Chapter 1 – Mismarca’s Crown Prince

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The Continent.


The northern Republic of Zephirum where humans and demons are treated equally.


The southern Grand Marsenal with its doctrine of Majin1 supremacy.

“Prince Mahiro, where are you!?”

And a small nation. Smaller than a city, and part of a group of small nations, it lies between those two powerful nations. The name of that country, fated to shake the entire continent later on, is Mismarca. Currently it’s just a tiny nation where the people live peacefully.

“Geez, priiince!!”

This place is Mismarca’s royal castle. And this girl, who has been calling out and looking everywhere for the prince for a while now, is the 18-year-old novice Royal Knight: Pariel Karlreisel.
Panting heavily, Pariel says “He’s not here…”

She’s dripping with sweat after running around the entire castle, and her throat has become parched from shouting.
Even though it’s something that always happens, he keeps disappearing all of a sudden. Just thinking about it was making her angry.

“Hurry up and come out, you dumb prince!!” (Pariel)

The only reply is the echo reverberating through the wide hallway. Whenever she opens a door, the only people present are completely unrelated soldiers and government officials who look up in confused concern.

Out of breath, she concludes with defeat “… I guess it’s come to this.”

Pariel inhales deeply once more.

“Prince~, come and hug me~!!” (Pariel)

“Yes, my honey!! … Ah man, it’s you, Pariel?”

This handsome, black-haired boy, who has suddenly appeared out of nowhere, is the successor to Mismarca Kingdom’s crown: Mahiro Jukilnisk Edenfahrt, 15 years old.

“Where did you pop out from!? Answer immediately when you hear me!” (Pariel)

“Overestimating yourself and calling out to me so misleadingly; just who do you think you are? In case you forgot, I am the esteemed prince.” (Mahiro)

“Umm, no, well, you certainly are right on that point.” (Pariel)

“Well, something like that doesn’t matter at all, I’m busy. I don’t have the time to fool around with a brat like you.” (Mahiro)

“Wait. Hey, boy!” (Pariel)

Pariel grabbed the prince’s mantle with all her strength.

“Sometimes the words you say are really cruel, y’know…?” (Mahiro)

“Ah, no. That is…” (Pariel)

The prince gropes. Apropos of nothing, he touches her breasts.

“Wh… at…” (Pariel)

“Hmm. This is it. That’s about it.” (Mahiro)

He gropes.

“That’s why you are called a brat.” (Mahiro)

“Fucking prince!!” (Pariel)


“Ah… listen up, okay? If you do something like raising your hands against royalty, okay? In another country, you would get the death penalty for treason, got it? The penalty will be quite the extreme, you know? Get that properly into your head, okay…?” (Mahiro)

In the first place, such odd prince wouldn’t exist in another country, but Pariel follows the prince, who’s walking with his head tilted strangely, anyway and bows repeatedly.

“Yes, yes, I’m well aware of that. Excuse me. I’m very sorry, prince… umm, I just flared up…” (Pariel)

“Isn’t I just flared up merely the excuse of a cliché criminal?” (Mahiro)

“No, but, you know, umm…I do have a problem with you suddenly touching me there, prince…” (Pariel)

“Look, me doing that is…ahem. Going overboard is part of being a prince, you know? Ahahaha. Want a mint?” (Mahiro)

“No, I’m fine!!” (Pariel)

Appearances. If we only consider appearance… If he just stays silent, he’s probably like a fairytale prince on a white horse, but his foolishness is well-known among the soldiers, officials and maids inside the castle and the extent of his stupidity is famous even inside and outside the territory.
Mahiro turns around, slipping the rectangular box back into his pocket.

“So, what business do you have with me?” (Mahiro)

“Eh? Uummm, yes, His Majesty The King has summoned you to the audience hall.” (Pariel)

“Huh? Father? I really don’t want to go~. I will only get a lecture anyway.” (Mahiro)

Pariel couldn’t help but wonder what kind of education that strange prince had received up until now.

“That can’t be the reason… also, it’s not father, but His Majesty, right?” (Pariel)

“But you know, my father is really scary when he gets angry.” (Mahiro)

“Well, that’s the same for any family. Even if they aren’t royalty.” (Pariel)

“Ah, I don’t feel like it. Guess I will leave him in the lurch. I’m totally not up for it~.” (Mahiro)

“What kind of language is that?* Hurry, let’s go. I will get scolded if you don’t. Come on, go, go.” (Pariel) 2

Pushing the prince forward, Pariel begins to walk.

“What does it matter if you get scolded a bit? There will be such days in your long life as well. Hey, isn’t it fine as long as you simply do your best again tomorrow?” (Mahiro)

“Speak for yourself!?” (Pariel)

“No good. I’m a timid person, so I will die if I’m scolded.” (Mahiro)

“Then the same applies to me, so come on, hurry and move it. Fix the angle of your head! Your crown is askew as well!” (Pariel)

“That’s because you hit me… ouch! My head! I feel dizzy…” (Mahiro)

They arrive at the audience hall, where the king is sitting on the throne, and all the authorities that support the country had assembled.
Even though he often claims that he’s a timid person, Mahiro calmly walks forward on the carpet in the middle. Pariel hovers at the back, close to the entrance of the audience hall, joining the lineup at the furthest end. Even though she’s a novice, she’s already served in this castle for one year. Standing in such a spot isn’t new, but the atmosphere seems different from usual.
(I wonder, did something happen…?)
The atmosphere is, on the whole, somewhat heavy. It makes one’s skin crawl.

“You’re late, Mahiro.”

Sitting regally on the imposing, golden throne, the king’s voice is commanding. It resounds throughout the spacious audience hall. The king is a part of the race called 『Majin』.

“I was caught up in some minor business. Did you have anything in particular that you would like to say to me, father? ” (Mahiro)

“What else could there be? Some of those present here may already know, but listen carefully. Last night, the Empire… Grand Marsenal restarted its invasion.”

A commotion breaks out amongst the vassals.
A nation that advocated a demon doctrine, with military forces combining the force of an overwhelming number of enslaved humans with the devastating combat abilities of the Majin, they tout Majin supremacy. Following the path of wealth, prosperity and arrogant splendor, Grand Marsenal has conquered half of the Continent’s south in a mere 20 years after its founding. At the present its military forces and their supply lines have been decentralised in order to protect its sprawling dominion from monsters, and so it seemed like large-scale invasions were no longer a worry, but…
(A war, will take place—.)


At the king’s thunderous roar, the hall quiets immediately, the silence ringing in everyone’s ears.

“I understand your anxiety very well. But, our unrest will also be the unrest of our people. What does it help for us to tremble in fear? I must head to the Republic for the sake of consulting our next movements with the Anti-Empire Alliance. Therefore…”

The king pauses.

“Mahiro. In my absence I leave matters to you.”

Once again anxious voices are heard. However Mahiro, as if he were afraid to look into the eyes of his father, keeps his eyes cast downwards.

“… Father. Whatever the circumstances might be… it’s too much of a responsibility for me…” (Mahiro)

“Don’t fret. No one expects you to go to war. Although I called it an invasion, the Empire still hasn’t made a move in the open. Half a month or so… it will still take at least that much time for an army the size of the Empire’s to make a genuine move. I will return in five days, or at the latest a week. I’m telling you that I will entrust things to you during such an absence.

“But… father.” (Mahiro)


The prince bodily flinches in response to the king’s unusually grim voice.

“Right now it’s still fine. But soon, the continent will likely be engulfed in an age of war beyond anything seen before. When that happens I don’t know what I will be doing when and where. At that time you will have to bear the responsibility for this country.”

“…” (Mahiro)

“It’s okay to have the generals worry about the battles. It’s okay to leave the government to the ministers. Even so, the ones standing at the top of this country will always be us royalty. Do you understand, Mahiro?”

Mahiro keeps his eyes down and slumps in resignation.

“I know that, but…” (Mahiro)

“Of course even I’m well aware of your reputation inside and outside the country. But that’s unrelated. The problem is your own preparedness. Tell me, will you be manipulated by such nonsense? If you change, that scandal will transform into fame by tomorrow. Why don’t you understand that?”

The king shakes his head lightly.


“No, you must understand more than just this. A royal that cannot gain the trust of the people is a clown. In other words, it’s a king’s duty to make the people believe in them. I’m giving you a chance towards achieving that end while I can.”

Mahiro, as if overpowered by the strong gaze of the king… does nothing but stay silent. Seeing the state of his child, the king releases a deep sigh and lowers his gaze briefly.

“It’s only a few days. It will be alright even if you don’t do anything. But, if you conduct yourself splendidly, in a manner befitting a king, during those few days; if you are able to gain the trust of the people even just a bit… I plan to undo the seal on your powers.”

Mahiro, who had looked downward until then, looks up in surprise.

“That is… father, is that the truth?” (Mahiro)

“Your powers as a Majin are far too great. That’s why they had to be sealed when you were still very young. But, if you acquire the calibre of a king… there won’t be a problem.”

Because the king is a Majin, it’s only natural for Mahiro, his son, to be one as well. However, this was the first time Pariel was hearing of such a story. For it to have been sealed… in other words, it couldn’t be ordinary. The mana dwelling in Mahiro… is dangerous to the extent of risking ruin, or is so great that it would be unmanageable even for the king or the royal court magicians.

“… Understood.” Mahiro said.

“I will show you that I can govern this country in your stead, father.” (Mahiro)

Standing straight, he replies in a strong unwavering voice.
It’s very likely that this is the true Mahiro.
It was the first time for Pariel has seen the prince, whom she personally serves, in such light. She felt a shiver of anticipation. And make no mistake, that feeling was shared by everyone in this place, this castle, that knew the prince personally.


They saw the king off at the castle gate. The king rode in a large, black automobile of the highest grade, a relic of an ancient civilization that had many layers of magic coating applied to it. He was escorted by the Knight Order, the elite of the elite, their silver armor dazzling in the sun. Four Knight Leaders headed the procession. There were also three generals. Royal Knights, diplomats, several of the king’s personal chamberlains…
The king’s automobile was in the middle, with mounted knights and coaches in the front and back. Although Mismarca’s entire national army didn’t even number a thousand and the king had many vassals, this was an exceedingly small number of troops to guard a sovereign leaving the country.

“Then, I shall rely on you, Mahiro.”

“Please leave it to me, father.” (Mahiro)

Mahiro bowed deeply and respectfully towards the king who peered out through the window of the car. The king nodded once and then turned to the front.


Upon that signal, the maid in the driver’s seat honked the car horn and the entire procession began to move forward slowly, like a continental train. It took several minutes for all of them to pass through the castle gate. The extensive front yard of the royal castle was suddenly empty, and only an inexplicable loneliness is left behind in their wake.

“Your Majesty, haven’t you been a bit too strict with Prince Mahiro?”

Seated in the assistant driver’s seat, an aged general with a black eyepatch turns his head to the back. His name is Shrayban. He was a white magician serving as the most trusted retainer amongst the trusted, who shared an deep friendship with the king.

“He acts like a rascal, but despite appearances, the prince has quite a few personal virtues. Especially when he’s in the castle town.”

“Oh yes, he often slips out of the castle, doesn’t he?”

Noticing the people along the roadside waving their hands the king answers with a lightly raised hand. This automobile, a restored relic, is capable of reaching whatever speed one desires, but remains at a comfortable march matching that of the mounted knights.

“Besides, he’s a gentle person. If he happens upon a maid about to kill a mouse or a stray slime, he makes them stop first.” (Shrayban)

“Hoo, that’s the first time I’m hearing of this.”

Shrayban laughs in his gruff voice.

“For mice to appear in the castle is proof that there’s good food. For slimes to appear is evidence that there’s good soil where grasses grow well. It made sense to me.” (Shrayban)

“Good grief… that boy has only excelled at giving foolish excuses like that since he was young.”

Unable to kill a single mouse. I wonder, how will he be able to survive on this continent that is about to experience something that will cause the number of lives lost to rival the stars in the sky? All the more, if he’s inside the royal palace where every possible ploy, stratagem and scheme is flying about.

“If the times were better, that boy would likely be able to become a wise king… The compassion that prevents him from killing even a bug would be certainly praised as a quality of a good ruler in peaceful times. But…”

“Then I have to wonder how you can bear to force such a prince into a situation like this. Well, I suppose we can only see how the prince fares.” (Shrayban)

The old magician stifles a yawn while gently stroking his long beard.

“If that boy is truly of the calibre you believe him to be, then there’s only one choice. Even if he’s actually a bluff, at least Edelweiss is still there.”

“Hoo… Now that you mention it, she has stayed behind, hasn’t she? Then the safety of our country, the peace and…” (Shrayban)

The elderly magician sinks into his seat and yawns widely. Soon he begins to snore. The veteran maid in the driver’s seat casts a glance at Shrayban at the lull in the conversation.

“With all due respect, Your Majesty, if there’s some kind of problem…”

“You’d probably understand if you listened. The problem is Mahiro. That’s why I left Edelweiss behind. That’s all there is to it.”

The maid sighs, looking troubled as she slowly turns the steering wheel.

“… I guess you are right. After all, Prince Mahiro at least listens to what Edelweiss tells him…”

“Did he do something to you as well?”

“Yes, since he was discovered to having infiltrated our dressing room the other day, the chamberlains used all their energy to beat him u… ah, no, umm, in other words, err, to educate him a little…”


“The cornered prince suddenly released stray slimes, cockroaches and mice, our natural enemies, out of nowhere…”

“It’s fine already, concentrate on the road.”

“Yes! I’m very sorry.”

Imitating the old general, the king folds his arms and shuts his eyes.

Mahiro looked out onto the country’s largest main street through the open castle gate with an unusually calm gaze until the end of the procession vanished from sight. As the chief vassals, who remained in the castle, watch him warily, Pariel began to talk.

“Let’s see, prince, what we going to do first? Everyone is waiting for your speech.” (Pariel)

He turned around. Nobody had a troubled or exasperated expression anymore. All of them honestly tried to show their loyalty to their lord.

“Pfft…” Mahiro burst into laughter.

“Ku-kukuku! Hahaha…! Ahahahahaha!” (Mahiro)

“P-… Prince?”

Just when not only Pariel, but everyone around them began to worry for the future,

“Free~~~~~~~do~~~~~~~~m!!” (Mahiro)

He suddenly shouted, raising both fists high into the air.

“Free~~~~~~~~~~~~~~do~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~m!!” (Mahiro)

And then, apparently having run out of breath and gasping heavily he said “… I guess I will say it once more. Free~~!”
*Thump* Pariel’s fist reflexively landed on his head.

“Prince, what are you on about? That freedom… say it so that everyone understands.” (Pariel)

“Right now! I have obtained freedom! It’s an unending desire of all mankind! A true freedom appropriate for this free nation called Mismarca!” (Mahiro)

“I see…?” (Pariel)

“Father has left! All of the chief generals have left…and now…” (Mahiro)

Pausing his speech, Mahiro looked down then made a thumbs up.

“I’m the king!!” (Mahiro)

“P-… Prince…?” (Pariel)

“Hey, hey, Pariel, I’m the king, you know? King! I, the one who has spent all his days in decadence!! In short, this country now at long last mine, all without me lifting a single finger!!” (Mahiro)

“… Using such difficult words, what’s wrooong with you, you dumb prince?” Pariel tried to question him, but he’s in such high spirits he doesn’t to hear any of it.

“The freedom to eat rice and canned mackerel with soy sauce sprinkled on top for all three meals of the day! The freedom to stay up for as long as I want and to wake up late!! Ah, what a wonderful week it’s going to be!!” (Mahiro)

“Umm.. you’re not like some child whose parents have gone on some trip…” (Pariel)

Then again, It’s the kind of dumb thing only he can come up with… or rather it’s so typical for the prince… no, it’s because the people around him know their place and won’t propose something like “Let’s use this chance and take over the country.”

“Now is the time for me to order you as king! Minister! Minister of Domestic Affairs Karlo, where are you!?!” (Mahiro)

“Ha! … Yes, Prince Mahiro!” (Karlo)

A person with a small and slightly pudgy build rushed over. Mahiro let his mantle flutter and held a hand aloft in an exaggerated manner.

“Make it a rule for all women above the age of twelve and below the age of thirty living in this country to wear maid clothes—!!” (Mahiro)

*bam* 3

A marvellous impact, not once heard since Mismarca’s founding, spread throughout the front yard of the castle.
The prince’s seriousness was apparent from the strangely realistic age limits. Everybody in the place must be convinced of it by now. That this prince is truly that
And I’ll tell you what, I think so as well.

“W-… With all due respect, Your Highness. Your mental state… is it okay?” (Karlo)

Alongside the flustered minister, Pariel also cut into the conversation.

“T-That’s right, prince! Didn’t you properly listen to what the king told you!? If say you such nonsensical things, you will lose more and more of your common sense, prince! Right now is not the time to joke around! When we don’t know when the Empire might come to attack…!!” (Pariel)

“Pariel, did you yourself listen properly to my father’s words? He said that they wouldn’t get here for half a month at the least, didn’t he?” (Mahiro)

“Yeah, he did, but still!!” (Pariel)

It could be said that the king wouldn’t have entrusted the country to this son of his otherwise. Though that might still be the better interpretation of the king’s actions.

“Hah… I will say it as many times as you want, but I’m the king! For so long I have been restrained by life at the royal court. Now at last, I, after living like a starved beast for so long, have been released from that cage! Tell me, just where in this country could you find someone who can stop me, who will devote himself to the exploring the very limits of fiendishness including tyranny, oppression and power politics—!?!” (Mahiro)

And so, everyone concluded in unison Indeed, it’s the end. The curtains of history will fall on the country, despite its traditions which exceed that of the Empire and even the likes of those that came before it by several hundred years,


A sound similar to thunder tore through the air and reverberated from the top of Mahiro’s head.
When the fallen Mahiro turned his head, he found a single maid towering over him holding a 『Giant Paper Fan』, a legacy of the ancient civilization and a forbidden tool for educational guidance.

Black hair as if trimmed to the correct length with a ruler. Eyes colder than even ice. The world still spinning before his eyes, he stares at the woman that serves as this country’s head chamberlain,

“H-… Huh? Edelweiss, you were here?” (Mahiro)

“Yes. What of it?” (Edelweiss)

Her voice is cold as well. However, that’s not because angry with Mahiro, but because this person always has such an air.
Head Chamberlain Edelweiss. Of course, there are actual maids among the chamberlains in this country, but the term refers to all the vassals who serve royalty. In other words, the elite squads of the knights and Royal Knights all fall under her control; she’s a general despite the maid uniform.
Of course she’s Pariel’s superior officer. And luckily she is also Mahiro’s natural enemy.

“You didn’t leave with father…?” (Mahiro)

“No.” (Edelweiss)

“I-… Is that so?” (Mahiro)

“That’s correct.” (Edelweiss)

Seeing Mahiro making a small groan, Edelweiss turns towards the spectating vassals.

“His Majesty said you don’t have to worry about anything. Therefore you may simply wait for the king’s return while continuing as you have until now. Everyone, return to your stations.” (Edelweiss)

All the ones who hadn’t moved even when asked by Mahiro, obediently disperse while feeling relieved as if a typhoon has passed.
The way Edelweiss carries herself is as if she is the law and foremost authority in public morals.

“A… aaaah. Please wait… my ambitions, my dreams, my freedom… all has fallen apart…” (Mahiro)


“Even Pandora’s box… had a fragment of hope… left at the end…” (Mahiro)


“It’s not like the world’s going to end, now is it?” (Pariel)

“You can only say that because you don’t know how beautiful freedom is…” (Mahiro)


“Your Highness, you are depressing.” (Edelweiss)

How merciless.

“Pariel.” (Edelweiss)

“Y-Yes!” (Pariel)

“You have to rein in His Highness. That’s your purpose as his guard.” (Edelweiss)


“Y-Yes… but… stopping the prince who had gone cra- broken… no, fallen apart… that’s not it either, had a short bout of poor judgement is…” (Pariel)

I have never heard anything about that. The job of a guard is to protect him from danger, so isn’t she telling the wrong person to discipline him?

“As you can see, the prince is quite resilient. I give you permission to get a bit rough with him as long as it’s not permanent.” (Edelweiss)

Again. How merciless.

“Did you understand?” (Edelweiss)

“Ha! I will bear it in mind!” (Pariel)


“Well then, Your Highness, I will excuse myself as well at this point.” (Edelweiss)

“… Umm. So, well, Edelweiss?” (Mahiro)

“What is it?” (Edelweiss)

“Um, I was… I was wondering what I should do as king, or something like that…?” (Mahiro)

“How about doing as you please?” (Edelweiss)

In other words, “Do whatever you want?”
Yeah, I definitely don’t want to get on her bad side.
If you think of it the other way, you could also say the prince, who doesn’t shrink away from being treated in this manner each and every single time, is certainly amazing in his own way.

“In short… you want me to stay low?” (Mahiro)

“Yes.” (Edelweiss)

“U…uuh…! I…I am! An unwanted child! A mere figurehead! Such a… such a country should just be democratised–!!” (Mahiro)


With that, the prince ran away somewhere while crying and shouting as if he were in a dramatic play.

“Hey, W-Wait a moment, prince! Geeze, prince!!” (Pariel)

Pariel starts to chase after him.
The only one left, Edelweiss went back inside the castle expressionlessly.


“Regular report.”

《This is Kaze 1. It looks like only Prince Mahiro has stayed behind in the castle after all.》

《This is Kaze 2. The king has left the domain. He’s headed north.》

“You are certain about the whispers4?”

《Number 1, affirmative.》

《Number 2, affirmative.》

“However, it’s a pointlessly large castle, unbefitting for this country. I heard the stories, but it’s almost as big as the imperial capital’s Rottenheim Palace.”

《In the past they ruled the central area. The current Mismarcan dynasty is a mere shadow of its former self.》

《If it’s the central area, I guess it have been spread across the land to the former republican territory. What a large nation.》

“But, I heard the king at that time lost his mind? He advocated something called liberalism and recognised the autonomous independence of each territory. Well, in those days the ancient civilization had just collapsed, so it was the most peaceful period. It would be great if you had to only fight against monsters to keep your country safe, but…”

《It’s a silly story. Doesn’t that mean that they didn’t understand that such an era would come? If the king panics and leaves the country, a conference won’t be of much help either.》

《However… the castle is just as you can see. If it’s something left behind by a country like that, the interior must be like a fortress, right? It will be difficult to attack.》

“For Kaze like us, that’s nothing we have to worr…”

《What’s wrong?》

“… No, it’s just my imagination. There’s no problem. The next regular report will be at 1400. Affirmative?”

《Number 1, affirmative.》

《Number 2, affirmative.》

“End of transmission.”

Gasping heavily “Fiiinally I found you…” (Pariel)

Even though the dominion itself is small, it’s troublesome to search every nook and cranny of this imposing castle for him each and every single time. Mahiro was looking down on the land north of the castle from a rooftop in a corner of said castle.
At times, though very rarely, when Mahiro is all by himself, he’ll show such a detached expression. Even if he screws around, there are probably things he ponders to himself, after all.
When you look properly, it’s a small townscape. It’s completely surrounded by an outer wall for the sake of defending against a monster invasion, which is referred to as protective wall. In the middle is this huge castle, enclosed by a moat and a rampart. As a reference for its size, a forest could probably fit comfortably in the part that is treated as the backyard.

“… What are you thinking about?” (Pariel)

Hearing Pariel’s soft call, Mahiro lifts his head, as if he’s been lost in his world this whole time, and turns around with a smile. As if embarrassed, he clears his throat with a *cough**cough*.

“Did it look like that?” (Mahiro)

“… Did you space out, again?” (Pariel)

Pariel stands next to Mahiro and joins him in gazing at the land beyond the castle. The town is so far below them that you can barely make out all the details. Still, it’s a nice scene.


“It’s a beautiful country. The country that was entrusted to you, prince.” (Pariel)

“Well, you are probably right there.” (Mahiro)

Mahiro says cheerfully and then pouts his lips.

“I was told by Edelweiss to do as I please.” (Mahiro)

“Th-… That is, look, Edelweiss’ style. She surely said it like that to encourage you, prince.” (Pariel)

“Do you think that she’s someone like that?” (Mahiro)

“… Umm…hmm. Honestly, I can’t really imagine her doing that.” (Pariel)

Majin Edelweiss. Currently she’s this country’s head chamberlain, but I hear that she was previously in the special chamberlain unit of the Grand Marsenal Empire. Why she came to this country is something a lowly Royal Knight like Pariel hasn’t been told, but… Anyway, as maid, as person in charge of Mahiro’s education and even more so as a general; she’s a person who flawlessly performs all tasks.
She’s also the person who established the current social standing of the maids, demonstrating the necessity of maids and proving that they weren’t simply servants.
Ensuring huge profits when they are contracted as skilled mercenaries, hunters or arena fighters, being able to hire high-quality maids is regarded as status symbol of their employers nowadays no matter to which country you go.

“But, the fact that she told you to do as you like is because she thinks you will do your best for the sake of the country, prince, so it’s fine for you to just do what you think is best. Let’s do something good for the country. After all it’s the long-awaited chance the king bestowed on you.” (Pariel)

“…” (Mahiro)


“… Prince, what have you been looking at all this time? I think it’s too far away to peek on changing women from here, but…” (Pariel)

“… Hey now, haven’t you become quite rude recently?” (Mahiro)

When she dodges his question by laughing, Mahiro points with his finger.

“That house.” (Mahiro)

In a corner of the high-end residential area close to the castle where many nobles live.

“They can’t find a buyer for that one easily, right?” (Mahiro)

“… The one with that blue roof? No one lives there?” (Pariel)

“It’s so splendid, what a waste. If I could get more spending money, I would buy it. No, I will buy it! Pariel, go to the real estate agency and tell them to reserve it for me?” (Mahiro)

“Even though you are living in such magnificent castle… just what are you unhappy with…?” (Pariel)

“Edelweiss is here.” (Mahiro)

Pariel sighs deeply.

“Well, if nobody else has bought it, it should be fine. I will set out on a journey looking for another world. And I will establish a nation that has only maids besides me. I will conquer this continent.” (Mahiro)

“What ridiculous things are you mumbling about now? You have to stay in this castle until the king returns. Ah, hurry, the church’ bell has rung. It’s noon. Let’s eat some rice! Rice I tell you. That will improve your mood.” (Pariel)

“Pariel, you are so lively. How niiiice…” (Mahiro)

Since it looked like he would idle around here for the entire day if left alone, Pariel pulls Mahiro’s arm. He’s quite interested in that house, isn’t he…? Looking back at the house one last time, Mahiro went back inside the castle.


Although I don’t know why, Mahiro prefers eating in the general dining hall, where the common knights, sentries, maids and so on dine, instead of his own room or the royal dining room whenever he has the chance.
Long tables are lined up inside. You take the dishes that catch your eye from the bowls and pots lined up on a counter and eat it wherever there is an open seat. It’s the so-called buffet system.
When it comes to highly ranked personnel like commanding officers, high officials, ministers and generals, they can of course request the food they like and they can also have it brought to their own rooms… but, today as well Mahiro only got a hot dog and corn potage at the counter and began to eat heartily. Mahiro’s love for canned mackerel is famous within the castle, but he seems to like any food the commoners eat.
Pariel has croissants, pork saute, a spinach salad and bean soup.

“Starting this afternoon, you have sword training.” (Pariel)

“… Eh~?” (Mahiro)

Mahiro cocks his head to the side, looking as if he’s about to protest with all his might.

“I know that you hate practising, prince.” (Pariel)

Sword training in particular is something he isn’t eager about at all. He lists various reasons such as the pain, sore muscles and so on.

“But you have to because we are living in times like these now.” (Pariel)

Even the dining hall that’s always crowded at this time of day has many vacant seats because the king has left the country. Low, nervous voices expressing their concern about the situation can be clearly heard all over the place and a somewhat heavy atmosphere hangs in the air.

“I wonder if the king will be back soon~?”

“At present the castle is completely deserted, isn’t it? If the Empire attacked at such time, we would be helpless.”

“But, he did say that they wouldn’t arrive here for at least half a month!”

“You should understand by now. If they learn that there’s no royalty present, they might invade with a smaller force.”

“I guess so. Even if they can’t mobilise the entire army…just one knight order…”

“On the other hand, if it was just that, we should be able to take them on, if we all join forces.”

“That’s right! I see. In other words, that means the future of this country is in our hands!”

“If everyone does their duty properly, even the Empire shouldn’t be able to make a move that easily, right!?”

For some reason they were getting all riled up.
Mahiro squints at the situation.

“Pariel.” (Mahiro)

“Yes? What’s up, prince?” (Pariel)

“Looks like in the eyes of the people, it’s as if I’m not here. Not just here in the castle, or in the country, but as if I don’t exist at all.”” (Mahiro)

“Don’t say that about yourself.” (Pariel)


“At any rate, I am of the highest social standing, a rank called prince, and therefore dislike something as barbaric as swordsmanship.” (Mahiro)

He’s bad at it because he escapes every time while finding faults such as this.

“In the first place, it’s obvious that something like that is unnecessary. I mean, aren’t you my guard?” (Mahiro)

‘I don’t want to hear that from you.

“Tr-… True, but there are worst case situations, too. The one you can rely on the most when it comes down to the crunch is still yourself, prince. At such time you have to protect yourself…” (Pariel)

“As if anyone would be troubled, if you could get stronger in a day or two.” (Mahiro)

And then, Mahiro suddenly…

“While we are on the topic, why did you become something like a knight?” (Mahiro)

“Eh? Ah, I was attacked by a monster in my childhood. It was so bad they they told me I was on the verge of death, but at that time I was saved by someone.” (Pariel)

Mahiro raised his head.

“Someone, you say. You don’t remember?” (Mahiro)

“Yes I only remember that I was playing with a friend outside the city at that time. The next time I came to, I was in a bed.” (Pariel)

The first thing that springs to mind when she recalls the incident is the retreating figure of the boy she played with and then her mother’s worried face.
Everything in between was a completely blank.

“So… it’s a life I was given after getting rescued, thus I want to save people as well, or rather, I want to protect them… I mean…” (Pariel)

“… I see, so you did have a proper reason, then?” Mahiro asks with an unexpectedly straight face.

“That’s right. Therefore, I intend to protect you, prince, and all the people…” (Pariel)

“So, that means you didn’t have the academic ability to the degree of becoming a doctor, right?” (Mahiro)

“I have enough talent in swordsmanship to allow me to become a Royal Knight!” (Pariel)

“Hmm~. Heee~.” (Mahiro)

“Haah!? You think I’m lying!? You are making fun of me, aren’t you!? Putting aside my smarts, the story from my childhood is the truth! As proof of that I still have a scar on my back.” (Pariel)

“Yeah, yeah, I know that.” (Mahiro)

“Why do you know that?” (Pariel)

“Ahahaha. Why, you ask, that’s of course because I’ve se…” (Mahiro)

“Haven’t seen it!! It’s the truth! I haven’t seen anythiiiing~~~!!” (Mahiro)


“Die, you dumb prince! Die by having that rotten head of yours smashed up and thrown into leftover tofu scum!!” (Pariel)

She pants heavily.

“Be that as it may! Prince!” (Pariel)

“Okay… I won’t peek into the dressing room or bathroom anymore.” (Mahiro)

*smack*! *smack*!

“Back to the topic at hand. If you practise your swordsmanship, it won’t be just for yourself, but you will also be able to protect others! Even if this country has been entrusted to Lady Edelweiss, if you start to secretly train your swordsmanship using this chance, what do you think the people will think? ‘That prince!? Finally!? At last he’s stopped messing around…” (Pariel)

“Hey, don’t casually throw in rude remarks.” (Mahiro)

“A-Anyway…! You will be popular!!” (Pariel)

“… Is that the truth?” (Mahiro)

“Indeed, it is, prince!” (Pariel)

At Pariel’s assertions, Mahiro stuffed the hotdog into his mouth, washed it down with the soup and stood up in high spirits.

“I see. It’s a new way of thinking.” (Mahiro)

“… Ha?” (Pariel)

“If Edelweiss stands in for father, it will be as usual. Namely, it doesn’t matter whether I’m present or not to begin with. Or rather, if we listen to what’s being said, my presence is already pretty much the same as air.” (Mahiro)

“What!?” (Pariel)

“Therefore, I will go on a trip to the outskirts of the castle.” (Mahiro)

“Wai-! Prince!?” (Pariel)

“Please don’t look for me.” (Mahiro)

“No, that’s unreasonable! It’s totally nuts! Or perhaps I should ask why…!” (Pariel)

“Officially it will be an inspection in preparation for the Empire’s attack. Bye then.” (Mahiro)

Mahiro gave a casual wave and walked briskly out of the dining hall.

“Officially!? What do you plan to do behind the scenes!? Prince!!” (Pariel)

Pariel gulped down her remaining food at maximum speed and chased him, throwing the tray on the counter.

“… That girl is still young as well, but she sure has it hard, huh~?”

“Although she was accepted as Royal Knight at long last, she has to babysit Prince Mahiro… if it was me, I would prefer being a common soldier.”

“Even though she’s such a nice, honest, hard-working child~.”



“Regular report.”

《This is Kaze 1. No whispers5.》

《Kaze 2. No whispers.》

“You are certain?”

《Number 1, affirmative.》

《Number 2, affirmative.》

“… A moat and a rampart. It’s a typical castle, but if we are going to attack, the question is from where.”

《An investigation request?》

“It just came in.”

《It would probably be the best option to have the castle gate opened by the Kaze inside.》

《It’s that impregnable?》

《The founder of the old Mismarca dynasty, the former family head of the Magistia Kingdom… in other words, a descendant of one of the siblings of the current imperial family… was apparently obsessed with magic and crest engineering. I don’t know how much knowledge Mismarca still has left, but as I said before, the castle is a building from that period. I expect that there are alarm bells and traps all over the surface of the wall. I can see unfamiliar crests. I can’t believe it to be an average magic barrier.》



《… What’s wrong?》

“It looks like a neighborhood brat has lost his way in the garden.”

《It’s a vacant house. I guess such things happen as well.》

“No, that brat… somewhere I’ve…”


“… You don’t say!”

《You need backup?》

“No, let’s ignore it. This country’s public order is good. Besides, it’s already time to leave. It seems like we weren’t noticed either. The next regular report will be at 1600. Affirmative?”

《Number 1, affirmative.》

《Number 2, affirmative.》

“End of transmission.”

Just now the brat climbed the wall and left, but…
Then, how did he get inside?
Does jumping into this bush-covered yard really only produce a small rustle?

“… Emergency. I’m changing locations.”

《So there is a problem after all?》

“No, it’s better for Kaze to be cautious.”

《Number 1, affirmative.》

《Number 2, affirmative.》

“End of transmission.”

Mahiro landed on the stone paving with a *plop*. It was a tall fence. He brushed the dust off the commoner clothes that were his disguise.

“Well then…” (Mahiro)

Mahiro readjusted his cap to cover his eyes again.

“So somebody was here already, huh…?” (Mahiro)

He glanced back at the supposedly vacant mansion-

“Found you, young master!!”

Mahiro turned his head with a start. Pariel came galloping into view on her favorite, dappled-grey horse with a determined look.

“You found me already!? Damn, your intuition is becoming sharper these days…” (Mahiro)

“Now, come, young master, return home obediently, it’s time for your studies! Ooohohohoho!” (Pariel)

There’s no way that I would chase him through town while shouting prince.

“And just where would you find a tutor that teaches others in an adventurer’s getup!?” (Mahiro)

With that he runs away from Pariel, who looks down at her sword and light sleeveless clothing, recognising that it was indeed very different from the expected uniform with a stiff, starched collar.

“Now is the time for me to be a free man! By nature, everyone has a right to freedom! Heaven didn’t create people to be above or below others! Somebody! Anyone! Please save me! The fundamental rights of a innocent young boy are about to be cruelly crushed underfoot—!!” (Mahiro)

“Ooohohohohohoho!!” (Pariel)

“Noooooo~~~~~!!” (Mahiro)

And so Mahiro ran from Pariel, going as far as his legs and his breath could take him…

… And was promptly caught.
*clip**clop* Pariel trotted back, Mahiro having been slung over the back of her horse.

“Ru-… Running too much is bad for my health…” (Mahiro)

“Isn’t that because you completely lack physical training? That’s why, if you take up sword training, it will be…” (Pariel)

“I kept running for thirty minutes straight… against someone on horse… isn’t it obvious by now… that I’m a good runner…?” Mahiro pants.

Well, I guess that’s true as well.

“By the way, prince.” (Pariel)

“What is it?” (Mahiro)

“Won’t you sit in front?” (Pariel)

“Why?” (Mahiro)

“Why, you ask… a man riding behind a woman is, honestly… quite uncool, am I wrong?” (Pariel)

“The me right now is no one but a boy of noble but unknown origin.” (Mahiro)

“But.” (Pariel)

“… I’m tired.” (Mahiro)

“But.” (Pariel)

“… Riding on a living creature, how heartless.” (Mahiro)

“No one thinks that way about a horse. I mean, technically you’re still riding it right now. ” (Pariel)

“… For me, this excellent runner…” (Mahiro)

“You are sitting behind me because that didn’t work out, aren’t you?” (Pariel)

“…” (Mahiro)

I have a bad premonition.

“Prince… you’re not going to tell me that you can’t ride a horse, are you?” (Pariel)

“… Honestly, yes.” (Mahiro)

*Bam* 6

“Haah!?” (Pariel)

“Don’t mind it. Go left there. I won’t run away anymore. You can come with me.” (Mahiro)

“Left… wha-, you plan to go outside the city?” (Pariel)

“That why I told you; it’s an inspection.” (Mahiro)

“… Really?” (Pariel)

He wriggles his legs and,

“Inspection~, inspection~.” (Mahiro)

“I-I got it! So please stop throwing such a childish tantrum! The horse will buck!” (Pariel)

Once they left the main street, they turned in the exact opposite direction of the castle, towards the south gate.

“… What’s going on?”

It’s not as if many people usually come and go from this fairly geographically and politically insignificant country. And yet, today it’s crowded. As they draw closer,

“Don’t push! From now on this protective door will be closed!”

“Reason, tell us the reason!”

“We’ve been ordered to not allow people to come and go!”

“The fish will go bad!”

“What about my deliveries today!?”

“At least let these medicines pass!”

“I’m just going to go huntin outside for a bit!”

“That’s right! Not even allowing me to go back home, what’s the deal!?”

The complaints and dissatisfaction were reaching explosive levels.

“Closed, he says… I wonder why?” (Pariel)

“… Isn’t it because the Empire is on its way? The guard captain here is…” (Mahiro)

They move closer to the guard station and get off the horse. Mahiro asks a stern-looking elderly sentry,

“What is going on here?” (Mahiro)

“Uh? Can’t you understand from what you see? The gate will be closed soon and all the people entering and leaving the country will be inspected… Y-Your Highness!?”

Mahiro raised his finger to his lips “Shh, shh.” Some people by the gate turned around, but in the end it was swallowed by the hustle and bustle. Apparently no one realized that it’s Mahiro. However, the commanding officer still looks surprised.

“You! You slipped out of the castle again…! Ugh, for the prince to be this stupid…!”

“So even you are talking to me in such a manner, huh? That’s rude. Isn’t this just what I usually do?” (Mahiro)

It’s stupid because you always do it.

“That’s because it’s at a time like this! What for did you come here…? You must stay in the castle as proxy of His Majesty… no, you will stand out too much here… come inside the guard station.”

Apparently they’re close acquaintances. Inside, there are several simple tables and chairs. Polished spears and shields are leaning against the walls. It’s a guard station you can find anywhere. Several young soldiers were relaxing in there.

“Ah, prince! Welcome! Take it easy. We have juice.”

“Prince, we got our hands on a new card game. Want to play together with us? This time I won’t lose.”

“Prince, ice, want to eat some ice?”

“Prince, at the bar in the second district of the western lower city, a nice looking dancer has…”

They are friendly, or rather very familiar, or rather, how would you put it…?

“You idiots, just how long is your break going to last!? Return to your stations at once!!”

Being yelled at by the commanding officer, the young sentries quickly escape.

“… Prince you hang out here quite often, don’t you? Anyway, I’d like to hear the details in regards to that dubious bar mentioned last.” (Pariel)

“Umm, well. That is, keep it a secret from Edelweiss.” (Mahiro)

As Pariel heaves a sigh, Mahiro turns back to the commanding officer with a normal expression.

“Leaving that aside, who ordered this uproar?” (Mahiro)

“Ha! It’s the order of Sir Karlo. I was informed that spies might have infiltrated us ahead of the imperial army’s advance.”

“… Was that reason given to everyone?” (Mahiro)

“Ha! Of course not. After all His Majesty had said this morning to not panic or get ourselves shaken…”

“Then stop it at once.” (Mahiro)

The commanding officer and Pariel both stare at Mahiro in shock.

“Why, prince?” (Pariel)

“Mmh? It’s meaningless.” (Mahiro)

“Meaningless… you say that so easily.”

“At any rate, if such disturbance keeps going on, people will get injured. The fish will rot as well. If the delivery of goods is delayed, the workshop over there might finally go out of business. In particular, the medicine for the clinic will…” (Mahiro)

(By any chance…)
I wonder, is the prince actually well informed about the lives of the people outside the castle? The commanding officer looks like he is wondering the same thing when she exchanges a short glance with him.

“Use some kind of excuse like a criminal listed on the continent’s wanted posters entered the city, but ran away in the end. Immediately return to your normal guard protocol. That’s an order, with the full authority of my father.” (Mahiro)

“At-At your command!”

“While you are at it, can you inform those at the northern gate as well? Ah, but in Edelweiss’ name.” (Mahiro)

“Yes…? But, it’s Your Highness’ order…?”

“They won’t listen anyway if you use my name. The captain over there is a diligent one…” (Mahiro)

“Haha, I see. Understood. It will be done at once then.”

The captain leaves the guard station. Once he gives the excuse provided by Mahiro, the crowd shrugs, saying “Then it can’t be helped, but it’s good that all’s well” and dispersed. The captain then picks up the phone and tells the same thing to the captain at the north gate. The receiver is put back on the wall-mounted phone with a *kachink*.

“I told him to cease with the inspections immediately.”

“Nice, nice. With this the case is closed.” (Mahiro)

“But,” Pariel said.

“What will you do if spies have really sneaked in?” (Pariel)

“It will work out somehow. They are not going to attack yet anyway.” (Mahiro)

“That’s true, but…” (Pariel)

“And because of that I have to at least let everyone live their lives peacefully and uneventfully.” (Mahiro)

(… How do I put it…?)
The prince thinks about matters in his own way, I guess~. Precisely because of his usual antics, I’ve ended up admiring him in a strange way now. Even if he only does nonsensical stuff, he’s a kind person at heart. Therefore, even when he is told things like that by the king, he doesn’t try to force unreasonable things to happen.
While Pariel smiles absentmindedly,

“Then the king doesn’t go out into town?”

“… Yeah. Father looks like that, but unexpectedly he doesn’t do anything. I mean, he just sits down on the throne with a flump, and it shows that his loyal vassals can handle everything.” (Machiro)

“Then you should do that as well, prince…”

“There should be no problem with me using the time I would spend doing nothing for playing around!” (Machiro)

“Sitting down with a flump is important!!”

In the end he was brought back to the castle after that.

Deep in the night. Mahiro is lying on his bed in his room and reading a book as usual,

“Your Highness. I’m coming in.” (Edelweiss)

Edelweiss entered after knocking.

“During the day you made use of my name, didn’t you? Was there anything wrong with Minister Karlo’s order?” (Edelweiss)

“…” (Mahiro)

“One fish. A single workshop. It might have been fine to prioritise the people normally, but if we leave this for a month or half, how will the information that the spies from today gathered influence the war? Don’t ignore the big picture.” (Edelweiss)

“Edelweiss, do you know the 『Whispers of Kaze』? Not in the usual sense, of course.” (Mahiro)

The maid, normally expressionless, slightly narrowed her eyes at him.

“… Where did you hear such words?” (Edelweiss)

“Even if I tell you, it won’t be of any use to you.” (Machiro)

Because they probably have already switched houses anyway.

“I’m astonished. For you to have gotten close to the Empire’s Kaze, a title only bestowed to the elites of the Empire’s intelligence bureau. I suppose that means you can easily sneak into the dressing room that was rigged with so many traps.” (Edelweiss)

“It’s because I excel at moving stealthily.” (Mahiro)

“But, make sure to never again play such dangerous games again. People, who do that, usually are lost forever in the wind.” (Edelweiss)

Mahiro was unable to hold back his laughter.

“It’s fine. I’m an unwanted child anyway.” (Mahiro)

“Those are not the words of the king, but what you yourself believe, Your Highness.” (Edelweiss)

“I’m merely stating the truth, that’s all.” (Mahiro)

After a slight pause,

“… Is that so? Then please let me ask just one thing.” (Edelweiss)

“What?” (Mahiro)

“Your Highness, do you think that the Empire will attack this week?” (Edelweiss)

“They will.” (Mahiro)

“… The whispers of Kaze, is it?” (Edelweiss)

Mahiro closes his book and flops down on the bed.

“Not really. I just feel like they will come, you know?” (Mahiro)

“What are you planning to do then?” (Edelweiss)

“I hate violence, so I think I will try to talk it out if at all possible.” (Mahiro)

“It’s not a situation that can be handled with just talk.” (Edelweiss)

“…” (Mahiro)

“Then I shall excuse myself.” (Edelweiss)

Edelweiss bowed courteously and left the bedroom.

“… Well, I know that as well. But it’s not a situation that can be handled with violence either, you know…? Though that’s just what I think…” (Mahiro)

Unfortunately, there’s no one to listen to his words. He’s alone in the room. Mahiro turns off the lights, pulls up the blanket and closes his eyes. Tired from the day, he falls asleep as soon as his head hits the pillow.

A carriage drawn by eight horses travels under the cover of the night and slips into the encampment. Approximately 500 black knights kneel before the gold imperial household crest Lion in the Moonlight on the side of the carriage.

“So stuffy. Raise your heads.”

A beautiful, dignified maiden wearing a smile and a sharp look descended from the carriage. She flicks her chestnut hair over the shoulder of the black male military uniform that she’s wearing.
An encampment was just built today. The one in charge of it is a good-looking young man with silver hair. Clad in the long coat of an imperial commissioned officer and not armor, he has a legendary longsword affixed to his back.
As his master passes before him, he stands up and follows her at the side.

“Princess. It seems to be earlier than scheduled.”

Curt words. But, the Third Imperial Princess, knowing the silver-haired man well, nodded while smiling calmly.

“I’m bored.”

Boredom. The fact that this was the only emotion that the princess called Lunas had on the battlefield reveals everything about her. The princess heads towards the biggest tent. Two toned maids walk three steps behind her.
Lunas listened to the young general while walking.

“How is it, Reiner? What’s your impression of your first campaign as general?” (Lunas)

“We still haven’t come in contact with the enemy.” (Reiner)

“… What a boring fellow you are.” (Lunas)

Reiner’s smile is unaffected, as if he hasn’t even noticed the insult. However, it is not because he is tense. This is simply the true nature of the young man who earned the title of the 『Hunting Sword』, hailed as one of the Empire’s Three Swords.

“What about the situation on the other side?” (Lunas)

“At the present, it’s no more than the whispers of Kaze.” (Reiner)

Of course that isn’t referring to mere gossip on the streets. It’s information gathered by the Empire’s intelligence bureau. The whispers they pass on are valued highly by the imperial army and are a cornerstone of information warfare.

“They seem to believe that the invasion will not happen in the next month or so.” (Reiner)

“I see.” (Lunas)

“Today at noon the gate was closed for a short period, but this was apparently in order to corner a criminal. The north and south gate are still operating normally. ” (Reiner)

“I see… it’s only the second day since my father, His Majesty the Emperor, declared war. They certainly wouldn’t have expected us to have travelled incognito into this backwater country.” (Lunas)

Lunas mocked.
The encampment is hidden in a dense grove of trees on a mountain with a gentle incline. However, it’s a simple matter to climb a tree to gain a perfect view of the target of the invasion. It’s a puny nation, smaller than a city. The distance from one side of the country to the other is a mere few kilometers.
A raid with only a sneak force would usually be reckless, but because it’s such a small nation, a successful surprise attack with a mere 500 mounted knights becomes a distinct possibility.

“It seems Shrayban the Gale went with the king as well.” (Reiner)

Lunas’ expression abruptly became gloomy upon hearing those words.

“I see.” (Lunas)

“Is something wrong?” (Reiner)

“No… I was just a little disappointed that even the general notorious for his superior surprise attacks won’t be present either.” (Lunas)

Reiner looks at her questioningly, though still respectfully. His speciality is swordsmanship, not tactics, but seeing as he has been entrusted with the soldiers as general, he intends to develop a full understanding of the nature of battles.

“It’s a war, princess. All is fair.” (Reiner)

“That’s not it. I said it already, it’s boring.” (Lunas)

This Third Imperial Princess had fought valiantly during the last invasion to consolidate the southern region of the Empire, not losing to the various famous generals and lords.
This princess, who would sulk and refuse to leave her seat during a ball while pulling faces at the jewels piled gaudily on her person is, in contrast, smiling uncontrollably while surrounded by sharp swords and the dull radiance of armor. But then again, that smile is somewhat dimmed now that she apparently finds her opponent to be lacking. As she was about to enter the tent, there was a commotion in one section of the camp.

“What is going on?” (Lunas)

“The monsters in this vicinity are not capable of posing a threat to us. I wonder whether there are bandits or something like that.” (Reiner)

Before long a single knight rushed up to them and bowed his head. However, Reiner’s supposition was incorrect

“Reporting sir, we’ve captured a suspicious person. How shall we proceed?”

“Bring them here.” (Lunas)

The knight looks up in surprise at Lunas’ words and glanced at Reiner for confirmation.
No wonder, the other party is merely a person of low birth and not worthy of speaking with royalty.

“If it’s interrogation, we will handle it.”

“Don’t mind it.” (Lunas)

Going by Lunas’ look, she wasn’t joking either.
Soon a man bound with rope is dragged in front of them. The man looked resigned at first, but turned as pale as a corpse after seeing Lunas and noticing the crest of an imperial household flying in the wind rather than that of an army corps.

“Wh-, wh-… the Empire’s third princess…!? The imperial family, in such a place…!!”

Obviously, she ignores his rambling and listens to her men report the situation.

“Where are you from? Mismarca?”


The prisoner wracked his brains. For a means to escape. Or, something that could help. But he finds nothing. It’s impossible for him to find anything. His opponent is the Empire’s third princess, renowned as the 『Sword of Gleaming Light』, who was famed for slaughtering 10,000 men in one battle, cutting down a hundred with each swing.
The moment he understood this, the light vanished from his eyes.
Lunas stares him down, unimpressed.

“Pl-… Please wait. I-I’m from the Republic…! It’s not like I came here to search for you! I was just passing by! I didn’t know!”

It’s a common reaction for a cornered man. Natural. But if he’s a spy, he will get what he deserves.

“Have mercy… I will tell you anything you want to know. If you tell me to switch sides, I will do so. I will tell you about the Republic’s armaments and military positions if you like! So please…!”

Lunas looks down on the man paralyzed in fear, irritated.

“How dull. Bastard, don’t you even have the resolve to die?” (Lunas)

“… Wha-…?”

That is the last sound that escapes him. In less than a second, Lunas drew her sword and rent him asunder. The sword in her hand glows, and soon all that remains of him is ash.
The sword she drew from her back is a large, single-edged sword inlaid with seven jewels. It is the 『Seven Star Sword of Gleaming Light』, a magic sword after which she is titled and patterned after the ancient legends of the ancient civilization. Before the light it emits, not even clotted blood is allowed to remain.
The knights merely watch from the side, in awe of her technique and without a shred of sympathy for the man.
Lunas snickers and sheathes the sword.

“It would have been better if I had left it to you guys, right?” (Lunas)

“We probably wouldn’t have been able to get any interesting information out of him anyway.”

“I see. Oh, well then, I’m hungry. Even though it’s late, let’s have some grub.” (Lunas)

“With all due respect, Princess. Please refer to it as dinner, rather than grub.”

Lunas waved her hand dismissively at her maid’s correction.

“I know, I know. Let’s have that then.” (Lunas)

The two maids, following her like shadows, bob their heads in acquiesce

“Reiner, treat everybody to a little bit of alcohol. To raise their spirits in preparation for tomorrow.” (Lunas)

“Roger.” (Reiner)



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Translation Notes:

  1. A species of demons that has the shape of people. Couldn’t come up with a smart English term for it, so leaving it in its Japanese form.
  2. The expressions in the line above used in the second and third sentence are slightly outdated Japanese sayings.
  3. Sound of someone falling to the ground, like you see in anime when someone collapses out of shock
  4. Kaze means wind in Japanese. They talk about rumors/gossip here but as it’s a wind, I dubbed it “whispers” instead of rumors or such as it seemed more fitting to me.
  5. The kanji used here is rumor/gossip, but I prefer whisper and it’s closer to what wind (Kaze) does.
  6. Just like above, sound of someone falling to the ground.


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