Chapter 136 – Interlude Rebecca

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A/N: It’s Rebecca’s point of view.

Meeting a magic spear user, my life…completely changed.
Ah, there’s also Rollo-chan.
But, I think Shuuya is great.
He’s the first man I fell in love with.
Our beginning was in front of the guild boards.
I still remember it as if it happened yesterday.
Hair so black it absorbs light, black eyes that suck you in, and a face that’s flat1 yet well-featured.
Since he had only just arrived in the labyrinth city, I met with him to offer various assistance.
Of course, I acknowledged that the real reason I offered my help was my own selfish interest; I wanted to form a party with him.
But in the end, I told him about other adventurers avoiding me and the nickname they gave me.
He didn’t even look grossed out after hearing the nickname I hate so much.
Moreover, he said that I’m cute or something like that
Those words were really surprising.
After all, it’s been quite a while since someone complimented my looks with such honest eyes…
But as I tried to listen to him while staring into his eyes…
They pierced me in a mysterious way. For some reason, they penetrated into my heart.
Those black eyes are unfair. They’re beautiful and look as if they are going to suck you in.
I think that I only imagined them shining a bit reddish, but I became unable to separate my eyes from his.
After shaking off my daze, I hear him mentioning that he wouldn’t have come along if I wasn’t a woman, making it quite clear that he’s a lecher. It was the first time in my life that I met such pure, or rather, such an upfront man.
There were no men like Shuuya at the academy.
Just as I promised him at the guild, I led him to the magic shop I’m always using; it has good bargains.
Here, I got surprised in a different way.
I saw him buying many absurdly expensive magic scrolls, each of which would make me drool with desire, and he just picked them up as if buying candy. They cost more money than I have ever seen before, namely platinum coins…
I received a shock as if my head was struck with a hammer.
He might be the son of a high-ranking noble who had a personal teacher instructing him on advanced magic.
And even his ability to quickly read and learn the magic scrolls made me feel dumbfounded.
I unintentionally vented my anger at him.
Yes, I hurled rude remarks at Shuuya as I was jealous of him; he not only had a large amount of mana and mental strength but also he has the attitude of a rich man who doesn’t know poverty.
Normally you learn mana manipulation at the Magic Academy…no, looking at him from a normal standpoint bears absolutely no meaning. Rin-sensei said so as well, that talent surpasses hard work.
Even I’m not normal. Possessing <Divine Protection of Fire> and <Eyes of the Blue Flame>, I hold the rare combat occupation called Blue Flame Painter.
<Divine Protection of Fire> is a blessing from the Fire God Enfreet-sama and the fire spirit Ilness-sama. It’s a unique skill that doubles the effect of fire magic.
<Eyes of the Blue Flame> are said to be useless as they only light a blue fire in one’s eyes occasionally. It’s a skill I don’t get at all.
I was happy when I class-upped to the rare occupation of Blue Flame Painter, but when I wondered whether I could use picture frame magic tools like Magic Painters, I found out I couldn’t…
It was a big shock that my class wasn’t much different from a magician who’s only good with fire magic.
…After I complained and recalled my life at the academy, his mood turned sour as if it was a matter of course.
With a grim face, he scolded me saying that he earned the money as an adventurer and not as a noble.
Although I apologized right away, it was my blunder.
However, it seemed like he guessed my feelings, and followed up with a smile.
Even though I was in the wrong… Shuuya is surprisingly kind and attentive to others.
After that, the conversation flowed naturally, it seemed like we had reconciled.
It might be fun to talk to him more.
Maybe because it’s been a while since my last party?
As we were about to enter the labyrinth, the members of 【Blue Arm Treasure PartyBlue Arm Jewelers】 appeared.
They’re members of the sixth-ranked top clan.
I gave Shuuya a bit of an explanation about them.
Their activities are really amazing.
One day, I will also become an adventurer that surpasses both them and my father.
I will aim for a combat occupation like one of the great wizards and discover many treasures.
Full of enthusiasm, I always strove towards adventuring after graduating from Ronbelge’s Magic Academy, but since I couldn’t join any parties recently, it had remained a mere goal.
That’s why I was planning to do my best that day.
If I went steadily at it starting with the small things, I will raise my magic skills.
In particular, it’s been quite a while since a party battle.
I embarked into the labyrinth, taking Shuuya along with the intention to coach as a kouhai2.
But, thinking of him as a kouhai was stupid of me…
Now that I look back, it was obvious that he’s not normal when he learned a large number of spells without any trouble, but I was too happy about having joined a party.
He and the cat-chan were warriors who exceeded my wildest fantasies.
Even though I heard and learned about them at the Academy, they actually do exist.
My confidence crumbled apart, like a sandcastle in front of the tide.

“In the end, rank is nothing more than rank… Beings with transcendent abilities and those who surpass first-class also exist at lower ranks.”

I recalled the words of Rin-sensei.
We advanced while easily defeating the monsters of the first floor with the force of a giant crushing them underfoot.
He’s so strong he doesn’t need party members.
After I told him that it would have been fine if we had accepted a lot more requests, with him being so strong and all, it resulted in us going to the rare monster room.
And then…when we passed through the open space in front of the room, a little incident occurred.
Abuse was hurled at me from adventurers who knew about my nickname.
But Shuuya got angry over them bad mouthing me, so he defeated those guys with overwhelming spear techniques and martial arts for making fun of me.
Rollo-can’s tentacles were amazing too, but being charmed by Shuuya’s movements, my heart throbbed violently and I melted away due to his cool figure.
…Such amazing men exist as well, don’t they?
But since it’s embarrassing I’d never be able to say that out loud.
The party occupying the room left in low spirits.
Watching them file out with heads bowed gave me a refreshing feeling.
Fufu, honestly though, it felt nice.
Shuuya fussed over it and apologized, but once I told him I was very happy, he let out an awkward laugh while looking embarrassed.
And then we were able to enter the rare monster room.
We breezed through defeating the medium-sized goblin that spawned inside while cooperating with each other.
Moreover, moreover, a treasure box appeared! A treasure box, what good luck.
We found a bracelet in the wooden box.
I was in a state of tension from my delight.
We safely returned to the surface and had the shopkeeper of 【Suloza’s Old Sorcery Shop】 appraise the bracelet.
The bracelet turned out to be a rare magic item with two magic effects.
Being all hyper, I got carried away and ran my mouth to the shopkeeper.
I was really, really happy that we got a magic item.
Once we left the shop, Shuuya, reading my gaze at the bracelet, said that he would give it to me, though with his tone like he was soothing a child, his words felt a bit like he was making fun of me.
I felt slightly offended, but it’s a treasure and I was in a good mood, so I gratefully accepted it.
But Rollo-chan played a trick on me and stole the bracelet.
Shuuya guffawed watching Rollo-chan’s and my antics.
I ended up getting irritated by his laughter and complaining.

“Mu, it’s because you don’t make Rollo-chan behave, right~? Shuuya, you idiooooot.” (Rebecca)

I shouted. But, in front of the guild, cat-chan allowed me to hug her.
I buried my face in her far too cute, soft belly.
At this time I had the fleeting hope that I might be able to join his party from now on as well.
However, when we left the guild after handing in the requests,

“Rebecca, what are you going to do afterward?” (Shuuya)

“I think I will go back home now. What about you, Shuuya?” (Rebecca)

“I will return to my inn after checking out the city a bit.” (Shuuya)

Aww, I guess our test period as a party has come to an end.
Let’s join up again, such strong words didn’t come out of my mouth.
But, I understood. Although Shuuya had little experience in labyrinths, he’s a remarkable lancer who can use magic as well as being a top-notch master of martial arts.
Although I had confidence in my magic, it fell apart like a pyramid of goblets.
A superior person such as him has no reason to join up with me, who can’t do anything besides magic, after all.
It can’t be helped. Though it’s regrettable.

“…I see. Then…the test party ends here, doesn’t it?” (Rebecca)

“That’s right.” (Shuuya)

“Alright. I would be happy if we could join up again in the future.” (Rebecca)

I said diplomatically while revealing a forced smile.
I have also the job of selling black tea at Betty-san’s house, so it will be fine even if we don’t form a party.

“Yeah, that’s fine. I will rely on you again next time.” (Shuuya)

“… Got it. See you then.” (Rebecca)

I might have earned some money in the labyrinth that day, but Betty-san was already old, so I had to do my best at selling tea.
The party with all its fun ended at that point.
I dropped my shoulders and went back home through the free market.
My home is inside a small alley right before the free market.
It’s a small place.
But, it’s something my mum and dad left behind.
My dad’s name is Hito Ibhin.
He was a survivor of the Great Belfaritz Empire, an excellent wizard, and an elven adventurer.
But, he became someone who didn’t return home after diving into the labyrinth.
My mum’s name is Popla. She was a human adventurer who had a magician occupation that was strong with fire magic, but…she passed away due to sickness.
That’s why I’m currently living by myself.
But, I’m not too lonely.
I was allowed to work as a tea seller at Betty-san’s shop from when I was a child, it’s right next to my home, at the edge of the free market, but it gets a lot of clients.
I dropped my knapsack and took off the labyrinth equipment.
I changed into a body-suit with a frilly v-neck and a ruffled skirt, and headed to Betty-san’s store.

“—Rebecca, did you come back already?” (Betty)

Betty-san, who was tending the store inside, called out to me after noticing my presence.

“Yeah. Today, you know, I really managed to join a party, okay? It was with a strong lancer!” (Rebecca)

I chirp while raising my index finger in excitement.

“Ooh, that’s nice, that’s nice. I was getting worried. All this time you were diving into the labyrinth by yourself…” (Betty)

“Fufu, I told you it’s okay. Even though I might look like this, I passed the Magic Academy as the runner-up.” (Rebecca)

“Yeah, yeah, I know all that. You didn’t become the top student due to discrimination against halfs, right? Now, now, I know that already, so will you tend the store today as well?” (Betty)

Betty-san laughed in her usual way and moved inside the store.
Recently she goes to rest in her room almost as soon as I get here.
Given that she’s a granny, her body is becoming weaker. I’m worried.
That’s why I have to do my best at tending the store!
And then after running the store for a while,

“Yo, Rebecca. You’re not in the labyrinth again today, tending the store instead, eh?”

This guy again, huh? I thought. The man with the frog face.
These days he comes in to the store every day…

“Shut up. Are you going to buy something or not?” (Rebecca)

“I wonder what I should do…?”

Rebecca sighs, “…Go somewhere else, you’re just hindering business here!”

I wave my arm, making it obvious that he should get out of here.

“If I get you to accept a date with me, I guess I can even buy the most expensive black tea, Rebecca.”

…There’s no freaking way that I will go on a date with someone like you; I hate you.
Though, yeah, if it was Shuuya, I would gladly accompany him…
Whaa… Huh? I just thought about Shuuya there…

“… Shut your trap. It’s not like you’re going to buy anything anyway. Just quit it or do you want me to burn you?” (Rebecca)

Due to the rift between my ideal and reality, I shot venom at him after getting irritated.

“Man, how scary. Time for me to run away then.”

The frog-faced man left.
The way he looked at my feet…it was slightly scary.
But, since he’s gone away obediently, I feel relieved. Oh, it’s another client.

“Please give me three bags of this intermediate breakfast black tea .”

“Okay. Rad Tea with lower quality, the first flush. Here you go. It’s three large copper coins.” (Rebecca)

I close the shop after selling one of Inbetween, First Flush, and Second Flush, all of which are high-classed tea leaves cultivated on the Rad Pass of the Lightning Spirit.
I might get praised by Betty-san. I wonder whether I will be given a rise in my wages.

“Betty-san, I’m going to leave the sales of the shop here.” (Rebecca)

“… Yeah, I’m sorry. Oh, it looks like you did sell a lot today. Thanks. You know, you are a beauty if you don’t open your mouth, Rebecca. As a shop assistant, you are the best.” (Betty)

… I feel like there’s a lot I want to comment on there, but I can’t complain to you, Betty-san.

“No, that’s not true. They sell because your stock of tea is high quality, Betty-san.” (Rebecca)

“Kakaka, aren’t you saying something nice there? I think I will raise your wages for this month.” (Betty)


“Yaaay, thanks, Betty-san!” (Rebecca)

“Ah, that’s dangerous. Your clothes will get stuck at the edge of a shelf—” (Betty)

“—Kyaaa, ouch!” (Rebecca)

I fell down.

“Geeze, I told you so. What a scatterbrain you are. You have to properly pick up my valuable potted plants. Well, I guess it’s alright since no bags with tea leaves were dropped. If they had, the talk about a rise in your wages would have been a thing of the past.” (Betty)

Uuh, it huuurt. So these dead potted plants and black tea are more important than me, eh…?

“Ahaha…great. They didn’t fall down…” (Rebecca)

“Now then, I will eat something. Rebecca, are you going to eat with me?” (Betty)

“Ah, yeah.” (Rebecca)

She gets angry easily, but Betty-obaachan3 is kind.
Since I had been wondering about it for a long time, I tried asking her about this fallen, old plant.

“Betty-san, why are you still decorating the potted plants with dead wood?” (Rebecca)

“Nn, that’s also important for you, Rebecca.” (Betty)

“For me? That’s odd, Betty-san. Just how does this dead wood connect to me?” (Rebecca)

I got slightly angry.

“Fufun, I see, you don’t understand? That planted tree is old, but it still hasn’t died. Take a good look at the roots.” (Betty)

Betty-san revealed her peculiar, deep smile.
It’s annoying, but just as I was told, I move the dry leaves of the planted tree aside and look at the roots.
Ah, she’s right.
There are small, green leaves there.
Is she saying that this is her?

“There are leaves…” (Rebecca)

“Correct. If you pour your love into them, even old trees will bloom.” (Betty)

Love, huh?

“Yeah…” (Rebecca)

“Just like this old-looking tree, there are many wounded humans, elves, and half-elves. There are all sorts of unfortunate people out there: War orphans, children without limbs, children who can’t use their mouth, unfortunate children who loiter around due to hunger, youths who have fallen into banditry without any hope, children who have been turned into slaves. There are also greedy slave traders who try various rationalizations for spending their time like dried wood. Among those hurt people, there are some who might choose death, unable to bear life. But, the Rebecca in front of me has overcome the early death of both of her parents and continues to live energetically, beautifully, happily, joyfully, cheerfully and brightly while even overcoming the sadness of parting with those stunning leaves that are growing on the branches. That’s what makes you Rebecca. You are my important guardian deity and my blessing. As long as the gods make use of you, Rebecca, I cannot help but stay alive to make the life given to me worthwhile, so…” (Betty)

I cried after hearing Betty-san’s feelings.

“…I’m sorry, Betty-san…” (Rebecca)

“Haha, you are so foolish. Now, don’t cry and come here so that we can eat together.” (Betty)




Besides working as a shop assistant in the store, I also went to the guild every day and had a staring contest with the request boards. After several days of this, something different happened.
Gazing at the important points on the party applications…I wanted to form one, but since I couldn’t, I wouldn’t.
If I kept at it even as soloer, I would be able to hunt some monsters.
But, in my mind…if I can meet that lancer again, Shuuya, was it?
That’s what I was thinking.
And when I was choosing requests in the guild, the gods apparently granted my wish. I was addressed by Shuuya, the person I had been thinking about.
It seemed that he would let me join his party again.
I was really, really happy. So happy that I fumbled my words.
And then I was surprised when he introduced his party members to me.
Shuuya had a slave, there was a woman in a wheelchair called Eva as well, she also had a nasty nickname like me.
Then we chose requests for monster subjugation and magic stone collection before we moved on to deciding the party’s name; everyone contributed ideas.
I loved that kind of atmosphere.
Shuuya rejected and rejected while grinning. He didn’t take my idea into consideration either, but the flavor chat was really fun.
Even though it was an instant of coming together and being noisy, to me it felt like an eternity.
Eventually, Shuuya, who stared at black cat-chan, made a suggestion with a satisfied expression and Shuuya’s idea of “Innocent Arms” was set as our name.
I don’t understand the meaning, but I do think it’s nice.
Us Innocent Arms headed into the labyrinth and were able to advance while doing well with the hunting.
To put it into simple words, the battles in the labyrinth were amazing.
We defeated the spawned monsters one after the other, advancing smoothly.
I haven’t experienced a party that was able to hunt and progress at such speed.
Though I’m no good judge since I haven’t joined many parties.
But, I think it was fast, and everyone agreed with my opinion.
Moreover, riding on the momentum, we challenged a rare monster room.
A Black Sweet Water Snake spawned there.
It’s a big snake with whiskers, that released Black Sweetwater.
Shuuya amply demonstrated his true abilities as a lancer here.
Of course, I fired my spells desperately, too, but Shuuya was several levels above me.
Using his halberd he called Magic Halberd, he sliced the big head off of the Black Sweet Water Snake with a swoosh as if chopping fruit.
It was really a chain of surprises.
There are humans who easily defeat A-rank monsters after all.
It’s possible he might not be a human, but I didn’t ask right then.
I mean, I’m a half-elf myself.
I don’t like to talk about my race.
But, but, for a silver treasure chest to appear, that was a huge shock.
Apparently, I got a nosebleed out of excitement.
Moreover, Shuuya gave me an item.
To be precise, he split the loot with everyone without trying to hog it all for himself.
…He’s kind.
He might be the type that isn’t fixated on money.
He even gave his part of the loot to his slave. But well, that might be for the sake of raising her combat power.
Since he couldn’t say so honestly though, I criticized Shuuya by messing around and poking fun at him when we had a break.
And then, after we finished hunting the monsters for the requests, us Innocent Arms safely returned to the surface.
We got our reward at the guild and had the highly-anticipated item appraisal performed.
I think I was giggling to myself when we did it.
I got my hands on a magic wand and a large amount of gold coins…
Because it was the first time I had obtained such a large reward since becoming an adventurer, I believe it couldn’t be helped, but at this point, I was already drooling over Shuuya, sending him an intense lovestruck gaze.
Since I was acting like that, I couldn’t admonish Shuuya for his perverted look either.
But who cares, I’m happy. Fufufufu.
It looks like he will soon tackle the magic treasure map from the silver chest, and he will apparently invite me at that time again.
Naturally, I was all smiles.
I left the guild walking on air; I was so enthusiastic that I started skipping like a surprised Strange Bird Rucook.
On the road in front of the guild, all of us discussed what we are going to do from now on.
Because Shuuya said that he wants to go to the market, I decided to offer to act as his guide.
But, Eva told Shuuya that she wants to speak to him alone… She might plan to properly confess to him.
Even in the labyrinth Eva showed an easily readable attitude and gazed at him with eyes full of love.
To do something I’m not capable of so honestly, Eva is amazing.
I’m certain that she loves Shuuya very much.
If so, she will beat me to the punch.
What should I do…?
As I waited and held such faint glimmers of love, Shuuya returned without a hitch.
Since I was curious, I tried asking him about it.

“—So, what did you talk about with Eva?” (Rebecca)

Shuuya turned his gaze on his slave.
Why? Is she related to it? Or is Viine…
Shuuya revealed a slightly strained smile.

“… Ah, it was something private. I told Eva the location of the inn where I’m staying. And that I’m going to leave her a message in the party box via letter.” (Shuuya)

She might have confessed after all.
Or possibly they might have made a lewd promise with each other.

“Something like that…” (Rebecca)

It feels as if he dodged the question. Though that’s just my intuition as a woman.
In order to not let it show on my face too much, I guided us to the free market through alleys while harboring complicated feelings. But suddenly, we got attacked by strangers.
The majority of the attackers were defeated by Shuuya.
Even those who came from behind were swiftly dealt with by Viine and Rollo-chan.
I felt relieved.
But, I wonder, why did we get attacked?
As I was pondering that, arrows faster than my eyes could follow slammed into Shuuya.
As his face and neck got pierced, fresh blood spraying out through the air.
Aaaaah! Quickly, a potion! The instant I thought that my field of vision went dark.
I fainted. When I came to, I was woken up by Shuuya in an unfamiliar house.

“Nuu~ Huuuuuh? Where’s this? Aaaaah!” (Rebecca)

Ah, shouldn’t Shuuya have been injured? The arrows hit his neck and face!

“Shuuya, your face and neck should have been…stabbed?” (Rebecca)

I shot up and stared at Shuuya’s face.
Huh? There’s no injury? Did he use a potion right away?

“If it’s that, it’s alright. Look, there are no wounds, right?” (Shuuya)

“Lie! It’s a lie! Show it to me properly! Even though you got pierced by two arrows. Hey, take off your armor and let me check it.” (Rebecca)

Geez, I’m worried, so I want to look at Shuuya’s whole body…no, it’s different, I said that out of desperation.
There are no injuries after all. Does he have some kind of regeneration skill?
He might be the owner of a special skill, the ones given to those who are said to have been chosen by the gods. Maybe that’s why poison won’t work either.

“—How about now?” (Shuuya)

“…” (Rebecca)

Shuuya had taken off his armor and clothes on the upper half of his body.
His nude muscles are so dreamy…
Huh? One of the two necklaces hanging there is…
The shape on an ancient white star stone.
Why does Shuuya have that?
And yet, Shuuya is adopting a stupid pose.

“… Why are you moving your chest so strangely?” (Rebecca)

“Haha, well, just a little, light exercise…” (Shuuya)

Of course, I know that he’s joking around, but since my head’s full with thoughts about the necklace, I blurt out words rapid-fire,

“Haa? I don’t understand. Rather than that, can’t you properly show me the necklace you’re wearing?” (Rebecca)

He displayed the two necklaces for me.
…The ladybug necklace.
I snatch it from Shuuya’s hand and check its shape once more.

“… Say, this necklace — where did you get it?” (Rebecca)

I draw near to Shuuya with the thought of This might possibly be…

“Ah, that, huh? — It’s something I picked up.” (Shuuya)

Picked up…even though I thought that he died in the labyrinth. Ah, he might have been sent outside the labyrinth by a teleportation trap.
If that’s the case, it really is dad’s.

“So then this is dad’s?” (Rebecca)

“Mmh? Dad?” (Shuuya)

I took out the necklaces I’m wearing.
If it’s my parent’s, they should fit together.
The ladybug I owned connected with the other two ladybugs with a *click*.
It was a family set. Three ladybugs.
Aaaah, for you to come back now, dad…
…Naturally, my tears came spilling out.

“That’s an ancient white star stone?” (Viine)

It’s Viine. Looks like she knows about it.

“Is that the name of the gem?” (Shuuya)

It looks like Shuuya doesn’t though.

“…Yeah!” (Rebecca)

Deeply moved, I cried while nodding.
He had this necklace…
Oh? The decoration, the united ladybugs are shining?
Sparkling insects, ladybugs appeared from the shining decoration and rapidly flew into the air.
The sparkling ladybugs surrounded Shuuya and me as if giving us their blessing.

“Master!?” (Viine)


What’s this? It’s mysterious.

“It’s alright, just watch.” (Shuuya)

Shuuya said to Viine and Rollo-chan with a calm voice.
We were hidden by a curtain of faint white light.
It continued all the way to the ceiling.
Getting a bit anxious, I hug Shuuya.
As I hugged him, the curtain shifted as if its radiance was blurring.
An illusion was created. Eh? Dad, mum?
Ah, my small figure from when I was a child is projected as well…

“Dad, mom…” (Rebecca)

I naturally stretched out my hands.

“… This is, Miracle of Spirits?” (Viine)

Yes, this is a miracle. Rollo-chan chases the small ladybugs, full of energy.
Suddenly a voice reverberated in my head.

“Thank you, holder of light and darkness. For you have delivered my feelings to my daughter—”

It’s dad’s voice.

“N-No, it’s just by chance.” (Shuuya)

He’s talking with Shuuya.

“As expected of a soul owning the light attribute. Your humility is wonderful. But, you didn’t know, did you? That you have been using and carrying light spirits with you like this, and that possessing both the light and darkness attribute makes you a rare, special being. I’d like you to tell me your name if you are fine with it.”

“It’s Shuuya Kagari.”

“I see, Kagari-kun. Thank you for properly delivering my feelings to my daughter through the necklace. And — Rebecca, please take a look at the backside of the necklace.”

“Ok.” (Rebecca)

From “Eternal love to Popla.”
The new words “I dedicate my eternal love to Popla and Rebecca” are carved in.
Aaaaaaaaaahhh, d-dad.

“… D-Dad, I…this…the message has been extended…” (Rebecca)

“That’s right. I’m sorry for those words being late.”

“No, thank you.” (Rebecca)

It’s dad. Dad, who always looked at me with a gentle expression.

“…You have grown, haven’t you? You are already a splendid magician, just like your mother and me.”

“Yeah. I plan to become an adventurer who surpasses you, Dad.” (Rebecca)

“I see. I’m happy… Oh, even if it’s the soul of a high elf like me, I guess this is the limit, even after cooperating with the light spirits.”

The light is starting to become dim. Huh? EH? Why?

“Dad! Don’t go! I want to talk with you a lot more!” (Rebecca)

“Haha, I thought that you were a pretty, adult woman who resembles her mother, but — I guess you are still a child. Kagari-kun, although she’s such a girl…please take care of her.”

“Ah, yes.” (Shuuya)

My heart’s filled with feelings of loneliness.
I don’t want to be separated from dad again…
Just as I did during my childhood, I shook my head, acting selfishly.

“Dad, no! I want to keep talking!” (Rebecca)

“Rebecca, you will become much stronger. The blood flowing through you dates back to the dawn of ancient times, surpassing even the old nobles of Befaritz, no, it’s even older, it’s the blood of an immortal high elf. And the great power handed down through the lineage of the Blue Flame God is sleeping within you…you will become happy. Rebecca, my eternal love to you, Popla — we are going now—”

Aaaaaahhh, he’s gone. Even though I was able to talk with him, I wish we had more time.
Light spirits, do your best for a bit longer…
Contrary to my wish, the ladybugs shining like sparkling stars are vanishing as if a fog is clearing up.
Although it was an instant, it felt like a long time to me.
Each time a grain of light disappears, my heart wilts and my spirit shakes.
Don’t leave! However, just like a nice dream doesn’t last forever, the ladybugs disappeared like a fleeting illusion.
Huh, a light fragment enters the necklace.
It might be a part of dad. I guess he will be watching over me…

“Dad…” (Rebecca)

“They are gone, aren’t they…?” (Shuuya)

“… Master, just what was that miracle a moment ago?” (Viine)

Viine gazed intently at my necklace.

“There’s no need to explain a miracle, is there? The magic power Rebecca’s father had was amazing, and because he called himself a high elf, he likely possessed an unknown might.” (Shuuya)

Yeah. But, for me to have the blood of a high elf; that’s news to me.
I always thought that I was just a simple half-elf… I couldn’t have even imagined it.
No wonder why I have such weird skills.

“Nnn, nyaooo.”

Fufu, cute cat-chan.
Her whiskers hang in disappointment.
Looks like she’s frustrated about being unable to catch those ladybugs.

“Rebecca, are you alright?” (Shuuya)

“Yeah. I was surprised, but…I’m happy I got to meet with dad.” (Rebecca)

It’s great that I kept this necklace with me.
However, for the person I like to possess my parent’s necklace, I can’t think of it as coincidence.
I’m sure it’s because of dad and the Light God Lulodius-sama.

“… By no means did I expect for my ladybug necklace to be related to Rebecca’s necklace. I feel like it won’t be settled with the word coincidence, but could rather be called fate.” (Shuuya)

Even Shuuya thought something along the lines of it being fate.
… I’m happy…fate.

“… Yeah, mine and Shuuya’s fate?” (Rebecca)

I ask, trying to confess my love.
What should I do…? My heart’s beating fast.

“… You could say that. But I think that’s something only the spirits and gods know about.” (Shuuya)

Geeze, only at times like this is that stupid Shuuya serious.
Learn a bit more about a woman’s heart, is something I can’t say yet.
If I did, it would feel like I lost. Humph.
…But surely, even sensing a god’s hand in this is not weird, I guess.

“…Certainly, I know what you mean, Shuuya. I think the spirits, who can create miracles like what just happened, and the gods who preside over them are incredible. I believe in Fire Spirit-sama and Fire God-sama, but I wonder whether I should try to believe in the Light Spirit Fortuna-sama and the Light God Lulodis-sama as well. It’s still not at the level of calling it faith, but I might go to the church.” (Rebecca)

Shuuya scratches his head with its conspicuous black hair,

“… Haha, well, faith is different for everyone. I’d like to be pardoned from believing in something like Buddha’s palm actually existing, but it’s fine for you to think and act freely.” (Shuuya)

It seems like he’s quite open-minded in regards to religion.
I also believe that it’s up to everyone to think for themselves.
There’s no obligation.
But, I don’t know the phrase Buddha’s palm.
They might be words used in some religious papers.
I guess Shuuya has traveled to various places, so his knowledge is surprisingly extensive, isn’t it?

“… Buddha? I don’t know who that is, but I think you are right. Yeah. But, since I love the fire spirits, I won’t cheat on them.” (Rebecca)

Since I have the skill called <Divine Protection of Fire>, I try to convince myself.

“I also like the water spirits and the water goddess.” (Shuuya)

As he spoke, Shuuya’s face twitched a bit.

“That’s right. One’s own attribute is important after all.” (Rebecca)

Even though I didn’t say anything. Weird Shuuya. I ended up laughing a bit.

“By the way, it’s a sudden topic change, but…what’s Buu-tan?” (Shuuya)

“Eh? Eeeeeh…!? Why do you know about Buu-tan?” (Rebecca)

Uuuh, why does he know about that? He hasn’t been in my room…?

“You mentioned it while sleeping.” (Shuuya)

Waaah, I’m so stupid, how embarrassing.

“…A puppet. I’m always sleeping together with it…” (Rebecca)

“Ah, something like that…” (Shuuya)

Shuuya averted his eyes with a sidelong glance.
Uuh, somehow it feels like he’s pitying me…
I’m happy that he rescued me, but I feel like I lost.


After that, I actually led them to the free market, this time.
Fufu, riding Rollo-chan’s Horse Lion mode, I ended up embracing Shuuya tightly from behind.
Since it looked like he was thinking about something lewd,

“Wait a moment? You can’t be thinking about something rude, are you?” (Rebecca)

I warned him. Fufu~n.
Once we arrived at the free market, I led him to Betty-san’s store since he said that he wanted to see the place where I’m working.
There are several shops selling black tea, but I wonder, is he interested in tea?

“… Oh, Rebecca, is that the magic spear user, you mentioned, the one whose party you joined recently?” (Betty)

I introduced him to Betty-san.

“Yes, I’m called Shuuya Kagari. I have formed a party with Rebecca.” (Shuuya)

“I see, I see. Please take care of Rebecca.” (Betty)

“Yes.” (Shuuya)

“Well then, Betty-san. I’m going to guide him to the free market, okay?” (Rebecca)

“Be on your way then. And make him properly yours.” (Betty)

I ended up getting cheered on, thanks Betty-san.
Once we left through the storefront and had a chat about various sweets, ah, it’s that guy…
The frog-faced man approached.

“Ain’t that Rebecca? Leading a man around, what are you up to? No way, is he your boyfriend?”

“Shut up. Don’t come over here!” (Rebecca)

“Hey, hey, that’s nasty. So, who’s that guy?”

The frogman pointed a finger at Shuuya while glaring.

“That has nothing to do with you. Go somewhere else and get lost.” (Rebecca)

I said with a strong tone and extended my arm and flicked my wrist, hoping he’d vanish.

“Tsk, a man, eh…? Even though I had my eyes on you first. You over there, just what are you!? Get away from Rebecca!”

The frogman was picking a fight with Shuuya…
He’s an incorrigible idiot.

“Those aren’t the words you use after appearing suddenly, are they? What is your relationship with Rebecca?” (Shuuya)

“I’m Rebecca’s man.”

“—That’s a lie! Shuuya, help me.” (Rebecca)

On the spur of the moment, I ask Shuuya for help.

“…Don’t worry, I will. Hey frogman, you seem to be unwanted here. It’s no good to be conceited, you know?” (Shuuya)

“That’s a fucked up line. Shit, shit, shit! Dun’ act like an ikemen when you have such a flat face that’s spouting such crap—”

Ah, at this moment I had a hunch that the frogman was going to die.
It’s a bad idea to draw your weapon with Shuuya as an opponent.
I’m aware of it: He’s usually a kind pervert, but…
He has no mercy for enemies.
Even in the labyrinth, he was going to kill the adventurers who had slandered me at first.

“Master, shall I squash that frog?” (Viine)

Viine’s expression was extremely cold…
I wonder if Shuuya can handle such a scary woman as a slave.

“No, I will deal with him.” (Shuuya)

Shuuya makes the violet, unique-looking halberd appear and forcefully sweeps it upwards as if handling a broom. The blue crystal stuck into the frogman’s nether region and he toppled over onto his back.
Wow, a ball-busting lancer.
It was unnecessary for me to worry…
If it’s Shuuya, it looks like he will be fine even if he had to deal with Viine.


I can’t watch the frogman…
Even though I thought that I still peek at him through my fingers. A yucky liquid is sticking to the blue crystal… ueeeh.
The frog falls to the ground with the whites of his eyes showing.
While donning a cold-hearted and merciless expression, Shuuya generated an ice blade from the halberd’s end and slices the fallen frogman’s knee with it.


No pity.
The frogman is thrashing around on the street, looking pathetic.

“Rebecca, did I go too far…?” (Shuuya)

“No, thank you for saving me. It’s fine. I don’t think that anyone will help him. After all, he was always bragging about being the guy who took control of this part of the area.” (Rebecca)

“I see. Then let’s leave him be.” (Shuuya)

“Yeah.” (Rebecca)

I will dispose of him if he turns into a corpse.
There must not be any evidence if the guards come.
But, since everyone in the neighborhood is my acquaintance, I don’t think that they will call the guards.
Even the pickpocket group that has ties to the frogman probably isn’t stupid enough to contact the guards themselves.
While pondering such things, I guided Shuuya until we were right in front of the free market.

“The real market starts here. As you can see, various things are up for sale. But, since there are many people, make sure to not have your luggage stolen. Be cautious of pickpockets.” (Rebecca)

“Pickpockets, eh? Got it. Rather than that, was it really okay to leave the guy just now lying there?” (Shuuya)

As he says so, Shuuya comes close to me.
Is he worried about me? He bends down and brings his face in close with its serious look.
My heart beats fast. If he’s doing that on purpose, he’s already a genius at it.
Fufu, I know that it’s not intentional though.
I couldn’t hold it back anymore and naturally took action.

“…It’s alright. Thanks—” (Rebecca)

I kissed Shuuya’s cheek while standing on my tiptoes.
After quickly smiling so that he doesn’t see through my embarrassment,

“This is your reward. You don’t have to protect me so excessively. Well then, my guidance stops here. Shuuya, Viine, see ya~.” (Rebecca)

I said while putting my silver wand behind my back.

“Yeah, see you again.” (Shuuya)


“Ah, make sure to call me when you are going to follow the map, okay? I will check the guild every day after tomorrow.” (Rebecca)

“Got it.” (Shuuya)

I’m satisfied to see the smile of my beloved.
It was a kiss I selfishly gave him of my own devices, but I could feel the clogged-up emotions being released through the holes in my heart; I think that the faint beard growing on his cheeks was cute.
My heart is still beating fast.
These feelings are the real deal. I feel like I finally found what I was looking for.
My blood is boiling with the wisdom of a high-elf and the passion of love!
Fufu~n, I might be a genius. Minstrel-like words naturally came to me.
Alright, let’s go back home and give a greeting to Betty-san.
Tomorrow I will take my money and go shopping for magic scrolls, clothes…ah, first up are those new, delicious sweets… Fufu.


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