Chapter 131 – Black Sweet Water Snake

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I begin by giving instructions to everyone.

“Though there’s only one enemy, it’s big. I think I see it in the middle. As soon as we make sure that it’s the Black Sweet Water SnakeSugar Snake, we will attack from a distance. After that, we will improvise as needed!” (Shuuya)


Well, it doesn’t feel like she will grow larger for a big showdown between kaiju at least.

“Nn!” (Eva)

Eva nods, her expression calm.
Operating her wheelchair, she breaks ahead of us, still keeping to the right.

“Roger!” (Rebecca)

Rebecca’s voice resounds from the rear.

“Yes!” (Viine)

Viine appears to proceed diagonally to the front on my left.
In her hands, she’s not holding her silver swords, but a knocked bow.
I aim for the center of the room.
We were able to confirm the presence of the Black Sweet Water SnakeSugar Snake.
Its appearance gives the impression of a crossbreed between a snake and a catfish.
On its head, it has two yellowish-green eyes and two yellow eyes, two huge catfish whiskers, and a large mouth that spreads sideways, allowing one to peek at its green and black fangs.
I estimate its length to be a little more than ten meters.
I’m not completely sure though, as its scaled body is expanding and contracting.

『Your Excellency, will I have a turn as well?』 (Helme)

『No, there won’t be any problems if you don’t get one.』 (Shuuya)

『Okay.』 (Helme)

Helme vanishes from my vision as I see Viine take a shot at the monster from her position in the shadow of a black pillar on my left. But it seems that the hard, black scales are concentrated down its back as the arrow is repelled.
However, the next arrow directly hits its abdomen.
The stomach appears to be soft. Several arrows penetrate it in succession.
A black liquid spills out as if a wine cask had been pierced.
It’s not black blood, but Black Sweetwater?
Rollo takes position at a pillar opposite of Viine, extends her six tentacles while undulating them and stabs the Black Sweet Water SnakeSugar Snake‘s abdomen, opening several more holes in the process.
Swiftly contracting her tentacles, she rushes towards the shadow of a different pillar.
A perfect display of a hit & run tactic.
Black liquid vigorously gushes out of the opened black holes of the snake’s abdomen.

“Nn, I will also do it while hiding.” (Eva)

Eva says while watching Rollo’s way of fighting. She releases an aura-like, violet mana from her entire body and uses it to instantly cover her wheelchair.
The outer wheel, now mana-coated, automatically opens and a great number of steel needles and metallic fans fly into the air.
The projectiles soar towards the Black Sweet Water SnakeSugar Snake like a violet meteor shower and pierce into the area centered around another part of its abdomen.


The Black Sweet Water SnakeSugar Snake screams in pain.
Rebecca releases a fireball and guides it into its torso.
The creature’s stomach burns, scorching under the heat.


It bites its green and black fangs as if holding back on voicing out its pain, however, its voice still leaks out through the gaps.
Did the Black Sweet Water SnakeSugar Snake vanish? An indescribable sweet scent hangs in the air.
A rich, syrupy smell, as if walking into heaven’s bakery… It makes me want to eat cake.
Gah, it’s unbearable! What a fearsome mental attack!
You damned snake.
Did the Black Sweet Water SnakeSugar Snake get tired of the ranged attacks? It turns its head around in circles while flicking out its long tongue.
Since Eva unleashed attacks that were probably the most painful for it, it wriggles its long, scaled body straight for Eva.
In spite of being big, it moves fast in a straight line.

“It can dash forward quickly. Everybody, keep adapting and put a priority on evading—.” (Shuuya)

I take out both my arms from within my grey overcoat as I shout out directions.
I aim not for the greenish eyes, but for the yellow ones. I hold up my left hand and shoot <Chain>.
The Black Sweet Water SnakeSugar Snake gets completely distracted by me.
The chain goes directly for the snake’s face as it continues to shoot out its tongue; it pierces one of the yellow eyes.

“— Gyaaaooooooh.”

Having been stabbed by the chain, it shakes its head while screaming in pain.
A huge quantity of black liquid is released from the penetrated eye socket.
Since it looked like my arm would be pulled in with the chain, I erase <Chain>.
The Black Sweet Water SnakeSugar Snake is apparently mad at me for destroying an eye.
It opens its mouth wide, scattering black liquid, and fires a green breath which makes its green fangs shine with dazzling light.
— Acid, huh?
I invoke <Magic Hand guided by Thought> on the spot.
I gather mana in my legs and leap forward and to the right while running with Magic Steps.
I dodge the dense, green-foaming breath.
A bit of the acid makes contact with my overcoat, causing a putrid stench to waft in the air alongside a sizzling sound.
Seemingly in recoil from having fired its breath, the monster’s mouth still hangs open.
I use the <Magic Hand guided by Thought> as a foothold to do a two-staged jump through the air.
Before falling down, I shoot <Chain> towards the ceiling farther forward and to the left and affix it there.
As I swing from the chain, I contract it to gain more speed, then erase it.
Being in midair, I kick off a <Magic Hand guided by Thought> foothold with Magic Steps, increasing my speed even further.
Advancing through the air towards the Black Sweet Water SnakeSugar Snake as if cutting through the wind, I hold out both of my arms and arch my body back while summoning the Magic Halberd in my right hand. I prepare the halberd by holding it above my head.
The snake bends its catfish whiskers while still having its mouth spread open.
I swing the Magic Halberd straight down at its mouth, making use of gravity’s power and a single rotation of my body.
The blow of the red axe blade slices the snake’s mouth— cutting the lower jaw including the tongue in two.


The Black Sweet Water SnakeSugar Snake screams soundlessly.
I can see its throat through its torn lower jaw and tongue—.
Moreover, Black Sweetwater surges out of the opened wound like a tsunami, making a squirting noise1.
— An amount so large that the force behind it would burst a dam.
It’s a staggering amount.
Since I rotate in midair immediately following the slash, my entire body is completely swallowed up with a splash by that black tsunami.
This wave of Black Sweetwater has a momentum that allows one to swim in it.
I may be getting washed away by it, but let’s try a sip.
I gulp this liquid down without resisting against the pressure.
Sweet, sweet, sweet, sweet. How delicious.
It’s truly sugary and feels nice. But, it’s not Cola.
Although it’s sweet, it has no carbonic acid. Even so, my throat feels refreshed.
How delicious. It’s mysterious but yummmmmy.
Let’s collect this. It’s becoming a habit.
Even while being swallowed by the sugary tsunami, which has turned into a muddy stream, I adjust my posture and operate my item box while swimming.
I take out pitchers.
I fill those pitchers with the sweetwater and toss them back into my item box.
In the end, I’m carried close to the entrance by the flood, all the while I continued to collect the Black Sweetwater.
Huh, I haven’t suffered any damage.
Before long the ocean-like tsunami of sweetwater is soaked up by the ground and vanishes.
At that moment, a shriek resounds from the Black Sweet Water SnakeSugar Snake.
It’s still alive?
Since I have been transported near the entrance, I’m slightly far away.
Therefore, I have to hurry and get back there.
Kicking the wet ground, I run towards the center.
Once I return to the fight, I see the Black Sweet Water SnakeSugar Snake thrashing around as if dancing while leaking Black Sweetwater.
From the left, Rollo is thrusting her tentacle bone swords into the tail end of the snake.
From the right, Viine, who had jumped up, carries out a splendid sweeping slash towards its abdomen with her silver sword.
Next, Viine and Rollo pass each other in midair while running up and down the length of the snake, repeatedly slashing and claw striking it.
Each time, a black spray arcs out of a wound and the catfish whiskers flail about, making the snake miss its timing for a counterattack.
It’s a vanguard combination of Viine and Rollo.
How fascinating.
Afterward, the chakrams fired by Eva’s wheelchair directly hit the big snake’s head as they dance in the air.
They stick into the snake’s forehead as if reproducing the Mohican hairstyle of a hoodlum.
Chakrams were operated separately to chop up the sides of its skull, inflicting many wounds.
And then Rebecca’s semi-large fireball explodes at the Black Sweet Water SnakeSugar Snake‘s head.
The explosion knocked the snake head off to the right, as if having been hit by a gigantic stone. After reorienting itself, it tries to open its wounded mouth and turns in Rebecca’s direction.
Half of its head has been hideously burned.

“Nooo, don’t turn this way!” (Rebecca)

Rebecca escapes by running in a panic towards the rear, where a black pillar is.
With one glance, anyone could tell that the Black Sweet Water SnakeSugar Snake is in a miserable state. Still, it seems to have strength left, allowing it to counterattack.
For it to try counterattacking even though it has been cut, filled with holes, and burned…
But, this is the end— I will deliver the finishing blow.

“I will take it from here—” (Shuuya)

I announce to my companions with a loud voice.
I jump into the air while creating footholds with <Magic Hand guided by Thought>. Stepping on those, I kick off and swiftly run towards the ceiling, jumping even further up.
While springing forward diagonally, I shoot <Chain> up towards the ceiling and affix it there.
With the appropriate timing, I contract the chain forcefully.
My body is carried forward in one go.
With a higher speed than before, I fly through the air.
Guess I will get a little bit serious here.
Ignoring my current flight, I circulate mana throughout my entire body.
My entire body was strengthened through Magic Combat Style.
Let’s display the might of my physical ability contained within the permanent skill <Power of True Ancestor>.
The body of the big, wound-covered Black Sweet Water SnakeSugar Snake fills my vision.
I decide to aim for its head that’s burning due to Rebecca’s fireball.
At the moment I get close to the snake, I erase the chain that was in the middle of contracting.
Swiftly turning over the wrist of my right hand, which is holding the Magic Halberd, I maintain my horizontal hold with the red axe blade turned towards the snake.
While putting strength in the muscles of my back and waist in order to accumulate power, I wind up my arm behind my back, drawing the Magic Halberd back as if drawing the string of a bow back.
The image is that of an old overhand throw in baseball.
Then I swing the axe blade to the front in one breath, putting the power of my muscles and the momentum of my trip through the air into the halberd— a powerful flash through the big snake’s head.
A straight, bloody cut, a red line is created on the Black Sweet Water SnakeSugar Snake‘s head.
There’s feedback.
Immediately, the red line catches fire like the fuse of a bomb, and the head slides down to the floor accompanied by a chain of explosions along the edges of the slice.
※Piiing※Skill <Powerful Flash> acquired※
The Black Sweet Water SnakeSugar Snake‘s huge body also loses strength and collapses. Corresponding to its mass, a black spray rises up, making an intense splashing sound.
Maintaining my momentum used for the attack, I land while rolling sideways to bleed off the excess energy.
It’s been a while since the last time that the red lettered skill acquisition has appeared in my field of vision.
The sound of *piiing* sure is nice too.
While I’m indulging in such thoughts, I’m completely covered in a water fountain-like shower of Black Sweetwater.
I immediately open my mouth and fully enjoy drinking it.
The burbling sound of air escaping reverberates from the base of the corpse.
The magic stone is floating there as well.
I stare at the magic stone that just appeared while continuing to drink the downpouring Black Sweetwater.
That one’s definitely bigger than a medium magic stone.
Moreover, it has the shape of a snake.
Once I try to check the magic stone by touching it, a big magic source gushes out of the ground close to the corpse.
— Whoa, my body jumps back a bit by reflex.
I kick the ground that’s soaked with black water and fall back while creating sheets of spray.
At that moment a silver treasure box appears on the ground at the magic source spewing point.
Using both my hands, I unintentionally adopt a unique poseAmazing Pose, though I’m not Helme.
That surprised me. The silver treasure box is big and quite beautiful.
It’s a gorgeous silver and has gothic-styled designs etched onto its surface.

“Eeeeeh!? Not an iron, but a silver treasure box! Amazing, amazing… that’s really awesome!” (Rebecca)

Rebecca, whose mouth is stained black, is very excited.
Her reaction is definitely stronger in regards to the appearance of this treasure box than the fact that I defeated the big snake.
No, well, I was surprised as well. I never thought that a treasure box would really appear.
I think Rollo’s and my luck is really good after all.
The silver treasure box has appeared all of a sudden, but in its surroundings, a shallow lake of the Black Sweetwater that’s still spilling out of the snake’s corpse has formed.
My feet are submerged in black water.
However, is the ground here absorbing the water at full force? The water level keeps dropping rapidly.
I suppose this is a characteristic of a rare monster room.
It’s a dedicated room where nothing but the Black Sweet Water SnakeSugar Snake spawns, after all.
Once I gaze at the black water surface, I can hear the sound of water splashing up.
When I look towards the origin, it’s at that moment when Rollo brings her paw to her mouth and licks off the Black Sweetwater.
Rather than trying to drink it, she can’t help it?
The undersides of her paws keep getting wet each time she takes a step and that seems to bother her.
After licking it up, she violently shakes her wet leg around, sending the water flying. Then she licks her paw again.
However, her paws get wet again each time she lowers them to the ground, no matter how often she does it.
Seemingly having grown accustomed to them being wet in the end, she starts playing around by sliding on the surface of the black water, making skillful use of her limbs.
Haha, she has become defiant.
Let’s leave her alone for a while.

“… I suppose we will first secure the Black Sweetwater before bothering ourselves with the treasure chest? I have plenty of pitchers with me—” (Shuuya)

While deliberately talking with a loud voice, I take out a great number of pitchers from my item box and put them on the ground as if casting them away.

“Yes, since it will be soon gone, I will hurry with the collection.” (Viine)

As instructed, Viine quickly clasps a pitcher and scoops up some Black Sweetwater.

“Nn, I will help.” (Eva)

The wheelchair was submerged in the water, but Eva still creates ripples on the water’s surface as she advances to also start fetching the water and gathering it in pitchers.
However, one person is…

“Treasure chest~, treasure chest~, I wonder what you hide. Treasure chest, silver, silver, silver.” (Rebecca)

Rebecca is completely mesmerized by the treasure chest.
She even sings a weird song to herself.
Does she regard her wand as a flag or a baton? She dances while waving it around.
It doesn’t look like the gymnastics of a rhythmic sports practitioner, but…
It appears she hasn’t heard my words.
Is she pulling a Komanechi2 here?
I have to restrain her.

“… Hey, Rebecca, did you hear me?” (Shuuya)

I ask Rebecca while scooping Black Sweetwater into a pitcher.

“Mmh? Ah, what was that? Sorry, I didn’t hear you.” (Rebecca)

“We have to gather this Black Sweetwater while we still can.” (Shuuya)

“Yeah, that makes sense. I’ll help.” (Rebecca)

Rebecca takes her eyes off the treasure box and gives a small nod at my words. She picks up a pitcher and scoops up the Black Sweetwater.
We continue collecting the water until it had been completely absorbed by the ground.
It was a good decision I made when I bought these empty pitchers in Hekatrail.
I put all of the many pitchers full with Black Sweetwater into my item box.
Now then, next up is…

“This is a splendid silver treasure chest, but I think that it’s definitely locked and rigged with traps. What do you think?” (Shuuya)

I pose a simple question while staring at the beautiful treasure chest.

“Ah! Aaaaah! You’re right. A lock…and traps…” (Rebecca)

Did she just realize it because of my question? Rebecca falls to her knees in shock, muddying them.
Her appearance is like that of a burned-out, pure white boxer sitting in their corner.
She hangs her head so much that it makes me want to make such a retort.

“Nn, of course. Silver. It’s a high-grade silver treasure chest.” (Eva)

Eva agrees. I wonder, is she possibly capable of lock-picking or something like that?

“Eva, you can pick the lock?” (Shuuya)

“No, impossible.” (Eva)

She easily denies it by shaking her head.

“Well, I expected as much. I have never done something like lock-picking either…” (Shuuya)

When I’m saying that in a resigned tone, Helme appears in my sight with her head bowed and a knee on the ground, there was also a small smoke screen that showed up with a *poof*, as if a ninja has made their appearance.

『Your Excellency, should I try to slip into the keyhole?』 (Helme)

I was a bit surprised by the method of your entrance, isn’t something I can tell her.

『…I wonder about that. What if you trigger a trap? Won’t you suffer the full damage of it?』 (Shuuya)

『That possibility exists, but…』 (Helme)

『It might be possible for something like the mansion of a human, but this here is a dungeon treasure chest. Will your body be alright if it was to be directly hit by the explosion of a fire-based trap, Helme?』 (Shuuya)

『It’s scary, but I can offset it as long as the flame doesn’t exceed a certain level. However, as might be expected, I will be evaporated if it’s an attack on the level of fire god class…』 (Helme)

Helme’s figure is small, but fear is seeping out of her expression.
Even a water spirit seems to be scared of an attack by a fire god.

『Yeah. Even I don’t expect for there to be such a trap, but seeing that I can’t make a distinction, I can’t be certain. Therefore it’s best if we don’t force it this time. Just watch for now.』 (Shuuya)

『Okay.』 (Helme)

Helme vanishes from my sight after bowing.

“… Bah! This is too much of a shock… Even though a silver treasure chest has spawned for the first time in my life in front of my eyes…” (Rebecca)

It looks like Rebecca’s state of being shocked will continue for a while longer.
While we all stand there thinking, Viine slides up next to me with nimble movements.
She addresses me with a quiet voice as if whispering close to my ear.

“Master… I’m capable of lock-picking.” (Viine)

“Oh, can you open a silver treasure chest, too?” (Shuuya)

“Yes. Since I have also acquired the lock-picking skill, a derivation of the Thief skill set, I’m confident that I can even open a gold treasure chest.” (Viine)

For real? She even has a skill like that?
As expected of a high-class slave. Good job.
I’m interested in how she got that skill, but let’s leave it to her.

“Understood. Try opening it.” (Shuuya)

“Roger!” (Viine)

While Viine and I talked, it looked like Eva shot a sharp gaze at us.
I wonder what’s wrong. Once I meet her stare, Eva smiles pleasantly.
I will inform Eva about the good news.

“Eva, it looks like Viine can open the treasure box.” (Shuuya)

“Nn…excellent.” (Eva)

Eva nods and looks at Viine, who is approaching the treasure chest with a somewhat stern look.

“Eh? R-Really?” (Rebecca)

It seems Rebecca heard our talk about opening the chest. She lifts her head and snaps back to life, her motivation refound.

“Seems so…” (Shuuya)

I look at Viine while somewhat recoiling from Rebecca’s enthusiasm.
She’s peeking into the keyhole.
Apparently having come to a conclusion about the key or eventual traps, she nods slightly while making her long, silver, dark elf-styled hair sway.
She takes out something resembling a wire from a pouch attached to her waist belt and thrusts the tip of that wire into the keyhole, working at it cautiously.
Thereupon, the lock quickly opens, accompanied by a sound of *kachang*.

“The trap has been disarmed and the lock is open.” (Viine)

It looks like the lock was opened by Viine.
I wonder what kind of trap it was?

“Whoopeee! Shuuya! Open it!” (Rebecca)

Showing a happy smile, Rebecca urges me to open the treasure chest.
Going by her how she acted up to now, I wondered whether she would try to open the treasure chest herself, but it seems she’s at least holding back herself from doing that.
Or maybe she’s thinking something along the lines of I don’t wanna, there might be still a trap left...
Oh well, whatever. I will open it.
Even if I get wounded from a trap, I just have to bear with the pain and that’s all.

“… Got it. I’ll try opening it now.” (Shuuya)

Just what will I find inside this silver treasure chest…?
Since this silver chest is much bigger than the wooden treasure chest from the other day, there might be lots of gold coins in it.
While grinning broadly in excitement, I place my hand on the top part of the treasure chest and lift its cover.
There are several items within the chest: A crystal ingot that’s releasing violet flames, a gold-colored mineral, something that appears to be a map, and others.
My dream of there being lots of coins falls apart.
However, there’s mana in all the items.
I expect the items to be quite good.
First is a silver ring.
A big, round jewel with a design that looks as if indigo-blue and white are blending in a swirling maelstrom stands out in the center of the ring.
Small, diamond-like jewels have been embedded around it and are lined up around the band, obviously going once around the ring.
This ring holds the “most” mana within the treasure chest.
It’s enveloped by a vortex of mana close to the level of that Water Element Scepter which is capable of creating an ocean of water.

『Your Excellency, this ring is different from the rest.』 (Helme)

『You’re right.』 (Shuuya)

Even Helme regards the ring in the same way.
Next is a silver wand.
The entire wand is shining with a transparent silver hue.
A red and a white gem have been embedded at the tip of the silver wand.
The two gems have been put into it independently.
The mana isn’t at the level of the ring, but there’s still quite the amount contained within.
Next is a sword covered with black scales.
Of course, the black scales are like a scabbard. The leather wrapped around the handle also uses a black snake design.
This because it was the Black Sweet Water SnakeSugar Snake that got defeated?
Then, western-style clothes that have been sewn with silver thread.
It’s a short-sleeved shirt that has been made out of thin silver.
The stitch pattern is extremely detailed and the design it reproduced is also of high-quality. Once I try touching the mana filled, silver cloth , I discover it’s unexpectedly light.
A piece of clothing made out of metal and not cloth that’s still soft and fluffy; that shouldn’t exist.
It’s clad in mana and even as a defensive item it seems to be superior.
Next is a combined lump of gold-colored and red-colored minerals.
Is this a gold bar? Though I believe it to be a special mineral since it’s emanating mana.
After that is the ingot releasing violet flames which has been put into its own exclusive box.
This is a crystal that has been refined and put into a rectangular shape, different from a gold bar.
The violet flames are burning while coiling around its form, but a nice scent, similar to a perfume that I have smelled somewhere, is released by the violet flames.
It’s a minuscule amount, but it’s emitting mana as well.
Then there’s the old-map-like parchment.
It’s paper with mana dwelling within. It’s easy to see that geographical features have been depicted on it.
This is a treasure map, isn’t it?
After having a look at the items, I nod, my face full of astonishment and everyone gathers in front of the treasure chest.

“Whaa…there’s a silver wand, and a magic treasure map as well… Something is also giving off a nice fragrance.” (Rebecca)

“Nn, amazing, minerals… Ah, how nostalgic, there’s also Bruin.” (Eva)

Rebecca and Eva respectively express their impressions.

“T-This is.” (Viine)

“Nn, nya.” (Rollo)

Viine and Rollo are also surprised after looking inside the chest.
No, I guess the animal is different.
Rollo rubs her cheek against the edge of the silver treasure chest.
I don’t know whether she wants to fawn over it or whether she wants to mark it with her scent.
Though I think there’s no point in you doing something like marking a silver chest with your scent…
I guess she’s marking her possession. Does she want to say something along the line of 『The treasure chest is mine nya』?
I look at Rollo, but she’s wholeheartedly rubbing her cheek against a corner like a cat that obtained catnip.
… Oh well, let’s disregard that.

“Viine, thanks for opening the treasure chest.” (Shuuya)

“No, don’t mention it. It’s an honor for me to be of use for you, Master.” (Viine)

On the spot, Viine takes a step back from the chest and bows her head.

“Say, say, how are we going to split these treasures after getting them appraised?” (Rebecca)

“Nn, Shuuya can take whatever he likes.” (Eva)

“Eh? Eva, you don’t want anything of this treasure?” (Rebecca)

Rebecca takes a long, hard look at Eva’s profile, with a dumbfounded expression. Eva continues to peek at the treasure by leaning over from her wheelchair.

“Nn, there’s something I want. But, the one who defeated the Black Sweet Water SnakeSugar Snake was mostly Shuuya. In addition, the one who opened the treasure chest was Shuuya’s owned slave. We are a party, but I’d like to hear Shuuya’s opinion.” (Eva)

“T-That is certainly true, but you know…we are a party. I mean, I have done my best as well.” (Rebecca)

Rebecca’s eyes wander back and forth between me and the treasures, as if she’s comparing us.
Lowering her golden eyebrows innocently, she dons an uneasy expression and looks at me with her beautiful blue eyes as if pleading.
Haha, what a cute expression.
I haven’t had any intention to hog it from the outset.

“Rebecca, it’s alright. I won’t keep it to myself or anything like that. I will listen to everyone’s opinion. So, which one do you want, Rebecca?” (Shuuya)

“Ah, oki. Then, this— silver wand!” (Rebecca)

Rebecca points at the wand inside the chest.

“I see. It does seem to be for magicians. So, which one do you want, Eva?” (Shuuya)

“For me, this—.” (Eva)

Eva points at the mysterious mineral that’s a mix of gold and reddish brown.
It’s probably not like she wants a gold bar, so is it because she has steel magic warrior as combat occupation? I don’t know.

“What about you, Viine?” (Shuuya)

“Huh?” (Viine)

“Nn.” (Eva)

“You allow your slave to choose as well?” (Rebecca)

Each of the three is surprised in their own way.

“I just want to hear her opinion. — So, Viine, which one will you choose? Tell me the item that you really want, that’s an order.” (Shuuya)

After sending a slightly hard look at Rebecca, I give Viine the order while looking at her.

“Okay, then—.” (Viine)

Viine timidly extends an arm and picks the black scaled sword.

“I see. Alright, everyone, you can take the things you have chosen. I will take that ring and the silver clothes. We will just loot the map and the violet crystal.” (Shuuya)

“Only that? You’re not very greedy, are you? Well then, I will really take it then.” (Rebecca)

Rebecca doesn’t appear to be especially displeased, does she? She carefully examines the silver wand like a huntress.

“Nn, got it.” (Eva)

Eva nods very normally and places a hand on the edge of the treasure box while reaching out inside the treasure box with the other hand.
Viine also takes the sword.
All three of them grasp their respective items in their hands.
I take the silver ring, the violet crystal, the map, and the silver shirt.
Let’s put them into my item box for now until we return to the surface.
Rebecca affixes her old wand to her slender waist, grasps the new silver wand with both her hands, and adopts a stance of holding it out in front of her, making her platinum-blonde hair sway.
Then she pulls the silver-shining wand back, close to her eyes, putting all of her concentration into examining it with her blue eyes crossing. She leaks an “Ufufu” as she becomes entranced by the luster of its silver shine.
Eva holds the crystal-like, gold-bar-ish item and stares at it as well. She puts that gold bar crystal into her item box while smiling, delighted.
Viine pulls out the sword from its black scaled scabbard and gazes at it as if to check the dazzling, black-and-green-colored blade.
Green patterns have been carved into the sword.
It has a sickening hue, so it seems to have a poisonous effect.
Once all the contents have been taken out of the silver treasure box, it disappears right away.

“Ah, it’s gone.” (Rebecca)

“I saw it for the first time. A treasure chest with a high grade disappears automatically.”

“Nn, for me it’s the first time as well.” (Eva)

Even though it looks like we could have sold it for a lot if we were able to collect it since it was a box made out of silver… Oh well, can’t be helped.
Even so, I guess I will give a little explanation about this time’s treasures.

“Because the treasures obtained this time came into your own possession, don’t sell them or exchange them for money to give the party a benefit. Okay?” (Shuuya)

Rebecca nods and says “Alright.”

“Of course! To begin with, I’m happy with just being able to get something as someone who was invited. But, there are many parties which put the items up for sale at auctions or stores after the appraisal and share the profits with all members. It would be better if you keep that in mind~.” (Rebecca)

While gazing at the brilliance of the silver wand in her hands, she unleashes a flow of words.

“Nn, certainly, there are many fixed parties that use that method. But, if you include the strays, deciding it through discussion as we did is common… I heard that there are also parties that quarrel over the division of the loot and kill each other in the worst case.” (Eva)

Eva adds a scary piece of information.

“I-I see. I really dislike the idea of killing each other.” (Shuuya)

“Have a piece of mind… in your case, Shuuya, that will never happen if they know about your true strength.” (Rebecca)

Rebecca retorts while smiling broadly.
Now then, we have nothing left to do in this room anymore. I guess it’s time to leave.
But before that…


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Translation Notes:

  1. Actually the author uses a sfx that’s mostly used in the context of women flooding down there during masturbation or sex, lol
  2. A character appearing in an anime called Usavich, aired from 2006 until 2015 with 5 seasons + 1 extra. Never watched it, so don’t ask me about that characters traits.

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