Chapter 65 – War Pigs

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The one-armed soldier, discovering the entrance to the capital city, was only slightly relieved after running for around 30 minutes.

Spotting the man, dashing along the highway with a frantic look, the guards of Adolamelk were flustered.

“S-Stop! Stop!” (Guard)

“Help me! I’m being chased by an enemy!” (Soldier)

Crying while clinging to the guard, the soldier obviously wore the uniform of regular soldiers from Horant. The guards immediately tried to lead him to the guardroom.

However, the soldier with the one arm exclaims this to be out of the question.

“Those guys, who came from Orsongrande, will soon be here! I have to contact Yugu-sama at the castle at once!” (Soldier)

A single soldier, with a ghastly facial expression, hurried towards the castle.

The moment the one-armed soldier became relieved that he was at least able to pass on the message, he heard the voice from his back he didn’t want to hear the most.

“Thanks for your hard work. Aren’t you splendidly fast at running?” (Hifumi)

As the soldier timidly turned his head around in a motion similar to a robot with no oil in its joints, he saw the figure of the laughing and smiling Hifumi approaching from his back.

During the time he was unable to stand up due to fear, the surrounding scenery enters his field of vision.

On both sides of Hifumi the guards lay in their own blood. While the pools of blood are gradually spreading, the guards aren’t even twitching anymore.

“I guess it isn’t that easy to run away. Although you have been so close to it.” (Hifumi)

As he swung the katana he held in his hands, blood was scattered on the ground with a sound of splatting.

“Uwa…” (Soldier)

His voice of surprise was interrupted by the cutting of his throat.

“Well then, it’s fine if I go to the castle next… oh!” (Hifumi)

When he confirmed the spires of the castle visible from the gate, he saw around 10 magicians heading towards his location from the direction of the castle.

“This time it’s a magician-only unit, huh?” (Hifumi)

While saying this, Hifumi had already started dashing towards them.

Noticing their target approaching itself, the magicians are chanting in a hurry. They barely managed to finish with the casting of the spells before they have entered Hifumi’s attack range. Mixing fire and wind, they become fireballs clad in gathered wind blades. The fireballs approach Hifumi while emitting high temperature.

Hifumi laughs daringly without even easing up on his running speed at all.

At the last moment, just when the fireballs were looming right in front of him, Hifumi lowered his body with a jerk and passed under the hot and blazing fireballs.

Merely a few strains of his hair were burned and the same amount was cut off by wind blades.

Even so, without changing his expression, Hifumi, taking a large step, ran through the space between the magicians.

In an instant, as he swung his drawn katana mercilessly, he reaped four heads.

The magicians, who opened their eyes in shock, hesitated for a moment as their comrade’s heads fell off like rain.

And even during that time, being completely unable to do anything at short-range, the remaining magicians turned one-by-one into rust on the blade of the katana.

“Alright, next is the castle.” (Hifumi)

As he lowers the drawn katana, Hifumi runs in order to start his one-man castle siege.


Currently 5 fully armoured soldiers are standing in front of Yugu.

This is the room for the soldiers on standby within the castle.

All of the soldiers, lining up, are looking in a different direction. Their yellow, dirty sets of teeth, which had spaces in-between, where you didn’t know just how many teeth there were left, are visible through the partly opened mouths.

They are the soldiers, who were enhanced against their will using them as experimental bodies for the magic tools and magic potions under the leadership of Veldore.

Most of the experimental bodies ended up “broken”, but somehow 5 bodies, which could be adjusted to listen to orders, have been gathered.

“I see. It would seem they’re already within the castle. If it’s this many, it will likely be enough to deal with them.” (Yugu)

An enhanced soldier possesses a strength that can fight against around 10 soldiers. They have been clad in a heavy, metal armour, which had such a weight that a normal person wouldn’t be able to move if they put it on.

If the plan proceeded smoothly, their number should be plenty.

“For the time being, don’t die until it reaches a conclusion once the king is seized.” (Yugu)

The contents of Yugu’s suggestion to Veldore was the simple idea to let the enemies invade on purpose and have them killed alongside the king.

Even if the invaders don’t reach the king, with just the fact that enemies invaded the castle, we will be able to handle it in some way, he judged.

At that moment, a soldier under Yugu rushed into the room.

“Yugu-sama! The enemy is breaking though the castle gate!” (Soldier)

“… Quite fast, aren’t they?” (Yugu)

Going by Yugu’s estimation, they would come into contact with the enemy at earliest today evening. Though he predicted that it would likely be during the day tomorrow.

Currently there are also many unrelated parties besides the prince faction, created by Yugu, remaining. It’s very probable that they would see the enhanced soldiers.

“There’s no other way. While dealing with the general mobilisation of the currently available magicians, have the servants and the nobles, including the folks of our faction as well, exit from the back under the name of evacuation.” (Yugu)

When hearing the announcement that the enhanced soldiers would move once a fixed period of time passed, the soldier, who came as messenger, leaves the room to execute the command.

“Well, if they were to be seen, we will have the witnesses disappear during the battle.” (Yugu)

For the sake of telling Veldore the state of affairs, Yugu also left the room while the enhanced soldiers remained there on standby.

There was something Yugu hadn’t confirmed and the messenger didn’t tell him either.

It’s that there’s only one intruder and that this intruder had annihilated the city’s soldiers all by himself.

And, that the location of the remaining enemies, who should originally be around 10, was unknown. Veldore’s and Yugu’s aim greatly derailed.


Once it reached the point that screams from the direction of the castle were audible, the citizens of Adolamelk ended up completely frightened. The fleeing people and the people headed for their homes showed a look of confusion as Hifumi passed them headed in the opposite direction.

There are many citizens in the capital with most of them showing a gloomy expression. Compared to other cities, there are likely especially many wealthy people. Those, who had gathered large family fortunes, can even be seen moving while being protected by guards.

The situation of the coming and going carriages and wagons evolved into a serious congestion on the streets, but that made it rather easy for Origa’s group to move without standing out.

“Now then, going by the information obtained by Hifumi-sama, the research institute should be right next to the royal castle. Let’s hurry.” (Origa)

The Fokalore territorial soldiers desperately chased after Origa, who was advancing with visibly wild excitement due to the having been entrusted a great task by Hifumi, while pulling the wagons.

As they approached the royal castle, the number of people became sparse. At the time they finally arrived in front of the research institute, no one could be found in the vicinity.

From the direction of the castle, where Hifumi apparently raged to his heart’s content, screams were still occasionally audible.

Did they go there as reinforcements? Even the guards, who were expected to be here, are nowhere to be found.

Although the wooden gate, that leads onto the grounds, was closed, it easily opened after being pushed lightly.

Origa checked out the interior with wind magic through a slight gap of the opened door.

Having completely gotten accustomed to use echolocation, she located the two people, within the grounds holding weapons, with her probing.

Given that they were lined up in just the right way, she slit their throats by deploying wind blades without the slightest hint of hesitation.

“I will have the people, who are a hindrance to the orders I received from Hifumi-sama, die.” (Origa)

Quickly stepping into the grounds, Origa’s group, who left the only two lookouts behind, discovered a building with sturdy-looking gate that was secured by a bolt from the outside.

“What’s this about?” (Origa)

One of the soldier from Fokalore murmured due to Origa’s question,

“The circumstances that it is secured from the outside means that someone has been locked up inside? Or it has been only closed from the outside as it is a storehouse?” (Soldier)

“We won’t know unless we make sure, right? If it’s a storehouse, it’s possible that we might find our objective there.” (Origa)

Cautiously unfastening the bolt, she quietly opens the door making sure to not stand in front of it.

Multiple groans are audible from within.

“… Monsters?”

As someone muttered that, they wouldn’t know the answer without examining the interior.

Origa, peering inside at once, shook her shoulders with a start for an instant due to the scene spreading in front of her eyes.

“… Origa-san?” (Soldier)

“Let’s go inside. This place appears to be a prison.” (Origa)

The soldiers thought they had no business here if it was a prison, but due to Origa entering inside quickly, they followed after here since they were also too scared to object.

“Uwaa!” (Soldier)

The interior of the building consisted of a single floor with no partitions. Rows of people were tied to the walls with chains.

All of them, drooling with eyes having lost any kind of reasoning, are threatening the soldiers in front of them with their teeth. Although their limbs have been fixed by the chains, they are trying to escape from their constraints while making clattering sounds, being no different from struggling, wild beasts.

Each of them, being nude, has the characteristic magic tool embedded within their chest.

“These are the people who turned ferocious through the magic tools, aren’t they?” (Origa)

Origa remembered people who became like this.

“Then…” (Soldier)

“The magic tools are probably in another building. This place seems to be the location where the people, who were used as experiments, are imprisoned.” (Origa)

In contrast to Origa, who calmly studied them, the soldiers looked at the experimental bodies with pale faces wondering whether those have originally been humans.

Suddenly Origa noticed that some of the chains were opened.

Once taking a closer look, the bracelet parts were still damp with blood of people clinging to them.

“It looks like several were taken somewhere, but…” (Origa)

Origa, immersing herself in her consideration, passes time with her thoughts going in circles on how to move the violently struggling experimental bodies.

Abruptly hitting upon something, Origa began to cast a spell, targeting one of the experimental bodies with the arm where her magic dagger was affixed.

After several seconds the experimental body’s face is covered with a bucket-load of water.

Although it struggled even more vigorously at the beginning, it completely hung limply in the chains after less than a minute.

Getting rid of the water, the eyes of Origa, looking at the state of the experimental body, shine with cool-headedness as they confirm that it is barely alive.

“I see. It’s because it had been suffocating.” (Origa)

Origa, turning around to the totally frightened soldiers from Fokalore, gave them orders with a refreshing smile.

“Let’s use those experimental bodies as well. For the sake of Hifumi-sama.” (Origa) (T/N: The yandere is on fire!)

The Fokalore soldier had no other choice but to nod.


“My king, an enemy has invaded the castle.” (Veldore)

Veldore, leading Yugu and an enhanced soldier equipped with a huge sword, looked up to the king sitting on the throne in the audience hall.

Commotion spread among the nobles and soldiers present at the audience due to Veldore’s words, but the king controlled them by raising his hand.

“… So? Why are you, who should leave this matter to the guards, here? And, what’s that monster standing behind you?” (Suprangel)

Veldore isn’t even able to conceal his smile due to the king’s words.

“This is my prided, magic-tool-using, enhanced soldier. This one unit has a strength rivalling that of 10, no, 20 ordinary soldiers.” (Veldore)

“If that’s the case, why did you bring it to this place? It’s probably more reasonable to use it for the defence of the castle.” (Suprangel)

“Fufufu…” (Veldore)

“What’s so funny?” (Suprangel)

The king can’t hide his discomfort caused by Veldore boldly laughing while showing his white teeth.

“You still don’t understand? It looks like you’ve grown old and senile…” (Veldore)

“Veldore-sama, this is too much…” (Noble)

“Shut up.” (Veldore)

One of the nobles tries to remonstrate Veldore, however he ended up being silenced quickly.

“I will have you abdicate the throne from here on out. And, becoming the new king, I will show you how to deal with this crisis.” (Veldore)

No sooner than Veldore saying this, an ordinary soldier, who stood close to the exit, inserted a stick into the door’s handle upon Yugu’s order.

“… You lost your mind, huh?” (Suprangel)

“Not at all! Many people have become tired of the far too long reign of the present king. Answering those voices, I’m only trying to improve Horant.” (Veldore)

“Are you insisting to the last that it isn’t out of selfish desire?” (Suprangel)

Seeing the king rising with a “Very well”, Veldore expected the king to resign without resistance, but the next words of the king were the exact opposite.

“Soldiers, arrest Veldore! This person is a rebel!” (Suprangel)

As Veldore shakes his head in disappointment, the royal guards within the room approach him slowly, however the enhanced soldier has positioned itself in their way.

The instant the royal guards flinched, seeing its face and understanding with a glance that it isn’t sane, they were mowed down all at once as it brandished the large sword.

“While you are at it, get rid of the bothersome witnesses as well.” (Yugu)

Upon Yugu’s command the enhanced soldier, who had massacred the royal guards, attacked the nobles and civil officials inside the room wielding its large sword.

Although they try to run away within the confined room, a pile of corpses is produced without even much time passing.

The figure, swinging its sword just like a stick without any kind of technique, made Veldore lift the corners of his mouth in visible exhilaration and joy, but the king gazed at the terrible spectacle in front of his eyes with a grim face.

(This country is finished as well, huh… ?)  (Suprangel)

While thinking about the matter of him also getting gruesomely killed eventually, he sighed wondering where he went wrong in Veldore’s education. He sat down on the throne he had been continuously sitting on for several dozen years.

Now that I think about it, even I had to desperately produce achievements during my early days after I ascended to the throne, the king recalled calmly for some reason. Unable to think of anything but going straight ahead during my youth I considered military gains as long as it brought achievements. If I consider this now, it even caused unreasonable wars.

As a result of that, the country’s assets decreased. Even now the people are forcibly burdened with a lot by the country.

I don’t know whether I had been correct as king, but I can tell that if it’s someone nearby betraying me in the end, I likely committed large mistakes in some respects.

Once he realised this, everyone, the nobles as well as the civil officials, turned into corpses that completely looked as if they had been devoured by a monster.

Within the enveloping stench of blood, Veldore looks as if feeling sick.

“Pitiful…” (Suprangel)

As the king muttered that single word, Yugu drew close, holding a handkerchief against his mouth in exchange for Veldore, who still hadn’t recovered yet.

“My king. Get ready.” (Yugu)

As he was just fixedly looking at Veldore’s figure, without replying to Yugu, the door, which should have been blocked, burst open with a fierce sound. As the door was forcibly smashed to the extent that the opening and shutting direction being reversed, the metal fixtures were sent flying and hit Veldore in the audience hall making him easily black out.

“Ah, this is opened the other way?” (Hifumi)

Entering while saying such a thing, being entirely dyed in red from spurts of blood and holding the katana in his right hand and the kodachi in his left was Hifumi.

Although his dougi is disarranged with his chest being exposed, he has no mentionable injuries.

“Oh, this guy is one of those fellows using that magic tool. How nice, let me see whether he became somewhat better.” (Hifumi)

Expressing his displeasure since the castle’s soldiers weren’t anything significant, he decided the next target to aim at.


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