Chapter 3 – Knowledge of the current state and choice

For a short while I barrage Rastil-san with questions.
In a normal case, it would get troublesome because one would likely get angry, but she answered me without making a displeased expression while even being astonished about my ignorance.
Un …… believable.
There is a nation, Mau, that seems like Rome. Emperor Shih, unable to become “First Emperor” (T/N: Shǐ Huángdì), set off on a ship in search of eternal life in the eastern seas.
He also resembled a historical figure, except for his name, who became the root of the word idiot. Doing something like an angler, it’s the legend of the strategist Liu, who has even been called magician or sage.
Since it’s a nation appearing similar to the Xia dynasty, it’s a peculiar dynasty following the events I know of, although it’s name is different from the Yin and Zhou dynasty.
What’s this place?
Did I come to a different world? Or did I step into the tale of using the tool of the future cat? (T/N: Reference to Doraemon, I think)
Because I was a kid at the time I saw that movie, I believed that I wanted that tool from the bottom of my heart, but ……
My family is …… no matter, eh?
All of them are people doing whatever, even if I vanish.
Ah, damn, I’m confused.
Leaving that aside …… If this world’s history moves in the same way ……
It’s possible the Annals of the Three Kingdoms will come.
Those blood-stained wars leaving less than half the population alive.

“Excuse me for just a minute ……” (Lyle)

I ran to the back of the restaurant.
And vomited.
A person, who was a peace-loving idiot like me, being in this country would certainly result in …… death.
There might be a plot of land in some country, that has nothing to do with the wars going to happen ……
Now, while it may be true that the history of this nation was in accordance with my knowledge, it doesn’t have to end up in the future I know of either.
I’m thinking too much, and thus, am falling into a persecution complex.
However …… what will I do, in case of that situation?
Will I flee from this country?
That’s impossible.
Didn’t Rastil-san say that the public order is bad?
Someone like me, who has less of the common sense of this nation than a child, travelling trough it would be an idiocy at the level of going into a country in the middle of a civil war.
Rather, I mean, this is a country in civil war. Huh? I was an idiot?
In the first place, if I ran away, where could I go?
I don’t know. Word that I ran from this country might spread.
If I were to go somewhere, it won’t do without doing a preliminary examination.

“Lyle, what’s up? If your physical condition is truly strange, shall I take you to the place of a doctor?” (Rastil)

Rastil-san, huh?

“No, I’m fine. I know the reason. It’s not an issue I can consult a doctor about.” (Lyle)

After all, this is emesis caused by stress due to panic.
I don’t even believe that the medical science of the 21st century is able to resolve that.
The medicine, based on an era at the level of building houses with only wood and clay such as this, is liable to worsen my health instead.
If I’m unlucky, it will be the medicine of 1800 years ago.
One thousand …… eight hundred years ago ……
“Ugh”, just thinking about it makes me throw up once again.

“It’s fine if you say that it’s alright, but …… look, it’s water. At least rinse your mouth.” (Rastil)

“Thank you, very much ………… Haa …… Somehow it settled down. Let’s return to the restaurant.” (Lyle)

“You still have a horrible face colour. Well, you might get a bit better, if you eat some. Will you eat slowly?” (Rastil)

“Yes.” (Lyle)

It was just the right time of the dishes being served, once we went back to the restaurant.
It has an aaamazingly plain taste.
There’s no reason for it to have something like chemical seasoning.
If you say it’s disgusting, it will be disgusting huh?
But I like it more than a cheap family restaurant.
Since my stomach is in bad shape, let’s eat and chew slowly.
My mind is to blame, you say? I want you to stop since it will be really bad for my reputation.

“The colour in your face came back, I guess? It’s not an illness, is it?” (Rastil)

“Yes. Thank you for worrying about me. You truly have my gratitude for anything and everything.” (Lyle)

“That’s fine. I haven’t done anything special. However, what will you do from now on? With me escorting the merchant group until this town, I will go check what kind of person the northern feudal lord, Joy Sapona-dono, is. I want to tell you to accompany me, but it’s a journey with dangers. I’m unable to declare that I can protect someone who has no knowledge of fighting. I recommend you to work for the merchant group. The danger is likely low as well. Once you go to the capital, it will also be easy to search for someone who knows your birthplace. Besides, your strength might be in working at civil service.” (Rastil)

If that’s the case, there’s no choice but to follow the merchant group.
I have no experience but fighting bare-handed with my fists. I will probably end up being quite the drag.
However, currently I ended up thinking that it’s regrettable.
Though I have received so many favours, if I were to get indebted even more ……
It seems my heart has weakened to an unbelievable extent.
Haa …… calm down and chill out.

“To kindly speak about it being fine for a strange man like me to accompany you on a really private journey, was even more than I could expect. I’m very grateful for your proposal, but I will follow the merchant group. If I go there, I will probably be able to work a bit as well.” (Lyle)

“You just look so downcast. Ah, unless you are misunderstanding that I have fallen in love with you? If you desire this me, you have to at least reach the point of having a proper occupation and carry it out.” (Rastil)

“Eh? Did you feel like I held ulterior motives towards you, Rastil-san? I-I’m sorry. I wasn’t aware of it.” (Lyle)

A woman, who was kind to me, has an interest in me, I was at an age, where I lost the intention to believe that.

“No …… Isn’t it a joke? Rather, I will be able to have even more of a peace of mind, if you have that kind of fighting spirit in you.” (Rastil)

“Umm, I cannot help but being frank, if I talk about being blessed with an appearance like yours, Rastil-san. At any rate, I’m a person, who ends up thinking that they want to get intimate with a beauty. …… I frequently wondered whether I ended up leaking my lust without me noticing myself.” (Lyle)

“I see, that’s also true. Sorry, it looks like I ended up becoming a sinful woman.” (Rastil)

“…… You are a truly fine woman, Rastil-san.” (Lyle)

It ain’t half-hearted that I apologize here.
Even if it isn’t to the degree of me possessing ulterior motives, I highly respect her.

“You actually have said it well. Well, even having said something about aiming at the summit of martial arts, isn’t it fine for me to have some kind of blossoming as well?” (Rastil)

…… It might have such an aspect?
Well, thanks to that I calmed down though.

“Certainly, I survived thanks to you. …… Rastil-san, you will bid farewell to this town, right? When will that happen?” (Lyle)

“Tomorrow. The merchant group will depart from this town tomorrow as well. The things necessary for you will be arranged by the leader. It would be best for you to take a break at ease today.” (Rastil)

Even so, Rastil-san probably told him to do that?
I’m no match for her in all respects.

“I will do so. Thank you very much, Rastil-san.” (Lyle)

“What, this much is fine.” (Rastil)

There wasn’t even a fragment of condescension floating on Rastil-san’s face either.
She’s far too dazzling ……
I believe it’s because of her youth. But, even if it’s youth, I received the biggest favour of my life from here, haven’t I?
Well then, will I be able to return it? Will I be able to survive until I return it …… ?


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