Chapter 135 – Bonnie and Clyde?

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“So that means you came to rescue me right away?” (Rebecca)

I should apologize here.

“Yeah, but Rebecca, it’s a fact that you were kidnapped, because I was involved with a dark guild. Sorry.” (Shuuya)

Rebecca shakes her head, showing her disagreement with my claim.

“— No, that’s not it. Shuuya, you came to rescue me. Thank you. I’m very grateful right now, okay?” (Rebecca)

Rebecca’s face is blooming with a bright smile.

“Anyway, I’m glad that you survived.” (Shuuya)

While addressing her with a smile of my own, I look at the Thinking Steel Cloth of Darkness at her feet.
Other, similar items probably exist, so I have to be careful next time.

“Yeah, but you know…learning that a dark guild did it, I was terrified.” (Rebecca)

Rebecca turns her gaze to the corpse of the dark guild leader while smiling stiffly with a short, nervous laugh.
As she’s laughing, she wraps her arms around herself as if feeling cold.
Is she trembling?
I have to give her some peace of mind…

“…The people, who attacked us this time will never bother me again, let alone harm you, Rebecca.” (Shuuya)

Relieved by my words, Rebecca nods with a weak grin.

“Oki, understood. I don’t want to stay here any longer, not with the corpse; so let’s head out. I was in the middle of taking you to the market.” (Rebecca)

Rebecca heads towards the stairs after a quick brush down of her knees.

“You’re right. Viine, we’re going outside.” (Shuuya)

“Yes.” (Viine)

Taking Viine with me, we descend from the Japanese-styled house’s second floor to the first.
Rebecca leaves the house and examines the surroundings.

“I guess we’re in the part of the slum quarters that connects to the warehouse district… It’s a nasty place. C’mon, let’s get out of here.” (Rebecca)

I’m surprised she could identify where we are.
As expected of someone living in this city for a long time.
While I’m looking at Rebecca’s state, Rollo becomes big with a puff of smoke and transforms into a Horse Lion.

“—Whoaa, Rollo-chan. Amazing. No matter how often I witness it, your instant transformation is really cool. You have become more mature and your nose bridge has extended in length, but rather than the face of a cat, it’s, hmm~, that of a black panther or a lion. Your eyes are still red, cute, and stylish though.” (Rebecca)

Rebecca, caresses, hugs, and rubs her face against the grown RollodeenHorse Lion‘s face and nape as if to check the quality of her fur.
Even while having her body touched by Rebecca, Rollo entwines a tentacle around the waists of Viine and me and lifts us up.
Just like that, we are moved to the top of her big back.

“— Come on, Rebecca! Get on instead of caressing Rollo’s fur. Ah, which reminds me, will it be alright with all three of us riding you, Rollo?” (Shuuya)

“Nn, nyaon.”

Rollo answers with a determined voice giving off the feeling of “Leave it to me.”
It’s a voice that truly overflows with the confidence of someone who would be alright even if a hundred people were riding her.
I’m pretty sure that it’s not a manner of saying “Uwaaaaaaaaah.”

“I will ride behind Shuuya, rig-kyaa—” (Rebecca)


In the middle of talking, a tentacle wraps around Rebecca’s waist, lifts her up without effort, then places her right behind me.

“Rollo-chan, that’s too sudden.” (Rebecca)

Rebecca complains, but she properly wraps both her arms around my waist.
I don’t feel the pressure of her breasts on my back.
Viine, who was glued to me before, has overwhelming marshmallow-like proportions.
I mean, Rebecca is a flat-chest-chan after all.
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“Wait a moment? You can’t be thinking about something rude by chance, are you?” (Rebecca)

Rebecca says over my shoulder. Uah, how perceptive.
Are you Eva-san with her mind-reading?
Since I can’t say that, I answer while giving a laugh,

“… Haha, just what are you talking about? Let’s go.” (Shuuya)

I deceive her with an unconcerned expression.
That means it’s time to depart.
RollodeenHorse Lion travels through the city with the three of us on her back.
She reaches the speed of an average horse without too much accelerating.
Traveling through alleys and coming out at a main street by Rebecca’s guidance, we arrive at the market which is overflowing with liveliness, as its name 【Free Market】 suggests.

“We are here—” (Rebecca)

Rebecca flicks an arm towards the crowded market and gets off RollodeenHorse Lion
Since she’s small, she has to jump off.

“My home is close by. I often work at Betty-san’s place.” (Rebecca)

“Betty-san?” (Shuuya)

“The tea seller Betty. It’s a fairly well-known name in the free market.” (Rebecca)

“Let’s see. I guess I want to have a look then.” (Shuuya)

“Alright. It’s this way.” (Rebecca)

The place Rebecca led me to is a shop specialized in teas.
Various tea leaves, from green to roasted light brown, are sold as loose leaves and kept in open bags.
The leaves in the open bags have an extremely cheap price.
It’s a price around that of an ice pop.1 The expensive tea leaves are in closed bags.

“… Oh, Rebecca, is that the magic spear user, you mentioned, the one whose party you joined recently?” (Betty)

Inside, the elderly woman with slanted eyes chats us up.
It looks like she has been told I’m a magic spear user.
Although she seems like a strong-willed old woman; I suppose I will greet her first.

“Yes, I’m called Shuuya Kagari. I formed a party with Rebecca.” (Shuuya)

“I see, I see. Please take care of Rebecca.” (Betty)

The grey-haired woman grins.

“Yes.” (Shuuya)

“Well then, Betty-san. I will guide him towards the market, okay?” (Rebecca)

“Be on your way then. And make him properly yours.” (Betty)

Make me hers? Is she telling Rebecca and me to get married?
Well, Rebecca is cute, so she’s one of the women I would want to get married to.
Leaving the tea shop and the old woman with her self-satisfied expression, we head towards the market.
When I’m listening to Rebecca’s lecture about the deliciousness of melon-like fruit candies that are sold at a little water fountain, a man with a sturdy build and a frog face approaches.
He’s glaring at us while radiating hatred.

“Ain’t that Rebecca? Leading a man around, what are you up to? No way, is he your boyfriend?”

“Shut up. Don’t come over here!” (Rebecca)

“Hey, hey, that’s rude. So, who is this guy?”

The frogman points one of his fat fingers at me.

“That has nothing to do with you. Go somewhere else and get lost.” (Rebecca)

Rebecca bluntly rejects him.

“Tsk, a man, eh…? Even though I had my eyes on you first. You over there, just what are you!? Get away from Rebecca!”

And just who are you?
Trying to pick a fight all of a sudden, huh?

“Those aren’t the words you use after appearing suddenly, are they? What is your relationship to Rebecca?” (Shuuya)

“I’m Rebecca’s man.”

“— That’s a lie! Shuuya, help me.” (Rebecca)

It’s the first time for me to see Rebecca show such disgust on her face.
I guess this frogman is a type of stalker.
I recall the horseman from sometime ago, who followed around Quiche.

“…Don’t worry, I will. Hey Frogman, you seem to be unwanted here. It’s no good to be conceited, you know?” (Shuuya)

“That’s a fucked up line. Shit, shit, shit! Dun’ act like an ikemen when you have such a flat face that’s spouting such crap—”

The frogman curses.
And of all things, he draws a dagger and runs at me, slashing, from the distance.

“Master, shall I squash that frog?” (Viine)

『Your Excellence, please leave the divine punishment of that frog to me. Through his butt’s rear gate…』 (Helme)

『…Unnecessary.』 (Shuuya)

While talking telepathically with Helme, I also say to Viine,

“No, I will deal with him.” (Shuuya)

I spread my overcoat, stretch out my hand, and summon the Magic Halberd.
I head towards the frogman approaching me and have his nether region eat the Magic Dragon Gem by drawing an arc from below as if scooping with the butt of the spear.
A dull, smashing sound reverberates.


The frogman leaks a weird voice.
The Magic Dragon Gem looks like it has blood and an odd juice from his nether region coating it; looks smelly.
Having his crotch completely destroyed, the frogman squats on the ground and faints.
I have to disinfect the filth. I pull back the Magic Halberd and make mana seep into the Magic Halberd to get rid of the stains on the Magic Dragon Gem.
I grow the ice sword from the Magic Dragon Gem and stab the frog’s knee, then slice the other knee. It’s not an arrow, but I’ve made him bear a knee wound.
I’m kind, am I not?


He woke up from his unconsciousness, huh?
It’s at the point of him being one step short of having his leg amputated.
Unless he immediately heals this with a potion, he will die.
Due to the spectacle and since it’s next to the market, curious onlookers are drawn in.
I guess I will stop around here. I store the Magic Halberd away.

“Rebecca, did I go too far…?” (Shuuya)

“No, thank you for saving me. It’s fine. I don’t think that anyone will help him. After all, he was always bragging about being the guy who took control of a part of this area.” (Rebecca)

“I see. Then let’s leave him be.” (Shuuya)

“Yeah.” (Rebecca)

I pull myself together and have Rebecca guide me to the free market.

“The real market starts here. As you can see, various things are up for sale. But, since there are many people, make sure to not have your luggage stolen. Be cautious of pickpockets.” (Rebecca)

“Pickpockets, eh? Got it. Rather than that, was it really okay to leave the guy just now lying there?” (Shuuya)

I’m a bit worried.
I bend down to match Rebecca’s small build and bring my face close to her.

“… It’s alright. Thanks—” (Rebecca)

Eh? I got kissed.

“This is your reward. You don’t have to protect me so excessively—” (Rebecca)

Rebecca clasps her hands behind her back, the wand still between them.

“Well then, my guidance stops here. Shuuya, Viine, see ya~.” (Rebecca)

She says while bowing her head to bid farewell.
There’s an adorable smile that’s full of vitality plastered on her face.

“Yeah, see you again.” (Shuuya)


“Ah, make sure to call me when you are going after the map, okay? I will also check the guild every day after tomorrow.” (Rebecca)

“Got it.” (Shuuya)

Rebecca looks at me with a gentle smile that she hasn’t shown until now and nods.
For an instant, I became startled and was almost sucked into her blue eyes.
Cute… Next time I definitely want to kiss those small lips.
She goes back in the direction of the tea seller’s shop.
Now then, guess it’s time to check out the market.
We blend in with the people going back and forth, starting our inspection of the stalls.
They are lined up on both sides of the market, all the way down the street. There are many stands that have been made out of simple wooden frameworks and normal tent curtains.
Their weathered conditions are conspicuous.
A great variety of races are rummaging through the merchandise sold at those stalls while jumbled together in a crowd.
Voices of excited merchants, who are pacing around, hit one’s ears.
The road is wide and yet it feels narrow.
I stroll around aimlessly, wondering whether there’s something like a lumber shop.
Be cautious of pickpockets is what Rebecca said.
That’s why I’m keeping a watchful eye on the congested vicinity while I walk around.
Certainly, there’s a group of thieves that seems to be doing just that.
They’re a mix of races, but all the perpetrators are children.
There are adults donning the appearances of merchants and adventurers with the role of supporters.
By cooperating, they steal bags out of backpacks, pouches out of pockets, and rings from hands without the targets noticing.
I suppose each of them has their respective role to play.
They look like a fairly skilled group.
It’s amazing how their targets don’t even realize.
It’s the technique of inducing one’s gaze or turning the target’s attention elsewhere.

“Master, what are you looking for?” (Viine)

Viine asks while I was admiring the techniques of the pickpocket group.
I suppose my first goal is a lumber shop since I want to create chopsticks.

“First up is to find some wood. Since it’s fine for them to be as small as an evergreen oak or a cypress, I’d like to get durable, tough wood. I want some olive oil as well. After that, let me think…I guess I’d like to properly check out various ingredients. Besides, we will also need to buy your daily essentials, Viine.” (Shuuya)

“Ah, don’t worry. The basic things are inside this backpack.” (Viine)

Viine says while showing her back, but…
To me, it doesn’t look like there are too many items in her backpack.

“Since your bag is small, even if the basics are in there, everyday clothes or voluminous leather clothes are not, right?” (Shuuya)

“Yes. There is a spare set of armor and arrows in there though.” (Viine)

“Armor and arrows, eh? Although armor is important, casual wear is too, right? Well then, as we are going to buy clothes…let’s first look at the foodstuff since there are many shops selling those things around here.” (Shuuya)

While restlessly checking the surroundings, trying to avoid the pickpocket group, I talk to the silver-haired Viine.

“Of course.” (Viine)

She shows an expression of approval and bows her head.
Like that we start walking while I let my gaze wander across the shops in the vicinity.
All of the products are clean and proper.
Similar to the foodstuffs sold at supermarkets, wooden blocks serving as price tags have been attached to the merchandise with the prices noted on them.
There are many shops selling vegetables, meat, and fruits.
Even pulse2 is sold.
There seem to be beans called Quali and Lelme, albeit they aren’t referred to as soya beans.
Even peanuts with the name of Pesoto are sold.
These are slightly expensive.
Ah, that reminds me, I ate that kind of bean once, didn’t I?
I remember. It’s the stuff I ate together with Melissa in the high-class restaurant.
Melissa, I wonder how’s she doing…?
Oh, the seeds of olives are sold nearby as well.
It looks like there’s oil too. Several jars filled with the oil have been lined up.
Many various sizes of jars are being sold.
And, only the sellers around here have put up extravagant decorations and clean tent curtains.
Even the shopkeepers wear turbans and silk clothes, making them look like plump, rich people.
However, I won’t buy yet.
I pass through without stopping, returning to the vegetable shops.
All the vegetables seem to be fresh.
It makes me want to snack on them.
There’s plenty I want to buy, but I suppose I will start by adopting a wait-and-see approach while also buying little-by-little.
Having become sleepy at that point, Rollo leaves my shoulder and dives into my hood.
Oh well, shopping is free time for her after all. I will let her rest.
Without minding it, I pick out some vegetables and buy enough for about two days.
Something long, similar to a cucumber, with green, thick, fresh leaves.
Something resembling the union of a head of lettuce, a tomato, and an eggplant.
I also choose some cheap fava bean-lookalikes.
As for fruits, I bought several yellow, round fruits resembling kiwis or avocados.
After the vegetables, meat’s up next.
I move towards the shops with different curtains; they’re located on the other side of the street.
They appear to be split into wild birds, processed meat, precooked meat, and monster meat.
I buy lean meat that seems to be some kind of pork at a butcher stall.
I put all the foodstuff I bought until now into one bag and put it into my item box.
At last, I get some olive oil jars at the shops with the clean tent curtains I passed through before.
Those three purchases go into my item box as well.

“Well then, next we will look for clothes and lumber shops.” (Shuuya)

“Okay.” (Viine)

While avoiding the pickpocket group, we search for a clothes shop.
As we walk, we move from the fresh food section at the east end towards the west end, where the merchandise changes into dry provisions and spices.
The dried items hang down from the ceiling supports. Open jute bags are lined up in great numbers right below.
Each and every bag is stuffed to the brim with various kinds of powders and grains.
… They are expensive as well.
There are price tags with silver, gold and platinum coin values written on them.
What scent is that, cumin? Cinnamon?
It appears there are spices I have seen on Earth and also some that are unique to this different world.
Maybe they can even produce curry or such? However, they are all red.
Naturally, I don’t know any of their names either.
Suddenly I stumble upon a place with smoke rising from a corner.
How suspicious. I wonder what it is?
Since it piqued my curiosity, I approach the smoky area.
Over there I find tobacco and herb sellers.
Cigars that look high-class have been put into boxes. Cigars made out of parchment. Herbs that are bundled together. In addition, solid-looking stones are being sold as well.
Next to the store, there’s a smoking area-like space where customers gather. Over there customers are chatting leisurely while breathing out smoke from their noses and mouths as they smoke cigars.
So I guess this is the smoke I saw earlier.
One of the customers is hitting stones against each other, trying to ignite his cigar with the flint-like stones.
As I’m observing that, a voice is hurled at me.

“Customer, what kind of cigars are you looking for?”

I’m addressed with a shrill tone by a peculiar human shopkeeper who has a long beard that’s tied at the chin like that of a hippy.
Are there various kinds? My interest wells up a bit.

“… What kind of cigars do you have?” (Shuuya)

“Cigars made out of Engil Grass, which temporarily boosts one’s physical strength, are popular. Although it causes a bit of intoxication, it has a slightly aromatic taste. And, the Magoma Grass over here is popular as well. It temporarily increases your mana and has a refreshing taste for the throat and head.”

Come again?
There are cigars with such effects?
My physical strength and mana will go up with those cigars?

“I’m sorry, but is tobacco good for the body?” (Shuuya)

I ask plainly.

“Haa? Isn’t that only natural?”

The shopkeeper looks at me with an expression as if asking “What’s wrong with this guy?”
It seems to be the truth.
I wonder whether there isn’t anything such as tar lungs or lung cancer?

“You never heard about lung diseases or such?” (Shuuya)

“Haa? There’s nothing like that. Aren’t you misunderstanding these for those shady magic drugs?”

“N-No.” (Shuuya)
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“Good grief…please stop saying weird stuff. You are aware of the effect of the common healing tobacco called Luin Grass?”

Is it common knowledge? Healing tobacco Luin Grass…
Um, I don’t know it. It has turned into an atmosphere where I can’t say that (with a smile).

“… I’m sorry. I guess my questions were kind of odd. Please give me one box of those cigars made out of Magoma Grass and a set of magic fire stones to ignite it.” (Shuuya)

“Eh? Understood, yes. I’m happy to sell them to you. One box of Magoma cigars and firestones. That costs one silver coin and two large copper coins.”

I buy a box.
While showing a passable smile I put on quickly, I hand the money to the shopkeeper.
My set of flint stones and cigars were then placed in a box.

“Thank you for your patronage~.”

The shopkeeper does a complete switch from an irritated expression to one of being pleased with himself.
While holding the box with the cigars and magic fire stones, I leave the shop.

“Master, are you going to raise your mana?” (Viine)

Viine asks while standing next to me and looking at the box with the cigars.

“Yeah, well, I guess so…” (Shuuya)

I trail off while answering since I can’t tell her that I bought it on impulse.
Even if I’m going to smoke a cigar right now, it will be fine now.
For the time being, I put the box into the item box.
Once we pass through the tobacco sellers, shops selling ironware increase.
Passing them, I’m finally able to find a place selling wood.

“Yay, there it is.” (Shuuya)

“Yes. They are also selling small pieces of wood.” (Viine)

“Let’s have a look.” (Shuuya)

The open-air, curtained display hasn’t changed, but I can see raw timber that has been only cut, greenish wood, faintly black wood that gives off a high-grade feeling, and wood with a beautiful, reddish tinge have been placed on wooden shelves. Long, thin, processed lumber is displayed as well.
Moreover many idols made out of those types of wood are lined up.
The workmanship of the figures is magnificent…

“Ooh, you two there, making one feel as if you are Donarque & Sieglan of the Fujique Federation. Welcome. What kind of wood do you wish to buy?”

We are cordially addressed in such manner by the tiger race shopkeeper who is wearing Asia-styled clothes.
To begin with, Donarque & Sieglan refers to me and Viine?
Saying it in terms of my previous life, it’s Bonnie and Clyde?
Oh well, whatever. First I will praise the statues without listening to the other stuff.

“Did you make these figures?” (Shuuya)

“Oh, you have a discerning eye. Those are wood figures my masters and I created using half of our lives while struggling through wind and rain. Did you take a fancy to them?”

I guess they continued making them on rainy and windy days.

“Indeed. Those are magnificent wood statues, but this time I’m looking for small pieces of wood that’s slightly tough.” (Shuuya)

“Then, this is the one for you. It’s lumber originating from Fujique, which I bought from an acquaintance of the Golmog Merchant Group. It’s lumber made out of pulpwood by someone possessing a chock wood and the lumber master skill. It’s essential for a novice magician. It’s a firm wood with normal mana conductivity. That means a short wand will be plenty.”

It’s lumber with tawny-colored wood grains.
Though I don’t intend to make a wand out of it. Oh well.

“How much does it cost?” (Shuuya)

“It’s one silver coin.”

That’s how it is, I suppose.
Just in case I look at Viine.

“Master, around that much is considered normal for a chock wood.” (Viine)

Although I made eye contact with Viine wondering whether she might know “something” about it, she certainly lives up to my expectations.

『She’s well-informed.』 (Helme)

『Indeed.』 (Shuuya)

As Helme says, she isn’t just putting up an expression overflowing with intelligence for show.
I’m astonished that she also checked the market price of such wood.
It was spot on for Chianelas to have her learn various things to raise her value.
Her beauty and excellence are wonderful.
She seems to be hostile towards me, but I want to somehow gain her trust starting now.
Well then, the wood is decided with this.
Let’s buy it. Later I might make something else with it as well, so…let’s buy the large piece leaning against the tent curtain.

“…Understood. Shopkeeper, how much for this chock wood and the thick board leaning against the wall over there?” (Shuuya)

“Solnut Wood, eh? Three silver coins.”

“Sold.” (Shuuya)

I have Viine temporarily hold the light brown wood and take out the necessary coins out of my item box.
I pass the money to the shopkeeper.

“Thank you for your patronage~.”

Receiving the chock wood for the chopsticks and the thick Solnut Wood from Viine, I put them into my item box.
Alright. I guess next is a clothes shop.
Leaving the lumber shop with the tiger-faced shopkeeper, we look for a place seeming to be a clothes vendor.
Once we walk for a bit, we find a simple cloth and clothes shop at the edge of the market.
Given that the shop over here is also a curtained street stall, it’s far off from a boutique of the modern era, but there are a plethora of items. Not one piece of clothing is the same.
All of the items give off the feeling of having been handmade, but well, I guess that’s only natural.
I think there are skills for tailoring, but there’s no way for modern factories to exist.
The clothes for sale, such as chemise-like clothes worn by commoner women, blazers, outer garments of the body type worn by high-class prostitutes, beautiful woolen caftans, camisoles with a wide, frilly neckline have been decorated and put on mannequins.

『Your Excellency, there are no clothes containing mana here.』 (Helme)

『Well, that makes sense. After all, it’s a simple clothes store.』 (Shuuya)

Well then, since it’s the clothes worn by Viine, let’s have her show me what kind of aesthetic sense dark elves possess.
I look at Viine with a feeling of a masked Sanbai-san3 from somewhere.


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