Chapter 177 – Black Lake

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Reni, who left the meeting room together with Zanga, told the knight of Orsongrande, who was accompanying them under the pretext of being a guide and an escort, “I want to go outside.”

“Then, this way, please.”

The interior of the castle, which had repeatedly parts added to it, is complicated, making a guide necessary for even leaving and entering.
The figures of several people walking in groups with Reni and Zanga in the lead right behind the knight was such a rare sight in the castle that they received plenty of rude looks from the people serving in the castle.

“…So, sheep-jou-chan, you’re planning something, aren’t you?” (Zanga)

Zanga says to Reni with a whisper.

“We will talk after leaving the castle. If you can agree with my points, it will be a big help if we can get your assistance, but…” (Reni)

“I see. Then let’s get quickly out of her. Stone buildings are somewhat uncomfortable for elves.” (Zanga)

“Though a soft chair isn’t all that bad,” Zanga laughs.
After walking for around 5 minutes, Reni called out to the knight at the castle gate.

“Until here is fine. We know the way to the inn.” (Reni)

“Is that so? Then, if you have any business, come to the castle please.”

“Okay. Thank you.” (Reni)

The knight saw of Reni’s group, but or course they are under surveillance. Going by Reni’s assumption, someone dressed as city resident should follow them once they leave the plaza.

“I will explain to you now.” (Reni)

“Please. The queen-sama said all that, but there’s no way that we can sleep peacefully with just that.” (Zanga)

Reni grinned widely at Zanga’s way of talking. Reni, who doesn’t know the faces of her grandparents, felt a strangely relaxing atmosphere from Zanga’s aloof presence.
With a slack expression Reni explains something surprising to Zanga.

“The queen-sama plans to cause an uproar in front of the castle. …It looks like she plans to seal Hifumi-san with magic. I don’t know the reason, but I hear Puuse-san is cooperating with her as well.” (Reni)

Reni continued speaking to Zanga who looks at her with widened, resolved eyes.

“It means that the talks with the demon queen have finished to some extent. It will start very soon.” (Reni)

“In that case we should get out of here as fast as possible.” (Zanga)

“We should do so, but since it’s a rare chance, we will use this to raise the beastmen’s standing.” (Reni)

“Raise your standing? What do you plan to do?” (Zanga)

Reni answered with a strained voice to Zanga who tilts her head in confusion,

“It will result in that Hifumi-san fighting a group…during that time we will help the residents in the surroundings to escape. We will be able to wonderfully show off the footwork of beastmen. …How about the elves doing so as well? It’s a chance to demonstrate the defensive magic skills owned by you. I’m sure all the humans will be startled and give the elves their thanks.” (Reni)

Zanga didn’t answer for a short while. The young beastgirl is trying to grasp the hearts of the humans as if it’s similar to a “prearranged performance.”
But, if it’s related to the future of our race, “this and that are different things.”

“…We will cooperate. Or rather, I think we will try to move by your instructions, sheep-jou-chan.” (Zanga)


The balcony of the royal castle.
Two queens stood there right now. Without any guards or servants, just the two of them.
Contrary to Imeraria, whose white face is completely expressionless like that of a Noh mask, Vepar is tense with sweat running down her gray face.

“Hifumi-sama is over there.” (Imeraria)

Ahead of where Imeraria was pointing, Hifumi, who had turned his back on the castle, was talking with Midas.
As for the location, it’s the plaza in front of the castle with Hifumi being close to the exit. Moreover, on the other side of the entrance the soldiers of Orsongrande are lining up with their backs likewise turned on the castle, guarding the area in a loose formation.
On the plaza, several people are taking care of the horses which Fokalore’s soldiers and the demons used to get here.

“Once you summon your soldiers on the other side of Hifumi-san, I will have the knights sortie under the pretense of it being for the sake of defense. While carrying out a pincer attack, Puuse-san will imprison Hifumi-sama with barrier magic, and at the same time I will activate the sealing magic.” (Imeraria)

“…You sure make it sound easy.” (Vepar)

Vepar has formed an army corps of 50 soldiers at their base in Vichy and has them wait on standby. It’s a disposable unit led by Bashim, gathered on behalf of the secret agreement with Imeraria. Even if Bashim kills Hifumi, he will be executed for the sin of having arbitrarily started a battle in another country. Though Vepar doesn’t believe that he has the slightest chance to win.

“On our side we have the knight order and the powerful soldiers of Fokalore, who are resting on the plaza. There are guards and knights in the city as well. There’s a commander as well. The horses…if there are losses among them, I will have them compensated.” (Imeraria)

“Therefore it’s fine to go all out,” Imeraria smiles.
Vepar wanted to go back at once. Hifumi and this queen; the humans are insane. I’m gradually losing my confidence in my ability to control the citizens of Vichy.
But, I wonder what would happen if I refused here?
The woman called Imeraria might spur on Hifumi to fight the demons in order to wear him out. If that happens, us demons, who finally managed to go out into the world, might vanish from history for eternity this time.
Vepar doesn’t have any big ambitions, but she doesn’t want to go down in history as foolish queen.

“Understood…since it’s slightly far, will you allow me to focus?” (Vepar)

“Yes. I shall get ready myself as well then.” (Imeraria)

Once Imeraria turns around, the elf Puuse gracefully appears on the balcony while holding two wands.
Imeraria, who received one of the wands with extravagant ornaments applied to it, lines up next to Vepar and Puuse stood next to her while tightly grasping her wand.

“Let’s begin.” (Imeraria)

In her heart Imeraria apologized to Vepar, Puuse, the knights and soldiers. This is a cleaning up of the mess caused by Imeraria and her father. Originally it’s something she has to do by herself and not get various other races besides her country involved in this.
She naturally extends her hand to her abdomen.
She had decided to hand over this country in a good state to her child.
Crying and apologizing has to wait for the bitter end.

“I’m starting.” (Vepar)

Hearing Vepar’s voice, Imeraria lifter her face which she had lowered unconsciously.


“Hifumi-san, we will return to the city for the moment.” (Reni)

Reni, who is about to pass next to Hifumi while casually calling out to him, was forced to stop against her will by having her neck grabbed from behind.
Instead of Reni, who can’t speak up out of surprise, Helen protests,

“Hey, what are you doing!?” (Helen)

“I have just caught a bug sticking to her.” (Hifumi)

Hifumi, who removes the glove from his free left hand by using his mouth, acts as if he’s pulling out something from Reni’s back.

“There you go, now off with you. It’s a good idea to go ahead of the others since you’re slow-footed, but don’t make the blunder of mistaking your destination after being tempted into doing something stupid.” (Hifumi)

Reni, who was released by being tossed away, rubbed her neck and laughed.

“As expected, I’m no match for you, Hifumi-san.” (Reni)

“Get lost quickly. You’re a nuisance.” (Hifumi)

Helen and Zanga hurried up, but only Reni closely stared at Hifumi’s face.

“What is it?” (Hifumi)

“Thank you very much!” (Reni)

Hifumi waves his right hand to drive away Reni, who had bowed her head.

“If you want to thank me, then create an interesting world. There’s nothing else that I wish from you besides that.” (Hifumi)

“Understood!” (Reni)

Reni runs off while waving a hand.
Meanwhile the something, which was grasped in Hifumi’s left hand transformed into the face of a skinny man and struggled while scattering something similar to black fog.

“What’s that?” (Midas)

“The fragment of an idiot who tried to use others to kill me.” (Hifumi)

While answering Midas’ question, Hifumi crushed the shinigami‘s face with his black hand.

“…I guess it has started.” (Hifumi)

What appeared first was a black circle with the size of a volleyball.
The “surface” of the gate, which became four meters in diameter within less than 10 seconds, was calm like the surface of a lake with not a single breeze going.

“This is…” (Midas)

“The enemy is coming.” (Hifumi)

“…Eh?” (Midas)

“Go to the soldiers on the city’s side. The demons’ troops are coming.” (Hifumi)

It’s a crazy story, but seeing Hifumi’s expression, Midas decided to believe him and started to run.

“Good god…finally it’s starting, eh?” (Hifumi)

Plunging the glove into his pocket, Hifumi loosened his neck and shoulders up by rotating them, and then adjusted the location of his katana.
First a single one. A male demon emerged from within the darkness.

“Just when I wondered whether it’s finally our turn…what a great omen. For you bastard to be the first target in our trampling of the humans.” (Bashim)

The one-handed demon, Bashim looks at Hifumi’s face, revealing a savage smile while baring his teeth.

“What, it’s you? Doesn’t Vepar have any powerful subordinates? I expected an at least a bit more bulky fellow, but…well, whatever.” (Hifumi)

“Asshole!” (Bashim)

In rage Bashim used his ability, causing two knife blades to float in midair. Meanwhile one demon soldier after the other appears from the black gate.
Fokalore’s soldiers, who were on the plaza, quickly stand up while holding their weapons, and build a defensive wall by toppling over several carts. The voice of Midas reverberates at the plaza’s entrance. The knights and soldiers face about right, and draw the swords while facing the castle.
Moreover the voices of Reni and Helen telling the citizens to take refuge can be heard in the distance.
During all that time, Hifumi doesn’t do anything, not even touching the hilt of his katana.

“Look, your arm is over there.” (Hifumi)

“Whaaa!?” (Bashim)

What Hifumi pointed at was the pedestal that had been installed in the center of the plaza. Being covered by a cloth, it’s standing all alone there, as if having been abandoned.

“It’s being kept veeeery safely by having been placed into a case. Hey! It’s fine to go there to take it back with your own hands.” (Hifumi)

Even while grating his back teeth with grinding sounds due to Hifumi’s ridiculing speaking style, Bashim slowly distances himself from Hifumi and heads over to the pedestal.
While keeping his eyes on Hifumi, he touches the pedestal with his stretched out right hand and uses one of the still floating blades to tear up the cover as he suppresses his impatience.
During that time the demon soldiers appear in groups in front of Hifumi, and spread out left and right on the plaza that seems to run out of space.
The royal army and Fokalore’s soldiers watch the situation with tension. At last the completely armed knight order appeared from within the castle and lined up. They number close to 40.
Bashim, who knew that they were surrounded, laughs scornfully.

“Do you intend to crush us by relying on numbers…? But you know…” (Bashim)

The stream of demons popping out of the gate doesn’t cease. Their numbers have long ago passed 50, but without interruption, armed soldiers keep spilling out.
Watching the demons as they crowded around him, Hifumi touched the katana for the first time. Without drawing it, he just placed his hand gently on it, though.

“What, this is…” (Bashim)

Once he heard Bashim’s shocked voice, the corners of Hifumi’s move suddenly rose, and in an instant he starts to run.
Looking at Balzephon, who had completely changed into a glaring, freshly severed head, Bashim saw Hifumi quickly circle around the head.
And what he saw next was Hifumi’s knee.

“Let’s start! Come at me without any reservations!” (Hifumi)

Hifumi, who easily jumped upward while shouting that, drives his knee into Bashim’s face and cracked the pedestal that had a magic circle to seal Balzephon drawn on it with Bashim’s head.

“You participate as well. Bal-something! Endure with this guy as body.” (Hifumi)

Balzephon, who saw Bashim who had the back of his head split open by Hifumi, spilled a thread-like stream of blood from the base of his neck and made it touch Bashim.
After confirming that, Hifumi stepped over the pedestal.
Once he lands with a deliberately loud thump, he looks up to Imeraria and the other two who are looking down from the balcony.
And then he drew his katana.


“The number of people has increased? Just what the heck is going on?” (Vepar)

Due to the number of soldiers being obviously far higher than those prepared under Bashim’s command, Vepar raised her voice, letting her emotions, a mixture of surprise and anger, free reign.
At this rate, if it results in the demon soldiers rushing the castle in the worst case while fully relying on their numbers, a messy and dire battle won’t be avoidable.
Frantically wracking her brain that has turned into a mess, she fist closes the gate.
Upon the gate disappearing in the twinkling of an eye, two soldiers had their bodies apparently cut apart, but her rage towards her subordinates, who did whatever they like, made her look away from that tragedy.

“I’m very sorry, I will go down right away and stop the soldiers. At this rate…” (Vepar)

“Please stay here as you are.” (Imeraria)

Imeraria interrupted Vepar in a calm manner.

“There being a big number of people is a good thing on this occasion. They are…” (Imeraria)

Carrying the wand under her arm, Imeraria pointed at the demons gradually filling the plaza as if occupying it.

“It’s fine to regard them as death soldiers, right? If it is, isn’t that great? Please watch from here…please don’t say that you are going back out at this point, okay?” (Imeraria)

Unable to find any words to reply with, Vepar shifted her eyes from Imeraria’s well-featured, white face, which is fixated on a single point, Hifumi, who is below them.
Hifumi looked up to them.

“The situation has already started to move. The battle has begun now. I will order the knights and soldiers to put the situation under control, but…a part of the knights will pretend to support Hifumi-sama while accompanied by soldiers. That will seal off his movements.” (Imeraria)

“If we are able to restrain him to a certain range, Puuse will imprison Hifumi-sama using a magic wall,” Imeraria indifferently explains.

“I-I’m sorry to to tell you, but no matter how much advantage you gain from a melee, I don’t consider that man to be someone whose movement you can restrain even if you have humans flock around him in a group.” (Vepar)

“You’re right. It probably won’t work if it’s just the soldiers. But, the people scheduled to rush out of the castle to assist him are not only our country’s soldiers.” (Imeraria)

While they are talking, the demon soldiers on the plaza all together swarm Hifumi, except for a group that moved in order to save Bashim.

“Who else then?” (Vepar)

“Yes, I asked the person who knows him the best.” (Imeraria)

Suddenly a gust blew from the rear of the balcony.
The small and light Imeraria staggers. A single woman ran past her and literally jumped off the balcony.
It’s likely thanks to wind magic. The blue robe fully absorbs the wind, making her soar towards the plaza.

“It’s Hifumi-sama’s wife, Origa-san.” (Imeraria)

Due to Vepar being speechless, Imeraria smiles while fixing her dress that had become disheveled by the wind.

“Please look closely. The slaughterer summoned from a different world by a foolish princess will be betrayed by his family and sealed by an inhuman queen.” (Imeraria)



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