Chapter 1 – Waking up and that place

“You, what happened? Are you alive?”Yeah …… my back is poked with a stick.

I don’t have any memories of rising in the morning by being nudged with a stick though, is it mum?
No, that right now wasn’t mum’s voice.
Or rather, the sensation of what is touching this body is… grass?
I gently lift my head, open my eyes and look at my counterpart.”Oh, you were alive? You, why are you at this place?”No, you too, how about you?
Hair that has a light blonde colour.
A medium ponytail that looks to have the tendency of swaying.
Pointed ears.
No matter how you look at it, it’s an elf.
As expected of an elf, quite the beauty.
With imposing features that seem to be very sports-oriented…
…… Umm …… That probably didn’t have any relation to the ponytail.
That’s right, no? Since Dido-sama’s reign, it has been decided that it (T/N: the hair) is long and fluttering in the wind, right? …… No, that’s not the point here.
By the way, are those violet colour contact lenses, or in short, colourcons?

“What’s up? Is there something strange in my face?”

“Ah, no …… Umm …… Please wait a moment.”

What’s this place?
The person in front of me is ultra weird as well.
Although I say ultra, it isn’t a weirdness I can explain in three minutes …… Elf, plain leather armour, spear, footwear similar to sandals ……
On top of not possessing a bow, something like 『I*』. Is the elf aware of it, I wonder? (T/N: The “I” used by a samurai, “sessha.”)
Ah, I’m in a similar state, too.
W-What happened …… ?

“For the time being it would be best if you calm down by drinking water. Here, it’s even fine if you drink all of it.”

“T-Thank you very much.”

Wh-, that’s a flask made out of a gourd!?
Nuu, it’s lukewarm.
Be that as it may, I certainly calmed down slightly thanks to the water.
…… Those ears, are they the real deal? …… I want to make sure by all means.
Possibly, the elf may be acting like a cosplayer-san with that appearance.

“I’m sorry, I’m well aware that it’s incredibly rude, but, if you permit it, will it be alright to touch your ears?”

“Ugh …… I can’t praise you much for wanting to touch the ears of a girl? Oh well, you have permission. It seems that in rural areas they believe that if you touch the ears of an elf like me, it will promote fortunes of war, however is that your take as well?”

Eh, she is really called elf.
No, let’s check the ears for now.

“It’s not for such reason though …… Amazing …… they are real …… veins are passing through them ……”

Once I said that, the elf made a displeased face.

“What are you, did you believe that I’m a fake elf? What impoliteness towards someone, who was kind and wondered whether you were collapsed and dying. My parents are normal people, but I have no memory of being called something like an imitation.”

“N-No. Absolutely not! I’m very sorry. It’s the first time I see the appearance of an elf. Excuse me for my discourtesy.”

“Ah, I see. There are such people as well. Pardon me for having jumped to a wrong conclusion, too. …… Huh? What? Aren’t you an elf as well?”

“…… Ha? I am? Umm, why do you think so?”

“No matter what, your ears are pointed after all. After seeing their appearance, you won’t be able to gather mana there.”

“Mana, is it?”

Ah, seriously. I know of the ears being pointed to a degree by just touching. What’s this? Just when did I become an operator, who hasn’t even a fragment of flexibility? (T/N: Spock from Enterprise?)
People having the idea of elf ear cosmetic surgery simply have that kind of personality?
No good, to once again become confused, although I had once calmed down already.

“You, in what kind of rural area did you live? Look at this spear well. It’s using iron as core. There’s no way to carry something as heavy as this without being able to strengthen your body by using mana, right?”

Ah, yes.
It’s a spear that looks heavy.
So, if you gather mana, you can hold heavy things?
Something like body enhancement magic? Will it be possible to double the offensive ability and defence strength?
…… Currently it isn’t a situation to think about such stupid ideas.

“So, you, why did you collapse at such place?”

Right, that’s it.
Do I ask various things of this person?
No, I don’t want to give information unskilfully to a person who is armed, in a situation where I don’t understand a single thing.
Though I think she’s a very nice person ……
It’s not a dream.
I properly remember the sensation of being in a dream.
It’s absolutely not a feeling as if I was caught in such a haze.
…… Huh? Am I not in a terribly dangerous situation right now?
Sleeping at home, when I woke up …… all of the surroundings is a plain?
Ah, in the far distance …… there are carriages. It’s a group of people, but ……
This isn’t Japan for sure.
And, maybe ……

“Excuse me, that group of carriages visible over there is?”

“That’s a group of merchants. You should know, if you see them …… You look pale? Did something happen?”

As expected.
Currently I’m not talking in Japanese.
Nevertheless, I’m able to think of this language as different from English.
I’m speaking natively.
…… No, I should say that I was saved by this.
If I didn’t understand the language …… I would die.
That’s not an allegory, but a fact.
That’s no good.

“As a matter of fact, I seem to be somehow lost. …… If possible, won’t you please help me so that I don’t starve to death in exchange for some manual labour?”

In front of a person holding a spear, how weak is my own position or what’s correct to say?
It’s the first time since I became an adult. Such a thing like requesting to depend on the good will of another person for 100%.

“Whoa, is that so? …… Going by your expression, it doesn’t appear to be a lie. However, be relieved! Though I’m a simple guard, there’s plenty of work in a merchant group. Besides, once we arrive at the next town, I will listen to your story a bit. In the first place, if I hadn’t intended to help you, there would have been no reason to wake you up, right?”

“In-Indeed. Thank you very much.”

If the words, said by this person just now, are the entire truth, she’s an amazingly great person.
At any rate, I have no choice but to believe and follow her.
…… I seem to be close to vomiting out of anxiety.


Author Notes:
Look, I got a character picture from Rotofuro-sama.
It’s Rastil.

No way….. I really like it.
Rather than the character in my brain, I feel like being able to accept this drawing of her as much preferable.
(And a lot more blah about the impression of the illustration…. too lazy to TL that :p)


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