Chapter 147 – Second Prince Fals

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Great Knight Remrona walks through the corridor.
Her red hair sways on top of her white mantle.
Her hair has a hue I remember seeing somewhere.
She’s small, but she made me feel the peculiar gallantry of a female knight.
Since that dignified Remrona is majestically walking through the corridor, it feels as if we have become her new subordinates.
We pass several white-armored soldiers on the way, but none of them shows any reaction towards us.
They just salute Remrona.
I wonder what will happen if we unexpectedly encounter Great Knight Saril here?
…Was my worry, but we were able to easily open the door and head towards the courtyard.
I guess I was worried about nothing.
The courtyard has a huge U-shape.
It has a structure that connects to the front gate.
In the middle, there’s a wide, runway-like, earthen path. Next to it, a huge stable with horses, magic beasts, and dragons was set up.
Remrona rushes over to the stable.
A grey dragon lay inside, drinking water.
That dragon lifts its face all of a sudden, turning its big, round, and cute eyes towards Remrona.
There’s a bit of a distance, but it looks like it knows Remrona on sight.
Once she arrives next to it, it raises a quiet, happy roar.
Remrona pulls the special mask back up, covering her mouth and throat.

“Sirjes, we are going to travel.” (Remrona)

“Gyoo, gyooo.”

Once the grey dragon spreads its muzzle, it gives a roaring reply, similar to spitting fire.
The white mask equipped on the lower half of Remrona’s face shone faintly.

『That mask seems to trigger a spell that reacts to her voice. I wonder, is it a link with the dragon?』 (Helme)

Helme points out.
That’s a link with the dragon?

『Hee.』 (Shuuya)

Hearing that draconic roar, Remrona starts to touch the dragon’s chin and neck as if comforting it while revealing a gentle look.
She caresses its rough-looking skin.
I wonder whether she’s checking the dragon’s body as she strokes it.
A huge saddle with a stirrup has been equipped on the dragon’s back.
She appears to be checking that the iron chains haven’t come apart as they continue from the buckles and leather straps that have been fastened through the saddle.
Once Remrona finishes her equipment check, she starts to rub the dragon’s neck with a nearby brush.
Cleaning? Or is it some kind of massage?
The dragon releases a small, contented growl.
It even shut its eyes. So it’s a massage after all, huh?
I think it’s happy to have its feathers massaged and cleaned.
This dragon might be unexpectedly adorable.


Unable to endure something, Rollo, who was on my shoulder, jumps on top of the dragon due to it showing that pleased expression.
Rollo scampered up to the dragon’s head from the top of the saddle.

“…I’m sorry for my black cat acting on its own.” (Shuuya)

“Haha, don’t worry. Rather than that, we are going to fly soon as the preparations are in order. Saril is riding Bigzam for patrol, so now’s our chance. You guys hurry up and get on.” (Remrona)

Remrona told us to mount the dragon.
As expected, this dragon can be mounted.
However, Saril is up in the skies, huh?
I guess that’s the reason why she walked so majestically through the corridors.
Looks like Saril wasn’t even in the mansion then.

“…Got it.” (Shuuya)

I look at Remrona and nod.


However, next to me, Viine looks depressed.

“Viine, are you going to get on?” (Shuuya)

“…Yes.” (Viine)

With her long ears sagging, her spirits are obviously down.

“It will be fine if you stay next to me.” (Shuuya)

After cheering up Viine, I went ahead and jumped on the dragon.

“Hold onto me.” (Shuuya)

“…Yes.” (Viine)

I extend a hand in Viine’s direction.

“Come.” (Shuuya)

“Yes, Master.” (Viine)

Donning an expression as if she had decided something, Viine firmly grasps my hand.
I pull her up, embrace her, and place her next to me.
At any rate, this saddle under us is big.
The straps continuing from the saddle were produced with many knots, allowing them to match with the dragon’s growth. The deep, comfortable seats, which were made out of high-grade leather, seem to be excellent.
Remrona gets on at the anterior of the huge saddle.
As she stood at the front like that, she turns around to us and said,

“Hook your feet into the leather straps located on either side of you. There are also buckles to affix to your feet. If you feel anxious, you will feel even safer by tying your waists with the long leather straps located on that side.” (Remrona)

After we did as we were instructed by Remrona,

“The long string?”


I tied the long string around my waist and did the same for Viine.
While Viine and I are preparing for the take-off, Rollo teases the dragon by batting its face and the back of its head with her tentacles.

“Rollo, come back.” (Shuuya)

I call out to her in order to have her stop that silly action.

“Nnn, nyao.”

Rollo gets on my shoulder with a nonchalant look.
Man, she’s cute though, so I won’t scold her.
But, this dragon is surprisingly gentle.
From its appearance, it reminds me of Popobumu.
It’s great that it’s docile.

“Well then, are you ready? We are going to fly up into the sky.” (Remrona)

Remrona urges us to attention while grabbing the reins.

“Please go ahead.” (Shuuya)

“…Yes.” (Viine)

Viine twines both her arms around my waist and hugs me.
She put strength into her arms as her body begins to tremble.
I return a tight hug in order to make her feel safe.

“Sirjes, it’s time for departure.” (Remrona)


As Remrona pulls the reins, she instructs the dragon.
The dragon suddenly and forcefully starts to walk forward, trotting out of the roofed stable.
My body is forced back for an instant.
The wide stride of the dragon’s big feet gives me the impression of moving vigorously as they caused sounds of trampling.
The dragon advances in one go. While running along the long, runway-like pathway, it spreads its big wings, jumps towards the sky, and takes off.
As its wings filled with air, the feathers were exposed and we were already flying in the air.
—We are flying with good momentum.
Ooh, how fast. We are already high up in the sky.

“The mansion is close-by.” (Remrona)

As Remrona stated, the dragon had started to descend.
The place, where it’s going down, is a vast plot located in the eastern part of the noble district.
It’s next to Eribol’s mansion. The dragon lets out a roar while descending.
And just like that, it landed close to a stable located in the middle of the large, luxurious residence.
There’s a heliport-like mark on the ground.
Another gray dragon is resting in the stable where Sirjes touched down.
That other dragon roars, seemingly greeting Sirjes.

“We arrived. Get off.” (Remrona)

“Roger.” (Shuuya)

Untying the leather strap coiled around my waist, I did the same for the stiffened-up Viine, then I hopped down to the ground while carrying her in my arms.
Once Viine places her feet on the earth, she staggers a bit.

“Are you alright?” (Shuuya)

“Yes, I’m sorry…” (Viine)

I pat her back while holding her hand.
Even though she has experience in flying on Rollo, it’s her first time flying on a dragon.
I guess it can’t be helped.
Remrona separates the mooring rope with experienced movements and lightly jumps off the big saddle, descending to the ground.

“—It’s this way. Come.” (Remrona)

Stated Remrona while waving an arm, she then walks towards the big mansion’s door.
Her manner has a gorgeousness appropriate for a female knight.
Although my eyes are drawn to her retreating figure, I control myself.
Let’s check the surroundings.
A splendid stone path was spread out on the ground of the stable.
A tidy lawn surrounds it and stone lantern-like, towering objects, which are emitting pale lights, are set up all over the place.
There were large quantities of small stone monuments generating pale lights in the garden of Eribol’s mansion, but this place doesn’t have that many.
The exterior of the big mansion has a similar appearance as that of the previous 【Great White Nine KnightsWhite Nine】 building.
However, the used building material is different.
It was built out of marble and expensive, cypress-like, high-class lumber.
Decorations similar to tiles with emblems can be seen at the eaves of the roof.
This emblem was also carved onto the ground some time ago.
A design, where a person wearing a crown is accompanied by a dragon 1 was molded three-dimensionally.
Going by its exterior, telling one that it’s the mansion of royalty, its appearance is extravagant.
Is that emblem the crest of the royal family? Or is it a personal crest of the second prince?
I follow behind Remrona while observing. Remrona herself waits in front of the mansion.

“…This is the mansion of Oseberia Kingdom’s second prince, His Highness Fals.” (Remrona)

Remrona puffs up with pride and gave us an introduction while displaying a serious expression.
Despite her apparent confidence, I could sense a slight nervousness from her words.
She places her slender hands on the large door and pushes it open.
A spacious room greets us after we enter.
There’s a special, glass-made illumination that looks like a falcon emitting mana light at the ceiling.
As if only plastered with varnish, glossy, high-grade wood had been laid out on the floor.
There are sentries slightly ahead.
They don’t wear white armor, but hauberks with slits that are half red and half blue atop a cloth armor.
There’s a small, red platform behind those sentries. On top, a big throne had been set up for the king. I guess this is a reception hall.
Once Remrona nods at the sentries to greet them, the sentries salute crisply.
She then ignores the sentries and proceeds through a side passage.
Viine and I follow her.
It’s a long passage with a reddish-brown carpet filling its length.
Once we came out of the broad passage with furnishings adorning the walls, we could see a huge door, bigger than the wide corridor we had just passed.
A giant in white armor and helmet stands in front of the door like a gatekeeper.
A long-handled lance, a Song dynasty spear, with its sharp tip and a crescent-shaped blade attached to the side like a halberd, was leaning against the nearby wall.
A bundle of strings and cloth has been twined right below the spear grip.
The drawings on the cloth depicted a cute cat.
That really doesn’t suit this tough giant…
He’s also hiding his throat and mouth with a white cloth.
Even the mark decorating the right side of the armor’s chest part is the same emblem as that of Saril and Remrona.
I guess he’s also one of the Great Knights.
Given that Remrona was approaching that Great Knight, we follow as well.
On this occasion, I take a closer look at this knight.
He has well-trimmed hair and a beard.
The mostly white hair stands out against his wide face with its many thin scars; they look like they came from blades.
Saril was tall as well, but…he’s no match for this man.
He has a gorilla face and a bulky chest like an American Football player.
Even as that Great Knight watches Remrona, his face doesn’t move, just like a rock. Then he glances at Viine and me.

“…Remrona, shouldn’t you be on sky patrol with Great Knight Saril right now?”

“Yes, but, Galkiv-dono, there’s an urgent notification for His Highness.” (Remrona)

It seems his name is Galkiv.
Going by its nuance, it seems to be a Russian or Ukrainian name.

“Urgent, you say? Are these two related to that?” (Galkiv)

Galkiv widens his eyes while moving his thick brows.

“Correct. Since it’s a race against time, I’d like you to let us pass.” (Remrona)

“…Understood.” (Galkiv)

Galkiv apparently decided after looking at Remrona’s expression.
He steps aside with nimble movements unbefitting his physique.


After facing Galkiv and bowing her head at him politely, Remrona opens the huge door and enters.
We also look at the Great Knight, bow, then enter.
The room we walked into was suitable for royalty to live in.
As for space, it’s neither wide nor small, but the quality of the items placed inside is obviously different.
A long table made out of high-class wood with a matching white tablecloth.
Wooden chairs are lined up tidily. There’s a silver plate filled with fruits on the table. In addition, silver candle stands had been placed on top of it, lined up at fixed intervals.
Oh, there are devices similar to a small refrigerator and an electric fan on the table.
Multicolored magic gems were scattered in great numbers next to them, like fruits.
The refrigerator and fan lookalikes are definitely made out of some kind of black metal.
Since there were sockets added to stick magic gems in, their shapes are quite distorted.
In addition, a huge pedestal with a glass case on top was set up close to the wall. Within, there is a golden shield with a mana-infused eyeball, a magic sword that seems to ooze blood, and a spear with the shadow of a skull surfacing on the spear blade’s edge.
An expensive-looking array of arms with apparently interesting histories has been put on display next to each other there.
Oh, that cursed dagger from back then is there as well, isn’t it?

『Your Excellency, this is…』 (Helme)

『Yeah…to gather such items, one has to have quite the nasty taste.』 (Shuuya)

『Yes.』 (Helme)

For the collection to have even such a dangerous item…that seems to be what caused Eribol’s daughter to become possessed by that bug when she held it.
Its Maji design is revolting.
Averting my eyes, I look at the wall.
Expensive pictures and a drawing of a bone warrior that contains mana are decorating it.
Going by the shape of its frame, it’s a drawing that can be equipped by a Magic Painter.
The expensive pictures are portraits drawn with oil and paintings depicting hunts.
This person is really a prince, right?
Given that there are dazzlingly shining pillar-shaped light sources in the corners of the room, the room is extremely bright. I guess those are also magic tools.
I feel like there were similar magic tools in the dark elf underground city, but I have never seen them anywhere else on the surface.
Probably because this scenery is nothing new for Remrona, she heads inside the luxurious room with its special accommodations without shifting her eyes at all.
Since there are unusual items all over, I continue observing the room while ambling behind her.

“…Rollo, don’t move from my shoulder. Stay put, okay?” (Shuuya)


She replies with nothing more than a throaty groan.
As we had such an exchange, there was a person who walked up from the bedroom located deeper inside.

“Oh! Isn’t that you, Remrona? What’s wrong?” (Fals)

“Yes, Your Highness Fals!” (Remrona)

He’s the prince, huh?
After giving a slight bow towards the blonde-haired youth that seems to be the prince, Remrona approaches him.

“As a matter of fact…” (Remrona)

“Mmh? What’s with the man and woman behind you?” (Fals)

Just when Remrona was about to talk about the matter at hand, the prince notices Viine’s and my presence.
For the time being, I lower my head a bit towards the prince who stares at us while looking puzzled.
Viine imitates my behavior.

“Your Highness, the people behind me are my cooperators. But, first, please have a look at this account book here.” (Remrona)

Remrona adopts a courteous attitude and a serious expression, then takes out the account book from within the bag at her waist.
She hands the account book over to the prince.

“Hoo, how unusual, a sullen look on you, Remrona. —Let’s see…w-wha-!? T-This is…nu, nuu.” (Fals)

I wonder, has the prince even passed the age of 20?
Blonde hair, blue eyes, distinct facial features, and a prominent nose, he’s truly the definition of an ikemen.
Once the prince, who possesses such a well-featured face, looks at the account book, his face twists, seething with anger. He grits his teeth as the hand gripping the edge of the account book was about to tear the parchment of the book, apparently putting quite a bit power into it.

“…If I use this well, I will pretty much be able to drive a wedge between the relationship of my older and younger brothers’ factions. But, for the sole Great White Knight that controls my escort to have repeatedly committed fraud…how deplorable.” (Fals)

Hearing the prince’s words that are full of rage, Remrona genuflected on the spot.

“…Your Highness, I’m most apologetic.” (Remrona)

She apologized.
But, older and younger brothers’ factions, huh?
As expected at first, there seems to be a first and a third prince.
Fetters exist everywhere.

“Stand up. It’s nothing you have to apologize for, Remrona.” (Fals)

“Yes.” (Remrona)

“It’s not your fault. Rather, you are too serious. After all, this is Great Knight Saril’s wrongdoing for having a hand in this injustice. Not only that, I will be suspected as well. He’s my guardian Great Knight on paper, so…if this account book had become public in a different way, I would have likely been criticized as well.” (Fals)

Remrona nods at his words.

“That’s true. If it had fallen into the hands of the Duke, it would have turned into a disaster.” (Remrona)

I guess Saril is similar to a treacherous friend.

“I was truly saved by you. Well done, Remrona!” (Fals)

“Your Highness! I’m unworthy of those words.” (Remrona)

“Alright, Galkiv!” (Fals)

The prince calls out to the huge knight that protected the room.
Being summoned, Galkiv came running towards us with a force that makes the floor creak due to his heavy steps.
Because Galkiv has a large build, the armor he’s wearing seems to be awfully heavy.
He has no protection on either of his arms, but mana leaks from his entire body as if spilling out.
Mana is especially accumulating around his instep and feet.
He seems capable of using Magic Combat Style.
However, this Galkiv is just leaking mana.
Does he have no talent in mana manipulation? There appears to be some kind of reason.
Going by his appearance, he seems to be a warrior type. Is that the cause for his poor mana manipulation?
Galkiv bows in front of the prince.

“…Your Excellency, you called for me?” (Galkiv)

“As of now, I have decided to dismiss Great Knight Saril.” (Fals)

Bewildered by the sudden dismissal of Saril, Galkiv looked at the prince while raising his eyebrows.

“Wh-! —Yes, Your Excellency! But dismissing a Great Knight all of a sudden? What’s that about…?” (Galkiv)

The prince nods at Galkiv’s words and replies,

“Great Knight Remrona was able to obtain grave evidence that many nobles, including Great Knight Saril, have committed illegal dealings. But, before I can accuse the other nobles, it’s very likely that my administrative ability will be called into question instead as my own guard took part in the fraud. That’s why we will make a move to forestall that. If it’s Great Knight Saril, it’s possible to arrest him right away with just us.” (Fals)

“…Understood.” (Galkiv)

Appearing to agree with the prince’s argument, Galkiv replies after lowering his head to the prince.

“Galkiv, where’s Saril right now?” (Fals)

“I believe it’s time for him to be on patrol in the sky.” (Galkiv)

“I see. Is he going to come back here right away?” (Fals)

“Yes.” (Galkiv)

Galkiv nods.

“You will capture him as soon as he arrives then… I will deal with the official decree. —In the name of Fals Load Oseberia, member of royalty, I order you here; 7th ranked Great Knight Galkiv, with the help of the 9th ranked Great Knight Remrona, you are to arrest Viscount Saril Dollar.” (Fals)

“—As you order, Your Highness!” (Galkiv)

“Understood.” (Remrona)

The prince exclaims with enthusiasm.
He waves his hand off to the side while making his blonde hair sway a bit.
Having heard his order, Remrona and Galkiv both bow their heads at the same time and gave their acknowledgment.

“And, Remrona, you said that the people behind you are your cooperators, but…?” (Fals)

Does the prince have an interest in Viine and me? He implicitly tells Remrona to explain.

“Yes. The name of the tall man is Shuuya Kagari. At a glance, he seems to be a normal adventurer, but he’s the person currently being gossiped about among the bigwigs of the underworld. He’s the ‘Lancer’ who has various nicknames attached to him.” (Remrona)

I didn’t know about any nicknames.
Since I was introduced by Remrona, I guess I will give our names for the time being.
Let’s do a polite greeting.

“—Your Highness, I’m pleased to make your acquaintance. The one next to me is my attendant, Viine.” (Shuuya)


Did Viine believe that there’s no need for her to talk? She lowers her head a bit while staying silent.

“…An adventurer, huh? Did you hire them, Remrona?” (Fals)

The prince stares intensely at Remrona with his striking blue eyes.

“…Yes. I’m sorry for acting on my own.” (Remrona)

Remrona apologizes after a short delay.
She doesn’t deny the prince’s wording. It seems she plans to go all-in with pretending that she hired me.
It looks like she intends to keep the our deal hidden.

“I see. Are they possibly…connected to your excellent younger sister?” (Fals)

Excellent younger sister? Remrona has a younger sister?

“Ah, y-yes.” (Remrona)

Remrona nods and replies after revealing a slightly panicked expression.
Looking at Remrona’s face while floating a subtly strange face, the prince returns a complacent smile, looking as though he realized something. He looks into my eyes and says,

“…So that means that these people had been hired by Remrona. As a result, I’m the employer of these people. Adventurer Shuuya or whatever, didn’t you go through many troubles to obtain this secret account book of Eribol Macabyn?” (Fals)

The prince has a really joyful expression.
Well, let’s give him a report matching with Remrona’s by mixing in a few lies.

“…No, it’s something like having obtained Remrona’s cooperation while cleaning up some trash that was in my way.” (Shuuya)

“…Oh, what an excellent occasion. By the way — about the matter with that cooperation…as your employer I’m considering what to give you as a reward. Is there something you wish from me?” (Fals)

He will give me a reward?
Well, leaving that aside, it looks like it’s the truth that the prince and Remrona are pretty close.
I feel like the prince included some kind of…sarcasm in the word “cooperation” as he was replying; it looked like he threw a glance at Remrona.
“I have grasped how you got your hands on the account book, for the most part, you know?” That’s the kind of vibe that look might have had.
Well, even if I only imagined it, there’s nothing I can do about it now.
Given that a reward has been granted to me from my meeting the prince, I will turn down any further rewards,

“…I don’t need any rewards.” (Shuuya)

“You decline without asking for anything? You don’t have any needs? What an admirable fellow you are.” (Fals)

The prince says and looks at me as if slightly glaring.
I wonder, would the prince have felt safer if I had demanded money instead?
It’s not like…I lost to the pressure of the prince, but I guess I will speak my mind a little.

“I received my reward already, after all.” (Shuuya)

The prince looks bewildered by my reply.

“Mmh? What do you mean?” (Fals)

“I’m still a C Rank adventurer. Meeting and speaking with you, Your Highness, is a great reward.” (Shuuya)

I said with a smile, looking earnest.

“Pfft, hahaha meeting with me is a reward? You are an interesting one. But, modesty isn’t good. Even if you are a C Rank adventurer, you still made this Remrona allow you to meet with me. It’s impossible for you to be ordinary. Going by your nickname of Lancer, I’m sure that you are skilled, correct? I don’t know what school you belong to, but at least you possess a full mastery of spearmanship. It’s unclear to me whether it’s from a true master of the Ruler Style or some rank of the Eight Divine Spear Kings, but you are their favorite pupil, or am I wrong? Remrona.” (Fals)

The prince brings up the topic with Remrona.
Remrona starts to talk with an indifferent tone like Viine did.

“—As expected of you, Your Highness. Your intuition is sharp. However, it’s not like I have actually seen the spear arts used by Shuuya Kagari.” (Remrona)

“What? So then why did you bring them along?” (Fals)

The prince stares at Viine and me as if ascertaining us.

“Yes. But I was suppressed one-sidedly by something strange used by Shuuya Kagari.” (Remrona)

“—What did you say!? A Great Knight lost, even if you are at the lowest rank…?” (Fals)

The prince mutters quietly while looking frustrated.
It looks like he was somewhat shocked that a high-ranking military officer-like person had lost.

“Yes. It’s my blunder, but I lost.” (Remrona)

“…Though I heard that outstanding talents exist even at lower ranks.” (Fals)

The prince’s blue eyes sparkle.

“That’s true. He’s a C-Rank adventurer and it’s also a fact that he possesses the Dragon Slayer title. And it’s also a truth that he safely finished the adventurer’s job of driving an enemy dark guild into annihilation. His ability is likely the real deal. Moreover, there’s his attendant, Viine, and the black cat on his shoulder that’s believed to be his familiar. I judge that these people are abnormal… This is a personal opinion after going through the information of my family’s spies, but this Shuuya Kagari possesses uncommon strength and on top of that there’s almost no mistake about him excelling at appraising others.” (Remrona)

The way Remrona talks about me uses a phraseology that feels as if she investigated all of it objectively.
I recall the time when I was questioned by her in the room of the 【Great White Nine KnightsWhite Nine】.

“…It’s rare for that Remrona to praise someone this much.” (Fals)

The prince mumbles as if expressing his strong admiration.
Even Galkiv, who watched from the side, reacted by twitching his thick eyebrows and gazes at me as if licking my entire body.
The serious gaze of a rough gorilla face is kind of scary.
Moreover, he stares at Rollo with eyes that seem to have become bloodshot.

“…This much of a lancer? I’d like to request a duel by all means.” (Galkiv)

Galkiv, who stopped staring zealously at Rollo, bent himself forward, twisting his gorilla face into something like a broad smile and made such a request to me.
I don’t get the meaning, but he has taken a unique muscle pose by pushing out his large biceps with his two arms while accentuating his muscles by bending his waist.

『Your Excellency, that pose is novel!』 (Helme)

The small Helme appears in my vision as if dancing.
Excited, she points her finger at his butt while puffing her cheeks.

『I-I see.』 (Shuuya)

『…His butt looks firm, it will be of good use as a reference.』 (Helme)

…Helme-san, just where are you headed…?

“Haha, you immediately zeroed in on him, huh? Even though you retired from the frontline, your blood from the time you were called The Spear Warrior of the Kingdom boils, eh? Galkiv, you are a lancer of the Ruler Spear Style, referred to as the main spear school, and a member of the 2nd ranked Eight Divine Spear King Sei Arrival’s school, weren’t you?” (Fals)

The prince evaluates Galkiv as a warrior.
Certainly, going by his appearance, he gives one the image of Zhang Fei and Ma Chao, who are both famous military commanders appearing in Romance of the Three Kingdoms.

“Yes. I’m in front of you, Your Highness, but I got a little interested in Shuuya-dono, a dragon slaying lancer.” (Galkiv)

“Don’t worry. How about it, Shuuya, do you want to try having a light spar with a Great Knight? Galkiv is strong, you know?” (Fals)

The prince says while giving a carefree laugh in a good mood.
Not a chance.
If it’s the beautiful Remrona, I will gladly keep her company, but I have no interest in a macho-like guy.
Let’s avoid that without being rude.

“I’m sorry. Because I’m an adventurer, I have to refuse.” (Shuuya)

“I see. That’s regrettable.” (Galkiv)

Galkiv becomes crestfallen and withdraws his warrior-like, manly body.
Hearing my words, the prince openly shows a bored expression.
It looks like he wanted to watch Galkiv’s battle.
The prince speaks up.

“…How boring. But, if the person himself says so, it can’t be helped. But, the matter with the reward is rejected. I won’t be able to save face if I was satisfied by just having a conversation with you.” (Fals)

That makes sense, seeing that he’s royalty.
Let’s yield and agree here.

“As you say.” (Shuuya)

“Therefore, how about receiving a reward in the form of tying a personal contract?” (Fals)

A contract with me?

“…I’m an adventurer lacking manners, but is that alright with you?” (Shuuya)

“It is. I’m mentioning a contract here exactly because you are an adventurer, Shuuya. Since you are an adventurer living in this labyrinth city, it’s only natural for you to join a party or a clan, and dive into the labyrinth, right?” (Fals)

“Yes.” (Shuuya)

“In that case, I’d like to make a contract with you. I have a fondness of collecting special relics of rare, high, legendary, and divine rank that are found in the labyrinth. I also gather cursed items. You saw the rare items in the room over there, didn’t you?” (Fals)

The prince guides my gaze by staring into the previous room.
Certainly, various rare items were on display there.
The tastes of high-ranking nobles seem often similar or close to each other.
My friend, the feudal lord of Holkerbaum, gathered rare items as well.
I can’t understand if it’s items of bad taste, but I understand the feeling. They wish to see yet unknown treasures. If it was something like an amazing magic spear, even I might desire it.

“…Yes, certainly. So, what kind of contract is it going to be?” (Shuuya)

“I’d like you to give me first rights to buy the rare items you obtain in the labyrinth, Shuuya. If you get your hands on something that will be exhibited at the underground auction at the end of the year, it will allow you to make a higher profit than putting it for sale there.” (Fals)

The prince talks with a smile plastered across his face.
…The underground auction, huh? An event I plan to attend.
I suppose it’s only natural for the prince ruling this city to be aware of it.
Is he going to use it?
It’s labeled as underground, but does it actually have official authorization from the country?
No, I think the possibility of that is low.
Marquess Chardonnay said words along those lines as well. If they used it publicly on a grand scale, it should have a very different name.
Certainly, royalty is participating in the auction, not in their public role, but as an incognito visitor, I think?
Well, rather than that, it’s unknown how many of such treasures I will obtain in the labyrinth, but it looks like a good idea to get on with that story here.
There’s likely no doubt that he’s very rich as a royal sponsor.

“…Got it. If I get my hands on rare items, I will consult with you, Your Highness.” (Shuuya)

“That settles the contract. Shuuya Kagari, I’m anticipating your possibilities.” (Fals)

“Yes.” (Shuuya)

I nod.
The prince continues talking,

“By the way, there are also other clans that have tied a contract with me, okay?” (Fals)

Huh? There are others?

“And I’m famous as a big patron in the labyrinth city. There’s a lot of business from clans that dive into the labyrinth. In the first place, I won’t make a contract with a normal clan. There are cases where I even refused clans among the top six. Thus, please consider signing a contract with me, the prince, from face to face as plenty for this time’s reward.” (Fals)

Indeed…that’s plenty.

“Yes. Thank you very much.” (Shuuya)

“Alright, this contract will be only orally. My guards Great Knight Galkiv and Great Knight Remrona will serve as witnesses. Everybody, that’s okay, right?” (Fals)



“I clearly ascertain it with my own eyes.”

Remrona and Galkiv each give their acknowledgment.

“Then, adventurer Shuuya, let’s meet again. —Galkiv, Remrona, carry out your previous order. I will head back inside.” (Fals)

Once the prince dismisses us quickly, he turns on his heel and returns inside his bedroom.

“”Yes, Your Highness!””

Galkiv and Remrona bow in succession.
Alright, I formed a connection with the prince. It seems I will be able to continue to work as an adventurer from now on.
I guess I will take Viine and Rollo and go back to the inn.
Hereafter, it’s their job to verbally attack the nobles mentioned in the account book, and to arrest Great Knight Saril.
Even if I’m asked to carry out undercover work to purge the nobles by the prince, I plan to refuse.
Though I would consider it if Remrona asked me directly.



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