Chapter 36 – Take Me Home

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While advancing through the city, he firmly affixed the katana to his waist. From his breast pocket he took out a small blade, while spinning it around in a rotating motion on top of his hand, he leaves the residential area.
In order to leave the residential area he passed the buildings of the shopping area arriving at the workshop factory area where the craftsmen were gathered.
Likewise the dwarves, which Hifumi had summoned, were producing the items Hifumi had requested in the arranged workshops in this area. They worked hard to build the devices aiming to defend the entire city.
Taking the opportunity of going to the slums, he decided to take a peek at the workshops. With Pruflas in the center, they were producing spear throwers, rail cars and the rails used by the rail cars.
Those items finished completely were lined up in a row in the corner of the workshop.
Hifumi entered the workshop while lightly raising his hand in greeting. After counting the number of spear throwers, he told Pruflas that it was fine to stop the manufacturing except for the consumption parts.

“Shall we stop the production of weapon parts? If we amass a great number of these powerful weapons that can be used by anyone, we will be able to kill many enemies, won’t we?” (Pruflas)

“If they can be used by anyone, I think there is no particular necessity for the soldiers to use them. This was arranged in order for the city to be safe even if we weren’t here to protect the city. Just that many is already plenty.” (Hifumi)

“Will Lord-sama use one of those?” (Pruflas)

“Saying such a stupid thing. If possible, I want to kill them with my own hands, otherwise there is no point in fighting, don’t you agree? However, if it’s only about winning, Vichy has already lost.” (Hifumi)

Gulping repetitively Pruflas ended up remaining silent as Hifumi talked about the details with a serious facial expression.
Although it was said by everyone that wars were desired by the kings and the nobles for the sake of expanding their territories, it was the first time that there was a lunatic starting a war in order to kill people.

“I plan to move the next battleground to Rhone, Arosel and Fokalore. Steadily producing the rails, I aim to lay the rails rapidly towards Rhone.” (Hifumi)

“Roger. I will alter the placement of personnel. If possible, I’d like you to increase the manpower as well …” (Pruflas)

“If that’s the case, please say that to Origa and the civil official slaves. They shall send some people from their staff. Well then, I am off to do some cleaning.” (Hifumi)

“Cleaning?” (Pruflas)

“As the feudal lord I have to endeavor in making the life in the city comfortable.” (Hifumi)

“Haa” (Pruflas)

Pruflas saw Hifumi off without quite understanding what he meant. Organizing the things said just now within his head and thinking about the placement of personnel, he realized something.

“Arosel after Rhone, Fokalore was it? What kind of situation causes him to push his plans this rapidly? Does Feudal Lord-sama consider losing the current war?” (Pruflas)

Is Fokalore the final defense line that will stall the enemy with spear throwers waiting for reinforcements?
Since he didn’t comprehend even if he thought about it and there was no other choice but to rely on his talent in producing things anyway, he decided to start the production of the requested rails.




With passing through the workshop area, there were disposal areas with a lot of thrown away trash.
Most of the remains were clothes and wood. As it seems that metal was valuable, it couldn’t be found there.
Among those you could likewise see the bones of animals and some human bones thought to be clothes.
As that place gave off a stench, no one approached it except for the the workers and servants from some place to throw away trash occasionally.
Between the mountains of garbage a narrow pathway ran through coming out next to the slums.

“I guess the smell will stick to the dougi. When I get back I will have to thoroughly wash it.” (Hifumi)

Hifumi fervently believed it to be indispensable drying the dougi in the shade after hand-washing it in lukewarm water. Even as he became the feudal lord, he still washed the clothes himself.
Although there also was the situation of Origa gently telling him to leave it to the maids, this was something he didn’t yield on.
Even the gauntlet produced by Thorn, he thought it to be considerably exhausting to maintenance it. While care-freely walking Hifumi knew through his senses of the two people concealing themselves ahead of the path.
Moreover, those two people ahead stood up.

<Although I guess it is fine to decide on a pincer attack, but hiding themselves within the trash? …> (Hifumi)

Hifumi drew the katana heaving a sigh. Going towards the presence of the two hidden in the trash, he stabbed them one by one.
There was a feedback.
I think it was instant death for both of them as they didn’t even leak a voice.
After pulling out the katana, it was covered with a red liquid.

“Wh-What have you done!”

Two people ran up from further down the path seeing Hifumi’s sudden action.
Frantically pushing the mountain of trash aside, the two were surprised to find the limp corpses.

“Despite doing nothing, they were stabbed without warning …”

I guess both, the ones having run up here and those having died, are in the latter half of their teens, huh?
It seems one of the dead was a woman.
Even as he is showered in accusing gazes, Hifumi isn’t concerned in the least.

“They tried to do something. Don’t play the victims if you get counter-attacked.” (Hifumi)

“What was that! Although they only planned to threaten you a bit, I will kill you?!”

“Baka” (Hifumi)

The youth, who flared up at Hifumi in rage, died having his heart pierced.

“If you threaten with words saying you will kill someone, be prepared to the extent of resolving the situation with force. It is only ridiculous if a person soon to die says such things.” (Hifumi)

As he was preaching facing the corpses, Hifumi turned his gaze towards the sole survivor. He was unable to stand trembling in fear.

“Th-This easily…” (Young man)

“I have trained desperately to be able to kill this easily. Leaving that aside, I want you to tell me. How many people live in the slums ahead from here?” (Hifumi)

“I-I don’t know! Because there are as many entering as there are those dying before anyone knows…” (Young man)

Using a shrill and nervous voice, it seems he also became incontinent.

“Well then, is there a guy similar to a boss who brings the slum together?” (Hifumi)

“To-Torkemada-san (T/N: >> Torukemada <<), you mean? If it’s that guy, his stronghold is in the church ruins! I-I beg you, don’t ki…” (Young man)

Without listening to the end, Hifumi decapitates the young man.




“The church ruins, huh?” (Hifumi)

Exiting the trash mountains, a city with worn-out, decaying houses lined up came into view.
Although almost all of them were miserable shacks having their roofs collapsed or completely missing, judging by the presences, it seemed as if a limited amount of people was living there.
Additionally there were hardly any people walking outside.
While feeling the vigilant looks, a building with a different structure became apparent as he nonchalantly walked the the little rest of the path ahead.
It was weathered with its triangular interior and the roof which was spherically cut like an object of art.

“Is this the church by any chance? Which reminds me, I haven’t heard about something like the religion of this world. I will try to ask Origa next time, huh?” (Hifumi)

As usual, Hifumi relied on Origa for the knowledge concerning this world, but since Origa will likely be delighted about the question, I guess it is fine, he thought.
Approaching the building appearing to be the church, a group of ten-odd men came out surrounding Hifumi.
All of them frivolously held rusted weapons glaring at him with rough looks.

“Thank you for the trouble of receiving me. Who of you is called something like ‘Torkemada’?” (Hifumi)

He asked without even putting his hand on the katana.

“What’s your business with Torkemada-san? You are wearing strange clothes. Who are you bastard?” (Mob Character A)

“Are those the church ruins?” (Hifumi)

Ignoring the man who asked the questions with saliva flying all over, Hifumi pointed at the building in front of him.

“What about it!” (Mob character A)

“I just wanted to know.” (Hifumi)

He turned into the direction of the previous man twisting and turning around a round small sharp blade.

“Ha?” (Mob character A)

Faster than he could react, the iron wedge was driven into his chin. Besides ripping off the jaw joint, it broke the lower jaw into two pieces.
Without even time for fainting in agony, Hifumi seized his face and crushed the skull, killing him the process.

“Th-This guy!” (Mob Character B)

“Kill him! This fellow is dangerous!” (Mob Character C)

“Something like being dangerous… excuse me for that.” (Hifumi)

Saying this while pouting and complaining, he threw the small blades at their bosom. Drawing the katana and attacking in the same stroke, he sliced the throats of two people in one go.
Pulling it back in the time the two created a fountain of blood, he pierced the neck from behind of yet another person.

“St-Stop …” (Mob Character D)

Kicking the feet of a man throwing down his weapon and trying to flee, he tread on the face around the part of the eyes and broke the skull of the man having fallen down on the spot.
He dodged the sword of the man approaching from his rear causing him to involuntarily thrust the point of his sword into his companion who had his back turned towards him causing his companion to die.
Likewise another person was slain as he put his back into pulling out the sword.
Watching their companions getting killed one-sidedly, the remaining people unconsciously took a step back into the rear.

“Look! There are still another 9 people left, isn’t that right?” (Hifumi)

Breaking into a refreshing smile, he decapitated one more person.
Catching the wrist of a man brandishing his sword, he twisted it and used the man’s own blade to slice his neck.
The person, who was made stumbling by kicking the dead body at him, had his brain stabbed through the eyeballs on the spot when he raised his face.

“It’s enough already, please stop!” (Mob Characer E)

“Not happening. Die.” (Hifumi)

“Ple…” (Mob Character E)

His pleading for his own life was denied with a single word.
The pitiful man passed away having his skull cut apart down to the nose.
At the time that man collapsed with his eyeballs spilling out on both sides due to the impact of the slashing attack, someone came out of the church.

“That’s enough!”

A man of approximately 40 years having a thoroughly tempered stature appeared.
Carrying a large, well-maintained sword on his shoulders, he advanced to the front of the church which was scattered with dead bodies.
Hifumi, feeling that presence, wrapped it up by cutting the femur of a person and throwing him down.
At the moment the man raised his voice in order to restrain him, Hifumi aimed at the carelessness of that other man ceasing his movement and now that man was helpless.
Hifumi waited for him to die from blood loss as he sank in his own pool of blood.

“This! What are you!”

As Hifumi continued to kill even more without even listening to the restraint, the disturbing man drew his sword and went around in front of Hifumi, parrying Hifumi’s downward swung katana.

“Hou …” (Hifumi)

In the case of the other guys tattered swords those were cut apart disregarding the slashing attacks. But, while the katana penetrated halfway into the thick sword blade of this sword, it was also stopped.

“In spite of being this thin, what a strength!”

Desperately enduring the unusual pressure, the man gritting his teeth was sent flying with a kick into his abdomen making him tumbling on the ground.
Hifumi’s curiosity was slightly piqued by the man who quickly stood up and fixed his sword stance.

“You are different from the other trash. This bunch has a slightly capable fellow mixed in, huh?” (Hifumi)

“You aren’t someone from the slum? What the hell is your business here?”

“I came here to meet the manager. Then, since these belligerent guys came and surrounded me, I killed them.” (Hifumi)

‘It’s simple.’ Although he was laughing, Hifumi didn’t relax his force to pin him down with the katana even a tiny bit.
Even the surviving men had no other choice but to observe from the distance.

“That Bifron-san (T/N: >> Bifuron <<) is …” (Mob Character F)

From their mutterings Hifumi learned the name of the man in front of him.

“Wa-Wait! If you have conditions, I will listen to them. I am sorry for our underlings causing you trouble!” (Bifron)

Upon Bifron’s words, Hifumi all of a sudden withdrew his katana.
In contrast to Bifron, who was breathing heavily, Hifumi didn’t have a single pearl of sweat.
In addition to his ability, even his mentality is that of a monster, Bifron thought.
The fallen corpses of his companions in the vicinity had no needless injuries, there were merely the attacks necessary to kill them visible.
No hesitation could be seen.

“Let me meet the manager of this place.” (Hifumi)

“… I understand. Follow me.” (Bifron)

Bifron had no choice to waver on whether to take the man in front of his eyes to Torkemada’s place or not.
He judged it to be better to take him there rather than having everyone here getting killed.
Telling the surviving bunch to clean up the corpses, Bifron stepped into the church ruins leading Hifumi.




Other than in regards to Imeraria’s life, the Third Knight Unit played a leading part in the advancing plans for the troops organisation at the royal castle.
Those were reinforcements readied under the pretext of supporting Hifumi’s territory as well as the new territories against Vichy who was thought to start an offensive.
In anticipation a number of around 5000 soldiers was prepared and they began their march after having been assigned in units to each, Pajou and Midas.
Although Imeraria had to handle the governmental affairs, she also actively interfered with the army.
As the troops were usually led by a soldier, the Second Knight Unit didn’t find this very amusing.
Even if she was the princess, a woman meddling with the military and naval affairs, the top brass of the Second Knight Unit wasn’t able to stomach that.

“By all rights, we of the Second Knight Unit should be expected to become the bellwethers of the battle.” (Captain)

An elderly man, having his own personal office with the King’s castle, calmly said this. It is Stifels (T/N: >> Sutiferusu <<) who is the head of a earl household and employed as captain of the Second Knight Unit.
The ones standing at attention and listening to that speech are the two existing vice-captains.

“It is as the captain says. Originally, if it was by the king’s order, it would be a logical move for us to lead the soldiers as they head into battle!” (Vice-Captain A)

“Be that as it may, as the king has passed away and the prince still hasn’t finished the coronation yet, isn’t she abusing her authority with this?” (Vice-Captain B)

Same as Stifels, both vice-captains also seemed to obviously bad-mouth the Princess’ judgement.
Having said that she was abusing her authority, in reality there were no clearly stated regulations in regards to the chain of command within royalty or the roles of the Knight Units.
With the queen wasting away and the prince also being too young, there was likewise a valid reason for Imeraria taking a leading role in carrying out the governmental affairs. Especially for that reason the royal castle also kept functioning without problems.
Due to the civil officials and their-likes understanding this, they followed the Princess’ instructions obediently.
But, military and naval officers seemed to have a tendency to be obstinate where customs were concerned. While the Third Knight Unit, who originally belonged to the Princess faction, was fine with the pliable support, the First and Second Knight Unit, whose treatment became worse by each day passing, bore resentment in opposition.

“You-know-what, I think the lass only gathered the soldiers for the sake of looking cool in front of the guy she fell in love with. It is even fine for her to get along with the cowards from the Third Knight Unit in that game of fake campaign.” (Vice-Captain A)

“However, as things are going, since the Third Knight Unit will increase their achievements once again…” (Vice-Captain B)

The Second Knight Unit was impatient. The Third Knight Unit’s achievements rose with such things like the smuggling affair of the Marquis solidifying their high estimation and connection with the Princess. In comparison to that, the Second Knight Unit wouldn’t be able to obtain any achievements this time either.
As the Second Knight Unit’s reputation took a huge blow with not being able to protect the king and as there was also the matter of disposing the problem child called Gothras who was affiliated with the Second Knight Unit, they were disgruntled as they weren’t given any place to participate actively in the first place.

“The reinforcements together with the military forces of the territories amounts to about 5000 troops. Vichy will come to recapture the territories using all its strength. Although it might be possible to stop a defeat, something like an overwhelming victory will be impossible. This isn’t anything to be anxious about. Also, apart from that, we should be able to appear on the stage to earn the victory.” (Stifels)

“The stage aiming for victory, is it?” (Vice Captain A)

Passing the two vice-captains a signed decree close at hand, Stifels stood up.

“Right now it has become a standoff with Horant at the national border. Let’s show them that we can handle enlarging the realm as well, shall we not? It isn’t something that can only be done by that greenhorn, I will show the proof of that.” (Stifels)

“That’s right!” (Vice-Captain A)

“As one would expect of Your Excellency! You have a totally different point of view than us!” (Vice-Captain B)

While the two vice-captains were severally praising him, Stifels nodded in response and declared with a bold attitude,

“Gather the soldiers! The true strength of the Second Knight Unit shall resound within Orsongrande, no, in the whole world!” (Stifels)

Watching the figures of his subordinates hurrying to organize the troops with exalted facial expressions, Stifels nodded in absolute satisfaction.


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