Chapter 143 – The Priestess’ Last Moments

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Sword Genius Hali’An, huh?
True, she’s different from the other dark elves.
Her movements show a high level of physical ability.
Female dark elves wearing vermilion protective gear — probably her subordinates — apply a potion-like liquid on her.
They also chant healing magic.
Healing magic of the water attribute? Water drizzles on the unconscious Hali’An like a shower.
Viine continues to glare at Hali’An as she receives healing.
For her, Hali’an is one of the leaders of her family’s enemies.
I guess I will leave Hali’an to her.

“Viine, you handle these guys.” (Shuuya)

“Yes!” (Viine)

Viine immediately tosses her bow and quiver on the ground.
Then she drew the silver sword and Black Snake that hang at her waist without any hesitation. Her unsheathing was accompanied by a pleasant metallic sound.
Maintaining a forward-bent posture, she starts running towards the dark elves that are nursing Hali’An.
One of them stands up, readies her longsword, and thrusts it at Viine, but Viine dodges by a hair’s breadth with a slight bend of her bluish-white body.
Viine unleashes a counter-thrust — stabbing the dark elf’s chest with her silver sword.
But, having judged the thrust to be too shallow, she lowers one shoulder and steps forward.
While saying what seems to be a skill name, she launches a slash diagonally from her shoulder with Black Snake.
The black slash severs the dark elf’s cervical vertebrae.
With a sword technique that combines thrusting and slashing, she easily lopped off the dark elf’s head.
Now snapping out of their shock, the remaining two dark elves stop nursing Hali’An.
They stand up in order to cover the collapsed Hali’an while hurling abuse at Viine.

“—Get out of the way!!”

Viine moves with those bloodcurdling words.
She repels an enemy longsword with Black Snake in her right hand as if scooping up from the lower left to the upper right. And then, as if being in a flow, she rotates her body and uses that momentum to swing horizontally at the torso of one of the dark elves with the silver sword in her left hand.
Using that opportunity, the other dark elf, who had circled around behind Viine, aims for Viine’s back with their short sword.
Viine evades the backstab by rotating to the right.
Afterward, she does a spinning backflip, passing over the dark elf’s head while swinging Black Snake downward.
The female dark elf, who had her head cleaved in two, collapses while showing a cross-section view of her brain.
The face of the collapsing elf was green.
I guess it’s an effect of Black Snake’s poison.
Viine lands on the ground like a gymnast.
Once her red gladiator boots touch down on the ground,

“Blood for blood! I will have you suffer my, no, my family’s regrets!” Viine shouts.

Did Hali’An notice Viine’s presence? She starts to crawl while churning the soil with both her hands in order to get quickly away.
Viine stomped down the sole of her red leather boot on the back of Hali’An.

“You are not going anywhere! I’m Viine, the former second daughter of the 【12th-ranked Sorcer Noble Azmail Household】. You shall suffer revenge for having destroyed my family—” (Viine)

Viine introduces herself and stabs Black Snake into the back of Hali’An.

“Ugeeh! Hyaaa—”

Hali’An bends her body, trembles, and screams.

“My elder sister’s, my mother’s and my younger sisters’ revenge!!!” (Viine)

She stabbed Black Snake into Hali’An again and again.
The vermilion protective gear is torn to pieces, the flesh on her back is a soggy mess, and her crushed head has lost any shape.
Viine still continued to stab even after Hali’An had become an unmoving corpse.

“Hey, Viine.” (Shuuya)

“Haa, haa, haa…yes.” (Viine)

The expression of the agitated Viine appeared to be tired.

“Stop it already, okay?” (Shuuya)

“Yes.” (Viine)

She was in a daze, but life returned into her eyes upon my words.
Tilting her head vertically, she gives a small nod. After wiping away the blood on Black Snake and the silver-steel longsword, she sheathed them in their scabbards at her waist, picked up the bow and quiver she had dropped, took out several arrows from within the quiver, and scanned the surroundings as if nothing had happened.
I survey the battlefield, too.
Once I do,


Rollo in her Horse Lion form purrs lightly and transforms into a medium-sized Black Panther.
Rollo returns next to my feet.

“You did your best, didn’t you?” (Shuuya)

I stroke the black panther from her head to the bottom of her neck as a reward.
Rollo releases a happy, throaty purr while twining her long, black tail around my foot.

“Haha, now’s not the time for this.” (Shuuya)

I don’t let my guard down while frolicking around with Rollo.
I raise my head and look around.
On the left, there’s a lot of debris.
I was wondering whether there were only the corpses of defeated dark elves and the rubble of the mangled mansion scattered around, but I hear the sound of combat from close to the distant wall on the right side.
It was the site where the two Burning Knights and Helme were fighting.
Except for over there…we had apparently finished defeating all of the enemies.

“Master, the suspicious-looking people fighting over there are…” (Viine)

Viine asked me.

“Ah, those are my subordinates. I will introduce them to you afterwards.” (Shuuya)

“…You say those people are…understood.” (Viine)

Viine once again opened her mouth and widened her eyes in surprise.
For a short moment she was dumbfounded, but nodding her head several times as if she comprehended something in her own way, her face returns to her usual calm expression.
It’s the face of a beauty.
At that moment, there’s a rumbling in the distance off to the left.
It’s the sound of rubble collapsing.
As it collapsed, magic source responses show up from beneath.
A group of dark elves wearing vermilion protective gear appear from below the rubble.
There are also several soldiers wearing black chain mails with shoulder plates attached mixed in among them.

“It looks like there’s still quite a few survivors left.” (Shuuya)

“Yes, it seems so—” (Viine)

The new group of dark elves let out a jumbled yells while holding their weapons.
Once they discover us, they all charge towards us while hurling abusive words full of hatred.
There’s a bit of a distance, but…they come running with manic expressions.
Viine keeps a cool head as she gazes at the approaching enemies and shoots her arrows at them.
From a long distance — they are pierced one after the other.
I pondered whether I should kill them with magic, but,

“Nnn, nyao.”

RolloBlack Panther warns me by purring with a throaty voice, likely saying 『They are here nya』.
She hops in front to protect Viine and me.
Fire breath?
No. Making her six tentacles writhe in midair, she seems to be waiting for the enemy to get close.
At that moment,

“Master, I will release my Extra Skill since the number of enemies is big. Is that fine with you?” (Viine)

“Sure. Rollo, it seems that Viine is going to start something. I think we will be alright as they are still far away, but come to my side just in case.” (Shuuya)


RolloBlack Panther runs back to me.
Viine’s Extra Skill. Now that I think of it, it will be my first time seeing it, won’t it?
I wonder what kind of effect it will have. I’m looking forward to it.
Moving not to the rear but off to Viine’s right, I peeked at her face.

“It will be safe for me to stand here, right?” (Shuuya)

“Yes.” (Viine)

She says with a smile. Then she takes off the silver mask and places it on top of her silver hair as if putting on a hat.
I could see the beautiful, silver butterfly on her right cheek start to shine.
Once she touches that shining butterfly with a fingertip, the butterfly moves from her cheek to her slender finger and then onto the back of her hand.
She carefully and lovingly places the now tattooed hand in front of her chest, then brings her together, leaving no gaps between them.
The silver radiance intensifies even further and the other hand starts to shine as well. Both hands start to glow brighter.
Parting her shining hands, she erects the thumbs and index fingers while folding the other fingers towards the palm.
She creates something similar to a Fugensanmaya1 hand seal.
As she formed the seal, the brightness of her two hands transforms into small, silver droplets.
Next, she creates a hand seal of a fist with both hands, the seal for Jin. Afterward, she creates a hand seal looking as if she’s going to shoot a qigong cannon2, and finally, she joins her hands together into a seal I have never seen before. She repeats changing and joining her hands several times.
With each hand seal she forms, her mana gains strength and the silver droplets assemble at the backs of her hands. Her hands turn into silver-shrouded cocoons from which small, silver butterflies are born and fly off.
It’s just for an instant, but I recall something from Japan’s history due to her actions.
The rugby player Ayumu Goromaru.
Hand seals from a ninja manga.
Mikkyou3 seals.
But, the instant Viine releases her hand seals, those nostalgic images floating in my mind disperse.
Just as spots of darkness appear on her hands that are now acting as silver cocoons, Viine separates both hands to the left and right as if cutting that darkness apart.
At that instant, silver butterflies, countless silver-speckled butterflies, flutter towards the black sky.
How pretty. The swarm of butterflies is beautiful.
A thick cloud of silver scales pours down like rain onto the oncoming dark elves from the countless, beautiful butterflies.
Once the silver scales and butterflies touch the exposed skin, the hands and faces of the dark elves, their attitude takes a swift turn.
They shout, laugh, rage, dance, and start running recklessly holding their heads, clashing and running into each other.
It’s a perfect state of chaos and derangement.
Not a single dark elf headed our way.
There are also some who are no longer moving after falling to the ground.
Having used such a strong Extra Skill, Viine sat down on the spot as if slumping down.
Did she sweat a lot? Her long, silver hair is clinging seductively to her face.
She looks exhausted as if she has become even paler.
With a movement that felt slow she recovers her face with the silver mask to hide the silver butterfly located there.
It looks like she has consumed so much mana that she can’t stand out of fatigue.
I should give her a mana recovery potion, I guess.
I take out a potion from my item box.

“Viine, are you alright? Drink this.” (Shuuya)

“Ah, this is…?” (Viine)

“It’s a potion. Don’t worry and drink it. This place is still a battlefield.” (Shuuya)

“Yes, Master! Thank you very much.” (Viine)

Once she drinks the potion, she smiles as she has apparently recovered somewhat. She returns the empty bottle to me.
I don’t really need it, but taking it, I store it in my bandolier.

“Now then—” (Shuuya)

I turn my face to the dark elves who are causing a racket.
There are still a lot of them alive.
I guess I have to clean them up.
Let’s do it with magic.

“…I will finish them off.” (Viine)

Viine suddenly gets up, readies her tawny, wooden bow, and begins shooting.

“—Wait, I will kill them all together in one go. Viine, you are still on a rest break. Enjoy the scenery.” (Shuuya)

“…Yes.” (Viine)

Viine sits down on the ground as her knees are a bit shaky.
As expected, she seems to be quite exhausted.

“Rollo, protect Viine.” (Shuuya)


Rollo gives her acknowledgment with a loud meow and gallantly stands in front of Viine with her limbs loosely bent.
After ascertaining that Viine sat on the ground, I use <Magic Hand guided by Thought> to jump through the air.
I arrived diagonally above the confused dark elves.
—I guess I will quickly put an end to them.
Language magic of the water attribute.
The highest-class spell I have learned.
It seems easier to load it with mana now.
I strongly imagine “columns of ice dragon fangs.”
Gazing at the dark elves, I extend my arm…
—I silently cast 《Ice Dragon ColumnsFrozen Dragoness》.
After my casting, ice columns modeled after ice dragon heads shoot out from my arm.
The jaws of the ice dragons open wide and they fly off while roaring.
Each time the tails and fins of the ice dragons move, blue traces are left behind in the sky. Even I, who was quite far away, was able to feel the freezing air.
The ice dragons crash into the dark elves as if trying to bite them with their ice fangs.
The impact blows away the nearby rubble and the ice columns that turned into waves of a blizzard spread out in a sphere.
Pillars of ice served as something similar to the dark elves’ gravestones.
The dark elves died after being pierced by the ice columns or became pure white ice block molds.
Within the spell’s effect, it’s a scenery similar to a snow country.
The rubble that was blown away to the outer circumference and the corpses of the dark elves form sloppy clusters.
It went well.
No sooner than thinking that, I discover a moving dark elf.
I use <Chain Spear of the Ray SystemShining Chain Lance> on the spot.
The ray pierces into the back of the dark elf, who was trying to escape, while drawing an arc.
Moreover, the back part of the light spear breaks up in a spiral, as a spiderweb-like light net is created, then that light net spreads across the dark elf’s back.
Having been caught by the light net and with their back pierced through by the light spear, the dark elf can’t move any further.
I think they will die at this rate, but just in case I fire an 《Ice Ball》.
The imagined shape of the ice ball is that of a rifle bullet with a teardrop form.
The ice ball spell pulverizes the head of the dark elf.
Alright, it’s a hit.
Using <Magic Hand guided by Thought> as foothold, I descent to Viine’s and Rollo’s location.
Viine waits for me with her head lowered and a knee on the ground while her shoulders are trembling.
Rollo transforms back into her usual black cat size and returns on my shoulder.

“As expected of a strong male. It was terrifying water magic. I tremble from how moved I am…” (Viine)

I was about to say, “Haha, you are really exaggerating,” but I hold back.
Viine’s eyes are slightly moist and have a tinge of passion…it’s a serious face.
I change the topic.

“…Yeah, but rather than that, is your body fine, Viine? It seems like you used a lot of mana for the Extra Skill just now.” (Shuuya)

“Yes. Thanks to the potion, I recovered a bit. I’m alright now.” (Viine)

It seems I gave her a potion that increases her mana recovery instead of one that gives her mana upfront.
It’s one of the potions Kuna possessed, so its purity might be all over the place.

“I see, that’s great.” (Shuuya)

When I was checking Viine’s complexion, Helme and the Burning Knights came back after finishing with the surviving dark elves.
They abruptly stop in front of me and fall to one knee in unison.
The Burning Knights are covered in wounds.
The solid-looking chest parts of their red and black armors have holes at some parts and they had been stabbed by several arrows.
They are tattered.
Helme on the other hand is unhurt.

“Yo, thank you for your efforts. As expected, you are unhurt Helme, huh? But, Zemetas and Adomos, you were wounded quite a bit, weren’t you…?” (Shuuya)

“Nya, nn, nya, nyan.”

Rollo is saying something while rhythmically tapping my right shoulder with her forepaws and tentacles.
I imagine it’s something along the lines of “Big-Boney, Lucky Bones, how careless of you nya. Can’t you be a bit useful at least nya?”

“…Your Excellency, the Burning Knights and I annihilated the enemy while supporting each other with magic. The Burning Knights received a lot of attacks, but…” (Helme)

Helme gave me a light run-down of the battle progress.
She makes the blue and bluish-black leafy skin of her body undulate as if causing waves, her long hair then begins to sway as if it had been hit by the same waves.
Now flowing, she casts a sidelong glance at the tattered Burning Knights.

“Indeed, I’m ashamed…”

“Let’s make sure to finish the next fight without any injuries!”

Considering Zemetas and Adomos have rough bone helmets that give one an intense impression for a head, I can’t read their emotions from the expressions. They are speaking with heavy bass voices that seem to be full of vexation though.
Rollo extends her tentacles from my shoulder and comforted the Burning Knights by patting their skulls.
Well then, let’s ignore Rollo’s actions and get on with the introductions.

“…Got it. Now then, Burning Knights, Helme, I will introduce you. The silver-haired person kneeling over there is a dark elf. She was my slave, but now she’s my friend and servant. Please get along with her. Take care of each other, okay?” (Shuuya)

“”Yes, Master!! We shall follow your heart’s desires—“” (Zemetas & Adomos)

“Certainly.” (Helme)


The Burning Knights match their voices and acknowledge it.
Helme also acknowledges it while lowering her head.
Even Rollo acknowledges it with a proud, self-satisfied look for some reason.

“Everyone, while I’m still inexperienced, it was decided that I will be added at the lowest seat as Master’s subordinate. My name is Viine. My race is dark elf. I have a diminutive body, but I want to support and be useful to Master as much as possible. I humbly ask you to please give me your encouragement and guidance from now on.” (Viine)

Viine bows her head very deeply towards my subordinates.
She managed to introduce herself properly.

“Best regards, blue-skinned Viine-dono. My name is Zemetas, a black burning knight.”

“Best regards, Viine-dono. I am Adomos, likewise a red burning knight.”

“…I was always watching you. I’m the Water Spirit of Everlasting Darkness, Helme. Make sure to show no discourtesy towards His Excellency.” (Helme)

“Nya, nn, nyaon.”

Helme looked at Viine with a slightly sharp look, but soon afterward she apparently consents and switches over to a sidelong glance, looking at Viine’s whole body as if checking her out.
For Rollo it’s that.
She’s probably acting like a senpai while showing a smug look again.

“…That’s the end of introductions then, right? This is still a battlefield after all. The third daughter, Sword Genius Hali’An was done in, but I still haven’t seen the corpses of the priestess matriarch Phelemin Dao Langibad, the eldest daughter Wizard Tomelia, or the second daughter Majin Gamily. They probably died after receiving the direct hit from the ancient magic at the beginning or they were swallowed up by the building’s collapse, but it’s also possible that they have lived through the explosion without dying like the third daughter.” (Shuuya)

“Yes, shall we make our rounds then?” (Viine)

“Let’s do that.” (Shuuya)

I agree with Viine while surveying the vicinity.

“Please order this Zemetas.”

“Please give instructions to Adomos.”

“Your Excellency, I shall follow you.” (Helme)

“Burning Knights, since your injuries are extreme, return to the spirit world for now. Helme, Viine, we will take a little walk.” (Shuuya)

Right after I ordered them, the Burning Knights bow and vanish without a word.

“As you command!” (Viine)

“I will accompany you, Your Excellency.” (Helme)

Together with the two, I start walking atop the debris with Rollo on my shoulder, I try to be careful of treacherous footing.
I also used Grasping Perception.
We advance while blowing away the rubble below with magic and the Magic Halberd.
We search the area where the central part of the mansion had been while getting rid of the wreckage, and then, after a few minutes,
—I sense magic source responses from below.
Several of them.

“There are several responses below this spot.” (Shuuya)

“Certainly, I sense them too. Should I make sure by going down there?” (Helme)

“Yes, go have a look.” (Shuuya)

Helme turns into liquid and seeps down through the gaps between the rubble.
We are standing on what’s left of the upper floor of the building.
Going by the location…it was probably the place where the priestess lived.

“…Helme-sama is a spirit-sama, right?” (Viine)

Viine stares at the spot where the liquefied Helme had seeped in.
She’s surprised by Helme’s sudden change into a liquid and her disappearance into the ground.

“Correct. A Water Spirit of Everlasting Darkness. She’s a spirit living with my mana as nourishment and kin of the darkness and water families. I think that there’s no other spirit like her.” (Shuuya)

“…” (Viine)

Viine stayed silent.
She pondered that thought for a while, showing the same troubled expression she showed when she was talking about her past the other day.

“…Viine, are you listening?” (Shuuya)

“Y-Yes. I’m sorry.” (Viine)

“You were thinking about something again, weren’t you? Try voicing it out.” (Shuuya)

I looked at Viine’s face while revealing a faint smile.

“Okay. Master, you seem to even understand our language…are you really a magul?” (Viine)

Viine asks with a stiff smile.
As expected, you might say that it’s natural for her to consider that.
I’m not a normal magul, or human.
I’m a light demon, a Lucival, a combined descent of humans and vampires.
Well, exactly because it’s her, I deliberately showed her the side aligned with darkness.

“…You want to know?” (Shuuya)

“Of course.” (Viine)

“Nn, nya.”

I know, right?
Even Rollo purrs as if saying “Just say it already nya.”
I guess I will summon my courage and simply tell her.
If she leaves me over this, I will accept that as well.

“…Let’s see. To be honest, I’m afraid to be hated by you, but…just as you have guessed, I’m not a normal magul, or human, Viine. Of course, magul blood is flowing through me since I’m assuming this shape, but…I’m from a different race. It’s a new race called Light Demon Lucival, a combination of human and the demon species vampire, which is close to a dhampir, as it requires the intake of blood.” (Shuuya)

“W-What did you say!?” (Viine)

Viine once again kneels down, her body trembling.
Then she slowly raises her face and looks at me.
Ooh, it’s not an expression full of fear. I feel a bit relieved.
Even if the right half of her face is hidden by the silver mask, I can somewhat read her emotions from the expression on her left face-half.
It’s not dread but an expression that looks like zeal tinged with mania, her fervent smile combined with her crazed eyes is hard to look at.

“I shall pledge my loyalty once again, Master…” (Viine)

Your eyes are moist. Girl, that’s the second time today.
I wondered whether I should retort with such a light joke, but I abstained.
Her face is showing her seriousness.
Once I consider those feelings, I’m very happy.
But, let’s also ask her about accepting my evil side.

“…You don’t hate me? Just like now, I prefer sadism and atrocity. I’m a blood-sucking monster, you know? You aren’t scared?” (Shuuya)

“I will absolutely never be able to hate my gentle master who is about to fulfill the annihilation of my family’s enemies and who has put his trust into me. Even if you were covered in the blood of babies up to your ears, even if you became the enemy of all Sorcery Nobles, I want to serve as your attendant.” (Viine)

Pheew, I think those are her true feelings.
Truthfully, I was tenser than during the fight.

“…I’m overjoyed if a beauty like you, Viine, thinks of me so highly.” (Shuuya)

Getting carried away, my fingers approached Viine’s face.
Gently, affectionately, unbeknown whether they are touching or not.

Ah, yes…” (Viine)

Viine’s face is dyed red and her reaction is cute.
While shutting her eyes, she brings her face close to my fingers like a cat that rubs its face.
Uh, that’s somewhat erotic.
I wonder, at this rate, what will she do if I tell her to lick my fingers?
As I had my erotic delusion, there’s a retort from below my nether region.
Err, rather, there’s a sound from below the rubble.
It’s coming from right below where Helme had disappeared.
Once the sound became louder, the rubble was blown away and a hole appeared.
Helme appears from there in her slimy liquid state, returns to above the debris and transforms back into her human shape.
Even Rollo reacts with surprised blinking.


After purring a little, Rollo got down from my shoulder and peeked down the hole.

“Rollo, don’t go in yet.” (Shuuya)

Once I caution Rollo, Helme, who had changed back into her human form, speaks up,

“…Your Excellency, there are still several survivors below the debris.” (Helme)

“As expected, there were still some left, huh?” (Shuuya)

“What about their numbers?”

“Five large monsters and five people. All of the human shapes seem to be injured. One among them is a female dark elf that contains a large amount of mana in her body.” (Helme)

Five large monsters? I suppose the human-shaped one with the big mana pool is the priestess?
I guess we hit the jackpot then.

“You did well, Helme. I will reward you afterward.” (Shuuya)

“Yes! Thank you very much.” (Helme)

The color of Helme’s face dyes red as she smiles.

“Viine, it’s just as you’ve heard. I feel uneasy about the monsters, but as expected, the central part of the mansion was below the debris here. A dark elf that possesses a lot of mana despite being injured. It’s very probable that it’s the Priestess.” (Shuuya)

“Yes. It appears to be the Priestess Matriarch Phelemin Dao Langibad. But, as for the large monsters, maybe…” (Viine)

Viine seems to have an idea.

“What is it? Do you know anything about the monsters?” (Shuuya)

“Yes, I happened to hear rumors that high-ranking Priestesses have blessings given to them by the goddess which allow them to use secret, mystical spells that make use of majin tools to crossbreed low-classed, male dark elves with monsters…” (Viine)

Uwaah, she’s saying that they’re a unification with monsters?

“Do you know what kind of monsters they are and what attacks they use?” (Shuuya)

“No, I can’t imagine at all. I didn’t corner a high-ranking Sorcery Noble until now.” (Viine)

“Your Excellency, they are grotesque monsters with the lower body of scorpions and the upper bodies of praying mantises.” (Helme)

I see, Helme did spot them.
Scorpion and mantis…if I make a guess, they will attack with their multiple feet or their two sickles?

“Okay, scorpion and mantis, huh? …I will go first for caution’s sake. Viine, Helme, Rollo, come down after me. We will enter through this hole.” (Shuuya)

“Yes!” (Viine)

“Leave it to me.” (Helme)


The accumulated debris in the hole became a pseudo stairway.
That happened after a big sculpture broke down into chunks.
I descend the rubble stairway within the swirling, fine dust.
I mostly grasp what kind of place this was…
The magic source responses get closer.
Originally, it was a huge hall?
Going by the crumbled sculpture, the remains of the collapsed, colored wall and something that appears to have been a chandelier, it might have been a huge audience hall with a high ceiling.
It seems to be a 30-meter drop from here.
Just as Helme said, large monsters loitered around in the underground space.
Their shapes just as she described.
Though, faces of dark elves protruded from right in the center of their torsos.
Just as Helme and Viine mentioned, they are crossbreeds between monster and dark elf.
Those large monsters paced around through the underground space that was locked up by the rubble while acting as if they owned the place by making use of their huge bodies.
The monsters are removing the rubble by cutting it with the blades of their two mantis arms.
Those blades look sharp.
They are cutting through the rubble as if slicing butter.
However, it doesn’t seem like they are recklessly rampaging around.
Once I look at the place where they are removing the rubble, they are working to restore a passage after having received an order?
However, I see a single monster located at a hollow in the right corner not moving.
Ah, are the female dark elves over there…?
The dark elves are gathered below that unmoving monster in order to defend themselves.
The large monsters on this side are a nuisance for going to that right corner, aren’t they?
I look back.

“Rollo, Helme, Viine, first we will get rid of the four moving monsters. I will kill the one cutting the rubble in front. You guys will deal with the ones on the left and right.” (Shuuya)

I give directions while adding finger gestures.




I immediately jump down from the mountain of debris.
First comes the monster in front.
In the middle of falling, I raise my left hand towards the monster and fired <Chain> at it.
The chain travels straight ahead through the air, targeting the monster’s head.
It easily penetrates the praying mantis’ head and coils itself around the monster’s upper body while piercing through it.
However, even after having its head penetrated by the chain, the monster was still alive.
It tries to cut the entwining chain by swinging its sickles up and down in order to escape.
But, without a single scratch from those sickles, the chain tightens its hold on the monster’s upper body.
Using the momentum of contracting the chain towards the Factor mark on my left hand during the fall—
Meanwhile, I focus on my muscles.
While twisting my back, I ready the Magic Halberd slanted up over my shoulder and approach the monster in one breath.
The instant it entered the range of the halberd, I canceled the chain.
Then — using the gravity of my fall — I swing down the Magic Halberd, releasing a <Powerful Flash>.
The large monster receives the <Powerful Flash> of the striking red axe blade and its right shoulder is split to the left and right as if cutting a roast. The red axe blade even reached the base of the lower body.
A blue flower of cleaved internal organs blooms from the torn torso like a gorgeous bouquet.


As the male dark elf’s head was cut apart, the monster screams in agony.
I land while pulling out the Magic Halberd.
A crashing sound reverberates as the large monster falls to the ground.
The other monsters turned around all at once.
At that moment a multi-staged attack of Viine’s arrows, Rollo’s tentacle bone swords, and Helme’s countless ice lances hit the large monster on the left.
The monster, which continued to receive a barrage of ranged attacks, quickly collapses to the ground, causing a very loud sound.
The remaining monsters escape towards the right corner while moving their scorpion feet without hesitation and joined up with the monster that didn’t move from the start.
The three monsters adopt a stance of protecting the injured female dark elves by forming a wall.
I closely observe those dark elves.
The one in the middle is probably the Priestess Phelemin.
She has a helmet, which depicts snake figures on her head and wears a robe like those worn by priests.
However, it’s bloodstained.
It seems her head and abdomen are injured.
While standing by supporting her body with the long wand in her right hand, she glares at us invaders.
The other dark elves, who wear vermilion protective gear, seem to bear similar injuries.
Seeing that the enemy has injured people, it’s extremely unlikely for them to come out to the front.
I guess we will advance in a group and apply pressure on our opponents.
I notify my comrades.

“—The enemy has gone defensive. Come.” (Shuuya)

“Nn, nyaon.”

Rollo reacts in a split second.
She transforms into the Horse Lion on the spot and closes in on me while leaving Helme and Viine behind.

“Rollo-sama! You are too fast—” (Helme)

“—I’m coming right away.” (Viine)

The two ran up to me as if chasing RollodeenHorse Lion.

“As you can see, the enemy is gathering over there. We will get a bit closer.” (Shuuya)

“Yes.” (Viine)

“Your Excellency, let’s annihilate the enemies’ butts.” (Helme)

“Nn, nya.”

After taking a look at the enemy group, Helme and Viine each give a reply.
Was RollodeenHorse Lion curious about Helme’s words about doing something or another to butts? She turned her face towards Helme’s butt and sniffed the smell.

“Kya! Rollo-sama!” (Helme)

“Nn, nyao, nya.”

I don’t know what she’s saying, but I guess it’s something like “It doesn’t stink nya”?
It’s probably that as it hasn’t caused a flehmen reaction?
After smiling at that scene, I start walking while in the lead.
Rollodeen follows on the right, Helme behind me on the left, and Viine behind me on the right.

“—Don’t come any closer! Who are you people!?”

One of the female dark elves shouts.
Blood was running from her head and one arm was bound with bandages.
As I was told, I stop on the spot and interact with her while smiling.

“Who I am, huh? I’m a man, just as you can see, though?” (Shuuya)

“Wh-!? M-Magul…”

“A-A male magul, you say…”

“It’s true. His ears are short and his face is flat!”

The five female dark elves, including the priestess, who checked my face, become noisy.

“Shut up with the magul, magul, okay? You’re right. My appearance is that of a male magul. I’m bothered by that, but either way, the one in the middle is the Priestess? Your name is Phelemin?” (Shuuya)

“How rude! The likes of a magul is—!”

The dark elf with the blood running down from her head shouts while showing a fiendish expression.
My words apparently incurred her anger.
She headed my way while holding her weapon at the ready.


The Priestess tries to restrain her with words, but the dark elf called Mizure goes right ahead while ignoring her.
Running through the gaps between the monsters, she tried to stab my chest with the straight sword in her hands from a slouching stance.
I walk while casually casting the spell 《Ice Ball》 in my mind.
The ice bullet forms in a teardrop shape and pierces the top of the dark elf’s foot.

“—Guh! M-Magic?”

Only her forward-bent slouching posture is thrown off balance without her falling down.
However, she stops moving.
Accordingly, I also adopt a forward-bent posture and release a battlecry.
Closing the combat distance in a flash, I stab the magic spear through the spear’s range in a twisting motion and activated <Darkness Drill>.
—A spear technique clad in the darkness attribute that exceeds <Thrust>.
The red spear that was thrust out with a furious spiral motion hits Mizure’s chest, tears her torso to pieces with its dreadful rotation, as if her upper body is caught in the spin, and blows her away.
A part of the blown-away upper body clashes against a large monster in the back and her entrails are scattered.
Blood gushes out from the lower half, which tragically exposes the spinal cord, and it collapses feebly.
<Darkness Drill>…what terrifying power.

“Now then— Will the rest of you, including monsters, take me on?” (Shuuya)

While kicking the lower half of the dark elf aside, I lean the Magic Halberd against my shoulder and speak in a provocative way.


All of them, including the Priestess, are shocked after seeing the battle just now.
Even the monsters, who protect them like a wall, seem to feet fear and back off a bit.

“You heard me, right?” (Shuuya)


The priestess answers quietly.

“I will ask once more. Are you Phelemin?” (Shuuya)

“…Yes. I’m Phelemin Dao Langibad.”

Going by the clothes she’s wearing, that seems to be the case after all.

“Viine, you heard her, right?” (Shuuya)

“Yes.” (Viine)

I informed Viine in the back while staring at the priestess, the target.
Viine walks up and comes next to me.

“I am the former second daughter of the 【12th-ranked Sorcery Noble Azmail Household】, Viine. You are the enemy who destroyed the Azmail family, so I will have you die in this place.” (Viine)

While holding her bow in one hand, she points the arrowhead of an arrow, which she holds in her other hand, at the Priestess Phelemin.

“Kuu…a survivor of the Azmail family? No way! For you to have survived the above-the-cover world and returned to the underground city accompanied by a magul…” (Phelemin)

The priestess talks with a mortified expression as if she had swallowed a bitter bug.

“Haa? Puhahahaha—-for you to not understand even after having witnessed Master’s power in front of your eyes…you have sure fallen low for a Priestess.” (Viine)

Contrary to her usual manner, Viine laughs loudly.
And then, while squinting, she nocks the arrow into the bow and pulls the bowstring.
It was a posture allowing her to shoot the arrow at any time.

“…A magul as her master, she says?”


“But, he defeated that Mizure with one blow…”

The other dark elves talk like that while showing unrest on their faces.

“First up are the surroundings, I suppose. I will finish them off since they are a nuisance, okay?” (Shuuya)

While asking so, I fire <Chain>.
The target is not the female dark elves, but the scorpion feet of a monster that’s a hindrance as it acts like a wall.
The chain pierces the scorpion feet of the monster standing at the very front like a living snake and twines around those feet.
I flash towards the monster’s feet while contracting the chain towards the Chain Factor like the power plug of a vacuum cleaner.
I hold the Magic Halberd sideways and sweep the monster’s feet, mowing them down in one go.
Next, I focus on the muscles in my whole body while advancing towards the adjoining monster.
At the moment I close in on the monster with the hand holding the Magic Halberd pulled back, I send a blinding thrust out with the halberd while invoking <Powerful Flash>.
The red flash seizes its scorpion legs.
The legs are severed, burning, and are flung into the air as if performing a dance.
However, apparently having chosen its target the moment after I unleashed my skill, the unhurt monster on the left side swings down its sickle.
Tilting the buttof the Magic Halberd upwards in a hurry after I had fully swung to the side, I stop the monster’s sickle.
—However, the monster has two sickles.
The other arm is smashed down next.
I don’t panic. I turn my eyes towards the approaching sickle—
I measure the timing while unsummoning the Magic Halberd and make a backflip then and there.
Receiving the in-motion sickle with the sole of my violet Evil Dragon King Greaves, which I’m wearing on both feet, I block the blade as if kicking it away.
After landing from the flip, I resummon the Magic Halberd into my right hand while stepping in with Magic Combat Steps and turn around explosively.
I powerfully swing the Magic Halberd sideways while rotating half of my body towards the huge monster that attacked.
The big red axe blade sunk into the thick torso of the monster.
Since I didn’t use a skill, it stopped halfway. Accordingly, I put more strength into it and forced a complete swing in order to cut the torso apart.


The instant the dark elf face located in the middle of the torso was cut as if being crushed by the red axe blade, it raised a strange voice.
There’s still — more.
I rotate my body to the side by using the toes of my foot as an axis, handling my body like a spin top.
The Magic Halberd, which I had swung through the monster’s torso, finishes into a full revolution at that point.
I make the red axe blade, which I scooped up from below, directly hit the torso of the monster a second time, causing it to spurt out blood.
The huge monster’s body is blown away like a golf ball after a driver hit the sweet spot.
While scattering the blood, which is gushing out from its large, spiral cut, the blown-away monster crashed into the wall of debris.
The monsters, whose balance crumbled after having their feet cut off, were each finished off by Viine’s arrows, Rollo’s tentacle bone swords, and Helme’s ice lances.
All the monsters, who stood in our way like a wall, were annihilated in the blink of an eye.
Only the dark elves are left now.
It smells a bit. I guess it’s the iron stench of blood.
The sound of blood evaporating from the red axe blade is audible.
After blowing off the gore on the Magic Halberd by swinging it around, I glared at the priestess.

“…W-Wait. If you kill me, you will anger the Goddess of Magic Poison, Misea-sama…to say nothing of a magul having gone on a rampage up to this point. Even the Goddess-sama should be enraged about that…” (Phelemin)

The Priestess Phelemin takes something like a hand-mirror into her left hand and shows it to us with a frightened expression.
There’s nothing projected in that mirror.
Or is it only us who can’t see it?

“…Did that goddess of yours protect your big mansion?” (Shuuya)


I cast magic without a care.
I activate the intermediate water spell 《Ice Arrow》.
Targeting a dark elf with injured legs, an ice arrow, as thick as a human’s arm, plunges forward while cutting through the air.
The spear-like, white, shining arrowhead pierced the dark elf’s face.
The ice arrow goes straight through her head and runs into the debris wall behind her.
At the same time, I activate two <Chain Spear of the Ray SystemShining Chain Lance> in a row.
The two light spears penetrate the chests of the two dark elves next to the priestess, leaving through their backs.
The two dark elves spit blood and the rest of their vitality quickly fades from their faces.
The last one remaining is just the Priestess.

“Viine, she is yours.” (Shuuya)

“Hiiii, don’t fuck around with meee! Don’t come any cloooser!”

Probably because of the fear from becoming the last one left alive, the Priestess goes crazy and wildly swings her wand and hand-mirror.

“It’s my humble pleasure! Priestess Matriarch of the 【Fourth-ranked Sorcery Noble Langibad Household】, Phelemin Dao Langibad! Prepare yourself—” (Viine)

As Viine declares her challenge with a wholehearted yell full of fighting spirit, she starts to rapidly fire one arrow after the other, each one carrying her emotions.

“Gueh! O-Ouch! Guueeh! Misea-samaaaaaa, a miracle, right now right here—” (Phelemin)

First one, then two arrows stab her torso, several arrows pierce her legs, and finally a single arrow hits between the Priestess’ eyebrows.
The Priestess dies with her eyes becoming bloodshot.

“Viine, we still haven’t found the eldest and the second daughter, but are you satisfied with this?” (Shuuya)

I ask while turning towards Viine who was behind me.

“…Yes. I killed my enemy…Mother, Elder Sister…” (Viine)

Viine sobs while shedding large tears.
Her voice gradually becomes louder and she begins to cry as if screaming.
It seems to be a waterfall-like flood of tears.
…I bet it’s something to cry about.
She wandered the surface for many years while continuing to desire revenge for her family.
However, that wish didn’t come true.
—Aren’t you happy?
The instant I extended an arm to comfort the crying Viine — I sense a tremendous magic source.
It came from the place where the corpses of the priestess and the other dark elves were lying.
What’s up? The magic source is expanding at an explosive velocity?


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Translation Notes:

  1. Okay, this one I don’t want to explain fully since it would deviate too far. It’s a hand seal signifying 臨[りん – Rin]. Many of you have probably seen in manga or anime onmyouji doing hand seals to drive away/purify evil/spirits etc. It’s one of the hand seals used. If you’ve never seen that, just imagine the hand seals in Naruto. The description of how to make it matches with what Viine does. Here’s a photo: Of course, it also has actual religious meanings, etc., but you have to research that yourself if interested
  2. Probably a Dragon Ball reference, I remember some character doing such an attack there…it’s close to Piccolo’s ray attack or whatever it was, or the Spirit Gun from Yu Yu Hakasho


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