Chapter 80 – Paradise City

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While publicly being peaceful and internally taking a massive toll, the coronation ceremony finished safely.
Imeraria will unify Orsongrande as new queen, Adol will continue to counsel the ruler as prime minister and Sabnak will be assigned as guard for the castle and Imeraria as Royal Knight Order Captain.
In the castle, where the shadow of the prince faction completely vanished, it was decided to appoint new personnel as civil officials and knights by gathering appointed nobles, who don’t possess new territories, and the sons and daughters of nobles, who aren’t estimated to inherit their households.
The aspect, which was different from how it was done up until now, was that all of the personnel would receive training in Fokalore.

“Then, please take care of them, Hifumi-sama.” (Imeraria)

Having finished their journey preparations, the newly recruited nobles were lining up in a row. In their presence Queen Imeraria bowed towards Hifumi very naturally.
The nobles were noisily clattering about like ripples on a water surface, but there will likely be no one looking down on Hifumi as rising noble with this, Imeraria thought. If someone, possessing unusual vanity, were to come forth to confront Hifumi, the personnel, we gathered at great pains, would be decreased again.

“Understood. Since I received it as job, they will get trained properly.” (Hifumi)

Hifumi showed a firm nod.
There is an agreement that from now on several of each, civil officials and military officers, will be sent as exchange students as request from the royal capital to Fokalore every year. Of course, Hifumi will be paid proper rewards by the kingdom.

“I’m sorry, Captain Sabnak, but thank you in advance.” (Vaiya)

“Yea, please leave the house-sitting to me. It’s alright for you to slowly savour the life of a newly-wed.” (Sabnak)

Close-by, where Imeraria and Hifumi have been talking, Vaiya and Sabnak exchanged greetings of departure. He, together with several knights, will accompany Hifumi and the trainees as escort until Fokalore. Together with his fiancée, Phyrinion, they are scheduled to head towards the territory of Viscount Amazelo, which is Phyrinion’s family’s home.

“Once I finish my part, next it will be Captain Sabnak’s turn, right? Since the person, who will become your father-in-law, is nearby, will you return home for some greetings?” (Vaiya)

Watching Shibyura quietly drawing close from behind Sabnak, Vaiya smiles.

“Don’t make fun of me. … I still haven’t officially talked with the prime minister.” (Sabnak)

Vaiya, who stared in surprise, raised his voice alternately looking at Sabnak and Shibyura.

“You surprised me there! Is there some kind of problem?” (Vaiya)

“That is…” (Sabnak)

“It’s only Sabnak-sama being a good-for-nothing. Please go meet your bride without worries as I will have taken him along for greetings, even if I have to hit him, until Vaiya-sama returns.” (Shibyura)

Shibyura, seizing Sabnak’s arm with the slender fingers of her right hand, is clearly digging her nails into Sabnak’s upper arm.

“As this person saved me by literally risking her own life, I intend to talk it over carefully.” (Sabnak)

In contrast to Shibyura, who has a rough nasal breathing full of fighting spirit, Sabnak was crestfallen and had dropped his shoulders.

“That is a problem.”

Between the maids a rumour has taken shape, which states that as result of Shibyura defeating two knights during the coronation ceremony’s rebellion, she saved Sabnak.
Those two had a good relationship since the coronation ceremony, but in contrast to Shibyura, who treats others with sterny* stout-heartedness, Sabnak, who often listens to the opinions of others with a gentle personality, is apparently seen as being totally dominated. (T/N: * キビキビ or kibi kibi, I think this comes from kibishii which means strict/harsh/stern etc. This is a bit cutely way to express an adjective like fua fua which means fluffy. So I will add an -y at the adjective’s end to express it. ^^)

“At least go to do formal greetings once you get some confidence after having acquired slight achievements as captain.” (Vaiya)

Sabnak saw Vaiya off laughing feebly.


Different from before at the main gate of the capital, where it has turned into a cheerful departure, heavy air drifts about in the office of Knight Captain Lotomago.
Two people, Lotomago, who’s the owner of the room, and Adol are in here.

“Then, there’s no doubt that you will retire after today?” (Adol)

“Yea, with the serious affairs, that happened in the castle, far from being helpful, I ended up being caught by the enemy. I have no position as military officer anymore. I have received permission by Her Majesty the Queen yesterday.” (Lotomago)

While sorting the documents remaining on the desk, Lotomago calmly answered the prime minister’s question.

“However, at that time even Her Majesty the Queen as well as the Royal Knight Order Captain suffered from enemy attacks. I think there’s no necessity for Lotomago-dono to retire or anything like that though…” (Adol)

Lotomago slowly shakes his head towards the prime minister, who tries to detain him. His face shows no grief or bitterness. He has a calm and gentle expression.

“Even though Captain Sabnak was saved by Earl Tohno and prime minister’s ojou-san, he personally acted towards escaping the danger. As for Her Majesty the Queen, she was betrayed by the guards attached to her. In comparison, I, who wasn’t able to offer any kind of resistance, couldn’t do anything more than passing the time by sitting and waiting…” (Lotomago)

Temporarily pausing his words there, Lotomago leaned his body against the back of the chair.

“No, that’s no more than mere pretence. A military officer, who wasn’t able to fight because of his old age, should leave. That’s all there is to it. There’s no meaning in lining up reasons, that seem like excuses, either.” (Lotomago)

“It seems that you’ve made your decision.” (Adol)

“It’s just a story about running away. It isn’t anything as noble as a decision. Besides, I discovered a successor, whom I was able to smoothly burden with the work.” (Lotomago)

Due to Lotomago smiling, even Adol was lured into laughing.
With a sudden knock on the door, a single knight came entering.

“Excuse me. I was told you called for me, but… this is, were you talking with His Excellency the Prime Minister? I’m very sorry.” (Midas)

It was Midas, who entered the room.

“No, it’s alright since I called you here.” (Lotomago)

Urged by Lotomago, Midas stands in front of Lotomago.

“Midas, how old were your children again?” (Lotomago)

“Ha? 10 and 7 years old, but… Did something happen?” (Midas)

Midas, who was confused being abruptly asked about his family, pulled himself together and replied honestly.

“I see, the prime time of being mischievous. Although you rejected it once, won’t you move to the mansion, which is close to the royal palace? For only 3 people the care-taking will be easy as well, if you employ a maid. Accordingly it will likely become more comfortable for your wife, too. Because it is easy to get lessons close to the royal palace, even for educating children, it will probably be convenient one way or the other.” (Lotomago)

“No, the size of that mansion is for us too spacious after all… I will feel awkward to receive food made by someone else since I like the home cooking of my wife.” (Midas)

He is a stubborn fellow, Lotomago smiles. Adol, who listened as well, showed a smile.

“However, if someone, who is the Knight Captain, commutes from too far away, it will likely take time to deal with it once something happens.” (Lotomago)

“? I’m the vice-captain. Because there’s also a place in the castle, which is on standby in case of an emergency…” (Midas)

“That’s what we will talk about now. You will become the captain. The notice of personnel change has already been accepted by Her Majesty the Queen as well.” (Lotomago)

Looking at the paper, handed over to him, Midas has been surprised as if his eyeballs are popping out.

“Th-This is… But, for me, who hails from a poor Viscount family, this sort of position is…” (Midas)

“Idiot!” (Lotomago)

Due to Midas being perplexed, Lotomago shouted in a thundering voice with a strict expression.

“Are you believing that you can save anyone by using your pedigree? Did that Earl Tohno obtained his victories by showing off his position as Earl? Is it only that much you, who watched him from close-by, gained from that person?” (Lotomago)

Due to Lotomago’s powerful tone, he usually doesn’t use, Midas was only surprised at the beginning, but at the time he properly grasped the things said, he was able to calm down and bow.

“I’m very sorry. I’m not very good at swordsmanship, but I have the experience of having seen many people by blending in amongst the populace. In that aspect alone I have confidence that I won’t fall behind or even lose to that Earl Tohno.” (Midas)

“Very well.” (Lotomago)

Lotomago returned his smile to the same one as before.

“Then, go back home holding that notice of personnel change at once and explain it in front of your family. Isn’t it necessary to have a talk with your wife first, also to prepare the moving? I have already called for people to tidy and polish up the mansion. A maid for around 3 people has been arranged as well.” (Lotomago)

“… You have my deepest thanks for your considerations.” (Midas)

In the eyes of Midas, who bowed once again, a few tears shone.

“What? If I consider the size of the things that will weight on your shoulders from now, this is the least I can do at the end. … I will vacate this place tomorrow. Also, I will rely on you.” (Lotomago)

“Ha! Please put your trust in me!” (Midas)


Eventually the disturbances, which caused many victims to appear, primarily thanks to Hifumi, came to a temporary end.
Orsongrande and Horant established a firm bond using the territorial administration skills and combat engineering of Fokalore as materials for bridge building.
On the contrary, Vichy received a strong protest regarding the manoeuvring within the castle by the envoy and his attendants from Orsongrande. In the end, the cessation of hostilities took a shape close to a total capitulation of Vichy’s side.
Even concerning the independent Pyulsan, by using the method of forming a relationship of sending personnel for studying towards Fokalore, in order to successfully establish a pipe, which is stronger than Vichy’s, Vichy became unable to make a careless move on them. As a result Vichy recognized the independence due to them being an enemy they had no way to crush.
There were no countries, which perished, and the number of countries increased. Once they noticed, Orsongrande’s realm had expanded and they became a power, whose right to speak couldn’t be overlooked anymore as was custom in the past.
Although it was the common understanding of all nation that this was due to Hifumi backing them, Hifumi has a stance of not making any speeches or showing his face in the public field of diplomacy. Adhering to what they heard about his nonchalant attitude, the nations have become cautious in contacting him, which also includes Orsongrande, the nation he belongs to.
Instead, the appeal of his territory and not the person himself has increased.
Many people, who are engaged in territorial administration, guards, knights and people, leading territorial soldiers are coming to visit Fokalore. Because they stay with public funds and study there, the territory’s population is following the path of increase and the amount of money spent in the territory rises as well.
There’s also the influence of the war damages. Manpower from around the world comes gathering. Unnoticed, the population of the territory of Fokalore has become several times that when Hifumi was inaugurated as feudal lord first. Reaching the point that even cities like Arosel, being in the same territory, are gathering people, the developed cities, because of governors dispatched by Fokalore, rapidly put their appearance and institutions in order.
It might be only a natural outcome that the city turned into a festival merrymaking at the time the feudal lord came back to the city of Fokalore, which achieved a prosperity above the current capital.

“Let us through~ !!” (Alyssa)

Leading at the front, Alyssa shouts and the soldiers desperately pry open a path.
In the back of Hifumi, who is advancing on horse, there is Vaiya’s group of knights and civil officials and continuing behind them the trainees, who were just freshly recruited.
The population unanimously clamoured and welcomed Hifumi, who was seen to advance while being accompanied by many people, home.
In order to reply to them, once Hifumi raised his left hand and lightly waved, high-pitched shouts of joy were raised.

“It’s good that Origa-san isn’t here.” (Alyssa)

The soldiers nodded due to Alyssa’s murmur.
Hifumi and Vaiya head towards the lord’s mansion as is and Alyssa guides the remaining people, who came to study, towards the lodgings, which are being rapidly erected in Fokalore.

“””””Welcome home, Lord-sama.”””””

At the moment they entered the mansion, the 5 civil official slaves greeted them with a bow.
Stepping forward, Caim stands in front of Hifumi.

“There haven’t been any problem on the whole. Let me express our pleasure for you returning home safely.” (Caim)

Since he had a serious look that didn’t shame his nickname of arrogance, Hifumi wasn’t particularly happy either, but as it had been a while since he last heard his indifferent voice, he actually experienced a feeling of having come home.
As he casually looked around, he caught sight of Miyukare looking around restlessly without being able to calm down.

“What are you looking for, Miyukare?” (Hifumi)

“L-Lord-sama, hasn’t the Military Director travelled together with you?” (Miyukare)

“… She is guiding the trainees from the capital towards the lodgings.” (Hifumi)

“Thank you very much!” (Miyukare)

Bowing in a hurry, Miyukare darted away.
As he is astonished by this spectacle, Phyrinion comes down from the upper floor and bows towards Hifumi.

“I heard about your return. With this the burden on my shoulders will be lowered as well.” (Phyrinion)

With her seeming to have only a bit fatigue left, her eye colour can be seen to have become slightly cloudy, too.

“Thanks for your work. Since it’s alright now, it’s fine to take Vaiya along.” (Hifumi)

Phyrinion, who smiled sweetly due to Hifumi’s words, showed a beauty appropriate for her age.

“Thank you very much. … Well, then let’s go.” (Phyrinion)

Having his arm seized by Phyrinion, Vaiya gave his greeting to Hifumi in a hurry and, taking Krinola along, the two of them headed towards Phyrinion’s lodging place.

“Then, we want the privilege of reporting concerning the events during your campaign.” (Caim)

“Before that I want you to listen for just a minute.” (Hifumi)

Holding back the civil official slaves around Caim, who started to take out documents each gathered as report, Hifumi turned towards Caim.

“For example, will there be any problem, if you guys nominate someone to whom I can entrust the territory for a while again?” (Hifumi)

Caim closed his eyes for merely a few seconds regarding that question and opened them then again.

“It’s probably difficult. Even without the the issues of ability, the territorial administration brings status with it. If it’s Lord-sama and his family, or possibly a noble dispatched by the capital, there won’t be a problem, but I don’t believe the system will function well, assuming some commoner or slave takes the post.” (Caim)

“I see. How troublesome.” (Hifumi)

It’s difficult to summon someone from the capital again. I don’t know what kind of person will come.
However, naturally I have no family in this world.

“Family… family, huh?” (Hifumi)

Grumbling up to here, the faces of his family in his former world didn’t appear in Hifumi’s mind.
And he didn’t feel anything about that not being the case either.
He also doesn’t think that there’s still some way to go before he wants to return to the world over there.

“That’s right. For example, there would likely be no problems to temporarily entrust it to your wife, if you were to get married.” (Caim)

“St…” (Doelgar)

Due to Caim’s suggestion, Doelgar tried to stop the flow of the conversation in a panic, but it was too late.
The topic of Hifumi’s marriage partner has flowed to the female staff member, who was pricking up her ears nearby and has been spread in a twinkling of an eye.
It didn’t even take 3 hours until the rumour ‘Hifumi is looking for a spouse’ spreads from the staff members to the soldiers and from the soldiers to Alyssa’s ears.

“This might turn into a disaster…” (Alyssa)

For Alyssa, if you ask her whether she sees the person called Hifumi as a man, she won’t be able to answer clearly.
I like him, but as result of having seen the fanatic called Origa from nearby, honestly speaking, it has cooled down in some respects. As for it becoming a competition, it will end by me being stabbed before it’s about whether I can win or not, Alyssa is assessing.
However, for a spouse looking at it as third party, he is a rising noble with popularity regardless of inside or outside the country. But, for Hifumi, who isn’t someone lining up huge achievements, it is easy to imagine that he will become the most popular partner, not just for nobles, but also for commoners, who will aim for the position of concubine.  

“If Origa-san came back now, it would turn into a major disaster…” (Alyssa)

I don’t believe that that Hifumi is actively looking for a marriage partner, but concerning Origa, even only the rumour will doubtlessly give her a plenty excessive stimulus.
Issuing instructions to restrain the diffusion of the rumour in a hurry, Alyssa ordered to pass a message to the gatekeeper to notify her first, once Origa returned.

“Origa-san, I want to meet with you soon, but only for now, don’t come back, okay…?” (Alyssa)

With feelings similar to a prayer, Alyssa rushed towards the lord’s mansion.


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