Chapter 162 – Laid-back Time after the Item Appraisal

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We advance through the wastelands while taking breaks every now and then.
On the way, the burning knights went too far ahead, ending up surrounded by Poisonous Flame Wolves and Acid Bone Swordsmen.
It was an accident where they became tattered and were completely showered with the toxic fume of the flames, but we immediately exterminated the monsters as trial run for our new arms.


Seemingly angry as the boss of the burning knights, Rollo unleashes cat punches at them.

“Your Excellency, Rollo-sama, I’m deeply ashamed…”

“I shall take responsibility and repent through harakiri.” (Adomos)

“―I shall follow your lead, Adomos.”


The burning knights really slit their bellies and returned to the spirit world.
It made me want to retort with “Are you guys Kichi○!?” (T/N: No idea)

“Nya? Nyaaa.”

Rollo is surprised, seeing them doing a harakiri all of a sudden, and extends her tentacle to me in order to convey her emotions.
『Vanished again』『Where?』『Lonely』

“Rollo, don’t worry; they will come back again soon.” (Shuuya)


While retracting her tentacle, she returns on my shoulder and licks my cheek.
Meanwhile, the others are dumbfounded by the abrupt disappearance of the burning knights.

“…Those knights died on their own accord…?” (Rebecca)

“Yeah, never mind them. They are too diligent, I believe. Besides, although it needs some time, I can call them back.” (Shuuya)

“…Is… that so?” (Rebecca)

“Nn, mysterious…” (Eva)

“Master, they really are a pair of upright and loyal knights, aren’t they? Are they male?”

“Well, I wonder…”

With various such things happening, we finally arrive at the room with the crystal and safely return to the surface.
Subsequently, we finish the handing-in of the magic stones and requests at the adventurer’s guild, marking the successful completion of our tasks.
The number of completed requests has risen to 36. I wanted to ask about becoming a B-rank, but I decided to postpone it and left the guild together with the slaves.
Once all of us enter Suloza’s Old Sorcery Shop, the doorbell rings loudly.
I’m going to offer the large magic stones, which I haven’t submitted to the guild, to my item box as Elenium stones in my free time.
I descend the stairs while thinking about something like that and head over to the counter.
There, I operate my item box, making the golden chest appear on the counter.

“T-This is―”

As expected, even the grim shopkeeper’s face is dyed with surprise.

“Shopkeeper! Fufun. It’s the golden treasure chest we obtained.” (Rebecca)

Rebecca bragged, obviously proud of her achievement.

“Magnificent, to directly collect a golden chest… did you accomplish this by entering some top clan?”

“Non, non, you’re wrong. We haven’t joined any clan. We’re just a normal party: Innocent Arms!” (Rebecca)

The shopkeeper’s expression changed into one of even further admiration as he shakes his head several times in wonder.

“My goodness, I will make sure to remember that name. Well then, you’re hoping to have the contents of this chest appraised, right?”

“Yeah, listen to the cool guy in the back; he’s our leader.” (Rebecca)

Rebecca held out her arm in my direction while winking and passed the further talks to me.

“Yes. So, leader-sama, which items should I appraise?”

“First, we are going to start from the items my party members here have with them…” (Shuuya)

I have him appraise the various items equipped by my friends and slaves.
The long wand with the dark red magic gem held by Rebecca excels at conjuring flames of the fire attribute, as visible from its appearance.
Its name is Gulfon’s Magic Wand, a Unique-class item.
At the time of returning to the crystal on the fifth floor, I saw Rebecca casting fireballs, flame pillars, and fire walls in succession.
After that, the shell ornaments worn by the three beauties in their hair have the effect of raising magic power and reducing mana consumption. They are fairly rare and expensive items, a valuable gift.
They are normal items, not unique, but since they are magic items with a great performance while also usable as stylish accessories, their price has skyrocketed or something like that.
The earrings and shell swimsuits are also nameless, ordinary magic items.
Their effect seems to be an increase in swimming speed once equipped.
While receiving the explanation, I indulged in the indecent delusion of having the girls put on the shell swimsuits and imprint the pictures of them in mind, keeping those as eternal memories in my brain.

“…Shuuya? What’s wrong? Why are you staring so intensely at the shells?”

Rebecca asked. apparently considering it strange after seeing my look.

“A-Ah, no, umm, I just thought how wonderful it is to become fast at swimming, hahaha.” (Shuuya)

“Hmm, these shells tentatively seem to also serve as armor, but… Shuuya, you were thinking about something lewd again, weren’t you?” (Rebecca)

Haha, I was found out in the end. A girl’s intuition is a scary thing for sure.

“Well, I must admit that I thought I’d like you to wear it, Rebecca.” (Shuuya)

“These shells, you mean?” (Rebecca)

“Yes, only the shells.” (Shuuya)

“…Pervert.” (Rebecca)

“Nn, Rebecca, you won’t wear it? I don’t mind doing so if it’s Shuuya’s wish.” (Eva)

“Ooh!” (Shuuya)

Nothing less from Eva-sama! She boldly declared that she will put it on with her angelic smiling face.

“Wai-!” (Rebecca)

Rebecca looks at Eva in surprise.

“Master, should we change clothes right away?” (Viine)

『Your Excellency, if you like this kind of outfit, I’ll satisfy your wish as well.』 (Helme)

Viine and Helme state their agreement in tandem.
Even though I am slightly confused, I am happy at the same time.

『Helme, I will have you wear it next time, too.』 (Shuuya)

『Okay.』 (Helme)

After telling Helme so through the telepathic link, I move my gaze in the direction of Viine and Eva.

“I’d be happy if you two would wear it for me.” (Shuuya)

“Just wait a moment… I won’t lose. So… I will wear it as well!!” (Rebecca)

Rebecca declared with a flustered expression, acting shy and courageous simultaneously.

“Ooh…” (Shuuya)

But, in Rebecca’s case, the hidden sizes are…

“Ah~~! You imagined something suspicious, didn’t you!?” (Rebecca)

“Nn, lewd Shuuya.” (Eva)

“Master…” (Viine)

*cough* “Good grief, to flirt so much… I shall move on to the next appraisal…”

Since we are cautioned by the die-hard, bald shopkeeper, all of us turn silent.
Next, he shifts to Eva’s appraisal.
The ingot chosen by her is an expensive, rare metal with an extreme degree of mana penetration called Green Imperial Steel. It seems to have a much higher grade than the ore we obtained from the silver treasure chest the other day. I guess it will turn into a hefty sum of money if she sells it.
By the way, the pearl necklace I put around her neck is a magic item that raises magic defense.
Next up is the appraisal of Viine’s items.
The bracelet chosen by her has magic gems with the darkness and wind attribute embedded into it.

“This is magnificent. It’s a Legendary-class bracelet with the name Rasheena’s Bracelet. It has the effect of raising the magic power. Moreover, it’s possible to summon several small, arm-shaped darkness spirits called Mad Hands from the darkness gem. The wind gem allows you to make a transparent windshield at a chosen location.”

“Oh, so it was excellent after all, huh?” (Shuuya)

“Nn, even on the way back, it was quite useful during battle.” (Eva)

“Yeah, those dark hands sure did a good job at restraining the enemies.” (Rebecca)

Eva and Rebecca praise the item honestly.

“Thank you very much. With this, I will be able to serve Master and everyone.” (Viine)

Viine looks happy as well.
Upcoming, the slaves.
The faintly golden-shining chain-mail worn by Mamani has no name, but it increases one’s physical ability, physical defense, and slightly raises magic defense.
The neck band has a small increase of physical defense and boosts one’s voice quality.
Even the face guard provides a little addition in physical and magic defense.
The large disk with the black chain connected to it was called Ashram.
We got to know this weapon on the way back while watching how it’s used, but it’s possible to directly hit a target with the large shuriken by using the morning star-like chain, or use it as a throwing weapon.
It’s a considerably decent piece of equipment as it can also be used as a shield.
It looks like a big shuriken, but I guess it’s easier to understand if I say that it’s Captain Ameri〇-styled.
The silver-threaded dress worn by Fuu gives a small increase in physical defense and a medium increase in magic defense.
The short wand with the embedded, ocher magic gem seems to allow the usage of Earth Pebbles and Earth Javelin without casting.
I thought it was a superior short wand, but once it was appraised, it was an item with the name of an earth spirit attached, namely Bastoral’s Cheek.
Souther’s blue outfit is a small Western-styled attire with the name Prolonglus.
Its effect is a little augmentation in bodily speed and physical defense.
So that’s why it seemed as if her movements had gotten slightly faster, eh?
Even the pair of longswords affixed to her back had names.
Ispal & Seldoyn, apparently the names of twin water spirits.
In accordance with longswords that have an outstanding sharpness, they have the effect of also increasing the sharpness of spell effects.

『Helme, the shopkeeper mentioned the names of water spirits; do you know them?』 (Shuuya)

『No. As a great variety of spirits exists, I don’t know either of them.』 (Helme)

Next, Bia’s armor is fully consisting of normal, nameless magic items.
The Ancient Rome’s helmet weakly increases physical defense, with the big half plate she’s wearing on her upper body having the same characteristic.
The thigh guard protecting her lower body half is an item with a small boost to physical and magical defense.
The square shield has the same effects as the thigh guard.

“The black shamshir possessing a red grape colored scabbard over here is Unique and has the name Shadow Striker. If you pour mana owning the power of darkness into the black blade, it will create a dark aura. It gives a small increase in physical ability.”

Given that Bia doesn’t possess the darkness attribute, she won’t be able to use it, but since it’s a huge sword with a strong cutting ability in the first place, it’s just right for her, I think.
It also matches with Viine’s attribute, but I suppose it’s unreasonable to give it to her because of its heavy weight.
Next, I have the shopkeeper appraise the straw hat, the small and large refrigerators, the potted plant, and the short spear.
Obviously, the refrigerators are magic tools that cool the things you put into them while using magic stones as an energy source.
I was told that I would be able to sell them for quite the big money if I put these up for auction, but since I have planned to install them at home, I won’t do that.
Let’s pawn off the smaller one to the Second Prince.
Once it came to appraising the potted plant,

“Ooh, this is also Legendary, close to Mythical. The Millennium Plant, it’s the first time for me to see this type. It looks like a tree, but it will grow if you keep providing mana to it. For an item of such degree, it makes me think that it should be probably sold at the Underground Auction. Even I want to buy it. As I have connections to a major merchant, I will introduce you. How about it?”

For a change, the shopkeeper spoke with a slightly excited tone.

“No, there’s no need. I won’t sell this.” (Shuuya)

I won’t sell it to the Second Prince either. Most likely, I will plant it at home.

“…Is that so? How regrettable. Next, I will appraise this short spear… It possesses an effect of the lightning attribute. The metal used for the blade is said to be Lightning-shaped Sage Steel of mysterious origins. It seems to be a special metal that was thoroughly tempered for 300 years on a lightning-shaped field. Its name is Lightning-styled La Doola. The name of the lightning god has been attached to it; however, its class is not Legendary, but Unique. The edge of its blade can be charged with mana of the lightning attribute.”

Only lightning attribute, huh? It doesn’t have a numbing effect or such?
Quite questionable. I also have the Magic Halberd, so I don’t know whether to register and use it.

“The straw hat seems to make the body slightly soft1 and increases physical ability.”

Soft? Don’t tell me, with just the straw hat, one becomes a rub〇 human!?


“It merely means that it raises the flexibility, albeit only very slightly. It might be popular among those participating in the fighting tournaments in the Martial Arts District.”

Only that much, eh?
I will take it with me to the prince’s place next time.
Next, I had him appraise the picture frame, the dagger, the fishing rod, the farmer’s fork, the black steel ingot, the black-lustered bundle of arrows, the small, round shield, the two-handed ax possessing a black blade, and the Flamberge clad in a blue light which was owned by the guardian.

“The frame is a magic item. It has no name, but it appears to have an effect of lowering the weight of the frame. It’s an item exclusively for Magic Painters.”

Once the shopkeeper put it down at the edge of the counter, Rebecca checked it out by touching it.

“―As expected, I guess this is impossible as well.” (Rebecca)

“Rebecca, you are no Magic Painter, now are you?” (Shuuya)

“Ya, I wanted to become one, though.” (Rebecca)

Rebecca smiled wryly, but it’s a face telling me that she regrets having to give up on it.

“Up next is the small shield. This is a Unique item called Kligo’s Roar. The effects include small increases in provocation and physical defense. The dagger has only Lightning Spirit Bodoil’s breath applied to it and is a magic item with just the lightning attribute. This fishing rod seems to be something that was used by an angler of the Spirit World, but it has no name. Its effect is to make it slightly easier to lure in fish.”

“The pitchfork has no name and is a super-expensive item, which has a handle made out of gold and a blade made out of silver. Its magic effect is unknown. It’s common, but you might be visited by good luck. At the very least, it has no negative effects. The black ingot is Magic Black Soft Steel. This metal is also one of the rare ones. In fact, It’s desired so much that Magic Gold Artisans and blacksmiths would kill for it. The 50 arrows are Unique. They have been blessed by one of the darkness spirits, Saju. Their name is Saju’s Arrow. An opponent hit by these arrows will apparently be afflicted by a temporary darkness effect.”

Let’s give the fishing rod to Bon.
Eva didn’t choose the black metal, but I guess I will give it to her anyway.
Or I might as well give it to Zaga or Misty. Ah, I don’t think Misty knows where to find my house.
Well, I suppose sooner or later, she will find it through the inn.
I think I will sell the shield and have Mamani hold onto the arrows.

“…Next, this two-handed ax is the Deglo Axe. It appears to be an item said to have been favored by the Spirit World’s Demonic General Deglo during the Great Spirit World War. It’s Legendary-class. Its increase to physical strength is tremendous, but it also causes a decrease in agility… It’s similar to a cursed item with the designation of a second-level danger degree.“

“The Flamberge is Unique. Its name is Wold, and it has a magic effect of delivering additional damage through ice, albeit small, if you cause a wound with the sword blade. It’s a magic sword that gained the divine protection of the Water Spirit Wold. Even though it’s only Unique, it’s still excellent.”

Its class is Legendary, but I guess the two-handed ax isn’t very appealing with its negative effect.
However, the Flamberge is just as I had imagined it.

“Thanks, with this, I have had you appraise most of the items, I think?” (Shuuya)

I reveal a smile and place the appraisal fee on the counter.


The shopkeeper grabs the money with an acknowledgment.

“Lastly… anyone wants the earrings?” (Shuuya)

“Nn, no need.” (Eva)

“I don’t need them either.” (Rebecca)

“I don’t want to pierce my ears.” (Viine)

Eva, Rebecca, and Viine are apparently not interested in the item.
The slaves haven’t said anything, but well, I don’t think they want them.

“Mamani and the rest of you, you want to use the earrings or the round shield?” (Shuuya)

“No, I don’t want either. It’s plenty with Ashram, the armor, and the dagger.” (Mamani)

“I also don’t need them.” (Fuu)

“Same for me.” (Souther)

“This me doesn’t require them.” (Bia)

That means…
I had the shopkeeper buy the earrings, the frame, the small round shield, the jewels, gold nuggets, silver nuggets, and the golden chest.
The farmer’s fork sold for quite the sum as well.
Once I put everything together, it was a huge amount of money. The treasure hunt has yielded us satisfying returns.
We split the gold coins on the spot, and everyone quickly put their share into their item boxes.
Even so, this shopkeeper is an… unexpectedly rich man; a hidden tycoon maybe?
Though I can understand that as he runs a shop in such a good district, even if it’s a small one.
I suppose it’s only natural that he has connections to big merchants, too.

“Shopkeeper, you’re quite rich, which doesn’t suit your glum expression at all.” (Rebecca)

Rebecca voiced out my feelings just in time.

“Yes, indeed, though I’m still a small fish compared to the Collector.”

At the moment when the shopkeeper calmly explained in the conversation with Rebecca,


What? It’s as if I heard a weird word from around the shopkeeper’s waist…

“Haha, please don’t mind it.”

“I-I see.” (Shuuya)

The shopkeeper has an unusually panicked expression with ominous mana leaking out around his waist, but I couldn’t identify it.
By the way… I received the pouch-shaped item box, the silver-threaded dress set, the fishing rod tinged with mana, and the large amount of Magic Black Soft Steel.
I think next time, I will give these items to Bon, Zaga, and Mysty when I’m at their shop.
The other day, we didn’t talk much since they seemed busy, but…
I want to finally inform them about me having bought a house.
As for the prince’s items…
I suppose I will bring him the straw hat, the small refrigerator, Deglo’s Axe, and Wold’s Magic Sword.
Us Innocent Arms, who finished the appraisal and sale, left Suloza’s shop behind while floating expressions of freshly-baked rich people itching to show it off to the world.
All of us return to my house. Support the translator by reading this at Infinite Novel Translation




Once my friends took off their equipment, it was time for unwinding in the living room.
I told the slaves that it’s fine for them to come as well, but…
With Mamani at the head, they politely refused with 『We will clean the courtyard and common-use room』.
Precisely because they are high-class slaves, they apparently intend to work even outside of battle.
On this occasion, I distribute the money to the slaves, telling them that it’s their special reward of gold coins for this time.
Without refusing it, they took the money while bowing.
I’m perfectly fine with them just caring about the battle, but I guess I have to soon hire a special housekeeper.
Maids, hehe, pretty maids…
As I’m indulging in indecent delusions while relaxing,

“…Hey, hey, I ended up becoming scared on the way of walking to this place.” (Rebecca)

She told me while sinking deeper into the chair with a slack expression, but in the middle of her words, that expression changed into fear.

“Why?” (Shuuya)

“I mean, it’s an amazing amount of money. I have put it into my item box, but you know… since I was born, I never possessed such a huge sum…” (Rebecca)

I guess that makes sense.
Including the requests and the golden treasure chest, even just the jewels, gold coins, and silver coins had turned into a really ridiculous amount of money, after all.

“If you’re worried, I can keep it for you?” (Shuuya)

“Ah, if it’s you, I feel relieved.” (Rebecca)

“Since I’m not a walking bank, you might not be able to withdraw money right away, though?” (Shuuya)

I say to mess with her a bit.

“Fufu, I know that. But, I can leave the money to you with peace of mind. I don’t think that there’s any bank that is as safe as you are.” (Rebecca)

“Nn, certainly. I completely agree with Rebecca.” (Eva)

“That’s true. It’s Master, so thieves that come attacking will all have their balls crushed and die, right?” (Viine)

She apparently recalled the previous incident.

“So, you’re going to entrust the money to me?” (Shuuya)

“Hmm.” (Rebecca)

“Rebecca, if it’s the guild’s bank or the stores of famous companies for entrusting baggage located in the Warehouse District, you can also trust them.” (Eva)

Eva, who is sitting next to Rebecca, suggests earnestly.

“True. Still, it contradicts my previous words. I want to relish the sensation of carrying a large amount of money with me… it’s stupid, isn’t it?” (Rebecca)

“No, that’s not true. I also had that feeling when I held the money of my restaurant’s sales.” (Eva)

The two smile at each other.
Come to think of it, I didn’t serve any tea or similar to them.
I take out a pitcher with black sweet water from my item box.
At that moment, Viine grasped the situation and quickly brought some goblets.

“Ah, black sweet water?” (Rebecca)

“It’s fine to drink it?” (Eva)

“Yeah, go ahead. I told you before that I want to drink it, didn’t I?” (Shuuya)

“Yeah, thanks. I will pour it, okay?” (Rebecca)

Rebecca fills the black sweet water into two goblets.

“Nn, thank you.” (Eva)

Eva brings her goblet to her lips and takes a sip.

“Delicious.” (Eva)

“Ya, I’d like to have a refill.” (Rebecca)

“Sure, feel free to drink all of it.” (Shuuya)

There’s still plenty left, after all.
Rebecca filled up her empty goblet once again.

“This goes well together with various things, doesn’t it? As a substitution for sugared black tea or such.”

“Nn, for cooking, too.” (Eva)

“Uh-huh.” (Rebecca)

After that, with Viine joining the conversation, it turned into a full-blown girl’s talk ranging from where shops with delicious sweets are to be found, to shops with tasty egg dishes and what can be eaten there, to finally going to Eva’s restaurant next time.
Only, as a guy, I’m left out of the loop…
I listened silently while stroking Rollo, who’s sleeping on my knees.
…I think it’s just past noon.
Even while relaxing at home, I’ve become hungry.
After eating the stew inside the labyrinth, I haven’t eaten anything else; thus, I will treat myself to a lunchtime, huh?
Wondering whether the others are hungry as well, I interrupt their chat and ask them.

“―Hey, I’m sorry to interrupt when you’re chatting so excitedly, but aren’t you girls hungry?” (Shuuya)

“Nn, hungry.” (Eva)

“I just thought that I really wanna eat something after having a talk about such delicious-sounding goodies just now.” (Rebecca)

“Yes. I’m hungry as well.” (Viine)

They are the same.

“Then, it’s fine with me if you want to eat out; however, I don’t mind preparing something either?” (Shuuya)

“Yay, how nice~. What are you going to make?” (Rebecca)

Rebecca bent forward and asked with a cheerful expression, recalling the food I prepared earlier.

“I haven’t decided yet, but I think it will be a dish using meat and vegetables.” (Shuuya)

We have bread as well, so I guess something similar to hamburg steak would be fine.

“Nn, looking forward.” (Eva)

“Master, that from the other day?” (Viine)

Eva smiles, and Viine asks me such.

“Ya, something similar. Anyway, I’m going to make it over there.” (Shuuya)

“Let me help.” (Rebecca)

“Nn, me too.” (Eva)

“Me three.” (Viine)

The three apparently want to help out, but it’s not really necessary.

“Three additional people are not needed for the cooking, but can I have you prepare the tableware on the cooking table in the kitchen and goblets on the table here?” (Shuuya)

“Roger.” (Rebecca)

“Nn, got it.” (Eva)

“Yes.” (Viine)


Everyone agrees to my proposal.
The first to move is Viine, and following her, Eva made her wheelchair change and moved over to the cupboard.
“Ah, me too!” With those words, Rebecca ran after Eva, eager to help out.
Because everyone has started to move, Rollo goes back and forth at their feet as if imitating them.
Somehow, I think it’s no use to hold tableware with three people, but whatever.
I head to the kitchen while smiling.




I take out the newly obtained refrigerator, set it up, and insert a magic stone while at it.
I then put vegetables, fruits, eggs, and other ingredients into the refrigerator to keep them cool.
Igniting the stove, I prepare two frying pans after pouring oil into both.
In advance, I ready seasoning and sliced bread on the cooking table.
The girls had lined up several big plates on the table.
After turning in their direction with a smile…
I prepare eggs, wheat flour, onions, tomatoes, lettuce, and black sweet water as a subtle seasoning to bring out the flavor.
I slice the tomatoes and onions finely―
Next, I put them together with salt and the appropriate amount of water into a frying pan.
I boil them gently while mixing and mixing with splashing sounds.
My movements are swift yet unhurried, perfectly in sync, just like a seasoned chef.

“Shuuya, your handling is amazing.” (Rebecca)

“Nn, with the hot pot cooking the other day, your ability is certified.” (Eva)

While wondering whether a certificate of authenticity exists in this world, I use the rest of the Runga meat.
Creating a large amount of minced meat, I mix it together with a bit of black sweet water, the eggs, and a small amount of wheat flour.


Seemingly curious about the meat mixing, Rollo stretched out a paw, trying to mix together with me.

“Rollo-chan!” (Rebecca)

Without a moment’s delay, Rebecca hugged Rollo.
After expressing her affections by kissing the back of Rollo’s head, she carries her in front of her chest.

“Haa~ I’m being healed. How very cute!” (Rebecca)

“Nn, next is my turn.” (Eva)

“To treat Rollo-sama as a toy…” (Viine)

Or such you say, but you are casually massaging Rollo’s paw there, Viine-san.
Anyway, I have to focus on cooking.
Previously, I had used cabbage, but this time, it’ll only be chopped onion.
I made a great number of shaped hamburg steaks.
The sauce of cooked tomatoes and onions looks good.
Furthermore, a tomato sauce that appeared to be rich and full of juice has been completed.
I thrust the tip of a dagger into the red sauce.
I lick the red blade with my tongue, checking its taste.
Uh huh. As I’m licking the blade, giving the impression of a professional killer, I show a strange face.

“You won’t cut your tongue like this? Either way, despite your weird face, it sure looks like the taste is great.” (Rebecca)

“Nn, the nice smell of toomaa.” (Eva)

Not tomato, but toomaa, eh?
What an unexpected culture shock.
However, the simple tomato sauce is done in a jiffy.
Alright, next, I will roast the steaks in the other frying pan.
Paying attention to not get them scalded, I roast several steaks with a great feel while imagining them to be hot and humid.
I complemented the juice of the meat by adding the tomato sauce, causing a sizzling sound to originate.
Last, I place the hamburger steak on top of bread and lettuce, douse it with the finished tomato sauce, and voilà.
I arrange the hamburgers on three plates.

“We will carry it.” (Viine)

“Please.” (Shuuya)

“Nn, let’s go.” (Eva)

“I’m so looking forward to it. Let’s eat in the living room!” (Rebecca)

Everyone heads to the living room while carrying the plates with the food, impatient to take a bite.
They line up the plates at their respective seats.

“Time to dig in~” (Rebecca)

“Nn, meat dish, full of anticipation.” (Eva)

“Master! My saliva is accumulating!” (Viine)

Viine is somewhat blunt, unlike a lady.

“Let’s eat? I think the sauce and meat are delicious.” (Shuuya)

“Good appetite.”

“Nn, great.” (Eva)

“…The bread is hard, but the meat goes well together with the sauce. It’s so tasty.”


What a relief. It looks like the taste is okay.
The three girls and Rollo look satisfied as they joyfully wolf down their share.
Rollo’s mouth even became red around her whiskers, as if she is not eating a hamburg steak but raw meat.

“…What about you, Shuuya?”

“Ah, I will eat now.” (Shuuya)

“It’s delicious. That’s why you have to eat it while it’s still warm.”

For some reason, Rebecca acts naggy like a mother.
Without replying to her, though, I enjoy the food together with everyone.

“…Mm, great.” (Shuuya)

Rather than a hamburger, it’s a Salisbury steak, but well, I guess that’s the taste I was looking for.
In the middle, I take out a melon-like fruit and eat it with everyone while drinking black sweet water mixed with ice.
That’s how we spent a peaceful and enjoyable afternoon.

“Well then, the sun will go down soon, so I will go back to the restaurant.” (Eva)

“Ah, I will go back home together with you.” (Rebecca)

Eva and Rebecca leave their seats while stretching themselves.

“Okay, shall I escort you?” (Shuuya)

“No, I talked with Rebecca before. We will stop by some stores.” (Eva)

“Yeah, yeah.” (Rebecca)

Eva and Rebecca are apparently going shopping. They still have some energy left, huh?

“Understood. Then I will invite you the next time we go to the labyrinth again.” (Shuuya)

“Oki. Is it fine for me to come here occasionally… or rather, every day when I have time?” (Rebecca)

“Didn’t I tell you before? Sure, go for it. Ah, I suppose there will be times where you’ll be troubled without a key. Therefore, I will give you this key in advance―” (Shuuya)

I take out duplicate keys from my pocket and throw one each to Rebecca and Eva.

“―Thanks.” (Rebecca)

“―Nn, I want to come here as often as I can, too.” (Eva)

Rebecca and Eva catch the keys.

“Don’t worry and come over whenever you want. Just make sure that it won’t affect your work at the restaurant, okay?” (Shuuya)

“Nn.” (Eva)

Eva smiles angelically, then moves her wheelchair outside the living room.
Falling behind, Rebecca follows in order to push the wheelchair from behind.

“Cya then~” (Rebecca)

While enjoying helping out her dear friend, Rebecca roughly descends the small stairs in front of the house.
Eva looks in surprise at Rebecca and laughs.
While chuckling happily together, both of them cross the courtyard and vanish out of sight through the opened front gate.
Now then, I guess I will head over to 【Lodging Moon of the Labyrinth】 to meet with Mel and the others after taking a bath.
Hastening the matter with her wanting me to get in contact with Kazane is…
Aww man, it’s slightly annoying.

“…I will take a bath and then go to Lodging Moon.” (Shuuya)

『Your Excellency, if you want, I will clean you.』 (Helme)

『Nah, sorry. This time, I will take a normal bath.』 (Shuuya)

『Okay.』 (Helme)

I quickly wrap up the telepathic communication with Helme.

“Understood. I will put the tableware away, and then sweep the place.” (Viine)

“Aight, I leave it to you.” (Shuuya)

Viine nodded with a smile, placed the goblets and dirty plates on a big tray, and carried all of it to the kitchen.
I don’t really want to make her handle such chores, though.
I have to hire someone like a maid, after all, I guess.
This is the Martial Arts District, so I think there are few burglars, but, just in case, it would be better if someone was at home, keeping a watch when I am out exploring.
Though it would certainly be funny if burglars visited.
A beautiful thief like cat woman would be more than welcomed.


“Rollo, we are going to take a bath~” (Shuuya)

Rollo swung her tail and walked after me, excited.
We go up the wooden spiral stairs together and move to the bathtub room in the tower through the veranda on the second floor.
Removing my equipment, I pour hot water into the tub while laying myself inside.
Rollo enters the tub by jumping.

“Nyaoon, nya!”

She repeated the strange challenge of trying to climb the narrow rim of the tub.
However, as it’s slippery, she falls into the tub and becomes wet in the process, making her look funny. Really cute…

“…Rollo, stop it with the weird challenge. I’m going to wash your body, okay?” (Shuuya)


Rollo-san uses a different vocal tone than usual.
Grabbing the neckband of the sliding Rollo, I wash her by scrubbing her with soap as usual.
After I washed myself completely as well, I submerge in the hot water.
I relax for a bit, loosening my nerves, and then get out.
I dry my body with a leather cloth and get my personal appearance in order.
In the middle of drying the thick, black fur of Rollo, who looks thin with her wet body, with a leather cloth, she ended up running away.

“―Rollo, I’m going down to the first floor first.” (Shuuya)


It seems as though she has climbed the roof at the end of the veranda. She answers me with just a throaty groan.
I guess that’s her way of playing around.
Passing under the tear-shaped doorway and going past the fireplace, I return to the first floor by descending the spiral stairs.

“Master, are you going to depart?” (Viine)

“Yeah, but Viine, feel free to take a bath. It’s slightly dirty, but there’s still hot water in the earthenware bucket.” (Shuuya)

“Ah, thank you. I will enter quickly then.” (Viine)

“Sure.” (Shuuya)

Viine ran up the spiral stairs.
Meanwhile, I leave towards the courtyard.
I’m just out of the bath, but… well, who cares. I will do some light training.
Standing in the middle of the courtyard, my training spot, I energetically open the overcoat to the left and right.
After stretching my arms out as if feeling the wind, I summon the Magic Halberd in my right hand.
My look becomes sharp at once, like a hunter ready to pounce at his prey. And then, the instant I glared at the stone floor, I push out the halberd to the front while focusing on twisting my whole body with my waist lowered and unleash <Thrust>.
The red spearhead pierces the empty space like a flash of thunder.
At that point, while checking my footwork as I concentrate on inclining my body weight forward, I summon the Cursed Sword Beet in my left hand.
I execute an upwards slash, linking it with a downward one with the sword.
As I mow down the halberd, I imagine hitting the torso of an enemy.
Making my body rotate sideways, I move from the courtyard close to the front gate.
Then I focus on my feet, stopping the rotation.
I erase the sword and jump by strongly kicking the stone ground with Magic Combat Step while switching over to a two-handed hold of the halberd, using the Wind Spear Style. Right on the heels of that, the moment my feet touch the wall close to the gate, I run along that wall.
The image is of a ninja.
Without resisting gravity, I run along the wall with the barely necessary momentum and then using it as a springboard, I make a triangular jump while twisting my body.
I swing down my halberd towards the lawn located in the corner and make the red ax blade impact with the ground.
The lawn is torn off, and the soil bursts open due to the sheer force behind the strike.
Oh shit, I got caught up in the moment and hit it without stopping the blow.
In a hurry, I gather the soil and forcibly fill up the hole.
―Phew, I think this should do the trick…
I guess I will stop the training around here and check on the slaves.
I make the halberd rotate on my palm while walking across the courtyard.
When I enter the common-use room after pushing the door open, the slaves are just in the middle of a friendly chat, gathered around the table in the middle.
The remains of their meal are also visible.
Looks like one of them made it.
No wonder; there’s a kitchen in the inner part of this room, after all.

“Ah, Master.” (Fuu)

Fuu notices me first and immediately greets me.
The others see me too, stand up all at once, and come running over.

“Yo, I guess you just finished your dinner?” (Shuuya)

All of them have relaxed expressions, the fatigue of the exploration already washed away.
Besides, they are only wearing light, casual clothes.

“Yes! As we finished the cleaning, we took a break.”


“That’s right.”


As usual, Bia extends her snakey tongue and speaks, using a tone not befitting a slave.

“I see. Since the ingredients over there are probably going to rot if you leave them like that, you can freely put them in the refrigerator in the main building.” (Shuuya)

“Thank you very much.”

“Milord, how splendid and thoughtful of you.” (Bia)

“Yes, we are blessed. Not only had we our lives saved, even the equipment…”

I suppose I will try asking them a bit about maids.

“Say, I’m planning to employ maid-like servants. Do you know any company that you can recommend?” (Shuuya)


Fuu answers promptly while raising her hand before the others.

“And?” (Shuuya)

“There’s the move of receiving a referral from a company, but there’s also something called a servant guild. In there, various servants are registered, so it will be possible to hire someone right away.” (Fuu)

Hee, a servant guild, huh?
A recommendation from a company might be nice, too.
For example, if I have Chianelas introduce me…
The other day, the grim-faced employee with blonde hair who worked at the 【Unicorn Slave Company】
Chianelas might be able to introduce me to an excellent butler-like servant like Moros-san.

“Understood. I suppose I can get a referral to capable servants if I get an introduction from Chianelas, or in other words, the 【Unicorn Slave Company】 where you guys were sold?” (Shuuya)

“Yes. That’s for sure.” (Fuu)

Fuu states reassuringly.

“―Master!” (Viine)

“Viine.” (Shuuya)

She is standing at the entrance of the boarding house with a slightly flustered expression.

“What’s wrong?” (Shuuya)

“Ah, n-no, I was worried because I couldn’t find you anywhere…” (Viine)

Did she think that I would leave her behind?
Even though her silver mask is equipped, her silver hair is still a little wet. It is evident that she left in a hurry to find me.

“Don’t worry; I won’t leave you behind.” (Shuuya)

“Okay!” (Viine)

A smile bloomed on her face like a pretty flower with her apparently feeling honestly relieved.
What a lovely expression!

“It’s right after the labyrinth, so you can rest if you feel tired, you know?” (Shuuya)

“No, that’s unnecessary. I slept and took breaks in the labyrinth. I also finished my big and small business. Above all, since I’m a dark elf, this much won’t be any burden. I will clearly tell you if it gets too intense.” (Viine)

Seemingly having her pride hurt a bit, she replied while pouting.

“I see.” (Shuuya)

Deciding to leave the house-sitting to the slaves,

“You guys, we two are heading out. Please watch the house for me. Feel free to eat in the main building, too.” (Shuuya)



“Affirmative, I will eat.” (Bia)

“Please leave it to us.”

I feel uneasy about Bia’s line about eating, but whatever.
Viine and I turn around and leave the boarding house in tandem.


As I walk towards the front gate through the courtyard, Rollo becomes visible, running from the direction of the main building towards the courtyard, where we are, while raising a cry.

“You’re late, Rollo.” (Shuuya)


After approaching and rubbing her head against my foot, Rollo brings her head close to Viine’s foot as well.


Seemingly happy, Viine bent her knees so much that her panties became visible.
She caressed Rollo’s head while lowering her eyes.

“…We’re leaving.” (Shuuya)

Even while saying so, my eyes were caught in Viine’s seductive zone, but only heaven knows of that.



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