Chapter 138 – Interlude Viine

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Author Note: Viine’s PoV


“I will start with an explanation about my race…” (Viine)

The powerful male sitting next to me, my master, leans in to better listen to my story.
Since ancient times, the dark elf society has been matriarchal.
Men can’t receive a revelation from Goddess-sama.
Generally, they are seen as brainless, weak beings.
Excluding the occasional man whose strength comes from Goddess-sama’s love, normal males are commoners or even equal to livestock; they are far below Sorcery Nobles. Men are beings who have always been shunned and scorned.
Many of my race believe in Misea-sama, the Goddess of Magic Poison.
That trend also applies to 【Underground City Da’Umezalan】, one of the influential underground cities and the place where I grew up.
Females who possess talent can obtain the combat occupation of Priestess.
A Priestess can experience the power of Goddess-sama and is capable of receiving her revelation.
And the eldest woman among those who have become Priestesses often becomes the Matriarch who leads all Sorcery Nobles.
Experience is power, after all.
But even a Priestess will have low status and honor if they belong to a low-ranking Sorcery Noble family.
Usually, Sorcery Nobles are the chosen, high-ranking members of society; the elite.
They are beings incomparable to the lower classes and possibly low-ranking Sorcery Nobles.
Class is absolute and definite.
Rank reveals the social status of each Sorcery Noble.
Having the surname Dao attached to your name is proof of a Sorcery Noble.
The ranks start with the highest, 【First-ranked Head Sorcery Noble】, down to the lowest, 【20th-ranked Sorcery Noble】.
It’s said that the blessing from Goddess-sama increase with your rank.
Therefore, one’s authority grows the higher one’s ranking.
The one to rule Underground City Da’Umezalan is the one who becomes 【First-ranked Head Sorcery Noble】.
Misea-sama likes blood, resulting in the Sorcery Nobles fighting each other.
There are also various other organizations that are forced to compete against each other because of Goddess-sama.
The dark elf society has a large amount of conflicts among the underground societies.
And it’s normal for Sorcery Nobles to use any means possible to raise their rank.
Just like they destroyed my Sorcery Noble house…
Sorcery Nobles of different ranks form alliances and betray each other, freely making use of their abilities and resources to use adaptable tactics, including conspiracies. They have to survive by constantly refining their plans, thinking ahead, and using that to beat their opponents to the punch.
It’s the same for everyone, be it children or adults, men or women.
Even though the underground cities are huge, fierce battles between fellow tribe members span across the entire area.
You might as well call it directly opposite of the current maguls’ lifestyle.
I grew up in such an environment.
And I was trained harshly by Lan-sama and Seija-sama. Lan-sama is a Priestess, the family head, and a wonderful, motherly woman. Seija-sama is her eldest daughter, she has been like an older sister to me since my childhood.
The ferocity of that education…
If I recall it now, that was no training…
It was a thinning-out of candidates through gruesome means.
At first, the family’s younger sisters and good-for-nothing younger brothers exceeded a hundred in total.
Darkness Tigers.
Battle Prison Ugla.
Insect Sharks.
Darkness Lions.
Quzonarl of the 【Demonoid Empire】.
While traveling along the 【Dark Highway】, which is infested with such very powerful monsters, we continued the long-term combat survival training by constantly fighting with our life on the line — or, in other words, surviving for a fixed time — resulting in drop-outs appearing among us one after the other.
Of course, a drop-out equaled death.
Proceeding along the dark, silent highway of Ryogol could be called hell.
A countless number of my younger sisters and brothers died in that training.
I was able to safely pass it together with a great number of excellent younger sisters.
As a result, only I was separated from my younger sisters.
I was brought up with favorable treatment, like the eldest daughter Seija-sama, a Priestess candidate.
Though that in itself was strange…
It seemed the Extra Skill, the Silver Butterfly, was valuable.
The special education included classroom lessons and taught various things unrelated to combat.
About the strictness of the dark elf society’s class system.
About the commoners at the bottom of the hierarchy, as well as specifics in regard to the gnomes and dwarves living in each underground city.
About the surroundings outside the city.
About the stray dwarves wandering the underground corridors, and the independent city controlled by a militant band of them. The independent city of the gnomes, the black rings, Glanpa, the Demonoid Empire’s independent city.
I was taught about the many impure magul inhabiting the surface world, making it a world smeared with contempt.
Though I later learned that this was wrong.
Moreover, various types of information was driven into me such as: the faith towards the Goddess of Magic Poison Misea-sama, respect and polite speech towards the strong, scheming tactics, thievery, spy techniques, concealment, reconnaissance, the usage of magic, how to search for presences, training in Magic Combat Style, the usage of Silver Butterfly – my Extra Skill, close and ranged combat, single combat in all kinds of situations, and group battle.
Thanks to these things, I accomplished class-ups by learning one combat occupation after another, becoming strong.
In the process of becoming stronger…
I heard that my magic instructor, the great Lan-sama, the mother of the family, even praised me.
Lan-sama was the sole Priestess in the Sorcery Noble Azmail family to which I belonged.
She was a lady capable of hearing the divine messages of Misea-sama.
According to Seija-sama, Misea-sama bestowed her with the holy Mirror of Roses when she became a Priestess.

“Making use of that special mirror, the Goddess imparts the revelations and blessings to all of us.”
“She unifies the Sorcery Noble families and leads them.”

Seija-sama explained.
A Priestess seems to require mana, mental strength, and piety.
I heard that they are basically chosen by the Goddess herself.
That means Mother was an outstanding lady for being chosen.
I was taught that Misea-sama prefers spiders, snakes, and green roses. Also, she loves traits such as anger, strength, deception, envy, fear, treachery.
The young me was able to strangely agree with her values after hearing the part about her liking strength.
I guess it was my imprudence leading me there.
Speaking of Priestesses, my elder sister Seija-sama became a Priestess candidate in a year. I remember how she happily told me that.
For me, those were my best memories.
If I remember correctly, it was the time when I sat on a stone chair together with my elder sister…after my training finished.

“Sister, why do my younger sisters continue their training with my useless younger brothers?” (Viine)

“It’s because you are special. Mother and I train you personally for the sake of our family’s future. We don’t have a talking tree that protects our mansion like the other Sa’Mayar Sorcery Nobles. Therefore, each of us must become strong.” (Seija)

Special. That’s all I heard in those days.
Back then, all I wanted was to spend time with my younger sisters who survived the harsh training together with me.
I told that naive wish to my elder sister,

“Again with the special? I hate that I can’t train together with my younger sisters.” (Viine)

“What are you saying? If you master your butterfly mark , it will become our family’s weapon, you understand? And then you are going to have to accept a strong man loved by the Goddess as a husband.” (Seija)

Strong man?
I wondered what my sister was talking about; men were nothing more than weaklings.
That question filled me with doubt.

“No way, I don’t want something like a weak man!” (Viine)

Back then I believed that all men are feeble.
But, as if getting angry over my strong denial, my sister sunk her fingers into my shoulders and warned me,

“—You idiot! Listen, okay? Certainly, it’s fine to ignore weak men. But, remember one thing, there’s definitely a strong male out there somewhere.”

The bloodcurdling expression my sister had on was a bit scary.

“…But everyone is saying it, no? That all males are useless. Even mother got angry at me and said Don’t allow a foolish male to approach you. She told me several times, Follow the traditions.” (Viine)

First, my sister nodded to my words, but then she denied them with a shake of her head.

“The teachings of your brethren are important but don’t stress yourself too much over the traditions. Your Extra Skill is a valuable power that has to be passed on for many generations. That’s why you yourself have to become strong by training even more. And then, once you find a strong man, receive him as your husband. If there’s another woman with that strong man, steal him away by force, and then perform the marriage ceremony with him. You must not lose to a younger sister or to other Sorcery Nobles.” (Seija)

In truth, I still couldn’t agree with it, but I had no other choice but to nod as my sister continued to talk with a serious expression. Still, I felt the need to interrupt her.

“…Okay. But, Sister, don’t you need a strong man too?” (Viine)

“—Hahaha, I’m the eldest daughter, it’s impossible. I want to practice my swordsmanship together with Selmi and the others, but…in the end, I’m a Priestess candidate for the family. My body is devoted to Misea-sama. That’s why you have to find a strong male, a noble man, Viine…” (Seija)

I can still remember my sister’s gentle smile.
Her laugh lines were lovely.

“Oki, I understand. But today you seem to be happy, dear sister.” (Viine)

“Fufufu, you’re right. It’s that obvious? I’m certainly happy. It seems like I will officially hear the revelations brought about by the Goddess from mother so that I will become next year’s Priestess candidate.” (Seija)

“Wooow. How very amazing. That means you will become a Priestess, doesn’t it? Congratulations.” (Viine)

“Haha, you are too quick there. But, thanks, my cute younger sister.” (Seija)

Sister hugged me while stroking my head.
But, in the third week of the Shinra month, five years later, our main mansion was suddenly destroyed by fire.
With a thunderous roar outside the mansion, the battle began.
I immediately took action.
I caught one of the enemies and interrogated them.
It was a shock to learn that the 【Fifth ranked Sorcery Noble Langibad Household】 and the 【11th ranked Sorcery Noble Squad Household】 were the ones who triggered the war.
My anger exploded, dying my skin a bright red.
I killed one enemy after the other, continuing the resistance.
I slaughtered dozens of combatants.
Eventually, I caught sight of my beloved elder sister as I was cutting through the invaders.
The color of her clothes had become unclear from the dark reddish stains that covered them.
Her chest and abdomen had been cruelly cut open. She was dying; either of her wounds would be fatal.
I was shaken.
And then I cast off my childishness.
My hesitation also ended up causing me to become careless.
I think I was conceited back then.
Once I got surrounded by soldiers far beyond me in swordsmanship skill and even a Phantom Sword Shooter – a rare combat occupation – I experienced just how weak I was for the first time…
It was already too late.
I ended up being arrested by the enemy, who was wearing thick, vermilion leather clothes, and tossed into a cage.
Since others of my family were inside the cage as well, I heard the details and learned that my respected mother had been assassinated early on.
And…I learned about almost all of the family members belonging to the 【12th ranked Sorcery Noble Azmail Household】 having been killed in action, including my younger sisters.
The 【Azmail Household】 , having lost its Priestess, was deprived of its Sorcery Noble rank, effectively being destroyed.
That which I had devoted my life to, all of it…
Moreover, I was sent to live in disgrace.
I was given the banishment ceremony and officially exiled from the Underground City Da’Umezalan to the surface world of the magul, the Above-the-Cover World.


“…That’s the story of my life in the underground city.” (Viine)

I guess it’s the first time I talked about my past like this…
Throughout my story, Master silently listened, mourned, and nodded.

“…I see. I’m happy to have been able to hear about your origin, Viine. Besides, as I’m interested in the dark elf society, it was very interesting. Are there any other reasons for the Goddess of Magic Poison, Misea-sama, to gather faith, or rather, popularity?” (Shuuya)

My master, a strong male, appears to be curious about the gods.

“…There are. Misea-sama can only speak to the dark elves. And I was taught that after the Priestesses approved by the goddess, both them and the Sorcery Noble Families they belong to are bestowed various blessings.” (Viine)

Once he hears that, the strong man shows surprise.

“…A goddess blessing only a single race?” (Shuuya)

Why is he surprised about that?

“Correct. Is that strange? Aren’t there various gods in this world?” (Viine)

“Yeah, well, I guess so. I have been supported by them as well… So, Viine, how long ago were you exiled to the surface world?” (Shuuya)

He says he has been supported by the gods?
As expected, the gods love strong males like Master.
It looks like I have caught the interest of someone good.
Feelings of happiness are flooding me.
Let’s tell him a lot more.
If I remember correctly, the time when I was exiled is…

“…In terms of the magul, I guess it was around five years ago?” (Viine)

“Five years ago, eh? (Shuuya)

Rather than that, I want to tell him my secret.

“That’s right. So, about the secret I told you a while ago…” (Viine)

“Got it. Let’s hear it.” (Shuuya)

My master, a strong male, shifts his black eyes that are filled with mana and stares into my face.
I will try to tell him in a slightly roundabout way.

“For example, why are there no dark elf slaves among the above-the-cover magul?” (Viine)

“How sudden. Is that your secret?” (Shuuya)

The imposing man raises an eyebrow upon my question and speaks while revealing a smile.
Let’s tell him the answer since he wants to know it.

“Yes. The answer to that is quite simple. Subordination magic of the darkness attribute doesn’t work on dark elves. No, I worded that wrongly. The effect of the slave collar works, but only the dark elf race can lower the output of the collar, which had been absorbed into the body, if they silently pray Undo or Release while cladding their whole bodies in mana.” (Viine)

Even after telling him about the secret, Master just nods.
He doesn’t look too surprised.

“So slavery isn’t absolute either, huh…?” (Shuuya)

He murmurs.

“I wonder. I learned that from a slave dealer, but I haven’t learned of any other race that has escaped from slavery except for me.” (Viine)

“You mean only the dark elves are capable of it?” (Shuuya)

“Yes, it’s the power of darkness that the dark elves are gifted with. I believe there’s a hidden meaning in all the dark elves possessing the darkness attribute, but according to one theory, it’s a gift dating back from the time when Misea-sama taught a dark elf sorcerer about the method to construct the first slave collar in the distant past…” (Viine)

After that, I learned the details from the slave dealers and talked with dark elves who were exiled to the magul world before me.
Those who were banished like me are called Outlaws or Strays.
Just as I mentioned some time ago…
In the first place, in this surface world, there’s probably no dark elf who would willingly become the slave to a magul like I did.
Even when caught by a slave dealer, since dark elves grew up surviving in the underground world, they have high combat abilities.
That’s all the more true for stray dark elves, who survived in the outside world, but…
Even if they get restricted by some kind of special, binding magic tool, it should be simple for them to escape that binding eventually.
And there would be no way for them to forgive the magul slave dealer who turned them into a slave.
Right when the slave dealer was distracted, the dark elf would kill them, erase any traces of their presence and escape to a distant land. Or, they would return to their home city in the underground, but that behavior is normal for someone who grew up in the dark elf society.
For me, who had been exiled, it was the same at first.
I wanted to go home.
My home city, Underground City Da’Umezalan has an alias besides Capital of Dark Poison.
It was called Paradise of the Green Roses of Darkness.
I wanted to go back and kill that detestable 【Fifth ranked Sorcery Noble Langibad Household】 and the 【11th ranked Sorcery Noble Squad Household】who destroyed my family.
A picture of the family crest, the Snake of Green Roses, being trampled underfoot popped up in my mind. The pride of my family, the fallen Azmail household, is gone now, just like the rest of my kin.
—Killing mother’s enemies.
—Slaughtering the enemies of my elder sister and younger sisters.
But, those dreams won’t come true.
Even if I want to get my revenge, I probably won’t be able to reach Underground City Da’Umezalan.
Da’Umezalan is located deep in the underground. So deep, it’s almost impossible for someone to get there.
There are huge, endless caves that extend from the underground world to the above-the-cover magul world.
A large number of monsters is roaming through those caves. At the shallow strata, one will meet many different races who also live above-the-cover, including magul.
To make your way through such circumstances…
One would need at least a company of elites led by a high-ranking Sorcery Noble.
Something like getting through these huge, underground caves by yourself and without a map…impossible.
As a matter of fact, alongside the surviving dark elves of other Sorcery Noble Houses who got crushed, we were expressly escorted until the surface by such an elite unit after receiving our banishment to the magul world.
The elite unit consisted of the 【Hundred Darkness Crossbows】 of the 【Third ranking Sorcery Noble En’Pal Household】, a family that has been assigned to serve as gatekeepers for many generations.
It’s said that they are a group of magic soldiers who use crossbows.
This elite unit not only protects the city from foreign invaders, but also excels at gathering intelligence, and bears the eternal duty of escorting the dark elves who were officially exiled to the above-the-cover world through the Ceremony of Banishment.
The path is so long and difficult that such an elite unit is required.
The idea of returning home by myself appears to be nothing but a pipe dream.
There are also countless exits to the surface world.
Together with the other dark elves, each of us got left behind at one of those countless exits.
For me, it was a desolate area filled with rocks, a place called Rocky Area of Light.
Just like all the other now exiled dark elves, I had my head covered by a hood and was abandoned in the above-the-cover world with no knowledge.
That’s why it was rare for the exiled dark elves to act in a group at the start.
Though it’s possible to encounter another stray dark elf by coincidence, the probability for that to happen is exceedingly low.
Oh well, that’s a countermeasure that’s only natural to be adopted.
After all, there’s no reason to release all of the banished together in one place.
Just as I mentioned moments ago, they abandoned me with just the tattered clothing on my back.
The rocky area, where I had been evicted, seemed too dazzling for my eyes.
And then, once they got used to it, I learned that it wasn’t the rocks shining, but that the world itself was filled with light.
And thus I aimlessly wandered the surface, the above-the-cover world.
It’s frequently called above-the-cover, but there’s no actual cover, thus you can simply call it the surface with its blue sky…how absurd.
A big, mysterious sphere floated in the distant sky – a strange object emitting brilliant light.
Since the strong illumination seemed to burn my skin, it was very unpleasant for me.
As time passed, that sphere vanished as if sinking.
Just like in my home city, it became dark with the sky tinged black.
For a short while, I was staring upwards wondering what was happening.
As I was looking, countless dots of light became visible — they appeared to be bright, demonic illusions — in the distant sky that had completely changed its appearance.
And not only dots, a single sphere that shined, albeit weakly, came into sight above.
For the above-the-cover to change this much, scary…it was too scary.
My body froze out of fear.
Having finished looking upwards, I decided to sleep in the shade of the rocky area by curling up my body to restrain my fear.
I wanted to return to the world that has a cover.
I wanted to return to my home, Da’Umezalan.
I fell asleep while thinking about such pathetic things.
As I kept walking the next day and the day after, I understood that the sky became bright and dark on repeat.
Dark emotions whirled in my heart as I kept going while repeating such days. I was overflowing with the desire to vent my anger, not caring at whom or what.
Once I find one of those corrupted magul, I will kill them, is what I thought.
After I had been exiled to the surface, the only things I ate were insects and grass.
I desperately devoted myself to look for food in order to survive.
During that time I encountered many monsters.
I dealt with them through far-range magic, but trying to search via wind presence is different from how it is underground. When I ran into a great number of monsters due to a deviation of my senses, I opposed them with stones and my fists.
I hadn’t received any combat lessons that used stones, but I guess it was still thanks to my various types of training that I was capable of killing them.
In this case, I could deal with a magul, even if I encountered them.
As I was walking through a dreary forest, still caught up in my thoughts, I happened to catch sight of my first magul.
I had apparently entered the sphere of the maguls’ habitations without knowing.
The other party was small — a child magul.
But, I couldn’t consider the child of a magul to be filthy.
I was an exile, a dirty, stained vagrant.
Seeing the child’s smile, I was reminded of my younger sisters.
Isn’t it the same for magul as well…?
At that time, my dark feelings of death and destruction had already vanished.
But, it would be of no use if I didn’t try to talk to them.
I gathered my courage, got close, and tried to start a conversation.
But, the child didn’t understand me.
I didn’t know the language used by the child either.
Damn. I couldn’t even imagine that happening. Something like the language being different.
…Although the child didn’t understand my words…it somehow grasped my meaning.
Thereupon, it gestured that I should follow.
Partly because I had been wandering for a long time, I didn’t have much strength left.
I plodded after it.
The child occasionally stopped and smiled at me.
Does it have no wariness towards me?
What am I supposed to do to a child smaller than me, anyway?
And then the child guided me to the village, where it lives, and I was able to receive a share of food from its parents.
We didn’t understand each other, but I gave my thanks with a smile.
I thought that there are also good magul among them.
I revised my thinking.


But, on that evening, I realized that thinking to have been wrong.
A magul slave dealer trying to catch me entered the home I was staying at.
That slave dealer paid money to the parents of the child while smiling at me.
Yes, I had been sold.
Haha, in the end, it’s the same wherever I go, I lamented.
Betrayal, anger, and deception seem to be the favorite joys of Misea-sama, after all, is what I guessed.
This might be my fate as a dark elf.
Then and there I yelled as if offering my anger to Misea-sama.
And in return, I managed to kill the slave dealer who marched into the house.
After killing the magul parents who sold me out, I left that area.
Killing the child…was impossible for me.
My younger sisters’ fate crossed my mind, but that child probably hates me.
After that, it became my daily routine to travel in stealth.
But, I was inevitably bound to run into trouble sooner or later.
The existence of a dark elf is a rare occurrence for magul.
Even after going to a different area, I was once again chased by magul slave dealers.
One day, I woke up with a fickle mood for some reason.
Although it wasn’t as if I was having my period, I ended up being caught by a slave dealer as my head didn’t work right, and became a slave after having a collar put on me.
Well, even if I had become a slave, I could repel the insubordination magic right away if I clad myself with mana.
I thought that I would just run away, but I was treated courteously from the start.
They allowed me to move around freely while providing my daily necessities.
It was explained to me by the slave dealer with gestures and hand movements.
Given that it was done to secure my life, I spend my time obediently for a while and then was educated by the magul slave dealer for some reason, beginning with the human language, the language of the magul.


This slave dealer seemed to be a good judge of character as he saw I was no normal dark elf, but also the possessor of an Extra Skill which proved its existence on my cheek.
Therefore, he was probably estimating that he would be able to sell me for a high price.
But, isn’t that convenient in reverse? I wondered.
To get back to the underground world, I would have to experience all kinds of things: obtain money, power, and even make connections with those filthy magul.


I didn’t want things to come to an end as a mere unfulfilled dream.
I wondered whether I should have some fun by taking a look at the magul society while continuing to act as if I had been caught.
The months rolled on and just as I thought that I had grasped the magul language to a certain extent, I was sold to another higher-class slave dealer for a lot of money.
After various twists and turns, I finally arrived at Chianelas’ place.
I received an even better education from Chianelas.
In the middle of that, I was bought by Master, resulting in me being here right now.
In the end, I ended up telling him everything.
To this strong man, this unfathomable, powerful male…

“I see, so you deliberately became a slave to have a look at the surface world? So, Viine, it was just for an instant, but you clad your body in mana a little while ago, didn’t you?” (Shuuya)

I guess he noticed it after all.
Even though Master is a magul and male, his perception is too sharp.

“Yes…” (Viine)

My reflexive mental chant of “Undo” after cladding my body with mana was because my heart was confused.
There’s nothing I could do in that situation.
Since it was the place where you carry out a happy life partnership — the rite of a married couple.
The ceremony of entering the bath together with the man who would become my husband…that was a first for me. It made me feel so defenseless.
…Moreover, despite Master being a strong male, he’s still a magul.
Although he’s a magul, he possesses beautiful muscles and a kind of refined elegance that’s similar to that of a Darkness Tiger.
On top of me never having experienced it, I just…because my heart was opened by a magul man, I got reflexively angry, or rather happy…my emotions exploded and my head got all muddled.
To be honest, it would have been fine to stay his slave.
But, how things have turned out now might be nice as well.
It would have come to this sooner or later anyway, I think.

“… I suppose you escaped your slavery. So does that mean that you want to oppose me?” (Shuuya)

“No, that’s not it…” (Viine)

Hearing that, my strong, male master became disappointed.
I don’t want to fight against him.
His excellent perception, that allows him to see mana. I saw his agile combat style, spells, and spear techniques in that labyrinth.
A heart to care about me. His ability to deal with surprise attacks calmly and rescue his friends.
His gentle character that makes even a fearsome, black beast obey him.
All of it is amazing. Far too amazing.
He’s the true definition of a strong male — a strong man.
But…is he really a normal magul?
It’s been several years since I have been exiled to the surface, but I have never seen such a strong male, such a powerful man.
Are there possibly other men like him in the above-the-cover society, unbeknownst to me?
At that point, I remembered the words of my elder sister.
To take a strong man loved by the gods as my husband.
If I remember correctly, Master mentioned that he’s been supported by gods after he rescued his friend…
He caused a miracle of spirits.
I think that necklace was related to souls, the light spirit, and the power of Nephia’Hycinth, but it’s a phenomenon one won’t be able to see often.
As one might expect of a man so strong that he’s loved by the gods.
That strong man addresses me,

“…That’s not it, huh? But, on top of staying silent, that expression; with you furrowing your eyebrows, it looks like you are angry. If you are able to cancel the effect of the insubordination spell on the collar, you are capable of harming me, so you should be free. You can just run away, can’t you?” (Shuuya)

Mmh, the mood suddenly changed?
Not a face filled with regret, but…dreadfulness, bloodlust?
For me to feel scared just from a glance…
But, it’s not only fear that’s tightening my chest.
No, rather than that — right now my weapon is next to the bed.
Fortunately, the fearsome black beast is sleeping…
However, no matter how often I think about it, I don’t want to fight this strong male.
I don’t want to approve of a magul, but this powerful man, my master, is a different matter.
I have to explain.

“…No, I’m not angry. If I consider whether I might actually attack you, it’s possible. But, I don’t want to. This is my original facial expression, not the one I artificially created as a slave, but my true face that exposes my real thoughts, Master!” (Viine)

I frantically explained to him.

“I see. Then, could you trust me a bit more? However, I guess it was the truth that you canceled the insubordination magic. There’s no circle above your chest.” (Shuuya)

This strong man stopped his piercing gaze and revealed a smile.
His two black eyes raked over my chest and my neck as if licking them with his gaze while he’s talking.
My chest is big after all.
Even a while ago he didn’t make a move on me, but his gaze was focused on my breasts.

“I will say it once more, but I don’t want to oppose you, Master.” (Viine)

Master acknowledges my words with a nod even while fixing his eyes on my chest.
Even though he’s a man true to his desires, he told me that he wouldn’t attack me unless I gave my consent.
I guess this strong master is unexpectedly a gentleman.
But, why do I feel my chest tightening since a while ago?
As soon as I’m watched by this man, I feel a heat in my abdomen.
Is it some kind of special skill owned by only him?
Or is it possibly a side effect of the insubordination magic that I repelled?

“…So you’re saying that you don’t want to oppose me, huh? Then, how about leaving me now that you are free?” (Shuuya)

“Certainly not, I don’t want to leave you.” (Viine)

“Why? You are well aware of the magul society, aren’t you? You can keep living even by yourself. You are free, you know?” (Shuuya)

I’m well aware of society? I’m only well-informed about a small part and most of that is commerce related.

“…Is it possibly a problem for me to stay here?” (Viine)

“No, not at all. You are no bother. For me, it’s a happy occasion. But, if you aren’t a slave, I don’t have any intention to tie you down against your will. I won’t mind even if you go away on your own accord.” (Shuuya)

Is he telling me to leave on my own accord?
Even I, who’s still far off from understanding the magul society, fully understand just how much money he has; it even made that luxurious, guarded, and gorgeous slave dealer Chianelas yield.
Towards me whom he bought with such a large amount of money…
For him to free me while respecting my will.
What a man of big caliber.
—My heart trembles.
Just now…I realized. I have to accept it.
That this strong man, who is gentle to women and rescues his friends, is much more of a strong, noble, and splendid male than all the other magul.
However, I suppose the only flaw in the crystal is his weakness towards women he managed to befriend as ero lecher.
But — he’s interesting.
I want to know more about this strong man.
I want to walk alongside him in the future.
Ah, m-maybe, I have…
—In that moment, I don’t know whether it was a prank by the gods or an ill-timed memory, but the tragic scenery, which took place in Da’Umezalan in the past, revived in my head.
Aaaah — mother, elder sister, sorry.
It’s not like I forgot my revenge, the old shackles…
Someday I will kill those abominable enemy Sorcery Nobles.
But, I want you to look at what’s around me.
This strong man…
If it’s this strong male…
It’s mysterious, but I feel like he’s able to finish the entire affair, surpassing my revenge.
He makes me harbor such exalted feelings that I have never felt before.
Even as the memories of the tragedy flow through my mind, I clearly grasped my own feelings.
I stare at the strong man.
Yes, I really fell in love with this strong master.

“…Freedom, huh? Then, I’d like you to allow me to serve you in the same manner as before. It’s fine since it’s my free choice, right? …Master.” (Viine)

As I wish to escape from my old shackles, I said with the intention to renew my pledge to him, albeit not being his slave any longer.

“…Somehow, that doesn’t fully convince me. Why are you going to obey me?” (Shuuya)

Uuh, I guess he can’t believe me since I clad myself with mana as if showing my hostility to him.
What do I have to do to get him to understand?
…It’s embarrassing, but let’s tell him the truth.
The reason for me to be confused in the beginning.

“…It’s because you are a truly strong male, Master.” (Viine)

I confessed to him…my face is burning.
Aaaah…how embarrassing.
Just why did I do that?
I’m getting sucked into the black eyes of Master…

“I-I see, a strong male, eh? Thanks. I will be glad if you obey me. I mean, I paid a lot of money for you, after all.” (Shuuya)

Saying that, Master smiles happily and scratches his head as if hiding his embarrassment.
Yeah, that’s good.
I got his agreement, even though he faltered a bit.
Let’s return to my way of talking as a slave to gain his trust.
As respect towards a strong person.

“Indeed, I will show you that I shall work hard to match that large amount of money, Master.” (Viine)


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