Chapter 107 – Buying Magic Scrolls

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The elderly shop manager,

“Magic scrolls aye, ayaye aye, funpi~”

He walked over while humming some incomprehensible words.
A white beard similar to the tail of a long-tailed fowl is growing on his chin.
His wrinkled skin stands out as well. Differently from a good-natured old man, he’s a sage geezer that exudes a cunning atmosphere that he definitely accumulated over the years.
He’s probably a magician, but he also looks like he practices some kenpou style.

“… I heard you, aye. Magic scrolls? Language or crests? For starters I have elementary, intermediate, advanced and extreme class, but oh well, I will bring out all the attributes that I have, aye, funpi~”

Talking in a strange and hoarse voice like a Japan snipe, the old shop manager returns inside to fetch the goods.
After a short while the cloth curtain of the partition shifts and the old man returns to the counter while bringing a package from his back room.

“Look, these are the common magic scrolls, aye.”

He stretches his branch-like, thin arms from within the hems of his robe and lines up the magic scrolls on top of the table.

“Nn, nyanya.”

Rollo jumped on the table.
Seemingly having become interested in the magic scrolls placed on the table, she eagerly sniffs the scent of the scrolls by spreading and contracting her small nostrils.
Is she checking her turf?

“Uh-oh, little one, these books are goods for sale, aye? Make sure to be careful, okay?”

Even after seeing the black cat, the sage-like shop manager spoke while looking motionlessly at Rollo with a kind gaze.


After purring once, Rollo puts her paws together and becomes a doll.
She obediently stared at the merchandise lined up on the table.
The elderly shop owner smiled while watching the cute figure of the black cat.
Just like that he extended his thin hand towards the head of Rollo who became docile and gently stroked it several times with his conspicuously wrinkled palm.
In return, Rollo purrs throatily and licks the palm of the old shop manager.

“Hya, hya… funpiipi~, how cute, aye.”

While laughing with a strange bird-like voice, the shop manager moves his gaze from Rollo to me. While naming the magic scrolls on the table, he rearranges them in order.

Elementary class: Void attribute, Light Ball.
Elementary class: Fire attribute, Fire Ball.
Elementary class: Fire attribute, Flare Needle.
Advanced class: Fire attribute, Infernal Heat.
Extreme class: Fire attribute, Flame Gatling.
Extreme class: Fire attribute, Continuous Flare LancesFlare Lanzard.
King class: Fire attribute, Explosive Fire Dragon VeinMegido the Lane.
Elementary class: Water attribute, Frozen Bullet.
Elementary class: Water attribute, Frozen Sword.
Intermediate class: Water attribute, Frozen Arrow.
Intermediate class: Water attribute, Purifying Water.
Advanced class: Water attribute, Water Cure.
Advanced class: Water attribute, Frozen Snake Arrow.
Extreme class: Water attribute, Frozen Dragoness.
Elementary class: Wind attribute, Air Cutter.
Elementary class: Wind attribute, Air Hammer.
Elementary class: Earth attribute, Ground Bang.
Intermediate class: Earth attribute, Hard Skin.

The ones lined up were scrolls of Language Magic.

“These are the magic scrolls of language, aye. Next are those of crest magic, aye.”

Following that, he lines up crest magic scrolls.

Fire attribute, Fire resistance.
Fire attribute, Fire SwordFine Blade.
Fire attribute, Blazing Bomb.
Fire attribute, Round Pillar of FireInfernal Noah.
Water attribute, Water Wall ArrayWater Hearts.
Water attribute, Water Resistance.
Water attribute, Freezing Splash.
Wind attribute, Airplane.
Wind attribute, Air Stampede.
Lightning attribute, Lightning Bolt.
Earth attribute, Grid Launcher.

“Well, that’s all of them, aye. Which would you like to have, aye?”

There’s a lot, isn’t there?
I wonder how much it would cost to buy all language and crest spells of the water attribute.

“… How much do you want for Elementary class: Water attribute, Frozen Bullet?” (Shuuya)

“28 gold coins, funpi.”

What’s with that funpi….
However, that price at the elementary level? It will get quite expensive.

“Then, how much would Intermediate class: Water attribute, Frozen Arrow, Advanced class: Water attribute, Water Cure, Advanced class: Water attribute, Frozen Snake Arrow and Extreme class: Water attribute, Frozen Dragoness cost?” (Shuuya)

The shop owner points at the magic scrolls while touching his white beard.

“Intermediate class: Water attribute, Frozen Arrow costs 75 gold coins, aye. Advanced class: Water attribute, Water Cure costs 180 gold coins. Advanced class: Water attribute, Frozen Snake Arrow costs 150 gold coins. And Extreme class: Water attribute, Frozen Dragoness costs 50 platinum coins.”

Whoa, they are expensive after all.

“I see. Let me calculate for a bit.” (Shuuya)

If I buy all of them…
Will I be able to buy all the water spells with one large platinum coin?

“I think I will buy all magic scrolls of the water attribute you are selling. How much would that be?” (Shuuya)

“Wai-!” (Rebecca)

“Funpi, what was that!?”

Both, Rebecca and the shop manager, open their eyes widely in astonishment.

“It’s common for crest spells of any kind to cost more than 10 silver coins, but… Shuuya, do you possess such a large amount of money?” (Rebecca)

“I do—.” (Shuuya)

I took out one large platinum coin from my item box.

“It’s a large platinum coin. With this I can buy most of it, right?” (Shuuya)

I place the large platinum coin on the reception table.

“… Wow! It’s the first time for me to see one. That platinum coin… it’s really being circulated… however, though the platinum coin is surprising, but you having the intention of learning all the spells is surprising as well. Shuuya, you told me that you have magic warrior as combat occupation, but is it perhaps a high-ranking magician class?” (Rebecca)

My combat occupation is Magic Spear Darkness Warrior.
I learned Ancient Magic, too. You can say that I’m above a regular magician.
I can’t judge whether that’s high-ranking though.

“You could say that. That’s why I can learn magic, I think.” (Shuuya)

“I-Is that so…? But even if that’s the case, it’s unnatural…” (Rebecca)

Rebecca drew back. Her face has a cramp.

“Can you really learn them, aye?”

Even the shop manager said that in a doubting manner.
Moreover, with the shining blue pupils that are inside his narrow eyes, which are surrounded by wrinkles, he studies my entire body.
Mana gathers in his blue eyes.

“… That’s right.” (Shuuya)

This sage-like shop manager appears to be able to examine things with a type of Magic Observation.
Then, it’s probably fine with this.
I clad my entire body in mana to declare my will.

“— Fuo fuo fuo, really funpiipi, aye! I thought you were a simple youngster, but how outrageous. … Alright, aye. I will sell all magic scrolls of the water attribute for that one coin to you, aye.”

Seemingly having confirmed my mana, the shop manager was apparently able to consent.

“Ooh, lucky~.” (Shuuya)

I look at Rebecca while being delighted, but she revealed an expression with mixed feelings.

“Shop manager, is it really alright?” (Rebecca)

She leaps at the shop manager’s generous statement to complain.

“It’s fine, aye. Or rather, it’s more than enough. That large platinum coin will become a kind of status symbol. Besides, crest spells haven’t sold here at all recently. What seems to sell well are language spells after all.”

Even if crest spells don’t sell, they should have a reasonable price.
He might have made it cheaper by more than 50 platinum coins.

“Such a thing…” (Rebecca)

Rebecca murmurs softly.
However, she stared at the lined-up magic scrolls while looking frustrated.
Magician is Rebecca’s main job. It’s a reasonable combat job, I suppose.
Suddenly buying a large amount of magic scrolls in front of her was awkward, I guess…?

“Hey, I’m leaving behind the magic scrolls of the water attribute you bought here, aye. Read them if you are going to learn them here.”

The old shop manager with his white beard gathers the other magic scrolls and the large platinum coin, and carries them into the back of the shop while muttering a chain of “Funpi.”

“Rebecca, wait a bit for me as I will learn these now.” (Shuuya)

“Yeah, yeah. You really plan to learn them, don’t you? I will wait…” (Rebecca)

Rebecca talks while averting her face slightly as if she got fed up.
It’s awkward, but I got to learn them.
I picked up a magic scroll of language magic.

『I sense mana from all the magic scrolls.』 (Helme)

As Helme says, one can reliably sense mana from the magic scrolls.
I read the magic scroll of Elementary class: Water attribute, Frozen Bullet.
I finish reading it and once I understand…
The parchment of the magic scroll I held in my hand crumbles and turns into dust.
I was easily able to learn Frozen Bullet.
It’s the same as with the magic scroll of darkness I learned a long time ago.
The chant comes naturally to me as well.
Although it’s not necessary since I have skills.
If I cast it consciously in my mind, it’s possible to use it chantlessly.
Since I also possess the Blue Eyes of the Evil Dragon King, I can expect the power to be twice as high.
Hehe, I will learn them steadily.
I pick up the other magic scrolls one after another and read them.
I was able to learn all the language and crest spells I bought without any troubles.

『Your Excellency, congratulations. With this your options for attacking from a distance have increased manifold, too.』 (Helme)

『Yeah. I will get a feeling of the spells by testing them in the labyrinth.』 (Shuuya)

『Yes.』 (Helme)

While nodding, I turned my face towards Rebecca.

“Sorry to keep you waiting.” (Shuuya)

“Humph, I’m amazed. The learning capacity of your mental ability is high, isn’t it? Even though it’s been only water magic, you really ended up learning all the spells you bought. … You even read, understood and learned the extreme class spells without any difficulties. Anyway, I have no doubt that your innate mana quantity is at the level of a sorcerer, or even above that.” (Rebecca)

Rebecca somewhat glares at me.
She’s in a bad mood…

“I’m not sure. You might be right, I guess.” (Shuuya)

“…” (Rebecca)

Shit, that was a slip of tongue. Modesty is a poison.
It’s become a bad habit. Rebecca is… still staying silent.


Once Rollo realizes that the shopping finished, she jumped on my shoulder.

“Let’s leave?”

“I guess.”

I pull the door of the mysterious Krishna Sorcery Tools Shop and go outside together with the grouchy Rebecca and Rollo riding on my shoulder.
I peeked at Rebecca’s expression while walking on the Magic Street.
Her golden eyebrows are wrinkled up in a faintly gloomy manner.
Uh, I have to follow up here…

“Rebecca, I apologize if you took offense.” (Shuuya)

“… That just worsens my mood. Though you told me that you are a vanguard, I feel like I received a surprise attack! Buying extreme class magic scrolls… which was my objective… like candy and on top of that learning the spells without trouble, and yet you look unconcerned? That item box is nice. That large platinum coin is nice. Shuuya, I wonder whether you are a second or third son of a wealthy, high-ranking noble who received a higher magic education?” (Rebecca)

Me a high-ranking noble? Don’t make me laugh.

“No, I don’t have noble origin.” (Shuuya)

“Humph.” (Rebecca)

Well, I guess it’s only natural that she doesn’t believe me?
But, let’s explain it properly to her with a proper stern expression before she misunderstands something.

“I’m an adventurer originating from a far away rural mountain area. Also, that platinum coin is money I earned through legitimate requests as an adventurer. Can you please not say anything too rude?” (Shuuya)

“Is that… so? Sorry.” (Rebecca)

Seeing my stern expression, Rebecca’s expression turns into a startled one.
After a short break in her speech, she apologized while looking uncomfortable.

“It’s fine if I got you to understand. I acted boorishly as well.” (Shuuya)

I can understand her being angry, too.
I showed a smile in order to apologize.

“Yea, but, for Shuuya to be a water attribute user, eh.” (Rebecca)

“That’s right. Rebecca, your forte was fire, wasn’t it?” (Shuuya)

“Yes. In addition I can also use wind. I also have several tens of talismans. Though, since I’m poor, I don’t want to use these overly much.” (Rebecca)

Talismans? Rebecca shows me parchments that were put together with a string that attached them to her waist belt.
Magic crests were drawn on those parchments with magic letters.
Ah, that’s how it is. It seems she calls scrolls as talismans.

“… I see. I can use magic as well, but basically this is my main weapon.” (Shuuya)

Thereupon I summon the Magic Halberd in my right hand.

“Hyaa… it’s a type of halberd, right?” (Rebecca)

Rebecca gets startled by the Magic Halberd that suddenly appeared in my right hand and releases a cute voice.

“Yeah. I have also have various others in addition, but being a spear user is my main job.” (Shuuya)

“Nnn, nya.”

“Various, eh…” (Rebecca)

In the middle of Rebecca looking at me doubtfully, Rollo descends to the ground in order to show her own power and changes into a bigger mode with a billowing sound.
She transformed into the medium-sized black panther.
While extending the six tentacles from the nape of her neck and having them float in mid air, she appeals by making bone swords appear and disappear at the tips of the tentacles.

“— Rollo-chan!? What’s this! How amazing…” (Rebecca)



RollodeenBlack Panther points her face upwards and displays the triumphant look of a lion king.

“Did she surprise you? Well, since that’s how it is, you don’t have to worry about the vanguard.” (Shuuya)

“Ah, yeah. I-I will do my best as well…” (Rebecca)

Rollo shrinks in an instant.
Once she had returned to her small shape, she nuzzled her head against Rebecca’s feet who was talking as if she had slightly lost her confidence.
It looks like Rollo plans to comfort her.

“Geez, Rollo-chan, you cutie. You are too lovely~.” (Rebecca)

Unable to bear it, Rebecca caught Rollo and hugged her.
She buries her face in the inner side of Rollo’s belly and enjoys the fluffiness.
Ah~… she ended up experiencing it at last, huh…? If you experience that softness of the inner belly even once, you won’t be able to go back anymore…
Even though she received a cheek-rubbing attack at her belly, Rollo endured it patiently.
Given that Rebecca has a small build, the appearance of her hugging Rollo’s small body looks as if she’s hugging a big plush toy.
After a short time Rollo got apparently tired of the cheek-rubbing attack and returned to my shoulder after getting away from Rebecca by twisting her body.

“Ah, noo~ She left…” (Rebecca)

“Haha, in due time she will allow you to hug her again.” (Shuuya)

“Really? In that case I’m looking forward to it. But, Rollo-chan is far too cute~. How nice, to have a lovely familiar.” (Rebecca)

Rebecca-san looks at me and Rollo with scornful eyes.
That look is slightly scary. I can’t tell her that though.

“… She’s my prided partner after all.” (Shuuya)

“So nice, that’s really great.” (Rebecca)

She shakes her head left and right, and talks while looking at Rollo.

“Rather than that, don’t stop. We are going to the labyrinth, right?” (Shuuya)

“Ah, yeah. You’re right. Let’s go.” (Rebecca)

Rebecca’s mood completely recovered due to the special Rollo effect.
We returned to the First Ring Road that’s close to the centre of this city.
We walk towards the cylinder-shaped building where the entrance to the labyrinth is located.
— It’s a follow-up report on the mass disappearance of the 【Red Bee】 clan and the 【Silver Pearl】 clan. What to say, it seems both clans were involved in a dispute deep inside the labyrinth. The female elf, which is the sole survivor of that dispute, seems to actually be the originator of it. I’m told that this woman will soon be executed publicly.
They are talking about such stuff at the announcement stands.

“… It’s hot and there’s a lot of people.”

“It’s already summer. The heat will take centre stage from now on. Besides, this is the best place in front of the labyrinth. There are plenty of street stalls and thus people gather. It can’t be helped.” (Rebecca)

Certainly, just as she said, there’s many stalls.
Various of them are selling items that will probably be useful in the labyrinth.
— The sun light is shining there to the degree of naturally toasting sunny-side-up fried eggs.
Even at this hot hour… voices appealing to adventurers and voices of vendors could be heard in the surroundings.
— I’m a convenient warrior possessing an item box and being experienced at the second floor. It’s even fine for me to work as a porter. Won’t anyone hire me?
— If you hire me, you will be able to go to the water crystal on the third floor. It will be possible to head directly to the spring area.
— I’m a shield user possessing the war cry skill. Can someone please hire me?
— Finally it’s the sale of the illusionary medicine Black Lily. It’s a medicine developed by Anzu Carolina-sama, master of spirit light. It’s said that incurable illnesses will vanish, if you continue to drink this illusionary medicine that surpasses any secret medicine.
… A shady merchant is selling a weird medicine.
It looks like a pill, but I guess in reality it’s a mankintan*-like medicine? (T/N: Name of a medicine supposedly having a stimulating and detoxifying effect, made at Mt. Asamagatake)
You can expect those facts to be nothing but made up in order to sell that bogus medicine.
— Selling maps of the first and second floor~.
— I’m selling maps specifying several traps on the map of the labyrinth’s first floor.
— The complete version of the labyrinth’s second floor map is being sold here~.
— Maps are maps, but I’m selling maps about of the level four magic treasures. Given that it’s a completed and appraised map where you will discover their locations in the Death Bog of the labyrinth’s second floor, you will only have to dig up the treasures~.
Maps, huh?
Rebecca hasn’t said anything, but since I think they are important to not get lost, I will try asking her.

“Don’t we have to buy a map?” (Shuuya)

“No. Currently it’s not necessary. Although it’s important, I also possess a map as long as it’s the first floor. Since I have memorized it to a certain extent, it will be okay for now. There’s no necessity to buy one. But, Shuuya, if you plan to dive into the labyrinth after that, I believe it will be good for you to buy one. However, if there’s a party member like me, you won’t require a map.” (Rebecca)

Rebecca keeps walking while appealing in a senpai manner.

“That sounds about right, too. I might buy one sooner or later.” (Shuuya)

If there’s something like graph paper, I will move right ahead with the creation of a map.
But there’s no way for such paper to exist here.
How nice would it be if there was an automatic mapping function…
Since a leather strap that can be turned into an impromptu rope is inside my chest belt, I believe it will be fine if we use that once it looks like we got lost.
You over there— how about Fang Boa grilled on a skewer~?
The vendor’s voice resounds alongside a smell that stimulates one’s appetite.
Meat, huh? I would like to eat that if my stomach was empty, but as it’s hot currently, I want something like ice or cold juice.
Even though it would be profitable to sell such things in the current season…
— Come and look, we have armours and weapons made in Hardland~.
Even when I look around me, it doesn’t seem like there are people selling cold juice.
One might say that there’s a business opportunity presenting itself here.
— Selling honey water! It loses out to the black nectar of the labyrinth, but I can guarantee its taste. How about 20 large copper coins?
*collapses* My dream of selling cold juice fell apart in an instant.
It often doesn’t go as conveniently as expected, I guess?
— Don’t you need medicine plants~?
Oh? It’s a frail voice.
The last voice is, different from the voices of the other old men, the voice of a girl?
I found the owner of that voice.
Mmh? Her eyes are white? Is this girl blind?
The girl has pure white eyes with two layers of eyelids.
She’s still young, but her looks are cute and well-featured.
She holds a large basket praiseworthily with nothing but her small hands. That basket is filled with several bundles of medicinal plants.
I wonder whether she’s unable to see?
Everyone is ignoring her.
Should I buy some medicinal plants since she seems pitiful?
I end up getting reminded of the match selling girl appearing in a fairy tale.

“Rebecca, wait a moment.” (Shuuya)

“What’s up?” (Rebecca)

Stopping Rebecca who walks in front, I ran to the girl and called out to her.

“Yo, I will take one bundle of medicine plants.” (Shuuya)

“Yes! One costs five small copper coins.”

Oh, it’s not such a bad blindness.
She chases my movements with her white eyes while speaking with a lively voice.

“No need for the change.” (Shuuya)

I take out one large copper coin from my item box and exchange it for the plants.

“Ah, this much… customer-san— thank you.”

The girl grasped the large copper coin and confirmed it.
Once I receive the medicinal plants, I start walking towards Rebecca without replying to the girl.
We headed to the cylinder-shaped building with the labyrinth entrance.

“Did you buy medicinal plants?” (Rebecca)

“Well, yeah.” (Shuuya)

“I see. One has to prepare some means of recovery.” (Rebecca)

There were other stalls as well, but Rebecca and I walk past them without stopping by.
When I get close to the cylinder-shaped building, I see that it’s unexpectedly big.
At the front of that cylinder-shaped building two sentries stood on both sides of the entrance.

“Who are the soldiers over there?” (Shuuya)

“They are soldiers of the Labyrinth Administration Bureau. There’s also a sentry unit of 【Oseberia’s Royal Army】 permanently stationed at 【Labyrinth City Pelneet】. So far as it goes, their nominal task is to crack down on criminal acts inside and outside the labyrinth.” (Rebecca)

I say while looking at the sentries,

“Then it’s safe, I guess.” (Shuuya)

“I suppose. At least around here on the surface…” (Rebecca)

“Why?” (Shuuya)

“It’s not very often that the sentries enter the labyrinth. That’s because of the traps and the many wandering monsters inside. Basically, it’s an unspoken rule to resolve matters inside among adventurers. Thus it’s better to be cautious of adventurers while passing them inside the labyrinth. Although there are also cases where there will be a trial over disputes, it might be best to remember that the most useful thing to have once it turns out like that is connections with nobles.” (Rebecca)

An unspoken rule, eh…
Protect yourself by yourself, huh?
While having such a conversation with Rebecca, groups of adventurers that are a collection of capable people appeared from the entrance.
All of them are wearing something that shines in a blue colour on a part of their clothes or equipments.

“— Ah, that’s the the sixth top clan…” (Rebecca)

“Oh? Sixth?” (Shuuya)

“Correct. The group that came out just now is one of the six top clans in 【Labyrinth City Pelneet】. They are members of 【Blue-armed Treasure PartyBlue Arm Jewelers】. It seems that they returned from the labyrinth moments ago.” (Rebecca)

“A top clan with around 12 people?” (Shuuya)

The Blue ArmBlue-armed JewelersTreasure Party, eh.
Judging by their equipment and attires, they seem to have a relatively well-balanced line-up.
A warrior that has a longsword, a shield and a massive armour.
A magician in an orthodox robe with a wand.
A female thief in light leather armour with daggers visible at her waist.
A priest wearing priest’s garb and holding a wand.
A largely-built magician that carries something appearing to be a large rectangular frame wrapped up in a cloth on his back.
In addition, there’s a light female warrior holding a spear, and also a warrior owning a bow.
That spear-holding woman is beautiful. The female thief is a beauty as well.
My gaze focuses on the pretty ladies.

“… The number of people that can dive into the labyrinth at once is ten. Something like the members of 【Blue-armed Treasure Party】 being active after splitting their group into three… that’s because it’s possible to link up in the labyrinth at any time. Having big numbers is advantageous. They broke through the tenth floor of the labyrinth after a century. The news that they stepped onto the eleventh floor spread like a wildfire in this labyrinth capital city.” (Rebecca)

If it’s that, I heard about it.
It’s probably big news since they expressly let the citizens know about it.

“I heard of it. There were people on the plaza behind us who spread that kind of information by shouting.” (Shuuya)

“The announcement stand people, eh? Going by those news, it’s the remarkable accomplishment of breaking through the tenth labyrinth floor for the first time since the clan 【Azure Dragon PartyBlue Dragon】 led by the hero Mubran. They might be the number one clan in the labyrinth after overtaking 【White-bearded ComradesWhite Brotherhood】 in name and reality.” (Rebecca)

The members of 【Blue-armed Treasure Party】 are reflected in Rebecca’s eyes.
A feeling of yearning was clearly visible on her face.
Several of the adventurers present in the vicinity are shouting words of praise and aspiration.
However, there were also words of jealousy.
It seems that the female spear warrior and the female thief are popular among them.
There are many fellows who yell obscenities.
It’s praise and slander.
Apparently the word sexual harassment doesn’t exist in this world.
Once I looked at Rebecca, she gazed back with a quite indifferent expression, apparently not paying any attention to it.
We leave while the blue-armed group gets crowded by people.

“We should go as well?” (Rebecca)

“Roger.” (Shuuya)

She proceeds to the entrance, shows her adventurer card to one of the sentries and enters.
Learning from that, I also showed my card and went inside the building.
Inside the building there’s a lengthy atrium.
It has a round octagon shape.
A wide space surrounded by walls with ashen tiles.
Four thick pillars are standing, as if supporting the ceiling, at the four cardinal directions close to the centre.
Those four pillars are connected by a line that forms a tetragon. A huge water crystal was in the middle of it.
The big rock holding up the ancient crystal is big as well.
It’s a big rock completely similar to a sumo wrestler.
However I wonder just how many facets that water crystal possesses… it’s a really big, ancient water crystal.
Adventurers surrounded that crystal and everyone touched the crystal by placing their hands on it.

“Second floor.”

The instant one of the adventurers surrounding it said those words, the adventurers around the crystal disappeared without even leaving an afterimage behind.

“They vanished. Did they warp?” (Shuuya)

“Yeah. If you say the floor while touching that water crystal, you will be randomly sent to a room with a water crystal in it beyond the second floor. Also, the people touching the crystal together will be sent at the same time.” (Rebecca)

“Something like second tier will work too?” (Shuuya)

I ask something simple.

“Yeah. It will be okay even if you change the wording to some degree.” (Rebecca)

I see.
I wonder whether one will get warped to a floor, which they never visited, by designating it?

“Can you go to a floor you haven’t visited before?” (Shuuya)

“By yourself it’s impossible. If it’s a floor that a member of your party, who is touching the crystal together with you, has already visited, you can go anywhere. And if it’s just the first floor, it will react to words such as Leap or Warp and send you to a random room with a water crystal in it on the labyrinth’s first floor.” (Rebecca)

Hee, it’s quite simple to leap.

“If there’s a comrade who knows the destination, can you go there even if you haven’t gone there by yourself before?” (Shuuya)

“Yeah. You can. The warp and leap destinations on the same floor are random, but even if the first time is a miss, you can warp to the targeted crystal as long as you repeatedly leap around. There were some among the adventurers inviting others who said something like that some time ago, right?” (Rebecca)

Rebecca asked me while seizing my eyes with her beautiful, blue eyes.
Bah, there were many adventurers on the plaza.


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      With Hakai no Miko I actually stepped into the territory of a 100% localization and I must say I like it much more than using a mish-mash of commonly known Japanese terms such as “oni-sama” etc. with English. The two languages are too different, so it often doesn’t mesh well to use these things. Even with Spearmaster I keep the things limited to what is commonly accepted among readers of such novels such as “Shuuya-san” or specific sounds of surprise/shock etc. that are a bit hard to TL without losing the flair of the novel.

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