Chapter 112 – The Lancer of Chaos that walks the Path of an Inexplicable Bloodbath

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T/N: Author kept the title obscure and it doesn’t become clear throughout the chapter either. So take it with a pinch of salt right now.

Changed spear user -> lancer


“You are saying that they sold an item that might destroy the world for the sake of money…? Where is that item?” (Shuuya)

I speak while looking directly into Kazane’s black eyes.

“Of course I chased after it. To get back the Seed of Dimension Tearing. But, when I got in touch with the dark guild, they had already… it was sold to a wealthy, major merchant of the 【Seven Flor-Seil Kingdom】. And then, it was stolen by another dark guild, went through the hands of several wealthy merchants, etc… I completely lost track of it. As one would expect, even if I were to utilize my skill, I can’t search all life-forms. However, thinking back on it now, I guess I have my current position because of my experiences and personal connections… And, even the crucial Reincarnation Seed of Dimension Tearing might have simply been an item to summon a reincarnator. Since the world is even now continuing to exist, and moreover, if I consider it very carefully, there’s no way for something that will destroy the world to have been put into a treasure chest. I think I might have trusted my own power too much…” (Kazane)

An item that summons reincarnators? Certainly, the possibility for that is high.
It might be the reason why I was summoned, but well, Kazane’s theory is quite plausible.

“So, what about the two who sold it?” (Shuuya)

“The two of them left this city after getting enthused about entering an exploration clan called 【Fortress】 or something like that. I haven’t seen them since then. I haven’t heard of them for more than a hundred years… Though I believe that they are still alive just like me since they have used the secret medicine, too.” (Kazane)

I see. The secret medicine seems to be an item that prolongs one’s life after all.
Besides, Fortress?
Oh? That phrase, exploration clan… somewhere… Aah! I remember.
The adventure memorandum written in that literary fragment that was originally within the item box.
Err, you don’t say…!
Does that mean that those two reincarnators were the members mentioned in that literary fragment?
In that case they have already died after getting devoured by giants, right?
… Amen.

“… Hm? You make an expression as if you know something?” (Kazane)

Whoa, this old woman, Kazane.
I guess this woman, no, old hag is not one to be taken lightly.
For her to guess my feelings from my expression!
Can she actually read someone’s mind or something like that!?

“… No, it’s just that I heard a clan name resembling that somewhere…” (Shuuya)

I try to say while squinting slightly.

“Really? Fufu, ah, please don’t make such an expression. Just because I possess the extra skill Lineage of Asura, I still can’t read someone’s mind. But, you know that several such skills do exist as well, don’t you? Fufu.”

It appeared. I see. An extra skill.
Lineage of Asura was mentioned several times when I was creating my character. I remember that name was there during my skill selection.
Lineage of Asura is a type of appraisal skill?
Really, I wonder what would have happened if I had acquired that skill.
Things might have turned out completely different.
I might have become an ero religious founder that established a religion worshipping a boob goddess after creating a boobs faith by making use of the knowledge of the boobs research society which increased its techniques from 156 to 157?
If I had been transmigrated into the vicinity of the Holy Kingdom at Fortress City Hekatrail… no, it’s no use even if I delude myself.
I had my encounter with my partner Rollo while experiencing a painful underground life.
And, encountering spearmanship after being saved by master, experiencing a livelihood surrounded by the gentle Goldeeba family; for sure it’s because it was a journey where I experienced various meetings and farewells that… I have become what I’m now.
I ended up getting slightly influenced after hearing Kazane’s story.
Besides, skills that read one’s mind, huh?
Moreover, several of them…
Master Achilles told me about it a bit before, but as expected, I guess such special skills exist, don’t they?
Transmitting perverted stuff to the mind of the other party is a bit scary, but it seems to be interesting.
I want to try meeting those skill-possessors.

“… Is… that so? You’re saying that you can appraise a person with that Lineage of Asura?” (Shuuya)

“It’s an ability of Fate God Asura. I can see the fate of those I look at by making the status display. You are a being that is a chaotic mix.” (Kazane)

A being that is a chaotic mix?
Um, in any case, she thinks that I might be something like that.

“Chaotic mix? What do you mean…?”

“The amount of information is too small, seeing as I can’t view much of your information. Even the reincarnators, to whom I bid farewell one hundred years ago, had been accompanied by risks, but I was able to see everything clearly. But, only you and the seed…” (Kazane)

“You weren’t able to see clearly, you mean?” (Shuuya)

“Yes, speaking figuratively, I suppose it feels like you were born into this world all of a sudden after distorting fate.” (Kazane)

All of a sudden, eh?
Well, it’s just as she says though.

“That’s why I’m a chaotic mix?” (Shuuya)

“Yes, correct. I’m sorry if you took offense. I have continued looking at others throughout many years, but for the power of Fate God Asura to not get through; Kagari-san, you are the first living being.” (Kazane)

The power of a god doesn’t get through?
To begin with, even the time when I came to this world was abnormal.
Although it’s the same with me possessing the memories of my previous life, I think it’s because I was born after sitting on that weird chair and using a character maker.
Reincarnation or transmigration, you might say both are correct and incorrect.
Truly a chaotic mix where right and wrong, good and evil are squirming while joined by light and demonic.
I’m sure even the gods of this world are confused.

“… I see. It’s not like I particularly took offense.” (Shuuya)

When Kazane hears my words, she smiles a little.

“Fufu, that’s great. So, can I start the divination any time now? I can offer astrology that makes use of a horoscope I continuously researched for many years.” (Kazane)

Astrology, she says… she researched divination similar to the one on Earth on this planet?

“Horoscope? Are you saying that it has some kind of connection to magic?” (Shuuya)

“Yes. Different from earth, there are two moons here. That completely changes the zodiac signs, doesn’t it? However, countless stars exist even in the night sky visible from this planet, and thus there are constellations. It still has a long way to go before leaving the stage of research, but I have created my own star chart. I discovered that the group of constellations has a connection to the power of the gods which actually reside in these stars. I put divination that makes use of other elements into practise as well.” (Kazane)

While talking fluently, Kazane opened her narrow eyes widely as if scanning me.
My figure and a green light is reflected in her black eyes.
… It causes a mysterious atmosphere.
It’s truly gave her the impression of a diviner.

『Your Excellency, this old woman seems to even sense my existence.』 (Helme)

I see. It feels like that’s possible.

『Helme watch her closely.』 (Shuuya)

『Okay.』 (Helme)

Although it’s called divination, you never know what might happen in this world.
And, I’m only interested in the appraisal skill.
I will stop it since I don’t have any interest in divination.

“Right now I don’t need it.” (Shuuya)

I refused.

“I see… why did you come here then?” (Kazane)

The face of Kazane cramps a bit.
I will answer honestly since it looks like her mood worsened.

“… It’s because I wondered what the phenomenon of people appraisal is about. I only came here because I’m simply curious. After all I was told that it’s possible if it’s this place by a certain item appraiser.” (Shuuya)

“… Really?” (Kazane)

“Yes. By no means did I know that a reincarnator is here… and that there were other reincarnators, even if that was 120 years ago.” (Shuuya)

Right after I finished saying that—
I sense a fluctuation of magic sources from behind Kazane.
Moreover, it’s several.
I turn my look at the rear of Kazane right away.
I can’t see anything but a green space…

“— Kagari-san? Did you never hear the words Curiosity killed the cat?” (Kazane)

I spontaneously got goosebumps.
As if obstructing my view, Kazane mentions a Japanese proverb while looking scary.
To kill a cat…. did this old woman mention that after noticing… the black cat sleeping inside my overcoat’s hood on my back?
Or does she simply want me to stop looking whether there’s someone behind her?
The responses that were behind Kazane have already vanished.
I only perceived an instantaneous fluctuation, thus I don’t feel them any more.
… It’s on my mind, but…
It can’t be helped since Grasping Perception doesn’t function overly much in this room that’s exceedingly overflowing with a magic source.
This is a first.
According to Helme’s warning, this place might be a special space.
However, I have one more method to search for enemies.
It’s <Inhalation of Odour TechniquePheremone’s Touch> of the vampire lineage.
This is an enemy search technique of a special <skill> that differs from Grasping Perception which belongs to the category of <Magic Arts> skills.
Therefore, if I use that skill…
I will be able to completely disclose the fellows lurking behind Kazane and around here.
However, it might be better to not use this skill.
After all I will be troubled if I get once again somehow misunderstood as vampire, won’t I?
Ah! I suppose it’s no misunderstanding though.
The fact of me belonging to the vampire lineage doesn’t change.
But, my thoughts digressed.
Well, becoming defiant here and using it is also an option, but I don’t know whether these people are enemies or allies. It might also be something I better shouldn’t know at this point in time.
I judge that I shouldn’t use the skill this time.

“… Haha, it’s a type of proverb, right? I like trivia, so it’s something I have heard before.” (Shuuya)

Without showing my thoughts on my face, I let my gaze wander all over in order to deceive her and gave her a safe answer while scratching my head.
Hearing my words, Kazane reveals a relieved expression for some reason.

“… That’s right. Well then, just now it was turned down, but should I tell your fortune?” (Kazane)

Geez, how pushy.
But then again, I was aware of her smiling a bit.
I don’t know whether it’s because of the nature of her job, but this old lady is awfully zealous about divination.
Kazane lifted the corners of her mouth and revealed an eerie smile.
The line of sight of her characteristic black pearl pupils is pointing towards the tarot cards that were placed on the table.
Does she tell someone’s fortune with these?
Whoaa! What the hell! So much mana…
A ring similar to a dark red sun and a camel-coloured skull have been drawn on the surface of the cards with a delicate brushwork.
Ripples of mana that turn into belt-shaped lines surging from the surface of the drawings were visible.
It’s a thick mana to the extent of feeling sinister.
For me to not have noticed it until just now despite the cards emitting such mana…
At that moment Helme appeared in my field of vision.

『Your Excellency, I didn’t discover these unique space and circumstances either. It’s very likely some kind of weapon.』 (Helme)

I’m sure.
I will decline once more because of my bad premonition and as there’s Helme’s advice as well.

“A divination is unnecessary.” (Shuuya)

“Is… that so?” (Kazane)

Kazane places her palm on top the round skeleton magic tool similar to an egg and a metronome which was standing next to the tarot cards while talking in an unnaturally doubting manner.
She activated the magic tool.
She also applies a hand to the the strings of the koto that spanned between the dragon’s horns and the cloud horn. (T/N: These are specific koto terms. The dragon’s horn (ryuukaku) is at the top part as saddle of the bridge, whereas the string nut is called “cloud horn” (unkaku). Check “koto” on wiki.)
Matching with the clocking movements of the metronome’s bone needle swaying left and right with a “tick-tack-tick-tack”… she pulls a string with her beautiful nail which causes a peculiar tone.
The bridges supporting the strings gave birth to high and low musical intervals.
Each time they are pulled by her pretty nails, the strings are tinged in an ominous black-coloured light. The lantern that has been installed at the dragon’s tongue* repeatedly flickers in black and yellow. (T/N: Another koto term)
The koto’s melody erased the metronome sound.
Strange waves of mana and sound reverberate as well.

『— T-These are psychic waves? But, they are repelled since you are resisting them.』 (Helme)

As Helme says, I have a feeling of sparks scattering in front of me with crackling sounds.
Once I thought about shaking them off a bit since they were annoying, it caused a wrap phenomenon* with a bam and it became quiet. (T/N: rappu genshou = one of the things called psychic or supernatural phenomenon considered to “create and reverberate a certain kind of sound from a space, where nothing exists, or a room with no one in it”)

『… Amazing. You easily repelled it completely. Your Excellency, in case of a counterattack, leave it to me. I will train that cheeky butt of the hag. With a freezing, no, lukewarm stake…』 (Helme)

『— No, just watch.』 (Shuuya)

『Okay.』 (Helme)

It was apparently repelled, but that just now were psychic waves?
That damn old hag, she tried to charm me or she intended to swindle me, right…?
I stand up from my chair.

“… With this I will go back.” (Shuuya)

I tell Kazane expressionlessly.
It was over already, but the clock sounds and the psychic waves, which are similar to mana waves with the tone of a koto, have a strange charm that draws one in, to the degree of wanting to keep listening to them for the whole time.
Kazane is lost for words.
Showing a pale expression, she keeps blinking, twitches and her hands are trembling.

“… R-Really? How regretful. Then, the exit is that way.” (Kazane)

Was it unexpected to her for the magic to get repelled?
Even her appraisal, which is an extra skill related to an absolute god, was practically repelled.
In the end there’s no way that normal magic or skills of humans will affect me.
And, this is equal to having started a magic attack against me.
It’s a sneak attack during a friendly chat.
Thus, should I beat up the hag and kill her?
But, the fact of her trying to win me over with a brainwashing-like charm in a womanly roundabout manner can also be called an expression of her not intending to be hostile.
Oh well, it’s the first time. She immediately cancelled the mind magic and showed an expression of regret. Though the world is a different one, she’s still a Japanese person.
Let’s turn a blind eye just once.

“… Then, see you.” (Shuuya)

Stressing the end of the sentence like that, I turn around.
I open the door that was in the back and left the room.
Just like the time when I entered, the green candles lit up.
I move my feet swiftly as if turning those lights off and was able to go outside.




“For him to be a reincarnator…”

The old woman Kazane muttered while looking at the exit of the room.
The green curtain behind the old woman swayed and a group of figures wearing white masks and black clothes appeared in succession.
The shape of the masks on their heads are moulded like foxes with a white color.
They are simple items that have a red, round mark between the eyebrows.
As if worshipping Kazane, all of them simultaneously kneeled down on one knee and bowed their heads.
A person standing at the head among the bowing, black-clothed figures lifts their head.
That person didn’t wear a mask, had features that made it easy to identify her as Asian-styled woman and had a round failing mark imprinted on her forehead.
That woman gets up and approaches Kazane.

“Dear mother, is that man the one you previously mentioned as the lancer of chaos who walks the path of an inexplicable bloodbath?”

Kazane looks at that woman while sitting.

“Yes, Mirai. That’s how it is. It was in accordance with <Foresight>. There was a revelation that my <Lineage of Asura> mostly won’t get through that inexplicable. But, for the other party to be a reincarnator…” (Kazane)

Kazane keeps repeating the same words while obviously looking worried.
She revealed a troubled expression that befits her advanced age and turned her face away from the woman called Mirai.

“Dear Mother? That reincarnator, does he have any relation to my father, Sugisaki Ryou?” (Mirai)

Mirai asks in order to pull back the averted gaze of the old woman to herself.

“There’s no way. His real name is Keith, however it’s been a hundred years ago when I parted with Sugisaki…” (Kazane)

“That’s right, isn’t it…?” (Mirai)

Mirai murmured in a whisper and a shadow appeared on her face.
Kazane sternly looks at the face of the depressed Mirai.

“Mirai? I told you before, didn’t I? Stop being fixated on the past, you father Sugisaki is named a framework for reincarnators like the one who just now came here, but they are completely unrelated.” (Kazane)

“Is that so?” (Mirai)

Mirai asked while lowering the ends of her thin eyebrows.

“Yes, it is.” (Kazane)

“Understood. Excuse me.” (Mirai)

“It’s fine. But for the lancer of chaos that walks the path of an inexplicable bloodbath, whom I had foreseen, to have appeared in front of me in reality is in any event proof that the calamity has started.” (Kazane)

“Then, should we inform Adolian-sama of the 【Eight Lights】?” (Mirai)

“That’s how it will be. However, even if we report to him for the sake of protecting the auction as guard, we have to gather more information… He won’t understand with just telling him lancer of chaos.” (Kazane)


“Therefore, Mirai, I have a task for you. My power won’t get through the inexplicable. Chase after Shuuya Kagari, the lancer of chaos, who will become the next key to the word of bloodbath and investigate him.” (Kazane)

While saying so, Kazane strengthens her gaze at the woman called Mirai.

“Yes, understood.” (Mirai)

Mirai with the conspicuous red mark on her forehead acknowledges obediently.
She placed her hands on her chest and bowed her head as if praying.

“But, make sure to be careful, okay? That man has 〔Spear Arts Level XVIII〕. This level is one that exceeded my imagination… it’s the very first time I have learned of such level existing since my birth. You can truly call it a level surpassing god. You might call him the strongest lancer in this world.” (Kazane)

“Yes. I was astonished as well. It’s not a level I can possibly match with my 〔Dagger Arts Level VI〕 which were appraised by you, dear mother… in addition, it’s a level far surpassing those of the superior divine king-ranked fighters, who are active in competitions, which you told me about quite a while ago, dear mother.” (Mirai)

Kazane quietly nods at Mirai’s remark.

“Also, the unknown skill called 〔Demonic Arts Level IX〕, if that’s a skill system that surpasses 〔Magic Arts〕, 〔Sorcery Arts〕, 〔Mana Manipulation〕, 〔Curse Techniques〕, 〔Summoning Magic〕, 〔Crest Arts〕 and 〔Ancient Magic〕 which a wizard owns… you can assume that person to possess a mental strength and mana that exceeds an archwizard. Besides, he seems to have noticed your guys’ existence in this barrier room with its abundant magic source and the unsteady interstice, you know? That’s not normal. Though he glossed it over in a hurry…” (Kazane)

The mask-wearing people stir due to Kazane’s words.
Mirai was of course equally stunned.

“Eh? Really? Even though we should have completely erased our presences, he perceived us? What a presence search ability…” (Mirai)

Kazane nods agreeing with Mirai while starting to speak.

“Right. That man had an aloof attitude, but I could sense something else within his eyes. He even realized the type of magic of my Magic Talismans, Wicked Koto and Evil Spirit Sound Waves by looking at them with a glance and dealt with them. I went as far as attempting the brainwashing used for the religious organization… it seems he has trained his mental strength considerably as he easily saw through it and repelled it. What a formidable opponent.” (Kazane)

“For dear mother to fail in this absolute space and for you to fear him, he’s definitely an opponent possessing a mental strength and an observing eye to that degree, isn’t he…? I will be careful while approaching him.” (Mirai)

A tense air was set adrift due to the points mentioned in Mirai’s speech.
Kazane answers after gulping down her saliva in the middle of Mirai’s words.

“… Indeed, provoking that lancer of chaos is definitely not allowed… I deeply regretted having tried to brainwash him in the middle of it… fortunately, I understood through the koto’s sounds that he wasn’t angry… if he had been angry, I would have left this city and escaped to a far, far place, even further away than the Elephant God City.” (Kazane)

“Dear Mother…” (Mirai)

Mirai sees Kazane’s state and the color of her face pales.

“Mirai, you are the leader of the War Foxes of the Asura Religious Organization. Therefore I won’t worry too much about it, but… I ask you to monitor Shuuya Kagari properly! I don’t care even if you do with organizations besides him as you please, but consider hostile actions towards him to be equal with death. To the bitter end it’s a surveillance. Or get in touch with him and come up with an idea how to build a connection with him.” (Kazane)

“Yes!” (Mirai)

“Then go.” (Kazane)

As Kazane’s words resound, the masked group vanishes.




If I go out through here, I will probably be outside the sphere of the gambling district.
As one would expect, the main street is bright. Magic lights are everywhere.
I walked through the bright streets, moved from the northwest to the north and came out at the Second Ring Road.
The First Ring Road is around the corner.
At that moment I sensed presences following me from behind.
A group of magic sources, huh? Not again…!
Dark guild 【Owl’s Fangs】? Or another dark guild?
Fran’s thief guild? People related to the religious organization from just now?
It’s a chance. I don’t know whether the other party is male or female… Should I use <Inhalation of Odour TechniquePheremone’s Touch>?
While thinking about that, I pass through the First Ring Road and enter the northwest alley where my inn is located.

『Your Excellency, some time ago you had talked in a different language…』 (Helme)

Helme appeared in my field of vision.

『Uh huh, it’s Japanese. Just remember it as a special language. That old woman is a reincarnator. I guess you can call her someone whose soul’s origin was a different dimension.』 (Shuuya)

『How mysterious! Talking about an item said to tear dimensions, is she a person surpassing even god!?』 (Helme)

Helme-san shows a surprised reaction while adopting a weird pose.

『I’m someone like her as well.』 (Shuuya)

『Huh!? Then you are a god after all, Your Excellency?』 (Helme)

『No. I am me. I’m a simple woman-loving man who is a spiritually immortal* Light Demon Lucival.』 (Shuuya) (T/N: Author uses here a term signifying the oneness of Brahman and Atoman, 梵我一如 (bonga ichinyo). Google it, if interested)

『… Your Excellency, woman-loving I understand, but I won’t be able to comprehend even if you tell me difficult concepts.』 (Helme)

『In short, I’m no god. That hag is no god either. But I guess there’s no mistake in her appraisal skill being the highest-ranking appraisal directly controlled by god— Asura. In this world there might be only one or two appraisal skills that can match up with that.』 (Shuuya)

『I see. So you let her go because she’s a hag owning an excellent skill, right? Do you intend to make that hag into your subordinate?』 (Helme)

『That might happen if I really aimed for a woman-loving skill… oi, what are you planning to make me say!?』 (Shuuya)

『… Your Excellency, you arbitrarily…』 (Helme)

『Sorry, I’m just kidding. You just looked silly. I don’t think that I will turn the old woman into my subordinate. In the first place, currently I’m an adventurer.』 (Shuuya)

『Okay.』 (Helme)

While talking telepathically with Helme, I keep track of the presences tailing me from behind as before at the same time.
They only follow?
It doesn’t look like they are coming to attack.
When I’m walking through the alley while hesitating as to whether I should use <Inhalation of Odour TechniquePheremone’s Touch> or not, Rollo, who slept at my back, starts squirming around.
Rollo woke up.

“Nn, nyaa.”

While purring, Rollo moves from inside the hood to my shoulder.
Jumping down from there, she landed on the ground, extends her front paws as if saying 『Yaaawn, I slept reeaally well nya』 and stretches herself.

“Rollo, we are very soon at the inn. You can go play around here freely, okay?” (Shuuya)

“Nya? nya.”

Rollo meows and runs in the direction of the inn.

“Uh, I hope she will be able to find a cat friend in this neighbourhood…” (Shuuya)

I head towards the inn while smiling.
I ignored the presences in my back and opened the inn’s door that had a woodcraft plate with 【Lodging Moon of the Labyrinth】 written on it.
Thereupon a beautiful singing voice resounds in my ears.
I went to the dining room as if naturally being lured by the clear tone.
A blonde elf stands atop the small stage.
Hee, an elven songstress, huh?
The dining room’s guests are lost in her beautiful singing while staring at the blonde songstress.
Even the people playing card games are seemingly unable to concentrate on their game. They shift their gazes towards the elven songstress every now and then.
The male troubadour, who performed here last time, isn’t present.
I wonder whether he got fired?
Certainly, the the singing voice of this elven woman is amazing. It’s absolutely superb.
The lyrics told a story about a large deer and a fawn falling in love after meeting in the vicinity of a large spring on a mist-laden early morning.
Somehow it directly stirs my heart. The timbre goes through the hearing and directly heals the mind.
She’s a beauty. Her two mounds are large and splendid, a big-breasted type woman.
She’s just like a diva.
The singing of the elven woman is beautiful as well. There are accessories at her ears and neck, mmh? The blue gem of the necklace that is twined around her neck is shining?
I guess some kind of magic gem as those often found on magic wands and such?
Once I checked the bottom of her neck with Magic Observation, I discovered that it reacted to her singing voice while intensifying the mana at her neck as it was releasing ripple-like mana to the surroundings.

『Your Excellency, this singing voice is released through mana. It might be a kind of spell.』 (Helme)

Hoo, if the spirit Helme says so, it’s likely true.

『There comes no harm from it, right?』 (Shuuya)

『Yes. It seems to be the singing voice of a fairy. It triggers a good feeling.』 (Helme)

I see. I considered her natural voice to have a magical attribute, but for it to actually be a magic singing voice, eh?
She heals the adventurers through her song? Is this actually a service of the inn?
The song’s magic seems to have a satisfactory effect.
Even in my previous world, different frequencies apparently could have a healing or unpleasant effect, right?
Has this song an apocalyptic sound as the ending?
I remember such occult-like stories existing.
… For a while I am enveloped by the singing voice magic.
The wonderful show ends. When I try to sit down on a seat to order food, I am called by a guest who played a card game.

“It’s been a while. I wonder whether you remember me?”

“Hmph, it’s been a long time, hasn’t it, lancer?”


It’s a middle-aged man possessing sharp, deep brown pupils and sunken-in eye sockets.
A man with a trademark-like mustache while wearing a long hat.
And, in addition, a blue-haired woman?
Those eyes and mustache… I do remember!
I recalled.
The guys of the dark guild that invited me in Hekatrail.

“… Yes, I remember you. You are the people I met in 【Hekatrail】, aren’t you?” (Shuuya)

“Correct. I’m happy. You were able to remember us, huh…? After that we have heard rumours about you, the lancer.”

Rumours, eh…
I wonder whether those are about the Evil Dragon King subjugation or the Holkerbaum case?

“You know, even if I’m told that…” (Shuuya)

“Well, don’t say that. Won’t you sit down and have a chat with us while eating to celebrate the reunion with your old friends?”

“Sit down just like Papa told you!”

Who’s an old friend of yours!
He has a broad smile plastered on his face, but it’s a questionable expression and he’s too much of a dandy with his curled mustache.
But, well, that doesn’t mean that we will fight. Guess it’s fine?

“Sure, let’s have a chat as old friends.” (Shuuya)

I tried getting on with the invitation.

“Oh my, you are also quite eager, aren’t you, lancer? How unexpected.”

The blue-haired woman with the foul mouth, huh?
To be honest, I forgot the name of this woman, but since her hair and face are pretty, she has left an impression.
If I remember correctly, she used a blue, special longsword.

“So, why are you guys in this city, and moreover in this inn?” (Shuuya)

I immediately try asking about the crux of the matter.

“You know, due to certain twists and turns…”

“That’s right! It was an ordeal.”

Hee, it looks they also had various deep storiesof a dark guild to share.
Oh well, I guess I will listen to them while eating my food.


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