word of the man that stirs the feeling in me of wanting to challenge him with all my power as a mutant one day. I will follow him obediently…” (Kazun)

He’s a cool beastman with a great voice and persuasiveness.

“Uh, I certainly saw it! But, I couldn’t glean anything as it was too amazing for me, or rather, this and that are two different matters, aren’t they?” (Benett)

I have no idea what Benett is trying to say.
Well, let’s ignore her. I guess someone like Kazun, no, Kazun-san is better.
Isn’t it really wonderful to be praised so genuinely?

“Oh well, in that case…” (Mel)

Mel says, stands up from her chair, swiftly approaches the bound Massacre Sisters, smoothly raises her long leg above their heads, and cuts the cloth rope that tied them with an ax kick.
She cuts even the cloth gags with her superb kicking technique without causing any gashes. What precise control!

“Nothing less of The Flash.” (Paulsen)

Paulsen, who curls his mustache, muttered something like her nickname after seeing Mel’s foot technique, praising her in the process.
Certainly, it’s an exceptional technique.
Mel seems to excel at footwork.
Besides, are those black wings growing around her ankles?
I guess that’s the reason why there were holes in her boots. At this moment, a shadowy aura sprouted from her ankles, wriggling like something similar to black wings.
And then, the black wings shrank and vanished, as if they hadn’t appeared at all.
A unique technique, huh? I guess Mel is no human, or maybe no ordinary human.

“T-Thank you. I pledge my allegiance to leader-san.” (Lulu)

“Lulu, are we safe? We were rescued by that cool leader?” (Lala)

“Listen up, bow your head to that man.” (Mel)

“Yeah, please treat me well.”

Even while the freed Massacre Sisters look around restlessly, they bow their heads towards me.

“…Please take care of me.”

The man bows as well.

“What’s your name?” (Shuuya)

“Robald Andou.”

Andou? His hair is black; he’s an ikeman; and his face is slightly flat.
Is he possibly the descendant of a reincarnated Japanese?
I also stand up from my chair and approach the Massacre Sisters and the man called Robald.

“…You guys will work for me if I pay you money, right?” (Shuuya)

“Of course. We are in a position where we can’t complain even if you take our lives. And there’s also the part that we were spared by you, Guild Master.” (Robald)

Robald’s eyes are fully focused on me, conveying his eagerness and sincerity.
Hmm, he’s a flat-face type… I feel affiliated with him.
Since I don’t sense any excessive restraint of emotions in his words, there seems to be no lie.

“…Please pay the money to everyone working in the Pleasure Quarter rather than to us.” (Lulu)

The woman called Lulu appeals with an expression that looks as if she’s about to cry.

“Who’s meant with that?” (Shuuya)

“The prostitutes.”

“Our gentle Mamas.”

I suppose that’s the reason why the Massacre Sisters fight so hard.
It looks like a slightly heavy story, but let’s ask them.

“Did you two move for the sake of the prostitutes?” (Shuuya)

“Yes, for the sake of all of us surviving.” (Lulu)

“Yeah, in order to be together with Lulu.” (Lala)

“Give me a simple explanation why you had to fight.” (Shuuya)

“Lala and I are abandoned children born by an unknown prostitute. But, we were picked up by Mama and the others and raised by them.” (Lulu)

“Yeah, by Rachel, Murin, Sachi, Puri, Momo, Marilyn, Toko, and Mimi.” (Lala)

I guess the names mentioned by Lala are the prostitutes that replaced their true mother.

“Different from those Mamas, there were many, many Papas. They taught Lala and me various martial arts.” (Lulu)

“Yes, Flying Sword Style, Peerless Sword Style, King Sword Style, and many, many others.” (Lala)

I see, the prostitutes’ clients, eh?
I suppose there might have been quite a few martial arts masters among them, too.

“But, the whole Pleasure Quarter, including our Mamas’ brothel, became harsh due to the contracts by the folks from 【Owl’s Fangs】, and they had to pay lots of money. Our Mamas worked very hard, but it wasn’t enough… For just being late in handing over the fee once, Mama Rachel and Mama Murin were killed to make an example…” (Lulu)

“Yeah, those two Mamas were killed by 【Owl’s Fangs】.” (Lala)

“Uh huh, the guys that killed them were called Calbayn and Monika. They apparently were leader candidates under the direct control of the guild master…” (Lulu)

Aren’t those the guys I killed?

“We couldn’t forgive them. That’s why we drove away the Pleasure Quarter’s dark guilds in order to get our revenge against Owl’s Fangs.” (Lulu)

“Yup, we slaughtered the enemies with the techniques we were taught by our Papas.”

Those are eyes full of hatred and loathing.

“But, why did you advance on the Market District and picked a fight with Remains of the Moon?” (Shuuya)

“That’s because an acquaintance of our Mamas said that they want to own a shop. Later, Mad Knight came and said that he will exterminate the bad people. He asked us to fight together with him to cleanse this world. Paradise will be awaiting us was written in a strange book. We agreed since he said that our Mamas will become happy if we exterminate the bad people together with him.” (Lulu)

“Yeah, I don’t really understand what Lulu is saying, but if it helps our Mamas’ lives to become more comfortable, we will do our best.” (Lala)

I got it. Or rather, just how old are these girls…?
It’s said that you don’t ask a woman her age, but it still bothers me.

“Say, how old are you two?” (Shuuya)



…Aren’t they still young girls?
I thought that they would be a little bit older since they are slightly tall for their age.
Even the leaders, who listened to the story, are silent, and a peaceful atmosphere is enveloping everyone.
Benett’s eyes have widened as she stares at Lulu and Lala.
I think Benett feels dumbfounded by the fact that her bow was broken by little girls?

“…I-I see. Can you allow me to meet your Mamas next time?” (Shuuya)

“You won’t do anything to them?”

“I won’t.” (Shuuya)

“Okay, sure.”

“Together with Lulu?”

“Of course, I don’t mind going with the two of you.” (Shuuya)


I think everyone in this place feels the same, but I can’t entrust a turf to these little girls…
Even if I leave it to them officially, I think I have to have their Mamas do their best behind the scenes.
Let’s have this black-haired, dual-wielding man called Robald work at it then.




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