Chapter 110 – Dispute in the Underground World

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“Yes. Beyond having a unique skill that allows me to appraise an item, I also have this special monocle. I’m particularly confident about appraising magic items.”

“Fufu, as usual your face is brimming with confidence, isn’t it?”

“That is so. After all, we are one of the few stores that are able to issue a Three Stars Appraisal Proof in this labyrinth city.”

The shop manager brags while pushing out his chin.
That monocle is a special magic tool as well, huh?
Seemingly drawing back due to the attitude of the shop manager, Rebecca falters a bit.

“T-That’s right. I will show you sooner or later that I can obtain a treasure of the level where you have to attach that Appraisal Proof.” (Rebecca)

It seems that Rebecca loves treasures.

“Okay. Well then, will you sell that bracelet?”

“Err, well, we still haven’t decided whether to sell it. We might come to this shop later or we might get the guild to buy it.” (Rebecca)


The shop manager and Rebecca have such a conversation, but I’m curious about the appraisal skill the shop manager possesses.
I wonder, can that appraisal skill judge people?
Can he look at the status or the ability records?
It’s a world where skills exist.
I’m sure that they can be seen…
Since it has caught my eye, let’s try asking him.
I step in front of Rebecca and ask the shop manager.

“— Shop manager, there’s something I’d like to ask regarding that appraisal skill.” (Shuuya)

“Okay, what might that be?”

“Can that skill appraise people?” (Shuuya)

The shop manager stares at me after moving his thin, white-haired eyebrows with a twitch.
Is slightly moving the ends of his eyebrows a habit of the shop manager?

For me it’s impossible.”

For me, huh?
After all, it’s just as master mentioned a long time ago…
Are there people who can appraise others?

“That means there is someone capable of it?” (Shuuya)

“Yes. I have no definite proof, but…”

That piqued my interest.

“Do you know the name of that person?” (Shuuya)

“Yes, the name of that person is Fate Diviner Kazane. She’s also called Madam Kazane. It looks like she’s representing the 【Asura Religious Organization】 that believes in the God of Fate, Asura.”

Fate Diviner Kazane, eh?
Going by the image of that name…
A Ginza proprietress? The mother of a new house with only fortune tellers or is she an old-lady-like fortune teller?
In addition, a religious organization that believes in the God of Fate, Asura?
Isn’t she possibly the founder since it’s a religious organization?
If she impersonates a new religious movement, I have a bad premonition…

“… Sorry for just having questions, but where do I have to go to meet that Madam Kazane?” (Shuuya)

“You will find her if you go to the Gambling District. It’s on the south-eastern side from the First to the Third Ring Road. In a corner of the Gambling District there’s a small shop called 【Path of Asura, Kazane’s Mansion of Divination】 which is owned by Kazane-san.”

The gambling district on the south-eastern side of the city, huh?

“I see. Thank you.” (Shuuya)

“Ah, let me warn you, there are many thugs and drug addicts in some parts if you are going to the gambling district… above all it’s dangerous as the conflicts between dark guilds have apparently intensified.”

“— Just a moment, Shuuya. It will be no good if you approach the gambling district? Just as the shop manager says, there are always some kinds of disputes over there. It’s a dangerous place where murder is a daily occurrence!” (Rebecca)

Continuing after the shop manager’s warning, Rebecca stops me while revealing a frantic expression.
Thugs, drugs, and dark guilds, is it?
I’d like to excuse myself from getting involved with them…
But, in the end I’m curious about her.
Should I try going there by myself later on?

“… Well, I will bear it in mind. Thanks for the warning.” (Shuuya)

“Bear it in mind? It doesn’t look like you understand. Even if that place has beautiful bars and stores at first glance, it’s a district next to the slums and the brothel district, which continues from the pleasure quarter, and that’s why it’s a really dangerous place, you know?”

“Yes, yes, got it. Well then, shall we leave? Shop manager, thank you very much for the information. I will come here again.” (Shuuya)

“No problem at all. I’m looking forward to your next visit.”

After politely bidding farewell to the shop manager, I leave the shop.

“Y-Yeah, Shuuya, wait. — See you, shop manager.” (Rebecca)

Rebecca also leaves the shop just a moment later.
Since she still has an expression that looks as if she’s still eager to admonish me, I start a topic from my side first.

“Well then, how about returning to the guild and handing in the magic stones, while also validating the bracelet we got appraised.” (Shuuya)

“Ah, yeah, there’s that as well. Let’s go.” (Rebecca)


Even Rollo, who looks like she’s resting on my shoulder, speaks up in agreement.
Like that, we head to the adventurer’s guild by walking along the First Ring Road.
While walking along the street, Rebecca intently looks at the magic bracelet we had appraised, and gazes at its ring from different angles.
She’s floating a smile.
Is she that happy, I wonder?
She has a happy expression just like a child that got a toy.
Rebecca matches her sight with mine.
Her blue eyes are shining… Ugh, it’s a cute stare as if she’s appealing to me.

“… Fine. I will let you have it. That’s what you want, right?” (Shuuya)

“Yes, but, as a party we have to split…” (Rebecca)

I will say it with a gentle tone.

“I don’t need it. It suits you, Rebecca.” (Shuuya)

“Eh? Is it really alright with you?” (Rebecca)

Rebecca reacts with a delighted expression.

“It’s fine. Aren’t you showing me such an easy-to-understand expression as if you got a toy?” (Shuuya)

Once she hears my frivolous talk, she cutely puffs up her cheeks.

“Wha-, toy you say? How rude! Good grief, even if you tell me that you want that bracelet now, I won’t let you have it! If I sell this magic bracelet, I will at least get 10 – 15 gold coins, you know? Humph.” (Rebecca)

Going by Rebecca’s behaviour, I was apparently right on the mark.
Well, I don’t need something like a bracelet. I will let Rebecca have it.
But, for it to cost 15 gold coins, that’s quite the price.

“… That bracelet gets such a price? If such items appear at a place close-by on the first floor, I guess it’s only natural to farm that room?” (Shuuya)

“Yeah. Though it’s not like a treasure chest will always appear in that room on the first floor. The shop manager mentioned it as well, but from the items coming out of a wooden box, a bracelet treasure item is one of the better rewards, I think.” (Rebecca)

Luck, huh? My luck stat might be on the higher side.
Well, I guess it’s by chance though.

“Rebecca, you never got a similar treasure from the treasure chest that appears on the first floor until now, right?” (Shuuya)

“Yes.” (Rebecca)

“That means it’s because… Rollo and I are a nice guy and a cool cat who draw good luck to us?” (Shuuya)

“Eh~, saying that yourself? Putting aside Shuuya, it might be the case for Rollo-san! She’s a good luck cat-chan!” (Rebecca)

Only the cat? A beckoning cat? (T/N: Those white cats who have one paw raised, often associated as good luck charm)
Rebecca talks to Rollo, who is sitting on my shoulder, while winking.

“Nn, nyao—.”

While meowing cheerfully, Rollo extends a tentacle towards Rebecca like the tongue of a chameleon.
The extended tentacle entwined the magic bracelet Rebecca held and stole it from her.


Rollo puts the bracelet on the tip of the tentacle while releasing a high-pitched, throaty voice and looks like she’s saying 『That’s mine nya』.
Her gesture is a triumphant look that’s full of mischievousness.

“Aaah, Rollo-chan, you are crueeel.” (Rebecca)

“N, nyao.”

Rebecca approaches Rollo, trying to get back the bracelet.
However, Rollo, with the bracelet put on her tentacle, jumps off my shoulder, lands on the ground and runs away at lightning speed.

“Ahaha, it certainly is nekobaba*. Rollo is fast.” (Shuuya) (T/N: includes the kanji for cat and shit, but means stealing/pocketing etc. — a wordplay so to say)

Unintentionally, I end up laughing.

“How irritating~~~! Shuuya, you told Rollo-chan to do that, right~? Shuuya, you idioooot.” (Rebecca)

Seeing me laugh, Rebecca chases after Rollo while scolding me.
We arrive in front of the adventurer’s guild while messing around.
Rollo let herself purposely be caught by Rebecca in front of the adventurer’s guild building.
The bracelet that was placed on the tip of her tentacle was confiscated.
Once Rebecca caught Rollo, she stuffs her face into Rollo’s stomach as though returning the prank.
She became a slave to that soft sensation after all, didn’t she…?

“Ufuu, how soft, waaa~” (Rebecca)

Rebecca’s tone is strange, too.
She has an expression of a cat that has been given catnip.
She seems to like the sensation of Rollo’s belly very much.
Since a while ago, she’s repeatedly rubbing her cheeks against it.

“N, nyanya.”

Oh, as expected, did she get tired of it?
Rollo gets away from Rebecca by flexibly twisting her black-haired limbs, returns to the top of my shoulder, and dives into the hood on my back.
Rather than getting fed up, she simply got sleepy I guess?
Because Rollo had left her, Rebecca’s face stares at me while looking really lonely.

“Rebecca, even if you look at me with such a disappointed expression, Rollo won’t come out.” (Shuuya)

“Y-Yeah. I know. Now then, the guild’s over there. Let’s go inside.” (Rebecca)

She walks ahead, glossing over it, as she pretends to be tough.

“Yeah.” (Shuuya)

We enter the adventurer’s guild like that.
The reception is open for a change.
Since it’s not crowded, we present the magic stones we collected and our cards to the receptionist.

“Small magic stones and a medium-sized magic stone that drops from a goblin soldier. In that case, please wait a moment…”


As soon as the receptionist sees the magic stone, she immediately states the name of the monster.
It seems that you can guess it to some extent from the shape of the magic stone.
Certainly, compared to the small magic stones, it’s big and has a different shape, I suppose.
Moreover, the magic stone that was set down… seems a bit like a goblin going by its color and shape?
Its shape is close to a face?

“… Thank you for waiting. Well then, this is the reward for the two of you. Here, please take your cards.”

We receive a reward bag that has plenty of silver coins in it for the magic stones collection request and the twenty extra magic stones.
Rebecca and I, having received the reward and our cards, left the reception.

“Let’s split the reward, shall we?” (Shuuya)

“No, I received this bracelet, right? That means the silver coins are all yours, Shuuya.” (Rebecca)

“Are you okay with that?” (Shuuya)

“Haa… you really are soft hearted, aren’t you? However, currently I have the bigger profit, no? Originally, it’s the basic method of a party to turn this magic bracelet into gold coins by selling it and to split the reward then, got it? Be careful next time~. Well, it’s the first time for you, so it can’t be helped, Shuuya.” (Rebecca)

Rebecca-senpai talks in a preaching manner while we walk inside the guild.
Although I think that Rebecca, who teaches me such things, is soft hearted as well, I don’t say anything unnecessary.
Rebecca stores away her card in the small bag that was affixed at her slender waist.
It looks like she doesn’t possess an item box.
I address her after waiting for her to put it away.

“Rebecca, what will you do from now on?” (Shuuya)

“I think I will return home for a bit. How about you, Shuuya?” (Rebecca)

I see, Rebecca doesn’t stay at an inn but in a house.
She’s living in this city.

“I will return to my inn after looking around the city for a bit.” (Shuuya)

Rebecca tilts her head and starts to talk after thinking for a moment.

“… I see. Then… the test party ends here.” (Rebecca)

“That’s right.” (Shuuya)

“Yeah. I will be happy if I can join you next time again.” (Rebecca)

Rebecca responds frankly without having any hard feelings.
That’s good. Should I try talking to her when I see her in the guild next time?

“Alright, that’s fine with me. I will rely on you again next time.” (Shuuya)

“… Got it. Bye.” (Rebecca)

Hearing my words, Rebecca showed a smile and left the guild.
I feel slightly lonely, but that’s how adventurers are.
Well then, before returning to the inn, I guess I will try going to the fortune teller’s shop I heard about some time ago?
If I remember correctly, it’s located in the Gambling District on the south-eastern side.
The bald shop manager mentioned that it’s dangerous because of the disputes between the dark guilds.
He said something along those lines, but if they come to spark a fight, it will be fine as long as I drive them away.
Let’s go there?
Rollo is still sleeping in the hood on my back…
But first I put the reward in the item box.
I depart by walking along the First Ring Road that’s located in front of the guild.
I head south-east.
The sunlight has gradually gotten weaker.
— Dusk, huh? Well, I don’t mind if it becomes night.
Walking along the First Ring Road, I step into an alley after leaving the main street.
I don’t know the direction well. Thus, I will go in a direct line through the rooftops.
I enter the alley— and extend a <Chain> towards the upper part of the building overhead.
After managing to attach it to the roof, I make the chain constrict as if pulling up.
I walk upwards by kicking the rims of the windows. I gradually climb towards the rooftop in an easy rhythm.
I check the sky from atop the roof.
As it’s steadily getting dimmer, I can see the sky getting darker through the cloudy sky.
It’s a beautiful evening sun. It’s a casual, pretty sky, but once more I thoroughly indulge in the setting sun of the different world.
Well then, it’s over there. I head towards the south-east.
Skilfully using the obstacles as if performing parkour, I move by running across the rooftops.
I advance in a pleasant mood, but a short time later— there was a response from my Grasping Perception.
Moreover, it’s several magic source responses.
They are approaching from the back and the flank.
This is atop the roofs. My moving speed is considerable as well.
They are obviously chasing me. Their pursuit skills aren’t the movements of amateurs either.
Little-by-little I lower my speed.
If you want to come, then do so by all means. Let’s deliberately confront them.
I addressed Helme at that time.

『Helme, hide yourself by becoming a puddle. Once those fellows chasing me attack, you will launch a surprise counterattack.』 (Shuuya)

『Okay.』 (Helme)

Helme, in a liquid state, releases from my left eye.
Helme, who creates an artificial puddle on top of the roof, moves by wriggling like a slime.
The magic source responses drew near.
When twilight was about to vanish from atop the roof, a stranger, who wore black clothes within the darkness, appears at my side.
From behind that black-clothed fellow a largely-built, hairy beastman appears with a delay as well.

“We chased you because there was a response, but… you, to which dark guild do you belong?”

That’s quite the rough voice, isn’t it?
This lean-figured person’s mouth is hidden by a dark veil.
The ninja-like guy looks grim.
Various names of ninjas pop up in my mind such as Fuuma Kotarou, Hattori Hanzou, Sarutobi Sasuke, Momochi Sandayuu and Katou Danzou.
Pitch black and sharp, red eyes.
Since his mouth is hidden by a dark veil, I can’t grasp his expression.

“… Oi, Morabi, a guy who makes use of the rooftops ain’t no amateur. He’s a shady guy who trespassed into our turf, thus we should get rid of him.”

The hairy, largely-built man steps in front of the ninja guy while threatening me.
This guy belongs to a typical beastman tribe I have seen before. He’s carrying a katana with a big width on his shoulder.
You could truly call that a butcher’s knife.

“Well that’s right, but Pili, you stay silent, I will do the talking.”

“Aaah? Since when did you ascend to a position allowing you to order me around?”

“Shut the fuck up. Are you getting hot-headed again? This is why I hate dealing with Sensibals.”

“D-Don’t fuck with me. You are always taking me for a fool like this, you bean sprout shit.”

What? What’s going on here?
A fight between comrades all of a sudden?
Helme in her liquid state has meanwhile moved under the feet of the men who start to quarrel, smoothly without making a sound.

“Nn, nya.”

Rollo stirs as well with a feeling as if saying 『I will go too nya』.
Descending from my shoulder, she turned big into the large black panther mode.

“Ah— the black cat is a black beast? … No way, right?”

“Mmh? Oi, oi, for real? It’s a beast. Morabi, this guy doesn’t have a spear, but is he maybe the guy the president and Serva mentioned?”

When they saw Rollo’s combat modeblack panther the ninja man Morabi and the fuzzy man Pili say that.
These two…
… speak as if they know about us.
As if intruding upon this chaotic scene, the other presence with a magic source, that I sensed from behind, got close.

“— Oh my… I intended to chase 『Owl’s Fangs』’s Morabi of the Darkness, but there’s a stranger here as well?”

The one who appeared as new addition is a middle-aged man with silver, short hair.
He’s wearing an old-looking priest’s gown continuing downwards from his neck.
There are stains and cuts at several places. It’s a gown that looks as if it will fall apart starting with the worn-down spots at any time, but I can slightly see a yellow cross symbol at a part of his chest.
Guessing from his appearance, you could conclude that he’s a priest or knight of Hesliphat.

“… Bastard, you are Mad Knight, aren’t you…? Pili, my compatibility with that guy is bad. I leave him to you.”

Morabi and Pili are from 【Owl’s Fangs】, huh?
The expression of the ninja man Morabi becomes grim in an instant. Stretching his left and right arms to his back, he takes out the swords equipped on his back.
Mmh, those are no swords, are they? Short sickles?
Is it for the sake of getting a feel for the black sickles he grabbed from his back? He demonstrates his martial art by adopting a peculiar stance and skillfully spins the short sickles held in his left and right hands, as if turning them over on his palms.
Moreover, by uniting the hilt parts at both ends of the sickles he held in his hands into one in front of his chest, the hilts connect while making a clicking sound.
It turns into one cylindrical spear with curved cross-blades.
It looks like there are still some more mechanisms. A weapon with gimmicks included, huh?
I wonder if there’s a style for spears with curved cross-blades.

“… I don’t obey the instruction of the bean sprout Morabi, but I guess it can’t be helped. Mad Knight-san, the great me will be your opponent.”

The largely-built, hairy man Pili approaches the Mad Knight by walking while holding the butcher’s knife he had shouldered in his hands.

Butcher’s Knife Pili will be my opponent? My goal is to hunt Morabi of the Darkness, but… Morabi, I won’t let you, a monster from the darkness, get away, get it?”

The man called Mad Knight glares at Morabi of the Darkness and not the largely-built, hairy man.
The mad knight has an old-fashioned appearance, but his origin is from the【Religious State Hesliphat】 after all, I suppose?

“Don’t go lookin’ away, you dumb knight! I will grind you into minced meat with my butcher’s knife—”

As he talks while revealing a smile, Pili displayed quickness that doesn’t match his large build.
He advances while swinging his butcher’s knife from the top of his shoulder.
— The thick blade swings down towards the head of the mad knight.
The mad knight, as if having foreseen that swift slash, steps back—
Dodging the butcher’s knife’s slash before his eyes, he falls back another one and then two steps to the rear, while he continued to evade the butcher’s knife that was released quickly as if he’s foreseeing its slashes.
He flies across the rooftop while struggling due to Pili’s butcher knife slashes.
Each time he dodges a slash, a hole is ripped open on the roof.

“… Oi, you, are you looking away without taking out your weapon? You don’t have such leeway!”

Morabi of the Darkness yells vigorously and tries to attack me with his spear which he’s holding in both hands, but—


Morabi can’t move.
Both of Morabi’s feet were hold down being entwined by two water hands.
It’s the hands of Helme who had turned into a puddle.
Morabi stabs the ground, where the puddle is located, on top of the roof with the edge of the black sickle rod, but the liquidized Helme doesn’t get perturbed.
A chance. I move at this time.
Summoning the Magic Halberd in my right hand, I slouch and rush at the enemy.
I fire a <Thrust> — from the front, towards the chest of Morabi who can’t move.
Morabi separates his hands from the black sickles that were stabbed into the roof, swiftly takes out a black-coloured cloth shining with magic letters from his waist and throws it.


The dark cloth gets spread out in front just like a cloth wrapper— it wraps up the <Thrust> including my Magic Halberd while spreading diagonally.
The dark cloth wrapper kills the impact of the <Thrust>, but is torn to pieces by the red axe blade and the red spear of the Magic Halberd breaks through the wrapping of the black cloth. It directly pierces into the chest of Morabi.

“— Guoh!”

The red spear vigorously drives into Morabi’s chest.
But, its power had waned quite a bit.
In order to not suffer a counterattack, I hurriedly deliver an improvised swift kickTrace Kick into the face of Morabi.
Morabi is released from Helme’s hands that held him down due to the force of the kick. He gets blown to the rear while bent backwards.
Just like that, his body falls off the roof as if worn-down, and crashes into the ground.

“— We will chase after him.” (Shuuya)



Together with Helme and Rollo, we head to the place he fell.
A black-coloured mist breaks out at the spot where Morabi was.
When we approach, the dark mist sways and Morabi appears from within while holding down his stomach, that has blood trickling down, with his hand.

“… Guha, kuho, phit, shit, I used the darkness-powered steel cloth and it still easily pierced through what was intended to be a barrier… However, that extravagant axe spear after all… you are the spear user and black cat who crushed 【Owl’s FangsOur Branch】 in Holkerbaum, aren’t you?” (Morabi)

The kick’s trace remaining on Morabi’s right cheek turned into a nasty wound.
However, the stomach wound hasn’t spread fully.
It looks like the spear’s blade pierced him deeply, but the red axe blade only cut up the wrapping cloth, huh?
The power of <Thrust> was apparently absorbed by that defence magic item, the dark cloth wrapper.

“… Even if that’s correct, what about it?” (Shuuya)

I answer calmly.

“— Guh, I was right after all. You have done me—”

In the middle of speaking, the dark-coloured veil that hid Morabi’s mouth was torn apart and blood dances in the air.
It’s Rollo’s tentacle bone swords. They pierce Morabi’s throat and face many times.
Furthermore, a cluster of ice spears thrown by Helme stabs Morabi’s torso in a great number.
Without the time to learn what Morabi wanted to say, he dies on the spot.
After that, the dark-coloured mist which had been created in the surroundings vanished.
Although he tried to unleash something like a darkness technique, too bad.
This is no movie or anime.
However, I can’t say that I didn’t want to see the darkness technique a bit.
While thinking that, I was careless. At that moment— the mad knight wearing the old-looking priest’s garb lands from atop the roof.

“— My goodness… to have easily defeated that Morabi of the Darkness, who are you guys?”

That is something I’d like to ask you as well.
It looks like this mad knight has already defeated the strong-looking hairy Butcher’s Knife Pili.
The hands of the mad knight hold something I perceive as a special longsword that is dripping with blood.

“… Same to you, who are you? Though, it seems like they called you mad knight a while ago.” (Shuuya)

Hearing my words, the mad knights stares intently at my face.

“… Certainly, I’m called mad knight and such, I guess… that name was probably attached to me since I originally belonged to the Demon Extermination OrganizationDisorte, a unit directly controlled by the Vatican’s eight departments, as a templar of the 【Religious State Hesliphat】.”

He explains politely.
As expected by his appearance, he’s a man that once was a templar.
I check his face again.
White, short hair and glaring, blue eyes.
There’s a diagonal scar at one of his white eyebrows. There’s also a slashing scar on his fat nose bridge.
He’s a rough fellow, but is this guy a member of some dark guild?

“Why are you with a dark guild, templar-san?” (Shuuya)

“I was banished by the Vatican. Me, who was devoted to his duty. It’s a really messed up story. Even though I always strived to…… do my holy work.”

I see. That means he did… a job that apparently got him exiled from the church.
As for the job, I can mostly imagine what it was…

“Exiled, huh? So you came to Pelneet, eh?” (Shuuya)

“Yes, crossing the desert, I arrived at the end of a journey of slaughtering to vanquish evil. In this land of Pelneet which is a paradise there are many others church dropouts. I was picked up by the dark guild 【Eyes of Twilight】 which was created by those comrades.”

Church dropouts? In other words, thugs, right?

“Church dropouts, you say? Are their numbers big?” (Shuuya)

“Rather than that, it’s you, your familiar, the black beast, and a woman? Those are faces I haven’t seen yet, but…”

The mad knight talks while suspiciously looking in turn at me, Helme who had returned to her human figure, and Rollo.
Then he touches the magic tool equipped at his own waist.
I have seen a magic tool of that shape before.
Aah, I remember…
It’s the magic tool possessed by the templars who chased me at the time when I headed to the 【Great Forest of Demonic Haunts】 from the 【Holy Kingdom】.
At the instant the mad knight saw the response of the magic tool, his eyes opened widely and his movements stopped.
Suddenly laughing from his belly, he shows a bold smile on his face.

“… This response. It makes me astonished!”

“What about it?” (Shuuya)

“That you guys originate from demons, just like that Morabi of the Darkness.”

Once again I’m called a demon, huh?
As expected, it’s the same magic tool as the one possessed by the knights that chased me, including Claude.
Rather than to demons, it seems to simply react to a strong darkness attribute.

“… Demon? Don’t misunderstand. I’m a different race in every meaning.” (Shuuya)

“Good gracious! Is that the brainwashing done by the manipulative words of a trashy demon that took on the shape of a human?”

Haa, he doesn’t listen to what someone tells him…

“I wasn’t able to defeat Morabi, but to find a replacement target this close, that’s a godsend for me. God is really watching over me.”

“No, I told you, I’m no demon?” (Shuuya)

“Shut up, you trashy demon— you, I recognise you as a category B demon!”

What? Recognise as a category B?

“I won’t let a demon get away. Evil one, I will have you receive judgement at the God of Light Lulodis-sama’s place! I have to obliterate the seeds of evil that infest this world!”

“Are you on drugs? Are your eyes working? Is your head alright?” (Shuuya)

“Fuhahahaha, it’s futile. It’s of no use, demon! You won’t break my spirit clothing with your demonic, small-fry magic!”

This guy is dangerous, a total headcase.
It’s amusing, but the screws of this guy’s head have flown to the country of light.

“In the name of the Demon Extermination OrganizationDisorte, I will begin the inquisition here and now! I will perish the evil! Destroy, destroy, destroy, destroy, destroy, destroy, destroy, destroy, destroy, destrooooy!! Destroy, destroy, destroy, destroy, destroy, destroy, destroy, destroy, destroooooy!! Fuhyahyahyahya~~”

The mad knight talks calmly, laughs and then completely changes.
His eyes become bloodshot. A great number of veins pop out on his face.
Energetically swinging the longsword dripping with blood left and right, he made the blood fly and then he came attacking while raising that longsword overhead.

“Oi— please stop with the heresy or whatever. By the way, I’m not a member of a dark guild. I’m a simple adventurer—” (Shuuya)

While speaking, I continue to observe him with my Magic Observation and dodge the mad knight’s slash swung diagonally from his shoulder.
The mad knight doesn’t react to my words.
This guy, although he looks as if he has gone mad, the flow of his magic source within his body is smooth.
He concentrates his mana on the right hand holding the longsword and his two feet.
Moreover, that longsword isn’t normal either.
It’s a special one that has two sword blades which contain mana.
A magic sword or a cursed sword?
While causing an eerie, oscillating sound by vibrating the blade, the special longsword heads towards me to cut my neck and torso.
I carry out a gentle rotation and remain in a stance with my legs in a L-shape, after using the toes of one foot as axis.
I continued to evade the mad knight’s slashes.
However, it’s getting pretty annoying—
Swinging my Magic Halberd from the left, I turn back the two swords blades.
I repelled the longsword that possesses two sword points.
When his longsword gets repelled, he steps back a distance with wide open eyes.

“— I say, you surprised me. For me to make a mistake in my recognition, you aren’t a category B. I have to classify you as category A. A high-level devil type, eh?”

Huh? Where did his state of insanity, that looked as if he had broken down just now, go?
The steely, sharp gaze of the mad knight, who speaks those words very calmly, changes into a gross stare that makes me sense a heavy stickiness.
I think that Helme and Rollo adopt a stance in order to attack him with his relaxed expression at any time, but apparently understanding that I enjoy watching the sword style of my opponent, they don’t join in with attacks.
However, maybe I misunderstood and they are only looking for the proper timing to do so.

“… Helme and Rollo, just watch since I will handle this.” (Shuuya)

“Oh my, you are quite composed, aren’t you?— Gofuo!?”


Suddenly a roar booms from atop the roof. A round, black mass hits the side of the mad knight. His body is blown away while being spun around.
And, the one who got down alongside a heavy impact sound is Butcher’s Knife Pili.
It seems that he was still alive.
It’s a reappearance with his entire body dyed the colour of blood.
The black mass that crashed into the mad knight is this guy’s projectile weapon?
It looks like he used a skill too.

“Guooooo! Mad Kniiiiight!”

Pili yells in rage.
Just like that he ran, noisily moving his heavy-looking feet deeper into the alley to where the mad knight had been blown.
And, what remains are large footprints of blood that one can see even within the darkness.


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