Chapter 159 – Magic Spear Blood Chain Master

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Seemingly feeling relieved, the warrior, who had suffered from the flame poison, is now sleeping.
It’s great that he was saved in time.
While focusing on smiling, I store the Blue Eye of the Evil Dragon King, which I had used to gloss over my Double Spell Effect and Chantless skills, back in my bag.
The thief-like man, who had the potion sprinkled on him, curiously stares at the Blue Eye, but…
I think I managed to deceive him, more or less.

“Thank you for saving Bins with a special magic tool. My name is Dolly. I’m leading the clan 【Savannah’s Eagle PartyPrairie Eagles】. Please tell me your name, fellow adventurer.” (Dolly)

The tall woman equipped with a bow, Dolly, politely bows her head.
It’s very likely that my chantless casting has been exposed to her.
But, she didn’t try to snoop around, understanding that every individual has his own secrets.

“…The name is Shuuya. I’m leading the party 【Innocent Arms】.”

“Innocent Arms… I see, thank you very much, Shuuya-san. Here, your gold coins.” (Dolly)

I’m given the lowest fee, as I had requested beforehand.
Meanwhile, whispers such as “It’s a party I’ve never heard of” could be heard from the members of 【Savannah’s Eagle PartyPrairie Eagles】.
I pretend not to have heard it since it’s the usual.

“Thanks. Well then, if you excuse us with this.” (Shuuya)

“Ah, where are you headed? Even though things may appear this way, we’re one of the six top clans. Maybe we can provide you with some useful information.” (Dolly)

Well, that makes sense.
I guess I will try asking whether the same monsters spawn below those two towers as in this area.

“…Then please tell me, do the same monsters spawn under those two towers as they do here?” (Shuuya)

“Of course, though their numbers grow, the closer you get. Besides, in front of the towers, there’s a ruin of the Ten Heavenly Evil Statues. Unknown monsters of an evil god spawn in that ruin. It will be fine if you go around, but the problem is the guardian Death EmperorDeath Lich, who sometimes happens to spawn in the vicinity of the towers’ entrance. Please be careful if you’re headed to the towers since the Ghost KnightDead Knight and Ghost PriestDeath Spirit, who follow the Death Emperor, are also powerful monsters.” (Dolly)

Dolly-san gives me a thorough explanation.

“Thanks. Bye then.” (Shuuya)

“Yes, take care.” (Dolly)

I give a light farewell, and then leave the camp of 【Savannah’s Eagle Party】, returning to my waiting companions.

“You heard her, right?” (Shuuya)

“Yes, a great number will spawn, but each time that happens, I’ll blow them away with my magic.” (Rebecca)

“Nn, I will do my best, too.” (Eva)

Rebecca and Eva exchange glances, and then show faces brimming with confidence.
While also nodding, Viine opens her mouth.

“Seeing as there’s a possibility of a guardian spawning nearby, ensuring the safety around us takes priority.” (Viine)

“True. I guess I will put the spirit Helme and the Dark Hell Bone Knights to use for indiscriminately hunting the surroundings on the map.” (Shuuya)

『Your Excellency, I’m happy…』 (Helme)

I ignore Helme.

“I heard the explanation a little bit ago, but you’re suggesting you will use Spirit-sama and those Burning Knights?”

Rebecca asks while staring at the skull ring I’m wearing with great interest.

“Yeah, that’s the plan for now.” (Shuuya)

『Please call me any time.』 (Helme)

『I know.』 (Shuuya)

As I’m telepathically talking with Helme while gazing at the ring,


Rollo, who’s resting on my shoulder, meows once.
Then she follows it with a tap on my shoulder.

“What’s up?” (Shuuya)

This time, it’s a reply with just her tail.
“The tip of my tentacle is pointing in the direction of the towers, so hurry up and let’s go hunting, nya” is her demand? I decipher the meaning of her waving tail.

“For the time being, we’ll head towards those towers, I suppose.” (Shuuya)

Since I am being rushed by Rollo, I start to walk towards the towers.


“Nn.” (Eva)

“Let’s go.”

“”Yes, master!””

All of them reveal expressions of motivating themselves in their own ways and then begin accompanying me towards our goal.
After a while, a temple-like ruin surrounded by a small wall and with a stone gate comes into sight, just as Dolly had said.
Behind the stone gate is a broad, descending stairway.
Further down the stairs, it’s really dark, making it unclear what’s lying ahead.
However, there is a hint that something might really crawl out from down there.
I explore it with Grasping Perception… Yet, from here, I don’t sense any of the magic sources located underground.

“Do you feel like dropping in on the way?”

“No, I only looked, wondering what it’s like.”

Do unknown enemies of an evil god really appear in this underground ruin?
A large bug connected to the evil god, who was pulling the strings of the small bug that brainwashed Fuu, might pop up down there.
I’m slightly curious, but for now, the map takes priority.

“Let’s proceed by going around it.” (Shuuya)

“Yeah.” (Rebecca)

We go around the wall and head towards the two towers located westwards while making several breaks.
Flame Poison WolvesGlow Wolves, Acid Bone SwordsmenClash Swordsmen, and Bone CastersMagic Bones appear in great numbers along the way, but we defeat them at a good pace.
After night passed, we could finally see the entrances of the two towers.
A giant-mouth-like stone door, huh?
Below that door, some adventurers are fighting against a bone warrior and bone wizard I haven’t seen so far.
Those are guardian-ranked monsters?

“The skeletons around this area seem to have been annihilated. However, the ones they are fighting over there are guardians, right?”

I talk while pointing a finger at the two towers.

“Certainly, a skeleton is a skeleton, but their size and appearance are slightly different from the types seen to date.” (Viine)

Viine remarks while holding a hand against her forehead.

“Nn. The one wearing that black and yellow vestment is the Death Emperor. The skeleton riding a bone horse is the Ghost Knight, and the one clad in a blue robe is the Ghost Priest. That’s what’s written in the monster book.” (Eva)

Eva opens the book and reads out of it while hovering a finger above the descriptions.

“That book of yours is a big help, thanks.” (Shuuya)

“Nn, I’m happy that it served its purpose.” (Eva)

Oh man, what an angelic smile.
Her violet and Rebecca’s blue eyes, both have an unbeatable charm…
Now then, let’s have another look at the problematic Death Emperor.

“…That Death Emperor is holding something similar to a halberd. Also, it’s unleashing black magic slashes while slowly swaying. It looks strong…”

“True. That shield-bearing warrior, who’s clad in an aura, is defending cleverly, but it’s also letting a black spear butt technique fly at the sorcerer in the rear, as if throwing the spear. Honestly, that’s scary…” (Rebecca)

Rebecca’s face had certainly become pale.
No doubt, that thing spells trouble.
I guess I will have the rear guards create some distance.
If we’re going to fight them, I have to pull those three gorgeous bone guys at the start.

“Nn, Rebecca, it will be fine because Shuuya will finish them off.” (Eva)

Eva encourages Rebecca to wipe away her worries.
Though that put a little bit of pressure on me.

“Well, that’s true as well. I’ll focus on my own job, and Shuuya will do his best.” (Rebecca)

Rebecca looks at me while smiling sweetly.
My heart ends up beating a bit faster because she’s friggin’ cute.

“…Aye.” (Shuuya)

As we are having such an exchange, the party, which fought the guardian, ran away.
Eeeh… for real?
Leaving only the shield-bearing warrior behind, all the other members have turned around, running in our direction.
Targeting the deserted warrior, the Death Emperor raises its long-handled weapon overhead.
At the same time, the weapon that’s bending at the tip releases a shock-wave of darkness, and a unique darkness field extends in a circular shape.
The warrior, who had been left behind, was wrapped up by the encroaching darkness, falling under the influence of the field magic.
Next, the mounted Ghost Knight charges at the warrior, whose movements have already become dull, while holding a lance.
The powerful lance charge, carried by the vigor of the bone horse, clashes into the warrior.
This is bad, isn’t it?
I thought so, but the warrior released an intense aura at that point and fully blocked that lance charge.
Good going. I admire him, but his posture has fallen apart.
At that moment, the Ghost Priest joins the fray by spreading its blue robe, and ice pebbles are fired at the warrior from it.
The warrior, with his shaky stance, is stabbed by the incoming projectiles.
His blood dances in the air as he’s unable to block several of them, but he still tries to retreat while using his shield.
Even while being showered by the concentrated fire of the three monsters, he avoided a lethal blow, refusing to fall.
I can’t see his expression, but that warrior is struggling for his life all by himself.
While being angry at the escaping members, I address everyone.

“Hey, is that possibly desertion?” (Shuuya)

“L-Looks like it…”

“Master, what are we going to do?”

Of course, I answer Viine according to her expectations.

“I want to rescue that cool warrior. And I’ll get the ball rolling. After I have gathered the aggro on me at the start, Viine, Rebecca, and Eva, you will prioritize evasion while staying in the back. Read the situation, and then begin firing long-range attacks.” (Shuuya)

I issued the instructions while putting force into my tone.

“Yes!” (Viine)

“Got it.” (Rebecca)

“Nn.” (Eva)

I look at the faces of my friends and nod with a smile, appreciating their understanding.
Next, I turned a stern look at the slaves.

“You guys devote yourself to covering my friends and yourselves. Consider this as a preliminary encounter in preparation for the magic treasure map. Don’t unreasonably step up to the front, and only care about back-up. Got it?” (Shuuya)

I seriously tell them while also gesturing with my hands.
They are combat forces I obtained by investing money for the sake of my friends, so it will be a bummer if they end up getting killed in a place like this.

“Yes!” (Souther)

“Understood!” (Mamani)

Souther and Mamani acknowledge at once.

“Certainly!” (Fuu)

Fuu speaks while bowing her head.

“I want to charge, as well.” (Bia)

Only Bia denies my words while extending her snake tongue out of her mouth.

“You seem to be an Armed Knight Leader. Use that sturdy body of yours to protect the magicians in our party.” (Shuuya)

“My Lord! You have the same mesmerizing way of speaking as mine father! I swear on my name as Armed Knight Leader, I shall protect the magicians with my life!” (Bia)

The two eyes of Bia dilute due to her excitement.
She bows after touching the left and right of her three breasts, and then moves close to Rebecca, not Fuu.
Well, that’s fine, I guess.
After confirming that my orders are carried out to a tee, I turn my eyes in Rollo’s direction.

“Rollo!” (Shuuya)


Rollo immediately responds after hearing my order, transforming into her Horse Lion form with its powerful limbs.
She grabs me by coiling a tentacle around my waist and places me on top of her back.
In concert, I open the Illias Overcloak and summon the Magic Halberd in my right hand.
I also invoke <Magic Hand guided by Thought>.
At the same time, Rollo’s rein tentacle connected to my nape, causing us to share our senses.

“Let’s go!” (Shuuya)

While actually experiencing the permanent skill <Divine Beast Serene Mind ・ Soaring>, we explosively dash across the bleak wasteland in one breath.
A sole rider gallops across the prairie.
Yeah, that’s right, as if I’ve become Lǚ Bù.
On the way, I don’t spare a single look at the people who ran away while injured.

“Ah! Help―”

Those words didn’t enter my ears, though.
Ignoring them, I have RollodeenHorse Lion approach by running towards the huge stone door, the entrance of the two towers.
―The lone warrior was still alive.
He has the face of a youth and a large build.
Without any questions asked, I make <Magic Hand guided by Thought> head towards that warrior.
The crooked magic hand, which is tied together by strings of mana, seizes the warrior’s body.
I drag the shield and armor worn by the warrior out of the black field using the distorted magic hand without minding the large finger-shaped indentations.
Simultaneously, I activate several <Chain Spear of the Ray System>.
The light spears, which fly with speed as if cutting instantly through the air, hit the torsos of the Death Emperor, the Ghost Knight, and the Ghost Priest.


Their screams make my ears hurt.
As expected of the light attribute, it seems to naturally work on them.
The three had their movements stopped after being caught in the light nets that split off the light spears’ back.
We run past them on the side in order to get away from the Death Emperor and his goons that cannot move.
I have succeeded in safely extricating the warrior out of the black field.
At a slightly distant point, I toss the warrior away.
Just when he stopped rolling while adopting a defensive stance, the rescued warrior turned his face in my direction, but it’s a face full of surprise as he obviously doesn’t understand what’s going on.
At that moment, I sense a magic source response.
It was the Ghost Knight riding its bone horse.
Holding its dark red lance at the side, it’s charging this way.
The hole, caused by the <Chain Spear of the Ray System>, is still present in its black torso and painful to look at, but it appears that it got out of the light net.
Besides, as it’s riding a bone horse, its agility seems to be rather high.
It came chasing us as a vanguard.
I can see that the Death Emperor and the Ghost Knight are pursuing me from slightly behind the Ghost Knight while slowly swaying in the air.
The <Chain Spear of the Ray System> attack hasn’t shown much of an effect, now has it?
It looked good and had the light attribute, so I thought it was effective, but…
Well, for the time being, I managed to have them focus on me at least.
As I’m thinking that, Rollodeen extends four tentacle bone swords towards the Ghost Knight’s bone horse and destroys its legs by piercing them.
The Ghost Knight splendidly tumbles over.
The bone horse falls down, obviously getting entangled with the Ghost Knight, and crashes into the ground.
The bone horse scatters into pieces with its head bent and its bone torso broken, leaving a magic stone behind.
The Ghost Knight, who had mounted the bone horse, stands up shakily, but its head was snapped at the neck and bent towards the back. It started to walk towards right behind.
I laugh a bit due to the comical scene.
Now then, I don’t have so much free time to stand here laughing. A lance for a lance.
Out of a weird enthusiasm, I hold the Magic Halberd at my right side and advance.

“Rollo, raise the speed.” (Shuuya)


Rollodeen understands my intention.
She begins to dash, explosively kicking up the ground in the process and causing the dirt to rise from her hoofs.
It’s a full-power motional work of her powerful limbs.
Strangely, the headwind isn’t as intense as it should have been.
Is <Divine Beast Serene Mind ・ Soaring> in the middle of evolving? It seems that mana particles can also be produced in Rollodeen’s case.
The red spear, which is at the tip of the Magic Halberd that emitted visible particles to the outside, created a crimson streamline as if it had become an arrowhead, tearing through the wind.
Closing in on the Ghost Knight with its bent-back head in an instant, the red spear of the Magic Halberd’s lance charge bores into the core of its black torso.
The Ghost Knight bends in the shape of a く, and the red spear easily breaks through the black armor.
Just like that, the Ghost Knight’s torso was split to the top and bottom.
The body remains, which were cut in two, fall to the ground, and a big magic stone appeared from the remains of the corpse.
Rollodeen, who has stopped running at this point, looks upward while making her mature, aerodynamic face turn around.


Out of delight to have brought down her enemy, she roars to make her conquest resound through the wastelands.
The triumphant voice of a beast.
How cool.
Once we brought down the Ghost Knight with a lance charge that can be called a combination technique with Rollodeen, the Death Emperor and the Ghost Priest, who approached while floating wobbly, turned angry.



They let out screams that make me sense a peculiar grudge in them.
I don’t know what they are saying.
But, did the Death Emperor, who was clad in a gorgeous vestment using black and yellow colors, change its vestment?
The instant the black parts of the vestment shine ominously, countless tentacles sprang forth out of them.
All of them are accurately targeting me who’s sitting on Rollodeen.
The movements of the black tentacles are fast, too fast in fact.
Rollodeen counterattacks, as if saying a tentacle for a tentacle. She didn’t produce more than the six tentacles as until now, but she attacked the enemy’s tentacles and made them scatter.
However, the tentacles of the other side have an overwhelming superiority in numbers, so she can’t make up for it.
Even while admiring that Rollodeen’s tentacles were capable of moving even in such a way, black tentacles, which she couldn’t intercept or completely handle, head in my direction.
I immediately jump off Rollodeen to make some space for maneuvering.
I evade the tentacles aimed for my head, but as if targeting for the moment right after I land, the black tentacles gather and draw near me altogether.
I cut the approaching tentacles with my halberd, tracing the figure of 8 in midair.
Once the black tentacles are touched by the red ax blade, they vanish alongside a sizzling sound.
However, that doesn’t even make a dent on the amount of continuously approaching black tentacles.
Even as I’m swiftly dodging while stepping on the ground by consciously making use of my toes, the black tentacles chase after me like a bunch of bees.
How persistent. It feels as though I’m taking on countless octopuses and squids.
At that point, the Ghost Priest starts to rapid-fire ice spells.
Transforming the magic hand of <Magic Hand guided by Thought> and <Chain> into shields, I switch over to defense and ward off the ice pebbles by dodging or repelling them, but as might be expected, not all of the attacks can be handled with this.
At the spot where my overcloak is hit, violet sparks are scattered in all directions. A part of my foot and right arm are also stabbed by the ice pebbles.
Though, I cannot feel the pain.
Right away, I invoke <Chain Spear of the Ray System> and chainfire it.
A group of five beam-like light spears heads in a straight line towards the Death Emperor and the Ghost Priest while piercing through the black tentacles approaching along their path.
The light spears directly land on the torsos of the Death Emperor and the Ghost Priest, penetrating them while creating dazzling, bluish-white flashes.
Pheew, finally. The rain of tentacles and ice pebbles ceased.



Being caught in the light nets that have split off the light spears, both of them raise pained groans.
However, the instant the Death Emperor holds up its black halberd, a darkish sphere spews forth, wrapping up its body.
Next, the Ghost Priest also comes under the effect of the sphere.
At that moment, the light spears, which had pierced those guys, disappear like smoke.
So that’s why, huh?
Even the light spears I fired some time ago were apparently blocked by the special spell or skill of the Death Emperor.
While I am indulged in those thoughts, Rollo, who has made some distance, transforms from the Horse version into the Gryphon version of her Horse Lion form.
RollodeenHuge Lion widely opens her mouth and spits out a fire breath.
The fire surge, which might also be called a flame tempest, scorches across the wasteland.
The huge Death Emperor and the medium-sized Death Priest are swallowed up by the large fire tsunami.
Besides, the wasteland’s ground is also melting…
The raging temperature gives the impression of space and all things being evaporated.
I experience an extreme heatwave, but luckily, this fire breath has direction.
It doesn’t reach my vicinity.

『As expected of Rollo-sama. Flames surpassing King class… how scary!』 (Helme)

Helme, who has appeared in my visual field, turns ghastly pale, precisely because she’s a water spirit.
Once the surging waves of fire have settled down and abated, the Ghost Priest also vanished along with it.
Seemingly, it had evaporated without leaving a single trace behind.
However, the Death Emperor has survived.
Its big skull, which was festered with burn marks, and its whole body, which is smoldering in a bright red color, are exposing their skeleton form.
And yet, it regenerates right away.
Even the vestment, which covered its body, was restored, albeit changing from black to a pure white color, and it returned to its initial state of holding a long wand in its hand.

『To live through Rollo-sama’s flame, how tough! Your Excellency, I shall sortie as well!』 (Helme)

『Aye.』 (Shuuya)

Helme is released from my left eye in a spiral as liquid.
While morphing from her liquid shape into a human shape in midair, she unleashes ice pebbles towards the Death Emperor from her blue hands.
Moreover, the attacks of my friends, who arrived with a delay, start as well.
Rebecca’s fireball directly hits its bone head.
Viine’s beam arrow stabs into its shoulder.
Eva’s metallic chakram, which are wrapped up in a violet aura of her mana, cut its torso.
Fuu’s earth pebbles pierce its bone foot.
Mamani’s iron arrow gets stuck in its torso.
Bia’s javelin pierced its foot.
After regenerating, the Death Emperor suffered from a continuous barrage of attacks.
Its skull burned, apparently melting. The instant the green snakes of the beam arrow penetrated its shoulder, they exploded like fireworks.
It has its shoulder blown off, countless holes in its bone feet, its white vestment torn, and countless cut scratches have been produced over its entire skeletal structure by the chakram.
This must have worked, right? Mmh?
With those attack waves seemingly being effective, the Death Emperor raises a strange voice and suddenly begins to turn around while emitting a gust of mana.
What? Wind?
It makes a shock-wave-like wind spell simultaneously expand all around it.
Rollodeen and I quickly create some distance, getting away from its move.
Helme withdraws by flying up in the sky and then landing on the opposite side of my friends.
From there, she once again shoots ice pebbles at the Death Emperor.
However, probably because the wind magic acts as a barrier, Helme’s ice pebbles don’t reach the Death Emperor and are repelled.
Rebecca, Eva, and Fuu shoot spells and Viine a beam arrow targeting that wind barrier, but being exposed to the barrier’s wind, the attacks are either pushed back or absorbed without causing the barrier to vanish.
It seems wind blades are incessantly flying about within the barrier that’s located around the Death Emperor.
Countless linear scars are created in all directions of the wasteland’s ground, as if it was gouged out and removed.
If I had stayed inside that, I would have been chopped up for good.
Moreover, it’s already regenerating its damage. The gorgeous vestment now changed into a green color.
Incredible. As might be expected of a guardian. It’s so tough and strong that it deserves my respect.
An impregnable defense. But, at the same time, it apparently can’t attack us from within that wind barrier.
So it’s a temporary stalemate.
The black eyes inside the Death Emperor’s skeleton face’s eye sockets are bordered by crimson color and shine ominously.
It felt as if it’s glaring at me with its eyes.
The slaves also begin performing range attacks or throwing stones, which they had picked up, at the Death Emperor from a distance, but all of them are blocked by that wind barrier.
Just how long is that impregnable wind barrier going to last…?
Mmh, wait. If it’s my chains… I can immediately shift to the offense.
While running sideways, I raise my left hand overhead and shoot out <Chain>.
The target is its head…
The chain, flying at a speed that exceeds that of bullets, easily pierces through the wind barrier and goes straight for the Death Emperor’s head.
Just like that, the chain penetrates its bone skull and pulverizes it into pieces.
The wind barrier ceased.
This chain is really awesome. It’s definitely evolving.




My friends and the slaves let out cheers, but the Death Emperor is still alive on the other hand. It’s like a cockroach that refuses to die.
Even with its head pulverized, it still floats and holds up its long wand.

“It’s still alive!?”

Rebecca is surprised.
Certainly, it’s tenacious. However, how about this then?
I focus on <Blood Mana> and open the <Second Gate> at the same time.
I spread my hand left and right and “focus on blood,” causing blood to be released from the skin on both my arms.
Simultaneously, I trigger <Banquet of Blood Chains>, one of the strongest techniques which I derived from <Chain Factor>.

※The conditions for Magic Spear Blood Chain Master are met※
※Combat Occupation – Class up※
※Combining <Magic Spear Darkness Warrior> and <Chain User> and classing up into <Magic Spear Blood Chain Master>※
※Piiing※ Blood Path – Third Gate※ Permanent skill acquired.
※Piiing※ Blood AccelerationBloody Accelerator※ Skill acquired.
※Piiing※ Beginning of Dusk ※ Skill acquired.
※Piiing※ Dusk’s StakeDusk of Lancer ※ Skill acquired.
※Conditions for a skill derived from Extra Skill Chain Factor are met※
※Piiing※ Blood Chain SearchBlood Dowsing ※ Skill acquired.
※Piiing※ Dimension of Darkness Blood ChainDark Dimension Chain ※ Skill acquired.

Oooh, seriously?
I acquired a new combat occupation and skills.
Alongside the sounds of the class up and skill acquisitions, countless blood chains, which are growing out of my hands, surround the Death Emperor’s whole body.
The blood chains simultaneously stab and penetrate the Death Emperor from all possible angles, devouring it greedily as the blood chains’ enclosure gradually continues to shrink in radius.
While having its entire body penetrated as if wrapped up by a serpent, the Death Emperor is smashed and pressed into a globe while obviously being bent, compressed, and crushed to death.
Even the long wand, which was in the middle of activating magic, broke in a flash due to the blood chains, turning into useless pieces.
Each and every one of my slaves and friends have frightened expressions due to that brutal scene…
Yes, everyone seems to harbor feelings of horror not towards the Death Emperor, but towards me.
I know this even without using the Inhalation of Odor Technique.
I guess I went too far…
I think they have vaguely realized, but let’s explain it away as a new skill and ward off the awkwardness.

※Piiing※ <Factor Engraving Increase> ※ Permanent skill acquired.

Whoa, it looks like the Death Emperor died just now.
I am surprised that it was such a tough guardian, but at the same time, I am also startled after obtaining new skills for my chains.
Is it because I use the chains a lot? Or because my opponents have been powerful? I don’t know, but…
If I use this skill, I can increase the number of Factors by one.
As I am pondering that, a gigantic magic stone, which seems to be the one of the Death Emperor, falls to the ground.
I focus on removing <Banquet of Blood Chains> by manipulating the chains.
In an instant, the countless blood chains disappeared, fading into oblivion.
The intense bleeding from my arms suddenly stops, too.


Rollo purrs once.
Returning to her kitten form, she adorably runs to me and jumps on my shoulder.

“Rollo, the number of tentacles before was really amazing, wasn’t it? When are you going to reach the point of being able to use that many?” (Shuuya)

“N, nya?”

Rollo tilts her head to the side.
Going by this reaction, it seems as if she isn’t overly conscious of her tentacles.

“Master, those two arms of yours! Are they injured? I’ll apply a healing potion right away!” (Viine)

“Ah, Viine. Don’t worry about it. Here… look, I drank it, so the wounds are going to disappear.” (Shuuya)

I deceive her with a smile while gulping a healing potion, which I took out of my bandolier.
Since I have already exposed to Viine that I’m a kind of vampire anyway, she’s fine, but as I still haven’t told my friends for the time being, I perform such light play to trick them.
Rebecca and Eva come rushing over to me.
The slaves follow after a slight pause, too.
As Rebecca asks with a worried face,

“Are you really alright?” (Rebecca)

a blue flame flickers within her blue eyes.

“Yeah, I am.” (Shuuya)

I smile to give her peace of mind.

“Shuuya, that just now was incredible! Red chains with a shoo-shoo and then shoo-shoo. A new technique?” (Eva)

Eva frantically tries to reproduce the chains with her black tonfa while jolting her wheelchair, her violet eyes sparkling.

“Yeah. With it, I was able to defeat the guardian.” (Shuuya)

“Nn, we have to collect the magic stones.” (Eva)

Eva nods with an angelic smile.
The slaves have expressions as if they just realized that we have won and look at each other.
Obviously having remembered their own job, they quickly shift towards collecting the magic stones.



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