Chapter 149 – Getting Away With Murder

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Horant’s soldiers on Kuzemu’s side could be seen gradually caving in at the front, but since they started to escape towards the side of Nelgal who was right in front of their eyes, it turned into a melee that swallowed up both sides.
As the immortal soldiers began to attack without making any distinction whether enemy or ally, Horant’s soldiers corresponded with swords and spears as well as spells such as fireballs at times, however the immortal soldiers wouldn’t stop moving even if their bodies were covered by flames, not to say anything about them being cut by edged weapons. On the contrary there are even immortal soldier who are clinging to soldiers while being aflame.

“Stop! Release me! Please let go!”


There is a group barging into the mix of screams and angry roars.

“Nets! Restrain them with the nets we brought for the big guys!” (Alyssa)


Fokalore’s soldiers led by Alyssa have forcibly come through in front of Nelgal’s subordinates, who are in chaos due to the attacks of the immortal soldiers, with a platform wagon.
While involving many of the soldiers of Horant, Fokalore’s soldiers cast one net after the other while crushing the immortal soldiers.

“Alyssa-san!” (Nelgal)

“Spears!” (Alyssa)

Due to the voice of Nelgal who finally came back to the front line, Alyssa yells shortly.
Understanding with that single word, Nelgal faced the soldiers in the vicinity and hurled instructions at them.

“Simultaneously attack the enemy soldiers with the spear throwers! Those who have free hands, throw the spears!” (Nelgal)

A rain of spears was released at the immortal soldiers, who are struggling while being entangled by the nets, from the side.


There were also some soldiers from Horant who were caught in the nets together with the immortal soldiers while struggling with one another, but the spears, which poured down despite the madness, mercilessly pierced them as well.

“Even if it’s only this one case, I will be burdened with a considerable sin.” (Nelgal)

The soldiers who should be my subordinates once I become king.
Nelgal muttered with a strained expression while watching them die with agonizing cries as they were mingled together with the immortal soldiers.

“However, with this…”

“Everyone, get away! Retreat! Retreat!”

Several of Fokalore’s soldiers spearheaded by Alyssa, who came out on the front left side of Nelgal’s group, return while shouting for retreat.
Due to their expressions, which can’t hide their impatience, Nelgal observed the front very carefully and especially looked at the dead soldiers of Horant who were pierced by spears. However, the immortal soldiers had begun to slip out by crawling after cutting the nets with their weapons.
Even though they are in a state similar to a hedgehog after being struck by spears, they indifferently tear up the nets, which are hindering them, with serious looks.

“What to say… we will retreat. While the spear throwers are turned towards the front, everyone, retreat until I give you a sign! Don’t be careless and don’t let the ranks fall apart!” (Nelgal)

Nelgal shifts his attention to the opposite side of the immortal soldiers who are trying to slip out from below the nets.
At that place were the figures of soldiers from Horant who had been killed one after the other by the immortal soldiers unable to cope with them just like his side.

“What is the commander over there doing!? If it goes on as is…” (Nelgal)

Currently they might be enemies, but Nelgal, who had the intention to ask for their cooperation through persuasion, cursed his own powerlessness as he had to retreat while grinding his teeth due to the figures of this country’s soldiers having been overrun.

“If I had strength like Hifumi-san…” (Nelgal)

I wonder how many people pondered about the same thing in this world?


“How persistent!”

The heads of the immortal soldiers, who clung to the platform wagon, are sent flying by the wakizashi swung by Alyssa.
As expected, they seem to not move if they have no head, the bodies of the immortal soldiers, which slipped off, fell below the platform wagon and were smashed by the wheels.

“Director! At this rate…”

“At least get some distance! Let’s leave the rest to Horant!” (Alyssa)

We can’t get unnecessarily exhausted in this place for the sake of Horant, Alyssa decided. I think it’s inexcusable as we are abandoning them, but I don’t want this to become a scene of throwing away the lives of my subordinates either.
It would be a different story if the true identity of the opponents was clear and if they knew about countermeasures as with the giant soldiers, but as she sees those immortal soldiers for the first time, choosing a melee with an opponent, that is really hard to deal with, Alyssa isn’t the type to like such recklessness.

“However, if we just escape, that’s no good either, right…? What shall we do…?” (Alyssa)

Although she has been telling herself to stay calm, the audible screams and the tumult of her own army’s side, which started hostilities once again, increases her panic.
However, at the moment when Alyssa was doing her best to gather herself, her boss wasn’t calm at all.

“Don’t fuck around with me!” (Hifumi)

“… Eh?” (Alyssa)

The one who jumped over Alyssa and planted his feet on the platform wagon was no one else but Hifumi himself.
While skilfully running through the nets which are still on the ground, he hit the head of the immortal soldier, who was the closest, with a sideways sweep.
In addition, he bisected one more immortal soldier into left and right parts and even stabbed his katana into a groaning soldier of Horant who had fallen nearby.

“Hi-Hifumi-san?” (Alyssa)

“Alyssa.” (Origa)

“Uwah.” (Alyssa)

Alyssa, who blinked her eyes due to Hifumi’s sudden appearance, got surprised with her shoulders jumping up after being called by Origa from behind,

“I just greeted you. Excuse me.” (Origa)

“E-Excuse me. Ah, it’s the rabbit person. Hello.” (Alyssa)

“Eh? H-Hello.” (Viine)

Having somehow kept up with Origa, Viine replied while being bewildered by being greeted friendlily by Alyssa.

“Alyssa, from here on out Hifumi-sama will start the extermination. Given that I will deal with those being left over, take care to not be a hindrance.” (Origa)

“I will head out as well!”

Even Viine, who put her breathing in order somehow, grasps the short wand, which was visible at her waist, and announces her participation.
Origa looks into Viine’s eyes and gives her consent by nodding.

“Ah, then I will join, too. The rest of you obey Princess-sama suitably. Best regards.” (Alyssa)

Chasing after Origa and Viine who were pursuing Hifumi who jumped off the platform wagon, Alyssa, who gave her subordinates a far too irresponsible order, also got off the platform wagon with her wakizashi in her hand.

“… What shall we do?”

“What, you ask… Lord-sama made his appearance. We likely won’t get a turn anymore.”

The soldiers of Fokalore, who affirmed that with a “Right, that’s right,” retreated to the location of Imeraria for the time being to report the news to her.


“Oh shit! What’s that?” (Tannin)

While observing the chaotic state of the front line due to the immortal soldiers, Tannin measured the time for a retreat.
He was flustered due to the scene visible from atop his horse.
The man, he recalls having seen in Kuzemu’s office, is brandishing a thin sword while chopping up immortal soldiers and Horant soldiers without any distinction.
Currently it’s an event taking place at the front line, but it’s probably a matter of time for him to reach this place.
Once he looks properly, three women are attacking the surrounding soldiers in order to support him.

“That guy, was this strong…?” (Tannin)

“Tannin-sama! The immortal soldiers will be defeated!”

Tanning couldn’t immediately reply to the question “What shall we do?”
When he looked back, he could fleetingly see that Kuzemu was still around the centre of the forces without moving the carriage he boarded.

“There’s one more unit of immortal soldiers, right? Transport them to the front line and release them there. I will go to the prime minister’s location to inform him.” (Tannin)


Seeing off his subordinate who headed to the place of the carriage with the immortal soldiers on it, Tannin changed the direction of his horse.
However, his destination isn’t Kuzemu’s location.

“Our magic was blocked and the immortal soldiers are useless as well. If we can’t overwhelm them with numbers either, there’s no possibility of us winning, I guess.” (Tannin)

Once he said that as if spitting out the words, he left the ranks of the soldiers and escaped by pretending to head to the rear.


“Out of the way, you undead!” (Hifumi)

Cutting off an immortal soldier’s feet, he crushes its head underfoot.
The immortal soldier, that spasmed with a twitch, got never up again.


There’s also a soldier from Horant who slashes at Hifumi while being confused.

“Yo!” (Hifumi)

Hifumi, who hit the sword to the side with his left hand, pats the shoulder of the soldier, whose stance was thrown off balance after being pulled by the sword, pulls him down face-up and pierces his throat with the katana.

“… So, are there still any blockheads?” (Hifumi)

Due to Hifumi approaching by inching forward, the soldiers from Horant are frozen in fear and only the immortal soldiers attack while drooling.

“Humph!” (Hifumi)

Smashing the head of an immortal soldier, who came in front of his eyes, with the pommel, he repels its body, which has fallen over thanks to it having too much momentum, with a front-kick.

“Why? Why did it turn out like this?” (Hifumi)

Hifumi pointed at Horant’s soldiers in front of him.

“Something like fighting without thinking is meaningless no matter how many times you do it. Ma Carme’s group told you that, didn’t they? You should have known that even the reinforced soldiers, the guy I crushed easily before used, were useless as well. And yet…” (Hifumi)

The immortal soldiers were attacking the talking Hifumi without caring about it, but being sent flying by kicks and having their heads cut off, they become unable to move one after the other.

“Once again you have created such garbage soldiers. Slowly I’m reaching the limit of my patience. I will destroy all of you. I have preached it to that prime minister. I will kill him if he becomes a nuisance. Even if he stays in a place where he is a hindrance, I will kill him. My katana will reach you guys at the chosen time.” (Hifumi)

The immortal soldiers don’t understand his talk. They are heading towards Hifumi and Origa’s group, but one, two soldiers of Horant throw away their weapons and run away.
Among them there were also some who prepared their weapons, but the majority was in a confused state unable to make a decision.

“Look! It’s the beginning!”

He makes one full rotation. Slicing and sending the heads of the immortal soldiers, which are swarming the vicinity, flying without missing a single one of them, Hifumi started to fiercely run towards Horant’s army on Kuzemu’s side.


“Bad! That’s bad!” (Nelgal)

Nelgal was in the highest panic since this battle started.
It wasn’t in regards to the movements of Kuzemu’s side but towards Hifumi’s conduct.

“As it is now Horant’s soldiers will end up diminishing completely! Hurry and remove the nets! As soon as that’s finished, advance!” (Nelgal)

Upon Nelgal’s yell, the soldiers head out to collect the nets which were scattered by Fokalore’s soldiers, but on top of them having been spread out widely, they are entangled by corpses of immortal soldiers, which are torn to pieces, all over the place.

“There’s no time! Take a large detour by leaving the highway! Half of the soldiers and the carriages, which can’t leave the highway, are to stay behind…” (Nelgal)

“Please wait!” (Sabnak)

Sabnak came galloping on a horse towards Nelgal’s location.

“Excuse me for staying mounted on my horse.” (Sabnak)

“S-Sabnak-san…?” (Nelgal)

“We will remove the majority of the nets by pulling them with our platform wagon. Even if you advance after that, it won’t be too late, I think.” (Sabnak)

“However, if it goes on like this, Horant’s troops will…” (Nelgal)

“We will hurry. But, please consider this as being a good opportunity.” (Sabnak)

“Good opportunity, you say?” (Nelgal)

Nelgal was disappointed due to Sabnak’s suggestion.

“Don’t misunderstand. All of it is a proposal by Her Majesty the Queen for the sake of you, Nelgal-sama, sitting on the throne.” (Sabnak)

“It’s Imeraria-sama’s idea? Let me hear it.” (Nelgal)

“I shall tell you briefly”, Sabnak opens his mouth with that preface.

“Due to the report by Fokalore’s soldiers, Her Majesty, who was aware of Hifumi-san’s group charging at Horant’s side, will rush to the location of the soldiers of Horant who will be thrown into disarray at this rate. Following her, Orsongrande’s army will also penetrate the centre of the enemy army through the spot opened up by Hifumi-san.” (Sabnak)

“P-Penetrate? She will forcibly pass through the middle?” (Nelgal)

Sabnak nods at the surprised Nelgal.

“That’s right. It won’t do unless we fight against them as they are in “front” of us. If they are in our “back,” we will be able to head for the capital while ignoring them. That will also avoid producing unnecessary victims on both sides.” (Sabnak)

“However, even if you say that you will forcefully break through, that’s unreasonable, isn’t it?” (Nelgal)

“It’s possible because it’s now.” (Sabnak)

Sabnak cut through and dumped Nelgal’s worries.

“The enemy started an operation involving their own forces. The morale of the common soldiers is already at the lowest level. To make matters worse, even the chain of command has been thrown into disorder thanks to Hifumi-san. I don’t think that they want to stand in front of a large army while risking their lives if there isn’t anyone giving instructions.” (Sabnak)

“However”, Sabnak completely switched from a serious expression to revealing a gentle smile.

“Nelgal-sama, you have to call out to them though. “The king of Horant is passing through. Open a path.” is what you have to say.” (Sabnak)

Watching Hifumi’s back getting rapidly smaller, Nelgal conveyed his acceptance.


“So, why is Hifumi-san actually this angry?” (Alyssa)

While sending an immortal soldier’s head flying with her wakizashi, Alyssa got close to Viine and asked.

“Eh? I don’t understand it well either, but after seeing these weird soldiers, he became sullen all of a sudden… Ei!” (Viine)

Hitting the face of a soldier of Horant with a lump of water, the soldier rolls around while scattering water from his nose and mouth.

“Ah~… somehow I get it. Rather than that, you can use magic! That’s amazing!” (Alyssa)

“No, umm, I can’t use anything but water magic, so…” (Viine)

Alyssa violently kicked an immortal soldier who approached the ashamed Viine.

“As I have no suitability at all, I wouldn’t be able to use any magic.” (Alyssa)

While saying “how regrettable, how regrettable”, she thrusts her wakizashi into an eye of the immortal soldier which fell over and destroys its brain.

“If you are this powerful, I feel like that’s not overly relevant…” (Viine)

Due to Alyssa doing things that might be also called cruel, Viine immediately lost confidence in her own skills.

“Powerful, it is? That’s because my role model gives such impression.” (Alyssa)

While making her body shift as if dancing, Alyssa’s gaze rested on the figure of Hifumi who is bisecting an immortal soldier.

“I’m still unable to quite master that long katana, you know. The length of my arms is insufficient.” (Alyssa)

“Master is strong as well, but even his wife…” (Viine)

Ahead of where Viine is looking was Origa standing and swinging her iron-ribbed fan after having taken a bit of distance from Hifumi.
Watching Hifumi’s manner of doing, she apparently judged that it’s fine to sever the heads for the time being. She beheads the close-by soldiers with her iron-ribbed fan and those, who are too far even from Hifumi and Alyssa, with wind magic.
There’s no hesitation or confusion ((in her actions)).
She removed the heads of immortal soldiers and soldiers of Horant altogether without any differentiation.

“Origa-san has practised very intensely. She has her work as well, but it looks like she has been at it every day.” (Alyssa)

“Really…?” (Viine)

Watching Origa who is capable of attacking directly and with magic, she considered her amazing, but above that she thought of her as frightening.

“The madam…” (Viine)

“I think it’s best if you don’t say any more.” (Alyssa)

“Yes, thank you very much.” (Viine)

Feeling as if Origa sent a fleeting glance her way at the moment she was about to say something, Viine held her tongue.


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