Chapter 21 – Shining Star

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“As for battle during the night, generally speaking it is important that you are not discovered by your opponent.”  (Hifumi)

Atop the roof while watching the retreating soldiers, Hifumi explained to Origa and Kasha before starting to act.

In the moonlight, Origa’s group could vaguely see the stature of Hifumi but not his facial expression.

“Be aware of the location where the light won’t shine on you. Erase your presence. And then, without making a sound, kill. Take care that you don’t hit on metal with the hamono. Don’t give your opponent the chance to yell. Make sure the corpse drops silently.” (Hifumi)

Hifumi explained the necessary movement to draw a walking person towards your own direction and also how to use the hamono while affixing the katana to his waist.

“Properly use the palm at the time of covering their mouth. Fingers and the arm can be bitten. Shut their nose since people can still scream through their nose.” (Hifumi)

Suddenly being unable to breathe, only that is already plenty to cause chaos, Hifumi said.

“Well then, let’s go!” (Hifumi)

“Ano … how do you plan to get down?” (Origa)

Their current location was at the rooftop of a two-storied building.

Origa was scared as she peered down on the dark road surface.

“At only such a height, you jump down, no?” (Hifumi)

“… This height is a bit …” (Origa)

“Me too, it’s impossible, I think …” (Kasha)

“Guess it can’t be helped. I will catch you, so jump down in order.” (Hifumi)

Without waiting for an answer, Hifumi nimbly descended into the darkness.

“Come down …” (Hifumi)

“… Alright, Kasha I will go first.” (Origa)

Timidly peering down while confirming Hifumi’s location, Origa held her breath and jumped off the roof.

After seeing her off, Kasha’s ears caught a small shriek from below which confirmed that she had likely been caught safely.

“Since Origa is light, it’s fine, but …” (Kasha)

Kasha looked down at the gear she was wearing.

A metal armor and two swords, and although she didn’t think her own weight was overly much, adding it together with the equipment she was certainly quite heavy.

Even so, she was reluctant to stay on the rooftop as is.

She knew there was no time either.

Although they were soldiers from another country, that small girl might still be tortured right at this moment.

Or if they were too late, she could possibly be killed.

Thinking of it that way, it was foolish to falter for such a reason, thus Kasha resolved herself.

“Master, I believe in you.” (Kasha)

Though it looked like she was preparing to run away, Kasha finally jumped down as well.

Hifumi skillfully caught the falling Kasha sideways and used the adjourning wall to kill the momentum.

“You aren’t injured, right?” (Hifumi)

“U, un … thank you, master.” (Kasha)

Is it due to being afraid or is it due to being carried in his arms? Kasha felt like her own heart beat had increased. Trying to not ponder about unnecessary matters, she quickly checked her equipment.

Likewise in the meanwhile, Hifumi gave sharp instructions.

“Do not speak from here on out. We still have some time left, with a little walking we should easily catch up. Pay attention to not make any obvious footsteps. Take out your swords.” (Hifumi)

Furthermore Hifumi told Kasha to wrap her body in a cloth he had taken out from his storage in order suppress the metallic clanking of her armor.

“Ano, master, I am …” (Origa)

“Origa, be ready to throw your shurikens at any time. If enemies turn up along the way, use my way of killing as a model. We will have to work hard in order to rescue Alyssa on time.” (Hifumi)

“I understand” (Origa)

“In order to not stray from each other, Kasha will place her hand on my shoulder and Origa will place hers on Kasha’s shoulder while we are advancing … Let’s go.” (Hifumi)

Through her palm Kasha felt the warmth of Hifumi’s body temperature being transmitted. For some reason it felt uncomfortable.

For ending up reacting in such a way, she likewise felt like apologizing. She was grateful how well he treated her. Yet, the skills and attitude he used in order to kill people still struck fear into her.

It was only a few minutes of moving forward along the shadows of the buildings without being hit by moonlight when Hifumi suddenly stopped and turned to the two in his back.

Entering the decaying deserted house in front of them, he murmured in a small voice.

“This seems to be the right building. There are 5 people inside and two people are patrolling the vicinity of this building.” (Hifumi)

After telling them that they should observe his way of killing, which he would display here, he merely separated from Origa’s group slightly before he melt into the darkness visibly erasing his presence.

Although he had to be close by, Origa and Kasha lost sight of him after he vanished into the darkness.

From the shadow of the building two men approached.

It was the guard patrolling outside the abandoned building.

Without having any kind of conversation, the two passed the spot where Hifumi had been before. In an instant an arm was wrapped around the lower face of one, drawing him soundlessly into the darkness.

As his body went stiff due to the surprise and suffocation, a sickle immediately slit his throat quietly ending his life.

“Nn?” (Guard B)

The other person noticing that the guy who was supposed to be next to him vanished, turned his head for a second before the point of a katana pierced his throat.

Without even realizing what has happened, the man died just like that.

“Alright, come here.” (Hifumi)

Hifumi’s voice called the two.

Taking care to not make any sound as they approached in the direction of the faint voice, the figure of Hifumi, who was pressing his ears against the wall of the abandoned building in order to to check the state inside, dimly appeared before them.

“The interior of this building isn’t divided into rooms similar to a warehouse, that’s the current state. Alyssa is on the other side of the wall. I don’t know whether she is bound to a pillar or pinned to the wall, but it appears that she is still breathing.” (Hifumi)

Apparently three people were in front of Alyssa and the other two were located inside around the entrance on the right side.

Origa’s group would lure out the two at the entrance to kill them swiftly while Hifumi would raid the interior to attract the attention of the other three in order to support them.

“I will enter from a different location.” (Hifumi)

“Another location? There is another entrance?” (Origa)

As the building was in quite a worn out state, the wooden doors covering the windows were rotten and had holes a small person might fit through, too.

“You don’t have to worry. Since there will be some light, it will become difficult to see for a moment after stepping inside. Be careful of that. I leave the timing of the break in to you.” (Hifumi)

Hifumi erased his presence once again and left the place.

Coming in front of the door, Origa and Kasha glanced at each other exchanging a short nod.

Origa chanted a spell with a small voice. The hinge of the door was broken with the minimum force of wind blades required.

As the hinge had become thoroughly worn out, it was very easily disconnected. The door slowly began to fall towards the outside.

The light from inside shone in a rectangle onto the street.

“… This place is at its limit too, huh?”

Without any kind of vigilance the head of a man peeked out. Kasha swung down her sword with all her might. The head was severed as it is alongside the helmet tumbling down on the street with a *koro koro* .

“An enemy!”

The other guard drew his sword while quietly checking the outside. Discovering Kasha right in front of him, he closed the distance even though he was surprised.

However, Origa’s shuriken dug into his calf causing him to fall down in pain. Kasha slew him where he fell.

Jumping over the corpses of the men, Origa and Kasha rushed inside. There they saw a man thrusting his sword in front of Alyssa whose hands were pinned to the wall with nails.

The remaining two men raised their swords in preparation in front of the two.

There didn’t seem to be anyone present who could be a corporal.

Although Alyssa was bearing the pain, she was surprised by seeing the two charging inside.

“You are the attendants of that noble from that time!” (Guard C)

“Though we aren’t attendants.” (Kasha)

“We came to rescue her.” (Origa)

Although she said so, Origa, who surveyed the inside of the room, was panicking within her mind.

Hifumi had said he would infiltrate from another location, but since the room was surrounded by a wall of stone it didn’t seem at all possible that there was another infiltration point.

“Kill them.” (Guard C)

“”Understood.”” (Guards)

Just like with the soldiers during the day, without showing their wavering emotions, the two prepared their swords while sidling up.

At such short distance there was certainly no chance to use magic.

Considering to use the shurikens as a diversion, Origa called out to Kasha.

“Since I will be holding both of them back, you can use the time to …” (Origa)

“Understood.” (Kasha)

Believing in the ability of her close friends, she tightly grasped the magic wand.

However, her determination was interrupted by a scream.

“Kyaa!” (Alyssa)

“Guwa!” (Guard C)

The cute shriek originated from Alyssa.

The other scream came from the man threatening Alyssa with his blade.

All of the sudden a katana passed by from the side of Alyssa’s face, piercing through the chest of the man before her eyes.

Not only was the person stabbed surprised, but even Alyssa got startled.

In contrast, Origa and Kasha who were watching that scene, were relieved since they understood right away who had done this.

As the stabbing katana was extracted, the man collapsed dead with an astonished expression.

Furthermore after a few scraping sounds, a crack appeared on the wall surrounding Alyssa before it became brittle and crumbled down in the blink of an eye.

Alyssa, who collapsed on the spot, was caught by Hifumi from behind.

“It seems you are quite unlucky, be it this morning or now.” (Hifumi)

“Hifumi-san!” (Alyssa)

Having already lost all her strength, Alyssa was listlessly hanging from complete exhaustion. With teary eyes she looked up to Hifumi while bearing the pain. And even though her face was swollen she showed a clumsy smile.

Due to Hifumi’s absurd way of intrusion, the remaining two men were in a dumbfounded state.

Not missing this chance, Kasha killed them slashing their backs in succession.

For both of them it was instant death.

Leaving the corpses as they were, Hifumi’s group at once returned to the inn, retrieved the horses, and tied them to a carriage outside.

Making use of one of the carriages stopped there, they placed Alyssa inside and covered her with a blanket.

Having had nails struck into both hands and being obviously thoroughly beaten, Alyssa had bruises everywhere.

Because of the fatigue and injuries, it was already impossible for her to walk straight and likewise it was impossible to sleep due to the pain.

Thus she was only laying there.

While vacantly staring at the canopy part covering the roof of the carriage, Alyssa was weeping due to being rescued from this crisis and the anxiety of the future yet to come.

I may not be able to return to being a soldier anymore, I think … Leaving that aside, I think it has come to the point where I might not be able to move anymore … I am not certain that I can move my legs and hands at all. It is painful. At the time I was rescued I was happy, but what shall I do from here on out?

The people she considered to be her allies tried to kill her, just to be rescued by a noble and his attendants from another country. Alyssa wasn’t able to imagine how she should proceed from now on.

Rather than that, if she ended up being unable to move her body as it is … she had to prepare for the worst in that situation, too, she concluded.

“I am coming in.” (Hifumi)

Suddenly she heard such a voice, and without waiting for her reply either the figures of two people could be seen entering the carriage.

It was Hifumi and Origa.

Kasha, for whom it was painful to see the horribly wounded Alyssa, remained outside the carriage to stand on guard.

“Hifumi-san …” (Alyssa)

“Stay still and don’t move.” (Hifumi)

Sitting down besides Alyssa, Hifumi gently touched all over her body atop her clothes.

Sometimes the places he touched caused her pain.

She didn’t feel repulsed by his action. Becoming aware of the serious expression Hifumi displayed while examining her, she removed her gaze from him to the figure of Origa who just like Hifumi watched her with a similar expression.

Ah, that’s the kind of person he is, Alyssa thought and concluded to leave everything in Hifumi’s hands.

“I am not sure how many ribs are broken. Besides the injuries on both hands, the bones of the right arm and both feet are fissured.” (Hifumi)

Upon being told about the situation with extreme serenity, Alyssa accepted her fate.

“Hifumi-san, I have a request. Could you please kill me … ?” (Alyssa)

“How did it come to such talk?” (Hifumi)

Hifumi was tilting his head in confusion. Origa softly touched him while informing him.

“When it comes to such a degree of injuries, you have to receive healing from a high ranking healer or use a great number of high grade restorative medicine. Either way dozens of gold coins are required.” (Origa)

“That’s true. I can’t pay such amount of money. Since I can’t already do any kind of work in this condition … and because I don’t want to cause trouble for someone with my impairment. Please resolve yourself to kill me. If it is Hifumi-san, I …” (Alyssa)

Apparently her voice was quite audible as Kasha could be heard sobbing outside.

Origa was shedding tears as well.

Though the mood of the carriage’s interior was dominated by depression, Hifumi looked as if it had nothing to do with him.

“If that’s the case, there is no problem.” (Hifumi) (ED: Farewell Alyssa, your arc was short yet sweet!)

“Huh?” (Alyssa)

“As for restorative medicine, I bought a massive amount of them before leaving the capital. You don’t have to worry about using them.” (Hifumi)

From his storage he took out bottles made out of glass one after the other and lined them up on the floor.

Although a veteran adventurer would be hesitant to buy even one bottle of such high grade restorative medicine, the situation now made it seem as if it was a completely cheap article. Someone who was aware of their value would likely lose consciousness upon seeing such a spectacle.

“M-Master, why do you have so many?” (Origa)

“There is restorative medicine?!” (Kasha)

Kasha had jumped into the carriage, too.

“Kasha, be a bit more quiet. So, do you drink this? Or do you apply it on the wounds? Since I haven’t tried them yet, I don’t know how to use them nor how effective they are.” (Hifumi)

“Both methods are fine, Master. For external wounds you sprinkle it on top and for the inner bone fractures you drink it in order for it to be effective.” (Origa)

“U-using such expensive medicine, I don’t have money for that …” (Alyssa)

“It’s alright, Alyssa. Master is a rich person.” (Origa)

In order to clear Alyssa’s mind from concerning with monetary issue, Origa told her to let it go.

Forcibly pouring it into her mouth and sprinkling it over her hands and feet, the blanket became soaked, but all of Alyssa’s wounds were healed.

“It has such an immediate effect, huh? If only it wasn’t this expensive.” (Hifumi)

“Th-Thank you very much …” (Alyssa)

They had used the restorative medicine literally like water. Alyssa who didn’t understand why it was fine to do so, still managed to express her gratitude somehow.

“For now it might be difficult for Alyssa but from here on out it is work” (Hifumi)

“Ah, yes …” (Alyssa)

Having received so many things.

Alyssa didn’t think it would be done with a few words of gratitude.

Speaking of things to do, there was nothing but to support Hifumi.

Even so, that was fine. Alyssa waited for Hifumi’s words.

“Do you want to get your revenge alongside these fellows?” (Hifumi)

Next to the smiling Origa, Hifumi asked.

This is nothing else but the whispering of a devil, Kasha realized that it was already too late to retreat from this place as she saw the smiling faces of Hifumi’s group.


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