Chapter 83 – Yellow

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“Hifumi-sama.” (Origa)

Entering Hifumi’s office, after knocking, was Origa, who cleaned off the dust of the journey in a hot bath and had neatly combed her hair.
Not wearing the usual blue robe, her outfit compromised of a shirt, with a flower embroidery, and a long skirt she had secretly bought at one time and put aside.

“Mm, Origa?” (Hifumi)

Hifumi, who was writing something down, raised his face and looked at Origa.
Seeing Origa’s face strained with nervousness, he recalls that was the same face at the time I coached her in the usage of shuriken some time ago.

“I guess there’s some talking to do, but please sit down and wait. I will be done very soon.” (Hifumi)

“Understood.” (Origa)

Origa sits down on the sofa, which had been placed in the office for receptions.
She was able to calm down a slight bit with the feeling of softly, comfortably sinking into it and the texture of the glossy leather, which immediately gave it away as high-class item.
In the silent office only the sound of the quill scratching across the paper can be heard.
Origa continued to watch the face of Hifumi, who keeps writing with a diligent expression, without getting tired of it.
She remembers, it hasn’t been that long since that day, he came running through.
Which reminds me, it was also myself, who taught the way of writing the characters to Hifumi, she yearned for that time.
It was a poor hand-writing as if he can’t read at all in those days, but as he put the petitioned documents of Caim’s group in order, albeit reluctantly, it reached the point that he boasted about being able to write beautifully, she remembered and spilled a smile.

“Hifumi-sama, I will brew black tea.” (Origa)

“Yea, please do so.” (Hifumi)

Since Hifumi’s favourite baked sweet were in the small, installed kitchen, she quietly placed those next to the tea on the desk of Hifumi.

“Oh, come to think of it, there was some pastry, wasn’t there? Thank you.” (Hifumi)

Turning his sight towards Origa while seated, he smiles gently.
Origa, smiling back, likewise renewed her conviction of him having “this soft-hearted nature.”


While it may be true that he likes to kill people, the kind smile he shows towards me isn’t a lie either.
I can’t help it but blush if I now recall the time, he met me as slave, and me approaching him with nothing more but the calculative thoughts what many possible things would please him.
My mind, filled with the thought of vengeance, didn’t notice it as I was desperate to get stronger by using him, but he was always smiling close-by.
I was given the irreplaceable time to accomplish my revenge properly by my own strength without relying on anyone.
The memories swirl alongside passionate feelings within Origa’s chest.

“I kept you waiting.” (Hifumi)

When Hifumi sat down in front of her, Origa naturally floated a smile.

“What did you write?” (Origa)

“Ah, to meet the beastman race, I will go to the wastelands for a while. Therefore I wrote down the matters Caim’s group has to do during that time.” (Hifumi)

“Look here,” he presented her the paper. It was filled out with countless instructions concerning the administration and development of the territory in an itemized form with characters, that gave a somehow angular impression.

“For now it’s a listing. It’s fine for everyone to ponder about the minor details by themselves. After all, I planned to go on a trip…” (Hifumi)

While looking at the list, Origa cries.
She heard from the civil official, Paryu, during the time of arranging her own appearance about Hifumi heading for the area of the beastman race and even the area beyond, Swordland (T/N: >> swodorante <<), which is called the Knight Country.
Once she heard it from the person himself, she clearly understood from the mood that she isn’t included in the group, going on that journey, once again.
While hiding the thoughts that are tightening her chest, Origa endures to smile.

“Hifumi-sama, with your power you will reach the beastmen and even the vast plains on the other side.” (Origa)

“You are exaggerating. Looking at the situation there for a bit, I will only rampage, if I feel like it.” (Hifumi)

Origa stood up and poured new black tea into the cup of Hifumi, whose cheeks are swelling from tossing the baked sweets, he brought over from the desk, into his mouth.
Hesitating only slightly, Origa opened her mouth.

“Umm… isn’t it possible to take me along on the journey to the wastelands?” (Origa)

Hearing Origa’s words, Hifumi opened his eyes widely.

“It’s a journey crossing through wastelands. There are no villages or cities, you know?” (Hifumi)

“I don’t mind. As long as I can go together with Hifumi-sama, anywhere is fine.” (Origa)

Hifumi pondered while rubbing his chin.

“How problematic. I planned to leave this territory to you, Origa. There are other things I wanted to request of you as well…” (Hifumi)

“Request?” (Origa)

Hifumi beckoned her over next to him, brought his mouth close to her ear and told her so that no one would hear it.
At the time his face came close, Origa was frantic to calm her throbbing heart, but hearing the details, she even forgot her nervousness and was surprised to the degree of jumping up.

“Such a thing! In that case Hifumi-sama is…” (Origa)

“Don’t you think it’s fun though?” (Hifumi)

Looking at Hifumi laughing as if completely enjoying it, Origa thinks, I’m no match for this person after all.

“Please stay together with me at that time, too. If you are able to promise that, I will stay behind in Fokalore as you’ve told me, Hifumi-sama.” (Origa)

“Is that so? Thank you.” (Hifumi)

“However.” (Origa)

Origa grabbed Hifumi’s left arm as if clinging to it.

“It will be impossible for me to bear the loneliness during the time Hifumi-sama isn’t here. Therefore, please build a relationship with me this time…” (Origa)

Listening to the entreaty of Origa, who’s showing tears, Hifumi makes a troubled face.

“… If I consider it calmly, I’m happy that you are yearning for a guy like me. But don’t you think that your taste in men is slightly bad? A guy like me, who won’t stop killing people, can be killed some day by someone. This might happen 10 years from now on or it might also happen tomorrow.” (Hifumi)

“I might die leaving you behind in a blink of an eye and I might not return from the wastelands”, Hifumi continued.

“I will simply accompany you at that time as well.” (Origa)

Origa declared looking Hifumi directly in the eyes.
“I give up”, Hifumi raised both his hands and then embraced Origa’s shoulders.

“Origa, I will leave the territory to you while I’m not here.” (Hifumi)

“That is…” (Origa)

“Yea, I want to leave the future to you as my wife, but is that no good?” (Hifumi)

“I have no reason to disagree!” (Origa)

Origa clung to Hifumi’s neck and raised her voice in sobbing.
Although she is overflowing with feelings of happiness, her tears don’t stop for some reason.
Origa, who cried like a child for a while, drew close with her body as if making sure and gave him a kiss, she had only experienced in her dreams so far.


“Marriage, eeh? That person is…” (Sabnak)

Looking at the written details within the regular report of the knights, who are observing all places for the sake of investigations, stating about the marriage to be grandly held in the territory of Fokalore, Sabnak looked up at the ceiling.

“Though I don’t know the person called Origa-sama, is she someone close to Earl Tohno?” (Shibyura)

Shibyura, letting her look glide over the documents placed on the desk, poured new black tea into the cup placed in front of Sabnak.

“Close? Well, I guess so. As it’s fine to say that that person has no relatives in this world, you might as well think of her as the woman, who has been at his side for the longest time. She is a lovely woman with her forte being magic.” (Sabnak)

If you look at the parts concerning Hifumi, Sabnak added within his mind.

“Then it means that she was placed in a spot she should fit.” (Shibyura)

“Well, that might also be true. Even so, I can’t really imagine that person accepting a wife. Did he finally felt like settling down, I wonder?” (Sabnak)

Standing up, Sabnak collected the documents and grabbed them.

“Are you going out?” (Shibyura)

“Yea, if I don’t report to Imeraria-sama…” (Sabnak)

“It will be great if Imeraria-sama isn’t disheartened, but…” (Shibyura)

Sabnak was puzzled over Shibyura’s muttered concerns.

“I think it’s a reason for congratulations, though? With this it will be possible to judge it as Hifumi-sama planning to take root in this country.” (Sabnak)

“You are a dense person to a frightening degree. And that in spite of observing Imeraria-sama from close-by.” (Shibyura)

That’s why he doesn’t notice her feelings until the woman is hurt.

“Don’t bring up that matter again. But you can teach your dense fiancé the answer.” (Sabnak)

“Imeraria-sama is longing for Earl Tohno although probably unaware of it.” (Shibyura)

“Haa?” (Sabnak)

“Please hurry up and stop showing such stupid face as person, who is the Knight Captain”, Shibyura continued her explanation.

“Please try to think about it. That lady’s opinion is being twisted by her yearning as well as her desire for revenge against Earl Tohno. The stability of this country and the matter of bringing safety to Imeraria-sama’s surroundings by disposing of those, who caused the rebellion, is entirely owed to the strength of Earl Tohno in regards to the results. For Imeraria-sama, who’s always pondering about those matters, his figure is probably reflected in her eyes as hero and at the same time as enemy as well.” (Shibyura)

I have a feeling that more than half of that is her desire or rather a delusion, Sabnak judged, but didn’t voice it out.
During the short while they have been spending time together, he remembered that if he says something unnecessary to her, it will be returned ten-fold.

“A-Anyway, I have decided to carefully report it to Imeraria-sama. Thank you.” (Sabnak)

Sabnak, who left the room as if running away, ended up thinking “Could it really be?” and tried to lower his view at the time of reporting to Imeraria afterwards. He was restraining himself so that he wasn’t struck by Shibyura’s influence too much.
With nothing but ordering to send congratulatory gifts after receiving the report, Imeraria didn’t mention it in particular otherwise.


After Hifumi’s marriage, there were congratulatory gifts delivered not only from Imeraria but also from the nation’s nobles such as Biron and others. Moreover, even Horant’s king, Suprangel, presented several magic tools through Nelgal, who is studying in the territory of Fokalore.
The festival merrymaking continued to spread throughout Fokalore for a few days and for a while the townspeople repeatedly spread rumours, where one didn’t know whether truth of falsehood was mixed in, about the beauty of Origa, who became the Lord’s wife, her greatness as magician and her talents in battle being no less than Hifumi’s.
Without losing time, Origa enjoyed the blessings of a newly-married life and went around inspecting and revising each of the territory’s departments one after the other. She earnestly invested great effort in order to understand the type of person Hifumi was looking for.
At the beginning she received the treatment of a commoner, who attained the rank of a noble, poking her head into politics as if it was a play. There were even some staff members, who rejected her. But with her attitude of trying to correctly comprehend the matters of each department, they accepted her gradually.
Alyssa as well the civil officials, starting with Caim, made time for things like explaining the plans and the supporting documents to such Origa. Under the leadership of Caim the work structures were rapidly arranged with Origa at the centre by adjusting the facilities of the Lord’s mansion.
Before it was noticed, it advanced to the point of switching over the system to Origa so that a day came, where Hifumi didn’t need to touch any document. Taking advantage of that, Hifumi hastened his preparations as well. In a blink of an eye Hifumi’s travel preparations were finished.
Origa, of course Alyssa as well as the civil officials and a crowd of staff members and soldiers gathered around Hifumi, who was at the exit of Fokalore riding a horse, to see him off.
Outside there are also citizens, who gathered after getting wind of it.

“Since I will properly take care of the place for you to return to, Hifumi-sama, please enjoy your journey with a peace of mind.” (Origa)

Origa is shedding tears while saying that.
I don’t know how long we might be separated from now on.
But, I won’t stop you anymore.
As she has been entrusted something by Hifumi, she judges that she will be able to endure it.

“Yea, at the time of my return the city will probably be a lot bigger than now. The territorial soldiers and weapons will have likely become stronger as well. I’m looking forward to see that.” (Hifumi)

“Yes. Please leave the future matters to us and your wife.” (Caim)

Matching with Caim, the other civil officials bowed.

“I will properly take care of the military matters too!” (Alyssa)

Hifumi roughly stroke the hair of Alyssa, who exclaimed that with tears in her eyes.

“Yea, please make sure to defend the city even if the beastmen come attacking.” (Hifumi)

“It’s time to depart”, as Hifumi said that, the staff members bowed and the soldiers saluted.

“Hifumi-sama, please stay safe…” (Origa)

“It will be alright. I still want to enjoy situations of fighting and killing each other in this world for more time to come.” (Hifumi)

It’s a speech where one will doubt whether it’s fine to feel relieved, but as far as Origa was concerned, she apparently heard a good thing.
With a gentle smile she saw her husband off as he advanced on horse.

The man, who went around killing and arbitrarily involved three kingdoms in his whims, departed towards the wastelands by himself.

“Since they are called beastman, I will likely be able to fight in a way that’s no different from a wild style.” (Hifumi)

“What a pleasure”, getting excited in good humour, Hifumi gallops through the fields on his horse under the yellow-shining sun.


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