Chapter 6 – Choosing a weapon

Soon it will be the first day of the month. We continued to hunt Goblins on the 3rd floor. I already have amassed and secured the necessary budget of 5000 Zeni to purchase a weapon.

What I am buying this time, is a one-handed mace, a weapon that is oriented solely towards beginner adventurers.

There are surprisingly a lot of advantages to a mace.

Although you have to possess some physical strength to use mace skills to a certain extent, you can also handle it without them.

It is different from a sword which you can’t straightforwardly swing without having any plan regarding the direction of the blade. Even simply swinging down the mace with all one’s might will allow you to expect plenty of damage. You could even say that the mace covers the users inability to use skills to some extent.

Furthermore, the weapon degradation is small.

For example, something like the knives Yuel uses where their sharpness are an important aspect, would end up with a chip in the blade before long after continuously striking the hard monster parts like bones and claws.

There is also the possibility of shattering the blade if the attack of the opponent is intercepted poorly.

To put it bluntly, the mace is just an ordinary iron shaft.

Even though the grip portion is coiled with leather to allow grasping it, it has a shape where the center of of gravity is located at the upper portion of the shaft.

However, due to that the mace has different sturdiness than an edged weapon, allowing it to be used to stop monster attacks without worrying about the weapon’s durability.

For someone who doesn’t possess the necessary skill to evade the incoming attacks of an enemy, it is very user-friendly.

Maa, if you talk about the priest class it has to be blunt weapons anyway, isn’t that so? Even though such simple way of thinking was just an excuse, after listening to the arguments and examining it, I got the impression that blunt weapons are easy to handle.

Thus, it will be the mace.

This time I will purchase an iron rod similar to a metal bat.

The only difference from a bat is that its upper portion slightly increases in width towards the tip.

Though I wanted it to be something stylish like a club covered with thorns, I was advised by the occhan from the weapon shop to give up on something like that.

Such things as flanged maces and maces bearing spikes are apparently difficult to use for repelling attacks.

I don’t want to be defeated by monsters just because I tried too hard to act like a Gori Gori macho (T/N: Gorilla) either! But that’s not all there is to it, receiving an attack while in a disturbed defense position can send you flying due to the impact and lead to a quick loss. Apparently there have already been situations like that.


The stairs leading towards the 4th floor of the labyrinth.

Going beyond this point, there will be the monsters of the fourth floor, Greenbies.

Greenbies are plant monsters who imitate people. At the same place on both arms they have something resembling ivies to attack with as characteristic.

By delivering whipping blows, it appears that the ivy restricts the approach of the opponents.


As the female adventurer is tied up and suspended in midair, she will be single-mindedly groped there …..

There might also be such an unpleasant development like her loudly crying as the ivies spread her open, huh?

In case the female adventurer were to be surrounded by a great number of Greenbies, she might also be weakened due to quickly being covered all over with ivies and thus becoming immobile, isn’t that right?

The delusion advances.

I definitely want to see Ruruka’s party battling these by all means.


We advanced following the signpost.

There was only one of them in a large room.

Yuel, who saw the Greenby first, started dashing towards it.

Today I am holding the sandwiches and water flasks as well while spectating.

Although I brought the mace along carrying it on my back for the time being, I don’t have any intention to fight on a regular basis at all.

I have no doubt that I would only become a hindrance to Yuel.

The Greenby, who wielded the ivy like a whip, made it difficult for Yuel to close the distance.

Using the green ivy with great vigor, it decided to aim at Yuel describing an arc.

And then, drawing the same trajectory was Yuel’s knife.

The ivy was cut and flew away.

Following the flow, the second ivy likewise flew in the direction of the day after tomorrow.

The Greenby already lost all it means to mount an attack.

Yuel thrust her knife into its neck as it simply stood stock still. (T/N: It’s a plant after all *nods*)

It became light particles and vanished without being able to stop the dashing Yuel even once.

The combat was merely a few seconds.

But even so, originally the ivy attack, which is just like a swinging whip, is a formidable threat.

Even if I tried to block the ivy with my mace, I am sure the flexible ivy would KO me by hitting the back of my head without change.

Maa, since you might as well call this monster a plant, its offensive ability might not be that high, but I am surely not able to go ahead like Yuel and insta-kill it.

Apparently Yuel’s level is too high.

In the first place, Yuel can exterminate them by herself without me accompanying her.

There is no need for me to forcefully try to participate in the battles.

To the bitter end I only got the mace for self-defense in case we are surrounded by a great number of enemies.


We advanced a considerable distance through the 4th floor.

It is about time for us to see the entrance to the 5th floor soon, isn’t it?

As I was carefully, delicately, tenderly caressing Yuel’s hair like a treasure, unexpectedly two figures of people appeared on the other side of the signpost.

One person was lending their shoulder to the other person as they steadily walked towards us.

It was a pair of male adventurers.

Both of them are around 20 years old, huh?

Watching them getting close, the short man carried the tall man half on his shoulders as they walked.

And then there was a line of blood in their wake.

It was the injured person.

“Oi, are you alright?” (Shiki)

“A-Are you a priest? That’s good. This guy lost his leg when a Giant Ant bit him. We didn’t encounter any other adventurers on the pathway today, either. As it is, I don’t know whether he’ll last until we reach the surface. I beg you, it’s fine to only stop his bleeding, too. Can you please heal him?” (Shorty)

I have entered the labyrinth wearing my usual habit, but I am not a priest.

Although I am not a priest I can still use Healing magic.

Maa, explaining it properly is just too troublesome, just think what you like.

“There is nothing left from the left leg below the thigh… Was it eaten? That’s terrible. Ex-Heal. (Shiki) (ED: He took a bite to the knee.)

Should I rip them off in regards to the reward for the medical treatment? I considered this as well. After all he bled quite a lot.

The tall man’s face, man A, is quite pale resulting from the hemorrhage. His body is shivering due to the loss of blood, too.

If man A is left alone in this state, they would resent me quite a bit for starting such a thing like negotiations to overcharge the amount of reward money.

Furthermore, as the man is worn out, negotiations are pointless, too.

“You…” (Man A)

“Ex Heal?” (Man B)

Man A and B were surprised by the instant reformation of the leg.

There aren’t many people able to use healing magic to the degree of Ex Heal.

Or perhaps I should say that it is rather quite rare.

Although I didn’t intend to excessively show off either, if there is a injured person in front of my eyes, I won’t conceal my ability to the extent of not healing them, not for such reason at least.

“You are lucky to meet such a skilled healing magician like myself.” (Shiki)

“Incredible…” (Man A)

“Who are you that you can instantly heal such levels of damage… No, it doesn’t matter. Thank you for saving him.” (Man B)

With an astonished face Man A was making sure that he could feel his leg.

Separating from Man B, he is now able to stand on his own two feet by himself.

Ah, it is completely healed.

Although I don’t have such courage to leave an originally wounded person unattended, I healed him and for that healing my greed appeared.

I want remuneration.

I want money.

However, are these fellows so admirable as to pay a large amount of money by deferred payment?

I don’t know.

They might pay or might not pay.

Well, the Giant Ant is a monster of the 6th floor.

These guys seem to have received lethal injuries from the monsters on the 6th floor.

Also I was shown at this place today that it isn’t a good idea to rush through the floors without counterbalancing your abilities after all.

I have a feeling that it is unlikely for them to have saved up plenty of money considering the situation at hand.

“As expected of Master!” (Yuel)

Witnessing my healing magic, Yuel faced me with a sparkling gaze of reverence.

What a pleasant feeling.

I think it can be summed up as The injury was cured by healing this point, don’t you agree?

My face was watched with a mixture of excitement and fascination.

What an awfully pleasant feeling.

That’s right, I have to be Yuel’s esteemed master after all.

Somehow that’s the feeling I got.

I want Yuel to respect me even more.

I want her to stare at me with more and more reverence.

Instead of money, this will serve as a stepping stone to resolutely appeal my virtue.

It has an atmosphere of a mysterious brilliant healing specialist traveling the dangerous labyrinth and gallantly moving around treating the injured he encounters. (T/N: What a brainfried moron xD)

In this very moment I can say with confidence that I am the master of the unselfish and pure Yuel.

“There is no need to pay me money. Take good care of the life you were given. Yuel, let’s go!” (Shiki)

Choosing a magnificent turn, I departed without waiting for their response.

“Tsu…! Yes, master!” (Yuel)

As it’s just about time anyway, it is fine to return, too.

I wonder if Yuel is moved by my attitude of not wanting to receive compensation for the medical treatment? Her round and cute eyes are more and more glittering as she looked in this direction.

Ah, it feels good.

I am sure, within Yuel’s mind my stocks undoubtedly must have risen depicting a 90° degree line.

I am most likely extremely cool right now.

“Is it fine? Well, you are incredibly skilled, couldn’t you be employed by the royal castle as a junior? I am glad to have met you, hahahahaha !” (Man B)

I felt a slight shock running through my back.

It is Man B.

Holding my shoulders against my will, he firmly beat them without me knowing what was so enjoyable.

“Niichan, you are a good fellow! Even if you are smelling of blood and got dirt under your nails, I want to go drinking with you!” (Man A)

Before I became aware of it, Man A was energetically talking next to me.

Furthermore accompanying me all the way.

A~re, something’s different.

It is different from my mental image.

In my mental image Man A and B are supposed to be dumbfounded by my overly amazing healing magic.

After my gallant departure, I expected them to say This unselfish, stylish and mysterious Shinto priest, who the heck was that!or something along those lines.

Man AB’s recovery is much too early.

Oh well, as expected of adventurers, huh?

They quickly change gears.

Although I planned to separate here from Man AB, the direction to return to is the same, isn’t it?

I am an idiot, huh? (T/N: Well concluded, Sherlock)

I thought it would be stylish to turn my back on them and leave them be as is, but I perfectly dug my own grave.

I got excessively spellbound with myself and thus my ability to think dropped.

Haa, it is only revolting and has no meaning if it’s men clinging to me.


“Really, Shiki? This fellow Eris is a really cruel fellow!” (Man A)

“That’s true, isn’t it? Firing me for just accidentally touching breasts a bit? That’s not something you would do, would you?” (Shiki)

“I tell ya, there aren’t so many excellent guys like Shiki. What was that person thinking.” (Man B)

“Ah, really, you are completely right there!” (Shiki)

“””Hahahahahaha!!””” (San Baka)

The location changed to the usual bar.

Well, considering my story with a very good heart, those guys are really nice.

The tall guy, who was injured earlier, is Eight (T/N: >> Eito <<)

The short guy with the crude language seems to be Geyser. (T/N: >> Geiza <<)

Like that, me and Yuel were treated to a meal in a corner of the bar.

“However, even if you are able to only use healing magic, you should be very popular with any healing institution, don’t you agree?” (Eight)

“No, speaking between you and me, the problem is that I am not really a priest. I haven’t studied being one either. I don’t want others to stick their nose’s into these circumstances too much. Please keep it a secret that I can use Ex Heal, too.” (Shiki)

It is possible that not being a priest isn’t a problem either, but there is a possibility of bringing unnecessary trouble onto myself.

Even if there is no problem with it, going by Eris’s information, it is necessary to intensely practice for many years to somehow reach the degree of being able to finally heal damage with the exception of severe injuries.

The sort of Though I have trained at the church this much, what’s up with that guy!jealousy is scary.

“Ah there are special circumstances. Ah, but isn’t it fine to open a private medical treatment institution then?” (Eight)

“That’s true. You are hanging out here every day, no? Isn’t it fine to borrow one table here? Something with the feeling of a healing business stall.” (Geyser)

“With your skill, I don’t mind coming here.” (Eight)

“Likewise it will be fine to spread it amongst our adventurer fellows!” (Geyser)

Healing business stall.

Such a concept doesn’t exist.

After all, I will always dive into the labyrinth for about a half day, I haven’t yet visualized to eat or drink or gaze at Yuel in a mini-skirt in the bar.

It is a possibility.

“That’s true, it might be possible!” (Shiki)

As there won’t be any noble-sama’s coming to this bar which is aimed at the masses, the customers are mostly adventurers and laborers.

There might be demand.


After taking care of talking to the master of the bar to have a trial run, I easily received permission to open the healing business stall in a corner of the bar.

Even if it is a bar, they still will warmly welcome something that attracts customers. At a round table with a billboard, I prepared a partition resembling curtains.

Getting ready the obtained curtain is necessary for the medical treatment …..

It is not necessary for the negotiations.

You never know when such a customer like Ruruka comes along.

As the healing business stall is authorized by the bar now, I suspect there won’t be any customers coming who will involve the bar in a weird situation. But still, that way of compensation is a bit too tempting for the eyes.

Since I declared it to be necessary, it is necessary.


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