Chapter 4 – Farewell from Rastil

The first dawn of spending time in another world breaks.
Yesterday I lightly examined the merchant group after parting from Rastil. It’s a proper group of traders and I understood that I would be able to join them with peace of mind.
Being a gathering of peddlers, they are convenient to grasp the ways of the world as they travel all over the country.
Of course it might be dangerous.
I ended up pondering about various things at night due to being overwhelmed by anxiety after all.
Most of it were thoughts that weren’t accompanied by folly either, but there’s a single matter I wished for.
I want to form a bond with Rastil-san.
If the Annals of Three Kingdoms happen from now one, according to my expectations, my knowledge might possibly be useful for something.
If that’s the case, I will also be able to repay the favors.
For instance, if she tried to serve under a strange lord, I could recommend her a person like Cao Cao, who will likely win in the end.
…… That’s an excuse.
I merely didn’t want this to be the last time with a kind person, whom I met only after I came to this world.
Nonetheless, there’s a pragmatic reason as well.
I want a friend, who I can tell about the events in the future.
If the Annals of the Three Kingdoms really happen, regional information will be tremendously helpful.
No matter how you think about it, there is no TV and internet in this world.
Where information, which you can trust, is concerned, only letters from a friend will be reliable.
With such meaning, it is convenient for her to go to a distant place.
I should be careful to not be considered as strange stalker following her though.
Although I also had to think about the way I tell her and the opportune time, I don’t know how she will take it.
I have no weird, secret intentions, is what I’m feeling myself, but ……
Well then, the help with the departure is almost finished too.
Let’s go to Rastil-san’s place to consult with her and bid my farewells.


“Rastil-san, is it alright to talk with you for a bit?” (Lyle)

“Yeah? Why are you so formal?” (Rastil)

“First, you have my gratitude. I narrowly escaped from death thanks to you. I truly thank you very much.” (Lyle)

“Don’t go this far. The public order in this area is relatively good. You should have been able to at least barely reach this town.” (Rastil)

I believe that it wouldn’t have happened.
At that time I didn’t even know in which direction there might be a town.
Since there tentatively was something appearing to be a road, I think I would have headed towards here, but without food and water, I wouldn’t have been able to walk for a long time.
Moreover, it will be a big deal to share the history of this world, if it possibly follows along the history I know of.
And in addition to that Rastil-san answered my persistent questioning.
Furthermore, she prepared a job for me so that I wouldn’t starve.
You can call her my lifesaver in all respects.

“How? …… I believe it would have been difficult for me. At any rate, there’s no mistake that you helped me greatly. Although it might be brazen on top of that, would it be fine to also stay in touch by writing letters? I want to hear about the things, Rastil-san will experience being at distant locations. A strong person and a fine lord, was it? You will probably search for them? I might be able to tell you beneficial information by chance.” (Lyle)

“Hoo …… And, if circumstances permit, you plan to get ahead in life due to the achievements I brought along? You operate quite cunningly as well, Lyle.” (Rastil)

“Eh? Is that even possible?” (Lyle)

“Of course. As a matter of fact, there aren’t very many practitioners of martial arts at my level with such young age. I have already refused several offers to enter governmental services. …… No, thinking about it properly, there would be no reason for you to understand the strength of another person without knowledge as an elf? No good, It seems I ended up distrusting you. I wish you to pardon me.” (Rastil)

Rastil-san says so and bows her head, but ……
This person is strong, she says …… what?
Well, for a woman she does have muscles, maybe.
Nevertheless, her slenderness can’t be seen as anything but a woman working-out frequently.
Since her height is slightly taller than mine …… she has quite the tall stature for a woman.
There barely shouldn’t be any countries with higher average height than me, even considering foreign countries.
Thinking that kisses have been a problem before …… someone like a female warrior usually doesn’t exist.
I want to confirm with the person herself, but …… as expected, if it’s a woman, who says that she is travelling about to gain skill in combat, will she fight against women? I’m not able to ask her that.

“No, it’s not something you have to apologize about. If you are asked something like sending letters to me, who is a unknown man, it will only be natural to get suspicious, I think. Umm, if you permit it as acceptable, I promise I won’t get in touch with you unless I have useful information. Aren’t you even able to tell me some of the criterion’s to find a person who is seen as strong by Rastil-san, and under what kind of person you want to serve? I will look for people meeting those criterion’s, if it’s alright to do so. Ah, but I don’t know where it would be fine to send the letters ……” (Lyle)

“Hah, there is no need to take it into consideration this far. If it’s letters, I told you yesterday as well. I should work at the place of Margrave Joy Sapona for several years. I have confidence that I won’t be rejected. Therefore it will be fine if you have them delivered to Margraviate Sapona. Well then, the criterion’s of a lord, was it? After all, they have to be a person who loves their people and considers the nation. And I want them to have ambitions. The people’s reaction have to be those of happiness once they are told about the things that person has done. However, as for a strong military man, even the naming of criterion’s is difficult, but ….. yea. Have you felt this spear? Try holding it.” (Rastil)

Saying that, she handed me the spear, but ……
This …… isn’t it close to 7 kilograms?
If I remember correctly, a Japanese sword should have a weight of around 2 kilograms.

“I’m able to keep fighting from morning until noon holding this spear. Therefore I can say that the stamina and strength is superior to mine if they can fight for a long time using a weapon that is even heavier than this. Well, martial arts aren’t such simple thing either, but the guideline I can think of right now is around this level.” (Rastil)

“Wouldn’t it be a slightly unreasonable talk for an amateur like me to convey that to the other party …… ? But, I got it. I will notify you, if I procure information which is satisfactory, if possible at all.” (Lyle)

“I don’t have the intention to decide my lord for a while. Let’s wait a bit. And, send me letters if it calms you down, since it will be alright even if there is no particularly beneficial information. I will also be able to feel relieved, if you do so. Besides, even I want news from far-away places. Send them at ease. I will answer as much as I can, too. If it’s occasional, I won’t even mind it to be a love letter? I will correct the places, which aren’t alright.” (Rastil)

She states that with a joke-like smile, but ……
Well, whatever.
I wonder, if a great amount of men weren’t misunderstood?
If I were 10 years younger as well, I would devise a reliable way of confessing my love.
Bah, that’s the second time for this thought to appear.

“Yes. Without fail.” (Lyle)

“Okay. Stay in good health.” (Rastil)

“Rastil-san, too.” (Lyle)

Like this, we separated.
For starters, let’s try to work earnestly within the merchant group.
Everything else will be after that.


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