Chapter 98 – In A World Like This

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“It’s not like it will go that well, right?” (Hifumi)

“Uuh…” (Reni)

Being easily denied, Reni dropped her shoulders in disappointment.
Getting plenty of sleep in the hut, he has been using as his personal hideout, Hifumi enjoyed the refreshing sensation of having slept and the satisfying feeling of having killed his enemies while he took a late breakfast in a restaurant managed by beastmen.
The ones who arrived there are the slums’ representative, Reni, and the vice-representative, Helen, who had these posts approved by the beastmen.

“However, even if you disagree, it’s a fact that various beastmen are living together in the slums, isn’t it?” (Helen)

“That’s right. But, if you don’t realize that this can be called an odd situation, the conversation won’t make any progress.” (Hifumi)

Reni’s suggestion was to persuade the wastelands’ beastmen and to expand the scale of the slums.
Although the king was defeated and the knights suffered quite a loss in numbers, the slums’ beastmen city, whose overall numerical disadvantage can’t be denied, will be in continuous danger from now on as well.
In spite of barely continuing the exchange with the commoner’s area, even if it’s just for now, it’s easy to imagine that a debate over the subjugation of the beastmen would gush forth centred around the new king and the nobles, once the humans were able to reorganize the castle’s matters.
As for Reni, it was a reasonable suggestion, which gathered the rivalling powers and kept them in balance, while pushing the preparations of the defences, made up of a fixed number of people, forward until then.
Hifumi downright denied it.

“You guys, did you forget why you were living by sneakily moving from one shade of a tree to the next in the wastelands?” (Hifumi)

“Ah…” (Helen)

“B-But, if it’s here, we can obtain food regularly and there’s a location to live as well.” (Reni)

It was Reni, who tries to somehow object him, but Hifumi, who is stuffing his swelling mouth with vegetable leaves, similar to lettuce, answered while being unimpressed,

“Are beastmen, who don’t know anything about that, simple idiots, who will believe you after they listened to your words?” (Hifumi)

“If they are able to actually see it…” (Reni)

“Will fellows, who don’t believe unless they see it with their own eyes, enter a city, where there are humans, just because they were invited to do so?” (Hifumi)

“Uuh…” (Reni)

Getting her suggestion completely crushed, Reni tightly grasped her hands, which were on top of her knees, becoming teary eyed.
While drinking an after-meal black tea, Hifumi, without looking at Reni’s state, gazed at the slums’ main street outside the restaurant, where beastmen and humans are going back and forth.
The ratio of armed beastmen is somewhat high. I guess they increased the numbers of the vigilante corps going on patrol.

“Even if you leave it as it is, the number of humans and beastmen will increase, if it’s easy to live in this city, right? You will be able to raise the number of fellows coming and going between this city and the wastelands. If beastmen create fields outside, there will also be fellows, who get curious and come to talk, right?” (Hifumi)

Drinking up the black tea, Hifumi, who observed Helen and Reni, muttered in a bored manner.

“It’s half-baked, however you have stolen a part of the country and created a new place. The future depends on you guys. “Take the Nation” isn’t only about stealing and fighting. It’s also about becoming big and producing value. There’s money to protect the country. There are people. There is organization.” (Hifumi)

He spins around the empty wooden cup.

“As you were able to obtain a vessel, you have to create its contents now, that’s the point.” (Hifumi)

Standing up and heading towards outside the restaurant, Hifumi looks over his shoulders and laughs.

“Well then, do your best in the future.” (Hifumi)

“Wait a bit! Isn’t it fine for you to teach us various things for a bit longer!?” (Helen)

Helen, who rushed over with a force at the level of crashing her body into Hifumi, folds her ears and looks up to him.

“We still don’t understand anything!” (Helen)

“You know, rabbit-chan*.” (T/N: usa-kko … would be shortened rabbit (usagi) and child (ko) aka rab child? Sounds weird, no?)

Due to Hifumi grabbing her ears and bringing his face so close to hers that it was almost touching, Helen became silent while her face got spontaneously red.

“Don’t learn anything and everything from people. Observe with your own eyes. As you have big ears, listen well to what other guys are talking about. If you got a brain, which was able to ponder how to run away, it’s probably capable of thinking how to survive as well, right?” (Hifumi)

Hifumi, who released his hands, walked care-freely towards the highway while waving with his hand.

“I’m an irregular in this city. I have also told the lot, who I bought as slaves, to do what they like. This place isn’t the city of beastmen and it isn’t the city of humans either. It’s “your city.” Think about what’s the best thing to do, or no, rather what you want to do.” (Hifumi)

“Do what you like. Although you will have to struggle in the future world, you will loose out, if you don’t enjoy it”, with those words Hifumi vanished into the clattering of the city.

“… He’s gone.” (Helen)

“”Our city”, huh…? Hey, Helen.” (Reni)

“What?” (Helen)

Helen, who looked at her best friend with a worrying face saying “Were you influenced in a strange way again?”, looked at Reni laughing and opening her mouth widely in an unusual manner.

“What’s so funny?” (Helen)

“Well, weren’t we told by Hifumi-san to enjoy it? Laughing like Hifumi-san and trying to do what we like, haven’t we become good at that before we realized?” (Reni)

Helen tried to say something, but looking at Reni laughing with a “Wahaha” as if she’s enjoying it, she judged it to be better to let her do what she wants.

“Oh well. I will do what I like too, I guess? Although there’s a pile of problems ahead, it will be endless, if I worry about them.” (Helen)

The growth of the slums’ city, managed by amateurs, had still only begun.


At the time Origa once gain showed up in the capital, Imeraria was still in the middle of hesitating.
If she noticed that they discovered a sealing spell and not a return spell, at worst Origa might hinder Imeraria and Adol in some way or resort to force, if she’s prone to it.
(For me she’s an opponent that I don’t want to provoke overly much, but…) (Imeraria)
That doesn’t mean that she decided to use the sealing spell yet.
She is in a state, where she doesn’t know whether it’s valid to be used against Hifumi, but to say that she will seal him in this world without returning him to his original world; she can’t think of that as anything but being the worst act against Hifumi, who was summoned into this world by her, who is also the perpetrator.

“If that keeps the nation alive, I have the duty to make that choice.” (Imeraria)

Being notified about Origa’s arrival by the voice of a maid, she replies that she’s allowed to enter the room.
The figure of Origa, who comes entering while making only graceful and quiet heel sounds, gives a mysterious impression as if she had received the education of a noble’s daughter in comparison to before.
With her appearance of wearing a light blue dress with a design, that approached the dress from before, she is clad in a short mantle, similar to a cape, which has a sense of freshness to it.

“Please excuse me for not contacting you for a while, Your Majesty.” (Origa)

Pinching the hem of her dress and performing an elegant curtsy, Origa sat down on the sofa, which was offered to her by Imeraria.
Her form of sitting down and arranging her knees was dignified and had composure, even seen from Imeraria’s point of view as royalty. She has heard that there are people, who make blatant, abusive remarks about Origa, who was a slave, among the gossipy nobles, however she can only think that Origa’s side is behaving more noble-like than them.

“Origa-san, there are some things we have to talk about.” (Imeraria)

“Yes, it’s about the the magic, which will seal my husband, Hifumi-sama.” (Origa)

Due to Origa dropping a bombshell while smiling cheerfully, Imeraria’s mouth is flapping open and closed.

“Your Majesty, you should practise hiding your expression a bit more. Someone like my husband acted in a realistic manner, even going as far as injuring himself…” (Origa)

“A-Aren’t you accepting it too easily, Origa-san?” (Imeraria)

“Accept what?” (Origa)

Due to Origa asking her a question in return while being displeased to be interrupted in her precious boasting, Imeraria, who got her breathing in order, asked while sweating,

“That is, the spell to seal him… you know?” (Imeraria)

“Ara, I thought you had already been told by the prime minister.” (Origa)

“… How much do you know about it?” (Imeraria)

“I think it’s as much as discovering a sealing spell, which is ancient magic. So, which direction is Your Majesty’s heart taking? I want to hear that from you today.” (Origa)

Origa, who slightly wetted her throat with the prepared black tea, is gazing at Imeraria, who’s lost for words once again.

“My husband wishes for Your Majesty to lead the country “without relying on Hifumi-sama in the nation building,” no matter what methods you have to use.” (Origa)

“However, won’t this count as being hostile towards Hifumi-sama?” (Imeraria)

“Are you scared?” (Origa)

Origa’s green pupils look directly at Imeraria. Imeraria can’t calm down as she is feeling as if Hifumi himself is looking at her from within those eyes.
However, fixing her sitting posture as queen, she directly returns the look.

“I’m always scared. However, if it’s something beneficial for this country and if it’s possible to realize it, I won’t avoid choosing that as sovereign. I’m not in a position, where I can decide everything following my own feelings.” (Imeraria)

They stared at each other for a while, but unable to stand it, Origa burst into laughter.

“Fufufu… I heard a nice answer. You will even fight a strong enemy for the sake of your people and for the sake of your country. However, you won’t do the impossible. Truly wonderful.” (Origa)

Origa, who cleared her throat forcefully with a cough, erases her smile and shows a serious expression. She spoke to Imeraria as if slowly chewing on her words,

“That’s certainly Hifumi-sama’s desire. Not in the meaning of fighting strength, but becoming strong by scheming in your mind. That gentleman has always observed your growth. It’s to a degree that I feel jealous.” (Origa)

That’s probably not a joke. Although he’s a man, who is a husband and who has a lover, he has been watching over the growth of a woman of the same generation.

“That’s why I told you that I would cooperate with you.” (Origa)

Origa stroke her right arm.

“Your Majesty, me and the people, who move this country, for the sake of proving that we can walk strongly without needing something like a hero or brave anymore, will deliberately fight with Hifumi-sama… although it’s to this extent, it’s that gentleman’s wish.” (Origa)

“Such a… Origa-san, is that fine with you?” (Imeraria)

“Of course.” (Origa)

Origa replied in no time.

“If it pleases Hifumi-sama, I will do anything. Besides, there’s also something I’m desiring.” (Origa)

Letting out a giggle, Origa seems to be lovely as appropriate for her age. Her impish smile hasn’t a hint of guilt feeling either.

“I will be able to spend the same time as the person I love for eternity.” (Origa)

“T-That is, in other words…” (Imeraria)

“After I have firmly seized Hifumi-sama, I want to be included in the seal, is what I’m saying.” (Origa)

Imeraria felt dizziness befalling her.


In the castle of Swordland it has turned into a dispute over who should become the successor of the several children of the king. At one part it went even as far as turning into a bloodshed between fellow nobles.
King Buell, who had a perfectly healthy body, hasn’t left something close to a testament behind at all. It’s not like he particularly cherished one of his 5 wives. Mostly venting out on beastmen partners, he had a style of neglecting to the degree that he even rarely called out to the 3 princes.
Since it wasn’t like any of the princes was especially outstanding in military prowess, it naturally turned into a factional dispute between fellow nobles, who backed one of them. Even within the castle there are days where you can see blood.
With a part of the wealthy also moving to the slums in fear of being mixed up in the chaos, it appeared that putting the humans’ system in order would still take quite a while.

“How foolish.” (Hifumi)

“It would have been better, if I had beat up the entire castle altogether, if it was to turn into something like this”, Hifumi, who heard the rumours about the area, where the humans live, sighed.
I believed they would progress faster into an aggressive stance towards hostile powers, if I advanced the story in a more drastic manner since it’s an absolute monarchy, but they disappointed me more than I expected.
In the first place, because there’s an extension in preparing the slums’ defensive stance to that extent, they might be able to properly oppose the balance as war potential.
While it has taken the anticipated shape, Hifumi regretted it a bit.

“It’s no good to leave things to others. It will be inevitable to pile up stress.” (Hifumi)

“Ara, master.”

It was a rabbitwoman, who called out to Hifumi, who returned to the slums while grumbling. Being one of the slaves, Hifumi had bought in one go, it’s the person, who was sitting together with Reni and Helen while they were studying in the dining room.

“Is your condition bad in some way?”

“Ah, you, eh? It’s unnecessary to call me master. You guys are already free.” (Hifumi)

“Well, then it’s my freedom to call you master.”

As she was retorting without hesitation, Hifumi returned “Do as you wish.”

“On that subject, do you know of the forest, where the elves live?” (Hifumi)

“Yes, I was told to not get too close to it, even in the settlement, I lived at before.”

Hifumi tilted his head to the side due to the rabbitwoman’s answer.

“To not get close? Is there antagonism between elves and beastmen?” (Hifumi)

“Rather than calling it antagonism, how to say it…? The elves don’t leave the forest, but in exchange they don’t allow people to enter the forest. They will come attacking without caring whether it’s humans or beastmen.”

While she talks with a troubled face saying “Though I’m not able to explain it properly,” her sole long ear is jolting with a *ping ping* (T/N: pico pico)

“Anyway, since it looks like they aren’t mingling with other races or such at all, I’m not too sure on the details. Although I’ve been told that the demon race’s dwelling is deeper into the forest, I’ve heard that some demons occasionally come out and fight against the humans’ country or kill beastmen, however…”

“Hmm…” (Hifumi)

“A belligerent bunch, eh?”, Hifumi, who mutters that, is lifting the edges of his mouth without realizing. If I remember correctly, even Zebul of the demon race, who pretended to be a knight, said something quite provocative, he recalled.

“It’s pointless to stay in Swordland at this rate… alright. Although I believed it to happen sooner or later, let’s head out right away.” (Hifumi)

“Where do you plan to go?”

“I’m going to check out the elves and demons for a bit.” (Hifumi)

Passing an excessive amount of money to the rabbitwoman and entrusting the horse to her since he will leave for a while, Hifumi left Swordland walking as if he is going to hit a store in the neighbourhood.
The rabbitwoman, who was left behind, felt close to fainting while watching Hifumi’s back, which grew more and more distant, wondering how she should explain it to everyone.


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