Chapter 6 – Job hunt

One week after entering Land, I’m spending every day by searching for job offers while doing the work of the merchant group.
It’s rather harsh.
First off, I have no doubt my living in luxury is to blame.
I reap what I sow, isn’t it?
However, c’est la vie.
I was born and grew up on the island of Japan in the Pacific Ocean.
Taking a baby’s first bath in a hospital of the twentieth century, giving up my family name and even giving up my name, I have departed known as the plain elf, Lyle.
In other words, being a green young man from a well-to-do family living a super sheltered life, I’m a peace-loving fool.
If I had even half the ability of Futen-sama to make a living, the story will be a different one, but …… (T/N: 瘋癲 or here フーテン, means wanderer/vagabond or also insanity/insane person, so some reference I don’t get)
In Land there are buildings made out of wood, bricks and mud walls, lining up.
Land’s wall is also made out of mud.
I wonder if it’s up to the task since it isn’t a stone wall, however there are here and there traces that the wall had been torn down and extended. The size of the city is tremendous.
So, all of the nobles had huge residences with gardens, but in case of the commoners the houses are densely packed just like in ancient Rome. There are places that feel like slums as well.
It’s also impossible to approach those. Therefore I listen in on the conversations of other parties, who are living next to those, but you won’t be able to sleep there if you don’t belong to a crime organization. The houses around that area don’t have proper locks either.
Besides, places like that are filthy after all. It didn’t have much of an influence on me during the travels, but the smell of excrement and such is terrible.
Somehow leaving such a dangerous area, it’s also inevitable that you want to live in a place with good public order, right?
If that’s the case, even houses made out of bricks and wood, without a mud wall, will become expensive to rent.
Moreover, although I won’t ask for silken trousers and shirts similar to the clothes of all the noble-sama’s, linen is troublesome.
In winter those are cold and it’s not unlikely to catch a cold.
I want the leeway to buy cotton trousers and shirts and in addition a coat.
“I have dressed up using silk, even if it’s only a string for a belt.” There were people prattling such, too, but I won’t tell them that such spending of money is something pointless.
Putting on sandals on the bare feet is also a bit …… I want to wear something like tabi in order to not chafe my feet.
Of course, as I will need a very good pay, only prominent shops will be an option.
There’s no reason for such shops to hire a youngster, who suddenly turns up.
…… Eh? I have a feeling that I’m demanding income that doesn’t befit my social status after all.
I realize every day that the wages of the merchant group were in fact on the higher side.
I Probably received the compensation for my work in calculation, reading and writing + a bonus for being an elf.
Thank you, leader-san. If I decide to trouble you once again, I will work diligently.
Even so, more or less continuing to charge into seemingly good places, I keep getting refused for a week.
I happened to hear a certain story.
It says 『The Viscount Balka family is searching for a tutor for their third daughter, Lydia. Anyone’s fine as long as they are able to trigger the third daughter’s interest with the subject contents. But, with her being a genius recognized by society, it seems many sages have been running away with a scuttling』.
Upon investigation, this Lydia-chan is truly intelligent.
No matter to how many educational institutions she goes to, she is told to graduate once there’s nothing left to teach at all places.
It’s a rumour in the city, but.
Currently she is still at the age of 10.
If it’s really true, she has an eccentric intellect surpassing a great mind.
It’s to the extent that it won’t be out of place even if she can use summoning magic.
Also, this assembly of tutors is a plan thought up by her parents to spread the third daughter’s name to the whole country.
If you want to know why, it’s because Lydia-chan is quick with hearing a lesson for the first time and such.
Some people, who were apparently employed after drawing Lydia-chan’s interest, end up running out of subjects to teach her after a few days. They have left after receiving their rewards.
Even if you take the story with a grain of salt, its contents are amazing.
But, for me it’s one chance. In other words, the terms are such that I will be able to win.
Although it would be certain if there was two chances, that would likely be something called luxury.
This world was identical to Earth in regards to physical laws, flora and fauna, once I investigated it as much as possible.
Furthermore, even the geography might be the same. The Yellow river and the Yangtze River existed after all.
One year has 365 years and every 4 years there’s a year with 366 days.
However, I heard that the calendar is slightly off.
I think that’s because they haven’t established a leap year for around 128 years.
At any rate, the school education knowledge, which is a culmination of gathered knowledge covering 6000 years of mankind’s history and which is in my head, will be effective.
However, as for the knowledge that can really be used, I have no intention to publish something like a threshing machine for example.
Although there is also the problem with my conviction …… if I, who am completely an individual and not superman either, possessed knowledge that seemed to produce wealth and authority, I would be Johann, who gave birth to Meißen-ware …… it would be somehow justified, if I were arrested by all means. (T/N: Johann Joachim Kändler (June 15, 1706 – May 18, 1775) was the most important modeller of the Meißen porcelain manufactury. For further information, google it, the porcelain, he made, looks quite beautiful)
My brain isn’t filled with flowers to the degree of advocating human rights in an era of swords and bows.
Consequently I want to select information that gives an impression of 「Hmm …… it’s 3, right?」 to the people, who listen to it.
Taking a few days to think about several courses of materials and stories, I will try to go with that, huh?
It can’t be helped, if it’s rejected for the reason of the material being useless either.
There’s also plenty of possibility to be refused at the gate.


Although I tried to name the things I realized, I’m at the point of feeling like I have to go to the toilet due to the tension with me currently being before the gate of the Balka mansion.
It’s no use.
Even a job interview is a little bit straining.
This mansion has a far too oppressive feeling.
Considering they are nobles, it’s a plain gate and the impression of the mansion, visible on the other side of the wall, is that it’s pursuing nothing but functionality. It has a feeling as if telling you 『We won’t accept people who have no ability』.
Be that as it may, if I feel scared forever, the day will end before long.
I take a single deep breath.
The other party, I address, looks to be a gatekeeper being suspicious of me standing in front of the gate.

“Please excuse me. I believe this to be the Balka mansion, but are you still recruiting teachers for Lydia Balka-sama? I’d like to try for the post, if it’s allowed.” (Lyle)

“…… Let me tell you in advance. You will be turned down if it’s a talk about the well-known books called Xun book and Gen book. As Lydia-sama is regularly discussing those with scholar-sama’s, there’s no need for someone unaffiliated. If it’s about being taught by Lydia-sama, ask to be made a pupil at the academy. You will be accepted immediately.”

Xun book? Say, what?
No, who cares.
There is no way for me to know something like a famous book of this word.

“No, it’s different. Umm, why are the seasons changing? If possible I will explain the relationship of this land and the sun, is what I’m planning. Since there are several other things as well, I will be able to talk about them, if they are things probable to stir her interest.” (Lyle)

“The reason why the seasons change? …… If you try to reason it out as magic trick, it will result in me calling the authorities as I will consider you a suspicious character.”

“N-No. It’s a clearly logical reason. By no means I’m planning something like getting money by cheating. However, without practical knowledge it will end up becoming a talk at the level of being a funny story to hear.” (Lyle)

Keep a low profile, it’s important to keep a low profile.
Going only by the rumors I heard in the city, they seem to be fed up with the amount of frauds turning up.

“We aren’t recruiting a clown though?”

“It’s the range of study for the time being. If I’m able to satisfy intellectual curiosity, I feel happy …… something like that?” (Lyle)

“…… You are slightly suspicious, but well, it’s fine. Ojou-sama prefers the unusual types …… wait here. I will announce your arrival.”

“Yes. Thank you very much.” (Lyle)

After waiting for 10 minutes in front of the gate, the woman, who came, told me to follow and so I obediently did just that.
To what I was guided was a building, similar to a park house, standing in a vast garden.
A girl, blessed with the physique and face of a 10-years old, and a person, apparently her body guard, standing at her side, waited for me there.
With her body being wrapped up in clothes, which felt graceful and aristocratic, having embroidery made out of silk, and her ashen hair having a wolf cut, she is observing me with her blue eyes, which give the impression of a calm lake surface.
This child is Lydia …… ?
…… I’m scared.


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