Chapter 144 – Goddess of Magic Poison Misea

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An exponentially explosive magic source.

“All of you, watch out! Get behind me.” (Shuuya)

“Yes—” (Viine)

“Your Excellency, just what is this magic source!?” (Helme)


Everybody took shelter behind me while looking surprised.
I check the corpses of the female dark elves that continue increasing in magic source response.
After all, it is happening right at the corpses.
I stare at them with Magic Observation.
This magic source…it’s not coming from the bodies but from that hand-mirror.
A huge amount of mana dwells in the former mirror of the Priestess.
And it not only contains a huge amount of mana, but it’s also absorbing the magic sources in the vicinity.
Oh? There’s even a breeze that has begun to blow.
Airflow that seems to absorb the surrounding air, not just the magic sources, has appeared.
The mana within the hand-mirror continues to swell.
The absorbing wind starts to become more intense as well.
Once it became a moderate gale, the root of the absorption, the mirror, starts to float in the air while clad in a dark green light.
The hand-mirror is hanging in the air…
No sooner than I thought that, the corpse below the mirror began to move…
The body was drawn towards the mirror.
It adopts a posture of く as it covers the mirror. At that moment—
The corpse was sucked inside the small mirror with a strange gulping sound.
What the hell?
Don’t just absorb that as if you are eating it, you shitty mirror.
Whaa, the suction is terrible. Not just the corpses, even the rubble and the environment begin to be drawn in.
If you want an amazing pull-in force, buy this cleaner?
No, this ain’t the time to fool around.
The floating mirror strengthens its draft wind, seemingly not having enough with the surrounding things and planning to even suck us in.
—My hair is buffeted by the strong wind.
I plant my feet firmly on the ground, but the wind steadily keeps gaining strength.
Shit, it’s getting dangerous. Guess I have to destroy that hand-mirror?
No, right now the priority is to protect my friends.

“—Helme, get back into my eye!” (Shuuya)

“Ye—Yes!” (Helme)

Helme turns into a liquid behind me, and although it looks for a second as if she’s going to be sucked in by the wind, she somehow manages to draw a spiral, entering my left eye.
Thereupon I fire <Chain> from my left hand.
I twine <Chain> around Viine and Rollo to bring them as close as I can to me, then erase it for an instant.
I shoot another <Chain> right after and manipulate it.
I materialize it with the images: spherical, shield, and dome.
The <Chain> extending from my left wrist wraps repeatedly without leaving a single gap, creating multiple <Chain> layers.
In a flash, a <Chain> dome has been completed to shelter us.
It cuts off the gale.
Although it’s noisy, it’s probably going to be alright.
I feel a bit relieved.
However, outside the dome, a stormy wind rages, similar to what one hears when close to a prop plane.
I’m sure that the magic hand-mirror is sucking up everything around it.
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“Master…” (Viine)

Viine showed an uneasy expression while hugging me.

“It’ll be fine. Let’s wait here until the wind dies down.” (Shuuya)

“Yes.” (Viine)


Rollo climbs onto my shoulder while purring throatily.
While attaching a tentacle to my neck, she sat down on my shoulder as if dropping her butt towards my back.
She places both her forepaws together, as if hanging them down towards my chest, and folds both her hind legs beneath her.
A well-balanced, Egyptian sitting posture. 1 It’s a stance similar to that of a modeling doll.


Once Rollo notices Viine’s frightened behavior, she addresses her with something like 『Have a peace of mind nya』.
After a few minutes…the noise stops.
As if time had come to a halt, the wind stops as well.
Should I erase <Chain> and take a look at the situation outside?
As I’m thinking, Viine, who’s next to me, nods.
She nods even though the red-tinged, silver brilliance in her eyes sways.
She probably believes that we should check the situation outside as well.
Rollo raises a paw and taps my shoulder with a nuance of saying 『Open the chains nya』.
You are also telling me to open them, huh? Their opinions match.
Alright…though it’s a little scary.
I erase the <Chain> forming the dome.
Eh!? Ooh!?
In front of my eyes there are huge mountains, or rather, huge boobs!?

“—Oh my, you came out, didn’t you?”

A loud, haughty, and yet mysterious voice echoes.
The voice’s owner comes from the two hill-like, no, mountain-like boobs?
I turn my gaze towards the left of the humongous melons.

“…To the left, a belly and waist, and in the far distance long legs.” (Shuuya)

Wondering whether it’s possible, I once more turn my eyes towards the right.

“…Huge breasts, a gigantic snake twining itself around shoulders and a neck, a huge face and snake hair…all things considered, a giant. A female giant is sprawled out?” (Shuuya)

It’s the huge body of an attractive woman, but…
I’m overwhelmed by her dimensions.

“…What was that? After all, a magul is a magul even if they contributed to mine self. To compare mine beauty with that savage tribe of giants, what a rude man. Besides, you did as you please and tyrannized mine people, did you not, predestined 2 magul man…”

Going by those words, a goddess?
I properly look at the huge face once more…it was beautiful.
But, a pair of beautiful eyes and squirming snakes on her head, really.
I feel like I have seen that Medusa-like head somewhere.
…Ah, I remember.
It was a picture of a goddess in the Picture Scroll of Gods.
Her name was, if I remember correctly, Goddess of Magic Poison Misea.
She also appeared in Viine’s story. A goddess that’s worshiped by the majority of dark elves.
Is she really that goddess?

『Your Excellency, that giant, her mana is weak in comparison to her large size. Is she not keeping mana in her body? Thinking about it, it’s incomprehensible.』 (Helme)

Helme pointed out that doubtful aspect regarding the giant woman in front of us.
I immediately check her with Magic Observation.
At the same time, I touch the metallic attachment next to my right eye.
A blue glass element covers my right eye and the Kaleidoscope activates.

『I see, it’s certainly strange…』 (Shuuya)

I can grasp it through my Magic Observation. The mana covering the giant is thin.
In the high-resolution view that centers on the pale-blue light frame of the Kaleidoscope…
It looks as if the huge goddess’ body is shining.
It makes her goddess-like presence apparent.
Since there’s a cursor, I focus my sight on it.


Unknown Elenium Thought Entity α
Brain Waves: ???
Body: ???
Gender: ???
Overall Physical Strength: ???
Elenium Integration: 89※※※※


Such status was displayed once I magnify the cursor.
Considering her mana, her Elenium values must be buggy.
She appears to really be some sort of goddess.
It looks like the device can’t measure her.
However, whether she’s a goddess or a giant, she’s definitely a woman.
When I was carefully observing that giant-like woman, Rollo got down from my shoulder.
She transforms into Black Panther.
She side steps while heading towards woman’s head.
It’s the movement of a carnivore cautiously examining the state of its prey.


She growls and releases several of her tentacles from the base of her neck.

“—Beast, how conceited for a lowly being such as you.” (Misea)

She lies on the side while propping up her head with one hand.
In that posture, she talks while staring at RollodeenBlack Panther listlessly.
While at it, I focus on RollodeenBlack Panther‘s cursor.


????do???nus High Lucival > former ex
Brain Waves: ???
Body: ???
Gender: female ??
Overall Physical Strength: 321
Elenium Integration: 321112322????
Weapons: Present


Whoa!? The order of bug magnitude is different…well, I suppose Rollo-san is a divine beast after all.
Then again, it’s likely certain that she’s originally a higher life form from another dimension.

“…Rollo, hold back for now.” (Shuuya)

While giving that order to RollodeenBlack Panther
I touch the 卍-shaped attachment next to my right eye, returning it into a cross-shaped metallic element.
I canceled the Kaleidoscope.


RollodeenBlack Panther backs down according to my instruction.
But, enduring her anger, she whacks my shin with her tail, appealing to me adorably.
Ignoring RollodeenBlack Panther, I looked at the nearby Viine.
Viine had her knees on the ground with her legs trembling.
She bowed her head as deep as possible, worshiping the goddess.

“—The one of mine people over there apparently knows how to behave herself.” (Misea)

The huge goddess’ actions are quite arrogant.
She praises Viine’s behavior while pointing at her.
Also, she calls Viine “one of mine people”, huh?
It seems she’s truly a goddess.
I guess I will try asking her.

“Are you really Goddess of Magic Poison Misea-sama?” (Shuuya)

“Fufufu, what absurdity. This is the world of Sera, right? Still, you might also say that’s correct. Mine current appearance is a reflection of mine true body in the Spirit World through the Mirror of Roses. You could call it a transient appearance.” (Misea)

So that’s it. Just as Helme had pointed out.
The goddess is a goddess, yet slightly different.
A giant and a goddess, but she isn’t god-like.
The mana response is weak after all.
The hand-mirror contained a huge amount of mana.
While taking a proper look at the goddess’ visage,

“…What kind of business does the Goddess of Magic Poison have here? You’re certainly not going to say that you came here to deliver a divine punishment upon me, are you?” (Shuuya)

I ask.
While smiling, the goddess shakes her head and then parts her big lips.

“Divine punishment? That’s how you speak with a goddess, predestined magul? How cheeky.” (Misea)

Cheeky, eh? Sure, usually one would use polite speech in this situation.

“Sorry. But first it’s one battle after another, and then I suddenly run into a storm. I’m all worked up. I’m also excited from hearing that you are a goddess.” (Shuuya)

I told her a bit of the truth.

“Oh my, while that may be true, it’s no good to rush things, you know? Even if you are a male magul, it’s impossible for me to punish someone that contributed to me.” (Misea)

That’s welcome, but makes me wonder,

“Contribution? I only slaughtered dark elves; aren’t those your people?” (Shuuya)

“True…I feel angry for you having ruined my plans with your sanctioned killing. However, that’s a trivial matter…didn’t you, a male magul, cause a feast of despair, anger, fear, and plenty of souls? You are an enemy, but it’s a deed on almost the same level of some exalted names, such as: Padol the Ogre, Spirit World Knight Arzen, Magic Puppet Hawk, Roaring Poison Knight King Razen who vanished somewhere several thousand years ago, Insane Eye Toguma and the four Lulizeze…also, Snail Swarm Padolmaya, Majin Soldier King Ganji…s…let’s leave it at that. You prepared the rare offering of a feast for me, didn’t you? I have to give you my praise, magul person.” (Misea)

Misea talks with an excited expression.
Though, even if I’m told unknown names, it doesn’t mean anything at all to me.
Plenty of offerings, huh?
So that means I killed close to a thousand dark elves and the souls of those who died were sucked up by this Misea?
It crossed my mind since the burning knights had previously mentioned something about the Spirit World Sebdola.
But, this goddess…
Even though her favored people were killed, she looks as if it’s the most natural thing in the world. Does she consider the lives inhabiting Sera as toys or dessert, even if it’s her own believers?

“…Then you are saying that you ate plenty of souls using the previous mirror as an intermediary, Misea-sama?” (Shuuya)

“Indeed. To be precise, eight hundred and forty seven souls.” (Misea)

Her large snake tongue licks her big lips.

“We were almost sucked in as well though?” (Shuuya)

I glared at the goddess with her snake tongue hanging out as if blaming her.

“Fufufu, that’s a nice look.” (Misea)

Muttering that, the goddess lifts the corners of her mouth a bit and smiles. After a short pause, she says,

“…But, it doesn’t look like you only possess those conceited black eyes of yours… After all, you defended against the super-ranked spell used by the Mirror of Roses. Even though I planned to suck you guys up as well, I couldn’t. I was looking forward to enjoying something delicious so much…how regrettable.” (Misea)

The goddess shifts in a position similar to a Burriko Pose. 3 While blinking with her big, brocade-like eyes, she stares at me as if devouring me and licks her big lips with her snake tongue again as she talks.
What’s with the delicious there.
She’s a goddess that messes around.

“…What was that!?” (Shuuya)

“Shaaaa.” (Rollo)

I ready my Magic Halberd.
RollodeenBlack Panther raised an angry voice.

“Fufu, those rebellious black eyes. Really cute. Although it’s just for an instant, they made me have the chills…” (Misea)

The goddess brings her face close.
There’s no doubt that it’s a beautiful, well-featured visage.
But, her hair really consists of living snakes.
Each and every one of them squirms, and they feel as if they will spit poison or acid from their mouths…
That’s kind of frightening. I don’t know what they are going to do.
Strengthening my caution, I release mana.
I’m unable to tell apart whether she’s an illusion or actually exists, but should I strike that huge body with my chain?
Should I cut her neck alongside the huge, winding snake with the red axe blade? Or should I attack with magic?

“—My, how surprising.” (Misea)

The goddess acts surprised as I’m troubled with how to attack her.
The huge snake winding around her neck moves to her right shoulder as if escaping.
The hair snakes also retreat to the back all at once, changing her hairstyle into one that’s swept back.
Even the goddess withdraws her face from me and once again returns to lying down.

“What is thy name?” (Misea)

Not you or magul, but instead she directly asked for my name.
It seems this goddess of the Spirit World has some interest in me.
I guess I will answer her.

“Shuuya Kagari.”

I introduce myself while releasing mana.

“I see…Shuuya, huh? A mana manipulation at a level of not being noticed on mine first look. You have mastered an exceedingly superior mana manipulation, haven’t you?” (Misea)

I was praised by the goddess.

“Well, more or less.” (Shuuya)

“Besides, I strongly sense the smell of the Divine Domain in that dense mana you are releasing, Shuuya. Also, I am able to feel a strong connection with the Spirit World, as well as the divinity of another Abhranam spell god, albeit faintly…what’s that about? Something like a magul wrapped in this much chaos…is it possible you are not a predestined magul, Shuuya?” (Misea)

I released mana to coerce her, but…I guess I failed.
It ended up getting analysed.
But, even though the gods, who lived in the Divine Domain, so far all read my mind and directly addressed my mind…
This goddess of the Spirit World or whatever doesn’t use anything like telepathy.
It looks as if she can’t read my thoughts.
Even though she’s a goddess, she’s not almighty, huh?
I recall the Goddess of Plants Sadeyula and the God of Earth Gaia mentioning something along those lines.
However, since this goddess of the Spirit World is only projecting a reflection of her from the Spirit World, her power might be limited.
I stop the release of mana and smile to provoke the goddess.

“…You’re a goddess-sama, right? Try making a guess.” (Shuuya)

“Humph, cheeky, but interesting!” (Misea)

The goddess shouts while her eyes tremble.
She swings her huge head around on the spot as if drawing a circle.
Once she does, the snake on her head vigorously came out.
The snakes land on the ground.
While moving swiftly by slithering across the ground, they move in front of me and suddenly come to a stop.
The snakes begin to turn as if drawing circles on the ground.
At that moment, a green magic crest forms.
The snakes turn into green light and vanish.
In exchange, there was a huge, coin-shaped family crest (?) possessing 8 spider eyes and shedding faint green light created on top of the magic crest.
The big coin has a separate consciousness? It begins to float upwards.

“What’s this?” (Shuuya)

“That is a divine relic called Appraising Eyes of the Eight Spider Kings, it’s been invoked by using a part of mine powers. With this, I can see through most things…I should be able to grasp it, but…it’s being repelled by you and the black beast. Shuuya…I can see the information about the one of mine people who’s pressing her face against the ground since sometime ago, but…humph. It’s mortifying, but I guess it’s my loss…” (Misea)

I feel like it’s not really about winning or losing, but the goddess apparently couldn’t examine me.
Did her appraisal fail?
The coin with the family crest containing eight living spider compound eyes.
The Appraising Eyes of the Eight Spider Kings transform into small snakes again and return to the goddess.
The goddess herself reveals a frustrated expression.
I guess I will tell her…just a bit though.

“Let me tell you that I’m a normal man and not a magul.” (Shuuya)

“As expected, I see…you are a powerful, great male that can be called heterogeneous chaos. You made mine heart throb. Shuuya, I will certainly remember your name.” (Misea)

My name ended up being memorized by Goddess of Magic Poison Misea.

“Is something good going to happen by you remembering it?” (Shuuya)

I try asking her with a slightly frisky tone.

“There is. I shall give you a reward.” (Misea)


“Reward, eh? Are you going to give me the Mirror of Roses?” (Shuuya)

“No, there’s no mana left in that hand-mirror anymore—try looking around.” (Misea)

The goddess slithers while surveying the surroundings.
Being lured in by her, I also look.
…Certainly the mountain of rubble changed into a flat terrain.
All that’s left are the walls surrounding the area in all four directions.
Was all of that rubble sucked up by that mirror?

“For sure, it’s a destructive absorption power…I agree with that.” (Shuuya)

“Isn’t it? Besides, the Mirror of Roses is exclusively for mine people. Even if you are heterogeneous, it will be impossible for you to use it, Shuuya. Therefore, the one of mine people bowing down next to Shuuya…no, I guess, formerly of mine people, is correct now. I plan to give a reward to the unique female who has pledged complete loyalty to you, but how about it, the one of heterogeneous chaos, Shuuya?” (Misea)

Not to me but to Viine?
She’s revealing an evil smile befitting a goddess of the Spirit World, but does she have some particular objective?

“Is it something like brainwashing?” (Shuuya)

“Fuhahaha, betrayal will certainly become an offering to me. But, betrayal after performing something like brainwashing is boring and it tastes like shit…a heart of discord that betrays due to its true feelings is a great and important flavor. Besides, you are people who contributed to me. If I don’t bestow you an official reward, it will affect mine reputation.” (Misea)

“Really? Somehow it seems possible though.” (Shuuya)

Hearing my words, the goddess squinted with a light dwelling within her eyes.

“…The one who brings chaos, Shuuya, those eyes of yours that suck one in… As expected, it’s not a normal destiny. That force of will that opposes my words more than equally. It’s really magnificent…ah yeah, won’t you come rampaging not just on Sera but also in the Spirit World? If you do, I will take you in as my kin, ufufu.” (Misea)

Misea’s cheeks are dyed bright red…
She wriggles her body bashfully while making her mountain-like boobs sway.

“…The Spirit World, huh? If I can go there with this living body, I want to visit.” (Shuuya)

“Certainly, as it is now, it will be difficult, but if you use certain things at a tear, it’s possible to be caught at the threshold, but if it’s something smallish, it should be possible to come and go between Sela and the Spirit World.” (Misea)

“Certain things?” (Shuuya)

“If you have the Score Sheet of the Demon King and a horn from one of the races living in the Spirit World, even a living creature of Sela will be capable of stepping into the Spirit World, albeit it’s limited to the tears.” (Misea)

The goddess’ expression is serious, but I wonder whether it’s really true…

Ah, the horn, is that maybe…

“The horn of Mabaon of the Highcell or such?” (Shuuya)

“Eh? You know of the Highcellcone race? I’m getting more and more interested in you…but, as far as the people up until now are concerned…it’s possible for other disciples of the Spirit World, no, the Divine Domain, as well as their soldiers…” (Misea)

The goddess mumbles under her breath.
I don’t understand, but I never expected that horn to have such a use…
Was that guy a creature of the Spirit World?

“I don’t care about gods and their likes. I’m me. So, apart from giving her a reward, there’s no trap, right?” (Shuuya)

“…There’s no trap, but it will result in me taking a small amount of magic source.” (Misea)

Hoo, if it’s only that much, I should decide to accept it.

“I got it. Fine. Please award it to Viine.” (Shuuya)

“Understood—” (Misea)

The goddess swings her curly snake hair once again and small snakes fall to the ground.
This time it didn’t stop at that. Even the big snake coiled around her neck crawled down along the goddess’ left arm and descended to the ground.
The small snakes and the big one stop right in front of Viine and begin to curl around on the ground as if trying to eat their own tails just like before, creating a huge magic crest.
A bow appears atop that magic crest.
The shape is close to that of a small Yumi bow.
It is composed with a hue of jewels that show a playful application of beautiful contrasts ranging from dark green to jade green.
The upper and lower string segments are small. 4 But it’s being created with snake ornaments like they’re applied by an excellent craftsman.

“…This is…amazing.”

After respectfully raising her head, Viine looks at the bow that appeared before her.
Looking at it as if it had been created by a divine bow maker, she reveals an expression full of admiration.
Well, after all, it’s the bow of a goddess.

“…Glanpa-like unique female, who possesses a strong enough soul to break your bond to me while still one of mine people, your desire for revenge pleases me as well. Consider it as compensation towards the deeds of your master, who is an incarnation of chaos. You made my heart beat fast. It’s a special reward which also possesses expectations towards your master. That bow is the shape of my blessing. Receive mine Jade Snake Bow—” (Misea)

Once the high strung voice of the goddess pierces the sky, the jade bow releases a flash.
The sound of breaking glass reverberates.

“Mu…I used a bit too much power. Shuuya of the heterogeneous chaos, the time has come for mine beautiful body to fade. It was a short stay in the world of Sera, but I enjoyed it—” (Misea)
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Goddess of Magic Poison Misea put an end to the conversation with a smile and instantly vanishes without a trace.
A lukewarm wind passes with a flash.
Nothing but the broken mirror falls down below where the goddess disappeared.
The bow properly remained with Viine.
A beautiful Jade Snake Bow.
This is an amazing item that had been genuinely granted by a goddess.
It should be an article that could be called a treasure or a divine artifact.
I expect that it’s dedicated to the dark elf Viine.
Viine touches the bow with her hands.
The bow releases a green light.
Viine Dao Azmail is written on the surface of the bow in red dark elf letters.
Oooh, how cool.
Moreover, once Viine grabs the bow, the bowstring begins to shed green light.
And then the snake-patterned decorations on both limbs of the bow grow upwards and downwards as if the bow’s spreading its wings, resulting in both ends of the bow transforming.
Green magic letters are also engraved on Viine’s wrist and a green aura hangs in the air while swaying.
A transformation from a short to a longbow, huh?
Speaking figuratively, it’s a big bow similar to a four-sun-bow. 5 Furthermore, that bowstring is amazing.
It glitters in green just like a laser.
But, can one touch the shining string? It looks like your fingers would melt away if you touched it.

“…I will test it out.” (Viine)

“Okay.” (Shuuya)

Viine has regained her usual calm.
She prepares herself like an archer.
When she touches the green bowstring with her bluish-white fingers, a green-shining arrow is automatically created on the readied bow.
She’s touching it. Is it only her who’s alright touching it or something like that?
Her prepared pose is wonderful.
Moreover, the eyes of the snake patterns at the upper and lower parts are shining crimson. How detailed.
Once Viine was about to fire the arrow, she drew the faint green string with her fingers that are clad in a green aura and the bowstring began to flash.
Then the arrow is released without sound.
Leaving behind a beam-like trace in the air, the arrow soars straight ahead.
In an instant, the beam arrow stabs into the targeted ground.
It doesn’t explode or anything, but it’s awfully fast.
Viine nods, looking satisfied with the trajectory of the beam arrow.
The moment she undid her stance, the Jade Snake Bow automatically shrinks.
Viine then hoists the bow up into the air.

“Goddess, you have my gratitude…” (Viine)

She mumbles, then closes her eyes and gives a silent prayer to the goddess.
I’m thankful as well. I guess I will at least say so in my mind.
Thank you very much, goddess-sama.
Without anything happening, I survey the vicinity.
—Let alone ruins, nothing has been left behind.
We don’t have any further business here. Guess it’s time to return to Pelneet’s Lodging Moon of the Labyrinth.

“…Viine, we are going back to the surface.” (Shuuya)

“Yes.” (Viine)

Taking out the 24-faceted orbTrapezohederon, I trace the mysterious symbol on the first facet of the mirror with a finger, causing the gate to activate.
The inn’s room is reflected on the other side of the gate.
No one is in the room.
With Rollo on my shoulder and with Viine holding my hand like a lover, we pass through the gate together.
We safely return to the Lodging Moon of the Labyrinth.


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Translation Notes:

  2. 定命 – a Buddhist term concerning the lifespan of a person predestined by the karma from the previous life. Also connected to fate or destiny.
  3. Woman/girl acts cute by playing innocent and helpless –
  4. Bow terms, check

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