Chapter 109 – Suloza’s Old Sorcery Shop

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“If you enter here, it will be the waiting room.” (Rebecca)

“Alright, let’s go?” (Shuuya)

When we entered, there was an adventurer party apparently taking a break.

“… Oi? Ain’t that Rebecca, the Angel of Death?”

“How rare. Tsk, the lousy soloer has formed a party with someone new.”

What’s wrong with these guys…

“Oi, oi, did she come here to hunt the rare monster? That fellow, she has a nice face I suppose, but I’ve been told that she’s a harbinger of death if you meet her inside the labyrinth… that Wood Kulma Death God is of the same race as Eva the Death Kulma, isn’t she? With her lowering our luck, it will get difficult for a treasure chest to appear.”

Those assholes are slandering Rebecca with scornful looks.
I don’t know about Wood Kulma Death God, but if they insult a beauty, I will gladly retaliate since it offends me.

“— Shuuya, it’s okay.” (Rebecca)

Oh ah?
Grabbing my arm as I had taken a step forward, Rebecca prevented me to act.

“Are you fine with being told such things?” (Shuuya)

“I don’t mind letting them say whatever they want.” (Rebecca)

Guess it can’t be helped if the person concerned says so?

“I see. In that case we ignore them and go inside the monster room?” (Shuuya)

“Yeah.” (Rebecca)

Disregarding the foolish adventurer party, we tried to enter the room.

“— Just wait a moment there. To not even greet us. What, are you trying to cut the line here?”

One of the ignored adventurers ran up to us.
He seems intent on standing in our way.
The largely-build, burly-looking warrior wears a cross armour type chest armour on a leather jouge. A hand axe is visible at his waist.

“… We merely tried to enter since you guys seem to be taking a break…” (Shuuya)

I say while squinting.

“Keh! We only took a little break. That’s obvious to anyone, isn’t it?”

The large man loosens his arms while glaring at me after spitting at my feet.
Without paying any attention to it,

“Then, I will have you wait for one round.” (Shuuya)

Once he hears my words, the large man twists his face into a smirk. He moved his fat lips while revealing a contemptful expression.

“Hehehe~. That’s not allowed, you know? It’s our turn next and the turn after that as well.”

He spouted such words with a thick voice.
The fucker has an expression of purposely messing around with us…

“What’s that? You are a Jaian?” (Shuuya) (T/N: Reference to Doraemon)

“Giant? What’s this guy yapping about?”

I guess he doesn’t get it even if I talk about a cat robot. (T/N: Doraemon)
Since it fit the greedy attitude, I let it slip unintentionally.

“You guys don’t have the right to hog it to yourself, now do you?” (Rebecca)

Rebecca objects as well.

“Fuhahaha. Speaking about rights in the labyrinth? Are you an idiot? Look at our numbers. You plan to defy us? This place has been occupied by our party, the Blue Kite Shield PartyBlue Kite. If you plan to enter this room, you have to force your way through us, no, you have to remove us by killing us.”

Kill them to force our way?
The two of us plus one animal against eight people.
They are cocky because of their bigger numbers.
But, to threaten me is the height of sheer stupidity.
Let’s make them regret to have talked about Rebecca’s situation.

“Rebecca, there’s no problem even if I finish off these guys then?” (Shuuya)

“What scary stuff are you talking about! It is a problem. In case you killed them and someone informed the guards after having observed it, it would turn into a trial after you get caught. It will stand out as this is the first floor. The other side has many people. The other side will have an advantage in a trial if they have connections to a government official… let’s withdraw here.” (Rebecca)

It seems that she’s enduring it, but there is no way for me to agree after getting slandered.
Nevertheless, if I kill one, I guess it won’t be any good if I don’t get rid of all of them?
I check with Grasping Perception, but except this arrogant man in the middle, there’s no one with a significant Magic Combat Style either.
It will probably be possible to dispose of all of them in ten seconds.
However, since it’s not like I particularly enjoy being a murderer, I will head into the direction of punishing them without killing them.
If I end up killing them by mistake, I will deal with it at that time.
I’m sorry for Rebecca who’s trying to keep things down, but a bit of bullying is…

“… If I do everyone in, there won’t be any witnesses, right?” (Shuuya)

“What was that!?”

The large man is surprised due to my words.

“Just a moment, Shuuya.” (Rebecca)

Rebecca pulls my arm while looking worried.

“Oi, oi, do you plan to have a go with us?”

Having heard the talk, the members of the adventurer party to which the large man belongs gathered around him successively.
I look at the face of Rebecca who’s grabbing my arm.

“Well, leave this to me. Rebecca, fall back to the rear, okay? Rollo, we will do it without killing them.” (Shuuya)

“Y-Yeah.” (Rebecca)


Once I confirm her stepping back, I move right away.
Without giving my opponents the time to prepare their weapons, I shorten the distance with Magic Step and lightly mow down the large man’s legs with the edge of the spear butt.

“— Nuah.”

Receiving one blow to his legs with the Magic Dragon Gem, the feet of the man are crushed sideways.
He tumbled down while releasing a pained voice.
Furthermore, without stopping the rotation originating from the mowing-down motion, I turn around to a female warrior while moving to the front and make her trip up.


The woman vigorously falls down on the ground.
Once she hits her head as if crashing against the ground, she fainted.
Rollo also grows into the size of her black panther mode.
She makes the six tentacles that grew out from around her neck entangle the feet of the adventurers.
Lifting them up high into the air just like that, she played by swinging them around.

“What on earth is this!?”

“Let me gooo!”


Although they are being played around with while dangling in the air because of the tentacles, they still have confident attitudes.
Besides, there’s those annoying screams.
Let’s threaten them here a bit.

“— You guys are way too lively and loud! Should I make your heads fly, if you don’t quiet down?” (Shuuya)


I intimidate the adventurers that are hanging in the air with a loud voice to increase the fear.
It seems to be slightly effective…
The adventurers shut up with their mouths in the shape of 一 and stay silent.
I talked to one of them.

“I can finish off all of you guys like this, but… do you have something to tell me?” (Shuuya)

“P-Please wait. Pweash don’t kill me…”

The hanging man was apparently scared. Leaking urine, he soaked his own chest and face.

“… I don’t mind overlooking you if you withdraw from here obediently.” (Shuuya)


“Sure.” (Shuuya)

“I-I will fall back. Please let me off since I will obey.”

“— You guys, that’s fine with you as well, right?” (Shuuya)


Hanging upside-down, the adventurers answer in agreement.

“Allright, Rollo, release them.” (Shuuya)

Being liberated from the tentacles, the adventurers dropped to the ground head first.

“You lot, take the woman that fainted over there and the guy, who injured his legs, with you.” (Shuuya)


The adventurers who had stood up from the ground, look after the woman, who lost consciousness after hitting her head, and the injured large man, while hurriedly lowering their heads towards me.

“Ah, and on top of that, if I catch sight of a guy slandering Rebecca after this, I will have them taste appropriate pain, got it? Make sure to lead your life while paying attention to that.” (Shuuya)


“— What about your reply?” (Shuuya)


While looking at Rebecca…
The adventurers escaped as they raise their voices pathetically as if screaming.
The ones remaining in front of the room were only me, Rollo and Rebecca.

“As expected of you. You are strong to an amazing degree even without magic. You have strength I can’t believe to belong to a C rank. But, I was really happy. Thanks for getting angry for my sake.” (Rebecca)

Rebecca thanked me while showing a smile.
Her cheeks have a slightly red colour, too.
However, rather than that being for Rebecca’s sake, it was just me being unable to endure.
Let’s apologize.

“Haha, that’s only natural, is what I want to say for appearance’s sake, but please don’t misunderstand. Those guys included me in their threats as well, didn’t they? I taught them what will happen if they threaten someone without possessing the ability to back it by letting them experience it first-hand. Rather than that, even though you restrained your feelings, Rebecca, I couldn’t hold back. I’m sorry.” (Shuuya)

She answers while shaking her head.

“T-There’s no such thing. You don’t have to apologize. I was happy. I feel refreshed for the first time in a long while.” (Rebecca)

“Then it’s good. … But that doesn’t change the fact that I ended up causing trouble for you, Rebecca, by acting selfishly even though it’s just a temporary party…” (Shuuya)

I honestly express my feelings.
Rebecca reacts with her eyebrows twitching.

“Don’t say something like that. I have told you that I was happy, didn’t I…?” (Rebecca)

As she reaches the end of her sentence, her voice becomes smaller. Her face becomes entirely red and she looks downwards.

“Yeah, I suppose you’re right. But did you see their faces?” (Shuuya)

Since I don’t like it if things get awkward either, I talk to her while having a little smile.

“— Yea! That was ridiculous. Unbecoming of their frame, they wetted their pants with pee. Fufufu.” (Rebecca)

Rebecca lifts her face abruptly and speaks with a smile while shaking her blonde hair.
Although her face had become red, her blue eyes fully seized me.
A blue gaze that was overflowing with her genuine wishes.

“… Or rather, isn’t your face slightly red?” (Shuuya)

“— Eeh? Rather than such a t-trivial thing, we should enter the rare monster room right here.” (Rebecca)

Rebecca dodged my question by averting her red face to the side in a huff.
Haha she ended up acting charmingly.
I ask her about the monster room without mentioning that thought.

“… So, what kind of monster comes out in that room?” (Shuuya)

“Err, a medium-sized goblin. It’s called Goblin Soldier. A goblin that possesses a longsword-like cudgel and wears a big copper armour. If you defeat it, you will obtain a medium-sized magic stone from around its heart. Also, I mentioned it before already, but there are also cases where a treasure chest appears in this room after defeating it.” (Rebecca)

A goblin soldier, so a warrior type, huh?

“Hee, then me and Rollo step back after delivering one or two blows to it as vanguards and Rebecca’s magic will finish it off. Let’s go with that plan?” (Shuuya)

“Y-Yeah. Got it.” (Rebecca)

Rebecca replies somewhat shyly.

“What’s wrong?” (Shuuya)

“Well, I thought that you and Rollo-chan are composed…” (Rebecca)

“I’m certain that we will be able to defeat it. However, the state of a battle changes constantly, too. Currently we are a party. We will fight by adapting ourselves to the situation. Since we will be relying on your magic as well, Rebecca, we will go with that formation at first.” (Shuuya)

“Nn, nya.”

Rollo also purrs as if saying 『Roger nya.』.

“Okay. I leave the timing for the chanting to you.” (Rebecca)

Thereupon Helme appears in my field of vision.

『Your Excellency, I…』 (Helme)

『Helme, you will watch, alright? Study by observation.』 (Shuuya)

『Yes…』 (Helme)

Helme obviously feels disappointed and drops her shoulders.

『I’m sorry, okay?』 (Shuuya)

『No, looking at Your Excellency’s gallant figure, my mana manipulation progresses daily and I develop new poses.』 (Helme)

While spinning around, she creates a new, unique pose I haven’t seen yet…
She’s shaking her butt splendidly like a jelly.
I wonder whether I should have rather called her Helme Touch.

『I-I see. I might borrow your Spirit Sight.』 (Shuuya)

『Okay.』 (Helme)

Then I finish the telepathic communication with Helme.

“… Well, let’s go then.” (Shuuya)

Should I go with acting as a pure assault vanguard without using any chains?
I will polish my spearmanship for the sake of taking the spear techniques that I inherited from master to their peak.
I rushed into the rare monster room while holding the Magic Halberd.
It’s a room surrounded by walls in all four directions.
A medium-sized goblin was standing in a depression in the centre.
It has a goblin-like, irregular form with chiselled features.
Countless blue veins stand out on its pure green skin.
It wears a big armour that seems to be affixed by copper threads to a copper aventail equipped on its head.
It held a bumpy, thick metal cudgel in its right hand.
More or less it owns an aura worthy of its name as rare.
It looked powerful considering it’s a goblin.
Once we intrude, the goblin comes attacking while raising a yell after noticing us.
The medium-sized goblin’s height is around the same as mine.
Its movements are slow. It came charging while raising the cudgel overhead.
Given its recklessness, it doesn’t seem to be bright.

“Rebecca, Rollo, let’s go.” (Shuuya)

“I know!” (Rebecca)


Rebecca begins to chant.
Rollo stabbed her tentacle bone swords in a counter style at the thick legs of the goblin heading directly towards us and arrested them.
The goblin has its movement stopped and pitches forward as if to fall.
With that as timing I start my attack.
Using Magic Step, I rush at the enemy in a forward-bent posture.
Rollo passed me and shortened the fighting distance to the goblin.
I aim at the right arm holding the cudgel.
I transmit power to my right arm holding the magic spear while twisting my waist. I thrust out the Magic Halberd to the front.
The spiralling red spear’s <Thrusting> pierces the thick right arm of the goblin and tears off that arm in one go.
Moreover, the spiralling red axe blade majorly tears up the metal armour at the goblin’s flank.
In an instant it creates incisions in the metal similar to several works of art.
Fresh blood vigorously gushed out of those torn-up armour incisions.


The goblin that had lost an arm and had its flank cut up released a scream while scattering blood.
Being in a state of misfortunes never come singly, further disaster strikes the medium-sized goblin.
With its thick legs being completely entangled by Rollo’s black tentacles, it fell down towards the floor as if being toppled over.
While rolling on the ground, the goblin pins down its torn-off arm stump and groans in agony.
At that timing Rollo and me would normally pursue it.
But, we deliberately leave the place and fall back to the side.

“Rebecca, use your magic now!” (Shuuya)

However, as if drowning out my words, a fireball had been already fired from behind.
While making a *gooohn* sound, the fireball heads towards the head of the goblin that’s lying on the ground.
The fireball directly hits its skull—.
Its head burns as if melting candy in an instant.
The flames spread to its entire body.


Once the agonized death scream vanishes in vain, it stops moving.
Only the metal armour that became black and a part of its trunks’ organs remained without burning.
One big magic stone rolls onto the ground from the burned corpse.
— Then, a sudden magic source response.
A new enemy? No sooner than thinking that, a treasure chest suddenly appeared with a *poof*.

“— We did it! To defeat it this quickly, and a treasure chest on top of it. Amazing, how wonderful!” (Rebecca)

Looking at the magic stone and the treasure chest, Rebecca is delighted and flips up both her legs.

“A treasure chest appeared…” (Shuuya)

It’s completely like a game.
There’s a real, wooden box over there.

“I guess it’s a wooden treasure chest because it’s the rare monster room of the first floor. But, I’m happy since it’s a winner after a long time, you know? Since it’s the first floor, it has no trap. I will try opening it.” (Rebecca)

A wooden treasure chest.
Going by her way of talking, there seem to be other kinds of treasure chests as well.
Rebecca opens the lid of the wooden treasure chest.
There’s only a small bracelet inside…

“Wow, a steel bracelet.” (Rebecca)

Going by the size of this treasure chest, I expected the appearance of gold coins piled up into a heap though.
I didn’t tell her that I was slightly dejected.

“… A bracelet, eh? I wonder what ability it has.” (Shuuya)

Rebecca drew the bracelet she picked up below her blue eyes and stared at it while looking into the circle.
Her excitement is lovely.
I also check the bracelet she’s looking at with with Magic Observation.
I can feel mana from the bracelet.

『I sense mana, though it’s a very little amount.』 (Helme)

It’s the same for Helme as well.

“… I don’t know. That’s why we will bring it to the antique shop called 【Suloza’s Old Sorcery Shop】 that also serves as an appraisal store and which is located at the First Ring Road. The appraisal skill of the shop manager there is amazing. He’s one of the few people in the labyrinth city that has been given the appraisal license for magic items! He’s a shop manager with various rumours swirling around about him such as him possessing connections to a major company behind the scenes or him being a shadow ruler.” (Rebecca)

“Hee…” (Shuuya)

Appraisal skill.
That means he’s probably capable of appraising people as well.

“Well then, let’s collect the magic stone and leave the room. As long as we don’t leave this room after defeating it once, the next monster won’t appear.” (Rebecca)

“Once we leave the room, it will revive, or rather, appear again right away?” (Shuuya)

“There are cases where it’s right away too. It’s random…” (Rebecca)

Random, meaning there are times when it appears immediately as well?

“I see.” (Shuuya)

I pick up the magic stone.
When we left the room, a different party had gathered in the waiting room.
Rebecca, who has an expression of somewhat looking in the far distance, starts to talk.

“Shuuya, we have finished the request. Should we go back already? If there was no one here, I thought that it would be nice to hunt the rare monster in succession, but since this is the first floor, it’s crowded.” (Rebecca)

“Roger, let’s go back.” (Shuuya)

We nod at each other while smiling.
We left the waiting room in front of the rare monster room.
Passing through passages and rooms by walking, we run into several parties and solo adventurers hunting.
There were many grave looks from a part of the adventurers, but without minding that, Rebecca walked happily while cheerfully showing a smile.
She seems to be really glad about the appearance of the treasure chest.
Given that monsters, in addition to other adventurers, still appeared in the passages back out, we defeated all of them and collected around 40 magic stones.
And then we arrived at the eight-sided room with the crystal.

“It’s no different when returning. While touching this crystal or the body of a party member touching the crystal, you will be teleported to the surface once you say “Return” or “Go back”. Then, touch it.” (Rebecca)

“Aye.” (Shuuya)

“Nn, nya.”

Rollo is on her usual place.
I stood next to Rebecca, stretched my arm towards the crystal as recommended and pressed my palm against the surface of the water crystal that’s like a cold gem.

“— Return.” (Rebecca)

The instant Rebecca said that, we returned to the surface.
It’s the octagonal, drafty cylinder building.
We were teleported to a place close to the big crystal.

“I said so before, but we will head to 【Suloza’s Old Sorcery Shop】 to get an appraisal before going to the guild, okay?” (Rebecca)

“Alright, but, can’t you get it appraised at the guild or such?” (Shuuya)

“You can, but a specialist is better. There are differences in the level of the appraisal skill as well, no? It’s not like I’m finding fault with the guild, but there’s a reason why he owns an individual store after all.” (Rebecca)

Rebecca, who faces me with a look as if asking “You don’t know something like that?”, quickly leaves outside through the entrance guarded by the sentries.

“Shuuya~, come quickly. The shop’s close-by.” (Rebecca)

“Okay, on my way.” (Shuuya)

I heard Rebecca’s voice from the other side of the wall.
I also leave through the labyrinth’s entrance.
Right next to it, Rebecca waited for me with a cute posture appropriate for a magician having put her wand on her back.
I walk alongside the ring road together with her in a mood of this being something like a date.
The shop we aimed for was really close.
From the short tower-like, cylindrical building that serves as the labyrinth’s entrance, it’s nearby on the right side of the ring road, I guess?
It was a one-storey building between a blacksmith and a general store with a small site.
Although it seems to be small, there’s nothing but the name of Antique written on the shop’s exterior.
The wall created out of steel and bricks was decorated with a relief in the shape of a crown with three small stars attached to it.
Without touching the door knocker, Rebecca pushes the reddish-brown, wooden door open.
The doorbell resounds with a *ring ring*.
A brass bell with a bracket was set up at the inner part of the door.

“Welcome. Nice to have you over at Suloza’s Old Sorcery ShopAntique.”

The shop manager’s sombre voice reverberates.
A small stairway descends from the door. The shop’s inside has a long, vertical shape.
On the right side there’s a counter bar similar to a coffeehouse. The shop manager, who had a monocle affixed to his head with a band, showed up behind that counter.

“— Shop manager, I’d like to appraise this.” (Rebecca)

Rebecca swiftly runs down the stairway while talking quickly.
She hands the steel bracelet to the shop manager with fast movements.

“Hoo, a bracelet, huh? Please wait a moment…”

The shop manager’s head has a slightly bald appearance.
It’s a close haircut with grey hair growing out bit by bit.
He’s bald, but refined and stylish.
He resembles that famous Hollywood actor who fought against terrorists in a multi-storey building and an airport. (T/N: Bruce Willis probably)
Lowering the monocle attached to his head down to his eyes, the refined shop manager put it on one eye.
Bringing the steel bracelet close to the monocle, he started to peek at it.
In that instant I realized that he was manipulating his mana.
It’s a smooth mana handling.
To the degree of making me immediately sense a master’s skill from it.
The mana gathered from his entire body moves from his eye to the monocle. Bluish-white traces travel across the glasses’ surface as if it’s cracking. Suddenly the pointed end of the monocle expands.
Its appearance transforms into a monocle similar to a crooked night vision scope.
Seemingly zooming up, the pointed end of the glasses became even smaller and a small green mana light was created from there.
The small green light, similar to a laser pointer, moves while jolting little by little as if scanning the bracelet.
… This shop manager possesses the appraisal skill, Rebecca said.
It’s an appraisal similar to that of a clock artisan, but I have no doubt that he’s performing an extensive processing of the facts in his brain by freely using his skill.
Well then, while the shop manager is carrying out his appraisal…
I will look around inside this shop.
Caterpillar fungus and dried vegetables that look like Chinese herbal medicine are hanging down next to each other from the ceiling above the counter which serves as long reception desk.
Wooden devices, seemingly for grinding the coffee beans that had marks indicating that their inspection had finished affixed to them, or things that might be magic tools were placed behind the shop manager.
I wonder whether I can drink coffee here…
On the other shelves there are a necklace shining with white jewels, a bracelet releasing a dazzling blue light, a solemn flag, books that seem to be magic books, bundles of scrolls, a Japanese bow, a bundle of arrows with yellow arrowheads, a red knife with an irregular shape that has a red gem embedded into its haft, a huge mace that has a carving of a skeleton at its tip, a fist weapon of the pile bunker category, round shuriken, a green shining katana, a strange shield that has a living eyeball, which feels like a guard, attached to it, magic charms with lightning-styled patterns, azure crystals, minerals, gold nuggets, silver nuggets, ingots, powdered glistening things, a deep black branch, an oil that lits a green flame, many rare tools I had never seen and expensive-looking magic tool-like items exhibited. There are also many that have a checked mark on a wooden tag sticking to them.
Once I concentrate my eyes on the various magic items, the shop manager reacts.
While gazing at the steel bracelet he appraised, he makes a stern expression and says,

“This item has… magic that can display the effects Weak Rise of Physical DefenseBrace Up and Weak Rise of Magic PowerMage Up. It’s a normal magic item, but it has the name Steel Magic Bracelet attached to it.”

“Wow. It’s not unique class, but to obtain a magic item that has two magic effects from a wooden box on the first floor.” (Rebecca)

Rebecca bends forward as if peeking at the bracelet that has been appraised by the shop manager.

“Hoo, this item from a wooden box on the first floor? You were blessed with luck.”

“Yeah! It looks so. Such item usually… is an item of iron box class that appears starting from the second underground floor, I think.” (Rebecca)

Iron box? There are various kinds of treasure chests after all.

“That’s certainly true. Then, with this, here.”

While agreeing calmly, the shop manager returned the appraised magical bracelet.
In contrast, Rebecca accepts it with her blue eyes sparkling.

“Yeah, thank you. Fufu, finally… it seems like lady luck visited me as well—.” (Rebecca)

Holding up the bracelet, Rebecca-san talks as if bragging to the shop manager.
She’s showing a delightful, engrossed expression.
She started talking while sharply glancing at the shop manager with her blue eyes squinting.

“Shop manager! Next time I will exceed the iron box and silver box, surpass the unique magic items from the admired gold box and get a magic item of legendary, no, mythological class.” (Rebecca)

Rebecca starts to talk with a high-tension tone.
However, the shop manager only looks at her very calmly.

“But, when will that be…? Well then, you owe me five large copper coins for the appraisal.”

The shop manager’s ignoring skill is high.
As it feels like he doesn’t talk much, he has a composed manner.
Emitting a stylish old-man-like aura, he gently demanded the money.
Moreover, his expert’s fee was cheap.
Does the price change depending on the item?

“Okay. Here’s five large copper coins.” (Rebecca)

Rebecca paid the money after revealing an expression that indicates that her interest has cooled down due to the shop manager’s calm attitude.

“Certainly, I received it.”

“It’s convenient that your appraisal is always quick, shop manager.” (Rebecca)

The shop manager reacts with his eyebrow twitching due to Rebecca’s praise.
The expression of the refined shop manager completely changes.
It’s a happy-looking, wrinkled-up old man face, but it changed into an expression that still has some amiability.
While touching the monocle he used for the appraisal, he talks with a light smile.


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