Chapter 102 – Idle Talk: The small adventure of the Black Cat

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Stray cats were gathered behind the stables of Hotel Alando.

“Pubopubo (Be quiet, you cats!)”

The magic beast Popobumu barked in irritation.

“Nya nyan, nyaon (You as well, shut up with your pubopubo).”

“Nyaooon (That’s right! This is Thundertail-san’s turf. Spend your time here in a more quiet manner).”

The stray cats deliver a series of cat punches to Popobumu’s thick legs while purring as if they are complaining to Popobumu.

“Pubopuboo (I don’t know anything about that).”

Popobumu neighs loudly as it shakes off the stray cats by moving its legs.

“Nyanya (You are a cheeky cow, aren’t cha? Even though the other cows are staying silent!)”

“Nyanya nyaon! (He’s different from the other cows. Let’s drive him away!)”

At that moment the figure of a black cat quickly closing in on Popobumu became visible.

“— Nn, nya? (Popo-chan, what’s wrong nya?)”

The beautiful female black cat that possesses a dark velvet fur climbs on the back of Popobumu’s head and purrs towards Popobumu.

“Pubopuboooooo (Rollo-sama, please help me. These stray cats are teasing me).”

“N, nyaa, nyao (Popo-chan is my subordinate. Do you understand? As I’m irritated right now anyway, this works out. I will punish you).”

The black cat purrs as if roaring from behind Popobumu’s head at the stray cats below.

“Nyaooooo (You, who are you?)”

“Nyaaa, nyaooon (I have seen you before. She’s a pet! She’s stinking with the smell of humans!)”

“Nyanyaon (If she’s a pet cat, then she’s our enemy isn’t she?)”

“Nyanya, nyauan (Let’s get rid of her before Thundertail-san arrives).”

The stray cats were disturbed at first, but once they understand that the black cat is a pet, they adopt warrior stances by assertively making use of the claws on their front paws. They growl while sliding forwards.

“Nyaoon, nyaan! (Be quiet! What impertinent strays you are, humph!)”

The black cat purrs while pointing her face upwards like a king of lions.
Heading to the ground by jumping off from behind Popobumu’s head, she lands with her black hair fluttering.
As she lands splendidly, she hit the stray cats with the tentacles growing from her neck.

“Nyaa? Nyaaa (Her paws increased? Even though she’s a female, she’s strong).”

“Kyan… nyaan (I give up… let’s have Thundertail-san teach you a good lesson).”

The black cat bravely stands up in order to protect Popobumu.
The stray cats run away while watching her daunting posture with frustrated looks.

“Pubopuboon (Rollo-sama, thank you as always).”

“Nnn, nya (Don’t mind it. I was just relieving some of my stress).”

However, at that moment the stray cats came gathering alongside a huge shadow.

“Nyaon (It’s her, Thundertail-san!)”

“Nyaa (I was hit by her!)”

The huge shadow was a fat male cat.
The tail of that fat cat is in the shape of a lightning bolt.

“…. Nyagooon! Nyao, nyaooan! (Oy, it looks like you teased my subordinates. To fuck around in my turf! This place here, behind the stables of Alando, is my, Thundertail-sama’s, turf).”

All the hair of the fat cat stands on end and it adopts a combat stance.

“Pubopubo, pubobon! (The noisy ones appeared once again, Rollo-sama).”

“N, nyaa… (It can’t be helped…)”

The black cat throws a glance at the figure of the male cat with its lightning-shaped tail and sighs.

“Nyagogogona! Nyanyanyaooo! (Strange who has invaded my turf, leave this place together with that annoying cow!)”

Thundertail shows his fangs and hisses as if telling her that he will bite her after using an authoritative tone.
Even the stray cats behind Thundertail followed his lead and made growling sounds.

“Nya! Nyagoaa (Humph, we have frightened her).”

At the instant the black cat became huge by transforming into the black panther, the stray cats run away at full speed while denting their ears in surprise and shifting their paws.

“Nya, nya, nyaa… (Hiiii, helppp).”

Thundertail yielded completely without running away.
He dents his ears and makes his body shrink.

“Nn, nyaon (If you promise me to not tease Popo-chan, I will forgive you).”

“Nya nyan (Yes. I promise).”

The black panther made Thundertail stand up by using her tentacles and gently addressed him.

“Nya, nyaa (In that case, I will forgive you).”

Thundertail stares at the slender figure of the black cat that had become small while denting his scarred ears… and then bows deeply.

“Nyaa… nyaan nyaa (How very kind… I have fallen in love. Please tell me your name, queen-sama).”

“Nn, nya, nyaon (It’s Rollo. Well then, I will return to the location of my beloved person. Bye bye, Thundertail).”

The black cat purrs towards Thundertail and turns away her small face quickly. Using her limbs gallantly, she runs through the back garden of Hotel Alando.
The stray cats have their breath taken away by her beautiful running figure.
Now, at this place, in that instant, it was the sudden emergence of a black cat that became the queen of the place behind the stables.
The legend of the black queen with the name Rollo became famous in the stray cat society of Holkerbaum… but… they are just cats after all.
It goes without saying that they forgot about her in a matter of merely three days.


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