Chapter 163 – Beginning of Dusk

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We mounted RollodeenHorse Lion and traveled by flying through the air.
We arrived at 【Lodging Moon of the Labyrinth】 in no time.
It’s already night now.
The faint, blinking lights from the big lanterns in front of Lodging Moon are broken by the wall and eaves, throwing a shadow similar to a round moon on the street.
The stylish atmosphere created by the shadow and the inn’s facade feels like a peculiar light trap that entices its viewers to fall inside.
It’s night, but the chirping of the cicadas is still audible.
I wonder, are those Zeeta’s pets?
While appreciating the elegance of the place, I get off RollodeenHorse Lion by jumping.
Viine fixes her staggering posture after dismounting as well.
Rollo, who has returned to her normal cat form, climbs on my shoulder as usual.
Once I open the inn’s entrance door and step inside…
My ears are greeted by a familiar, soothing singing voice.
It’s Shana, the mermaid elf.
As ever, her voice is wonderful.
It has a terribly comforting effect, as if directly caressing the cerebrum through the ears.
Tempted by the singing, I head towards the dining room.
As expected, Shana is in the middle of doing her magic on the stage.
While having a pose of spreading her arms, she spots us as new entries, slightly inclines her head to the side as if saying, “Ah, found you,” and sends an adorable wink our way while singing.
As a result, the surrounding guests became noisy.

“Just now, she winked at me.”

“No, it was me.”

“It was me, I tell ya.”

“Cute, her eyes were turned in my direction!”

“Nope, me!”

Although it became slightly rowdy, the guests naturally focused on Shana again, as if being charmed by her singing voice.
Now then, where’s Mel… Just as I let my eyes wander,

“Oh, Shuuya-san! Great! Please quickly come this way.” (Mel)

It’s Mel, standing in front of the door with the stairway leading to the basement.
Her expression is stern.
After exchanging looks with Viine and nodding, we hurry over to Mel.

“Sorry, this way.” (Mel)

Descending the same spiral stairway as before, she opens the door of the large basement room and leads us to the meeting place in the depressed area.

“Did something happen?” (Shuuya)

“Yes. Umm, that is… right now, we’re in the middle of a war.” (Mel)

Mel is very different from usual, her behavior and actions laying it bare.
Looking hesitant, she explains that they are in a war.

“…War? Between fellow dark guilds?” (Shuuya)

“Yes, of course… Three guilds picked a fight with us.” (Mel)

“I see. So, what about the matter with Kazane? I came here for that reason, you know?” (Shuuya)

I deliberately ignored the matter with the war.

“For the moment, we passed your message along to them, Shuuya-san. However, given the circumstances, we haven’t been able to get in touch with them.” (Mel)

Still no answer?

“…Please don’t look like that. Shuuya-san, I know that you don’t want to have anything to do with it. However, Veronika was defeated and heavily injured by her natural enemy…” (Mel)

What was that? Veronika was defeated?

“Paulsen and Angie are also at a disadvantage with the Mad Knight as an opponent. Presently, we’re barely holding the “Flavor Street.” The enemy might attack this place, too. I think we will be alright since Magit is here, but either way, the war’s situation is bad for us. Currently, I’d like to get my hands on any combat asset I can ― Shuuya-san, it’s a shameless request, but please save us. I beg you.” (Mel)

In the middle of talking, Mel went down on her knees and bowed her head.
She’s not prostrating herself, but she’s looking up to me as if praying to a god.
What a pickle. When it comes to being begged so much by a beauty who goes as far as tossing her pride as a guild leader away…
Viine stares at Mel with a cold-hearted expression, though.
But, I guess Magit, whom Mel mentioned casually, is their secret weapon protecting this place.
Is it related to the magic gem located on Magit’s collar?
Well, leaving that aside, I wonder what I should do?
I don’t mind helping them out for friendship, but…
Oh… I got an idea.

“…I don’t mind lending you a hand. But I have a condition.” (Shuuya)

“W-What is it?” (Mel)

Just then, I reveal a vampire-like, evil smile and intimidate her with my look.

“…Submit to me.” (Shuuya)

“…Wh-, that’s sudden. Are you telling me to pledge allegiance to you, Shuuya-san? As leader of 【Remains of the Moon】?” (Mel)

Mel fixedly looks into my eyes.
After a short while, she averts her face slightly and hesitates, her honey-colored hair swaying.
Going by her expression, she’s obviously shaken.

『Your Excellency, what splendid idea! So you intend to build an army, after all.』 (Helme)

『It’s slightly different, but whatever.』 (Shuuya)

“…Of course, I will have all the members swear loyalty. But, at the end of the day, you, Mel, are the leader of 【Remains of the Moon】.” (Shuuya)

People like her fight poison with poison.
She’s probably aiming for a similar development, but… my implicit cynicism tells her, “If you intend to use me, I will make use of you guys as well.”
Besides, if I place them under my control, it will be possible to deploy them as secret protectors of Rebecca and Eva, too.
It might not be necessary for Eva, though.

“What do you mean…” (Mel)

Mel’s serious look penetrates my darkness, trying to lift the veil to see the aim behind my condition.

“Just as you heard. I will take everything of 【Remains of the Moon】. However, in reality, it will be you who will move the guild as my hands and feet.” (Shuuya)

…My race is Light Demon Lucival. I’m a villain who also has a dark side.
But, my dark side is thrilled.

“…You will really save 【Remains of the Moon】, right?” (Mel)

It sounds like a question, but Mel’s light-brown eyes are trembling with the color of hesitation still visible within.
She has become slightly teary-eyed.

“Yeah, I will annihilate all the meddlers. Viine, you will come with me as well, won’t you?” (Shuuya)

“Of course, my supreme Master. Let’s eradicate the enemy dark guilds.” (Viine)

Somehow, her tone resembles that of Helme. I guess she imitated her.

『Your Excellency, Viine is promising. And, please use me as well when you are heading into battle, okay?』 (Helme)

Helme manifests in my visual field.

『Understood. There might be no opportunity for that, but if there’s a chance, I will contact you via telepathy, so disappear for now.』 (Shuuya)

『Yes!』 (Helme)

The tiny Helme whirls around on the spot as if dancing and vanishes.

“…Got it. But, is it fine for me to give you my answer after having seen the outcome?” (Mel)

How ambiguous. I suppose there’s also the possibility that she will quickly change her opinion after all’s done and dusted.
However, I don’t think she will really do that, seeing as we have gotten along well so far.
I guess I need to demonstrate my power since I’m forcing her to pledge allegiance to me.

“Very well. Since I’m going to head to the front line, the Flavor Street, what are the enemy guilds’ names?” (Shuuya)

【Supreme Dance of Crimson】, 【Eyes of Twilight】, and 【Gloves of Darkness】; those three guilds.” (Mel)

If it’s Mad Knight of 【Eyes of Twilight】, I’ve already faced him once.

“They are unrelated to Kazane’s group with whom you spoke the other day?” (Shuuya)

“Yes. The Asura Religious Organization is basically neutral. Although it has influence at various places as a religious organization, their turf is very small. They are subordinate to 【Assembly of Stars】, but in the end, they are just a bodyguard group for the sake of protecting the title Eight Lights and allowing the end-of-year auction to proceed smoothly.” (Mel)

I see.

“I guess I’m off to the Flavor Street then.” (Shuuya)

“Okay. Please wait a moment.” (Mel)

Mel rushes into a room in the passage.
Seemingly having quickly gotten her equipment in order, she returns to the meeting place with her breathing going somewhat roughly.
A longsword and a dagger are dangling at the belt around her waist while several daggers are affixed to her chest strap.
Are her boots for combat as well? She wears combat greaves that are clad in mana.
Her legs are long and pretty, muscular, but not excessively.
For some reason unknown to me, there’s a large hole from her heels to her ankles.
But, she seems to be using something like a shadow technique that appears to be powerful.

“―Let’s go. It’s this way.” (Mel)

Mel didn’t guide us to the spiral stairway we descended before, but to a passage atop the stone stairway leading upwards from the meeting room.
The underground passage, which was illuminated by lanterns, has many side paths.
They appear to be connected to various places in the city…
Before long, we arrived at a dead end with a ladder, which Mel climbs hurriedly.
Of course, I marvel at her shaking thighs and ass, as well as her black panties.
A manhole-like wooden cover that’s connected with a rope is visible at the very top.
Once she pulled the cover with the rope to herself, it was opened to the left and right.

“It’s the surface.” (Mel)

Mel exits the underground first.
Viine and I follow her.

“This place is southeast from Lodging Moon. The Flavor Street is close to the Second Ring Road’s eastern part.” (Mel)

“Roger. Guide us there. Rollo.” (Shuuya)


Rollo transforms into her Horse Lion size.

“T-This is… kya!” (Mel)

Rollodeen swiftly grabs me, Viine, and Mel with her six tentacles and places us on her back, with me in the center.
I can feel Mel’s huge breasts on my back.
Bluish-white big boobs at the front, white big boobs at the back.
Marvelous! It’s a big-boob sandwich!

“…If you become my subordinate, it won’t do for you to be surprised by something of this level.” (Shuuya)

I arrogantly said while having a lewd look on my face.

“That’s correct.” (Viine)

Viine adds while hugging me from the front.
As the vanilla scent increases her seductiveness as a woman, it’s inevitable for me as a man that my nether region reacts to some extent.

“It just seems so… haa…” (Mel)

Mel’s astonished voice tickles my ear.

“It’s nothing to sigh at. Guide us.” (Shuuya)

“Ah, okay. Please head straight east just like that.” (Mel)

“Rollo, you don’t have to go at full speed; a quick pace is enough, okay?” (Shuuya)

I instruct Rollo while gently stroking her black fur.


Although I told her that, she’s still quite fast.
Apparently having been surprised by the high speed, Mel tightly hugs my waist from behind.
Once we arrive at the eastern side, Rollo slows down to a light jog.

“…So, around where from here?” (Shuuya)

“…Y-Yessh… umm… we’re already close. If you go to t’ right along the road over there, itsh the Flavor Shtreet. The enemies might be around already since we’re close to the battlefield now.” (Mel)

Mel slurs her words.
…Even I don’t affect someone’s articulation.
Well, let’s leave the joking aside… Certainly, magic sources are all over the place.

“Where are the most intense battles going on?” (Shuuya)

“Up there.” (Mel)

Ahead of Mel’s pointed finger―
I could confirm many figures fighting as if battling atop a building’s roof.
Once I activate <Night Vision>, a sword fight scene becomes clearly visible.
Soldiers locking swords or falling off the building after being kicked.

“True. We’re getting off.” (Shuuya)


Mel slowly dismounted but ended up collapsing as her hips apparently gave way.
Well, I do understand her.
Even Viine, who’s used to it, is wobbly on her feet.

“So, is there any way to tell your allied soldiers apart? Some kind of sign?” (Shuuya)

“…There is. They have cloth armbands, scarves, and badges with a mark of two moons drawn on them. Everyone else is hostile.” (Mel)

Mel explains after somehow managing to stand up with her feet still unsteady.

“Roger. I don’t wear something like that though…” (Shuuya)

“Here you go. Three armbands.” (Mel)

Mel seems to be prepared for this.
Viine and I put on the armbands.
Next, I have Rollo turn into a medium-sized black panther and tie the armband around her neck instead of the collar.

“I guess we will join them.” (Shuuya)

“Yes.” (Viine)

“I think Benett is there as well, so I will go, too.” (Mel)

“Sure. It’s night, so let me apologize in advance should I kill an allied soldier by mistake.” (Shuuya)

“…Please make sure to not mistake them.” (Mel)

Mel turns a piercing look at me, apparently unable to stomach my screwing around.
Uwah, how scary.
She’s not joking. I suppose I have to truly pay attention.

“I’m heading to the rooftop. Viine, come!” (Shuuya)

“Yes, Master!” (Viine)

I open my overcloak, embrace Viine, and shoot <Chain> from my hands.
After using the chains as anchors by stabbing them into the building’s roof and the top part of the building on the opposite side, I contract one chain while quickly running up the other one.

“Ah!” (Mel)

Mel is left behind by us, standing on her own.
While stabbing the building with her tentacles, Rollo climbs to the rooftop with a speed that surpasses mine.
The people fighting on top of the roof stopped moving after seeing us sudden intruders.
Meanwhile, I confirm the enemies by sweeping my eyes over the scene once.
A group with black attires and headbands.
A group with flashy copper armors and red hats.
I guess these guys are the enemies. They are using the Magic Combat Style, but there’s no expert among them.
I spread out my left and right hand to the sides, and summon the Magic Halberd in my right hand and the Cursed Sword Beet in my left.

“Let’s get the show started, Viine, Rollo.” (Shuuya)

“Yes!” (Viine)


We simultaneously rush at the enemy soldiers without wasting any time.
I extend the Magic Halberd and Beet with a twist―
After stabbing the red spear into the torso of a nearby black-clothed man, I pull the halberd out, tearing it out alongside his guts due to the red ax blade.


While pulling out the halberd in my right hand, I horizontally slash at the solar plexus of a man wearing a copper armor with Beet from the side.
He was cut right in half alongside his armor.


Entrails and blood gush like a fountain, spraying the area red.
The cursed sword is sickly sharp. It felt like cutting through butter, completely unrelated to any sword techniques.
That right now what just owed to the powers of the cursed sword and my race, with no techniques involved.

“The heck are these guys!? Shahia, Razon, deal with them!”

“Aight, eat thiiis!”

“What’s this all of a sudden!”

The enemies, who have gathered to launch a counterattack, raise their swords overhead, gathering power in their hands.
I rotate my body, using my toes as the center.
The footing might be bad atop the roof, but that’s of no concern to me, no matter where I might be.
Wide slashes aiming for my head and collar from the left and right―
I dodge the swords by rotating my body while watching the swords’ points and calculating their paths.
And using the momentum of the rotation, I make the Magic Halberd collide with the head of the black-clothed man, who had swung his sword from a diagonal position.
―His head is cut off in a smooth motion.
I ignore the flying head that still had a frozen “Oh!”
I maintain my body’s rotation, making sure to focus on the flow of the motion.
Just like that, I diagonally swing Beet downwards. The cursed sword’s blade strikes the forehead of an enemy wearing a headband.


A red line runs down across his face, and then one side of his head slides down along it, falling to the ground.

“Whaaaat da heeelll aaaare yooou!?”

“Shut up.” (Shuuya)

I shoot <Chain> from both hands at the black-clothed man who gave the instructions earlier.
At the same time, I cast the intermediate spell, 《Ice Arrow》 of the water attribute.
<Chain> that plunges forward with a bullet-like speed penetrates the man’s torso and leg.
Slightly later, the ice arrow stabs into the face of the man who has collapsed while twisted.

“―The vice leader has been defeated! Concentrate on the newcomers!”


“Tsk, a skilled fighter.”

“I guess he’s strong?”

Enemies wearing red hats and those wearing black clothes; three of them face me, this time, with slight vigilance.
Rather than intercepting them, I launch an attack from my side
I erase the cursed sword in my left hand and stab the Magic Halberd into the roof.
While supporting my body with one hand as it grabs the halberd using it as pole vault, I deliver a dropkick to crush the chest of a black-clothed man, who was charging at me straight from the front.


“Shit, Sash! But now’s the chance; aim at him!”


Targeting the opportunity when my kick comes to an end, the enemies thrust out their swords from the left and right, hoping to make me into a sieve.
After landing, I swiftly swing the halberd that supported me as if performing a driver swing.
A red flame that heads from below to diagonally above like a rising dragon materializes.

“The fuck? It’s a fire gate.”

Once the red spear and ax blade, which are at the upper part of Magic Halberd Baldok, cut through the darkness, it apparently looks like the creation of a fan-shaped gate atop the roof, colored by flames.
Next, I swing down my halberd on the shouting men on the left and right.
The trajectory of the ax blade that I fully swung in a 180° fan shape slides through the men’s abdomens, bisecting them in no time.
Their abdomens are torn open as if they didn’t wear any armor in the first place, and their entrails spilled to the ground.
They fell over while bending backward.



The two sword thrusts didn’t reach me…
I check the vicinity while drinking the spraying blood.
There are no enemies around me any longer.
I confirm Viine’s and Rollo’s situation while sucking up some blood by holding out my tongue.
I could see Viine involved in close combat with her silver hair swaying.
She’s slaying an enemy with a red hat using her snake sword instead of the snake bow.
Two are already laying on the ground, and with this, it should be the third.
Rollo defeated the last man with a red hat by biting his neck.
Five people are scattered on the ground. All of them had their heads or throats pierced by tentacle swords.
This is the end of the battle on this roof.
The surviving soldiers of 【Remains of the Moon】 stare at us with dumbfounded expressions, a rectangular face I recognized mixed in among them.

“…You startled me. Your movements just now… they were too amazing.” (Benett)

“Oh, Benett, huh?” (Shuuya)

“…Aight, that mark means you came to help us, right? Thanks for da help.” (Benett)

Once I look properly, blood is flowing down on both of Benett’s legs and her collar with sword cut wounds being visible.

“Guh… we were in the process of retreating after being done in by those skilled sisters… Due to being outnumbered, as you can see…” (Benett)

“Here―” (Shuuya)

I throw a healing potion toward Benett.

“Thanks, we ran out of those.” (Benett)

Her wounds recover in a flash.

“I have more of them, so take some.” (Shuuya)

“Thank you, we owe you.” (Benett)

I handed several of my spare potions over to Benett.

“―Beneeeeett.” (Mel)

It’s Mel who has finally arrived on the scene.

“Ah, Mel.” (Benett)

Mel gasps heavily, “Huh? It’s already over?”

“Ya, Shuuya, the silver-haired woman, and the black cat over there slaughtered the enemies here.” (Benett)

Benett explained while recovering from her wounds.

“…Is… that so? As expected of you, Shuuya-sama.” (Mel)

Mel says after surveying the rooftop that’s littered with corpses all over.

“Sama? It looks like there’s some kind of reason for that, Mel?” (Benett)

“Ah, y-yeah. Rather than that, what about Veronika’s injuries?” (Mel)

“She’s resting in the Twin Moon store’s basement. But it looks like it’s no use unless she enters her coffin as she hasn’t slept for two days. That’s why Kazun, Paulsen, and Angie are doing their best while facing Mad Knight of 【Eyes of Twilight】, the Massacre Sisters of 【Supreme Dance of Crimson】, and a stream of nameless mercenaries from 【Gloves of Darkness】 further east from here.” (Benett)

Benett elaborates thoroughly so that I could understand it as well.

“Guide us over there.” (Mel)

“Got it. This way.” (Benett)

Benett begins to run without wasting any more words.
We silently follow her from behind.
Her figure as she runs while jumping from roof to roof as if coping with a parkour makes me admire her once more as an elf that specializes in scouting.

“The street below us is the battlefield.” (Benett)

Benett quietly peeks out her face from the roof and checks the street.
Viine, Rollo, Mel, and I also do the same.
Barrels have been piled up in front of the store like a wall. The injured Kazun, Paulsen, and Angie are in a 3 vs. 2 against Mad Knight and a black-haired longsword holder. Zeeta is fighting two pretty women while manipulating his maji.
Or rather, all of them are fighting in a big jumble, turning the battlefield into a chaotic mess.
Behind the battling leaders, soldiers of 【Remains of the Moon】 are fighting against knights of 【Eyes of Twilight】, who look like natives of Hesliphat and seem to be church dropouts, soldiers of 【Supreme Dance of Crimson】, who wear red hats and copper armor, and soldiers wearing headbands and black clothes that seem to belong to 【Gloves of Darkness】.

“Mel, can you have the soldiers fighting over there withdraw?” (Shuuya)

“Yes, I can, but…” (Mel)

“Then have everyone except for the leaders fall back.” (Shuuya)

“What ar―” (Mel)

I turn a dark look at Mel, scaring her into swallowing the remainder of her words.

“They are hindrances. Or is it fine if I slaughter everyone including your guys?” (Shuuya)

“U-Understood.” (Mel)

“Shuuya, what are you going to do? If you intend to make a move on our friends with those bloodshot eyes, I won’t forgive you!” (Benett)

Benett warns me from the side, unafraid of my look.

“Be quiet, big-chinned elf! You should just obey Master’s orders!” (Viine)

Next to me, Viine remonstrated Benett with a cold-hearted expression.

“Wh-! Silver-haired woman, to talk like this with me!” (Benett)

“Stop it and shut up. Mel, have the soldiers retreat.” (Shuuya)

I look at Mel with piercing eyes, waiting for her command.

“Very well―” (Mel)

Finally caving in to my piercing glare, Mel takes out a scroll from her bosom.
The instant she pours mana into that scroll, she throws it down to the battleground below.
A dazzling light, similar to that of a flash grenade, is created.
At that moment,


“It’s the signal. Retreat!”

“Aye, fall back!”

Only the soldiers of 【Remains of the Moon】 withdraw after seeing that beam of light.
The enemy soldiers are raising something akin to victory shouts in the street.

“Viine, Rollo, until I tell you to, don’t come down on the street.” (Shuuya)

“Yes, Master!” (Viine)


“I’ll annihilate all the enemies. Mel, resolve yourself now that you’re going to watch this―” (Shuuya)

“Eh?” (Mel)

Leaving such parting words, I jump down from the roof towards the street.
―Blood Magic <Blood Path – Third Gate>.
I activate <Beginning of Dusk>.
Darkness is born in an instant, engulfing the surroundings like a tide.
The flash grenade disappears as if popping, and darkness encroaches the street.

“What’s going on?”

“Suddenly, it’s pitch black!”

“The moonlight’s gone, too. A special magic?”

“Hahahaha, what the fuck is this? Don’t tell me, a path to the Spirit World has been opened?”

“Hya hya, ridiculous!”

“…It will be repelled by Mad Knight’s spirit binding!”

“What, what, keep your calm! Everybody, don’t move to avoid friendly fire!”

“We are on standby until there are new orders from our guild leader.”

“Aaah, w-wh-what, don’t comeeee!”


“You mooooooonster.”

The enemy knights have their heads gradually invaded as the mind pollution starts taking effect.
Soon, they begin to kill each other, causing the blood to flow.
I land in this street of darkness, a world of madness.
I send an evil smile in the direction of the enemies who are going insane and activate <Dimension of Darkness Blood Chain>.
Infinite blood chains as crimson meteorites are generated from the darkness world connected to my mind.
The flock of blood chains that appeared in the empty space tears through the world of darkness, as if penetrating it, and the enemies, who had their minds eroded, before vanishing into nothingness.
With the sound of a mirror shattering, the enemy soldiers that were on the street disappeared.
Only several different weapons clatter to the ground of the nightly street after having lost their purpose…

『Magnificent… The works of one who is an Emperor of Darkness… I got mesmerized as the mana decreased…』

Just when I thought that Helme will likely complain about not being used in combat, she says something like that.

“…Hey, it’s now fine to come down. The only ones left are the strong guys fighting in front of the store.” (Shuuya)

I call out to everyone atop the roof.

“Yes! Kyaa!” (Viine)


Rollo instantaneously changes into her Horse Lion size, twines a tentacle around Viine’s hips, places her on her back, and then comes running down quickly.
In no time, she arrives next to me.

“…Master, even I witnessed the scene just now for the first time.” (Viine)

Viine speaks while adjusting her posture atop RollodeenHorse Lion.

“Really? I used it once when confronting the guardian of the golden treasure chest, though. I guess you didn’t see that.” (Shuuya)

“Yes, it’s dreadful. All enemies disappeared…” (Viine)

From Viine’s expression I can understand that she’s scared, even across the silver mask.
She has a bluish-white skin from the start, but now, it looks pale.
With a slight delay, the soldiers of 【Remains of the Moon】 also gather while being led by Mel and Benett.

“Shuuya-sama, I finally understand what you meant before…” (Mel)

“You, darkness is darkness, but who the heck are―” (Benett)

“Benett, be quiet for now.” (Mel)

Mel reaches out a hand and seals Benett’s mouth.

“Rather than that, the fierce fighting over there… is still continuing, but you’re not going to help them?” (Shuuya)

“Ah, yes, let’s go.” (Mel)

“Right! I will slaughter that shitty pair of sisters!” (Benett)

Benett eagerly dashes in front of the store with the piled up barrels.
Next, we barge into the intense fighting at the storefront as well.



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