Chapter 152 – High-Class Combat Slaves

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We leave the mansion together with Chianelas and proceed towards the gate while passing through the beautiful garden.
Arriving there, we could see a special, rectangle carriage waiting in front of the entrance.
Oh, I have already seen such a huge carriage before.
Once Chianelas approaches the carriage from behind, its back door opens automatically.
A wooden ramp extends to the ground from the carriage’s lower part.

“I’d like us to travel there in this carriage. Please, everyone, get in as well.” (Chianelas)

After showing his characteristic smile, Chianelas walks up the ramp and enters our ride.

“It sure is a big carriage.” (Rebecca)

“We will board it, too.” (Shuuya)

“Nn.” (Eva)

“Yes.” (Viine)

We follow Chianelas in the carriage.
Sofa chairs are lined up side-by-side inside.
Right in the middle, there is a small table and a cabinet.
The ceiling has crystal light sources.
In front, there’s a square window with a wooden frame, and the back of the coachmen handling the reins could be seen through it.
Well, I must say it’s a luxurious carriage.
That’s probably how a Rolls-Royce for VIPs feels.

“Now, now, please take a seat, everybody. We are going to head to my slave company.” (Chianelas)

“Y-Yeah.” (Shuuya)

I sit down on the sofa while looking around.
Everyone else also settles down in the sofas covered with reddish-brown leather.
Eva waits at the entrance of the carriage because of her wheelchair, and it looks like she won’t head deeper.
Once we are all seated while feeling nervous, Chianelas bangs on the front part of the carriage.
At that moment, the carriage begins to move.
It might be because the road is paved, but…
The carriage doesn’t jolt as much as I had expected.
It might actually be a real high-class coach, though.
As I’m harboring such thoughts about our current ride, Chianelas addresses me.

“Shuuya-san, what kind of slave are you looking for?” (Chianelas)

What kind of slave, huh?
Well, I guess I can tell him as it’s nothing more than a wish.

“They should be experienced in the deeper parts of the labyrinth… and if possible, it would be great for them to be strong and beautiful.” (Shuuya)

“Talking about deeper parts, do you mean the 11th floor said to be the lowest at the present time?” (Chianelas)

When Chianelas hears my words, one of his golden eyebrows twitches, and he asks me for confirmation.
As expected, the 11th floor would be unreasonable, I think.
For the time being, I will simply hear him out, though.

“…It’d be great if such slaves existed.” (Shuuya)

“If it’s about the role of a porter to simply carry the luggage there, it will be best to use several slaves.” (Chianelas)

He affirms readily.
They exist? Albeit only for the sake of transporting luggage.
I suppose it will be alright as long as the crystal room, the transfer room, remains safe.
Chianelas keeps on talking, obviously enjoying my amazed reactions.

“…However, when it comes to combat slaves that can fight the monsters appearing on the 11th floor, there are none, of course. After all, such slaves are highly sought after personnel even for the six top clans.” (Chianelas)

“Well, that makes sense.” (Shuuya)

“Yes. But there are several average veteran adventurers, who have experience down to the 8th floor, among the high-class combat slaves owned by me… and, I have gathered quite a number of slaves that can be considered strong though having little labyrinth experience.” (Chianelas)

Combat slaves possessing experience down to the 8th floor, huh?
That would be ideal. I’m also curious about the guys that seem strong while having little experience.

“That makes me look forward to your slaves.” (Shuuya)

“That’s most fortuitous. As a matter of fact, the other day, right after I parted with you, Shuuya-san, I got my hands on usable combat slaves after pulling various strings. I was also able to prepare a person befitting for the Underground Auction.” (Chianelas)

For real? You’re a genuine go-getter, it seems.
Nevertheless, you’ve got thick chest hair even though it’s not visible right now.

“…Up to such a standard? I’m now really expectant. Let’s hope I fancy some of them” (Shuuya)

I say while looking at Chianelas with admiration.

“Yes.” (Chianelas)

Chianelas smiles while brimming with confidence, seemingly the backbone of slave traders.
Around an hour passes as we continue a conversation between the merchant and his valued customer. Then the carriage comes to a halt, stopping our chatter.
The coach’s rear is lifted, and the door opens. Next, the ramp extends towards the ground like a red carpet.
I wonder whether it’s early afternoon? The carriage seems to be on the main street.
Even from inside, one could see many people coming and going.

“We’ve arrived. Let’s get off.” (Chianelas)

“Yes.” (Shuuya)

Everybody exits the carriage using the ramp.

“The building made out of red bricks in front of us houses my company, 【Unicorn Slave Trade】.” (Chianelas)

Chianelas suddenly spreads an arm, giving a light introduction.
That building has one floor and extends widely to the sides with its brick walls, covering a large area.
An Art Deco style with bilateral symmetry.
Even at the entrance, a great number of sculptures as exquisite pieces of art are lined up.
It feels like a western-styled house where some high-ranking noble lives.

“I will lead you around then.” (Chianelas)

Saying so, Chianelas bows to us and walks towards his company.
We hurriedly follow him.

“Nn, it’s easy to enter with the floor being paved.” (Eva)

Advancing her wheelchair, Eva appreciated while passing through the entranceway.
If I’m not mistaken, the floor uses stones similar to concrete.
It’s a gentle slope, or in other words, barrier-free.
I wonder whether it’s been simply built with impediment removal by chance, but it’s still wonderful, enabling Eva to move her wheels smoothly.

“It’s slightly different from other places as it has a slope for convenience.”


Eva nods in agreement.
As expected, you won’t find such an entranceway elsewhere.
Once we ascend the gentle, stone ramp, a big entrance door greets us.
That entrance door has already been widely opened for us.
Once Chianelas approaches the door, a group of servants appears from within in succession to receive Chianelas.

“Welcome home, master.”

“”Welcome home.””

“Aye. It’s the important clients I mentioned before, so make sure to not be rude to them. We will go to the hall where the slaves are waiting.” (Chianelas)

“—Yes, master!”

Exhibiting a behavior befitting for a slave trader in order to show his pride, Chianelas enters the brick architecture while accompanied by the servants.
Instead of Chianelas, who disappeared inside, a single person—apparently the representative of the servants—stands in front of us.
He is a middle-aged man with a splendidly arranged swept-back hairstyle for his silver hair and a refined face that has all hair except for a goatee shaved off neatly.

“Well then, everyone, please come this way.”

The stylish servant greets us politely, turns on his heels, and advances through the hallway.
His conduct is crying “The Butler” all over.
The place we are led to isn’t a common guest room but a big hall, seemingly remodeled.
The slaves we are looking for are all here, as it’s apparently the place where they are living.
Judging from their appearances… it’s a mix of various races.
Big rooms separated by cage-like iron bars have been set up at various places in the hall, and all kinds of things have been provided to them inside.
Since they are surrounded by iron bars, it’s easy to see their activities.
Despite the restrictions, they seem to have everything they need for living.
Compared to poor people surviving on the streets like beggars, it’s a lifestyle that makes one believe that the lives of the slaves here are much better… the combat slaves have been simply locked up in the iron-barred spaces, visibly living without any discomfort.
Once we enter that hall, the eyes of the slaves all at once focus on us.

“The ones given private rooms here are high-class combat slaves.”

The servant explains to us from the side.
Private rooms, eh? They are inside cages, but the livingware is certainly luxurious.

“Moros, you did well. Return to your post.” (Chianelas)

Chianelas approaches while giving his instruction to the silver-haired servant.

“Yes, master—” (Moros)

So that servant is called Moros-san, huh?
Moros-san moves swiftly behind Chianelas, joining the row of the other servants.

“Now that we all have gathered in one place, wait a moment, please… you guys!” (Chianelas)


Chianelas lowers his head towards us once, raises it, claps his hands towards the servants waiting on him in the rear, and starts to give out directions.
The ordered servants spread out to all the rooms located inside the hall as loud voices ordering the slaves become audible all over.
And then the high-class slaves are gathered where we are.
…So these are high-class slaves?
The one that draws my attention first is a mixed breed of human and snake.
Its lower half is completely that of a thick snake, and despite being one, its scales are beautiful to look at.
Its upper body is relatively close to the shape of a human woman, with scale skin patterns extending all over her torso from below.
The shapes and colors of those scales are well-balanced, making her look a bit stylish.
Since she has three characteristic breasts, my eyes are reflexively lured to them.
A special bra bikini is supporting the three boobs.
…In the end, I cannot help paying attention to the yet unknown boobs as president of the Boob Romanticism Association.
Which reminds me, I saw the same race on a slave market once before.
The hue and scale shapes of this one here are different, though.
Next is… that giant beastman.
Since she’s fully covered in wide Asian-styled clothes, I can’t really make out anything below, but the muscles, which are faintly visible at the ends of her legs and arms, are somewhat bulky.
One could also say that she has thick bones.
The girly face of a tiger beastman has a unique intensity, its body build making it obvious that she’s a warrior type.

“These are the combat slaves. Please go ahead and evaluate them.” (Chianelas)

I’m already checking them out, though.
Chianelas says while spreading out his arms, brimming with confidence.
For the time being, I will try asking whether it’s fine to touch them.

“Can we touch them?” (Shuuya)

“Yes. But please keep it at a level that won’t hurt them.” (Chianelas)

Oh, so touching is alright.
Now then… how am I going to choose?
At times like these, it would be really handy to have the appraisal skill owned by Fate Divine Kazane, the reincarnator.
Well, even I possess a simple analytic eye called Kaleidoscope, and there’s also Magic Observation.

『Your Excellency.』 (Helme)

Suddenly Helme pops up in my sight while twirling around.

『What’s up?』 (Shuuya)

『Are those the slaves you are going to buy?』 (Helme)

The tiny Helme flies up unsteadily like a winged fairy. While turning around, she looks at the slaves.
It’s not like she’s actually moving around, but since she flies like that within my sight, it’s amusing, to say the least.

『…That’s right. I intend to do so.』 (Shuuya)

『Okay. It seems there are several with high magic sources.』 (Helme)

Helme points at them with her finger.
I check with Magic Observation to confirm. Certainly, there’s a slave on the right who’s moving her rich magic source while manipulating it within her body.
That’s an elf, no?

『That blonde-haired elf?』 (Shuuya)

『Yes.』 (Helme)

『I will listen to you later. Helme, disappear from my sight for now.』 (Shuuya)

『Yes, Your Excellency.』 (Helme)

Helme vanishes from my sight in a flash.
…Alright, let’s start up the Kaleidoscope in my right eye while using Magic Observation simultaneously.
I suppose I will investigate them while probing their hearts by having Eva check on the slaves’ intentions.


“…Shuuya, you are not going to check them out?” (Rebecca)

Rebecca asks me, who is lightly putting his thoughts in order after the telepathic conversation.
She apparently got curious, seeing me stay silent.

“No, I will. I was only pondering about it for a moment.” (Shuuya)

“I see. I’m a member of the party as well, so I will tell you my opinion just in case.” (Rebecca)

Rebecca proudly crosses her arms at her chest and says something like that.

“Roger. I’m looking forward to your supernatural power, Rebecca-sama.” (Shuuya)

“Pfft, what’s with that?” (Rebecca)

Rebecca laughs at my witty response, but I shift my eyes towards the slaves with a serious expression.
I touch the mark next to my right eye, and the Kaleidoscope boots up.
Following that, the sight of my right eye changes into a clear blue, with frame displays added all over.
I look at the various slaves that are a mixture of good and bad.
All the life-forms reflected in my field of vision are bordered with lines, and ▽ cursors appear beside each of them.
Let’s ask for some information before concentrating my consciousness on the cursors.

“What’s the race of this slave?” (Shuuya)

I ask while pointing my finger.

“She is a snakewomanLamia. There are few of them in the Southern Mahaheim Area, but it seems a great number of them lives in a region that’s further north than the Fujik Confederation, beyond the Relic, in the far east. However, following the Guldon War, she lost her hometown in the long-standing battles against the Lizardmen, was caught by a slave trader, and subsequently sold, resulting in her coming to Pelneet to accumulate experience as a combat slave. By the way, she’s a former B-Rank adventurer who has experienced going down to the 8th floor.” (Chianelas)

Chianelas gives a thorough explanation about her race and provides information about her current circumstances.

“Hee.” (Shuuya)

A Lamia, a B-Rank adventurer, and experience up to the 8th floor, huh?
That means she surely finished quite a few requests while she was active.

“I’ve seen Lamia several times on slave markets.”

Rebecca blurts out useless trivia.

“Nn, I also heard that many of them are vanguards by the standard.” (Eva)

Eva also provides decent info, not willing to be left behind.

“I see.” (Shuuya)

While procuring information, I turn my consciousness towards the cursor of the Lamia.
Her contents are scanned from the toes to the tip of her head as if a CT scan is being performed.
Her lower half feels like a cluster of muscles, but I don’t really understand the structure of her bones.
The internal organs of her upper body half follow its human exterior: they are human-like.
Even the area below her collar becomes fully transparent. Once the scan finishes penetrating her head,


Carbon-type Napalm Life Form zch##7443
Brain Waves: stable
Body: normal
Gender: female
Overall Physical Strength: 66
Elenium Integration: 118
Weapons: none


such a display shows up.
Her physical strength is high. However, since I have only scanned humans and elves so far, I can’t say anything definite.
It might be the standard values for the Lamia race.
Her race is different from humans and dark elves, but her being a Carbon-type Napalm Life Form hasn’t changed, I guess.
The series of characters and digits are completely cryptic, though.
I think Elenium equals to mana, so I suppose it looks like I can’t expect anything from her magic.
Considering that the level of information only supplements her appearance somewhat, it might not bear much meaning.

“Eva, how about it?” (Shuuya)

I look at Eva, asking her with my eyes, Are you going to touch her?

“Nn, are questions okay?” (Eva)

“Probably… Chianelas-san, is it fine to talk with these slaves?” (Shuuya)

“I don’t mind. They are high-class combat slaves, and all of them have mastered the common language. Please fire your questions away.” (Chianelas)

The smiling Chianelas says in a way befitting of a capable slave dealer.

“There you go.” (Shuuya)

“Nn, well then…” (Eva)

Eva nods at my words, advances her wheelchair, and closes in on the Lamia.
She speaks while touching a scale part at the Lamia’s lower body half with a hand.

“You are a warrior?” (Eva)

“It’s slightly different; I’m a knight.”

“Nn, I see. Why have you become a slave?” (Eva)

Upon that question of Eva, the Lamia leaves a little space before answering and then quickly explains with her snake tongue extending out of her mouth.

“…It’s because I was defeated in war.”

“…Okay. If you are bought by the tall, black-haired adventurer behind me, will you serve him properly?” (Eva)

“Of course.”

“…Understood.” (Eva)

Eva nods and murmurs after a short pause.
She pulls back the hand that was touching the Lamia, obviously having finished her examination.
She then turns her wheelchair around and returns to my side.
I bend over and bring my ear close to Eva’s face as she whispers,

“…There’s no lie in her words… although she bears hatred towards the lizards and humans for having killed her family in the war, she’s basically harmless… she should loyally serve you if you order her.” (Eva)

Eva’s mind-reading is truly amazing.

“Got it. It looks like it’s fine to buy her then.” (Shuuya)

“Nn.” (Eva)

Once Eva smiles with an angelic smile,

“Wait a moment, what’s going on here~? Why are you discussing things among the two of you?” (Rebecca)

“Right. Master, won’t you ask me?” (Viine)

the left-out Rebecca and Viine each approach me with discontent on their faces.
Leaving Rebecca aside, it is rare for Viine to look agitated.
Is it because I always listen to her words first?
I guess I will give them the slip since I can’t talk about Eva’s skill.

“…No, not at all. That’s not it. I just wanted to hear Eva’s composed words. Sometimes, that’s important, too.” (Shuuya)

“…Really?” (Rebecca)

“Hmm.” (Viine)

Rebecca and Viine become sulky despite my excuse.

“Nn, then do you have some kind of opinion, Viine and Rebecca?” (Eva)

After turning her wheelchair in their direction, Eva squints her eyes and says as if rebutting Viine and Rebecca.

“L-Let’s see. Aren’t there plenty, like what’s her strong weapon, what skills she possesses, or what kind of magic she can use?” (Rebecca)

“Certainly, we didn’t ask about that yet. Viine, do you have something as well?” (Shuuya)

“Yes. I heard that there are people among the Lamia who possess magic eyes.” (Viine)

Hee, magic eyes, eh?

“That’s very interesting. Thanks, I will ask her right away.” (Shuuya)


Viine was frankly delighted after being praised by me, not hiding it at all.
The displeasure has vanished from her face by now.
I remove my eyes from Viine and move to the Lamia, who likely heard our exchange just now.
I begin to talk,

“…You heard our conversation, didn’t you? I’d like you to answer all of them, meaning about your preferred weapon, your skills including magic eyes, and your magic attribute.” (Shuuya)

“Understood. My preferred weapons are sword, shield, and spear. My skills are <Roar>, <Shield Break>, <Double Slash>, <Three Chain Shield Break>, <Counter Thrust>, <Shield Bash>, <Daunting Pose>, <Thrust>, <Throwing>, and <Paralyzing Snake Eyes> coming from my magic eyes. My attribute is wind, but I can’t use any magic.”

While hissing with her violet snake tongue coming out of her long and narrow lips, she smoothly and quickly lists all the information.

“Whooa… Way to go!” (Shuuya)

I unintentionally react with a whistle.
She has plenty of skills; it’s really a race completely suited for being a vanguard.
Thereupon, the Lamia moves her eyes, which resemble those of a human woman, and transforms them into amphibian ones that are split vertically.
Afterward, she parts her thin lips and says,

“…I come from the Lamia’s Ebobia Ward. My combat occupation is Armed Knight Leader, so it’s only natural.”

Did her mood improve after being praised by me? The Lamia told me about her origin and her combat occupation without hesitation.
Armed Knight Leader – a Lamia Knight, huh?
As for buying her, she’s a keeper.

“I see. For starters, I will look at the next one.” (Shuuya)

I check out the neighboring slave.
This time, it’s a race with its small build completely covered in fluffy fur.
There are cute dog ears on its head, looking like Dachshund ears.
Shit, even though I’m a cat lover, this one’s really adorable.
Even the small slave collar looks lovely at her.
I check the ▽ cursor of that fluffy race.
The scan finishes instantly since its body is small, after all.


Carbon-type Napalm Life Form Uks#83#
Brain Waves: stable
Body: normal
Gender: female
Overall Physical Strength: 9
Elenium Integration: 249
Weapons: none


The physical strength is low, but the mana is slightly high.
She’s small, so I move in front of the ball of fur.


Once I draw near, she makes her dog ears bend in and reveals a frightened expression.
Such a small, timid creature is a combat slave?

“What’s her race?” (Shuuya)

I ask Chianelas.

“She’s a Noir Runner of the dog beastmen species. It’s said that they are related to gnomes and dwarves. By the way, that slave is a former adventurer, too. Furthermore, she has experienced the 8th floor.” (Chianelas)

For real?

“Hee.” (Shuuya)

I fixedly stare at the small beastman.

“What’s your strong point?” (Shuuya)

“…Making use of my quick feet, I specialize in swordsmanship. I studied the Flying Sword Style. I also defeated an Extreme Class Master in an outdoor practice match. In the labyrinth, I beat a High Ogre by myself.

If I remember correctly, there are the strength levels of elementary class, intermediate class, advanced class, master class, extreme class, ruler class, and divine class in swordsmanship and spearmanship.
Emperor class only exists in magic, right?
In other words, she’s quite skilled in swordsmanship, contrary to her delicate appearance.
A vanguard that capitalizes on speed.
I think for a moment and decide that she’s definitely worth buying.
When looking at this pipsqueak, I’m actually reminded of the penguin swordsman I met in the labyrinth.
…That penguin adventurer said that he’s a Moga or something like that, didn’t he?
This race called Noir Runner is just like as she looks. I suppose there’s no need to consult with everyone either.
If so, I’m going to examine the next slave.

“I see. Then I will look at the next one.” (Shuuya)

Next comes a big human…
She wholly looks like a pro wrestler, with short hair and a Russian face full of scars.
Her torso stands out due to the swelling muscles that look as if they are continuing from the thick, black collar. She has almost no breasts.
Her upper half is covered by something like a linen bra that might as well be called a bikini.

“Change.” (Shuuya)

I decide spontaneously and look at the neighboring slave.


Rebecca, who is watching from behind, calls out to me with a chilling voice.

“Mmh?” (Shuuya)

Once I face her, Rebecca stares at me with an expression that seemingly releases a wind below freezing point into the vicinity.

“…Come here.” (Rebecca)

I guess I will act after sensing the mood from now on.

“Yes.” (Shuuya)

After casually touching the area next to my right eye and returning to the usual sight, I go to Rebecca like a dog that is reflecting on its behavior.

“…Look here, what you are choosing are combat slaves, right? So you can’t judge by appearance only, got it?” (Rebecca)

Rebecca warns me sternly.
Well, her opinion is reasonable.
Hearing my “change” just now, she probably thought that I will only buy beautiful female slaves instead of those that look strong.
Does she believe that my judgment is clouded after predicting my perverted thoughts?
Well, she’s right, but then again not.
Certainly, I love beautiful women, no doubt about that.
But I will properly select those that seem strong.
Right, strong and as beautiful as possible… slaves.

“… I know. I will pick strong ones for the sake of our party. However, there are still several of them left. I’m still in the middle of choosing, so please complain after seeing the slaves I single out.” (Shuuya)

“…That’s true as well. Sorry, I unintentionally blurted it out…” (Rebecca)

Rebecca lowers her face while looking awkward.

“Haha, don’t worry. It’s a Rebecca-like, cute retort.” (Shuuya)

As Rebecca revealed a lovely, timid expression, I follow up to clear the atmosphere.
She really hit bull’s eye there.
It’s because I didn’t choose the strong-looking pro wrestler.

“Geez, what so cute about it!?” (Rebecca)

“Well, then, I will examine the slaves.” (Shuuya)

“Sure, choose properly, okay?” (Rebecca)

Rebecca nods while laughing a bit.
I return to the slaves and resume the screening.
Next, one I haven’t seen before…
A huge beastman with a tiger face.
She has a fine look while crossing her arms.
It’s the one I was curious about a little while ago, the one wearing the Asian-styled clothes.
I approach the tiger beastman.

“What are your origins and the outstanding things about you?” (Shuuya)

“…I’m a tiger beastman with a unique body coming from the Fujik Confederation’s Larmani tribe. I have studied the Tiger Fist Style and the Peerless Sword Style in Fujik. I can use archery to some extent, too. I’m also good at hunting, scouting, trap detection, and trap removal. Besides, since I have the tiger beastmen’s special skill <Smell Memory>, I can search by smell. I also have experience in leading mercenaries and an adventurer clan in Fujik as well as engaging in the war against the Guldon Empire, led by the Invasion King Kai of the Six Arms.”

The Guldon War was also mentioned before.
I guess it’s a clash with the country led by the Invasion King Kai of the Six Arms. If she led that many people, she must have quite a high commanding ability.

“Okay. I will consider you.” (Shuuya)

Walking to the right, I scrutinize the following slave.
Next was the blonde-haired elf that had been pointed out by Helme in the beginning.
With golden hair, a beautiful face, and emerald green eyes, she’s wearing a linen one piece, but it’s clear that her style is great.
Her two hills are plump and swelling, a perfect feast for the eyes.


I hear a forced cough from behind.
Moreover, I feel like a lot of gazes are focusing on my back, but I completely ignore them.
I suppose I will ask Chianelas for the time being.

“This pretty slave is?” (Shuuya)

“Yes, as you can see, she’s an elf. And she’s a former A-Rank adventurer who has experienced the 8th floor.” (Chianelas)

Oh, finally, a former A-Rank!
I approach the spot where the highly anticipated slave is standing and check the characteristic tattoo extending from her cheek to her slender chin; it’s a tiger-like tattoo.
Her collar has a normal size, too.
The elven woman observes me curiously while blinking.

“What are you capable of?” (Shuuya)

“I’m an expert in magic. My attributes are earth and water, with particular expertise on earth. To an extent, I can use magic ranking from low to high. Even though I’m not good at it, I can also use the light cure of the water attribute.”

The number of attributes is low, but I think I can use her if I consider her as a specialized magician.
If she’s also capable of healing, she might be quite useful.
Accordingly, I touch the place next to my right eye, making the Kaleidoscope start up.
Once again, half of my sight turns into a clear blue, and the display that seems to fill up the world with frame lines puts border lines around the elf.
She is surprised by my right eye suddenly transforming. While widening her eyes, she opens her mouth in mute amazement.
Her face becomes stiff, with her emerald eyes trembling.
I noticed her shift in reaction when looking at the change in her eyes from nearby.
Without paying any heed to it, I focus my mind on the ▽ cursor on top of the bordering line of the elf.
Her body is scanned thoroughly, starting with her feet.
It can’t be helped that my gaze turns into a slightly lewd one.
I watch the scan while at the same time looking forward to it.
Eh? What’s that…?
There was nothing particularly abnormal about her feet and torso, but from her neckband—below the collar—and through her head, there’s something weird being displayed.
Eww, disgusting.
A bug? It seems to be clinging to her head from her neck.
Moreover, as if encroaching on her brain, countless small feelers are released into her cerebellum from the place that seems to be the bug’s mouth.
That bizarreness stands out precisely because she’s a beautiful elf on the surface.


Carbon-type Napalm Life Form ng#esg88#
Brain Waves: Abnormal. Under the influence of a parasitic bug.
Body: Abnormal. Under the influence of a parasitic bug.
Gender: female
Overall Physical Strength: 11
Elenium Integration: 565
Weapons: present


Such a status was displayed.
What the heck happened to her?



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