Chapter 7 – Consultation

A few days have passed since I was given the space for medical treatment in the bar.

Throughout the morning we searched for a treasure chest on the 4th floor. In the afternoon I got drunk while gazing at the smiling Yuel in her flashy miniskirt.

While I was at it, I healed 1 or 2 customers per hour who came for medical treatment.

You could say that the Healing Business Stall in the bar was a hit.

Or to say the least, there is no demerit in it for me.

While always eating and drinking at the usual bar in the same way, all I had to do was to appropriately use some healing magic.

Doing nothing more than that yielded me an income of several hundred Zeni at once.

Furthermore, it was a good kickback for the bar as well.

Although there are many customers, I didn’t have to take care of the venue portion and labor cost. I probably even yielded more profit than some worthless medical institution around here.

For example Eris’ place, huh?

Moreover, Man AB ….. what were they called again?

Ah, Eight and Geyser.

It seems they announced the completion of the Healing Business Stall in the bar to their adventurer companions.

If the effectiveness further spreads, I am sure there will be even more profit.

Above all, the location of the bar is excellent.

The patients, who would be so seriously injured that I would need to use Ex Heal, don’t come here.

If the degree of damage due to the labyrinth exploration is so heavy that they need immediate medical treatment, they will got to the medical treatment place of the adventurer’s guild to get healed as a standard.

Even if an ordinary citizen becomes seriously ill or sustains a critical wound, they won’t consider such things as going to a bar with something like a healing place to have it taken care of.

Usually you can expect them to be taken to a big medical institution with proper hospitalization equipment.

In other words, I am doing fine.

I am doing extremely well.

Although it is going well.

For the time being, there is only one urgent problem that hasn’t been resolved yet.

This unsettled problem might potentially cause great trouble.

However, I can’t speak loudly or cry about it either.

As everybody might have this problem potentially, for now, I am just barely keeping the precarious balance in this situation I have been placed at.

Something that mustn’t be talked about, must be kept secret after all.

I mustn’t let my libido spill out.

To put things bluntly, there are no means to reduce my sexual desire.

It might be a stupid matter.

It might be a very stupid matter.

But, just because of such reason not resolving it is no good.

In the morning, at the time I suddenly woke up.

There was a tent swelling on the surface of the thin futon. Yuel-san intently stared at it with a look as if she wanted to bite into it.

A sense of impending crisis ran through me.

It is wrong.

As it is, it is wrong.

As it is, it is absolutely wrong, is what I thought.

Because she is my slave, because she is still too young, that’s certainly why.

But, sleeping together with a girl on the same bed I don’t intend to make a move on, that’s a mistake in the first place.

Therefore, I tried to divide the room.

Yuel looked at me with a facial expression which was filled with sadness and close to sobbing.

For me it was impossible.

After that I wondered whether it was fine as long as it was the same room and so I tried to choose a double room.

Yuel’s facial expression got even more depressed, she tightly bit her lower lip and large droplets of of tears rose at the corners of her eyes.

And then her hand firmly grasped the hem of my clothes as she weakly trembled.

For me it was absolutely impossible.

Considering the circumstances, there is nothing else left but to deal with my libido issue one way or the other already.

However, Yuel is always together with me.

During the labyrinth exploration, during meal times, and we use the same bed, too.

Also, going to an adult shop, there hasn’t much time passed since she became alone.

And telling Yuel to wait for me a little bit so I can head out from the inn, her facial expression becomes, what do you call it … like an abandoned puppy.

Likewise, there is no one else I could consult about this matter with.

It has been a little more than 3 months since I came to this world.

However, I have been a live-in employees at Eris’ medical institution all the time until recently.

I have no male friends.

Although daringly meeting a woman for consultation is possible, it would just cause even more problems and furthermore enlarge this whole matter.

How typical of my character.

It is already hopeless.

Dead End — (E: Death by blue balls.)



Ah, no, I was.

Which reminds me, I have male friends.

That’s right. Let’s try and consult with them.


For this reason, I head to the bar.

I dragged Man AB to the male toilet, also known as Eight and Geyser.

“Uhahaha! Well Shiki, isn’t it the easiest solution to eat up the sweet Yuel-chan then? Certainly, she is still a bit small and has no breasts, but don’t you react in any ways to such a level of cuteness?” (Geyser)

Was Geyser’s opinion.

“No, Geyser, you have to consider why Shiki came to us for consultation. He doesn’t want to make a move on Yuel-chan, I think he wants to resolve this situation without having his actions exposed, don’t you think?” (Eight)

And that was Eight.

Somehow I came to understand their characters by now.

Anyway, Geyser is a baka and Eight is relatively composed.

Eight’s way of speaking has a subtle feeling of courtliness.

Although only a small amount, you can sense his intelligence.

“As Eight said. I don’t have any intention to make a move on Yuel. Rather, in order to not make a move on her, I am looking for a way to resolve this.” (Shiki)

“How troublesome, ah, since we are already in the toilet, just get your relief properly.” (Geyser)

Geyser said while swinging his clasped hand up and down.

Please stop it.

Please stop these movements.

It isn’t a laughing matter if Geyser-whatever-his-full-name-is does such a thing.

I want to throw up.

“A-Also, th-the smell. Yuel knows it too well to conceal it. This isn’t a place I am able to immediately go and wash my body. I’m afraid that she will notice it. Isn’t there some better method?” (Shiki)

Yuel often buries her face in the vicinity of my abdomen.

Recently when I caress Yuel she is already in a state of embracing me, I can’t think of anything else but being clingy with such a degree.

Furthermore, she probably sniffs my smell.

Is she a dog?

An adorable pet is cute, but.

However, as I went to the toilet with such an intention I didn’t suffer a you-want-to-do-that gaze either.

“There is a way. A good method.” (Eight)

It was Eight.

Although I thought it was the end, there seems to be a way.

As expected of Eight.

From his facial expression and his behavior I got a feeling of overflowing intelligence and dignity.

He is a man you can rely on.

Come to think of it, the wisdom of Eight, I sense that it resembles something.

“Really?! Please, teach me !” (Shiki)

“You can use the slime drop ‘slime jelly’ on the 7th floor of the labyrinth.” (Eight)

Slime jelly.

I also know of it.

I frequently happen to see something processed into powder being sold at foodstuff shops.

It is mainly used similar to potato starch.

It is different from potato starch though, since the quite bad smell vanishes once used together with meat, I thought it would be used to decrease the time used for preparations.

“Slime jelly? That’s, eto, that, right? It is used to in order to increase the thickness of cooking.” (Geyser)

“Ah, Geyser is in the brothel faction, so you don’t know, huh? At the time when it drops, the slime jelly mucus is an approximately 20 centimeter long, soft, transparent lump. That is processed and used then.” (Eight)

I began to see the whole picture.

In other words, it’s that.

That red and white stretchable and grow-able, so far as even famous, down there. Although I guess you should say it is used in a similar way.

That means, slime jelly X.

“But, in that case I can clear the problem of smell, don’t you agree?” (Shiki)

Even if I have or haven’t a tool, it will have no significance if I can’t solve this.

“No, there is no problem. You didn’t realise yet why slime jelly is used in cooking, did you? If you use it in cooking, it will remove the bad smell of meat. But have you ever eaten uncooked slime jelly?” (Eight)

Now that he mentioned it, I don’t feel like I did.

Even if you make ankake or soup, you usually heat it up. (T/N: ankake is food covered in thick starchy sauce)

Even if you process inferior meat, you will always cook it afterwards.

“Raw slime jelly mucus, not only meat, but all kind of smell it comes in contact with will be adsorbed. Since it is fairly weak to heat, applying heat on it will immediately kill this disposition, but. Things like high class ryoutei, which are particular about the taste of ingredients, definitely won’t use slime jelly at all.” (Eight) (T/N: ryoutei is a traditional Japanese restaurant)


That being the case, it might work.

Even so, you are well-informed.

Probably, you used it yourself.

You said Geyser belongs to the brothel faction, huh?

Then, to what faction do you belong?

“There is one more thing. If you spill water on the slime jelly mass, it becomes a slippery pleasant feeling. I can say with confidence that it has a superb texture. And it doesn’t disappear by dissolving if you add a large quantity of water. In case of the intelligent you, you understand, don’t you?” (Eight)

It is the style of the toilet flush of this city.

To sum it up, that’s the situation.

“Ah! Thank you very much, Eight. You are my soulmate!!” (Shiki)

“Aren’t you my lifesaver? This much is a trivial matter.” (Eight)

I felt something hot gathering in the corners of my eyes.

Eight, we are buddies.

Only this can be called camaraderie.

For the first time after coming to this other world, I am truly grateful to have such a friend as you.

Geyser? I don’t know that baka!

“But, there is only one problem…” (Eight)


Although there didn’t seem to be a problem when I listened to his story.

“Generally there is no distribution of the slime jelly mass. From the adventurer’s guild it is directly sold to merchants and then it is processed into powder in a batch. In other words, there is no other way but to dive into the labyrinth and procure some by yourself.” (Eight)

You, what?!

Such a crisis.

No, wait.

Calm down.

“Normally, couldn’t I just buy it from a adventurer’s guild staff member with profit?” (Shiki)

“You really want to say that in front of those beautiful reception women of the adventurer’s guild? I want to buy such a thing like slime jelly mass, so I can use the slime jelly mass afterwards for indecent acts… do you want to make an announcement like that?” (Eight)

Yare yare, Eight said with an amazed expression.

I tried to imagine it.

I am at the usual guild purchase counter, the girl with the cut and evened up at the back hair dyed brown and the supposedly tufty dog ears on top of her head.

Her age is around 20, huh?

With her bright, round and cute eyes open and her refreshing business smile.

I guess she works there for around 2 or 3 years as beginner?

The freshness of an innocent nature having already vanished, just right at the time when she becomes more confident in her work experience.

I greet her.

At first, she gives a gentle smile as she deals with me.

However, in the moment she hears my request, that smile freezes and becomes cramped.

Not being able to conceal her scorn, she is in conflict with her high business sense.

While also cursing at me in her mind, she faces me with a slightly stiffened smile.

Within her mind being reluctant, she decides to hand over the slime jelly to me.

And the moment he receives the slime jelly, that man tightly grasps the woman’s hand.

I watch intently from the front at the face of her as she experiences this surprise and slowly lowers her gaze downwards, while raising the corners of her mouth like a thresher shark.

Tearing off her mask of a receptionist’s smile, pure repugnance becomes exposed on her facial expression.

Embracing my own body in order to protect it, I pull back from the reception woman by reflex.

Somehow, I got slightly aroused.


That’s no good.

That’s hopeless.

Calm down.

There is no way that it will be good to drop until the rumored bottom of the earth so I can surrender myself to a pleasant feeling for a short while.

I properly understand that.

Buying it is no good.

In other words, there is no other way but for me to get down to the 7th floor of the labyrinth.

However, we are still at the 4th floor of the labyrinth.

“Shit! Just when I reached this point with great pains! It is no good, huh! Don’t I have any choice but to give up?!” (Shiki)

What a situation!

Reaching the 7th floor of the labyrinth with still take a number of days.

Will I be able to endure it or will I snap?

Assuming I would need to hold on for a few days until the 7th floor, my libido is already at its limit.

Before me, who drowns in grief, a hand is presented.

It is Eight’s hand.

“Shiki, don’t grieve so much. I thought I told you that I am your friend, didn’t I?” (Eight)

And then, there was a slime jelly grasped in that hand.

“Y-You will let me have it?” (Shiki)

“Ah, of course” (Eight)

Eight smiled refreshingly.

That smile was excessively radiant.

For me it was as though I experienced a sensation similar to being tinged with a mild spring sun.

Just now I understood Eight’s feeling slightly as he hung on to receive healing magic cast on him in the labyrinth.

A single light pierced through the gloomy darkness of despair.

I feel like the world is full of light.

Now I was truly saved by Eight.

“Eight! Eight!!” (Shiki)

Thank you very much.

I have really obtained an excellent friend.

Being saved by Eight, it is truly pleasant.

The red light streaming in from the window was from the beautiful sunset marking the end of the day.

Raising my face in one deep breath, fresh air entered my lungs filling them up.

Looking at the world outside the window, it was a scenery totally different from my birthplace but still apparently held a little quantity of nostalgia.

But, while holding onto the jiggling and trembling slime jelly I pondered.

It is really great for me to have come to this other world.


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