Chapter 139 – Kaleidoscope

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Viine stopped being a slave, but it looks like she still wants to accompany me.
Therefore, she became a normal attendant.
Exhausted from her long delve into her past, she fell asleep soon after.
We just came back from the labyrinth after all, I guess she pushed herself a bit too much.
Even her sleeping face looks beautiful.
Moments ago I felt somewhat anxious, but…
When I’m looking at her peaceful face…
She doesn’t seem to be lying about wanting to gain my trust.
Though she appears to harbor prejudices about men, especially weak men. I feel that that was unavoidable going by her past.
However, I comprehended that in dark elf society, an alpha male, a strong man is instead regarded as a valuable being.
The dark elves’ matriarchy is probably a part of their education to build a better race. Since men are low-ranked in the hierarchy, I’m sure it’s quite difficult to find “strong males” among them.
That’s why the superior women take the initiative and welcome strong men as their husbands, in the hopes of leaving behind a more excellent offspring for their community.
It’s for the sake of allowing the Sorcery Nobles, who are their family, to prosper.
Well, luckily it ended without me losing an excellent person like her.
After all, I didn’t want to force her to become my bloodkin with my <Suzerain of Household> skill. If I were to turn her, I want to do it after both of us had agreed to.
I mean, a bloodkin attendant will become a vampire, after all.
That doesn’t matter if they have light resistance like I do, but…
I won’t know if they will until I actually try it out.
I believe whoever it is will be fine since they are going to inherit my blood, but…
If she became a vampire who’s unable to walk around during the day after becoming <Head Attendant>, it would be my responsibility…
I guess I will try asking Veronica and Paulsen about this next time.
But, although it’s Viine…if she learned that I’m actually the first of a new race of vampires, an inhuman person that sucks blood…what will she do?
Will she go into denial and run away?
Even under normal circumstances, she’s a woman who discriminates against the people on the surface.
It’s possible.
Having said that, not revealing my true identity is…
On the contrary, isn’t that me not trusting her?
At least I think so…
I guess it’s still alright… Viine is sleeping.
Right now there are other things I should do.
Let’s postpone my confession.
First, I have to supply the collected magic stones to the item box. Then, I’ll check out the items I got from the treasure chest.
Afterward, I will test that Mist Mirage ring I received from the silver chest.
That ring should be using the magic technique <Sage Art>, right?
I haven’t trained that too much, have I?
I suppose I will train <Sage Art> once in a while from now on as well.
Now then, I will offer the magic stones to the item box.
I touch the item box.

“Open.” (Shuuya)

After activating the item box, I retrieve one hundred magic stones from within and place them on the floor.
Next, I pressed the ◆ mark in the menu.

◆: Total stored quantity of Elenium: 60


Necessary Elenium stones: 90 – incomplete
Reward: Storage +20: Release of Kaleidoscope

Necessary Elenium stones: 200 – incomplete
Reward: Storage +25: Loading Dimension Scan Function

Necessary Big Elenium stones: 5 – incomplete
Reward: Storage +30: Release of Fold One Kareem Gun Set





Just as usual, a list is displayed on the right side of the window.
On the left side of the window, there is also something displayed.


◆ Please insert the Elenium stones here.


I dumped all one hundred of the medium-sized magic stones into the big ◆ mark.


Necessary Elenium stones: complete
Reward: Storage +20 and Kaleidoscope released.


Oooh? It shines.
As the text depicting the release of the rewards appeared, countless motes of light flew out of the item box.
Those light particles then gather together, just over my head, and vanish.
The amalgam of light disappeared, but a small, cross-shaped metal piece floated in the space where the light had vanished.
Is that the Kaleidoscope?
It has buttons and cross-keys, like that of a game controller.
I grabbed the floating object.
It feels like a metal badge.
I wonder how to use this?
I don’t know, so I will postpone it.
While grasping the metallic cross, I looked at the window text floating above the item box.
I check the amount of Elenium stones.

◆: Total stored quantity of Elenium: 160


Necessary Elenium stones: 200 – incomplete
Reward: Storage +25: Loading Dimension Scan Function

Necessary Big Elenium stones: 5 – incomplete
Reward: Storage +30: Release of Fold One Kareem Gun Set

Necessary Big Elenium stones: 10 – incomplete
Reward: Storage +35: Release of Fold One Kareem Uniform





The number of Elenium stones properly totaled to 160.
Since the next 200 didn’t decrease, I guess they didn’t count.
Even so, a new entry and reward for offering magic stones was added.
A uniform, I guess that’s a defense item?
It requires big Elenium stones, huh?
…I’m pretty sure only the larger magic stones will work here.
It looks like gathering the magic stones will be a pain.
At that point I tap the window surface, returning to the item text.
The screen flickers back to its normal item text display alongside a *buuun*.

◆: Human Model: Storage: List


Item Inventory: 65/120

Yay, the storage limit increased.
With this, I can put more items into the item box.
Next, I will check out the Kaleidoscope in my hand.
I erase the item box window and open the hand that is holding the scope.
The small Kaleidoscope’s touch is cold.
Its pale, metallic surface is smooth and polished.
The back is somewhat rough.
It’s not a magnet, but it seems to be made to stick to something, since objects similar to the metal parts at the end of batteries or terminals were visible.
At first, going by its name as Kaleidoscope, I had imagined it to be a kaleidoscope-like sunglasses or such, but its appearance is that of a small, cross-keyed button.
Its backside is coarse and sticky…
Do you maybe stick it on your skin?
As a test I press the center of the cross-shaped metal.
Whoa-! It shone. Bingo?
The polished surface of the cross-shaped metal shines a tinge of green.
However, that light has no effect.
Next, “Error, Error, Error” appears on the metal’s surface in the different world letters.
Moreover, “Please equip next to your eyes.”
Small letters in red, as if giving a warning, stream horizontally like a news ticker.
So I have to equip this next to my eyes?
Once I affix it there…
Whoa! It sticks.
The cross-shaped metal clung to my skin next to my right eye, giving off a nice and cold feeling.
As it sticks to my forehead, it feels like Cold Pita. 1 At that moment holographic letters appear in front of my eyes.

—<<Fold One Kareem Support System Ver.7>> Booting Up.
— Inject Inherited Nerves? Y / N
— Choosing Y to support TL – Ready this at
That’s what it says. Fold One Kareem Support System?
Inherited Nerves? Will I be attacked by nanomachines, by some chance? Did something like a simple OS boot up?
Well, considering that I will power up, I guess I will let it inject them.
I press Y in my field of vision.

— Affirmative.
— Inherited nerves will be injected.

After more holographic words popped up, I felt a pricking pain running through my eye and the right side becomes blurry.
However, that blurriness clears up in no time, although my sight had changed a bit.
A thin, blue membrane covers my visual field.

— Unknown chemical elements. Checking antibodies. Probability for compatibility: 82%.
— Adaptation, successful.

Oh, a small, thin frame of pale light is added to the weak, blue film.
Not just walls and doors, everything within the range of my visual field changed into a picture with lines of light acting as borders.
A radar? A Heads-Up Display?
It apparently updated my eyesight.
It has a blue touch, but I can zoom-up.
I can see better than before, as well.
Even the sleeping Viine has a faint outline of light added to her contours. Huh? There’s a ▽ cursor?
I’m bothered by the ▽ cursor atop the border, but the sensation of the skin next to my right eye feels odd somehow.
I look at my own face reflected in the mirror of a gate.
Oooh, my right eye has transformed.
I draw near the mirror and look closer.
The metal clinging to my temple had transformed into a big, 卍-shuriken-shaped form. 2 Furthermore, blue, fiberglass-like, hairs penetrated my skin and extended into my right eyeball from the edge of the 卍-shaped metal.
It looks like a special, vibrant blue artificial eye implant.
Something like a contact lens has grown over its surface.
Is this a futuristic sc○ter?
Can I use it to check the fighting strength of an opponent like in Dragon Ba○?
Zar○n-san, Dodor○-san, chase them!
My fighting power is 53,000.
Will something like that happen?
Sounds great…
Well, putting the jokes aside, I stare through my now blue vision.
Thereupon, in the corner of my eye, I see the following words:

— Please touch the attachment located next to your eye when you want it to switch into hibernation mode.

I guess I will try touching it.
Once I carefully touch the surface of the metal once, my field of vision returned to normal in an instant.
I check the mirror and see that my eye has reverted back as well.
That means it’s possible to switch on the fly, huh?
The shape of the attachment also reverted into a cross-shaped metal.
Upon touching the metal once more, my sight switches over to faint blue again and the cross-shaped metal transforms into a 卍-shape.
Cool. It’s like a memory alloy.

『Your Excellency’s eyes are…mysterious.』 (Helme)

Helme, who dwells in my left eye, said while appearing in my sight.

『I guess you’re right. What does this eye look like to you, Helme?』 (Shuuya)

『It appears to be inorganic matter, but I feel slight traces of subtle mana.』 (Helme)

I suppose even a spirit doesn’t know anything beyond that.
I believe that mana is used in this futuristic device, but no matter how you look at it, it’s obvious that it was created with unknown technology.
It probably exceeds Earth’s science and technology.
I guess, as expected, it’s a technology that’s displayed after pressing human in the item box’ menu.

First guess:
An advanced civilization lived on this star in the past, but they perished sometime before now? The standard would them having destroyed themselves with a huge spell at the level of nuclear warfare.
But in ancient times when Rollodeen was still called divine beast Roses, there was no hint of such an advanced civilization developing.
However, that was a story related to the underground, wasn’t it? They might have expanded to a very great extent on the surface.

Second guess:
Such a civilization still remains in the dark world of the underground that Viine and the stray dwarf, Roa mentioned. It’s similar to the first guess, but just like the first, its probability is low, isn’t it?

Third guess:
Or are they in some isolated area on the surface?
A mirrored sky island?

Fourth guess:
An intelligent lifeform from outer space challenged the labyrinth, and died to something poisonous. As a result, only the item box passed into the hands of a native?
Or could it be a system made by advanced life forms that is employing the natives living on this planet.
An interstellar war between an Empire and an Alliance…yes, it might be a system to search for excellent jed○ knight-like recluses.
I guess that will be retorted by, “Death is naught but an illusion.” 3

However, when I look at this strange device that has assimilated with my eye, I remember a certain phrase.
“Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.” 4 However, I can’t really say that this Kaleidoscope is all scientific, can I?
Oh well, whatever. I’ll leave this riddle alone for the time being.
At that point I shift my gaze towards the sleeping Viine.
I check the ▽ cursor located on top of the borders.
I wonder what this is about.
Just as I turned my attention towards Viine, the ▽ cursor blinks.
The lines tracing Viine’s contours blink as well and her feet start to become transparent.
Everything is penetrated by something like a CT Scan starting from her soles.
Even her internal organs become visible, don’t they?
The scan finished quickly and Viine’s ▽ cursor becomes bigger.


Carbon-type Napalm Life Form B-f###78
Brain Waves: stable, sleep state
Body: normal
Gender: female
Overall Physical Strength: 18
Elenium Integration: 520
Weapons: none


Such numerical values appeared.
It’s no joke. It seems like I was really correct with it being a sc○ter.
But although it has only been an instant, her body has become transparent, hasn’t it?
Even though I could enjoy boobs whenever I felt like it if there was a device to only make clothes transparent.
Well, let’s stop with the lecherous thoughts right there and continue the investigation.
As this function can measure the target’s ability, it’s close to an appraisal.
I get the brain waves and physical strength values, but what’s with the Elenium value?
I wonder, is it about mana and spirit?
Something like an explanation doesn’t appear.
My understanding is limited.
At that point, I touch the Kaleidoscope next to my eye, returning my sight to its usual state.
After all, this looks better.
However, this seems like a great tool to waste some time.
I will play around and appraise various people.
Next, I will try out the Mist Mirage ring.
I take out the ring and put it on a free finger.
Befitting of a magic ring, it adjusts its size to fit my finger, no matter which one.
To use the power of this ring, water from the surroundings is necessary, right?
If it’s the humidity in the air, there’s probably some, so let’s give it a test.
I try sending mana into the ring.
At that moment, it creates a faint mist that coalesces into a reproduction of me.
Ooh, amazing. It’s a clone.
Moreover, it’s tracing my movements?
When I pondered whether I could make only the clone move, its body moved differently.
Wow, this is awesome.
Aww, it lost its shape. The copy body is fading away.
After a little while it falls apart and disappears.
It looks like there wasn’t enough water in the vicinity.
Let’s try it with some actual water next.
I move to the bucket, and fill it up with a bit of water from life magic.
After that, I invoke the mist mirage again.
A water clone appears.
I feel like a bit of the water in the bucket vanished, but it seems that it doesn’t use up a lot of water in one go.
The clothes worn by the clone are those at the time when it was cast.
All things considered, it resembles me with astonishing detail.
Stretching out my index finger, I tried to recreate the ET scene by matching my index finger with that of the clone.
There’s no merging nor any shining between our touching fingers.
Only the silent stillness of the night is audible.
Yeah, I guess I will stop acting like a boke without there anyone to tsukkomi. 5 Retracting our fingers at that point, I left the clone alone for a while after putting it in a fighting pose.
Even after several dozen minutes the clone remains in the same pose.
I wonder how to go about cancelling this clone.
I say “Release” in my mind while focusing on the clone to test it, and the mist disperses.
I was capable of cancelling it without effort.
The water in the bucket had decreased only a bit. It looks like a large amount of water isn’t necessary.
This clone…is useful, isn’t it?
Let’s practice <Sage Arts> later on.
I climb through the bay window and up to the peak of the roof.
I came to a halt on the slanted, treacherous rooftop.
I guess this place is good. I check the vicinity with Grasping Perception.
Then, I investigate the surroundings with a mana wave. As usual I sense several magic sources inside the inn below, but I don’t sense anything from the surrounding alleys .
Well, after all, it’s past the dead of the night now, moving towards early morning.
I guess I will start my training.
In order to motivate myself, I prepare by crossing my arms.
I fired myself up as if preparing to use karate and continued to release mana without cancelling Grasping Perception.
Converge… Spread out a thin, thin wave.
And then — I activate <Sage Arts>.
The moisture surrounds and clads me as if the world was giving birth to a breeze, and at the same time a large cloud of mist is created.
It’s been a while since I last felt my mouth get so dry.
But, it’s easier than the time last I used the sage arts, since that was my first time.
It has become unnecessary to prepare so much and the mana consumption has definitely decreased as well.
Nevertheless, I can’t get to enjoy this feeling of losing a great amount of mana or how it feels like my stomach is being twisted.
The mist spread to the surroundings, exceeding the inn’s roof in an instant.
The dark night is engulfed by mist as far as my eyes can see.
At this point, I pour mana into the ring.
According to this ring’s name, a mirage of me will be created inside the fog.
Furthermore, I invoke <Hide>.
I retreat a bit inside the mist, leaving behind the clone.
As expected, this has a big effect in allowing my figure to become blurry.
The mist of <Sage Arts> is a dense fog.
The words of Master cross my mind.
“The more you use it, the more you achieve yet unknown growth. You will be able to use it for longer periods while lowering the mana consumption.”
I couldn’t actually experience the last unknown growth, but just as he said, the mist is still hanging around, becoming thicker.
It looks usable for escaping from a brutal opponent.
Or I can use it when lying in wait for an attack.
I think around this much is fine…for today.
Erasing the clone, I return to my room while leaving the fog as is.
Walking along the roof, I descend and enter the room back through the bay window.
I lay down, collapsing onto the bed.
I will check my skills after a long time.


Name: Shuuya Kagari
Age: 22
Title: Super-Warrior of the Water Goddess
Race: Light Demon Lucival
Combat Occupation: Magic Spear Warrior of Darkness – Chain User

Strength: 22.3
Agility: 23.0
Stamina: 20.7
Mana: 26.3
Dexterity: 20.3
Spirit: 28.3
Luck: 11.2

Current Status: Calm

It has risen all around, but the qualitative disparities have become more conspicuous.
In the end, it looks like only the spirit value is easy to increase.
Erasing the status, I turn over several times in bed.


Nuo? Suddenly, a meow? Two red, round eyes appear before me.
Mmh, before I noticed, Rollo had approached me.

“What is it?” (Shuuya)


Rollo releases a throaty purr, looking bothered, then she loiters around my pillow before releasing a light cat punch while exposing her belly.

“Do you want to play?” (Shuuya)

I gently brush her belly to tickle her.
Reacting to the sensation, Rollo unleashes intense cat punches against my arm.
I cradle her with my arm, resulting in Rollo pouring a chain of kangaroo kicks onto my arm.

“Ouch!” (Shuuya)

Once I cry out in pain, Rollo immediately stops moving and turns her red, rotund eyes towards me as if examining my expression.

“It’s alright. However, withdraw your claws, please.” (Shuuya)


Rollo answered and licks my arm as if apologizing.
Just like that, she sits down, all adorable, tucking both of her forepaws under her chest.
She became obedient now that she’s cat loaf.
As if telling me “I look cute.”
I stroke her whole body, down to her tail, several times.
Looking happy, Rollo lets out a deep growl and relaxes by closing her eyelids slowly. That’s the impression she gave off.
I also begin to close my eyes while trying to convey my love to her.
Rollo gradually fell asleep as her eyes closed.
Haha, how cute. I guess I will sleep for a bit, too.
I shut my eyes. While experiencing darkness …I’m soothed by her comfortable purring.
While that sound tickles my earlobes, my consciousness wanes for the first time in a while.


My light sleep suddenly comes to an end due to the sound of knocking in the room.
I guess it’s been 30 minutes or an hour?
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“Nn, nya.”

“Master? It appears someone is at the door.” (Viine)

Rollo reacts to the sound as well.
It seems as if she is observing from her spot on the bed.
Viine gets up from her bed and is about to head to the door as she grabs her weapons.
Which reminds me, the landlady said that she would visit at some point.
I get up.

“…Viine, it’s fine.” (Shuuya)

“Okay, Master!” (Viine)

Viine acknowledges and bows her head.
She hurried over next to me and went on standby.
She links both of her hands behind her back while keeping her back straight as if pushing out her chest.
It appears she intends to act as my bodyguard.
I turned my face towards the door while admiring her conduct.

“The door’s open. Come in.” (Shuuya)

I invite the other party with a slightly loud voice.
The person, who knocked on the door, opened it after having heard me, and entered timidly.

“…Sorry for disturbing you so late.” (Mel)

As expected, it’s the landlady Mel.

“Don’t worry. So, what was it you wanted to talk about again?” (Shuuya)

“It’s about the matter with the dark guild.” (Mel)

Mel’s expression is somewhat stern.
Even when entering the room or walking around, she shows no openings.

“…I wanted to hear the details about how you crushed 【Owl’s Fang】, Shuuya-san.” (Mel)

It’s about that after all, huh?
Though I don’t know how much information has circulated in the city already.

“Yeah, it looks like they fell apart.” (Shuuya)

I take a safe approach to examine the situation.

“Indeed. Thanks to that, 【Remains of the Moon】 was able to obtain a larger turf, resulting in us becoming quite busy.” (Mel)

“Wow, that’s wonderful.” (Shuuya)

That doesn’t matter to me at all though.

“…Fufu, then let’s stop mincing our words here and get to the truth…can you give me the full details regarding how you crushed 【Owl’s Fang】’s headquarters?” (Mel)

Did Mel predict that I had crushed it?
Her intelligence network appears to be quite superb.
But, as for talking about it…

“…It will be fine even if I don’t tell you the details, right? I won’t mind even if you think that it went how you are imagining.” (Shuuya)

“Really? I understand. Shuuya-san, will you continue to have a cooperative relationship with us?” (Mel)

“Rather than cooperation, well, let’s see, as long as you don’t oppose me, Viine and my friends, I will get along with you. Besides, I’m a guest of this inn right now, aren’t I?” (Shuuya)

While finishing my last words with a smile, I remember the Kaleidoscope.
Right. Let’s have a look at Mel through the scope.
I touch the surface of the cross-shaped metal casually.
The metal transforms into its 卍-shape and the Kaleidoscope booted up.
Just like when I tested it, my sight becomes pale blue and a frame world expands.
Even the frame lines bordering Mels’ body and the ▽ cursor are no different.
Once I focus my consciousness on the ▽ cursor, Mel’s entire body was scanned.


Carbon-type Napalm Life Form A-f####12
Brain Waves: stable
Body: normal
Gender: female
Overall Physical Strength: 16
Elenium Integration: 289
Weapons: present


Those are the numbers that came out.
Viine is superior in both physical strength and Elenium integration values.
It seems like Mel is hiding weapons somewhere.
At that point, I touch the 卍-shaped metal once again.
My vision returns to normal.
Did Mel notice something?
She looked at my right eye as if she had, but oh well, I don’t mind even if it’s exposed.

“…Understood. “For now” is plenty. Fufu, Veronica will be delighted.” (Mel)

Veronica will be delighted, huh?
Mel says while smiling, looking relieved.
Now that she mentions it, I haven’t seen Veronica. I guess I will try asking about her.

“Is that Veronica not at the inn today?” (Shuuya)

“Yes. Today she’s not in. Although 【Owl’s Fang】 was crushed, there are many other dark guilds, after all. Tonight she’s defending Flavor Street together with Paulsen’s group.” (Mel)

So that’s the reason.
I planned to ask her about bloodkin attendants, but…

“…It looks like she’s busy.” (Shuuya)

“Yes. Do you have some business with her? If you do, I will let her know as soon as possible, Shuuya-san.” (Mel)

That’s very kind, isn’t it?

“Ah, no, it’s not that urgent.” (Shuuya)

Given that Mel is overly courteous, I ended up returning to polite speech instead.

“Really? Please tell me at any time. Also, Shuuya-san, there’s information I should tell you about…” (Mel)

“Yeah? What’s up?” (Shuuya)

At that point, Mel began putting on airs.

“Fufu, ah, I just remembered, I have some business to take care of…” (Mel)

Attempting to dodge the issue, Mel tried to leave the room.
Aren’t you interested?
Tsk, I see. I take back what I just said. So that story is the real reason for coming here, huh?
Since I didn’t give her anything but vague information, she adopts such an attitude, eh?

“…Wait, I got it. You’d like me to give you some proper information about 【Owl’s Fang】, right?” (Shuuya)

Mel turns around after reacting with her shoulders twitching.
Her face was full of smiles.

“Yes, that’s right. It’s a big help that you comprehend quickly.” (Mel)

Hee, isn’t that nothing more than cynicism.
If I translate it, it feels like she’s telling me “You are far too slow at getting it, idiot.”

“My bad. Indeed. I directly invaded the headquarters of 【Owl’s Fang】 and crushed it. I also finished off Eribol and President Bill… Are you happy with this?” (Shuuya)

“Yes, sure. That’s plenty. But, please don’t take this the wrong way, okay? It’s regarding that case. The information is something you should know, Shuuya-san… This is intelligence that was obtained out of the blue by Benett, but the 【Great White Nine KnightsWhite Nine】 of 【Oseberia Kingdom】 are searching for a criminal who caused a murder in the noble block. That’s what I’m told.” (Mel)

What was that? So this time it’s a country’s organization?
I heard about them from Melissa.
Ah, I remember.
Didn’t the patrolling soldiers complain about it when I infiltrated that place? I feel like they said something along the lines of royalty being their neighbors…
Or rather, wasn’t that just now a testimony that I was the criminal?
I was cleverly led on. Tsk, if it was recorded or something, I’m done for.
Though I don’t think that something like that has happened.
However, it’s possible if there are magic or sorcery tools?
I will be troubled if it’s exposed to the public, won’t I?
Well, if that happens, so be it. Though I will make them regret it.

“…A country, huh? Thanks for the valuable information.” (Shuuya)

I included some sarcasm.

“No, no, don’t mention it, but please feel relieved. 【Remains of the Moon】 won’t betray you. It’s one-sided, but I got in touch while considering you a comrade.” (Mel)

Whoa-, she talks sarcastically, her composed smile not allowing me to say anything.
I guess she’s planning to grasp my weakness?
She’s a cunning woman. But, that’s fun.

“…Haha, I understand. I will also believe in the words of those comrades.” (Shuuya)

I unleash a pleasantly refreshing smile.

“…Yes. Then, please take care.” (Mel)

Once Mel returns an appropriate smile, she finishes with meaningful words.
I guess it’s the cynicism of “You think that we are comrades.”
She revealed a cheerful smile, but in the middle of it she adopted a dignified behavior, befitting a leader of a dark guild, and left the room while puffing out her chest.
Pheew…I’m exhausted from the battle of sarcasm.

“Master, you are on good terms with the 【Ruins of the Moon】, aren’t you? Are you going to enter their organization?” (Viine)

Viine, who had stayed silent, said something like that, having taken what was said at face value.

“No, it’s a delicate relationship where I cooperate albeit not belonging to them. Or rather, how much do you know about dark guilds?” (Shuuya)

Viine lowers her head a bit and says,

“To a certain extent, I was told by Chianelas, In this city Owl’s Fang has the highest authority, but I don’t know much beyond that and Several dark guilds reside in this city, so you should remember them.” (Viine)

I see. That information is a bit dated.

“Until a little while ago, that was correct, but I had a dispute with 【Owl’s Fang】. Just before I formed a contract with you, Viine, I killed the top brass of the dark guild 【Owl’s Fang】. That person was publicly acting as the president of a big company. That’s why the country’s organization 【Great White Nine KnightsWhite Nine】 is apparently investigating my case.” (Shuuya)

There are names of Great Knights in Eribol’s secret accounts which are in my possession. It looks like they had a collusive relationship, but well, I guess it’s fine even if I don’t explain this.

“You crushed the strongest power in this city…as expected. I heard about those White Nine, too.”

Viine sends a gaze colored with passion at me while appearing to praise me due to my explanation.
Looking at the beautiful silver color of her left eye, I remembered something specific.

“Rather than that, there’s something I’m going to pass on to you, Viine.” (Shuuya)



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  1. Cooling sheets for your forehead, you can google the term, they are buyable over amazon etc.
  2. Now before people start a shit storm over nazi symbols and whatsoever. This is a symbol used in Japan for temples. You can find that very same symbol on official maps, and the Japanese know it foremost in that sense. As such I decided to keep it here instead of trying to describe around it.
  3. I think it’s some kind of reference… but I don’t get it…probably star wars related
  4. Quote by Arthur C. Clark – Thanks Zurgalon
  5. For those who don’t know: Japanese slapstick has a person playing the boke (the retard) and one person retorting with a tsukkomi)

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